Fiscal Year 2022 Annual Report

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annual report fiscal year 2022


Christian Nolen


David Lehman

Vice President

Lidija Polutnik


JaneAnn Fisher


Brian Carey

Philip Crutchfield

Molly Downer

Louise M. Goff

Michael Goldman

Lauren Holleran

Brian Kelley

Ploy Khunisorn

Dan Paret

Natalie Wigotsky Reed

Jennifer Serowick

Denise Simmons

Damon Smith

Nan Soule

Mark Stanek


Diane Carson Chair

Sharman Altshuler

Tina Bentley

Hilary Burling

Patricia Chappell

Elizabeth Coxe

Sandra & Toby Fairbank

Mary Ella Feinleib

David Forney

Don & Dotty Gonson

Hormoz Goodarzy & Elaheh Kheirandish

Jock Herron Jr.

Patricia Jacoby

Jane Katims

Jenny Littlefield

Susan Mead

Suzanne Ogden

Alberto Ovalle

Bill & LuAnn Polk

Mary Power

David Rooks

Katie Salter

Jeannie & Matey Smith

Fredi Stevenson

David & Patricia Straus

E.V. Sweeney

Mimi Truslow

Pammy Willis

From the Executive Director and Board Chair

Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank goodness (and with luck on our side!) it seems that we have weathered the worst of the pandemic and recovery is on our horizon. We have faced many challenges over our long history, and yet, CCAE continues to survive and thrive. Our long-standing mission of face-to-face, community-based learning remains intact.

The story of Fiscal Year 2022 is really a tale of the agility, talent, and perseverance of CCAE’s committed teachers and staff. Together we discovered that online learning could be an important and continuing part of our future curricula and an imperative ingredient in CCAE’s future!

At the same time—slowly but surely over the last year, and with protocols in place—we brought back in-person classes to the great delight of our students. We now host more classes in-person than online; our buildings again abuzz. Students are talking, enjoying CCAE’s courtyards and some of our newly renovated classrooms, and participating in the CCAE community once again.

CCAE’s stalwart supporters determined early on in this pandemic that our institution would withstand the challenge—as it has so many others. But, we are not out of the woods. By now you have learned that this year’s Annual Appeal asks you to participate in the “Year of Engagement,” a campaign that aims to secure CCAE’s mission to provide hands-on, experiential education to adults of all ages, learning side-by-side.

Your gifts help us preserve Cambridge Center for Adult Education, a community treasure that must endure for generations to come.

Thank you for your very valuable and continuing support of CCAE!

Linda Burton, Executive Director Christian Nolen, Chair, Board of Directors



Business & Operations

Linda Burton

Executive Director

Tavia Malone

Director of Finance and Administration

Jessica Wright

Business Manager

Mike Schultz

Logistics Manager


Mary-Catherine Deibel

Director of Development

Jessie Strauss

Development Manager


Shannon Fitzgerald

Senior Marketing Manager

Lena Borovci

Program and Marketing Manager


Michelle Baxter

Program Director


Francesca Ferraris

Program Director


Hannah Brantley

Program Director


Bryan Ramey

Program Director




Lauren Darien

Student Services Manager

Gabija Vaisvilaite

Assistant Student Services Coordinator

Registration Staff

Russell Carpenter

Patricia Estrela

Delfine Masongo

Christopher Moore

Robert Phillipps


Neha Coureil


What is your relationship with the French language?

My “love affair” with French began in India when I was in 8th grade and we were given the option to choose between an Indian language and French. It was a time when the Indian economy was closed to any kind of foreign investment and we were also culturally quite isolated from foreign cultures. The idea of learning a foreign language offered a glimpse into a world that was fun, exciting, and exotic for a 13-year-old.

How did your interests transfer into your career path?

It turned out I was quite good at the language and continued to learn French in school and college for the next five years. While pursuing a degree in business and accounting, I studied at the Alliance Française in Mumbai and started becoming a fluent French speaker. I went on to complete my master’s degree in French with the idea of pursuing a career in teaching. I tremendously enjoyed teaching and simultaneously had the opportunity to work as an interpreter for assignments both locally and abroad.

How did you find your way to CCAE?

CCAE was a natural choice for me as I have taken classes here myself and it is also a local non-profit organization. I think that folks come to CCAE not just to learn but also to build connections and feel part of a community. They in turn inspire me by setting bold goals for themselves and showing that we can and must continue to learn at any age… That is also perhaps why I connect deeply with them, because I like to think of myself as a lifelong student of the French language and culture.

Can you share an anecdote that best embodies your experience at CCAE?

It is always rewarding to hear from students how much they enjoyed and benefited from my classes. This past spring, three students were finally able to travel to France. They took a photograph together in Paris and sent it to me with the caption: “See what a community you built!” That fills up my heart and is one of the nicest compliments I have ever received. I am grateful to CCAE for making it possible to build meaningful connections even in these incredibly hard times.

Read the entire story from Neha Coureil at

Neha Coureil
“It was very fulfilling as I have always wanted to work with non-profit organizations but I think that somewhere inside me the teacher was always waiting to go back to the classroom...”

Online and In-Person Classes

AUGUST 1, 2021 – JULY 31, 2022

When Covid-19 eliminated the safety and accessibility of in-person classes, we introduced virtual learning. In the beginning, online classes drew students who, already part of our community, wanted to continue to gather despite the physical distance required by the pandemic. However, as time went on, these virtual offerings created an entirely new terrain for lifelong learning at CCAE. Online offerings began to draw the attention of students who would not have had access to our campus otherwise; students hailing from locations across the United States and beyond.

In the beginning we offered a small selection of in-person classes such as Lettura e conversazione in italiano with Pasquale Q. Tatò, Open Studios for Metalsmithing and Jewelry, and Storytelling as Performance. In-person enrollments grew a bit in Spring 2021, and Summer 2021. Today, we are pleased to be returning full-tilt to our mission of placebased, experiential learning. We were thrilled to offer over 170 in-person classes in Fall 2021! We project that number will only continue to grow as each term progresses. And, yet, we return to our Brattle Street classrooms with an expanded vision of what online learning can offer our community members. We look forward to navigating a landscape of in-person and virtual course offerings in CCAE’s future.

Cooking brings people together. We were determined to provide that point of connection for students, virtually, even as the pandemic kept us off-site.
“I enjoyed every aspect about this class. The information presented about the artists, artworks, movement, and history was all fascinating. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. I appreciate that CCAE offers courses on subjects like this, and has them available online.”
413 411
—MELISSA R., VISUAL POLITICS In-Person Off Site Online
Completed Classes for FY22

Learning Together Again


Food & Wine

Due to high demand, the Food & Wine department transitioned back to a predominantly in-person format. We also reintroduced the popular multiweek class, Basic Culinary Skill and Techniques, which sold out every term. In our Spring and Summer 2022 terms, our Wine, Beer, and Spirits department exceeded the numbers of pre-pandemic enrollment and revenue by a significant percentage. It is evident our community is eager to get back to mingling and socializing.

Business, Finance & Technology

The Business, Finance and Technology department brought on new computer science instructors over the year to provide sought-after classes on programming and coding.


While CCAE never stopped offering English as a Second Language classes, even during the height of the pandemic, Fall 2021 finally saw an increase in students. Thanks to the end of travel restrictions and the transition back to in-person classes, we welcomed students from all continents—and were happy to see “old” friends again.


World Languages

This department, the strongest regarding online classes, continued to offer 14 different languages in FY 22. Students who gathered for classes in-person, walked in German, celebrated Spring in Japanese, ventured into Brazilian Literature, discussed in Italian, sang in French, and signed in ASL.


Humanities expand our knowledge of human cultures and help us understand what binds us and differentiates us from one another. Our humanities department continued to grow with exciting and enjoyable courses. Classes, guided by our expert instructors, ranged from Russian literature to the great classics of Jane Austin to James Joyce. Students challenged racism, and considered how peace is made by analyzing peace conferences throughout history.

Visual Arts & Crafts

In Fall 2021our art studios saw students, instructors, and models coming back. We introduced a number of new classes such as intaglio printmaking, glass jewelry, and life casting as well as rekindled our relationship with Cambridge Community Television to offer studio production classes. With all this, the sounds of building, painting, scraping, printing, sewing, and creativity could be heard once again throughout the halls.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts courses span a range of disciplines, including music, theater, and dance. This year we expanded our course offerings to reflect our students’ needs.

Life & Wellness

Life and Wellness classes are designed to teach students about the various aspects of health and fitness. We offered Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, as well as recreational activities such as Croquet and Soap Making. This year our students learned about the components and benefits of a healthy and balanced lifestyle and living life to its fullest.

Cambridge Center for Adult Education emphasizes the process of learning with experiential, place-based classes at its helm. Pictured above, CCAE students come together at every stage of adulthood to experiment with skills they’ve never tried and they often leave with a new friend, a better understanding of themselves, or an expanded view of the world.


Gathering Our Community


Blacksmith House Poetry Series

One of the longest running poetry reading series in the country returned, with much enthusiasm, to in-person readings in the later part of FY 22. This iconic series, which has welcomed world-famous poets—from Elizabeth Bishop to Allen Ginsberg to Robert Lowell to Robert Pinsky— is considered one of the premiere platforms for both recognized and emerging poets to be heard. We are so grateful that CCAE has been able to host these extraordinary poetry readings for the last 50 years. We are especially delighted to be back in person for these readings as we get ready to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of BHPS in 2023.

The 14 BHPS evenings in this past season brought in many well-known poets as well as emerging poets—introduced on New Voices night. To see past recordings and for more information, visit

In Fall of 2021 BHPS continued to welcome poets from far and wide albeit to a virtual stage over Zoom. Later, in Spring of 2022, the cycle began online but ended on a high-note, back on Brattle Street in Spiegel Auditorium.

Conversations on the Edge

Ever since March of 2020, Conversations on the Edge, a program initiated by members of CCAE’s Board of Directors, has looked a little different. Originally mounted in our Spiegel Auditorium, with occasional showcases in other venues across Cambridge, Conversations tackled pressing local, national, and global issues through dynamic discussions between Cambridge intellectuals. During the pandemic, CCAE continued to hold Conversations virtually and offered free attendance to the public.

A program highlight, this fiscal year, saw Ann St. Goar, CCAE supporter and friend, moderating a panel discussion on how psychedelic drugs can help us navigate mental illness and addiction. Convincing recent studies demonstrated how certain psychedelic substances can help relieve anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, and fear of death for the terminally ill. Together we learned that new findings have profound implications for a field that, in recent decades, has seen few pharmacological advancements for the treatment of mental disorders.

Next fiscal year, Conversations on the Edge will be investigating the latest innovation in climate mediation: “The Emerald Tutu,” alongside partners at The Cambridge Club, Cambridge Community Foundation, and The Cambridge Public Library.


Gathering Our Community


Recent Works with Berta Golahny Awards

This annual art show at CCAE featured mostly two-dimensional work— painting, drawing, photography, prints, collage and mixed media— created by CCAE students within the past year. All works were also considered for the Berta Golahny Student Award, which includes a $100 cash prize given to 3 CCAE visual arts students.

Artists in the exhibition included: Kristen Callahan, Hannah Cascio, Susan Chasen, Ruth Clark, Elizabeth Coxe, Darcey Crandall, Kelley Donnelly, Serena Entezary, Yuka Goto, Kristin Griffin, denise heintze, Kathleen Hirsch, Catherine Hughes, Robin Kronick, Amy Macdonald, Chris Maltas, Rachel Martone, Diana Meservey, Kristen Murphy, Craig O’Neill, Hyeshin Park, Allison Taylor, Laurence Theroux, Lyrsa Maria Torres-Velez, Sunia Trauger, Canan Usuloglu, and Miranda Vitello.

– Fall 2021
Some of the many submissions to the
Recent Works
Virtual Exhibition
Two students take in the delicious artworks of Haute Cuisine

Haute Cuisine: The Art of Food

Haute Cuisine aimed to explore human interest and interaction with food—as both a source of nutrition and an abundant difference of opinion and taste. The show featured the work of over 20 CCAE students and teachers as well as a live demonstration by local confection artist Linda Khachadurian. The works varied just as much as our palates, exploring the visual delights of the things we eat and conveying the subtle or bold emotions food invokes.

Some of the many submissions to the Haute Cuisine: The Art of Food
Linda Khachadurian digs into an isomalt sculpture demo to join the worlds of art and food together before our eyes.

A Journey of Adventure, Fun, and Friendraising for CCAE

For, Of Course! 2022, we welcomed our donors and friends, (not to mention the night’s honoree, Liz Coxe, seen below in her crown) for a menu of classes and tastes from the best restaurants, vintners, and beer-makers in Cambridge. Looking back on a delightful evening, it’s clear that this Cambridge Center for Adult Education community is at its best when we come together in a spirit of celebration.

LIZ COXE, OF COURSE! 2022 HONOREE 17 Mini-Classes Offered 195 Tickets Sold 58 Individual Sponsors 6 Raffle Prizes 12 Corporate Sponsors By the Numbers Revenue $122,171.54 $28,934.54 $93,237 Income Expenses 92.5% Ratio of revenue-to-expenses 13


Financial Status

FY 2022 was a year of re-emergence. Beginning with less than 25% in-person classes, we ended the year with over 70% in-person class offerings, resulting in 30% growth in overall tuition revenue. However, at the same time, federal government PPP loans ceased in FY 2021 and donations were down over 28% mainly due to the planned closing of our COVID-19 Relief Fund which had exceeded its lofty goals.

And, as we reopened our building to students and staff and increased our class offerings, our facilities costs, instructor costs, and other operating costs increased by 20%.

The resiliency of our students, staff, instructors, and community has allowed us to enter FY 2023 in a position of health, strength, and growth.


FY22* FY21 INCOME Course Tuition and Fees $1,305,656 $1,002,725 Fundraisers and Events $122,172 $41,687 Annual Fund $125,574 $61,199 COVID-19 $4,000 $294,225 Grants and Corporate Support $63,250 $41,710 PPP Loan $0 $319,989 Miscellaneous Revenue $29,238 $32,514 Uncategorized Income $116,929 $125,267 Total $1,766,819 $1,919,316 EXPENSES Faculty Salaries, Fees and Benefits $311,978 $277,313 Staff Salaries and Benefits $942,054 $848,179 Class Supplies $46,836 $18,952 Credit Card Processing $34,045 $26,786 Marketing $47,613 $14,157 Office, Technology and Other G&A $97,058 $111,081 Facilities $220,182 $119,807 Development $219,029 $178,181 Total $1,918,795 $1,594,457 SURPLUS -$151,976 $324,860
“I am so happy to have started learning Mandarin at CCAE. It has been a wonderful opportunity to learn the language and something extra about the culture. I’m so happy that I found this class and managed to stick to it.”


After moving to an exclusively virtual catalog during the height of the pandemic, our printed catalogs have returned! From August 2021 to July 2022, CCAE has printed and distributed over 12,000 copies to our students far and wide, including right here on the streets of Harvard Square.

Social Media

With the return of in-person class offerings came the resurgence of students on social media sharing their artistic endeavors, culinary creations, and new skills. Each week the CCAE platforms shared #TestimonialTuesday and #StudentShareSunday posts to further cultivate our online community of learners. In the new year of 2022, the marketing team began filming Instagram Reels as an additional way to show off CCAE’s classes, facilities, and community. These short videos have garnered over 170,000 views in seven months. Stay up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and now TikTok!

New Social Media Followers 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Facebook Instagram Twitter 15 ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 202 2

Working with Our Neighbors


CCAE strives to uphold its position as one of the oldest adult learning centers in the country — one that takes very seriously its active participation in the life of the community — giving back to organizational partners, instructors, and students in Harvard Square and beyond. Thanks to the dedication of CCAE staff, and community members working to strengthen our shared network, this fiscal year saw a partnership between Cambridge Center for Adult Education and Harvard University come into focus.

In November 2021, CCAE hosted an online English over Dessert class with Harvard University Housing’s, Graduate Commons. The goal was to provide graduate students and their families with relevant information about English learning, opportunities to get to know local communities, and of course, an introduction to CCAE—a welcoming place to learn. Later, in Spring of 2022, in partnership with Jane Unrue, Director of Harvard’s Scholars at Risk Program, CCAE made a commitment to provide scholarships to refugees pursuing research at Harvard University. Beginning right away we placed these students in our English language classes, guitar lessons, and more.

Thanks to a member of our Board of Directors, several years ago we formed a partnership with Prospect Hill Academy (PHA), a K-12 college preparatory public charter school located on three campuses in Somerville and Cambridge. PHA has nearly 1,150 students from diverse racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. 87% are people of color, nearly two-thirds have a low income, and approximately half come from homes where English is not the primary language spoken. Our ESL instructors, headed up by Fancesca Ferraris, continue to offer free classes to non-English speaking parents of students at PHA.

“This was the best writing class I ever took at CCAE. My writing and my desire to write improved markedly as a result of this class.”

During 2022, we were proud to partner with Lesley University’s Threshold Program, a post-secondary certificate program for collegeaged students with diverse learning, intellectual, and developmental challenges. For more than thirty-five years, this Lesley program has been helping students with disabilities navigate life with confidence. CCAE gave a presentation in the course Navigating Independent Living for students in their final year of the Program.

Cornucopia: An Intercultural Conversation about Gratitude was a free, open-to-the-public, online partnership event with the Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS) in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For the second time, students from the Modern Languages Department, among them a lot of future English teachers, enjoyed the opportunity to engage with our CCAE community. Participants connected from near and far to reflect on Education, Future, Society, and Language Learning, in the week prior to Thanksgiving. In the more intimate setting of breakout rooms, the Brazilian students and CCAE students, instructors and staff members shared their experiences, lessons learned from the past year, and possible outlooks of the future post Covid. We ended this inspiring evening by sharing reflections on gratitude. This partnership was initiated by our CCAE ESL instructor Liz Ging and attended by CCAE community members all over the world. We are looking forward to the third edition of Cornucopia in 2022.

In the coming year we are eager to reignite our partnerships with Perkins School for the Blind and On the Rise, which were suspended during Fy 21 and Fy 22. In FY 22, we began discussion with Community Servings and anticipate working together again in the new year. We look forward, as well, to strengthening our partnership with St. Francis House, a Boston homeless shelter, which commits to rebuilding lives by providing refuge and pathways to stability for adults experiencing homelessness and poverty.


Donate online: support/donate

Donate by mail: Cambridge Center for Adult Education PO Box 9113

Cambridge, MA 02238

Looking to the Future…


Fiscal Year 2022 turned out to be an extraordinary year for CCAE – one that demonstrated our resilience. We managed to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, despite conditions that closed down our campus and threatened the in-person, community-oriented nature of our mission. Swiftly, as we navigated an ever-changing reality, beginning in April 2020 we moved our offerings to Zoom and began to discover new students through online classes.

In 2022 we have been thrilled to re-open our doors and welcome back our loyal students with in-person classes. All the while, we continue to offer virtual classes to those who prefer to tune in from home.

Most importantly, thanks to the generous gifts from our good friends and donors like you, over the last two years we have kept our doors open! Indeed, our mission remains intact. Our talented staff proved nimble enough to keep our student base engaged, our instructors in place, and our donors willing to invest in CCAE — a valuable community resource for over 150 years.

We’re pleased to report that CCAE’s special in-person events are back this upcoming Spring, beginning with the 50th Anniversary of the Blacksmith House Poetry Series. As Spring turns to Summer, we can’t wait to see you for Dumplings, Of Course! This event, which will take place in our courtyard at 56 Brattle Street on June 8th, 2023, is a celebration of the storied tradition of stuffed pastry—part of every cuisine’s history ever since humans began to cook!

Together we ensure that CCAE survives. In the face of the most difficult circumstances, we remain deeply invested in the return of students, staff, and instructors to our buildings on Brattle Street.

“As a person with a full time job, I wanted something structured but also with an enjoyable community. Thank you for providing me with just that.”

CCAE Giving Societies

CCAE Legacy Society

The Legacy Society recognizes a circle of generous friends who support Cambridge Center for Adult Education’s future through planned gifts.

By establishing a planned gift, you can help ensure that CCAE grows, thrives, and holds firm to its 150-year-old legacy of affordable classes in a community committed to place-based, face-to-face learning.

To discuss the many ways that you can help CCAE through a planned giving strategy, please contact Mary-Catherine Deibel at 617-909-4860 or marycatherine.deibel@ccae.

Please help us ensure CCAE's future for the next generation of adult learners!

Spreading Chestnut Tree Society

At Cambridge Center for Adult Education, the giving circle with the greatest impact begins with a gift of $1,000 or more.

An annual gift of $1,000 has tremendous impact at CCAE. It allows us to continue the beloved Blacksmith House Poetry Series—celebrating its 50th year in 2023—award 200 scholarships to students who need help accessing our classes, maintain our beautiful historic buildings in Harvard Square, and provide the experiential, place-based learning you have come to love.

When you join the Spreading Chestnut Tree Society with a gift of $1,000, annually, you have exclusive access to VIP event ticketing and priority reservations for classes by advance registration. You will also receive invitations to CCAE house parties, special receptions and events, and occasional pop-up opportunities that arise.



David and Sharman Altshuler

Elizabeth D. Coxe and David Forney

$2,500 - $9,999


Robert W. and Meg Ackerman

Sarah Baker and Tim Albright

Bruce Bauman and Denise Selden

Richard Beaty

Phil and Hilary Burling

Ruth G. Erickson and Paul Goularte

$1,000 - $2,499

Anonymous (2)

Jeannette and Charles Atkinson

Donald A. and Alpine Bird

Linda and Philip Burton

Brian P. Carey and Erin M. Graves

Diane Carson and Kevin Treanor

William T. Colgan

Philip W. Crutchfield III

Robert Deibel

Helen W. Donovan and

Holly G. Nixholm

Molly Downer and Michael Fix

Mary Ella Feinleib

Mark and Maria Forney

Jacqueline Gates


Spreading Chestnut Tree Society

leading sponsor

Your Neighbors at 40, 44, and 48 Brattle Street

Christian Nolen and Susan Denny

Amy and Jonathan H. Poorvu

Peter and JaneAnn Fisher

Louise M. and Laurens Goff

John Herron, Jr. and Julia L. Moore

Jane I. Katims and Daniel Perlman

Mopsy Kennedy

Gail B. Mazur

Michael Millner and Jill Forney

Michael and Susan Goldman

S. Donald and Dorothy Gonson

Garth and Lindsay Greimann

Anne Hawley and Urs Gauchat

Ellen and Stephen Hoffman

Lauren S. Holleran and Katherine N. Salter

Patricia and John Jacoby

Martin and Marci Karplus

Nan Laird and Joel Altstein

David Lehman and Bettina T. Bentley

Jenny Littlefield

Louis Foundation

Susan Eldredge Mead

Diana Meservey

Lia and William Poorvu

Jean M. and W. Mason Smith, III

Kyra Montagu

Suzanne P. Ogden

Carol A. Pechet

Nan and George Soule

Patricia L. and David A. Straus

Albert and Judie Muggia

Gwendolen G. Noyes and Arthur Klipfel

William M. and LuAnn S. Polk

Frances G. and Harold I. Pratt

Andrew Senchak and Barbara Case

Tim and Martha Shaw

Mark Stanek

Robert B. Straus

Iana Strominger

Edith V Sweeney

Bina Thompson

Richard and Myra Von Turkovich

Ellen Westheimer

Nikki J. Zapol


Other Donors

Up to $999



Nathalie Adda

Polly Allen

Janet and Godfrey Amphlett

Betty Athanasoulas

Jane and John Attanucci

Stephen Batzell

Jonathan and Barbara Beckwith

Jean M. Bellow

Annette Benedetto

Chris Bettis

Nonie Brady and Wilhelm Merck

Penelope Bragonier and Franklin Mead

Anne and Cameron Brandt

Louise Bray

Charles Burlingham, Jr.

Susan H. Bush

Kirsten Marie Butler

Joelle Cabot

Louise Cadwell

Gretchen Cahaly

Janet Cahaly

Dan Calano and Kate Thompson

Daniel Capobianco

Iris S. Chandler

Patricia P. Chappell

Susan Chasen

ShiSheng Chow

Ruth Clark

Francis Creedon

Warren Croce

Barbara and Richard Currier

Toni Czekanski

Susan P. Davies and Richard W. Talkov

Charles Dietrick

Joan and Bruce Ditzion

Wylie Doughty

David Dryer

Kendall Dudley

Suzanne Dworsky

Suzanne R. Dworsky

Bob Edwards

Dan Elias and Karen Keane

Martin Elvis

Francesca Ferraris

Robert P. Fichter

Carol L Fishman

Will Forney and Johanna Todenhagen

Donald and Marjorie Forte

Marcia Fredlich

Deborah Gallagher and Peter Traversy

Elizabeth Gianakos and Geoff Poister

Walter and Celia Gilbert

Pam and Don Giller

Julia Gilman

Elizabeth and John Gilmore

Patricia Gold

Nancy Goodale

Freida Grayzel

Harpreet Grewal and Sharon French

Branden and Erica Gunn

Sarah J. Harder

Donna Harris

Sarah Harrison

Suzanne Hart

Harold Helson

Sarah Hill

Jon and Dawn Hoffman

Vanessa Hogan

Catherine B. and Keith L. Hughes

Robert S. Hurlbut, Jr.

Perrin Ireland

Teresa Jacobson

Mike Jenks

Donald Kalischer

Courtney Keller

Brian Kelley

Sharon Kennedy

Kaitlin Kenny

Alex Keyssar

Linda Almgren and Milford B. Kime

Robert L. Kleinberg

Joy Kolin

Frank Kramer and Joan Sulis-Kramer

Judy Ann Kramer and Mark R. Wagner

Laura Kreutzer

Tesair Lauve and John M. Grady

Tim Liardet

Carolyn Libby

Stephen Locke

Carol Lorente

Dan Malone

Chris and Carolynn Maltas

Ed Mank

Dan Marshall

Thomas J. and Jane N. Martin

Lalita Matta

Catherine Matthews

Daniel Mazur

Patricia Mazza

Steven and Linda McFadyen-Ketchum

Peter and Hilary McGhee

Betsy and David Corrsin McIntyre

Mark McKinnon

John A. McMullen

Susan Meehan

Leslie Meyer-Leon

Francesca C. Mihok

David and Nancy Miller

Lindsay Miller and Peter Amble r

Elizabeth Molodovsky

David Montenegro

Margot Moomaw

John J. and Carol C. Moriarty

Jean and David Nathan

Mary Norcross

Emilie Norris

Eleni and Amedeo Odoni

John O’Donnell

Drs. Jacqueline Olds and Richard Schwartz

Carolyn and Robert Osteen

Shippen Page

Dan and Vicki Paret

Alfred E. Pearson

Barbara Petery

Lidija Polutnik

Mary and Brad Power

Judith Prager and John O’Brien

Adele Pressman

David A. Rooks and Mark Donald Philibert

Rachel Rosenbaum

Lawrence Rosenberg

Laurie Rothstein

Roberta L. Rubin and Don Abrams

Margery and Jim Sabin

Barbara Norr and Malcolm S. Salter

Linda U. Sanger

Evelyn Schichner

Paul and Christine Shapleigh Schmid

D. and Jessica Sculley

Maureen T Shea

Harvey Silverglate

Rivka Simmons and Jeff Meyerhoff

Beverly S. Simon

Yuk Small

Julie Smith

Rhonda Smith

Peter and Roslyn Sommer

Phyllis Sonnenschein

Donald and Janet Spearance

Antony A. and Ellen A. Stark

Patricia Steuert

Ann Sullivan

Charles M. Sullivan and Susan Maycock

Kate Sumney Frank

Ryan and Melissa Swenson

Mary and James Tracy

Todd Truesdale

Miriam K. Truslow

Michael A. Tucci CPA

Renata Von Tscharner and Peter Munkenbeck

Kristen Wainwright and Richard Harriman

Feicheng Wang

Charles H. and Louise E. Weed

Roz Weir

Susan Siris Wexler

James L. Winston

Katharine M. Wolff

Wendy Woodfield

J. Travis and John D.W. Woolcott

Jessica and Christopher Wright

Felice and Henry Yager

Richard and Carol Yates

Elizabeth Goodfellow Zagoroff

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