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September, 2012




OBJECTIVES 1. To facilitate and improve communication between companies and individuals associated with the participating chambers through initiatives, events and meetings. 2. The exchange of ideas and experience between the management teams of the different chambers in order to improve their management individually and also consensually by all the participating chambers. 3. To formulate and communicate opinions and suggestions with respect to topics of mutual interest. 4. To represent the participating chambers and their members in front of government bodies, institutions and press.


ACTIVITIES More than 6,000 businesses belonging to the European Chambers of Commerce in Spain receive punctual information about our meetings and events. The average number of attendees is 140, however it varies from 80-220 according to the activity…. •

In Madrid 1. European Breakfasts 2. European Lunches 3. European Business Drinks 4. European Biz Afterwork 5. Business Forums 6. Networking and bonding days

In Barcelona 1. European Lunches 2. Informal meetings and events


European Breakfasts Organised jointly with the Forum of Innovation and with the collaboration of the Representation of the European Commission in Spain. We organise around four breakfasts annually about Innovation, Growth and New Technology.


European Lunches Excellent occasions to meet people from a high level in the business world with carefully selected guests of honour according to the topics of discussion.


Business Forums Organised jointly and in collaboration with other institutions, they include many types of activities to benefit our members with emphasis on current topics.


European Business Drinks An excellent occasion to network and make new contacts in an exceptional event for professional and personal exchanges in Madrid.


Informal Meetings These take the same format as the European Business Drinks. They are organised by the German, Belgian-Luxembourg, British, Danish, Finnish, French, Italian and Swedish Chambers in Barcelona.


European Biz Afterwork A point of reference and reflection organised jointly with the Forum of Innovation and with the collaboration of Madrid Network and the Business Institute, they periodically bring together the principal agents of business and the institutions to discuess business competitiveness.


Networking Days An initiative to bring our business members together so that they get to know the business make up of other areas or regions of Spain with events of maximum interest.


Other Activities We organise jointly many other types of activities which promote our global interests.



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Presentación Cámaras Europeas 201209 english version  
Presentación Cámaras Europeas 201209 english version  

Presentación de la plataforma de Cámaras Europeas en España - septiembre 2012 - versión en inglés