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Dandy Mall Wishes You a Happy 2012!

Free Publication. Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya.


Editor’s Note Dear Readers, Finally 2012 has graced our calendars! It has been long awaited, especially after a rough predecessor. It’s that time of year again when we get a boost of optimism, feel the relief of a fresh new start, and start planning our new goals for the upcoming twelve months. I am personally excited about this year, and perhaps about January in particular since it is my first month as the Managing Editor of Cairo West Magazine. Am I just a lucky person to start off the year on the right foot? The Cairo West Magazine team has made it a personal mission to fill this issue with articles and interviews intended to give you the boost needed to face the new year. Facelifts for your home that don’t break the bank, time management techniques, new dishes from around the globe to entice your taste buds, a wonderful collection of inspirational quotes and much more is awaiting you on the pages of this issue. May this year bring us all peace, love, harmony, prosperity and success, and may we see Egypt rejoicing with freedom, power, and tolerance.

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Happy New Year!

Iman Khattab


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A Day with the Residents of Palm Hills

“Although I have a Canadian passport, and Madiha has an American passport, but we are not runners! Leaving is not in our plan!”

Rising above the city by Iman Khattab

As a continuation of our days with the residents of the West Side community; we set off this month to spend the day with the residents of Palm Hills, that peaceful compound nestled on a hill overlooking 6th of October City. Cairo West Magazine had the pleasure of meeting the residents of three different homes who told us how moving here changed their lives and what makes Palm Hills different than anywhere else.

Mohamed Gabr & Madiha Mansour

Mohamed Helmy & Dunia Anabtawi This charming family moved from Zamalek to Palm Hills in 2005 and were among the first ten houses to be occupied in the compound. “Getting to know the neighbors was very easy when we first moved, since there were only a few of us,” says Madiha. They chose Palm Hills as they had already bought the house years earlier as an investment, and as Zamalek was getting too crowded they thought why not make use of what they already have. “I was in shock when I first moved here. I was used to the noise and traffic, and living here felt more like camping,” says Mohamed laughingly.

Mohamed Helmy & Du nia Anabtawi

They have 3 children, a girl and two boys 24, 14, and 4 respectively. On raising their children in such a confined community, Gabr believes it’s like living in a bubble; everything is too easy and does not give them a reality check of how the real world functions. As parents they try to make up for that by travelling to the desert a lot, which puts their children back in touch with nature and the concepts of depending on one’s self and not having everything served on a silver plate. Privacy is always one of the highlights of




living in such a compound, yet Madiha has developed some concerns. “Recently, the compound has been hosting too many loud events which defy the privacy we previously enjoyed in Palm Hills. I would rather they focus on sports and events for kids,” she pointed out. On their vision for Egypt in the next few years, Gabr had a very patriotic approach. “Although I have a Canadian passport, and Madiha has an American passport,

but we are not runners! Leaving is nott in our plan!” he proudly confirmed. In his opinion Egypt’s situation now is vague and changes every few days, even businesses are affected by whoever gives a speech on tv. But he is now securing a new online business to sell audio equipment manufactured by the two factories he owns, so he can secure a steady income for his family without leaving the country, no matter how the circumstances turn out.


“My wife and my daughters, who are my world, will feel no effect besides that of awe and pride when they see how their country is establishing a democracy and unity that has been long awaited for.”

Tamer Hagras & Miral Nada Movie Star and Owner of Curves Women’s Fitness Center in Palm Hills This wonderful family of four, the couple and their two daughters, moved from Maadi to Palm Hills back in 2006. “We wanted a house with a garden, not an apartment, and we were choosing between 6th of October and Kattameya. But we decided to go for Palm Hills, since we could get a bigger house with the same budget and it was already an established community,” said Miral. The house took them around three years to complete, and was designed by Mona Hussein, who made sure it captured their spirit. Walking into their house, I could actually tell they had put their minds and souls into it. When they first moved in, the couple did not know any of their neighbors. “My neighbor actually approached me, was very friendly, and through her I met others. We got closer, and we finally opened the Curves health and fitness center here together,” said Miral. Regarding their two wonderful daughters, Miral and Tamer are obviously very proud parents. The lives of their girls have become quite selfsufficient since moving to Palm Hills, since everything they need is either in the compound or in the neighborhood. On their expectations for Egypt in the upcoming phase Tamer says he is completely optimistic about the future and



believes that whatever the outcome of the elections might be, it’s a step forward for his beloved country. “Egyptians are emotional people who believe in themselves and would never taint their identity or tarnish their pride or place an obstacle in the way of gaining true freedom,” he confirms. Miral also said she wants to remain optimistic as she

d ’t wants her girls to grow up here. “II don’t want them to miss out on the opportunity to live in one of the best countries in the world,” she said quite emotionally, just to be reassured by her husband who added “my wife and my daughters, who are my world, will feel no effect besides that of awe and pride when they see how their country is establishing a democracy and unity that has been long awaited for.”


Mirror by Dalia El Sadany

Dalia El Sadany Red Chair by Dalia El Sadany

Small Items that Make a Big Difference Three top notch designers tell us how by Francesca Sullivan

January signals new beginnings, and many of us looking around our homes feel the urge to freshen things up with a new look. It is not always necessary to invest in new furniture or redecorate from scratch in order to change the feel and mood of a room. Cairo West Magazine asked three top interior designers to give us their advice on making changes that will give us a sense of renewal without heavy spending. Many of their suggestions were similar, proving that these tried and tested methods have time and again achieved the required effect. 10 11

First of all, rearranging the layout of the room can be a refreshing change. De-clutter by removing some items, either furniture or accessories that are looking tired. Creating space can sometimes give more of a lift than filling it. If you cannot afford to change the furniture upholstery, give it a different look with new colorful cushions or even just throws. An ethnic twist is stylish right now, easy to achieve with a couple of throws and some matching accessories: vases, side lamps, or ornaments. In the dining room try going for a ‘shabby chic’ look with slipover covers for the chairs and a new centre piece for the dining table. Replace old accessories on the sideboard with new; candle holders, bowls and so on. If you have a little more money to spend consider papering one wall or re-painting it a new color. Picture frames and mirrors can help freshen up a room, also paintings. If you cannot afford to buy original art – cheat! I once achieved a great look for a client by downloading the image of a painting, having it enlarged, printed and framed – it looked great. In the bathroom try introducing plants. A bamboo plant is perfect. If your budget allows, replace the shower curtain with a glass partition; this will make a big difference. Change the towels and bath mats to coordinate with the wall color. In the kitchen try changing the unit handles for an instant new look, and invest in a roller blind for the window. The latest leather blinds from France are very in right now, and inexpensive. Hand painting on furniture is definitely something to consider, for a fresh new look. If you are not confident enough to create your own designs you can buy ready- made stencil packs. Never underestimate lighting as the source of mood change in a room. By rearranging the lighting, brightening some areas and making others dimmer; changing existing light fittings or introducing new ones, you can very successfully play around with the feeling of each space and create the change you are looking for.

Designed by Dalia El Sadany CAIROWESTMAG.COM

Sunny Maher Ali First of all, get rid of anything in the room that hasn’t been used for the last six months. Color is the key, beginning by changing the color of one wall; don’t be afraid to use a daring shade. You can then take this as a base to match different items in the room, such as sofa cushions in the living room, a tablecloth in the dining room, bed cushions and bed cover in a bedroom. You can also use tablecloths in toning shades to completely cover side tables. Buying new curtains creates an obvious change, but If you don’t want to spend this kind of money, try dressing them up. You can find or buy plastic buttons in different colors, shapes and sizes and attach them to the curtains in a random fashion – or do the same using butterflies or flowers, matching the wall color. Buy accessories such as plant pots in a matching shade to the wall. New plants are also important! Try livening up an empty wall space with two or three shelves, then filling them with books and small objects.

by Yasmine El Narsh

by Sunny Maher Ali

by Yasmine El Narsh

Yasmine El Narsh Choose one wall in the room as the focal point. You can then either paper it with stylish wallpaper or paint it a different color. In either case don’t be afraid to be dramatic – even eccentric! Make sure though that you choose colors that go in harmony with the furniture already in the room. The second effective way to give a new flavour to the room is to play with fabrics. Choose a ‘family’ of fabrics that go together in harmonious combinations, varying between plain, striped and floral designs, as well as different textures. These can then be added to the room in different ways, with cushions, throws, table cloths and so on. You will be surprised what a different and more interesting feel you can lend the room just with these changes, and without much expenditure. 16 12 13 17


Get Inspired Inspirational quotes and resolutions for 2012 Experience & Mistakes

Faith & Believing

comes from bad judgment” - Will Rogers

bigger than your faith.” - Mary Manin Morrissey

have time to make them all yourself.” - Alfred Sheinwold

brother.” - Kahlil Gibran


handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.” - Author Unknown reason to believe.” – Voltaire

lived.” - Henry David Thoreau - D. Elton Trueblood

Inner Peace Go within, there you will find your treasure.” – Author Unknown

New Beginnings end.” - Seneca

thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment” - Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.” - Steve Jobs

the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”- Albert Einstein to remake the world - that is the myth of the ‘atomic age’ - as in being able to remake ourselves.”- Gandhi we crave most in life - happiness, freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else.” - Peyton Conway March

Tolerance & Patience

start today and make a new ending.” – Maria Robinson person who gets out of the shower, dries off, and does something about it that makes a difference.” - Nolan Bushnell

Following Dreams for every dream precedes the goal.” - Pamela Vaull Starr

library with Plato, and more time in the buses with people.” - Simeon Strunsky

up.” - Paul Valery – James Dean

With the promise of every New Year we start sketching out our plans for the upcoming months. We’re more optimistic, excited, and determined. Cairo West Magazine reached out to its readers and collected some wonderful inspirational quotes and resolutions from them. They are truly motivating words to live by in the following twelve months. Happy New Year!

14 15

explained itself if you had only stopped interrupting.” Robert Brault can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.” – Dalai Lama – Dalai Lama “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” - Saint Augustine

in helping you achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity; but the dreamers of day are dangerous men, for they act their dream with eyes wide open and make it possible.” - Lawrence of Arabia


Cairo West Magazine readers dropped us lines with their new year’s resolutions! What’s yours? “To work together to make Egypt bright within the frame of freedom, honesty and respect between all.” M.O. (Sheikh Zayed)

“Spending more time with my son and getting a promotion at work” A.K. (Karma)

“Deciding to want to quit smoking! That’s even harder than quitting itself!” Reham Zahed.

“To lose all the weight I packed on in 2011, and if I’m lucky enough to hit the gym as well” Omneya Wassef.

16 17

“The world desperately needs authentic and inspirational leaders.” K.O

“Spreading high feminine vibes to mama planet.” E.S. (City View).

“Learning to control my temper and being more diplomatic” I.K. (Hadayek El Haram).

“To coach as many teams in Cairo as I can.” Julie –ann.

“To clear all of my junk!” Marilyn (City View)

“Being more politically educated and educating others around me. We don’t want to be politically ignorant again.”Emad El Akkad.

“Don’t worry about tomorrow, live for the moment.” J.P. (Hay El Ashgar).

“To pay off all my debts.” N.B. (Dreamland).

farewell 2011. It was such a bad year to all of us (besides the revolution) but the best thing that happened to me in it is giving birth to my newborn son Zain. My new year’s resolution is to have more hope, succeed in my business, travel to a new place, and last but not least visit more orphanages!” Aya Saleh.


Embracing the Unforgiving Minute Your easy guide to goal setting and time management by Hilary Diack

Identify your personal goals: Another year has gone by highlighted by its successes and achievements, as well as the not-so-shining moments when wellintentioned plans took a wrong turn. Around this time of year we suddenly realise the year is drawing to a close and we wonder, “where did the past year go?� Some of us have bravely drawn up a list of resolutions for 2012, and more importantly, have set goals to work towards. The key to turning said goals into a reality is by making the most of every irreplaceable second.

18 19

Whether you want to want to enrich your relationships, take a step up the career ladder, learn and develop new skills, or explore the globe, your goals should be something that you feel a passion for. you set yourself up for a fall it will bruise your self-esteem, making it more difficult to achieve your aim.

Ask yourself these simple questions: the routine tasks of each day? backlog of paperwork? disorganized?

save you heartache if you do your homework. give you the sense of achievement to fuel the next move. you as an integral part of your plans. It will be more fulfilling, and you will probably get some emotional and practical support into the bargain. Armed with a game plan, look at how you use your time. There are so many ways you can streamline your daily routine, those extra hours will make all the difference.

If you give a resounding yes to most of these you probably need to try these simple steps to get your life under control.


Do storage solutions where you have a place for everything and everything in its place. Clear any clutter! when you are less likely to be interrupted for matters needing your full attention.

having to re-schedule, taking up extra hours and upsetting your program. Respect the time of others, as well as your own. avoid distractions. If someone tries to interrupt you, explain politely that you will give them your time as soon as your task has been completed. will boost your energy levels.

still snoozing. each day, week and month, make sure it is realistic. Include quality time with friends and family, or on hobbies, there has to be a healthy balance between work and play.

arrange their schedule, small daily or weekly tasks will give them a sense of responsibility and build their own time management abilities for the future. freeing up time for you to tackle other tasks.

less vital matters crop up, handle them, but do not give them more time than required.

results in reduced concentration and poor attention span.

Avoid conversations. Be firm but tactful with friends who seem to have nothing more important to do. Maybe you can inspire them to create some goals for themselves! is going on at a time when it will not break continuity of your schedule. Maybe over your early breakfast? on your uncomplaining shoulders. Tough love is required here; give them a few hints regarding their own time management. of interest. Encourage family members and friends to appreciate the valuable moments they spend together. void, unable to progress. Seek advice or a second opinion if needs be, but take that step! And last but not least, take a few minutes each day for quality time alone with yourself, meditate, reflect and count your blessings. A positive attitude will help turn everything you handle in the course of the day into an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

20 21


Fashionable Loungewear

LE 1109 Stella McCartney for Adidas LE 149 each H&M LE 465 Pieces

Women have always compromised between comfort and fashion. This no longer has to be the case with the fashionable loungewear now available right here in West Cairo. The Cairo West Magazine team set up these trendy sets for you so you look fabulous even when you just want to feel comfy!

LE 429 Stella McCartney for Adidas

Special thanks to Mirna Ghadban Photography by Mervat Azmi LE 255 Vero Moda

LE 165 Vero Moda LE 1350 (set with pants) Fugoura

LE 139 Pieces

LE 290 Fugoura LE 99 Pieces

LE 579 Stella McCartney for Adidas

LE 850 Fugoura

LE 79 Max

LE 199 H&M M LE 375 Fugoura

LE 1109 Stella McCartney for Adidas

LE 269 H&M LE 365 Pieces

LE 375 Fugoura

LE 525 Fugoura LE 299 Vero Moda

22 23


LE 1,350 Fugoura

LE 999 Vero moda

LE 135 each Pieces

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LE 150 Fugoura LE 275 Vero Moda

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LE 199 H&M

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LE 840 Fugoura

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24 25

Adidas: H&M: Max Vero Moda / Pieces: Fugoura:


The Dubious Landscape Of Parenting Three books to help you navigate this terrain by Hilary Diack


John Gray, the bestselling author, adds to his well-known titles with a new gem, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, Children are From Heaven. A lot of the old rules either go out the window, or are dramatically re-shaped in chapters that address such topics as recognizing each child’s unique problems, and the key elements of positive parenting, especially in a changing world where we have to deal with immense changes in attitudes and consciousness. Dr. Gray maintains that the Five Messages of Positive Parenting are: 1. It’s okay to be different: Every child must be respected and appreciated for his or her individuality, children learn and respond in different ways, this can also be gender related. They should be encouraged to appreciate the qualities that make them different, and not to feel that they have to emulate other kids just to feel accepted. 2. It’s okay to make mistakes: Children must learn that making mistakes is an unavoidable part of growing up. If parents set an example by apologizing when they have slipped up it will be easier for a child to learn to be accountable for his or her actions. They should not be shamed or punished, learning to love themselves with

their little imperfections is vital. 3. It’s okay to express negative emotions: Anger, sadness, fear, sorrow, frustration, jealousy and disappointment are only a few of the complex and myriad feelings that make up the daily rollercoaster. Learning how to communicate these in a healthy and appropriate way is part of the maturing process; children should be encouraged not to suppress these, just to choose the time, place and manner in dealing with them. 4. It’s okay to want more: There is no shame in asking for more, and if a child learns how to ask respectfully, and graciously accept the occasional turn down, they will soon develop keen negotiating skills that will come in handy in later years.

5. It’s okay to say no, but remember that mom and dad are the bosses - having the right to say no, and explain their reasons, is a big factor in the growth of children’s ability to stand up for themselves. If a child is forced into submission without the right to question it may lead to dysfunctional relationships at a later stage, the concept of cooperation is paramount. Each chapter deals in detail with these issues, delving into the parenting relationship, the levels of development for each child, and the all-important matter of clear child –parent communication. Written and structured in well-defined sections, it is easy to follow and both enjoyable and informative.


This guidance packed book from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, the doctor who taught millions how to take charge of their own lives, shows you how to help your kids take charge of their own happiness. Life is becoming more challenging and competitive by the minute; it is a rare day when the average adult does not experience a level of stress trying to cope with the demands of work and relationships. Why then, should we imagine that children do not have the same issues to deal with? In order to help them develop a healthy level of self- esteem and independence, good parenting should ideally include a loving, stable, and supportive home life. Along with that, it can help for mom and dad to turn to the experts for some insights on how to ensure that their children grow up into bright, mature and self-confident young adults. Cairo West Magazine found some excellent and thought- provoking advice in three books that are well worth a read. 26 27

In his book he espouses the principle of developing your children’s self-esteem by positive example, and avoiding installation of fear and guilt or using criticism to lower a child’s self- image. A strong believer in encouraging creativity and a certain level of risk taking, he supports allowing children to take steps that will build their self-reliance,

reinforced by positive psychological feedback from parents. The issue of familial disputes, how to tackle them and find ways to eliminate them makes excellent reading, as does his chapter on helping children develop a sense of purpose and ethical goals in life. Dr. Dyer offers a lot of wisdom in this sympathetically written book, any parent reading it will no doubt come across many familiar situations, with clear and insightful tips on how to deal with them. CAIROWESTMAG.COM

Our Magazine Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya


CONFIDENT TEENS Gael Lindenfield

While not promising any quick and easy solutions Gael Lindenfield manages to identify and cover all the issues that can torment children in that critical passage from adolescence to maturity. She has created a list of 21 Golden Rules to help you raise a happy and self-assured teenager, not least to set an inspiring example, a key point in all three books. Some bits of advice included are:

best mate.

they will too. Social issues such as bullying and peer pressure are well covered, along with a teen’s need for secrecy and personal space. She also points out that in spite of their perceived anti-social behaviour it is massively important for growing teens to feel that their parents are available to them to discuss their anxieties and aspirations, suggesting that special times be set aside for family bonding.


Free Publication. Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya.

The Feel Good Factor

Challenging the Desert

Bassem Youssef:

Real Estate:

Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Challenging the Media Authority

Playing the Waiting Game

Optimizing Your Health Through Mind Power

Escaping the Chill:

Self Defense: Becoming Streetwise


Free Publication. Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya.

The Christmas Special Edition Exclusive Interview with Donia Samir Ghanem


the care, development and education of the youngest members of our community would benefit from the wonderful insights and advice available in any or all of these worthwhile books.

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December 2011

November 2011

Dr. Mona El Baradei:

Setting Up Your Pool for Winter



October 2011

Free Publication. Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya.

A Fresh New Economic Perspective

Avoidance of overly heavy criticism, sarcasm and put-downs at this vulnerable stage of self-awareness is also emphasized, emotional reactions in teens and adolescents tend to be extreme and volatile, so a gentle but firm hand is recommended when dealing with behavioral issues. Although each author has approached this important topic from varying perspectives there are common points reinforced in all books, based on years of study and experience. Any parent or prospective parent, or indeed, any person involved in




September 2011

Free Publication. Community magazine for 6th of October, Cairo-Alex Desert Road and Mansouriya.

The sometimes-bewildering job of raising teenagers is addressed in Confident Teens, a lively, well laid out book by Gael Lindenfield. With hands-on experience as well as a solid background in psychotherapy and counselling, the author covers the complex developments that occur in teenage years, the self-image doubts, raging hormones, eating disorders and mood swings that can drive a parent to despair.


is delivered to your customer


The Art of Fighting

“A martial art that does not depend on muscle strength, aggression or youth.”

WINGTSUN™: Egypt’s best kept martial art secret by Brian Wright There is another lesser-known form of self defence in Egypt, however, that focuses only on self defense and has only one guiding principal “survive with no injuries”. This art is known by enthusiasts all over the globe as WINGTSUN™. Meaning “Chanting Spring” and developed in the Szechwan Province in China, this unique martial art has found its official Egyptian home in Heliopolis and is quickly catching-on with locals and security experts alike. Cairo West Magazine sat with the Academy’s Chief Instructor, Emad El-Nattar, to find out more.

How did WINGTSUN™ get started and what is the story behind this martial art? The legend of this art form goes back aproximately 250 years. After the Siu Lam Monastry was attacked by the Manchu soldiers with the assistance of traitors from the inside, one of the “Five Elders”, the Grandmasters of the ancient forms of martial arts, decided to work on developing a new martial art that did not depend on muscle strength, aggression or youth. Instead, it would depend on geometrical structures that could divert the strongest of attacks while simultaneously attacking the aggressor with devastating force. The master taught a girl the newly developed fighting style and made her promise to preserve the secrets of this art and pass it on to a student after her. This girl’s name was Yim Wing Tsun.

Martial arts have been a part of Egypt’s sport culture for decades. At pretty much every sporting club, students from the elementary through college levels practice karate, kung-fu, and other martial arts as part of their regular physical activity. However, even if you are highly-trained in many of these martial sports, their practical applications in street fights are limited due to the number of rules students have to abide by in their training and during any tournament. 30 31

Great Grandmaster Leung Ting, with his intellect and ambition, founded the first Chinese martial arts organisation to go global; The International WINGTSUN™ Association - IWTA. With the help of his highest student, Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht (Founder of the European

WINGTSUN™ Organization - EWTO), he was able to make WINGTSUN™ the most sought after martial art in the world.

What makes WINGTSUN™ different from other martial arts? The main difference is that this form is entirely based upon self-defense. Other forms of fighting work under rules and depend more on strength training and physical ability, but we rely more on getting the limbs in shape so they can absorb a strong impact and divert it with the greatest ease while striking back with surprising force. It is also extremely easy and anybody can do it. Whether you are male or female, smoker or overweight, these techniques will work for you because we don’t focus on strength, rather balance and knowledge. We have even had one student who was

65 years old when he started, and he is still doing well.

How does someone progress in WINGTSUN™? Is there a belt system like in other martial arts? This is one of the great things about learning WINGTSUN™. In other martial arts, the system is dependent on which organisation you belong to. Therefore, a blue belt in the US for example might not be recognised in Europe or Egypt, simply because they have different qualifications and examination methods. In WINGTSUN™, because there is only one federation, it means that there is one grading system of levels, and no matter where you are in the world you follow the same ranking system. There are 12 levels for students in total, and the fundamentals for practice in the CAIROWESTMAG.COM

first level can be learned in about two to three months time with good training and concentration.

How did you personally get started? I had spent years in the past doing other forms of fighting, but nothing gave me the satisfaction of feeling completely secure like WINGTSUN™. I first met my teacher in 2000 and was completely fascinated by his fighting skills. Ever since that day I have followed him around like a toddler follows his father, benefitting from every move or idea he shows me. After learning with him for approximately three years, he was kind enough to ask me to assist him in opening a WINGTSUN™ academy in Egypt, which I gladly accepted. We had our first school in Heliopolis but now offer courses in many places.

WINGTSUN™ available, and how often are the classes? Our first school was in Heliopolis behind the Military College. This school now acts as the headquarters for our organization and classes there are offered four days a week (Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday). In Maadi, our classes are available at Samia Allouba Fitness Center two days a week and in the Zamalek branch, they are offered once a week. Class times are always in the evening to accommodate our members’ work schedules. Private training sessions are by appointment and are usually conducted in the mornings. We make it a priority to always keep the class environment clean and friendly as our target market well educated Egyptians. Therefore, we usually ask those interested in learning to drop by for a quick chat before signing in so we can know more about our member-to-be.

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10,000 FREE COPIES 32 33


For starters, there are a number of breeds that tend to be stronger guard dogs, such as the German Shepherd, Belgium Malinois, Rottweiler, Doberman, Giant Schnauzer, and Pitbulls. Many of these breeds tend to be more aggressive especially as they get older and larger, and should not be used for families with children. In these cases, you might want to go for a Labrador or Golden Retriever, which are great family dogs that form some of the strongest connections with their owners. However, it’s not all about the breed. “Almost any dog can become a guard for you personally or your home,” stated Hend. “Even the smallest dogs, although they are not going to attack anybody, can be perfect alarms, barking loudly to get your attention when they sense that there is something wrong or a stranger is approaching the house.”

Home Protection by Man’s Best Friend

Once you have chosen a breed, it’s then time for training. Starting young is key, and most recommend that you also include some basic obedience training. “Our philosophy looks at training dogs in a similar way to building a house by preparing the site, placing the foundation, building the structure, and then finishing,” stated Hesham. “We spend from months 2 to 10 just playing and getting the puppy used to people. At 10 months we then begin stimulating his natural drives to protect, and then into the first year the dog becomes mature and we can start serious training. Over time, we continue to provide training throughout the life of the dog to make sure that they continue to stay at their top.” For the exact length of training, however, it all depends on the individual dog. They tend to take on personalities, and some will take to new ideas quickly while others will take a long time to get something right.

Your Guide to Guard Dogs By Brian Wright

It is also recommended by most trainers that the owner be present during the sessions. “I always recommend that the owners themselves attend the training sessions,” stated Hend. “Especially at the earlier stages, it is all about building the bonds between the dog and the owner. This will ensure that the dog remains loyal to you and can also become a part of the family, and not just an item that you have purchased.” There have also been rising concerns recently that some training methods used are inhumane, painful, and can seriously injure the dog or make it overly aggressive. This is mainly due to the fact that the trainer is an amateur, or doesn’t know what he or she is doing. They fail to communicate with the dog properly, and then resort to fear and violence in order to make the dog do what they want. To avoid this, the best method is to be present during the training and always use a well-known center that you can visit and make sure that the quality is what they state.

As opposed to the high-rise apartments in the crowded districts in the city, most West Cairo residents live in much one-family homes. Although this has come with a number of benefits, it also means that security has become a serious concern. Installing iron gates, sophisticated alarm systems, and hiring security guards are a few of the ways that residents have chosen to protect themselves. However, there are an increasing number of guard dogs.

Cairo West Magazine has spoken with two experts in the field: owner of Candy’s Kennel Hend Qutub and Hashem El Dandarawy, CEO of the K-9 Academy.

34 35

“Once they have developed a bond with you and your family, however, their loyalty will never fade, and they will protect you until the end.”



Feeding your guard dog can also be an important factor that affects its performance. “With my dogs I always try to provide them with freshlycooked simple meals that are filled with the vitamins and minerals that they need,” stated Hend. “Fresh garlic helps to enhance the color of their coats, while all types of fish oils are great too. If you don’t have time to cook, there are plenty of great brands available in the stores, but do make sure that they are getting plenty of protein and carbs for energy.” Also, the timing of when you provide the food can be critical. “If you are expecting your dog to guard at night, you probably shouldn’t feed it in the afternoon because it will be too tired and have used all its energy,” said Hesham. “Alternatively, a big meal in the morning can act as a reward for a good job done during the night.”

German Shepherd

In conclusion, the most important aspect about getting a guard dog is realizing that this is not a car or new piece of electronic equipment, rather a living animal that has feelings and needs to be understood. “Dogs in many ways are like children,” said Hend. “They need to be loved, cared for, and constantly responded to in order to feel as though they are wanted. Once they have developed a bond with you and your family, however, their loyalty will never fade, and they will protect you until the end.” CAIROWESTMAG.COM

Sleeping Under the Stars Desert camping in style by Brian Wright

Most of Egypt’s land mass is covered in sand, but very few of us know much about the country’s vast deserts. For many, travelling outside of the Nile Valley is filled with hardship, sunburn, and a whole lot of dirt, making it unappealing as a vacation destination. However, there are a number of professional companies with years of experience in desert travel, making a desert vacation easily attainable. One of the first who brought this style of desert exploration to the public is Hag Mohammed Marzouq, head of Desert Cruise Travel, whose popularity and reputation is world-renowned. Cairo West Magazine sat down with his son Youssef, the next generation of desert explorers, to find out more.

Safety Concerns

In our post-Revolution atmosphere and with rumours spreading about random attacks on people driving through empty areas or out in the desert, the safety of safaris has become a concern. Fortunately, there is nothing to worry about. “There have been no serious incidents for desert travel and it is completely safe,” says Youssef. “As soon as you step into the desert the rules change from being in the city,” he continues, “and everything is based on your experience.” Youssef goes on to explain, “My father and I have got to know the desert to the point that you can look at

a set of tyre tracks and tell where they are coming from, where they are going and when they last passed by. Safety also has a lot to do with your actions, and that you are treated the same way that you treat others. For example, if you see someone who is in need you should help him or her, no matter who they are. This will guarantee that if you are ever in a similar situation, there will always be passers-by to help you out. The government also now requires that each desert safari group is accompanied by a police or military escort, depending on how many tourists there are and how far out we are going.”

Great for the Whole Family

Travelling to the desert can also be a great opportunity for children of all ages. The wide-open spaces make for great running and playing areas, and the fresh air is a break from the cramped apartments and crowded streets of Cairo. “There really isn’t any minimum age to enjoy the desert,” says Youssef. “One of my best memories is when my friend brought her daughter out to the desert. She was so cute as she sifted sand from one hand to another,” he joyfully recalls. However, it is recommended that pregnant women avoid travelling until they have delivered due to the high risk that off-road driving poses to pregnancies.

Now is the Time

Winter offers the best weather conditions for camping. The temperatures are much better, meaning that you can run around during the day without having to worry about serious sun exposure, and the cold nights make it fun to wrap up in a thick sleeping bag and enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea. According to Youssef, for tour operators the high season begins in mid-September as soon as the summer heat breaks and continues until the end of May and early June.This of course doesn’t mean that you can only camp during the winter. If you are camping in the summer, be sure to bring plenty of water to battle your dehydration, cover your head at all times, and be aware that shady places in the desert are few and far between.

Short Trips

If you are excited and ready to start your desert trip but only have one day to do it, you can take a quick over day or overnight trip to the northern side of Lake Qaroun, right next to the Fayoum Oasis. “This area is really beautiful and offers quick access to Cairo. During a daytime safari we travel on the far side of the lake and go around to the two national parks at Wadi El Rayan and Wadi El Heitan. Afterwards, we can do some sand-boarding and have a barbeque before coming back to Cairo. With this option, you can leave home at 8am and be back in town by 8pm. If you have the time, you can also stay overnight in the same area, camping out under the stars,” explains Youssef.

Longer Journeys

Once you feel that you are ready for a longer desert experience, you can either organize a private trip or join in on one of Desert Cruise’s tours farther afield. “These trips take days and can show you the real treasures of the Western Desert or Sinai,” says Youssef. “At least once a year, we take a large trip out to the Gulf El Kebir, a massive area filled with striking rock valleys. Recently, we took more than 16 cars out on that route, and it was really one of the best trips we have made.”

Hadabet El Gilf El Kebir

36 37


Sand dunes in Ghorood Wadi Aseeb

Camping cars in Karkour Talh

What to Pack

Packages offered by Desert Cruise are designed to provide everything imaginable including your transportation, food and drinks, and even entertainment along the way. Therefore, the only things that you need to pack when heading out are a good set of clothes, a flashlight, and a sense of adventure. “You should make sure to pack clothes for both hot and cold conditions, because temperatures fluctuate greatly between night and day,” says Youssef. “Otherwise, you should bring whatever you feel is necessary when travelling anywhere in the world, including any prescriptions that you are taking as well as any snacks or hard drinks that you would like on the way.” As many have stated in the wake of the revolution, now is the time for Egyptians to become more acquainted with their own country, and exploring the secrets of the desert is one of the best ways to do it.

Sunset in the White Desert

38 39


Sheraton Dreamland

Your Dream Wedding Venues in West Cairo

Capacity: The new ballroom is still under construction however they can accommodate 500 pax by the main swimming pool, 100 pax on water falls pool, and 80 pax and 150 pax pass around service at the Tao lounge. Buffet: LE 220 all inclusive per person including one round of soft drinks, on going mineral water and sharbat. No outside catering allowed. Entertainment and decoration: Palm trees and rocks around the pool

area that they decorate with bee lights which give a nice atmosphere throughout the wedding . Their decoration package is at the rate of LE 8000 including entertainment (zaffa, video, wedding and zaffa photos, bee lights and D.J.) and decorations (flower arrangments, center pieces, love seat). Parking: Free car parking that can accommodate up to 100 cars. Booking: It is preferred to book early prior to public holidays.

Because you don’t need to look any farther Mövenpick – 6th of October The wedding season takes Cairo by storm starting March. And since weddings are not a piece of cake and usually need months of preparation we compiled for you a list of the available wedding venues in West Cairo, including the most important information you need to know, so you can start your preparations as early as needed.

Capacity: Convention Center: From 300 to 1500 pax – can be divided into three ball rooms upon request. Eman ballroom: From 100 – 330 pax. Pool: From 100 – 1000 pax Moroccan: 75 pax Buffet: They have four different set menus to accommdate all budgets. Entertainment and decoration: Center pieces, kousha, cover chair,

table cloth, chair ribbon, and flowers are included in the package. As for the entertainment, the package includes items such as the Zaffa and D.J. but their impresario can provide anything upon request for additional charge. Parking: Available with fees, and accommodates up to 1000 cars. Booking: Any booking should be made with a deposit to be reserved. No verbal wedding reservations allowed, and definitely the earlier you book the more the date requested can be guaranteed.

Hilton Dreamland Capacity: Pegasus ballroom can accommodate up to 100 guests. Orion ballroom can accommodate up to 350 guests. Buffet: They have three various buffet options that range from LE 230 to LE 285 per person including taxes. It includes a 5-layer wedding cake, tea, coffee, mineral water, one soft drink per person during the buffet time. No outside catering allowed. Entertainment and decoration: They have three packages with 40 41

different price ranges. They also have a one stop shop experience where they have a representative from their wedding planners on a daily basis to display the various packages. Parking: parking lot that accommodates up to 300 cars. Valet parking services available. Booking: The earlier the better. CAIROWESTMAG.COM

City View Capacity: They have no ballrooms, only an outdoor area. It’s around the swimming pool overlooking the Pyramids. Maximum capacity is 600 pax and they only accept weddings once per month. Buffet: The food and beverage is managed by Crave restaurants. The wedding menu prices are from LE 180 to LE 220 ++ exclusive of beverages. They do not allow outside catering. Entertainment and decoration: They do not have certain enter-

tainment packages but their unique attraction is the Pyramids view and the climate, the temperature there is six degrees less than downtown. They do not provide flower arrangements. The guests are free to provide their own set up. Parking: Valet parking is available. Booking: A two-month notice in advance to ensure that all arrangements are well handled.

Seasons Country Club Capacity: They have two gardens for weddings. Garden Breeze: 1200m2 accommodates up to 550 persons. The Crocket: 1500m2 accommodates up to 750 persons. Kids Garden: A small garden next to the kids’ club accommodates up to 80 persons. Buffet: The beverage package is LE 45 per person, open all night long or client can buy the drinks and they charge them LE 7 per person. They have three classic buffets for weddings. Also tailor made packages could be arranged according upon request. They do not allow outside catering as they already have all the food

and beverage facilities. They previously allowed some food as an exception such as smoked salmon, shrimps, caviar, lobster and sushi as they do not provide sushi yet. Entertainment and decoration: Entertainment packages are up to the guests. Yet, there are restrictions, for example belly dancers and baladi bands are not welcome. A zaffa is allowed. Flower arrangements and set up is done through an event planner, not through them. Parking: Valet parking available. Booking: Two months minimum in advance.

Ask Zakaria Ghoneim Tips on Keratin hair treatments



42 43



What is Keratin? It is a very strong protein that hair is made of. Keratin treatments are simply a replacement for dull brittle hair that has lost its natural Keratin.

How can we guarantee the result of the treatment? It depends on two main factors. The beauty salon has to be very honest in their usage of the substance, and they must have the right technique. The ideal method is not to use excessive heat while applying the substance to the scalp and roots, since it will make the applied Keratin less effective and will also affect the natural Keratin in the hair.

There are other forms of Keratin currently on the market. Which do you recommend? I always prefer the original Keratin substance not other branch chemicals such as Crystal, Collagen, or Marokin, although I do offer them in my salon due to the persistence of some of my valuable clients on using them.

Doro Wot

Exotic Dishes

Ethiopian chicken in red pepper paste


Bringing the globe to your table Happy New Year! Awaken your taste buds with some very exotic recipes from around the globe. From savory and sweet, spicy and aromatic, to the lightest dessert you can imagine, it’s time to be adventurous.

and chopped (recipe below)

By Hilary Diack

with water) Salt and pepper, to taste



Moroccan Lamb and Fruit Tagine

Persian duck in pomegranate-walnut sauce INGREDIENTS:


teaspoon cinnamon when sautéing the onions for a richer flavor)

1 1/2 to 2 cups and cut back on the stock or water)

DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat the butter or oil in a large, heavy-bottomed pot over medium flame. Add the duck pieces a few at a time and brown on all sides. Drain off excess fat, remove to a plate and set aside. 2. Add the onions to the pot and sauté until translucent. 3. Stir in the ground walnuts and stock or water and return the browned duck pieces to the pot. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes. 4. Stir in the pomegranate juice, sugar, salt and pepper. Simmer for another 15-20 minutes until the duck is tender, the sauce is somewhat thickened and the walnuts begin to give off their oil. Adjust seasoning and serve with plain white rice. 44 45

DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat the oil on a medium heat in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan. Add half the meat and cook until brown. Remove from the pan and place on kitchen towel (lamb can be quite fatty), and cook the rest of the meat. 2. Put all the meat in the pan, add all the other ingredients and season with pepper and salt to taste. 3. Bring gently to the boil, lower the heat and simmer with the lid on for about 1 hour or until the meat is tender. Stir 2-3 times during this time to avoid sticking. 4. Toast the almonds in a dry frying pan until light brown. Divide the Moroccan lamb tagine between the plates and garnish with the almonds and finely chopped parsley. Serve with boiled rice or couscous.

1. Mix together the chicken pieces, lemon juice and salt and in a large, non-reactive bowl and set aside to marinate for about 30 minutes. 2. While the chicken is marinating, puree the onions, garlic and ginger in a food processor or blender. Add a little water if necessary. 3. Heat the oil, butter or niter kibbeh in a large pot over medium flame. Add the paprika and stir in to color the oil and cook the spice through for about 1 minute. Do not burn. Stir in the berberé paste and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes. 4. Add the onion-garlic-ginger puree and sauté until most of the moisture evaporates and the onion cooks down and loses its raw aroma, about 5 to 10 minutes. Do not allow the mixture to burn. 5. Pour in the water or stock and optional wine and stir in the chicken pieces, cayenne to taste, salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 45 minutes. Add water as necessary to maintain a sauce-like consistency. 6. Add the whole hard boiled eggs and continue to cook for another 10 to 15 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through and very tender. 7. Adjust seasoning and serve hot with injera bread (adapted recipe below) or rice.

Niter Kibbeh

Ethiopian spiced clarified butter


DIRECTIONS: 1. Add butter to a small saucepan and melt over low heat. 2. Add all other ingredients and simmer on lowest possible heat for about 1 hour. 3. Pour the clear golden liquid off the top leaving all solids in the bottom of the pan. Strain through muslin if necessary. Discard solids. Store in the refrigerator or freezer and use as needed.


Ethiopian red pepper spice paste Makes about 1 1/2 cups

4. Put the ground toasted spices into a food processor or blender along with the remaining ingredients and process until smooth. You may also do this with a pestle and mortar. 5. Store in the refrigerator for up to a week or freeze portions for later use.

Easy Injera

Note: This recipe approximates the true injera, which is made from a fermented sourdough. Makes about 6-8 pieces




DIRECTIONS: 1. Heat a cast-iron skillet or heavy bottomed pan over medium flame. Add the whole spices and toast, stirring for about 2-3 minutes until they give off their aroma. Do not burn. Remove from heat. 2. Over an open flame, lightly toast the chillies, turning quickly from side to side until they soften and become flexible. Do not burn. Remove the stems and seeds and roughly chop. 3. Put the spices and dried peppers into a spice or coffee grinder and grind to a powder.

1. Heat a large cast-iron skillet or heavy bottomed pan over a medium-low flame. Wipe with a paper towel soaked in a little oil. 2. Mix all dry ingredients together well. Stir in club soda and mix to a smooth batter. Should have the thin consistency of a pancake batter. 3. Pour about 1/2 cup of the batter at a time into the skillet and spread with a spatula to make as large a crepe as possible. 4. Let bake in the skillet till all bubbles on the top burst and begin to dry out, about 2-3 minutes. 5. Carefully turn the injera and bake on second side another minute or two. Try not to brown the injera. 6. Remove the injera to a warm platter and repeat with the rest of the batter, wiping the skillet clean with the paper towel each time. 7. After the batter is used up, brush each injera all over with the lemon juice. 8. Serve immediately, or hold covered in a warm oven. CAIROWESTMAG.COM

Moroccan Pastilla A sweet and savory flaky pastry filled with a subtle mixture of onion, pigeon (or chicken), hard-boiled eggs and almonds, and spiced with cinnamon.



3. Bone the pigeons (or chicken pieces) and place the meat in a bowl; combine the almonds and the remaining sugar in another bowl. 4. Cut the hardboiled eggs into small pieces and place in a third bowl.

Assembling the pastilla: DIRECTIONS: Making the filling: 1. Place the pigeons (or quartered chicken) into a large pot with the parsley, onion, butter, salt, pepper, saffron, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger and a little sugar. Cook covered over low heat, adding a little water if necessary. 2. Remove the pigeon pieces when they are cooked, reduce the sauce, stirring constantly, until the liquid has almost evaporated.

1. Butter the pastilla mold (a large pie plate) and lay a first layer of pastry sheets in the mold (smooth side down), overlapping them and letting them hang over the edge of the plate by one-third. Place a few sheets in the centre for reinforcement. 2. Spread a layer of sauce over the pastry, followed by a layer of pigeon meat. Sprinkle with the almond-sugar mixture and pieces of egg. Cover with more pastry sheets. 3. Repeat the process until you have used all

the filling. Fold the overhanging edges of the pastry back over the filling, brush them with beaten egg and cover with another layer of pastry sheets (smooth side up), overlapping them and letting them hang over the edge of the mold. 4. Tuck the overhanging edges underneath (like making a bed). Brush with soft butter and glaze with egg wash. Bake in a moderate oven for 20 minutes. 5 . Turn the pastilla gently out onto a platter and slide it back into the mold after adding a few small pieces of butter to the mold. Return it to the oven to brown for a few more minutes. 6. Gently slide the pastilla onto a serving platter; decorate with a lattice pattern of icing sugar and cinnamon.

Christmas Bazaar At The British International School Cairo (BISC) The British International School Cairo’s Christmas bazaar returned this year with a bang! Organized by the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) on Sunday 11th of December, this year’s event was bigger and better than before. Santa’s Workshop, where BISC students practiced their arts and crafts, saw a variety of activities and gift making ideas. The famous food court displayed mouthwatering delights from a variety of vendors. Displays featured a variety of products from furniture to jewellery. One new feature added this year was the fashion corner showing the latest designs and models. A wonderful day was enjoyed by over 300 visitors in a festive Christmas setting.

Pavlova Meringue A melt–in–your–mouth Australian and New Zealand favorite


DIRECTIONS: 1. Preheat oven to 150°C. Line a baking sheet with parchment or wax paper, and use a plate or pie tin to draw a 9-inch circle in the middle of the paper with a pencil. Turn the paper over so the circle is on the bottom. 2. Add the egg whites and salt to the bowl of an electric mixer and beat on high until the whites form soft peaks, about 1 minute. With the mixer still running, slowly add the sugar and beat on high for another minute or so until the whites hold firm, shiny peaks. 46 47

3. Remove the bowl from the mixer and sift the cornflour over the beaten whites. Add the vinegar and vanilla and gently fold them all into the whites with a spatula. 4. Scoop the meringue into a pile in the circle on the parchment paper and smooth out with a spatula. Use the spatula to make a gentle depression in the middle of the meringue. 5. Reduce the oven heat to 250°F. Place the

meringue in the oven and bake for about 1 hour 15 minutes. Turn off the oven, leave the door closed and let the meringue cool completely in the oven. 6. Carefully remove the pavlova from the baking sheet and center it on a serving platter. Spread the top evenly with whipped cream and arrange fruit nicely on the top. To serve, cut into wedges. CAIROWESTMAG.COM CAIROWESTMAG.COM

Curves Breast Cancer Walk

Christmas Bazaar

At Palm Hills

At Saffron - Al Guzeira Compound Saffron held a Christmas bazaar on the 2nd of December. It was a very merry bazaar! A lot of families came to enjoy Cairo’s beautiful weather amidst a festive atmosphere and the exhibitors had a variety of beautiful gifts to offer. The kids corner was full of interesting games and toys. The kids were busy using their skill to make lovely gifts for their moms with the help of I Sketch.

Christmas Festival Designopolis On December 9th Designopolis, in collaboration with Lavish, held their annual Christmas festival at the spacious, sunny, outdoor mall. The special event was attended by over 15,000 guests and included Santa, Christmas carols, shows, plus various exhibitors, and children’s play areas. Highlights of the special celebration included the Priere Vivant choir, conducted by Rafik Atallah, the amazing jazz band who sang everyone’s favorite Christmas songs, plus the unbelievable talents of the silk acrobat show and fire show.

48 49


On Friday 28th of October, Curves Fitness and Weight Management Center for Women at Palm Hills Compound held a Breast Cancer Walk on the occasion of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The walk brought women, men and children together to increase awareness and to gather donations for The Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt (BCFE). The walk was a great success with a wonderful turnout and amazing support from all the attendees.



Shakieb: +2 011 4832 3244 / +2 012 8628 8832

5th National Junior Tennis Tournament & Egypt 2nd Annual Play+Stay Festival Day Randa Fahmy: +2 02 3327 4303 / +2 010 6423 3924

Palm Aroussy Tennis Academy Palm Aroussy Tennis Academy hosted its 5th National Junior Tennis Tournament from Monday 5th till Saturday 10th December 2011, under the patronage of the Egyptian Tennis Federation (ETF) and Egypt’s 2nd Annual Play+Stay Festival day took place on Friday 9th of December. This special day included Tennis, Games, Fun Activities, BBQ & Lots of Prizes. Players had a fun time competing in several games and received gifts and certificates at the end of the Festival.

Amr Helmy: +2 02 3857 3965

development, Westown Residences, and sells out within 48 hours In a weekend event at the Sheikh Zayed Sales Centre, SODIC launched Westown Residences, its first purely Egyptianmade residential development, and sold all 148 units within 48 hours – a record-breaking achievement for SODIC. The development is the third to be launched in Westown Cairo, the large-scale city centre master-planned in collaboration with Solidere International. Westown Residences is Westown’s first purely gated residential neighbourhood. Designed by Egyptian architects at SODIC, the homes at Westown Residences are set around seven themed gardens, each with its own unique look and feel, with private gardens, rooftop terraces, high ceilings and large windows.

Writing Competition

Malachite: M l h +2 010 0607 060 5495 4

Woodpecker: +2 011 777 7810

Westown Residences is situated in the quiet, southern corner of Westown, just a short walk from Allegria, Forty West, The Polygon and the British International School. With future plans to launch entertainment, retail and commercial developments in 2012, Westown is set to be the new urban hub of Sheikh Zayed.

Online Do you feel you have a hidden talent for writing? Do you want to participate in a creative competition? Now is your chance to unleash your creativity and talent. This brilliant new short-story competition will choose the top ten stories submitted and will compile them in one book. May be it’s your time to be a published author!



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