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Leash the Possibilities...

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exciting in-home pet care service. This brochure is your our corner of the pet care industry. Sit, stay, have a cookie. We think you’re in for a .

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waggin’ tails since 1996!

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Out-U-Go!® Yet

at its essence, this is a serious business and a seriously good opportunity. Here’s why! Proven track record . . . serving pets and their people since 1996 A huge and rapidly growing pet industry Most professional, sophisticated pet sitting service in the country Simplified, tested, operating systems, customized software, and a comprehensive operations manual Powerful, functional and fun web presence Outstanding services to enrich clients’ and pets’ lives Modest initial investment in a turn key operation with great start up assistance. Dog Walk University, our patented training system to create awesome pet care professionals Socially responsible, environmentally aware franchisor Awesome marketing ideas and concepts ready to go from day one Fun and furry industry filled w/ four legged co-workers

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Concept Overview

Out-U-Go! began providing in-home pet care in 1996

in Oak Park, IL, when in-home care was just a fledgling industry. Responding to the changing American culture and desire for professional care for their pets in the safety, convenience, and comfort of their own homes, Out-U-Go! offered daily walks for dogs while their people were at work and vacation care for dogs, cats, and critters while their people were out of town.

You had me at “out”

By combining amazing care for pets Pets Live in 63% of American Households with excellent customer service for people, and a fun, positive

outlook on pets and business, Out-U-Go! quickly grew from its humble beginnings to being one of the premier in-home pet care services in the country. Today, as the need for professional in-home pet care continues to grow. Out-UGo! now offers franchises supported with the knowledge and systems we have created and developed through the many years of being out there and doing it.

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Pets Live in 63% of American Households according to XXX. The result is one of the most thriving industries in the US economy. American spent $42 billion on their pets in 2006, up from $17 billion in 1994. That means the American pet industry is bigger than the film industry, on line music, and gaming combined. And that number is expected to continue increasing. (can be in a footnote??according to the New York Times and Business Weekly.)

Something totally Awesome about that graph...

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enefits of being p It makes sense to work in a pack —especially ours. Here’s why! Experience We’ve been in this industry since 1996 and ap-

proach franchising as long-time business owners and operators. With hundreds of thousands pet care visits under our leashes, we know what works and we can teach you how to do it, too.

Professionalism In an industry largely dominated by

small independent pet sitters, Out-U-Go! brings a professional business model with sophisticated operational, marketing, and software systems. This allows us to offer pets and pet parents a superior level of pet care compared to our competitors. Fun, Positive Outlook Although we are an industry leader with professional flair, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that pets are fun. We’re always looking to bring a level of play to everything we do. Variety of Services Because the needs of pet owners are as varied as the pets themselves, we offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to each household: Daily Dog Walks, Vacation Care, Kitty Care, Critter Care, and Housesitting. As an Out-U-Go! franchisee, you’ll offer these same amazing services in your market. Proven Systems and Technology We have been developing our systems since 1996 so that you don’t have to. With hundreds of thousands of pet care visits under our leashes, we know what works and what doesn’t. We have streamlined our billing systems to allow you to bill clients automatically, easily, and efficiently for improved cash flow. We have easy to use, efficient phones and email systems and our own proprietary software this allows us to spend our time delivering great pet care, instead of on inefficient technology.

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part of Out-U-Go! Website Our web presence at is fun, attractive and innovative—a

welcoming front door designed to attract new clients with high functionality to satisfy current clients. Dog Walk U DWU the Ivy League of pet care, is our patented system for training pet care providers. This system combined with time-tested hiring and staffing strategies creates a top-notch staff! High Value with a Low Investment You can be part of a fast-growing industry with only a modest investment. We offer large protected territories based on population as well as multiple revenue streams from different services that balance seasonal needs in a recession-resistant industry. Social Responsibility We know it’s not enough to just make a difference in our clients’ lives, so Out-U-Go!® has local and national community programs to promote a sustainable, healthy world for all pets and people.

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Full Franchis arf arf. Franchising offers the opportunity to own your own business with ex-

perience already built-in if you partner with a franchisor dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to make the most of your business. Out-U-Go! is that kind of franchisor, offering you initial and ongoing support to drool over.

Training Extensive training at corporate headquarters plus certification from Dog Walk U gives you the tools you’ll need to be your own Top Dog. Top level management and Dog Walk U professors will be there for all franchisees during training. Operations Manual Our awesome Operations Manual covers daily procedures, quality control, invoicing procedures, and human resources. Questions about hiring superstrength staff? Concerns about managing payroll? Not to worry—it’s all spelled out in the manual!

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purrrrrr .se Support Start-Up Assistance

On-site start-up assistance gives you the guidance you need to launch your business. At least one Out-U-Go! representative will spend up to three days assisting you during your opening.


Ongoing support via email and phone from our highly experienced top-level management team, plus periodic visits to your location means you’re never alone.


Continuous marketing assistance with regular discussions about programs that can be effective in your territory and hundreds of marketing ideas that we continually test and refine. We are always there to help you get the word out.


Assistance with key suppliers gives you everything you’ll need. From apparel, printed materials, and computer equipment to pet-related merchandise, and more, we’ll be there to help you find it and get it.


Constant Innovation. This industry moves pretty fast, so we’re always working to improve our services and systems.

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Out-U-Go! offers convenient, affordable, and reliable in-home pet care. With services tailor-made to each pet and a fully trained, top-notch staff, we are the best at what we do. And while Out-U-Go! is all about having fun and being dedicated to the creatures we love, it’s also an exceptional business opportunity!

Is Out-U-Go! for you? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you love pets of all sizes, shapes, and levels of furriness? Do you enjoy working with people? Do you want to commit yourself full time to building a large and successful business? Would you like to make people’s lives with their pets more rewarding? Are you driven to succeed? Do you want to be part of an industry leader in a fast growing industry? Do you want to be part of something awesome?

Let’s Meet & Greet

If you’re seriously interested and would like more information about Out-U-Go!, please fill out the enclosed request for consideration form. An Out-U-Go! representative will contact you for a preliminary phone Meet Greet to get to know you and answer all of your quesions.

A bow WOW opportunity. Out-U-Go! Franchising, LLC.

Attn: David Lipschultz, Top Dog 6643 North Avenue, Oak Park, IL 60302 Phone: 877-2-OUT-U-GO 877-268-8846 Email: This advertisement is not an offering. An offering can only be made by a prospectus filed first with appropriate agencies of the respective filing states. Such filing does not constitute approval by such agencies.


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