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FALL 2016 · VOL. 10 · NO. 01

From the President and CEO Low-income children typically experience a steep decline in learning over the summer — often as much as two to three months in reading skills — while their middle-income peers typically gain skills. By fifth grade, summer learning loss can leave disadvantaged students up to as much as three years behind their wealthier peers. That’s why at CAMBA, summer fun is educational. Our enriching summer programs introduce young people to a world of new possibilities — whether it’s earning a paycheck, leading community service projects, learning to code, visiting cultural sites that are beyond their family’s economic reach, or gaining a new passion for arts, music or even micro-organisms.

Summer of Inspiration for CAMBA Kids The CAMBA campers, pictured above, spent part of their summer vacation in front of a computer screen. But instead of watching cartoons or playing video games, they learned to build electronic devices and program computers, through the CrEST program at NYU’s Engineering School and partially funded by Con Edison (story on page 3). They were among 3,800 low-income youth who gained new skills and explored their City in stimulating CAMBA camps and programs, offsetting the “summer slide” in academic skills. Read on to see how CAMBA puts fun and learning into summer.

At summer’s end, our young participants were headed back to class with minds sharpened by unique and stimulating summer experiences. You can read about some of their adventures in the pages of this newsletter: • O  ur middle school campers who enrolled in NYU’s CrEST program now have a roadmap to potential careers in the STEM field — including science, technology, engineering and math;


CAMBA Campers Score ‘Significant Gains’ in Life Skills We know that young people flourish in our summer camps, and this year, CAMBA piloted a youth development tool designed to measure the impact of one summer camp.

Parternering with Youth INC and data analysis company Algorhythm, CAMBA surveyed 63 low-income campers, 11 to 14, at our Beacon 269 summer camp at the start of a five-week session and at its conclusion. The results of this small sample were impressive: 86% of our campers scored

“significant gains” in six core areas: self-management, social skills, positive identity, social capital, contribution (to well-being and the larger community) and academic self-efficacy (motivation and mastery of school performance). Research shows that short-term gains in these areas are linked to longterm future success, including career readiness, high school completion and avoiding risky behaviors. This fall, CAMBA will expand the assessment to additional afterschool programs.

GAINS IN SOCIAL CAPITAL 71 38 Pre-survey Results

Post-survey Results

Social capital measures youths’ positive bonds with people and institutions, and is a key skill for building a support network and sense of belonging.

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• O  ther campers crossed watery horizons this summer by taking swimming lessons through CAMBA’s “Learn to Swim” camp; • A  t the Battery Urban Farm, young CAMBA summer campers from Canarsie discovered that the food they eat doesn’t have to come from far away — it also emerges from the soil in their very own, great big hometown; • C  ampers from Flatbush discovered a river’s revived aquatic life when they waded into the Harlem River for a day; and • O  ur more than 1,000 Summer Youth Employment students earned almost $1.3 million, along with the critical employment skills they will use for a lifetime. The transformative, eye-opening opportunities these young people enjoyed this summer will have long-lasting impact on their emotional and intellectual development and help them on a path to educational and economic success. We thank all who helped CAMBA provide an enriching summer — especially the 801 walkers and supporters at the annual Penguin Random House walk, who contributed to to our literacy programs. With your help, CAMBA will continue to ensure that our youth grow into adults prepared to achieve their greatest potential.

Thank You! We salute the following donors for your generous support. Donors listed contributed at least $500 from January 1, 2016  to August 31, 2016. For a complete list, visit Admiral Air Conditioning Alexander Gorlin Architects All Renovation Construction LLC

John S., Maggie G. and the cast and crew of The Deuce

JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Pinkerton Foundation

Dougert Management Company

JRM Construction Management

Robert Plasencia

Lamb Financial Group

Premier Ford Lincoln

James Leitner

Prospect Gymnastics Inc.

Jen Loja

Reliant Electrical Contracting, Inc.

Altman Foundation

DP Group General Contractors

Ameriprise Financial Community Relations

Dunn Development Co. Durst Family Foundation

Amida Care

Neil and Lisa Falcone

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Flatbush Development Corporation

Beardwood & Co.

Flatbush Food Coop

Bright Power Inc.

Flatbush Optical

Broadview Networks, Inc. Brooklyn Hearth Realty Ltd. Brown & Weinraub, PLLC Bruno Frustaci Contracting Inc. Budget Business Supply Co.

Maimonides Medical Center Mary Kay Gallagher Real Estate Megan Newman

John Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal

New York Immigration Coalition New York Methodist Hospital

Paula Hawkins

NYU Lutheran Family Health Centers

Interior Resources USA

Cooper Electric Supply Co.

Michael Rooney

M.C. O’Brien Inc.

New York Community Trust


Clark Foundation

Remco Press of NJ

Kelly McGonigal

Mary Kay Gallagher

Hirschen Singer & Epstein LLP

Chadbourne & Parke LLP

M&T Bank

JER HR Consulting LLC

The Parkside Group

Safe Horizon Santander Bank Saretsky Katz Dranoff & Glass LLP St. John-St. MatthewEmanuel Lutheran Church Teagle Foundation

Charles and Katherine O’Neill Kaz and Joanne Oplustil

Harvey and Helaine Rosen

Tribeca Pediatrics TriState Apartment Furnishers Vanguard Charitable Whitsons Culinary Group

We thank Penguin Random House supporters for raising more than $44,000 for CAMBA’s literacy programs through their annual Global Walk on June 17, 2016. Richard Abate

Emily Bell

Jessica Buchanan

Farley Chase

Gretchen Achilles

Robert Belmont

Paul Buckley

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REV. DANIEL RAMM Secretary/Treasurer





KATHERINE O’NEILL Chairwoman CAMBA is a non-profit agency that provides services that connect people with opportunities to enhance their quality of life.




Beacon 269 Kids Find Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology

In July, 45 middle school campers from CAMBA’s Beacon 269 stepped into state-of-the-art-labs and classrooms for a week for a thrilling immersion in science and engineering at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. Known as CrEST (Creativity in Engineering, Science and Technology), the program is designed to introduce young people to STEM careers. Students pictured here were building “breadboard kits” to connect to laptops, which they then programmed to create word games. “Please work,” one middleschool camper pleaded to her breadboard, as she connected its final wires. She lit up with a grin as it turned on. “It works,” this young future engineer squealed in delight. Later, the campers worked on creating a “smart cane” for visually impaired people that vibrated when approaching obstacles. With ExpandEd Options, CAMBA helped recruit students from Midwood High School, who participated in a school-year intensive CrEST apprenticeship program. They were trained to instruct younger students and earned money in the summer teaching CAMBA campers.

Boulevard Cornerstone Youth Earn Their Fins and Learn to Swim

Swimming lessons brought new skills to East New York kids.

While young people around the city head to the pool every summer, many may risk drowning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an average of 10 people die from drowning every day across the nation — many because they simply never learned to swim. This summer, CAMBA sought to equip children with swimming skills by providing swimming lessons to students from elementary and middle schools in East New York. Students learned introductory swimming techniques and essential aquatic safety skills — earning their fins while avoiding the summer heat. The CAMBA Boulevard Cornerstone program participated in the Learn to Swim program for its second year. The program began as a pilot offered to a

select group of programs last summer in collaboration with the City’s Departments of Youth and Community Development, Education and Parks and Recreation. Held at Thomas Jefferson High School’s indoor pool in Brownsville, the swimming program included 80 children aged six to 12. “For many of our participants, this was their first time learning the basics and proper techniques of swimming. Many of our youth spend time at the community pool or beach, but are not able to participate fully because they can’t swim,” said Taisha Parkins, the Cornerstone’s Program Director. She added: “After mastering this valuable life skill, they can fully and safely enjoy the pool and beach.”

“For many of our participants, this was their first time learning the basics and proper techniques of swimming ... After mastering this valuable life skill, they can fully and safely enjoy the pool and beach.” Taisha Parkins, Cornerstone Program Director


CAMBA All-Stars Go to the Battery Urban Farm Canarsie’s CAMBA All-Star campers can say that they got their hands dirty this summer.

Thanks to CAMBA's Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP), for the past two summers, Kadienne has earned money to put towards expenses when she returns college in the fall. The 19-year-old is enrolled in LIU's forensic science program, and she plans to join the Air Force or the FBI. “I like doing research,” she said with a grin.

The All-Stars hopped on a subway train for their field trip to the Battery Urban Farm, where they learned about sustainable farming and what it means to be a healthy eater. One of the farm’s educators read the children a story about Zack, “a boy who loved to eat” and who learns about healthy eating. “What green things do you need to eat to have healthy bones?” the teacher asked the group. “Broccoli,” answered one boy, while another suggested that green beans would be a smart choice. On this exciting morning in August, campers learned how to plant beets, pick

This summer, these kids from Canarsie found out they aren’t scared of worms.

lettuce, identify edible plants and make hummus from scratch. While urban farms aren’t as common a sight in New York City as skyscrapers, these bright young campers were able to learn about ecosystems from their visits to a big city farms.

CAMBA Summer Camps: All in the Family for Natasha Sealy-Dorvelus “Being a parent, I know that it’s hard when kids are out of school, especially for working single parents. The fact that CAMBA is able to offer summer camps is great,” Natasha Sealy-Dorvelus said.

CAMBA campers got their sea legs aboard a clipper ship this summer.

Students Jump into Work with SYEP

Ms. Sealy-Dorvelus’s connection to CAMBA’s summer camps program prompted her to give back to the organization, even in the midst of heartbreaking circumstances. Ms. Sealy-Dorvelus said that when her father passed away in June, she wanted to direct donations made in his name towards a local nonprofit. “I thought, ‘Let me donate to CAMBA and do something great for kids,’” she said.

Kadienne added that the SYEP program enabled her to meet new people and gave her experience in office work that she was glad to have on her resume. Kadienne was among 1,011 young New Yorkers who were part of CAMBA's SYEP this year. "Studies show that early work experiences have a lasting impact on young people and their future earnings," says Daniel Manbode, Program Manager of our SYEP program. And the enrolled students came away with money in their pockets: According to Mr. Manbode, CAMBA youth earned a total of $1.29 million for their summer work. To help our hardworking SYEP youth learn to manage their money, CAMBA encouraged them to open bank accounts through a unique partnership with Santander Bank and America Saves, a nonprofit campaign that encourages low- to moderate-income people to save money, reduce debt and build wealth.

This generosity was sparked, she said, after she experienced the benefits of enrolling her own children in CAMBA’s summer camps over the years. Ms. Sealy-Dorvelus targeted her donation to the CAMBA camp at PS 249 because her niece worked their recently as a Summer Youth Employment Program participant. Ms. Sealy-Dorvelus places an importance on giving. “Being an immigrant myself, I like the services that CAMBA offers, as well as the direct community service. Any time I have the opportunity to give to a nonprofit, I give to CAMBA,” she said.


Kadienne is using her SYEP earnings for college expenses


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Thanks to the generosity of Penguin Random House employees, and their furry companions, our literacy programs can reach more clients and touch more lives. James Smith

Jon and Diana Van Vleck

Samantha Smith

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Celebrate CAMBA at Our 2016 CAMBA Casino Night Out WHEN: Thurs., Nov. 3, 2016, 6-10 PM WHERE: Tribeca Three-Sixty°, 10 Desbrosses Street, New York, NY 10013 Enjoy cocktails, food, an auction and our ever-favorite casino. Our gala cocktail reception brings together leaders in business, politics, development, community, arts and service who are committed to empowering low-income New Yorkers through economic development, education and youth development, family support, health, housing and legal services. Join us in saluting honorees JPMorgan Chase and David Walsh, Senior VP of Community Development Real Estate, and Barry Smith, MD, of the Rogosin Institute. For tickets and information, go to

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1720 Church Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11226

College-Bound Teens Explore NYC College-bound teens in CAMBA’s Collegiate Express program spent their summer learning about the rich history of New York City through Discover NYC, a program designed by Collegiate Express staff to help rising 10th graders practice the literacy skills they will need to apply successfully to college. This year’s group explored the Federal Reserve, the African Burial Ground, Floyd Bennet Field and Socrates Park, among many other sites. Back in class, they wrote and presented reports on their experiences. By the end of the summer, students were that much closer to turning their college dreams into reality.

CAMBA Courier Fall 2016  

CAMBA Courier Fall 2016 | Summer of Inspiration for CAMBA Kids | CAMBA Campers Score ‘Significant Gains’ in Life Skills | Thank Penguin Rand...

CAMBA Courier Fall 2016  

CAMBA Courier Fall 2016 | Summer of Inspiration for CAMBA Kids | CAMBA Campers Score ‘Significant Gains’ in Life Skills | Thank Penguin Rand...