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Who We Are CAL BLU is a real estate company specializing in development & construction management services. Our primary line of business since 2009 has been providing construction and design-build services for interior build out and ground up new construction projects. In January 2014 we started our development division to assist a client of ours with the development and construction of a $40 million medical facility. We pride ourselves with maintaining a wide arrangement of experience in the construction of restaurant, bar & grill, retail shell, fast food franchise, hospitality, apartment, senior living, childcare facility, student housing, medical & dental facilities, and office projects throughout the DFW metroplex. Our founder, Bryan Brady, has over 20 years experience in the real estate development and construction industries. Mr. Brady served a total of eight years in the United State Marine Corps after which he was Honorably Discharged in 1995 as a disabled veteran. Mr. Brady started his real estate career working for well-known national general contractors for office, medical, apartment and senior living projects throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as other areas throughout Texas. Mr. Brady has overseen the construction and development of over 100 projects with a combined asset value of nearly $500 million. Mr. Brady’s career continued with providing construction management, real estate advisory and development management services while working for national and international construction consulting and development firms. The clients for whom Mr. Brady had engaged his services over the years have included, but are not limited to: DC Limits, Billy Bob Barnett, Watermark, Lehman Brothers, TriMont Realty Advisors, Bank of America, AIG, French Quarter Hospitality, Harvest Partners, HSB Professional Loss Control, HVS International, PM Realty and a multitude of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Mr. Brady’s various job roles throughout his career have included Project Manager, Project Executive, Development Manager, Senior Consultant, Vice President of Construction & Development, CFO and COO. Mr. Brady first attended the University of Oklahoma, School of Architecture for Bachelor’s Degree in architecture, then later completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Mr. Brady continued his educational pursuits with the completion of a Maters of Business Administration degree with an emphasis in Finance & Accounting.

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Our Philosophy At Cal Blu our philosophy is to provide an atmosphere of trust by building relationships with our clients to better understand and meet their needs. It is our goal to provide the highest quality of customer service while working closely with our clients. We strive to maintain honesty and integrity in all that we do, all with an understanding that we are held to a higher accountability.

Our Culture Cal Blu promotes a culture of excellence in every phase of our clients' new construction and renovation projects. We provide high-quality finished products in a working and business environment that places a high value and priority on honesty, safety and a steadfast commitment to provide our very best work for each and every client. No matter what your project may be, our team of experienced contractors will get it done quickly, efficiently and with closed attention to your budget.

Our Mission No matter what our role is for your project, as a team of professionals, Cal Blu strives to provide excellence in all that we do, while upholding honesty, safety, and commitments to our clients.

Our Subcontractors Cal Blu seeks the most competitive and qualified local and national subcontractors, suppliers and vendors with the operational and financial capacity to successfully perform on each project, and work with them to build projects that are successful for all parties involved.

Our Insurance, Safety & Risk Management Cal Blu fully recognizes the importance of safety. Safety is a value, not a priority that changes with time. Our zero/zero safety culture: zero tolerance for violations and zero incidents on jobsites, is ingrained in all our team members. We have high internal standards and expect our clients, project partners, subcontractors and vendors to share this same important value. CAL BLU recognizes that there are no shortcuts when it comes to ensuring safety. Continuing education and training, experienced supervision, and a company culture dedicated to the proper execution of all procedures are all essential to the process. CAL BLU is also committed to making sure all elements of risk mitigation are in place before work commences at a project site. Commercial auto, workman’s compensation and general liability insurance is carried and held current for all personnel on every project.

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What We Do The types of clients we serve include privately owned companies, large publicly traded corporations, franchise corporations, law firms, banks, insurance companies, asset management firms, developers and investment groups. Our construction division specializes in the following areas:     

New Construction / Ground-ups Commercial & Multifamily Renovations Tenant Construction & Interior Fit-ups Interior Design & Space Planning Architectural & Engineering Design Services

Our development and consulting division specializes in the following areas:        

Retail Developments Office Developments Restaurant Developments Mixed-use Developments Medical Developments Construction Management Services Development Management Services Real Estate Advisory Services

RETAIL, RESTAURANT & OFFICE CAL BLU provides construction services for individual retail stores and restaurants as well as large-scale retail shopping centers. We have the ability to work with our clients in the preconstruction phase to develop all the final design details from special finishes, fixtures, and lighting. Our clients have the ability to approach us with their concept and they can work with our design team to develop their plan designs.

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MEDICAL & DENTAL Cal Blu provides construction services for medical & dental complexes as well as individual physician's offices, eye centers and dental offices. We understand the specific details when it comes to special code requirements and inspections required in building healthcare facilities.

MULTIFAMILY, STUDENT HOUSING & HOSPITALITY Cal Blu specializes in multi-family residential construction; including new construction, major renovations and adaptive reuse for both the condominium and apartment rental markets. We have a vast amount of experience in the application of diverse technologies and the interaction and coordination of various entities within these types of developments. We understand it is an intensive process that requires constant attention to details, schedule and budget management in order to achieve complete success.

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DEVELOPMENT, CONSULTING & CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT Cal Blu works with architectural firms, realtors, investment groups and developers to provide them with predevelopment, preconstruction, program management, design management and construction management services.

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QUALITY CONTROL PROCESS CAL BLU’s quality control culture begins immediately when a new employee is hired, irrespective of their position. Each individual undergoes an orientation and training process with a current experienced employee, to ensure awareness of all company procedures, policies and high standards. This culture is consistently passed along to the entire staff. CAL BLU knows and understands that to be successful in this industry, its performance and quality of workmanship are the key criteria measured. The senior management team is firmly committed to constantly improving the company’s ability to provide a first class service to each of its clients. Additionally, as part of the company’s ongoing project-specific quality control program, CAL BLU equips all of its field superintendents with technology items including cameras, smartphones, and internet-connected laptop computers. This facilitates the senior management team’s ability to assist in real-time with any issue that may occur, by providing the right guidance and supplementing decision-making ability to achieve a client’s best interests. All projects are inspected by an independent quality control team throughout the project lifecycle, and monitored carefully to make sure quality of workmanship meets CAL BLUs rigorous standards. Should a subcontractor ever fail to carry out their scope of work to those standards, they are counseled and their work will be corrected. If the subcontractor does not comply with those standards, they will be removed from the company’s database and no longer considered for future engagements.

PROJECT DOCUMENTATION PROCESS CAL BLU follows a strict protocol of standardized general contracting practices for developing and providing project documentation, budgets and reports. Project documentation and budgets are derived initially from a client’s request for bid, along with any subcontractor bids and an initial statement of values (SOV). Once a contract is awarded by a client, we re-verify and cross-reference all relevant information against the SOV for accuracy, and generate the initial timeline and budget. The project is then given an internal project number and set up in our Timberline software system using the initial SOV and executed contract copy. The pertinent information input into our system includes: client name and address, project name and address, client project number, client project manager, architect name and address, and an SOV which is individually cost coded. Once work commences, the Superintendent provides a daily report along with photos from the job. Any unforeseen site conditions that exist will be addressed immediately by the CAL BLU Project Manager and the owner’s representative. The Project Manager reviews daily reports and safety reports, along with subcontractor sign-in sheet tracking for all subcontractors on site; they additionally oversee the execution of the schedule. From the superintendent’s daily reports, the Project Manager prepares a weekly job progress report which includes photos, a change order log, an RFI log and an updated schedule. It is CAL BLU’s policy to provide its clients with the appropriate project closeout documents at the time of turn over. Included in this package will be warranty letters not only from CAL BLU itself, but each primary subcontractor that was under contract with the company. In addition to the warranty letters, the necessary O&M manuals and As-Built drawings are included. We provide these documents for both the Client as well as the Property Owner for any warranty issues that may occur. Final billing submittals are then processed, along with any additional close out information, within 30 days of project completion.

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