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My Camden

Costas Louis is a dementia befriender for Age UK Camden

What’s your Camden connection?

What’s your favourite Camden

I have been a Camden resident for over four decades. My parents were Greek, and I was born in Alexandria, Egypt. I came to the UK for my final exams, and to work as a wireless operator in the navy. But the week I landed they announced teleprinting – all of those years studying morse code, and suddenly a machine could do it.

In the summer I love having a quiet drink in Queen Square. It’s so beautiful – you’re in the middle of London and all you see is trees. You don’t see that in any other capital in Europe.

I volunteer for Age UK. As part of that, each month I take a lady to see a concert. It makes me happy to be useful. I also help to support other carers, as part of the steering group for Camden Carers and I mentor international graduate students, and sit on the town hall panel for educational admissions.

Tell us about your volunteering work


What’s the best thing about Camden? I like how rich the history is, so many important people have lived here, and I love how central it is, everything is easy to get to. Do

you have a favourite Camden memory? I used to live on Cleveland Street near the post office tower. It was a lovely experience visiting the revolving restaurant at the top, where you could see the whole of London laid out before you.

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Camden magazine summer 2019