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Hetland Garden Centre - Dumfriesshire

Spey Bay Community Play Area - Moray

Glendoick Garden Centre - Perthshire

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Who are Caledonia Play?

We are a family run business, based in central Scotland, with a background in the timber industry that stretches back 40 years. We have been designing, building and installing quality play equipment for over 18 years.

Committed to safety

As members of RoSPA we take playground safety seriously. However, we also believe it is important for children to experience challenges and evaluate risk. We are continually encouraged by the movement toward risk benefit assessment and will ensure we balance the benefits of risk when creating or developing a playground or outdoor classroom. All our equipment is designed and manufactured to conform to (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate, equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177.

Outdoor play experts

We have an in-depth knowledge of how children play, which we combine with our experience in the sector ensuring we advise and inform with confidence.

Scottish manufacturing, UK-wide service

Working from our base in Scotland we have a team that designs, manufactures and installs nationwide. Our logistics department is able to ensure a fast and efficient means of delivering products.

Experienced in working with schools and commercial organisations

As a company that started out building domestic play equipment, we have expanded our range of products in new and innovative ways. We have supplied play equipment to over 1,000 educational establishments making us one of the leading timber outdoor play equipment specialists in Scotland. We have a thorough understanding of the procedures required to install play equipment for this sector and work alongside the various organisations to make it all happen smoothly. We have also supplied equipment for over 500 public parks, hotel grounds and pub gardens, caravan parks and camp sites, leisure facilities, tourist destinations and self-catering accommodation.

Working with others

We regularly work with Local Authorities, Architects and Housing Developers, Community Groups, Tourist Destinations, Towns, Parish and Community Councils and the Leisure Industry.

Flexible in our approach

We prefer working with timber however we understand that, on occasion, metal products are more suited to the brief. We therefore also supply a range of metal playpark equipment, which is as vandal-proof as possible, ensuring the best solution for the situation.

We care about the environment

We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and all products carry FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Accredited playground inspectors

We have registered and certificated RPII inspectors as part of our team who are able to carry out maintenance checks if required.

Experienced installation engineers

We have our own team of Installation Engineers with up-to-date training in the requirements of EN 1176 who also ensure bespoke designs meet all the regulatory standards. All installations are carried out in accordance with the Association of Playground Industries (API) guidelines. We will leave the site clean and tidy and, at school installations, take into account the safety of children in the area during the school day.

All measurements shown throughout the brochure are given as L x W x H Brochure cover image credit Š Glendoick Garden Centre 01577 840570


How we work with you 1

We consult and visit.

For us to create the best play spaces, we carry out site visits and engage fully with the team of people initiating the project to find out what they are looking for.


We create a

layout. Using the info rmation gather ed from site visits and consultatio ns we design and refine proposed play spaces to suit. .... Site before


and inspechctnic. al We maintanain nce and regular te We have mainte es on offer. inspection packag

We sourc


Where poss e and manu facture. ible we cre ate all the our worksh products in ops - othe r items are reputable sourced fr companie om s.


We deliver and build.

We take care of all the installation and safety surfacing.

2 01577 840570

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Basket Swing Swing Frames Tower Units Towers - Bespoke Installations Agility Trails Agility Trail Components Flying Fox and Seesaw Agility Cube Log Maze Climber Educational and Imaginative Play Park Furniture and Group Seating Robinia Play Equipment Natural Play MagPost Shelters and Communal Areas Inclusive Play Urban Play Ball and Wheel Items Fencing and Surfacing Information

The beauty and benefits of using timber Timber is a natural material made from many different species with a variety of qualities, durability, strength and flexibility. These qualities can be affected by the way the timber is sawn and processed, handled and stored. In short, wood is not timber. At Caledonia Play we use our experience and knowledge of timber to ensure that the products we design and manufacture are aesthetically pleasing and well constructed. All the timbers that we use are sourced specifically for the individual qualities of each species ensuring our products require minimal future maintenance and management. Our objective is to build our products not only for strength and durability but also to retain the natural beauty of the timber, making the play equipment more attractive and tactile. To extend the life and durability of the timber and to reduce the possibility of rot, timbers which are positioned in the ground are fitted with galvanised metal extension feet. These hold the timber 01577 840570

clear of the ground eliminating the effect of ground moisture. On larger sections of timber, a heat sealed bitumen sleeve is applied before concreting into position. Douglas fir, an orange/red wood, is strong and durable without any chemical treatment. Machine rounded Norway spruce is supplied by our partners’ production line in Central Europe and is slow grown and dense. Machine rounded timber is approximately 50% stronger than square sawn timber. Red wood machine rounded poles are quarter-sawn to limit splitting of timber. Sawn and dressed timbers are pressuretreated and stress graded to C24. Robinia timber retains the natural shape and taper of the tree, so forming a more natural structure.


Swings Swings have stood the test of time both in play value and durability and we recognise that even though playground equipment is continually changing with time, some traditional items such as swings are still firm favourites with children of all ages. Swings are also frequently used in therapy by many cultures around the world.

Basket Swing Basket Swing

CP-BS Size: 3.5 x 2.4 x 2.3m Safety Area 3.5 x 8.0m The Basket Swing has been designed to take several young children, or a couple of adults, and is well suited for children and adults with special needs. It is also popular with parents of smaller children as they can accompany them on the swing. The Basket Swing encourages social and interactive play. The 1.2m diameter heavy duty basket is constructed with a galvanised steel ring and herculean rope. Safety chains are fitted as standard.

Junior Basket Swing

CP-JBS Size: 2.0 x 1.0 x 2.2m Safety Area 2.0 x 6.0m

The Junior Basket Swing has been specifically designed for smaller children to enjoy, and is better suited to smaller areas than the Basket Swing. The 1.0m diameter basket is suspended on stainless steel chains that are supported by universal swing points fitted into angled support timbers. The frame is constructed of two large quarter sawn timbers that are set into the ground with concrete to ensure they are secure. The simple design also looks good particularly in woodland or rural settings.

4 01577 840570

Swing Frames The range of Caledonia Play timber swing frames are available in two different heights - Junior and Standard. Each can be supplied as a single or double bay frame.

Each of the swing frames can have either flat swing seats or cradle swing seats fitted, which are supported with stainless steel chains and swing points.

All the frames are constructed with quarter sawn machine rounded timbers that have a sanded finish and are secured with stainless steel fittings limiting rust and corrosion. The timber legs are fitted with hot dipped galvanized metal feet preventing ground moisture affecting the timbers.

These frames are ideal for public or commercial organisations such as camp sites, caravan parks, hotel grounds and diversifying farm parks as the timber frames are durable, robust and in keeping with rural settings. (Sizes shown are L x W x H.)

Junior Single Swing Frame with flat seat

Standard Double Swing Frame with toddler cradle swing seats

Junior Single Swing Frame

Standard Single Swing Frame

Junior Double Swing Frame

Standard Double Swing Frame

K-13S MIDI Size: 2.5 x 1.9 x 2.1m Safety Area 2.5 x 7.0m

K-13D MIDI Size: 3.5 x 1.9 x 2.1m Safety Area 3.5 x 7.0m

K-13S Size: 2.5 x 2.3 x 2.5m Safety Area 2.5 x 8.0m

K-13D Size: 4.0 x 2.3 x 2.5m Safety Area 4.0 x 8.0m

Swing Seats The swing seats are independently certificated to EN 1176 for public play use and can be fitted on any of the swing frames.

Flat Swing Seat

The flat swing seat is made of rubber and is reinforced with an aluminium plate. The toddler cradle swing seat provides plenty of support to make the child feel secure as it swings.

Toddler Cradle Swing Seat

The inclusive swing seat has a five point harness.

Inclusive Swing Seat




Hammock Swing The Hammock Swing offers an unusual group swing and is constructed with herculean rope woven into a net. It is suspended between hardwood stretchers and is supported at either end by individual machine rounded poles that are angled to provide better support.

Hammock Swing

CP-HS Size: 4.0 x 1.2 x 1.4m 01577 840570


Tower Units The range of Caledonia Play activity towers are constructed in 2 standard sizes. The Junior Tower Range units are 0.9 x 0.9m square with a deck height of 0.9m and the Standard Tower Range units are 1.2 x 1.2m square with a deck height of 1.5m. Both of the activity tower ranges are designed to be modular allowing the towers to be configured in any design layout with a mix of access points and interconnecting bridges. This allows the tower combinations to be designed specifically for clients to suit the space available and users’ needs incorporating the required activity elements and connecting bridges. All the towers are constructed with materials that are durable and robust ensuring that they need minimal future maintenance, while still retaining the natural beauty of the timber and integrating well into rural settings. The timbers are quarter-sawn machine rounded poles with a sanded finish and pressure treated. All timber legs are fitted with hot dipped galvanised metal extension feet to prevent ground moisture affecting them. All fixing bolts are stainless steel limiting any rust and corrosion. All metalwork is galvanised prior to applying electro powder-coated paint as a finish. As standard the towers are fitted with a moulded fibre glass slide. A stainless steel slide can be supplied on request.

Junior Single A standard single tower unit with roof has a climbing ramp, robust 6-step access and a 2.5m straight slide.

Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

3.2 x 2.4 x 2.7m 6.7 x 5.4m 0.95m 3-8

6.7m 6700



Junior Single Tower Unit K-7 MIDI

Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions

The junior single tower unit has been created to suit the size and ability of very young children. It has been scaled down to ensure that they are able to manage it all safely. The tower can be designed with the slide and steps in a straight line, or as an L-shape, to fit the space available on the site.

6 01577 840570

Tower Units Junior Double The junior double tower is of similar construction to the junior single tower with the slide, access steps and ramp all designed with the smaller child in mind. By carefully considering the location of access and exit points, the Double Towers can accommodate children with different abilities. This ensures that children who might require a little extra support from parents and carers are still able to access at least one of the towers and exit it comfortably. Our sales staff will be happy to advise on the best combination for your play area. The junior range of towers is specifically designed for younger children age range 3 to 8 years and for smaller spaces. Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

Junior Double Tower Unit K-7 MIDI-2

3.6 x 2.7 x 2.7m 6.6 x 6.2m 0.95m 3-8

The standard design has a double tower unit with V bridge, solid steps, climbing ramp, 2.5m slide and climbing wall however there are many configurations possible.




Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions 01577 840570


Tower Units Standard Single

Standard Single Tower K-71

A typical single tower has a slide, steps and a platform with bench seat under the tower. A cargo net, climbing ramp or climbing wall can be added to suit. Constructed from robust treated timbers with stainless steel fixings the tower unit is based on a tower 1.2 x 1.2m square with a platform height of 1.5m. The ends of the legs are protected with stainless steel coverings to ensure durability to prevent timber rot.

The large 3.0m slide is made from strong UV protected fibre glass that will not fade easily in the sun. Pictures of optional access and exit points are shown below. Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

5.9 x 1.2 x 3.3m 9.4 x 5.6m 1.47m 5 - 14

9.4m 9388



Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions

Access Points

Climbing Ramp

Vertical Ladder




Vertical Climbing Wall with Cut Holes K-133

Vertical Climbing Wall with Rock Grips K-140 01577 840570

Tower Units Standard Double

Standard Double Tower K-72

Typical double towers have a selection of connecting bridges, climbing elements, base dens, balustrades and timber roofs. Configurations can be designed to suit the available space and activities required. All our access and exit points have been manufactured to fit our standard towers. Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

7.2 x 3.0 x 3.4m 10.7 x 5.7m 1.47m 5 - 14

Designed to suit children aged 5 to 14, our double towers offer more scope than the single tower where there is a little more space available. Constructed from robust treated timbers with stainless steel fixings the tower units are based on two 1.24 x 1.24m square towers with a platform height of 1.5m and comes with a large UV protected fibre glass slide as standard. The ends of the legs are protected with stainless steel coverings to ensure durability and to prevent timber rot.





Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions

Exit Points

Solid Steps

Open Cargo Net

Wobble Stairs

Stainless Steel Slide




RT-SSS 01577 840570


Tower Units Standard Triple

Standard Triple Tower K-73

Designed to suit children ages 5 to 14, the triple tower is available in a variety of configurations to suit and can be in-line or L-shaped whichever makes the best use of the space allocated.

Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

7.2 x 6.2 x 3.4m 10.7 x 9.2m 1.47m 5 - 14


10.7m 10730


The larger towers enable more children to play on them at the same time and also allow the challenge of traversing from one end to the other as quickly as possible, which can be a good activity for the more competitive child. There are also small spaces where children can steal a quiet moment or engage in role play.

Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions


V Shaped Rope Bridge

Arch Bridge




Supported Suspension Bridge K-138

Barrel Tunnel Bridge K-117 01577 840570

Tower Units Standard Quadruple and Multi

Standard Quadruple Tower K-74

Four tower combination - this unit is often supplied as a quadrant and can be created with a variety of access points, exit points and bridges as required. The standard bridge size is 1.5m long. Units with more than 4 towers can be supplied as required. Size Safety area Max. fall height Age group

11.4 x 5.3 x 3.4m 11.9 x 8.3m 1.47m 5 - 14

Octagonal Towers


Unique and versatile play towers beautifully constructed with a large variety of access points which can be interchanged to suit.


1500 11.9m

Plan of typical tower with safety area dimensions

Sunken Bridge

Half Barrel Bridge


K-139 01577 840570


Bespoke Installations We work carefully with our clients to create bespoke play areas starting with site visits, leading on to preliminary sketches, then proposal plans, through to the manufacture and installation of the products. We select suitable mature trees and features in the landscape to incorporate in the design and where possible, design with recycling and re-using in mind. Large tower structures often form the basis on which to build the play area by combining a varied selection of access points, exit points and bridges. City Farm -Edinburgh We have createdGorgie bespoke units for farm shops, zoos, activity Proposed Bespoke Play Area front elevation centres and historic houses.

On occasion we have been asked to create wet weather alternative indoor play areas and our towers have worked well in large sheds and barns.

12 01577 840570

Bespoke Installations Designed to stimulate physical development in a fun yet challenging way - these bespoke towers are perfect for encouraging imaginative and active play. The high and low level units require minimal supervision and improve co-ordination, strength, stamina and agility in all levels of ability. Group play is also encouraged with different areas creating a variety of zones to enhance role play and stimulate social interaction. 01577 840570


Agility Trails An agility trail is a combination of smaller play elements designed to encourage children to climb over, under and through at their own pace and in line with their own ability level. These can be created to suit the space available whether in a woodland setting or a school playground. The agility trails encourage school children to be active at playtime and can increase footfall to commercial and tourist destinations such as farm shops and caravan parks.

Our agility trail elements are designed to be combined to create courses of all shapes, sizes and challenge. Create your own configuration using different elements. Through experience, we have found that a mixture of balancing, climbing and traversing will result in a more exciting trail. We create scale drawings of all our agility trails specifically to fit your proposed area to make sure we make best use of the available space. Our list of trim trail components is ever growing - a small sample is shown in this brochure - see our website for the complete range. We suggest laying mats, if on grass, at key footfall points to reduce ground erosion, and are happy to advise on this or other surfacing.

14 01577 840570

Agility Trail Components Stepping and Balance Consider the age group of the children intending to use it. Younger children may prefer more play orientated activities at lower levels rather than the sporty elements requiring strength and coordination. All of these stepping and balance items will help to develop a child’s gross motor skills and spatial awareness. Careful planning taking into account the amount of space between items ensures a flow as children progress along the trail.

Stepping Log Columns

Climbing Hold Stilts

Striding Stilts

Static Balance Beam

Stepping logs are ideal for improving coordination and balance for younger children. They can be used for sitting on outside and are often placed at the start and finish of an activity trail.

A variation on the traversing wall, these climbing hold stilts are popular with children of all ages and abilities and are well suited to play areas where space is limited.

Vertical timber logs with two smaller stepping logs beside each one. Positioned in a line a stretch apart to encourage balancing and traversing skills.

Our balance beam is ideal for encouraging children to develop their balance, traversing and coordination skills. Provided in different lengths.





Standalone Units

Somersault Bars

Parallel Bars

Low Up and Over

Traversing Wall

Combining finished stainless steel bars with timber. The 1.2m bars are staggered at three different heights making them suitable for children of all ages.

Two finished 1.2m stainless steel parallel bars mounted on four vertical timber supports. Excellent for developing upper body strength.

A timber ramp and rope combined with a mini scramble net. Constructed from high quality timber and steel cored multi-strand nylon ropes for durability.

Hand-eye co-ordination, agility and overall balance come into play with this popular piece of equipment. Available freestanding or mounted onto an existing wall. Sizes vary according to individual requirements.

K-45 Safety Area 3.0 x 5.0m

K-4 Safety Area 4.5 x 4.0m 01577 840570

CP-SFN Safety Area 4.5 x 4.0m



Agility Trail Components Traversing and Bridge Units

Hanging Ropes

Rolling Log

Traversing Net

Floating Steps

Suspended upper and lower wires develop upper body strength and balancing skills.

A low level rolling log between two upright timbers with high rope handrail.

Sturdy net suspended between two upright timbers.

A series of small suspended blocks of timber on a low chain system.

Hanging Log Steps

Monkey Ladder Rings



Timber Clatter Bridge

Horizontal Ladder

Four short sections of logs suspended to create a traverse of medium challenge.

A series of high quality stainless steel rings suspended from a solid timber structure. Excellent for developing upper body strength.

A stand-alone unit that allows children to experiment with balance and enjoy the fun element of walking along unsteady surfaces.

Rising timber ladder - a popular choice in agility trails.

Wobble Board

V Rope Bridge

Horizontal Net

Wobble Step Bridge

A solid timber plank suspended from four posts.

Two timber structures with a rope bridge in between.

Large scramble net suspended between two poles.

A bridge with suspended round timber steps.











K-113 01577 840570

Flying Fox and Seesaw

Flying Foxes are dynamic and fun play items and are great for large open play areas. Our flying foxes are available in a range of lengths from 20 to 40m. We build a starting ramp for level sites and a compression spring system at the finish to ensure a safe, controlled ride to the end. Constructed from timber, these units blend well into the rural environment and we can work with specific trees if required. If there is space - put two together for that competitive edge.

Flying Fox System K-18 Sizes vary

2 or 4 Person Seesaw K-65-2 K-65-4 Size: 4.0 (L) x 0.4m (W) Safety Area: 7.0 x 3.5m

One of the oldest traditional play park products is the seesaw. Our seesaws have durable rubber seats and stainless steel grip handles limiting future maintenance. Can be supplied as a 2 or 4 person unit. 01577 840570


Agility Cube

The Agility Cube is basically a combination of four different traversing agility trail items carefully linked together to form a square. The standard configuration combines the Cross Wires, Hanging Ropes, Hanging Log Steps and the Traversing Net. The Agility Cube is particularly suitable for areas where space is limited and will also require less safety surfacing as the products are not strung out in a line.

We will advise on the best combination of products to suit the age group, size and ability of those who will be using it. We will make sure that it offers enough of a challenge but is not so difficult to do that it stops children having a go. Or you can choose your favourite elements and even add another Cube to extend the fun.

18 01577 840570

Log Maze Climber

The Log Maze Climber is a combination of machine rounded poles that are secured in a seemingly random manner with interlinking nets and ropes making a unique type of climbing unit.

The Log Maze Climbers come in four sizes – the smaller units are more compact so will fit where space is restricted. They have a basic construction with net and high level wires for support.

All of the vertical poles are secured safely into the ground and have a heat-sealed bitumen sleeve fitted at ground level, which restricts moisture affecting the timber.

The largest model includes a rock climbing wall unit and an outlook tower and is more suitable for outdoor play areas where space is not limited.

image credit Š Glendoick Garden Centre 01577 840570


Educational and Imaginative Play



K-77C Size: 1.2 x 0.6 x 1.0m

Log Train Engine

CP-BT Three sizes available

This product has an unusual shape with no prescribed use thus stimulating imaginative role play. Constructed from pressure treated and waxed timber and with no trap points.

The timber cruiser pictured is one of a selection of boats which is equally popular with younger children for role play and with older children as a gathering place.

The tractor is a popular product for younger age groups and is particularly suitable for diversifying farms. A trailer is also available for children to sit in.

The log train is a favourite product with younger age groups. Add a selection of carriages as required.

Pyramid House

Tree Deck

Water Cascade

Carved Animals / Birds

A unique item with coloured panels that will shine different coloured light into the inside of the Pyramid House.

We create decks or observation towers around an existing tree, or on its own, in a place with an interesting outlook.

The water cascade is designed with a pulley and pump system feeding a set of trays, pipes, steps and buckets.

We supply bespoke sculptures carved from wood containing naturally protective resins and coated in a UV light resistant waterproof protective resin.

Imaginative Den CP-TID Size: 2.5 x 2.2m

CP-PYH Size: 1.5 x 1.2 x 1.5m


CP-BES DECK Many sizes available

CP-WPM Many sizes available

K-77 Size: 1.2 x 0.6 x 0.7m

CP-CWA 01577 840570

Educational and Imaginative Play Mud Kitchens Mud kitchens encourage imaginative play, sharing and turn taking, which all enhance personal, social and emotional development in children. The kitchen-style environment promotes role play and it’s not uncommon to see learners taking on the role of a chef in a restaurant kitchen or dad or mum cooking at home.

The units incorporate different parts of the kitchen including sinks, cookers, food preparation and storage areas.

By taking on these roles, children are developing their social skills thus heightening emotional understanding.

The standard configuration is a set of two units, each 1.5m long, one cooker unit and one sink unit. 01577 840570

We are able to create a mud kitchen to your specifications if required. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will be happy to come up with some ideas.


Park Furniture and Group Seating

8 Seater Circular Picnic Table

Rustic Log Bench

Sleeper Bench

Sleeper Bench Maze

Bespoke Planters

Mushroom Set

22 01577 840570

CP-PB The rounded pine benches comfortably seat up to eight people. The seats are underscored to prevent cupping. Also available with back rests.

CP-SB This solid handcrafted sleeper bench is pressure treated and can be supplied in different lengths.

CP-PLA These bespoke planters can be used to create lovely willow archways for children to walk under and enjoy.

CP-RLB This unique and individual bench is cut from a single Douglas Fir log and has a sanded finish.

CP-SBM By combining several Sleeper Benches it is possible to create a bespoke seating and play area.

CP-MS Individually hand carved timber mushroom stools and table create a unique and imaginative seating area.

Park Furniture and Group Seating

Throne Planter

Horse Shoe Planter

Bespoke Planter with Wheelchair Access

Nursery Circle

CP-WPL Nice and simple design that encourages gardening for all.

CP-NC A Balance Beam with Stepping Log combination that creates a unique gathering place as well as an outdoor agility item.

Planter with Bench combination

Hexagonal Planter Seating

CP-THP Seating and planter combination - ideal for sensory gardens or as a focal point. Can be made to any shape and size.

CP-PLB By combining bench seating and planters we are able to create attractive places for all to sit and enjoy. 01577 840570

CP-HSP A useful outdoor sitting space that can double up as a sensory garden especially when fully planted up.

CP-HXP A large central planter with bench seating made from quality timber set in a hexagonal formation.


Robinia Play Equipment Robinia Towers, Tree Decks and Play Houses

What is Robinia? Robinia is a hard wood, with a greater density than oak, and therefore requires no pressure treatment making it ideal for producing playground equipment. Robinia wood offers the following additional benefits:

Natural shape The timber retains the natural shape of the tree, so it blends well with the natural environment.

Unique Every piece of equipment created from Robinia wood is individual.

Vandal-proof The dense nature of the wood makes it difficult to cut or burn.

Not chemically treated This makes it suitable for sites with a high water table as the timber contains no preservative chemicals.

24 01577 840570

Robinia Play Equipment Robinia towers offer a combination of beauty and longevity each one being completely unique. Quality stainless steel is used for the slides and ladders. Children love to climb and naturally enjoy being up high in order to see things from a different perspective. Tree decks are an excellent way for them to gain height safely and in different ways. Tree decks can be placed in or amongst trees for maximum effect. Opposite page: Robinia towers with stainless steel slide and fibreglass slides, robinia play house, robinia balustrade.

Robinia timber can be also used to create an impressive range of bespoke play towers. Due to the nature of Robinia timbers being irregular, skilled craftmanship is required.

This page: Bespoke tower configurations, robinia den. 01577 840570


Robinia Play Equipment Robinia Play Park Equipment

26 01577 840570

Robinia Play Equipment

The selection of swing frames are individually made and come in a variety of different sizes to suit. All the frames are able to be fitted with flat seats or cradle seats which are supported by stainless steel chains. See the website for more products we offer. This page: Zigzag balance bridge, seesaw, hammock swing, double bay swing with flat seats. Opposite page: Hexagonal climbing frame, hammock swings, basket swing, climbing stilts, triple swing frame with flat seats. 01577 840570


Natural Play Natural Play We work with existing natural features in the landscape to design and create environments that allow children to learn through their own experience, interacting and experimenting with naturally occurring elements.

What we can do for you By using various elements we are able to create landscapes rich in form, texture and colour. Our objective is to discover and utilise natural pieces that already exist on site and give them a new purpose.

Embankment Slides, Ramps and Climbing Panels Bespoke Sandpit We can help you create a large bespoke sandpit within the play area. In a commercial setting large areas of sand play allow younger children to potter while the older children are physically more active. We can add boats and other fun elements to enhance the play value.

Rustic Log Seating

The slides come in a range of lengths and widths and can be placed on naturally occurring knolls or alternatively a mound of earth can be created just for this purpose.

Adapted Natural Features

Large log stumps placed in a circle or any other formation. Can be supplied singly or as many as required.

By using large tree logs to create unique climbing features, different elements can be added to enhance the activities and play experience.

28 01577 840570

MagPost The MagPost is a scientific quality 5x magnifying glass mounted on a hardwood post. It allows children to explore the natural world by examining objects in detail. Designed to be a permanent outdoor fixture, it will withstand all weathers and is a popular product to give as a prize to a school or organisation. Children will enjoy collecting creepy crawlies and natural objects and taking a closer look at them under this chunky, durable magnifying post. The MagPost is able to turn any outdoor area into a learning zone.

The MagPost will: Encourage observational skills Inspire curiosity Allow free time exploration Promote self study Encourage active exploration Allow areas of study set by child interest Be suitable for individual investigations

image credit Š Glendoick Garden Centre

MagPost 0.5m CP-MP08

MagPost 0.8m CP-MP13

Portable MagPost CP-MP03

image credit Š Glendoick Garden Centre 01577 840570


Shelters and Communal Areas Gazebos Timber gazebos are a visually appealing addition to any outdoor space. They offer a private or companionable place which is sheltered from the rain or sun but still completely outside. The large hexagonal and octagonal park gazebos are suitable as outdoor classrooms with benches allowing for group activity. The small square gazebo is ideal as an outdoor meeting point for having lunch or playing games. Add planters to create that extra bit of greenery and to allow for a sensory garden if required.

Hexagonal Gazebo

Square Gazebo

Large hexagonal gazebo with timber sides, an open doorway and bench seats on five sides.

Square gazebo shelter suitable for smaller spaces. Contains two bench seats facing each other.

K-3 Size 3.5x 3.0 x 3.2m

K-1 Size 1.8 x 1.8 x 2.9m

Sleeper Classroom

Sleeper Classroom CP-BSC

Outdoor timber seating with planters constructed from heart sawn sleepers. These units are bespoke and designed to suit individual sizes and requirements with options to incorporate benches, planters, blackboards and shade canopies. Perfect for outdoor classrooms, picnic areas, sensory gardens, BBQ areas or for a quite outdoor space.

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Inclusive Play We offer a selection of play park products that allow easy access by being all on one level or by having ramps rather than steps as access and exit points. Products are easily accessed facilitating integrated and independent play. This helps to enable all children to play together as much as possible and reduces the risk of exclusion. We have a variety of inclusive products such as a wheelchair swing, trampoline, roundabout and seesaw, as well as bespoke mobility skills equipment and products for inclusive sensory and imaginative play. We also have a large range of sensory play panels and musical instruments, such as the bongo drums pictured right, which take the outdoor play fun to a whole new level and make for a more memorable experience. 01577 840570


Urban Play Caledonia Play is aware that timber as a material does not suit all environments or customer requirements. To supply this expanding customer base, we have a range of metal products that maintain the robust and durable standards set within our timber range. We offer a large range of metal play equipment from swings and slides to towers and trampolines. A small selection is shown here.

Low maintenance and highly durable, metal activity towers and swings are suitable particularly for urban playgrounds, where they are more prone to vandalism. Constructed primarily from maintenance-free powder coated galvanised steel, various colour choices are available. Choose from a large selection of contemporary designs to add both style and fun to your outdoor play park.

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Urban Play Springers All our Springer units are constructed from galvanised steel and HDPE recycled plastic which means they will not rot, crack, splinter or fade in UV. Just give them a hose down or a wipe over with a sponge to keep them pristine. We offer a large range of springers in a selection of categories as follows: The Sit-On Springers The Sit-in Springers







Surf Springers Multi-person Springers Agility Springers Urban Springers Springs with 5 year guarantee Galvanised steel ground anchor Seat fully supported by steel bracket Safety hand hold and foot rest HDPE panel construction Slip resistant seat TUV tested to EN1176 FFH <0.6m Age range 2-7 Height of seat approx 0.5m off ground

Climbers and Rotary

Rope Net Pyramid

Cone Climber

Rotary Spider



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Ball and Wheel Items

Basketball Hoop

Fun Ball Multi Shoot

Table Tennis Units

Mobility Skills Equipment

Bicycle Stands and Shelters

A variety of ramps and obstacles for bicycle and wheelchair users can be installed to enhance school and nursery playgrounds. We work with the teachers to create the best configuration depending on budget and space available. These are tailored combinations which are permanently installed to be used during playtime or as part of more structured outdoor physical education classes.

We offer a large selection of units to provide a safe place to keep bicycles secure as well as keeping them protected from the elements. All our easy-to-use units are available in a selection of colours, shapes and sizes and with the aim of encouraging as much bike use as possible.

Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) Multi use games areas are a versatile way of generating the most play value out of one space. By creating goal ends for many sports in one place, and by marking the ground accordingly, children are able to play any game they choose or as part of an organised sports class if at school. Our Multi Use Games Areas are available in a variety of sizes, colours and configurations. Add a number of different sets of line markings in different colours to accommodate the various sporting games as required. The outer fencing makes it easier to keep the ball in play. MUGAs are placed into the ground around a sports surface area including natural grass, artificial sports surfaces, sports tiles, tarmac or concrete. Multi Use Games Areas can be open ended, partially closed or fully enclosed.

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Fencing and Surfacing

Half-round Palisade

Post and Rail

Waney Edge Fence

Timber Gate

Every site is different we can therefore offer fencing and gate solutions to meet the individual requirements of specific sites. Here are a few examples of the styles we can provide using a variety of timber types or metal. The hydraulic self-closing metal gate is manufactured to comply with BS EN 1176 for playground equipment, making it free from finger traps, crush points and shear actions that could cause injury.

Bow Top Metal Fencing

Pedestrian Gate

Safety Surfacing There is no legal requirement for protective surfacing to be provided on children’s playgrounds. It is, however, recommended by safety organisations such as RoSPA, BSI, NPFA and CAPT. We can advise the best surfacing based on the play equipment, location, safety regulations and personal preference of our clients in order to comply with European Safety Standards EN 1176 and EN 1177. It is not necessary to provide a protective surfacing immediately for older equipment but it is recommended to have a planned programme of improvement as part of a Play Policy. All new equipment should be provided with an appropriate surface. Equipment less than 600mm high does not need an impact absorbing surface. We also supply bonded mulch, woodchip and bark, and artificial grass.

Grass Safety Mats


Playground Markings

To prevent ground erosion and to provide an impact absorbing surface with a 2.5m critical fall height lay our grass safety mats. The mats are linked together, and the grass will grow through and can be cut in the normal way.

Bonded rubber that can be placed on existing tarmac or concrete surfaces. Many colours are available and tailor-made patterns can be created. Wetpour requires expert installation, will last for many years and needs little to no maintenance.

Thermoplastic markings are becoming a standard feature in many school playgrounds. There are a wide range of designs available including alphabets, planets, maps, colours, shapes, compasses and clocks.

SUR-PSM Size 1.5 x 1.0m

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Information How to order

Spare parts



Contact the office on 01577 840570 to place your order. Alternatively you can email us on or for general enquiries email

All our timbers carry a seven year warranty against rot. Metal products are either galvanised or powder coated stainless steel and carry a one year warranty. Our steel-cored multi-strand nylon ropes are specifically designed for the playground and leisure environment and carry a one year warranty. Normal wear and tear applies - acts of vandalism and accidental damage are excluded from our warranty.


Children may fall from even the safest piece of equipment when playing in any play area. The purpose of safety surfacing is to cushion the impact and reduce the severity of an injury resulting from an accidental fall. We offer a range of playground safety surfacing to suit your particular site, including grass safety mats, rubber wetpour, synthetic grass and various types of loose fill. All our products meet the requirements of EN 1176 and EN 1177 for public use play areas.

Environmental Policy

Alongside our belief that every child has a right to play, we are committed to doing our part to ensure the future of our planet. We only use timbers from sustainably managed sources and many products carry FSC or PEFC Chain of Custody Certification. Timber is a renewable resource, recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable.

Spare parts are available on request. Please contact the office on 01577 840570 or email us on for more information.

As members of RoSPA we take playground safety seriously. However, we also believe it is important for children to experience challenges and evaluate risk. We are encouraged by the movement toward risk benefit assessment and will take into account the principles, ensuring a balance when creating or developing a playground. All our equipment is designed and manufactured to meet (and often exceed) the requirements of European Safety Standard EN 1176. Where appropriate equipment is independently tested and carries TUV certification for compliance with EN 1176 and EN 1177.


We use steel cored multi strand nylon ropes designed specifically for the playground and leisure environment. All our metal work including feet, handrails and slides are either galvanised and powder coated or stainless steel.

Postsaver Sleeves and Metal Feet

Timber posts have a tendency to rot at the point where they enter the ground – the ground line section. This is now preventable by fitting a postsaver sleeve to the vulnerable part. This will keep the causes of ground rot out and the preservative in, ensuring that the new piece of equipment will last for many years. Metal feet can also be attached to ensure the timber is preserved and to prevent against vandalism to some degree. We use postsaver sleeves or metal feet as standard on all the products that are sunk into the ground.


We have our own team of installation engineers all of whom are Disclosure checked and have up-to-date training in the requirements of EN 1176. All installations are carried out in accordance with the Association of Playground Industries (API) guidelines. We leave the site clean and tidy and take into account the safety of children during the school day.

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