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Ashton Secondary School Glasgow

Our Story

Jamie Bruce Jones - our MD has a background in the timber industry that stretches back 40 years. Based in central Scotland, we have been designing, building and installing quality play equipment for over 25 years.

Outdoor play experts

We have an in-depth knowledge of how children play, which we combine with our experience in the sector ensuring we advise and inform with confidence.

We care about the environment

We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and all products carry FSC or PEFC chain of custody certification. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Working with others

We regularly work with local authorities, architects and housing developers, community groups, tourist destinations, town, parish and community councils, and the leisure industry.

Scottish made, UK-wide service

Working from our base in Scotland we have a team that designs, manufactures and installs nationwide. Our contracts department is able to ensure a fast and efficient means of delivering products.

Committed to safety

As members of RoSPA we take playground safety seriously. However, we also believe it is important for children to experience challenges and evaluate risk. We are continually encouraged by the movement toward risk benefit assessment and balance the benefits of risk when creating or developing a playground or outdoor learning space. All our equipment is designed and manufactured to conform to (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate, equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177.

Experienced in working with schools and commercial organisations

As a company that started out solely building domestic play equipment, we have continued to expand our range of products in new and innovative ways. We have now supplied play equipment to over 1,000 educational establishments. We have a thorough understanding of the procedures required to install play equipment and work alongside the various organisations to make it all happen smoothly. We have also supplied equipment for over 500 public parks, hotel grounds and pub gardens, caravan parks and camp sites, leisure facilities, tourist destinations and self-catering accommodation.

Above image credit © Mark Alexander@The Word Association Cover image credit © NT Dudmaston Estate Lucy Rebecca Photography

Flexible in our approach

We prefer working with timber however we understand that, on occasion, metal products are more suited to the brief. We therefore also supply a range of metal playpark equipment, which is as vandal-proof as possible, ensuring the best solution for certain situations.

Accredited playground inspectors

We have registered and certificated RPII inspectors as part of our team who regularly carry out maintenance checks as required.

Experienced installation engineers

We have our own team of Installation Engineers with upto-date training in the requirements of EN 1176 who also ensure bespoke designs meet all the regulatory standards. All installations are carried out in accordance with the Association of Playground Industries (API) guidelines. We leave the site clean and tidy and, at school installations, take into account the safety of children in the area during the school day. Caledonia Play Old Mill, South Street, Milnathort, Kinross, Scotland, KY13 9XB 01577 840570

Caledonia Play is proud to be the only independent wooden play equipment manufacturer in Scotland


Caledonia Play uses its knowledge of the timber industry and intimate understanding of working with timber to create unique and robust play equipment. Using timbers from sustainably managed sources, Caledonia Play ensures best value by designing products that are not only strong and durable but also retain the natural beauty of the wood.

Blair Drummond Safari Park Stirling


Experts at working with timber Timber is a natural material made from many different species with a variety of qualities, durability, strength and flexibility. These qualities can be affected by the way the timber is sawn and processed, handled and stored. In short, wood is not timber. At Caledonia Play, we use our expertise to create visually appealing and well-built products. We carefully select timbers based on their unique qualities to minimize future maintenance. Our goal is to enhance the natural beauty of the timber while ensuring strength and durability. To protect against rot and moisture, we use galvanized metal extension feet to elevate timber in the ground. These hold the timber clear of the ground, eliminating the effect of ground moisture.

Douglas Fir is an orange/red coloured wood which is naturally strong and durable without requiring any chemical treatment. The machine rounded Norway Spruce timber is supplied from our partners’ production line in Central Europe, and is slow-grown and dense therefore has less inclination to twist, warp or bend. Machine rounded timber is approximately 50% stronger than square-sawn timber. Red wood machine rounded poles are quarter sawn to limit splitting. All sawn and dressed timbers are pressure-treated and stress graded to C24. Robinia timber retains the natural shape and taper of the tree, so forming an even more natural looking structure when used to create play equipment.

On larger sections of timber, a heat sealed bitumen sleeve is applied before concreting into position.

An Crùbh Visitor Centre Sleat Isle of Skye


The Donaldson Trust West Lothian

Our products are specifically designed to suit the Scottish climate and as such, are strong and robust enough to withstand all types of weather. As wood is a natural product, it will expand and contract as the temperature changes, without affecting the strength, durability and safety of the play equipment. 4


available in timber or metal K-13 K-13D K-13S K-13D K-13D+ CP-BS IP-K308

Single Swing Frame Double Swing Frame MIDI Junior Single Swing Frame MIDI Junior Double Swing Frame Inclusive Double Swing Frame Basket Swing Pendolo Double Swing Frame


Caledonia Play is delighted to stock the largest range of machine-rounded poles in Scotland

National Trust Dudmaston Estate


Agility Units Stepping and Balance

various lengths available


Stepping Log Columns Climbing Hold Stilts Springer Board


Static Balance Beam Timber Stepping Stilts Striding Timber Stilts


Zig Zag Balance Beam Wobble Board Nursery Circle


Sloping Balance Beams Balance and Weave

Standalone Units

spacers prevent finger and toggle entrapment between timbers

CP-SFN K-131

Up & Over Horizontal Rising Ladder


V Rope Bridge Horizontal Net

image credit © NT Dudmaston Estate Lucy Rebecca Photography


Zig Zag Balance Bridge


Timber Clatter Bridge


Agility Units Traversing Units

can be standalone units or linked together


Traversing Net Rolling Log Hanging Tyres Traversing Wall


Weaving Ropes Vertical Climber Monkey Bar Rings Curved Traversing Wall

Embankment Products Hand Rail Timber Climbing Wall Timber Climbing Ramp Stainless Steel Slide Climbing Wall (Buffalo Board) Climbing Net



Hanging Ropes Traverse Cross Wires Floating Steps


Hanging Log Steps Traverse Parallel Wires Spiders Web Climber

For children using agility items, younger ones may prefer playful activities at lower levels rather than those requiring strength and coordination. Stepping and balance items on the trail aid in developing gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Careful planning of item placement and spacing ensures a smooth progression for children all along the trail.

North West Campus Dumfries


Agility Cube The Agility Cube is a square formation made up of four different traversing agility trail items. It is specifically designed for school playgrounds with limited space, requiring less safety surfacing compared to linear setups. It can be installed on tarmac with rubber safety surfacing, allowing year-round usability even in wet and muddy conditions. We provide guidance on the optimal combination of products based on the age group, size, and ability of the users. Our goal is to offer a reasonable challenge that promotes participation without being excessively difficult. The poles undergo careful processing and sanding to achieve a smooth finish. Additionally, the timbers in the ground are equipped with heat-sealed bitumen sleeves to prevent rotting. These additional measures ensure the uniqueness and durability of our play equipment.

CP-BOX - Agility Cube HLS/FTS/TN/PW


CP-BOX-2 - Connected Double Cube RL/FTS/WVR/PW SS/SBB HLS/XW/TN/HRT

many options to choose from

The Agility Cube can be made up of any four elements from our large agility range to suit the age group and ability of the children using it. When placed on tarmac, with wetpour safety surfacing, the cube is an ideal wet or cold weather playground activity and is guaranteed to be well used before, after and during school hours.

Torryburn Primary School Dunfermline


Galvanised steel feet can be fitted on all units for a small additional charge. Steel feet offer an alternative option to in-ground timbers and can be used in both wet pour and extended for loose fill surfacing.

National Trust Dudmaston Estate


Log Maze Climber This is a unique climbing unit that combines machine rounded poles, interlinking nets, and ropes. It features securely anchored vertical poles with protective bitumen sleeves to prevent moisture damage and rot.


With crisscrossing timbers and ropes, children can climb through, over, and under, offering varying levels of challenge. This play equipment promotes social skills, physical activity, creativity, and interactive play. We offer different sizes and configurations, including compact options for limited spaces and larger models with additional features such as rock climbing walls, outlook towers, and slides.


The Log Maze Climber 3 is our most popular version and includes the following: 4 x balance beam sections 4 x jungle pole ladders 2 x horizontal scramble nets 4 x traversing/parallel ropes

VISIT for more information







pole la

ce be a




scramble net


image credit © NT Dudmaston Estate Lucy Rebecca Photography


Junior Tower Units Micro Towers

climbing ro

cks HDPE

ideal for nurseries

Toddler Pyramids

Midi Towers many options to choose from

MICRO K-7 Toddler Tower with Slide CP-PYC 1.5 Pyramid Climber (back and front shown) K-7 MIDI In-line w Ramp to Right Junior Tower Unit



K-72 MIDI Double Junior Tower Unit

0.9m deck height

East Wemyss Primary School Fife


Langlee Primary School Galashiels

1.5m deck height

We design, build and install multi-tower units that can accommodate children with different abilities, by carefully considering the location of the access and exit points. This allows children who might require a little extra support from parents and carers, to still access at least one of the towers and exit it comfortably. 16

Standard Tower Units We produce durable round-timber designs that surpass comparable products both in strength and resilience

Roborough Parish Council Play park

K-71 Single Tower Unit

K-73 Triple Tower Unit

K-76 6 Tower Unit

K-72 Double Tower Unit


Glendoick Garden Centre Perth

Utilising slowgrowing timbers that deliver hard-wearing durability, our wooden play equipment is built to last


Customised Tower Units We offer the ability to adapt and customise play towers and decks by interchanging access, exit points, bridges, and tunnels as needed. Our wide range of elements come in various sizes and lengths, allowing for a perfect fit with different tower heights. Discover the limitless possibilities and create your own one-of-a-kind and personalised play structure.

VISIT for more information

image credit © Glendoick Garden Centre


Access / Exit Points & Bridges

Arch Bridge Clatter Bridge Scramble Net Vertical Ladder Pipe Slide


Large Rope Bridge Net Tunnel Steps with Hand Rail HDPE Slide Spiral Slide

Rope Bridge Timber Tunnel Climbing Wall Stainless Steel Slide Arch ladder

Inclined Rope Bridge Log Ramp Climber Log Climber Fireman’s Pole

Unique Robinia Play Towers Our bespoke towers, often built using robinia timbers, are beautiful to look at and blend well into any natural outdoor setting. We collaborate closely with clients, from site visits to installation, incorporating existing landscape features and where possible, design with re-using and recycling in mind.

Dino Park Dumfries

NTS Brodie Castle and Estate Moray


Hexagonal / Octagonal Tower Units

CP-TWR-HEX Hexagonal Activity Tower CP-BES Multi Play Adventure Tower


Caledonia Play provides a personal and tailored service based upon three decades of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations

Polwhele House School Truro

Our octagonal and hexagonal play towers are built using pressure-treated timbers, guaranteeing their durability and long lifespan. We understand that every customer has unique preferences and requirements, which is why we provide various sizes and combinations to choose from. Moreover, our play towers are equipped with multiple access, exit points and bridges, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable play experience for children. 23

Japanese Gardens Stirling

We specialise in crafting custom tree decks and play mounds using mature and well established trees and natural mounds where feasible. We take pride in constructing our structures using natural timber, allowing them to seamlessly blend with the surrounding environment. Tunnels provide an added element of excitement and exploration for children. Bring the joy of nature and play together in a bespoke and sustainable way. 24

Decks & Play Mounds

Let us know your requirements and budget and we will create a unique tree deck or play mound to suit

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Activity Deck with Solid Steps and Cargo Net, Play House, Rope Net Bridge, K7MIDI Tower with Fireman’s Pole and 2nr Mud Kitchen Play Mound and Tunnel Combination Play Mound, Planter and Tunnel with Climbing Ramp and Pull Chain, Ramp with Climbing Rock Holds and Stainless Steel Slide


Natural Play



Log Corral Rustic Log Bench Small Timber Log Stack Large Timber Log Stack Rustic Log Seat Natural Log Bench Mushroom Stools and Table Retaining Log Wall Boulder

Many natural play items have a high play value meaning that children can use them in many different ways

Using natural elements like tree logs in outdoor play areas can provide numerous benefits. Natural elements can be used as stepping stones, balance beams, or seating areas, promoting physical activity and coordination skills. They also add a touch of nature to the play environment, fostering a sense of connection with the outdoors. Additionally, natural elements can spark imaginative play, enhancing children’s sensory experiences and thus encouraging a deeper appreciation for the natural world.

Calderwood Primary School West Lothian


Unique outdoor Spaces

with round or square posts

VISIT for more information

CP-CNPP Den Poles CP-PRG Pergola with Round Posts CP-STTB Storytelling Throne and Benches



Shade Cover and Posts Perching Boxes Sleeper Benches Circular Picnic Table

North West Campus Dumfries

Law Nursery East Lothian

Caledonia Play prides itself on selecting the most appropriate timber for each play space


Outdoor Learning Spaces

specify the size and we will customise to suit

add sand to create a unique covered sandpit

galvanised steel feet



Large Outdoor Learning Shelter Large Outdoor Play Shelter Small Outdoor Learning Shelter Sleeper Classroom (shown below)

Dalbeattie Learning Campus Dumfries

Beatlie School West Lothian

Caledonia Play positively promotes the real and tenable benefits of outdoor play


North West Campus Dumfries


We believe that by providing engaging environments that encourage creativity and exploration, we inspire children to develop their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Our commitment is to create play spaces that not only provide endless fun and great entertainment but also contribute to the overall growth and development of children.

Sensory and Imaginative Play

ideal for nurseries


Jungle Clatter Walk Pyramid House Water Cascade


Mud Kitchen Teepee


Large Timber Boat Pallet Bus Imaginative Den Square Sandpit


Rainbow House Glasgow

Outdoor musical play provides a joyful and inclusive experience that supports the holistic development of children. The rhythmic and melodic aspects of music also offer a calming and therapeutic impact, particularly beneficial for children with additional needs. Our musical instruments are designed for permanent outdoor installation and are built to withstand all possible weather conditions. 34

Musical Play


Eco Multi Chimes

FH-MUS RNWHL Rain Wheel VIN-R-1339 Robinia Bongo Chimes

FH-MUS-BFLOW CP-MUS XLP Timber Xylophone FH-MUS BLTREE Eco Bell Tree

image credit © Crosshouse Children’s Fund Rainbow House

FH-MUS DRUM Eco Tongue Drum FH-MUS BNGO Eco Bongos

Bell Flowers



Wooden Inclusive Play Equipment Playgrounds should offer a range of play equipment with varying levels of challenge, allowing children of different abilities to participate together. Not every child is going to choose to play on every piece of equipment or have the ability to do so. But, it is imperative that every child has a real choice of what to play on.

VISIT for more information



Raised Octagonal Sandpit Inclusive Double Swing Frame Basket Swing


Low Arched Bridge Wheelchair Accessible Picnic Table Wheelchair Accessible Planter Inclusive Robinia Seesaw Sensory Path

image credit © NT Dudmaston Estate Lucy Rebecca Photography

National Trust Dudmaston Estate

Research shows that bursts of activity for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can greatly improve moods. 37

Metal Inclusive Play Equipment

Independence in play is crucial for children with limited motor skills. The wheelchair accessible swing allows direct access from the ground, eliminating the need to transfer from a wheelchair to the swing. This accessibility empowers users with a sense of autonomy and self-reliance, providing them with an enhanced feeling of independence.

The MT-RNDW2 Inclusive Roundabout has an integrated mechanism system inside the device with a centrifugal brake system, a drum braking system, a gate lock system which prevents the roundabout from turning if the gates are not fully closed. MT-IWS

Wheelchair Swing



Inclusive Roundabout


Inclusive Roundabout


Inclusive Roundabout


Terma Wheelchair Swing

Caledonia Play believes in inclusivity, designing play equipment for everyone

Our fully inclusive trampolines feature a newly designed jumping mat which provides a soft and enjoyable bounce. The mat is constructed using durable, tightly assembled lamellas that prevent small objects from falling through. 39

Ashton Secondary School Glasgow


Rainbow Products

Sensory Light Tunnel

VISIT for more information

Our rainbow products have perspex panels in various vibrant colours which when exposed to sunlight, create a mesmerizing visual experience as the light shines through them. This can have a profoundly positive impact on children, particularly those with disabilities as it provides a unique opportunity for them to explore and engage with their surroundings in a way that is both enjoyable and therapeutic.

CP-SLT Sensory Light Tunnel CP-PRG-L Large Rainbow Pergola

CP-PRG-S Small Rainbow Pergola CP-CPL Framed Coloured Panel

The 5mm tinted acrylic sheets are UV stable, impact resistant and easy to clean and come in a wonderful selection of colours.


Play Panels Play panels are made from tough, durable, and safe HDPE which does not rot, split or delaminate. Many have an internal mechanism to create moving parts, shatterproof polycarbonate windows, and quality stainless-steel elements, all of which are suitable to be permanently installed outside. They are easily attached to walls or fences, or we can supply posts to suit the size and shape as required. Play panels come in three main categories: Role Play Sensory

VISIT for more information


Springers All our Springer units are constructed from galvanised steel and HDPE recycled plastic which means they will not rot, crack, splinter or fade in UV. Just give them a hose down or a wipe over with a sponge to keep them pristine. We offer a large range of springers in a selection of categories as follows: The Sit-On Springers The Sit-in Springers







Surf Springers Multi-Person Springers Agility Springers Urban Springers

The oscillating movement of Springers can have a calming effect on children with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder)


Chilbolton Village Play Area


Belgrave Gardens Edinburgh


Wooden Seesaw The seesaw, crafted from sturdy and natural materials, offers a nostalgic and timeless play experience. Additionally, our wooden seesaws are durable and sustainable, making them an eco-friendly choice for outdoor play areas.

Flying Fox The Flying Fox is a dynamic and fun play item that is ideal for large open play areas and is available in a range of lengths from 20 to 40m.

The main cross-beams are metal and have a tensioning winch which ensures that the wire can be tightened as needed as the wire will inevitably stretch with use.

It has a starting ramp at one end and a comprehensive compression spring system at the finish to ensure a safe, controlled ride to the end.

The carriage is made with stainless steel and nylon rollers, so it will not rust. It is also enclosed, which ensures that it will not fall off the cable.

The legs are fitted with galvanised metal extension legs, so the timbers are not in the ground.

tensioning winch quarter-sawn pressure-treated timber

sprung compression system

the carriage is made with stainless steel and nylon rollers so it will not rust it is also fully enclosed so it will not blow, or fall off the cable

starting ramp

galvanised metal feet K-65-4 K-18

VISIT for more information

4 Person Seesaw Flying Fox


Outdoor Fitness

By incorporating outdoor fitness and gym equipment into schools, children have the opportunity to develop lifelong healthy habits and enjoy the benefits of physical activity in a stimulating and enjoyable environment. Our selection includes items created specifically for younger primary school children to use and enjoy. These outdoor fitness units are also perfect for village or city play parks, and play areas at tourist destinations and visitor attractions.



Abs and Sit Up Station Hurdles Push Up Station Parallel Bars Step Up Blocks


Somersault Bars x 3 Leap Frog Twin Sit Up Bench Step Up Logs


Twin Chin Up Bars Double Monkey Bar Ladder Rolling Treadmill Vault Outdoor Gym

Torbain Primary School Fife

Outdoor Gym Equipment

These Outdoor Gym units conform to European Standard BS EN 16630 which specifies general safety requirements for the manufacture, installation, inspection and maintenance of permanently installed, freely accessible outdoor fitness equipment. The equipment is intended for youths and adults or users having an overall height greater than 1.40m to promote fitness by using the equipment to exercise.

GYM-APB Arm & Pedal Bike GYM-DAS Double Air Skier

GYM-SLP Seated Leg Press GYM-DAW Double Air Walker


Horse Rider

GYM-ECT Elliptical Cross Trainer


Metal Play Equipment

choose from stainless steel or galvanized stainless steel

CP-TRMP Trampoline MT-SPIN1 Tall Spinner IP-1652 IP-2001


Snake Seesaw Aspen Flying Fox

Talk Tubes IP-R0201 Norte Roundabout

MT-SPIN2 Inclined Spinner MT-081 Donut Spinner IP-K512

Domelo Single Tower

Spinning Basket TY-RND5 Rope Net Dome MT-3BS Fun Ball Multi Shoot IP-K621 Domelo Double Tower

Torryburn Primary School Fife

Products carry TUV certification for compliance with EN1176 and EN1177. Caledonia Play is also a member of The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) and a part of Constructionline. 49

Materials and Components





Pressure treated machine rounded timber poles and graded flat timbers ensure quality and longevity

Acacia Robinia wood contains natural oils that protect the wood, so it needs no more treatment

307 standard stainless steel nuts and bolts

HDPE Panels

Bitumen Sleeves


100% recyclable High Density Polyethylene UV stable resistant to fading, weather, stain and graffiti

Heat-sealed bitumen sleeves placed on timbers that come in contact with ground to prevent rot

Steel cored multi strand nylon ropes designed specifically for the playground and leisure environment

Climbing Rocks

Steel Feet

Buffalo Board

Textured resin rock holds in a selection of shapes and colours

Fitted to ensure timbers are not in contact with the ground preventing rot

Sealed birch veneers bonded with a tough, thermosetting phenolic resin with good weather resistance

Chains galvanised steel chains conforming to safety standard EN 1176

Spacers Durable plastic spacers prevent finger and toggle entrapment between timber components

Steel Swing Points 316 quality stainless steel containing molybdenum giving improved corrosion resistance

Caledonia Play Workshop Milnathort


The Workshop Due to the nature of working with timber, every project we undertake is unique and our workshop engineers use their skills to adapt and customise the product as required. Our staff are fully qualified tradesmen in their respective fields and have many years of experience between them.

Caledonia Play Workshop Milnathort

Polwhele House School Truro


All attend regular in-house training sessions, and health and safety is continually assessed. With a large workshop in Central Scotland and a distribution warehouse in Devon, we are able to offer a nationwide site visit, delivery, and installation service.

Chainsaw Skills Training Day

With in-house designers, engineers and installation team, Caledonia Play manufacturers all its timber play equipment on site and delivers direct to its customers. 53

MagPost The MagPost is a scientific quality 5x magnifying glass mounted on a hardwood post. It allows children to explore the natural world by examining objects in detail. Designed to be a permanent outdoor fixture, it will withstand all weathers and is a popular product to give as a prize to a school or organisation. Children will enjoy collecting creepy crawlies and natural objects and taking a closer look at them under this chunky, durable magnifying post. The MagPost is able to turn any outdoor area into a learning zone.

Encourage observational skills and active exploration Inspire curiosity Allow free time exploration Promote self study

Glendoick Garden Centre Perth


We are proud to have collaborated with: Hadden Group RJ McLeod (Contractors) Ltd National Museums Scotland Zoological Society of London Verdant Leisure Loch Leven’s Larder The Highland Council Fife Council Wardell Armstrong LLP Monk Park Farm Visitor Attraction Glendoick Garden Centre James Jones & Sons Ltd DM Habens The Builder Ltd P1Solutions A & J Stephens (Builders) Ltd Graham Construction National Trust for Scotland National Trust Morrison Construction Sportex Autism Together Sterry-Walters Partnership Ltd Macdonald Hotels & Resorts Hirst Landscape Architects Hales Hill Caravan Park Duntaylor Developments Blair Drummond Safari & Adventure Park Also each of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities and many Town and Parish Councils in England

image credit © Glendoick Garden Centre


Information How to order

Spare parts



Contact the office on 01577 840570 to place your order. Alternatively you can email us on or for general enquiries email

All our timbers carry a seven year warranty against rot. Metal products are either galvanised or powder coated stainless steel and carry a one year warranty. Our steel-cored multi-strand nylon ropes are specifically designed for the playground and leisure environment and carry a one year warranty. Normal wear and tear applies - acts of vandalism and accidental damage are excluded from our warranty.


Children may fall from even the safest piece of equipment when playing in any play area. The purpose of safety surfacing is to cushion the impact and reduce the severity of an injury resulting from an accidental fall. We offer a range of playground safety surfacing to suit your particular site, including grass safety mats, rubber wetpour, synthetic grass and various types of loose fill. All our products meet the requirements of EN 1176 and EN 1177 for public use play areas.

Environmental Policy

Alongside our belief that every child has a right to play, we are committed to doing our part to ensure the future of our planet. We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and many products carry FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Spare parts are available on request. Please contact the office on 01577 840570 or email us on for more information.

As members of RoSPA we take playground safety seriously. However, we also believe it is important for children to experience challenges and evaluate risk. We are encouraged by the movement toward risk benefit assessment and will take into account the principles, ensuring a balance when creating or developing a playground. All our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177.


We use steel cored multi strand nylon ropes designed specifically for the playground and leisure environment. All our metal work including feet, handrails and slides are either galvanised and powder-coated or stainless-steel.

Postsaver Sleeves and Metal Feet

Timber posts have a tendency to rot at the point where they enter the ground – the ground line section. This is now preventable by fitting a postsaver sleeve to the vulnerable part. This will keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years. Metal feet can also be attached to ensure the timber is preserved and to prevent against vandalism to some degree. We use postsaver sleeves or metal feet as standard on all the products that are sunk into the ground.


We have our own team of installation engineers all of whom are Disclosure checked and have up-to-date training in the requirements of EN 1176. All installations are carried out in accordance with the Association of Playground Industries (API) guidelines. We leave the site clean and tidy and take into account the safety of children during the school day.


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Make an enquiry Email

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By Phone

01577 840570

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At Shows

We attend many shows throughout the year right across the country from Aberdeenshire to Devon. Check our website for the full list of shows we will be attending.

Visit us* Caledonia Play Old Mill South Street Milnathort Kinross Scotland KY13 9XB *by appointment only

Pitreavie Primary School Fife

Disclaimer: Please note that the information contained herein is believed to be correct but is not guaranteed. This brochure is a guide only and does not constitute an offer or contract. While we take great care to ensure the product descriptions, drawings, photographs and information are accurate, we do not accept liability for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions.

Back cover image of Mango and Pippin credit © Mark Alexander@The Word Association


Old Mill, South Street, Milnathort, Kinross, Scotland, KY13 9XB 01577 840570

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