C. Sean McGee

C. Sean McGee

Araraquara, Brazil

C.SeanMcGee is a prolific Irish storyteller and philosopher writing existential literary fiction in a tiny town in the Brazilian countryside called Araraquara, a place where the air constantly stings with the smell of burned oranges, where the sun offers little respite, painting the trail of clouds with its picturesque red and orange hue, and where Sartre himself chose to diverge his famed Brazilian discourse away from beaches and the choking populous, in favor of cobbled roads and the ubiquitous Baroque architecture and devilish sculptures.

C.SeanMcGee writes what he coined Strange Literary Fiction, a blend of articulate literation with concise existential philosophy and some difficult and oddball themes. He writes from a purely philosophical lens with a sharp wit and a twisted perspective of humanity.

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