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love and not love / winter 2017 / issue 03


love and not love / winter 2017 / issue 03 CONTRIBUTING EDITORS


Peyton Koch Sophia Deahl Bryce Okazaki Anthony Fucarino Foster Zinn Kayla Wolins Willa Dorgan Lulu Geller Anna Fucarino Kole Hicks Jesse Myers

Mission Statement

Kokopelli, to southwestern Native Americans, is a symbol of fertility, trade, and storytelling. In apperance and meaning, no two Kokopello are the same. The frequent variation of his form is a language of traditional symbols give him another connotation: CREATIVITY The purpose of Kokopelli is to present to the Colorado Academy community a selection of writing, studio art, and images both moving and still in an artistically design and prefessional publication. Because the magazine is a forum for artistic expression, the staff must be selective with regard to the artistic merit of the work included. Sutdents run all aspects of the pulication in a collaborative affort led by the editors.

CONTENTS/ Kokopelli Issue 3













Gwylym Cano Peyton Koch

Bryce Okazaki

Peyton Koch & Sophia Deahl

Adam Dorsheimer

Sophie Berger











Kole Hicks

Peyton Koch misc photographers

misc submissions



by Gwylym Cano there should be one hundred words for love just as the peoples who have lived in snow so long have so many words for snow. love can be cold. difficult to walk on. slushy. mushy. it will trick you. betray. it can fall so silently on you that it mystifies-soon everything is quiet a blanket under which even the cold streets of your city are warmed. clean. it can also sting. invariably, it melts. often, then, it smells. and each particle is different and you know no two are the same, so never fear, lovely people, love comes again.

Letter from the Editor There are two types of people in the world. The ones who hate Valentine’s Day, and the ones who love it; the ones who are single on Valentine’s Day and the ones who are not. Despite what category you fall under, we all share one common similarity: the ability to feel love. Whether you’ve been in love, are in love, or never have loved, we all experience love sometime in our lifetime. If you have been in love, more than likely, you have also have had your heart broken. But, as a wise artist once said, “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Though, this is easier said than done. Around this time of year, roses and teddy bears begin to fill the groc ery store aisle, hallmark cards are displayed in the glass windows, and restaurant reservations have been booked out for 4 months. People prepare for the day of love to celebrate with those they cherish. Even when we were little, we spent those extra minutes to make one valentine more special than the others for our crush. But unfortunately, as the little third grader will soon learn too, we may not receive a special Valentines back. This pattern will continue throughout our lives: though we love, it may not be reciprocated. Like loving, heartbreak is something we all go through. Yet, do we ever truly understand each other’s pain? No, because each heartbreak is different, and each love is different. But a gift we all get to experience; both the good and the bad. So as we go through yet another year of Valentines day, it is important to highlight both sides of the spectrum. In this issue we have created a Valentines for all: the single people, the people in a relationship, the people who hate the holiday, and the people who love it. This is our love and love to hate edition. <3

Oldies Romance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

I’ll Have To Say I Love You In A Song Jim Croce Just the Way You Are Billy Joel

Wonderful Tonight

Eric Clapton Bridge over Troubled Water - Live Paul Simon

You’ll Be In My Heart Phil Collins Crazy Love Van Morrison

How Can I Tell You Cat Stevens Stand By Me Otis Redding


Elvis Costello You Make Loving Fun Fleetwood Mac

Build Me Up Buttercup The Foundations

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

I Want You

Bob Dylan P.S. I Love You The Beatles

Your Song

Elton John Take On Me a-ha

Brown Eyed Girl Van Morrison Lay, Lady, Lay Bob Dylan

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Go Breaking My Heart Elton John, Kiki Dee My Girl The Temptations

How Sweet It Is [To Be Loved By You] James Taylor Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd

Girl from the North Country Bob Dylan, Jonny Cash

Tiny Dancer


Relationships are

We asked the schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s favorite couples questions about their signific 1. How long have you been dating? 2. What is their favorite color? 3. Wh out, what drink do they order? Here is how they answered. Incorrect answered are crossed out and correct answers are BOLD Avery Niles


Erin McCoy

Tyler McCoy


Nellie Turnage

Bryce Okazaki


1. Two years 2. Green 3. Witchita 4. American Horror Story 5. Water

1. One year six months 2. Blue 3. Denver 4. The Bachelor 5. Root Beer

1. One year and three months 2. Purple/Pink 3. Denver 4. Hellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Kitchen 5. Dr. Pepper w/ cherries

1. Two years 2. Orange 3. Malibu 4. SNL 5. Root Beer

1. One year six months 2. Green 3. Denver 4. Narcos Altanta 5. Coke Water

Jill Murphy

1. One year and three months 2. Forest Green 3. Denver 4. Sherlock 5. Dr. Pepper w/ cherries


cant other. The questions were: here were they born? 4. What is their favorite TV show? 5. When you go Jack Cahill


Parker Dawson


Connor Brooke


1. Six Months 2. Periwinkle 3. Denver 4. Parks and Rec The Office 5. Dr. Pepper Chocolate Milk

1. Five months 2. Blue 3. Denver 4. How I Met Your Mother 5. Water Kumbucha

1. ~ Four months 2. Nantucket Blue 3. Denver 4. Sherlock Teen Wolf 5. Starbucks Hot Chai Tea Root Beer

Amelia Lochhead

1. Six Months 2. Dark Green 3. Denver 4. Adventure Time/Rick and Morty 5. Coke Dr. Pepper

Morgan Weeks

1. Five months 2. Blue 3. Denver 4. Serious of Unfortunate Events Entourage 5. Chocolate Milk Lemonade

Catie Groves

1. ~ Four months 2. Blue 3. Indiana 4. The Walking Dead Friends 5. Water Arnold Palmer

What Happened on Valetines’s Day by Adam Dorsheimer

What Happened on Valentine’s Day Listen — I’m only telling you this because I need to get it off my chest. The story goes like this: Megan loved coffee. In fact, she loved coffee so much that she had devised a schedule in which she and I would meet to drink coffee together twice a month. This had been going on since we went off to college. Megan and I had been close friends for as long as I can remember; we went to school together, we lived in the same neighborhood, and we were always hanging out. This whole thing began during the week when our classes started, and we were both adjusting to our new situations. We both picked in-stateschools, which is good, but we were still super far apart — probably the farthest away that we’ve ever been from each other. Anyway, she called me up. It was late; I assumed she’d been drinking. She ranted for about a half an hour and I was trying not to fall asleep but basically, she missed me and she wanted to see me. So she came up with the idea for our bimonthly coffee meetings. She found a café at the perfect halfway point between our schools; it was like a ten minute walk for her, and only an hour and a half drive for me. My gas bill was already through the roof and I’ve never liked coffee so I wasn’t a huge fan of this idea at first, but then I met River. Megan told me that her real name is Jennifer, but she goes by River. They’re pretty much polar opposites, those two: River is blonde and Megan is brunette. River is tall and Megan is short. River goes on spiritual journeys and annually attends Burning Man and Megan watches Doctor Who and starts fights with people on Reddit. If I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t really into that hippie nonsense, but River was something else, so I was able to put up with it. Megan, on the other hand, was not able to put up with it. Those two didn’t get along. River worked at the café where we would go. It was just your standard, run-of-the-mill Starbucks-wannabe, nothing fancy. It was a fairly ordinary

place, and its only distinguishing feature was its excessive eco-friendliness. The entire front was made of glass, like a giant window, probably to allow for natural light to come in. It also had multiple solar panels on the roof, which I only know through conversing with River. She was really into that whole “save the environment” thing. We had a connection from the minute we met. She would tell me about spirituality and Burning Man and I would pretend that I also liked those things. We started to meet twice a month as well, but we’d meet an hour before Megan arrived so she wouldn’t find out. Like I said, those two really didn’t get along. Everything was going great until one Tuesday in February. It was Valentine’s Day, and I decided that I wanted to take my friendship with River to the next level. Of course, I was still supposed to meet Megan later that day, so I had to keep the conversation relatively short. Before I entered the café, I glanced at each of the tables to see if Megan had arrived early. Luckily, she had not. So I went in. It took River a few minutes before she could take a break, but when I finally got to see her up close, I found myself at a loss for words. She was breathtaking. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail, and loose strands of hair kept dancing across her perfect skin. Even in her work uniform, with the dirty apron and all, she was gorgeous. If I’m being totally honest, I don’t remember anything we talked about. I just couldn’t focus. She was always beautiful, of course, but that day she seemed especially so. What I do remember, however, was how it ended: with a kiss. It was wonderful, magical, and a whole slew of other adjectives that could be used to describe such an event, and it was only after she’d gone that I remembered Megan. It was twenty minutes after the time when we had agreed to meet. She’d been late before though, so I wasn’t too concerned. I decided to wait outside, to look like I’d just arrived. Upon exiting the café, something caught my attention. Next to my car was a bundle of flowers lying on the ground. I walked over and picked them up. It was a bouquet of crumpled roses. The petals were dangling in peculiar ways and the stems were all bent around

the middle, like somebody broke them over their knee. Then, I noticed a card. It was just a standard Valentine’s Day card, with cartoon characters and hearts and everything. I opened it out of curiosity, took one look at Megan’s familiar, scrawly handwriting inside and closed it. Finally, I looked up, and noticed that at this angle, through the large glass window, I could see everything that was happening in the restaurant. River and I went out for a little while, but she ended up cheating on me with some guy from Burning Man. It’s July now, and Megan still won’t return my calls. I obviously feel terrible. I wouldn’t be telling you this if I didn’t. We’d been friends forever, and she could’ve confessed her feelings for me at any moment, but she chose that day. It’s crazy to think about. The funny thing is, I don’t even like coffee. None of this would’ve happened if we’d just met at a pizza place.


by Sophie Berger At 5 he gave her a pack of candy hearts even though they couldn’t read but they giggled like every word was the funniest thing in the world At 8 he scrawled her name onto a red paper heart and handed it to her while looking longingly at his shoes. At 11 he gave her a Hershey bar because he knew it was her favorite and she split it with him because she knew it was his favorite too. At 14 he made her a card detailing all their inside jokes that made her smile until her cheeks cramped up.

At 16 he gave her a rose and told her he loved her She can’t remember if she said it back At 17 he promised her forever even though he knew he couldn’t deliver At 18 he told her to run away with him. She told him she couldn’t. They didn’t speak for a month. At 18 she asked him what they would do once they went to difference colleges. Neither of them knew. At 18 she grew distant and didn’t see him like she used to. It felt like forever. At 18 she got drunk and made poor decisions. He got drunk and made poor decisions. They had to agree that two wrongs never make a right. At 18 they wondered where everything went wrong. What happened to them? At 18 they gave each other heartbreak like never before. They don’t speak for a year. At 19 they each found someone new. She’s happy for him. He’s happy for her. They try to move on and forget the mess they made.

Breakup Playlist 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Hurt Yourself Beyonce Fake Love Drake

Love Will Tear Us Apart Joy Division F**k You CeeLo Green

99 Problems

Jay Z Cry Me a River Justin Timberlake


Tyler, the Creator Protect Ya Neck Wu-Tang Clan

Why Brother?

Weezer Nothing Ever Happened Deerhunter

Spider In The Snow

The Dismemberment Plan

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Love The Way You Lie Enimnem feat. Rihanna Burn Usher


Childish Gambino Since U Been Gone Kelly Clarkson

Make Me (Cry)

Noah Cyrus, Labrinth Unsteady X Ambassadors


The Chainsmokers Swim Good Frank Ocean

Somebody That I Used To Know Gotye, Kimbra I Cry Flo Rida


Maroon 5, Wiz Khalifa


Kanye West Thin Line - feat. Buffalo Madonna Macklemore & Ryan Lewis TO LISTEN TO THIS PLAYLIST CHECK IT OUT ON SPOTIFY

What is your definition of love? Answers from across the world

United States of America Love is when.... you have pain and sadness, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not good. you can be who you are and still be happy. you want someone. you have a symbiotic relationship, where you would do anything for the other peson. Have you been in love? yes. no. no. yes. no. no. yes. no. no. yes. no. no.

Have you had your hear broken? yes. yes. no. yes. no. no. yes. no. no. yes. no. no.

Turkey Love is when.... you have a strong feeling of liking. you have affection. you are in a trap. Have you been in love? yes. yes. no. no. no.

Have you had your heart broken? yes. yes. yes. no. no.

Argentina Love is when.... you have companionship. you support each other. you trust each other. you put the other first. you have confidence in the other person. you love their flaws. Have you been in love? yes. yes. yes.

Have you had your heart broken? yes. yes. yes.

Willa Dorgan

Willa Dorgan

Jillian Murphy

Story Wolf-Tinsman

Sophia Deahl

Gabe Berstein

Paul Augustus

Lisa Todd

Cathy Nabbefeld

Kimberly Jans

Plaid It wasn’t you I loved, but sometimes my shoulders feel cold, and my choices come with a price. It wasn’t you I loved, but after the movie, when I was unsure, you called and I knew right then, “it was nice!” All the same, It wasn’t you I loved, so why does imagining you with her feel like the screeching scrape of razor against glass, paint stubbornly clinging tight? It wasn’t you I loved, so why did what I now regret, in the moment feel so right? The plaid shirts you wear are ingrained in my brain, many nights I’ve lain awake, trying to explain why it wasn’t you I loved, to my own dismay, and while my head rests on your shoulder, I feel us drifting away. From kisses that didn’t happen, damn it, to breaking up on Sunday, even if it wasn’t you I loved, why do I feel this way? Each time I knew that I should leave, when I imagine it, I stay.

Kokopelli issue 3  

love and not love

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