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Spring 2022

What’s INSIDE Mary Thanks You for Helping Fight Hunger You Can Help Make Amplify Austin 2022 a BIG Success You Support Resilient Veterans Like Miguel



Mary Thanks You for Helping Fight Hunger In 2022, fresh produce should be accessible to everyone. But for Mary, and thousands of clients like her, it is often out of reach. The main obstacle she faces when it comes to grocery shopping, besides her extremely limited fixed income, are the 20 miles between her home and the nearest grocery store.

“I just appreciate [you] so much.”


Mary has diabetes and needs fresh food to stay healthy. But, as we all know, fresh food is often more expensive — and it certainly doesn’t keep as well as processed food. Mary also has a serious eye condition. The medical bills associated with this disease have

been putting an additional strain on her monthly Social Security benefits, which already don’t last the whole month. Our senior neighbors like Mary, who live on a fixed income, are at a huge disadvantage when faced with unforeseen costs like medical

A Step Forward for Military Families Facing Hunger emergencies or skyrocketing inflation rates. When a budget is already stretched as thin as it will go, a helping hand is essential in ensuring they are able to eat a nutritious meal without sacrificing prescription medicine, utilities and other essentials.

“It’s a blessing to be able to help others,” — Mary Fortunately, Mary heard about the Central Texas Food Bank from friends who told her we’re here to help neighbors stay healthy by providing nourishing food at no cost. At the Food Bank, Mary gets produce and pantry staples, and even picks up food for her neighbors, too. “It’s a blessing to be able to help others,” she says. Now, Mary and her neighbors can cook vegetables like carrots and add them to meals. The Food Bank makes it easier on Mary and community members like her when it comes time to pay bills. To our donors who make support like this possible, Mary says, “I just appreciate [you] so much.” Thank you for the incredible support you make available to our neighbors facing hunger through your generous gifts. We are truly proud to call you a partner in the important work we do together.

In December 2021, Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) including funding for the defense budget and military in Fiscal Year 2022. For the first time, the NDAA includes a provision for a Basic Needs Allowance, providing much-needed assistance for the most vulnerable military families. Last year, approximately fourteen percent of military families in the enlisted ranks reported having visited a food bank, and one third of military teens reported being worried about their families having enough food. Central Texas is home to Fort Hood, the nation’s largest active-duty armored service post. Nearly 40,000 soldiers work on the post and live in the surrounding communities served by the Food Bank and our Partner Agency network. Prior to and over the course of the pandemic, our partners around Fort Hood reported growing numbers of active-duty families accessing their services. A recent report published by the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN) indicated that Texas ranks the highest in the country for food insecurity in military families, with one in six qualifying as food insecure. The highest concentration of those families is in the Killeen, Texas, area and includes active-duty members, veterans and retirees. With the inclusion of the Basic Needs Allowance in this year’s NDAA, many of those families will receive the critical assistance they need to feed their families. Under the new program, enlisted families whose income and household size put them below 130% of the federal poverty guidelines will be eligible to apply for assistance. Additionally, the NDAA program allows the Secretary of Defense to exclude a portion of the military Basic Housing Allowance to expand eligibility to families stationed in high-cost areas like Central Texas. This small pay boost will make a big difference for military families struggling to make ends meet and marks an important step in reducing hunger for enlisted Central Texans.


THANK YOU FOR FIGHTING HUNGER IN CENTR Applied Materials Fight Against Hunger

The Applied Materials annual Fight Against Hunger is the Food Bank’s largest workplace fundraiser. After more than 25 years of this employeeled campaign, Applied Materials staff had the challenge of continuing their success while working from home. From talent shows to cooking competitions, Applied Materials employees came together in new and creative ways to raise meals for Central Texans in need.

Randalls — Nourishing Neighbors During the Holidays

Every year our local Randalls stores fundraise to support Central Texas families during the holidays. This year was no different! Thanks to generous Randalls shoppers, the Randalls Foundation donated $100,000 in gift cards to be distributed to those in need in Central Texas. Thank you for Nourishing Neighbors.


Central Texas Food Bank Corpora The Corporate Challenge is a friendly competition of Central Texas companies to raise the most funds through virtual fundraising, while ultimately collaborating on the same goal of fighting hunger. This year 20 companies came together during the holidays to create nearly 250,000 meals for Central Texans. The Food Bank is grateful for each company that engaged their staff to donate, especially our Top 3 Winners: NXP Semiconductors, Synopsys and GLG!


ate Challenge


You Can Help Make Amplify Austin 2022 a BIG Success Amplify Austin is one of the Central Texas Food Bank’s most anticipated events of the year. When you give to the Food Bank through Amplify Austin, your generous gift to help those facing hunger will be MATCHED.

Each year, through Amplify Austin, our community comes together to support our neighbors – many of whom are struggling with hunger for the first time ever. I hope you’ll join us in this campaign to help offset the significant burdens our community is facing today.

Last year’s Amplify Austin was our biggest success so far, with 3,478 Thanks to Amplify Austin, giving donors coming together to raise more back is easy. Don’t miss out on this than 3 million meals for children, opportunity to have your gift matched families and seniors at risk of hunger. for children, families and seniors experiencing hardship. Give today at This year, in the face of surging inflation rates, countless community members are working harder than ever Because of you, Central Texans can to make ends meet. But many people still count on the Food Bank to help feed won’t be able to keep food on the table. our community. Thank you! Today, one in seven people in Central Texas is facing hunger – for children, that number jumps to one in five.


UPCOMING EVENTS Austin CROP Hunger Walk Sunday, March 6, 2022 Open Start 1-2:30 p.m. Camp Mabry, Austin, TX Join us for the 44th Annual Austin CROP Hunger Walk. Last year the event was held virtually and raised more than 50,000 meals. We are so thrilled to be back in person at Camp Mabry once again! This familyfriendly Walk is open to all, so come get your steps in while supporting local and global hunger relief organizations. Find more information at

“Most of the time when I come [to the food distributions], it’s for [my kids].” — Miguel

You Support Resilient Veterans Like Miguel Miguel is a retired veteran. He has three children, ages 17, 15 and 10, and they’re easily one of the greatest joys in his life. “They’re great kids,” Miguel says, proudly. “They get great grades.” During the pandemic, his kids started homeschooling. When he had to start providing meals they would have usually had at school — up to 10 meals per child each week — Miguel realized how much he depended on the school meal programs to provide a consistent source of nutrition for his children. In addition to his own need, Miguel has noticed the demand for fresh

food increasing in his community of veterans, too.

a special food distribution once a month just for veterans.

“I’ve seen friends of mine who lost jobs, you know?” he shares.

“I’m grateful. Thank you,” Miguel says. “Most of the time when I come [to the food distributions], it’s for [my kids].”

Miguel, who lives on a fixed income, has been deeply impacted by the surge in inflation within the past year, like so many veterans. The cost of goods has increased so significantly that our neighbors are having to work even harder to make ends meet while falling short when it comes to food.

And today, you can make a gift that will DOUBLE. Please give today to make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Join us today with a gift that will strengthen our Central Texas But thanks to donors like you who community and provide valuable have a heart for people facing hunger, resources for our neighbors facing Miguel and community members hunger. Thank you for your support! in similar situations have access to


BOARD OF DIRECTORS Hari Jayaram, Chair Applied Materials

Pete Inman Camino Real Financial Strategies

Alice Starr, Vice Chair Kathleen W. Farlow, Treasurer Deloitte LLP Shaun Cranston, Secretary Halff Associates, Inc. Jen Alessandra Frontdoor Estrellita J. Doolin, JD, MBA Ascension Health

Jeff Hahn Hahn Public Monica Hernandez H-E-B

Laura Mendoza Motiva Stephen Portner Frank Reid Austin Community College

Ann Benolken

Kelli Green St. Edward’s University

Pat Massey IBM Corporation

John Sanchez Capital One Bank Anneliese Tanner Mark J. Williams Shayne Woodard Waterloo Lobby & Advocacy, Inc.


Questions, comments or change of address? Email: Read it online Download and subscribe to Food Bank publications at Make an immediate impact by giving online 1. Open your camera or a QR Scanner on your iPhone or Android device. 2. Hold your phone camera over the QR Code. 3. Wait for a web page link to pop up. 4. Click and make your donation on CTFB’s website!

MESSAGE from the BOARD CHAIR Dear Friends, As the board chair, hunger is not strange to me. I grew up in India. I saw hunger all around me and sometimes experienced it for myself as well. You can go through a lot of ups and downs, but if you’re hungry... that’s especially difficult. I work for Applied Materials, a corporate sponsor of the Food Bank. I became involved with the Central Texas Food Bank in 2007 through our company’s annual fundraiser, and my passion to help people earned me a spot on the Food Bank’s board. I was recruited to help fight hunger. This drives my passion. I know it drives yours too. A unique way for us all to get involved is Amplify Austin, an event that takes place every spring. Will you join us to make a huge difference in the fight against hunger for countless children, families and seniors? Amplify Austin makes it easy for you to support your neighbors. Give now at In the meantime, please enjoy the enclosed stories of hope from Mary and Miguel, neighbors you’ve deeply impacted with your gifts. Your generosity will go even further during our Amplify Austin event when your gift is MATCHED. Thank you for your partnership that connects our community with the resources to thrive.

Hari Jayarm Hari Jayaram Board Chair

THANK YOU, AMPLIFY SPONSORS Our mission: To nourish hungry people and lead the community in the fight against hunger. 6500 Metropolis Dr., Austin, TX 78744 | 512.282.2111 /CentralTexasFoodBank

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