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By Anthony Guzzo

This morning I woke up, to a cow chirping outside. This morning I woke up to a bird croaking. This morning I went to school on a purplish blue whale. This morning I woke up and floated to an island. This morning the sun was blue and the sky was fire. This morning I woke up and, finally retreated from my dreams.

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The smell of sweet Froot Loops filled the air, sliding through the cracks under my door. I stepped out of bed and strutted downstairs. The sticky aroma of milk then climbed up the stairs. I thought it was Christmas morning when I smelled the meat, but it was only sausage. I walked into the kitchen overjoyed, then I saw my brother munching on all the food that I had smelled,

I looked around and nobody else was present. I was so mad that I had to have regular toasted waffles while my brother wolfed down his food. I stormed up to his room and glanced at the gummies sneaked under his bed.

his breakfast and was in the pantry, he was scouting around for candy.

I pulled them to the surface and threw them all over the room, then I ate the ones I didn’t throw around.

I should have remembered to get the lollipops he hid. The whole day I was looking for more of his food, but there was, none to be, found.

I skipped downstairs and realized that my brother had finished

I peered inside and gawked at the bag of lollipops in his hand, and I was furious with myself.

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The morning air, as light as a feather, as influencing as a truck horn. It sneaked across the lawn, drifting with the smell of snow. Creating a daze over all the creepy crawlies and animals. The tree's swayed in the soft wind. The windows covered with frost were tinted white. The cars shuttered as their owners began their morning commutes. The exhaust of the cars was there then gone in the wind, slowly waking up all people from their snowy day daze, making them realize that it was still reality.

The snow was a fine crisp white, then the people came. It became dirt covered, littered, stamped with foot prints. The snow plows came through brushing away all the snow on the roads, which was now mucky from the cars. The muck now covered the snow on the sidewalks. Finally it was the afternoon. The suns favorite time of the day. It beamed down melting away whatever its long fingers could hit. Slowly eating away at the morning daze. Finally the snow was gone, except for the little bits in the shade, which was now all mucky and disgusting.

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Spaghetti is pure joy, in the form of slippery starch. It spreads around a house, out the chimney, through the door, even in the cracks of the floor. When you taste it’s as if your holding heaven on a fork, but instead your just holding spaghetti. Spaghetti can make a frown turn upside down, And make you feel like a king with a crown.

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