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RATIONALE Camberwell Grammar School (“the School”) endeavours to provide an open and friendly learning environment which values and actively encourages visitors to our School. We strive to create and foster strong partnerships with community members and services. At the same time, the School recognises our duty of care to ensure a safe environment for the students and staff of the School. We also recognise our responsibility to protect and preserve our resources against theft, vandalism and misuse.


BODY OF POLICY Visitors are defined as all people other than staff, student and parents/carers/guardians (“Parents”) specifically involved in the task of delivering or collecting children at the start or end of the school day. Visitors can include (but are not limited to) the following: •

prospective parents and prospective employees;

those who are providing a service or program, such as Parents and community volunteers, invited speakers e.g. incursion presenters, sessional instructors, representatives of community, business and service groups, local members of parliament;

those who are conducting business such as uniform suppliers, booksellers, official school photographers, commercial salespeople, trades people, children’s services agents;

those attending meetings, information sessions and events (such as Professional Development events) held at the School.

Other visitors may include authorised agencies including, but not limited to, Department of Health and Human Services Child Protection Workers, Victoria Police, Worksafe or Environmental Health Officers. All visitors must abide by the School’s policies in regard to legal considerations relating to privacy, the photographing of students, mandatory reporting, and the guidelines stipulated by Child Safety Policy. Where appropriate, the Headmaster or delegate reserves the right and has the authority to prohibit any potential visitor from entering or remaining within the School and has the authority to invite or exclude people from using or being within the School boundaries outside operating hours. 2.1.

During School Hours All visitors who arrive at the School between 8.00am and 5.00pm must report directly to the School’s Main Reception (or reception area as directed) and sign in, including phone number and car registration, using the interactive visitor kiosk (or visitor book if directed by Reception). All visitors must wear their 'Visitor Pass' for the duration of their visit. Upon leaving the School, all visitors are required to sign out at a visitor kiosk by following the prompts. Where it is impractical for visitors to sign in e.g. school assemblies, music concerts, sports events, etc., it is expected that the Head of School or their nominee endorses their presence and the purpose of their visit. All visitors or volunteers who will be required to work in a supervisory capacity with students must possess a Working with Children Card. The card number will be requested upon signing in. Any visitor wishing to speak to a student must do so through a school staff member. Regular visitors to the School will be required to undertake a School’s induction annually. All staff members receiving visitors will initially check for the Visitor’s Pass. If this is not present, the staff member will accompany the visitor to the visitor kiosk to sign in and subsequently sign out at the end of the visit.

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VISITORS IN SCHOOL POLICY The School is responsible for camera surveillance of all entry and exits to School grounds and buildings. The purpose for camera surveillance is for crime prevention and deterrence and enhancing personal safety of all present on School grounds. 2.2.

After School Hours Visitors to after school hours events such as Parent Information nights, School Council and Committee meetings, School exhibitions, Music Soiree, Parent/Teacher night and classes/lessons are not required to sign in upon arrival. A School staff member must take responsibility for the presence of visitors and be aware of the purpose and location of after hour visitors to the School. Adequate number of staff are to be present at any event that takes place after School operating hours.


At Designated School Events A designated School event is an event that is gazetted in the School Bulletin which may take place in a specifically designated School area and is likely to involve a large number of attendees. It is not limited to events occurring within school hours. Visitors to designated events are not required to register with reception upon arrival. In all circumstances for designated School events, a start and end time is to be published and information regarding the supervision and/or security measures in place will be made available at the time of the event. All reasonable efforts must be undertaken to ensure that all visitors are informed of the boundaries of the designated event area and any specific measures that have been put in-place. This can be through specific signage, other visual aids/barriers and/or through an announcement at the start of the event. Similarly, visitors should also be informed of any specific no-go areas particularly if other activities are in progress or there is a likelihood of students being engaged in other permitted school activities. A School staff member or event delegate must always be present during the event and take reasonable steps to ensure that all visitors have safely left the designated event area within the School at the completion of the event.


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RELEVANT LEGISLATION Working with Children Act 2005 Education and Training Reform Act 2006 - sections 5.6.2, 5.6.3 Workplace Injury Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 2013 Wrongs Act 1958 – section 37(1) Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007


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