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Camden Georgia County

2019 Annual Report 200 East 4th Street • P.O. Box 99 • Woodbine, Georgia 31569 • 912-576-5601 www.camdencountyga.gov

About the Board of Commissioners

The Board of Commissioners (BOC) serves as ambassadors and liaisons to many local, regional, and state boards, as well as committees that cover a variety of important matters affecting Camden County residents and businesses. Topics covered by these boards include the economy, transportation, regional and local planning, environment, tourism, juvenile issues, and the arts. Members of the BOC are actively engaged in working for the good of the community. Each Commissioner is elected by district to serve staggered, four-year terms. At their first meeting in January, the Commissioners in District 2 and District 4 were sworn-in for new four-year terms. Annually, the BOC identifies and selects a Chair and a Vice-Chair to serve a one-year term. In 2019, District 3 Commissioner Jimmy Starline served as Chair, and District 4 Commissioner Gary Blount served as Vice-Chair.


2019 Annual Report

Camden County Board of Commissioners

From Left: District 1 Commissioner Lannie Brant, District 4 Commissioner Gary Blount (Vice-Chair) District 3 Commissioner Jimmy Starline (Chair) District 2 Commissioner Chuck Clark District 5 Commissioner Ben Casey

Mission The mission of Camden County Government is to deliver defined county services with exceptional customer service and in a financially sustainable and transparent manner.



2019-2024-2034 Strategic Plan Action Agenda Camden County Goals 2024 • Financially Sound County Providing Exceptional Service and Value • • Grow the Local Economy • • Planned and Managed Growth • • Great Place to Live •

Highlights from the 2019 Policy Agenda Top Priorities include: • SPLOST VIII Election--Complete • Spaceport Camden Development--In Progress • Sheriff's Office Funding: Direction--Complete High Priorities include: • Grants Match Fund: Development--Complete • Georgia Power Building: Direction--Complete

Highlights from the 2019 Management Agenda Top Priorities include: • Public Safety Radio System--In Progress • Technical College Development--In Progress • Election Board: Implementation--Complete • Hiring of Department Heads--Complete High Priorities include: • Finance/Human Resources Software Upgrade--In Progress • Fire/EMS Strategic Plan--In Progress • Kingsland Bypass Development: Phase II--In Progress

The 2019-2024-2034 Strategic Plan and Action Agenda, along with links to previous year's Strategic Plans are available on the Camden County website at: www.camdencountyga.gov/StrategicPlan


2019 Annual Report

County Administrator I am eager to share the many exciting milestones and positive progress your County staff has accomplished during 2019. It is my pleasure and privilege to present the 2019 Camden County Annual Report. This report provides an update on the work and efforts made throughout the county, which are a direct reflection of our 2019–2024–2034 Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan model continues to be a useful tool for both leadership and staff. It provides a guide to help us establish value-based principles and a strategic focus for a year-long work plan. The Board of County Commissioners set the policy agenda which provides staff with a solid action plan to follow. The Strategic Plan also outlines all major projects and goals and places emphasis on outcome-based objectives, specifically targeting the next five to 15 years. In 2019, the Camden County employees achieved many accomplishments and hit several milestones outlined in our Strategic Plan. The benefits residents have seen is a direct reflection of the hard work, dedication, and talent of your public servants. The following pages will outline and highlight many of these accomplishments making Camden County a great place to live, work, and play. I look forward to working with you in 2020 as we continue to move Camden County forward. Yours for a Better Camden,

Steve L. Howard, MPA, ICMA-CM, CPM, CPPO County Administrator In January, the new Board of Elections & Registration began working in Camden County. The five-member board, each representing a Camden County district, is charged with both registering voters and conducting elections. From left: District 1-Barbara Hahn, District 2/Vice-Chair-Dr. Jannett Bradford, District 3-James Corbett, District 4/Chair-Joseph Michaels, and District 5-Kyle Rapp




Firehouse 18 opened in October 2019 in the Tarboro area of Northwest Camden County



Upgrades to the Camden County E-911 Center made through the Public Safety Radio Communications System A Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Waverly Radio Tower for the (SPLOST) is a county-wide tax used to fund Public Safety Radio capital outlay projects proposed by the county Communications System government and participating municipal governments. governments. It may not be used for operating expenses. The tax is collected on all items subject to sales tax, regardless of where the purchaser resides. In March 2019, Camden County voters approved SPLOST VIII with 77.8% voting "YES" for the one-cent sales tax. Collections on SPLOST VII ended on June 30, 2019, and SPLOST VIII collections began July 1, 2019, and will expire on June 30, 2025. Although no additional funds are being added to SPLOST VII, local governments have until June 30, 2021 to expend funding for those projects.


2019 Annual Report

Taxpayer Dollars at Work Camden County Grants Management secured over $1.6 million in grant funding in 2019. The grant dollars are used by the Camden County Board of Commissioners and other governmental entities through intergovernmental contracts. These funds include grants for interns, supplies, equipment, tests, and other programs. In 2019, over $264,000 was used for emergency management-related projects, including supplying generators to necessary facilities. Additionally, over $368,000 was used for water-related projects, including clean-up of the St. Marys River and providing public information for flood hazards.

Changes in the investment platforms, coupled with an overall rise in interest rates, have increased Camden County's interest revenue annually. This includes a 52% increase in FY 2019 for $417,675.

Where does the money go? Government Services Only. Does not include Enterprise Funds.

Housing & Development 2.6%

Judiciary 6.4%

General Government* 24.4%

Culture & Recreation 2.2%

Public Safety 35.4%

Long-Term Debt Interest 0.02%

Public Works 27.1%

Health & Welfare 1.9%

*General Government includes, but is not limited to: Board of Commissioners, Finance, Health Insurance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Tax Assessor, and Tax Commissioner.



Camden County

299,450 tons

Camden County Planning & Development Department averages over six (6) inspections a day, with 1,489 inspections in 2019.



Camden County Animal Control answered almost 1,000 calls for service in 2019.

Camden County Solid Waste Authority disposed of almost 300,000 tons of garbage at the Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Construction & Demolition (C & D) sites.

1,489 inspections

Camden County Human Resources Department received almost 900 applications and resumes for employment.

980 calls

The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) recognized District 1 Commissioner Lannie Brant for meeting the requirements to become a Certified County Commissioner through the Lifelong Learning Academy, a partnership between the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government's and ACCG.


2019 Annual Report

By the Numbers In late summer 2019, Camden County joined with the Cities of Kingsland, St. Marys, and Woodbine in addition to other community partners to form a Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census.

Every. One. Counts.

Camden County Public Works spent nearly 15,000 blade miles grading unpaved roads in unincorporated Camden County.

37,555 voters

Camden County Planning & Development Department issued over 100 new building permits in unincorporated Camden County in 2019.

2,905 posts

14,788 miles

Camden County has over 37,000 registered voters.

103 permits

Camden County Government, Camden County EMA, Camden County Fire Rescue, and Spaceport Camden made over 2,900 social media posts between Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in 2019.



Award-Winning Government The National Association of Counties (NACo) honors innovative, effective county government programs that strengthen services for residents through their Achievement Awards. In 2019, NACo recognized Camden County with an Achievement Award in the category of Information Technology for the Interactive Permits and Land Use


The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) presented two awards to Camden County's Finance and Budget Department in 2019. The department was awarded the FY 2018 Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) for the 18th consecutive year. Additionally, the GFOA recognized the Finance and Budget Department with a FY 2019 Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. This was the fourth consecutive year for Camden County to receive this recognition.

Public Safety Radio System The Public Safety Radio Communications System includes three new towers and equipment installation at a fourth site with goal of providing county-wide coverage for all public safety radios, including Camden County Fire Rescue, Camden County Sheriff's Office, Kingsland Fire and Police Departments, and St. Marys Fire and Police Departments. Construction is nearing completion with the goal of the new system becoming operational in Spring 2020. This project is funded through SPLOST VII and SPLOST VIII.


2019 Annual Report

Public Safety CCFR continued holding recruit classes in 2019. Recruit class 2019-02 graduated seven (7) new firefighters in March and Recruit class 2019-03 graduated five (5) new firefighters in July. In an effort to attract qualified employees, the Camden County Board of Commissioners increased the starting salary for Camden County Fire Rescue (CCFR) personnel beginning in July. Additionally, a new Employee Evaluation System seeks to compensate existing employees through their annual evaluations. As a result of increasing competitiveness nationwide, the Camden County Board of Commissioners approved a $5,000 bonus for new Firefighter Paramedics. At the request of the Camden County Sheriff's Office, bonuses are now available for certified deputies ($8,500), certified corrections officers ($1,500), and certified communications officers ($1,100).

Did you know? Communications Officers at the Camden County E-911 Center answered 180,932 calls in 2019. In August, CCFR took delivery of a new Tanker 11, housed at Station 11 in Woodbine and in October Engine 12 joined Station 12 in the Mush Bluff area of southeastern Camden County.

Did you know? CCFR responded to 6,418 EMS calls in 2019, averaging over 17 calls per day.



Camden County JANUARY - District 2 Commissioner Chuck Clark and District 4 Commissioner Gary Blount were sworn-in to four year terms on the Camden County Board of Commissioners. FEBRUARY - Board of Commissioners adopted the 2019-2024-2034 Strategic Plan Action Agenda. MARCH - Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) VIII approved by Camden County voters, extending the existing one-cent sales tax. APRIL - Chief Information Officer Louis Foltzer earned the Local Government Chief Information Officer (LGCIO) designation after completing over 240 learning credit hours through the Carl Vinson Institute of Government. MAY - The National Association of Counties (NACo) awarded Camden County a 2019 National Achievement Award. JUNE - Nineteen (19) local residents graduated from Camden County's Citizens' Academy program, learning about county government programs and duties.

In June, Camden County residents were invited to an Open House at the Terry K. Floyd Juvenile Justice/Court Building in Woodbine. Since Fall 2018, the building underwent renovations including increased courtroom space and the addition of two holding cells. Construction was completed using SPLOST VII funding.


2019 Annual Report

Milestones In July, the Camden County Planning and Development Department launched a new online portal. This new tool allows developers, contractors, and other interested parties to interact with the department outside of business hours. Users may make payments, request inspections, or apply for business licenses or permits, as well as submit plans, drawings, photographs, and other documents. For more information, visit camdencountyga.gov/onlineportal. JULY - Camden County Fire Rescue graduated five new firefighters from Recruit Class 2019-03. The new firefighters immediately enrolled in an Emergency Medical Technician Basic (EMT-B) course upon completion of the recruit class. AUGUST - Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) awarded Camden County a second Coastal Incentive Grant to continue flood hazard awareness outreach programming. SEPTEMBER - Camden County Fire Rescue opened a new Firehouse 18 in the Tarboro area of northwestern Camden County. The new firehouse features an additional truck bay and a public area that also serves as a voting precinct. OCTOBER - Camden County released an interactive, online-only Government Guide to assist residents with understanding the roles of county government departments, Constitutional Offices, and selected regional and state-wide entities. NOVEMBER - The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) awarded Hazard Mitigation Grant Program funding to Camden County for the purchase of fixed generators to ensure the continuity of critical services during power outages. DECEMBER - 44 county employees achieved a 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40-year milestone in 2019. Combined, these employees represent 615 years of service to Camden County. Front Cover Image by Patience Steele, submitted to the 2011 Showcase Camden County Photo Contest Back Cover Image by Shannon Evertsen, submitted to the 2018 Showcase Camden County Photo Contest



Ways to Stay in Touch


2019 Annual Report

Spaceport Camden Highlights Students from Georgia Tech’s Yellow Jacket Space Program (YJSP) were in Camden County in late March for a low altitude, Class II amateur rocket test at the proposed site of Spaceport Camden. Although this test was not open to the general public, students from Camden County High School's Robotics Team were able to watch the launch.

The Camden County Board of Commissioners and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have agreed to toll (pause) the statutory 180-day review period for the Camden County Launch Site Operator License (LSOL) application to allow for modifications to the application. This temporary pause will allow the FAA to conduct additional analysis on the launch of small launch vehicles at Spaceport Camden and will further address any safety concerns expressed in public comments. Camden County’s application revision to small launch vehicles focuses on the types of vehicles manufactured by commercial entities that are expressing the highest interest in operating from Spaceport Camden. Small launch vehicles generally pose fewer environmental and safety concerns, which is of utmost importance to Camden County.

In May Global infrastructure strategy firm, CG/LA Infrastructure, named Spaceport Camden to its Strategic 50 U.S. Infrastructure Projects list. The list identified, selected, and ranked the priority infrastructure projects in the United States essential for creating jobs, competitiveness, and economic growth.



Camden County


2019 Annual Report

At a Glance




To deliver Defined County Services with Exceptional Customer Service in a Financially Sustainable and Transparent Manner.

Camden County Vision 2034 is the premier coastal community of Georgia - Beautiful and Safe.

Camden County 2034

has a strong regional economy and diverse job opportunities with four major pillars: • An Active Naval Submarine Base • A Successful World-Class Spaceport • Sports Tourism • Technology Corridor

Camden County 2034

has relaxed living with quality residential developments and abundant leisure choices for all.

200 East 4th Street • P.O. Box 99 • Woodbine, Georgia 31569 • 912-576-5601


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Camden County 2019 Annual Report  

Camden County, Georgia 2019 Annual Report

Camden County 2019 Annual Report  

Camden County, Georgia 2019 Annual Report