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Consolidating our business model in times of crisis. President’s Foreword

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Together, we build future for private R&D&I Fedit Corporate info.

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Fedit. Annual Report 2011

03 The Federation

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

President’s Foreword

2011 has been a year of strong global economic crisis, which was even more dramatic in Spain. Fedit Technology Centers have been exploring ways to reinvent themselves: exploring new niche markets with high growth potential, expanding their capabilities to international technology transfer markets and exploiting areas of R&D to generate new business initiatives. Reductions in state public funding of recent years have caused the cancellation of several programs to help R&D activities in Fedit Technology Centers. Meanwhile, funding from regional governments and international programs increased slightly, allowing Fedit Technology Centers to increase, to some extent, their revenue through competitive calls. Trying to anticipate the adverse effects associated with the reduction of public resources for their sustenance, Fedit Centers are focusing their efforts towards increasing their capacity and efficiency for generating new businesses out of their research results.


Salvador Bresó President of Fedit

2011 has been a very complex year but, despite the difficulties, the support of the associated Technology Centers and that of the Federation staff, have allowed carrying forward the great majority of projects in Fedit Action Plan for this year. I would like to expressly thank the team for their generosity and effort at times as complex as those experienced during this year. The last few months have been marked by the strong financial stress associated with the big debt that regional governments have towards the Technology Centers. In an extremely unfavorable environment like this, the situation is likely to endanger the continuity of some outstanding Technology Centers in their area of activity. The total amount of debt is associated with projects under development and / or completed and justified. We nevertheless are confident that the problem of this default is solved as soon as possible to avoid the collapse of institutions working to improve the competitiveness of the business and economic development of their environment, highly necessary in the current scenario. Despite of the unfavorable environment, the activity conducted by Fedit Technology Centers during recent years and the results they have obtained allow us to conclude that Fedit Technology Centers are the most effective Spanish research organizations in the support of business R&D and have clearly shown an impact on economic growth, employment and business investment in R&D&I.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Fedit Corporate info




Fedit is an organization that brings together Technology Centers in Spain. Since its establishment in 1996, Fedit works to encourage Innovation, Technological Development and Private Research in companies and society as a whole. Fedit fosters cooperation among its members, and one of its main objectives is to accomplish and provide the necessary tools for their development.

Technology Centers represent a truly different organizational model with a strong presence in Europe and a noticeable growth in Spain. Technology Centers conduct research, but also design and deploy innovation and development projects. They generate and apply technologies with a focus on the general interest: to enhance people’s quality of life through the improvement of the competitiveness of the surrounding industry.

Technology Centers


Technology Centers conduct research, technological development and innovation, and they apply it to products, markets and industry. They have the human and material resources needed to perform their activities, including the generation of technological knowledge and making exploitation of this knowledge easier for existing companies or start-ups. The success of the Technology Centers is measured in terms of their contribution to the improvement of the competitiveness of their client companies, and to the economic development of their environment. Their closeness and connection to the market make Technology Centers the ideal R&D partner for industrial companies.

To be the organization that groups together the private Technology Centers and that Represents them in the Spanish System of Research in Science, Technology, Company and Society. To act as a qualified and recognized partner for the public authorities and international bodies. Also, to be a model of excellence in Research and technology and to ensure a competitive advantage for companies and benefit society as a whole.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Activities Fedit 2011


External Knowledge Management • Reports and proposals about R&D&I European Public Policies. • Participation in the EARTO Task Force to follow up the participation conditions of the RTOs in HORIZON 2020) • Preparation of the Fedit position document about HORIZON 2020 in collaboration with the Technology Centers associated to Fedit. • Definition and implementation, in cooperation with the Education Ministry, of a new program to promote the mobility between Universities and Technology Centers through the cooperation of university professors in specific projects developed by the Technology Centers. • Reports and proposals about R&D&I Spanish Public Policies. • Meetings with the Government and Political Parties about Fedit’s proposals on Spanish R&D&I Public Policies. • Relevant changes in INNPACTO Program. Analysis of improved results of the Technology Centers participation. • Reports and negotiations to achieve better subsidy rates in Torres Quevedo National Program. • Registry of Technology Centers: cooperation with the Science and Innovation Ministry to improve the explanation of the access requirements. • Distribution of amendments proposed by Fedit about the Science, Technology and Innovation Law. • Follow up parliamentary initiatives related to Technology Centers. • Coordination of the work developed by the Technology Centers in 10 Industrial Observatories. • Coordination of the Fedit-ICEX Internacionalization plan in close cooperation with the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX)

Communication • Technology lunches with members of the Spanish Government. • Skills in Innovation Communication, supported by the BBVA Innovation Center. • Fedit Innovation Prize `2011. Chemistry International Year´. • Development of the new Fedit Services Brochure. • VI Fedit National Convention of Tecnology Centers. • Active Collaboration with EmTech Spain 2011, event organized by Technology Review Magazine (Spanish edition). • Social Media Strategy (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Fedit Blog, Youtube and • Organization of Federation assemblies and attached working day. • Training in Spokespersons (In Company) and Protocol. • Training in strategic isssues `Incubators for Technology Centers´. • Press Office. • Distribution of internal and external communications. • Active presence in fairs and organization and promotion of business meetings. • Signature of several collaboration agreements (Dircom, Opinno, Suschem) Central Services • Business alliances with HP, AC Hotels and SANITAS. • Administration. General Management • Governing council meetings. • Support and Coordination of the other Federation working areas.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

268 242

268 1337 134217 07 The figures

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Fedit: the figures

We generate We apply knowledge. research. 45 Technology Centers 08

20.500 Client Companies 332.000.000 â‚Ź Annual income Fedit is the main private R&D&I booster in the country. Fedit. Annual Report 2011

The figures / Main indicators MEMBERS Total Members Customer (Companies) Total Personnel Total Research and Technical Staff Total Revenues Total Revenue Total Public Revenue Total Centers 2010-2011 (Nº)


REVENUE BY ACTIVITY Total Revenue In-house Research Contract Research Technology and Business Services Training Knowledge Diffusion Activities Other

2011 45 20.509 4.430 3.166

∆ 2010 -8 % -9 % -13 % -9 %

332.825.539 € 201.720.761 € 131.104.778 € 42


2011* 314.085.967 € 90.347.983 € 112.660.918 € 74.797.866 € 12.361.117 € 2.189.190 € 21.728.893 €

1% -6 % 26 % -9 % -3 % -50 % -14 %


% from total 2011 100 % 29 % 36 % 24 % 4% 1% 7% % s subtotals 2011

Market Contracts (Private Sector) Contracts (Public Sector) Other Private

191.712.890 € 170.218.281 € 2.725.848 € 18.768.761 €

8% 3% -27 % 137 %

61 % 89 % 1% 10 %

Public Funding Competitive Funds Non-Competitive Funds Others

122.373.076 € 106.644.000 € 15.729.076 €

-8 % -5 % -15 %

39 % 87 % 13 % 0%

Public Funding

122.373.076 €

-8 %

39 %

23.443.159 € 22.138.647 € 71.443.574 € 5.347.696 €

-11 % 37 % -11 % -49 %

19 % 18 % 58 % 4%

State International Region Other

* For the 2011 figures, the data of a small group of Fedit Technology Centers had to be estimated. The procedure was the following: 1) Key figures of these Centers were collected from their Annual Reports; 2) Preliminary estimations of their 2011 figures obtained by extrapolating their 2010 data, assuming that their behavior during 2011 was similar to the behavior of the rest of the Centers in 2010; and 3) Preliminary estimation from Step 2 were adjusted to the key figures from Step 1. * Data about Fedit's associated members in 2010 and 2011.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

The figures / Main indicators

Total Revenue, Market Revenue and Members*

Research Projects Distribution 2002-2011



314 300






3000 2000



43 0 2002




Total Revenue (M â‚Ź) Total Market Revenue (M â‚Ź)








0 2002










Contract Research Projects (num) In-House Research Projects (num)

Members (num) * Harmonized

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

The figures / Main indicators

Personnel Distribution 2002 - 2011*

Companies Distribution 2002 - 2011











10.000 2000




0 2002





Total Personnel - (num) Total Personnel - PhD (num)
















Customer (Companies) (num)

* Harmonized

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

The figures / Main indicators

Distribution - Revenue by Activity 2011

Market vs. Public Revenue 2002 - 2011

28,8% 43 %


39 %

40 %



45 %

44 %

43 %

42 %

43 %


39 %

0,7% 3,9%

57 %


61 %


60 %


Public funds (%)

56 %


55 %


56 %


57 %


Contracts (market conditions %)

58 %


57 %







Knowledge Diffusion Activities Training Other

Contract Research In-house Research Technology and Business Services

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

The figures / Main indicators

Market Revenue Distribution 2011



Public Funds Distribution 2011





Contracts (Private Sector)

Non-Competitive Funds

Contracts (Public Sector)

Competitive Funds

Other Private

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Iñigo Segura Managing Director of Fedit


During year 2011 we have suffered a new twist to the general economic situation in our country. The economic results of Fedit Technology Centers show that the economic adjustments that are going on since 2008 in their R&D market (applied research, experimental development and innovation) have taken place in the public investment. Indeed, their income from the market grew an 8% thanks to an increase of 3% of the value of their private contracts and to a strong increase of their income from other means of commercialization of their research results. On the opposite, the public funding for their investments in the research and development of new technologies or the exploration of new applications of the most promising emerging technologies was reduced in an 8%. This reduction happened both in their income from public contracts and in their income from state and regional public R&D programs. As a consequence the funding structure of the Technology Centers changed to be 61% coming from market and 39% coming from R&D public programs (basic and competitive). The figures show that the state and regional funds had a similar reduction of 11%.

The Technology Centers disinvestment will likely pose problems in the short and medium term to maintain our trade balance in the path of recovery that began en 2012 As already anticipated by Fedit the search for public funding to support the investments in generation of new technologies and exploration of potential adaptations of emerging technologies was concentrated during year 2011 in international programs.

Annual Balance

2011 45 332.825.539 201.720.761 131.104.778

Members (Nº) Total Revenue(€) Total Market Income (€) Total Public Funding (€) 2010 42

2011 42

Total Revenue (€) Contract Revenue (Private Sector) (€) Contract Revenue (Public Sector) (€) Other (Private) (€)

309.935.767 165.113.558 3.755.809 7.904.115

314.085.967 170.218.281 2.725.848 18.768.761

1% 3% -27% 137%

Total Market Revenue




Public Funding - Competitive (€) Public Funding - Non-Competitive (€) Others (€)

112.191.070 18.605.204 2.366.011

106.644.000 15.729.076 -

-5% -15% -100%

Public Funding




State International Region Other

26.488.494 16.180.948 80.101.356 10.391.487

23.443.159 22.138.647 71.443.574 5.347.696

-11% 37% -11% -49%




20.438 1.222 2.583 4.410 538 2.964

19.562 1.175 2.275 4.180 436 2.979

-4% -4% -12% -5% -19% 0%

Members 2010-2011 (Nº)

Total Public Funding Customers (Companies) (num) In-house Research (num) Contract Research (num) Total Personnel (num) Total PhD (num) Total Research and Technical Staff (num)

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Annual Balance

The 38% growth of the income from international competitive public programs (mainly europeans) avoided a dramatic decrease of the public funding of Fedit Technology Centers. The international public funding of Fedit Technology Centers was almost the same as their State public income during year 2011. The growth of the international public funding and their income from private contracts allowed that the total income of Fedit Technology Centers grew a 1% during year 2011.


Fedit Technology Centers are not an end in themselves but they are an instrument to allow public investment to permeate in a wide number of Spanish companies As Fedit has been alerting since the process of public funding reduction started, the capacity of Fedit Technology Centers to explore and find new technological solutions and explore new applications of top technologies is being reduced. This will impact in their technology transfer capacity to companies putting in danger their sustainability in the short term. Fedit Technology Centers are not an end in themselves but they are an instrument to allow public investment to permeate in a wide number of Spanish companies, mainly small and medium enterprises that have difficulties to pay costly investments in R&D, allowing them to introduce technological innovations that wouldn´t be possible without a big initial investment.

Like any investment process, its results are not immediate. The results show up years after the investments are made (or are cancelled). That is why the income from R&D contracts of Fedit Technology Centers has been similar to that of previous years despite reductions in public investment in recent years. We are not optimistic about the value that the income from R&D contracts will reach in 2012. Worst, once the R&D contracts reduce dramatically due to the lack of investments, we will need to wait for public investment, if it finally recovers, to pay off before it has an impact in R&D&I contracts. It is appropriate to emphasize that R&D&I contracts of Fedit Technology Centers is a barometer to measure the extent to which Spanish companies, primarily in the industrial sector, are addressing processes of modernization to improve their productivity and competitiveness. The Spanish trade balance has improved during year 2012. However, it has probably improved thanks to the substitution of a domestic market by the international markets for existing products. Maintaining positive trade balance during a period of growth needs a continuous effort by Spanish companies to improve their productivity and find competitive advantages faster than their global competitors. The Technology Centers disinvestment will likely pose problems in the short and medium term to maintain our trade balance in the path of recovery that began in 2012. It is in this context of the preparation for economic growth in which Fedit has been demanding for years, and most urgently in the last two, a deep reform of our policies on science and technology, focusing them towards generating competitive advantages in companies so that their “forced� internationalization obliged by falling domestic demand is maintained and strengthened when all the circumstances required to allow economic growth in our country are set.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

16 Case studies

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies




Active multilayer packaging based on optimized PLA formulations for minimally processed vegetables and fruits

Sector: ICTS applied to energy efficiency


DIRECTION aims at the creation of a framework of demonstration and dissemination of very innovative and cost-effective energy efficiency technologies for the achievement of very low energy new buildings. This framework is based in three pillars: Analysis of suitable energy efficiency technologies (technical and economic viability). Demonstration activity deployed in three new buildings. Dissemination at European Level. Three new buildings will be used as pilots, deploying in each one a set of very innovative measures, constructive elements for energy optimization, high efficient equipment and advanced energy management. All the above allows to enhance the overall energy efficiency of the building in order to achieve consumption (primary energy) lower than 60 kWh/m2/yr. Contact details:

Sector: Packaging The aim of this project is to develop a innovative active and biodegradable packaging for fresh-cut food products based on thermoplastic materials from renewable resources (PLA-polylactic acid) functionalised with the synergic addition of additives from natural sources (antioxidants, antibacterial and antifungal) in order to increase the shelf-life of packed products. Fresh Cut Products category refers to fresh vegetables, fruit and market garden products without thermal treatment, prepared, washed and packaged without the incorporation of additives or preservatives. As an essential requirement, these products demand the maintenance of the cold chain for their perfect conservation during approximately 7 days of shelf life. Contact details: P: (+34) 961 366 040 | F: (+34) 961 366 041 |

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies




Industrial-scale development of roofing tiles with low bioreceptivity. Proposal of an accelerated method for the evaluation of resistance to biological colonisation


Sector: Ceramic

The objective of this project, being carried out under the LIFE+ programme, is to develop a new production process for structural ceramic materials, applying laser technology in the firing process. This enables to reduce the temperature required in between 100 and 500 °C, obtaining significant savings in energy costs and reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases. The new process does not alter the technological properties of the materials, but in some cases their aesthetic characteristics are improved.

Resistance to biological colonisation is an important property that affects the quality of construction materials. There is great interest by roofing tile manufacturing companies, such as the participating company in this case, La Escandella, in avoiding or reducing the biodeterioration caused by biological colonisation, which is estimated to affect 30% of roofing tile turnover. Glazed roofing tiles with low porosity and glazed roofing tiles with extremely colonisation-resistant photocatalytic coatings have been developed, which are highly appropriate for regions with a harsh climate. A test methodology has also been established for the evaluation of resistance to biological colonisation. The project was funded by the former Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Sector: Construction Materials

Contact details: AITEMIN / Centro de Toledo. Rio Cabriel s/n. 45007 Toledo. P: (+34) 925 241 162 | F: (+34) 925 230 403

Contact details: Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica (ITC).Campus Universitario Riu Sec. Avda. Sos Baynat, s/n 12006 Castellón. P: (+34) 964 342 424

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies




DIBBIOPACK. Development of injection and blow extrusión molded biodegradable and multifunctional packages by nanotecnology: Improvement of structural and barrier propierties, smart features and sustainability

OPENNODE: Open Architecture for Secondary Nodes of the Electricity SmartGrid

Sector: Food industry / Cosmetic / Pharmaceutical / Packaging

OpenNode is an FP7 European project composed by 9 organisations, leaded by AtoS. ITE has participated as project’s technical coordinator, in the requirement definition and the design of open communication standards that will let providers, managers, users and distribution and transport utilities using a common language for information exchange.

European project led by AITIIP to develop packaging that we can find in a few years: Their main features are: 1) Developed with biomaterials (biodegradable and renewable source) 2) Improvement of thermal, mechanical and barrier properties through nanotechnology and innovative coatings that could extend the useful life of the packaged product. 3) Integration of smart technologies and intelligent devices to provide information to the consumer about product such as the entire life cycle of the package. 4) Manufactured by flexible production processes, more environmentally sustainable and effective technologies. Co-funded by the VIIFP.

Sector: Energy

Contact details: Departamento de Operaciones. P: (+34) 961 366 670

Contact details: Berta Gonzalvo.

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



WIZ - WaterIZE spatial planning

(UAV). It will combine the capabilities of a GSM base station and a cell phone location system.

Sector: Management of the Drinkable Water Sector: Telecommunications


European project in the initiative LIFE+ of the European Union to incorporate the future needs of water in the planning of the territory to adapt to the climatic change and improve the management of the drinkable water. The development of a system of information advanced that integrates appearances related with the mathematical model of the network of distribution of water together with the ones of population and climatic change, among others, and allows to offer to the users answers on the current and future availability of the water, the CO2 issued to the atmosphere, the capacity of the network of distribution or the quality perceived by the user. Implantation of the results in 10 municipalities of Italy and Spain.

This project is funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation through the INNPACTO subprogram. The goal of the project is to provide the global market with a GSM signal sensor based on software defined radio (SDR), to be carried in unmanned aerial vehicles Contact details: Virginia Santiago Comunicaci贸n Gradiant P: (+34) 986 120 430

Contact details: |

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



´FERROLINERA 3.0´ - Development of an advanced charging system for electric vehicles, using the railways power grid

WIISEL. Wireless Insole for Independent and Safe Elderly Living Sector: Health – wellbeing / Orthopedics

Sector: Transport / Energy / Environment


Project led by ADIF and partially funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Its goal is the development, testing and validation of innovative electric vehicle charging system by harnessing clean energy from regenerative braking of trains. IAT is involved in the study of the state of the art, regulatory review and development, testing, manufacturing and prototype implementation of the envelope of the electric charging station (hybrid and distributed). Contact details: (referencing ´Ferrolinera´)

The main goal of the project is to develop an insole for elderly as an unobtrusive, self-learning and wearable prevention and warning system to decrease the incidence of falls in the elderly population. WIISEL, coordinated by CETEMMSA, is co-funded by the European Commission (FP7-ICT) for 3 years, with 3,9 M€ budget and 8 partners from 6 different countries. Contact details: Baldomer Aymà – Transfer Technology Director CETEMMSA Technological Centre Av. d’Ernest Lluch 36. Parc Científic i de la Innovació TecnoCampus 08302 – Mataró – Barcelona P: (+34) 937 419 100 |

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



Design of an electrochemical filter to remove heavy metals from wastewater treatment plants

Project GENIO (Next Generation Home) Sector: ICT

Sector: Metal processing


Description: The main objective of the project has been the development of a new filter to remove heavy metals dissolved in low and stable concentrations of wastewater treatment plants. The filter has been designed using electrochemical technology, applying hydrodynamic simulators and additive technology as tools to optimize existing on the market. The end result was a system capable to achieve concentrations of heavy metals in dissolution less than 0.1 ppm with electroplating speeds about 8 times higher than those in conventional electrochemical cells. Contact details: |

The GENIO project has defined a platform enabling the next generation home network. Such a platform makes it possible to cope with the viral growth in the number of connected users, devices, services and user-generated contents, which turns the home into an increasingly complex and hostile environment for telecommunication operators and service providers. GENIO has faced all those problems and also other challenges like access to the content from everywhere, user intelligent interaction, personalization of the services, network automation, management of events and alarms, and energy consumption control. Contact details: Project Coordinator. Carolina Benito Lahuerta Instituto Tecnologico de Aragon - ITA-WALQA P: (+34) 974 012 561

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



EC-SAFEMOBIL. Estimation and control for safe wireless high mobility cooperative industrial systems

Light-Rolls Sector: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Sector: Aerospace and ICT


This Cooperative project financed by 7th FP and coordinated by FADA-CATEC. EC-SAFEMOBIL is devoted to the development of accurate common motion estimation and control methods and technologies in order to reach levels of reliability and safety to facilitate unmanned vehicle deployment in a broad range of applications. The main objective of EC-SAFEMOBIL is to address the development of new estimation/prediction and cooperative control methodologies and their practical application to highly mobile entities with complex dynamics and functional behaviour.. Contact details: C/ Wilbur y Orville Wright 17-19-21. 41309, La Rinconada, Sevilla (SPAIN) P: (+34) 954 179 002 | F: (+34) 954 115 193 |

The LIGHT-ROLLS project ( focuses on research and development of modular based production units for the seamless, high throughput manufacture of micro-structured, polymer based components and microsystems. The scientific objective aims to realize structures in the micron range and integrate also dies to be assembled in high-speed and parallel by benefit of self assembling. Nanoparticle dispersions used in fast conductive track printing technologies will allow the parallel generation of conductive lines. A pilot line, based on roll-to-roll manufacturing, will be set-up and tested for fabrication of flexible LED-display systems. Manufacture of other components like Lab-on-Chip or integration of new micro-energy storage components is possible in future to address needs of European industry. PRODINTEC is coordinator of the project working with the other 8 partners from 5 different countries ( microTEC, Norbert Schläfli Maschinen, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Design LED, ACP-IT GmbH, Fraunhofer IPA y MICROELECTRONICA). PRODINTEC, as responsible of design and execution of the exploitation plan, will work on the development and demonstration of the Light-Rolls line in their facilities. Contact details: David Gonzålez, Director Relaciones Externas, PhD P: (+34) 984 390 060 | F: (+34) 984 390 061 |

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



Research into the development of new food that regulates appetite and obesity (NEOBEFOOD)

Advanced Statistical Predictions for Financial Planning Sector: ICT – Information and Communications Technology

Sector: Food sector and Related


Project in collaboration with Laboratorios Ordesa, Biopartner and Indulleida. It is pioneer in investigation of new ingredients that act on the regulation of appetite and obesity from cereals, fruits, legumes, and olives They are developing new functional foods that can act preventively against obesity, influencing the connection between the brain and the gastrointestinal tract and regulating gastric and intestinal secretion hormones which have an important influence on appetite. Also in novel foods with functions neuroprotective that reinforce the central nervous system and prevent neurodegenerative diseases

R&D project based upon the development of forecast algorithms for predicting sales growth of an organization in the long term, taking into account both qualitative and quantitative variables. The result of this project is a software application that incorporates advanced statistical analysis techniques allowing its combination with market and business knowledge of the organization, improving both the forecasting process and its outcomes. Contact details:

Contact details: BelĂŠn Baviera P: (+34) 961 366 090

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies




MADE4U : New business models for customized products


Sector: Manufacturing Technologies

Sector: Aerospace

MADE4U. In this project, funded by the 7th Framework Programme of the EC, it has been developed the technology to design, produce and sell total personalised spectacles according to the optical, esthetical and morphological needs of each person. The user is digitalized in a few seconds and then the spectacles can be totally personalised, without loosing any optical function. The production is made through a delocalized supply chain over Europe. Spanish partners: Ascamm (coordinator), Indo Lens, Plastiasite and Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia.

The SINTONIA project has the main objective of developing new technologies leading to the creation of advanced components and platforms to be applied in the future unmanned air surveillance systems (UAVs) with minimum environmental impact. AICIA´s contribution to this project is focused on the development of navigation systems that allow the optimization of the energetic efficiency of the UAV.

Contact details: Joan Guasch P: (+34) 935 944 700 | F: (+34) 935 801 102

Contact details: Carlos Larrañeta Gómez-Caminero Director de I+D+I - AICIA P: (+34) 954 486 124

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



NAFISPACK: Natural Antimicrobials for innovative and safe packaging

NUCAPS (encapsulated aditives) Sector: Food-processing / pharmaceutical / nutraceutical / cosmetics


Sector: Food / Packaging Nafispack (2008-2011) supposes the biggest european initiative funded by the 7FP, aimed at developing safe and innovative packaging systems to extend the shelf life of fresh foodstuffs. It has achieved active antimicrobial compounds of natural origin that are incorporated into different packaging materials with an easy industrial implementation and without health risk for consumers, getting over the main barriers detected by the companies to use active packaging. Contact details: Dr. Susana Aucejo Coordinadora del Proyecto. ITENE

The target of the cooperative project NUCAPS is the technological development of micro and nanocapsules for food, nutraceuticals, cosmetics and drugs based on prior research results accomplished by the project partners (CNTA, UNAV, CINFA, IDIFARMA). It also tries to validate the technology, its scalability and its industrial and economic feasibility for each targeted sector. Contact details: Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria Carretera NA -134 km 50 31570 San Adrián (Navarra) P: (+34) 948 670 159 | F: (+34) 948 696 127 |

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies





Virtual Technologies in the Point of Sale

Sector: Food Industry

Sector: Footwear

AIDO has developed “Enovision” a system incorporating imaging technology that will allow quality control of grapes received in cellars. As a result, a prototype has been designed with the aim of obtaining automatically physical characteristics of each batch of grapes, optimizing processes and helping to ensure quality resulting in all ranges. With this new tool, wineries and wine cooperatives will perform more agile and more objectively classification of batches. Also they will store different digital images of the batches that will enhance analysis between varieties, plots or different vintages.

Working from the production of a virtual model generated by CAD, to producing the real shoe that appears in shops. This project aims to make the shoe buying experience evolve through the use of Information and Communication Technologies at the point of sale, such as: innovative 3D catalogues, interactive customisation of products and augmented reality based virtual mirrors.

Contact details: Elena Castellanos Ferrer Responsable Departamento de Marketing y R. Externas

Contact details: Polígono Industrial Campo Alto. C/. Alemania, 102 Apartado 253. 03600 - Elda – Alicante P: (+34) 965 395 213

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



AURÍGIDAS: Ballast flying phenomenon and train-track aerodynamic behaviour at the passage of high speed trains (300 km/h)

INPROFOOD Sector: Biotechnology / Health / Nutrition

Sector: Energy and Environment


The aim of the project is to search technological solutions to mitigate the ballast flying phenomenon in high speed lines. This phenomenon causes the limitation of train speed and causes important damages to vehicles and infrastructure. During the development of the project the consortium generates knowledge to characterize the phenomenon and it also works to develop new solutions for mitigate the phenomenon. In the context of the project CIDAUT developed technology for infrastructure maintenance machinery and a new patented product with the other partners. This product is a new sleeper with an advanced geometry that will be proof during 2012. Contact details: Parque Tecnológico de Boecillo, Parcela 209. 47151 Boecillo (Valladolid) P: (+34) 983 548 035 | F: (+34) 983 548 062

EU has identified food and health as key priorities to respond to the increase in obesity and diet-related chronic diseases amongst their population. Attempts to raise public awareness of appropriate ways to eat more healthily though do not seem to have led to significant changes in patterns of food purchase and consumption. INPROFOOD will foster dialogue and mutual learning between industry, academia and civil society already in the earliest stages of the research processes directed towards developing innovative approaches (technical and social) for dealing with the food and health challenge. This project is funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme. Contact details: CTAEX Ctra. Villafranco a Balboa Km 1,2 06195 Villafranco del Guadiana (Badajoz) P: (+34) 924 448 077

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies




LIVING SPACE LAB: User-oriented research in habitat

New technologies an efficient, an ecologic and an intelligent washing system of textiles for future. SEILA

Sector: Habitat

Sector: Textile

Living Space Lab gathers and analyzes information of user emotions, tastes and preferences in relation to purchasing and use motivations of home furniture. The project has developed an innovative methodology for emotional analysis based on virtual reality. The aim is generating business strategies that anticipate the demand through the development of products adapted to users lifestyles and their latent necessities at home. Supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of the Generalitat Valenciana.

The general objective of SEILA project is the research of new technologies that allow both, to have more efficient, ecological and intelligent washing systems and sanitizing as domestic and industrial level also, around the treatment of new generation multifunctional fabrics. AITEX is the reference textile research center in the project.

Contact details: AIDIMA

Contact details: Mar铆a Blanes, Responsable Grupo de Investigaci贸n

Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Case studies



CLOSE_SEARCH. Accurate and Safe EGNOS-SOIL Navigation for UAV-based low-cost SAR operations

Bitrack Sector: Biomedical Engineering Technologies

Sector: Civil Protection


The project aims to integrate thermal cameras and a GPS-navigation system EGNOS into an aerial robot (helicopter type) for use in search and rescue operations in remote areas of difficult access and in situations where time is a critical factor. The result is a demonstrator prototype of technology applied to the above missions. The option through unmanned helicopter is an alternative that combines the elimination of risk and the reduction in the use of conventional air means of high cost of operation, playing an important role in emergency management in the future. AIN brings to the project their experience in the development of autonomous robots based applications as well as the integration of the various navigation sensors and remote sensing devices into the aerial platform. Contact details: AIN |

Bitrack is a remote controlled robotic surgery system that allows the surgeon to operate from a cabin close to the patient while viewing the interior of the body in three dimensions. The controls give the surgeon's hand total freedom of movements, which are transferred to the four robotic arms placed on the patient. It allows the surgeon to make a change of scale, and actions are transferred automatically to a millimeter incision. Bitrack is smaller, faster and performs better than existing robotic surgery systems. The prototypes have been backed by the Mayo Clinic in the United States, which is a leader in using surgical robotics. Bitrack is internationally patented. Contact details: Edificio Til·lers (Pl. 1) C/Jordi Girona 31 8034 Barcelona T: +34 93 405 44 03

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The project’s goal is the development of a new product (Smart Sensory Furniture) to integrate it in an Ambient Intelligence System oriented to provide care, safety and prevention to care-dependent people, especially to the elderly. The system is based in ubiquitous computing technologies that involve the integration of wireless sensor networks in furniture, apart from control and intelligent decision. Contact details: Rafael Maestre Ferriz P: (+34) 968 752 040

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The activity of the Spanish Technology Centers has doubled in the past six years. The key of their success lies on their ability to identify and satisfy the real industry needs regarding research and innovation. Technology Centers operate in very different sectors applying cutting-edge technologies for a 33 wide variety of customers.

Sectors: Footwear, Environment, Food, Construction, Automotive, Furniture, Textile, Aerospace, Toys, Energies, Chemistry, Transport. Technologies: Materials, Metal Mechanics, Micro and Nanotechnologies, Production Processes, Biotechnology, Information Society Technologies.

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AICIA Industrial Research and Cooperation Association of Andalusia Research Areas Contractual research in the following sectors: Aerospace, Bioengineering, Energy and Enviroment, Manufacture and Materials, Organization and Production, Infrastructures, ICTs and Transports.


Address Camino de los Descubrimientos, s/n 41092 Sevilla P: (+34) 954 486 124 F: (+34) 954 463 153 |

AIDICO Technological Institute of Construction Research Areas Nanotechnology, traditional and advanced construction materials, security and sustainability in construction, fire security, pyrotechnics, structures diagnosis and heritage assessment. Address Avda. Benjamín Franklin 17. Parque Tecnológico 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 318 278 F: (+34) 961 318 033

AIDIMA Furniture, Wood, and Packaging Technology Institute

AIDO Technological Institute of Optics, Colour and Imaging

Research Areas Materials and products. Nanotechnology. Testing and quality control. Chemical analysis. Fire testing laboratory. Environment and safety. Logistic and technology of manufacture processes. Information technologies and communication. Economic and social research and strategic analysis. Packaging for transport and transport of dangerous goods. Paper and cardboard.

Research Areas Organic printing. ICT Media. Imaging. Hiperespectral Imaging. Optical Metrology. Optical sensors. Advanced Coatings. Laser Technology. Advanced Services.

Address C/ Benjamin Franklin, 13. Parque Tecnológico. 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 366 070 F: (+34) 961 366 185

Address C/ Nicolás Copérnico 7-13 Parque Tecnológico 46980 Paterna (Valencia) Apartado de Correos 139 P: (+34) 961 318 051 F: (+34) 961 318 007 |

AIMME Metal Mechanical Technology Institute Research Areas Iron, Steel and Other Metals. Wrought-Iron Stamping Treatment. Metallic Carpentry and Piping. Metallic ProduCentros Tecnológicos. Jewellry and Imitation Jewellry. Machinery and Mechanical Equipment. Transportation. Electrics and Electronics. Address Avda. Leonardo Da Vinci 38 Parque Tecnológico 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 318 559 F: (+34) 961 318 168 |

AIJU Technological Institute of Toys Research Areas Toys and Dolls. Childcare Articles. Die-stamping and Moulds. Plastic Transformation. Metal transformation. Fast Prototyping. Colouring. Adhesives. Address Avda. de la Industria 23 03440 Ibi (Alicante) Tel: (+34) 965 554 475 | Fax: (+34) 965 554 490 |

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AIMPLAS Plastic Technology Institute

AIN Navarra Industry Association

Research Areas Development of polymeric materials and plastic products: Sustainable materials (renewable sources, biodegradables and recycled). Nanomaterials. Materials with advanced properties. High performance composites: based on thermoplastic materials (TPC) and thermosetting resins (TSC). Funtional coatins., Improve properties of traditional materials and high performance materials. Development of composites advanced-curing systems. Processing of thermoplastic materials and continuous fibres. Improve of transformation plastic processes. Multifunctional structures and hybrids materials. Industry solutions: packaging, building and construction, automotive, transport and mobility, electrical-electronic, energy , agriculture, sport and leisure, medicine.

Research Areas Energy. Environment. Engineering for Industrial Plants. Safety and Control.

Address Gustave Eiffel 4 Apdo. 51. Parque Tecnológico de Valencia 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 366 040 F: (+34) 961 366 041 |

Address San Cosme y San Damián s/n 31191 Cordovilla (Navarra) P: (+34) 948 421 101 F: (+34) 948 421 100 |

AINIA Ainia Technology Center Research Areas Biotechnology. Nanotechnology. Food Technology. Chemical Technologies. Environmetal and Energetic Technologies. Electronics and ommunications.Industrial applications Food &Health. Food Quality & Safety. Industrial Design & Production. Sustainability. Food. Pharma. Chemical, Cosmetic and Packaging sectors.

AITEMIN Association for the Industrial Research and Development of Natural Resources Research Areas Extractive Industries. Underground Works. Construction Materials (Ceramics, Natural Stone, Aggregates). Fire and Explosion Hazards. Explosives. Pyrotechnics. Geology. Hydrogeology. Environment. Water and Soil Pollution. Waste Management. Geological storage of radioactive waste and CO2. Address Parque Tecnológico de Leganés C/Margarita Salas, 14 28918 Leganés (Madrid) P: (+34) 914 424 955 F: (+34) 914 417 856 |

AITEX Textile Industry Research Association Research Areas Nanotechnology, Technical Fibers, Biotechnology, Technical Finishings, Automotive, Textile Architecture, Intelligent Textiles, Biomedicine, Comfort, Health, Medical Textiles, Personal Protection, Sports Surfaces / Artificial grass, Composites, Technical textiles, Filtration, ICT, Energy / Environment, Design, Fashion and Trends. Address Plaza Emilio Sala 1 03801 Alcoy (Alicante) P: (+34) 965 542 200 F: (+34) 965 543 494 |

Address Benjamín Franklin 5-11. P. Tecnológico de Valencia 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 366 090 F: (+34) 961 318 008 |

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AITIIP AITIIP Foundation Research Areas 1) Composites & nanotechnology (nanomaterials (CNT – nanotubes and graphene mainly), thermoplastics + themostable materials and composites in general) – for all sectors (transport aeronautics - automotive, renewable energies, civil infrastructures


2) Manufacturing processes: Mechatronics and robotics - Automated processes (*Thermoset: RTM, infusion, oven mould) *Thermoplastic: injection, extrusion, compounding, blowing extrusion * Additive manufacturing (metals and plastics) 3) Plastic packaging for all sectors and technologies (from the concept to the serie – industrial processes) Address Polígono Industrial Empresarium C/ Romero nº 12 50720 Zaragoza P: (+34) 976 464 544 F: (+34) 976 476 187 |

ASCAMM Ascamm Private Foundation

ASINTEC The Technological Clothing

CARTIF Cartif Technology Centre

Research Areas Design and Advanced Production Technologies with Plastic, Composites and Metallic Material. Holistic Product Development. Rapid Manufacturing. Microtechnologies. Industrial Nanotechnology. Sensorization and Integrated Intelligence Systems. Robotics and Automation and Mechatronics. Knowledge-Based Systems. Positioning & Navigation Systems. Industrial Sustainability.

Research Areas e-wearable, microencapsulation, textiles supporting dependent people, medical textiles, Industrial production organization, Logistics.

Research Areas Food Biotechnology, applied chemical processes, building integration rree, sustainable management, ICTS, robotics and computer vision, materials Nanotechnology, structural design and control.

Address Parc Tecnològic del Vallès. Avda Universitat Autónoma, 23 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès (Barcelona) P: (+34) 935 944 700 F: (+34) 935 801 102 | GPS: +41º 29' 20'' +2º 7' 3''

Address Luis Braille 25 Pol. Ind. La Floresta 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo) P: (+34) 925 821 832 F: (+34) 925 720 005

BARCELONA MEDIA Barcelona Media Innovation Center Research Areas Audio. Voice and Language. Image. Information Management. Information, technology and society. Cognition and interactivity. Culture and Tourism Lab. Virtual Visualization Lab. Address Avda. Diagonal, 177 Pl. 9ÂŞ 08018 BCN P: (+34) 932 381 400 F: (+34) 933 093 188 |

Address Parque Tecnol. de Boecillo Parcela 205 47151 Boecillo (Valladolid) P: (+34) 983 546 504 F: (+34) 983 546 521 |

CEMITEC-CITEAN Cetena Foundation Research Areas Electronics, Fluid Mechanics & Thermal Engineering, Metal Materials, Polymer Materials, AUTOMOTIVE:Calculations, Simulation, Fatigue, NVH, Kinematics and Dynamics. Address PolĂ­gono MocholĂ­ - Plaza Cein NÂş 4 31110 Noain (Navarra) P: (+34) 848 420 800 F: (+34) 948 317 754 / /

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CETEM Murcia Wood and FurnitureTechnolgical Center Research Areas Upholstering. Furniture and Related. Furniture Manufacturing Machinery. New Materials with Applications in Furniture. Moulding and Foam Processes. Textiles. Production and automation Technologies.


Address Perales s/n 30510 Yecla (Murcia) P: (+34) 968 752 040 F: (+34) 968 751 331 |

CETEMMSA Cetemmsa Tecnological Centre Research Areas Printed Electronics, Organic Electronics, Smart Materials, Smart Objects, Functional Textile Structures. Automotive, Security, Protection, Defense, Health & Wellbeing, Sport, Textile, Packaging Decoration, Interior Design. Address Avda. de Ernest Lluch 36 Parc Científic i de la Innovació TecnoCampus 08302 Mataró (Barcelona) P: (+34) 937 419 100 F: (+34) 937 419 228


CNTA Technology and Food National Center

Research Areas Transport Safety, Product Process Materials, Energy and Environment. Sectors: Transport (Automotive, Railways, Aeronautics), Energy and Environment.

Research Areas Food and Health, New ingredients and additives, New processes

Address Parque Tecnol. de Boecillo Parcela 209 47151 Boecillo (Valladolid) P: (+34) 983 548 035 F: (+34) 983 548 062 |

Address Carretera NA -134 km 50 31570 San Adrián (Navarra) P: (+34) 948 670 159 F: (+34) 948 696 127 |

CTA Aeronautics Technology Center CMT Thermical engines research Center Research Areas Person and Merchandise Transport. Automotive. Injection/ Combustion. Air Management. Noise. Optical Techniques. Maintenance. Experimental Facilities. Address Camino de Vera s/n Universidad Politécnica de Valencia 46022 (Valencia) P: (+34) 963 877 650 F: (+34) 963 877 659 |

Research Areas Test Driven Development and Certification of Materials. Components and Aeronautical and Space Structures. Address Parque Tecnológico de Álava Juan de la Cierva 1 01510 Miñano (Álava) P: (+34) 945 296 924 F: (+34) 945 296 923

CTAEX Extremadura National Agro Food Technology Center Research Areas Agro (Sustainable production, aromatic and medicinal plants), Food (new product and process development, healthy food, agro-food by-products valorization) Agro Food Auxiliary Lines (Fertilizers, Plant Protection, Seeds). Sectors: Processed Tomato, Meats, Dairy, Cooked and Precooked, ready meals, Raw Materials Producers, Table Olives and olive oil. Address Ctra. Villafranco a Balboa Km 1,2 06195 Villafranco del Guadiana (Badajoz) P: (+34) 924 448 077 F: (+34) 924 241 002 |

CTAP Andalusian Stone Technology Center Research Areas Stone. Address Carretera Olula - Macael, Km 1,7 04867 Macael (Almería) P: (+34) 950 126 370 F: (+34) 950 126 078 |

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CTC Canned Food National Center Research Areas Agrofood. Address Concordia s/n 30500 Molina de Segura (Murcia) P: (+34) 968 389 011 F: (+34) 968 613 401 |


CTM Foundation CTM Technology Center Research Areas Materials Technology. Environment Technologies. Innovation Support. Waste Waters and Drinking Waters. Polluted Soil. EFM Simulation. Sheet Working. Iron and Steel Industry and Pulvimetallurgy. Innovation Methodologies. Energy. Bioengineering. Address Avda. Bases de Manresa, 1 08242 Manresa (Barcelona) P: (+34) 938 777 373 F: (+34) 938 777 374 |

CTME Miranda de Ebro Technology Center Foundation

FADA-CATEC Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies

Research Areas Environment Technologies, Ecodesign, Technology Materials and Services (Trials, Calibrations and Analytics).

Research Areas New aerospace materials. Automation and optimization of industrial processes. Development of new on board systems and sub-systems. Testing a of systems and sub-systems. UAV systems Developments and its associated technologies. Development of computer simulation techniques and its applications to systems, platforms and/or vehicles (integrated systems).

Address C/ Montañana Parcela R60-61. Pol. Ind. De Bayas 09200 Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) P: (+34) 947 331 515 F: (+34) 947 332 793 |

CTMETAL Metal Technology Center Research Areas Mechanic Industry Goods and Equipment. automation Processes. Fire Extinguishers Trial Service. Metrology and Calibration. Plant Protection products and Irrigation. Working Materials Behavior. Corrosion. Coatings. Address Polígono Industrial Oeste. Avda. Descubrimiento, Parc. 15 Apdo. 502 30169 San Ginés (Murcia) P: (+34) 968 897 065 F: (+34) 968 890 612 |

Address C/ Wilbur y Orville Wright 17-19-21 41309, La Rinconada (Sevilla) P: (+34) 954 179 002 F: (+34) 954 115 193 |

GRADIANT Galician Research and Development Center in Advanced telecommunications Research Areas Data Networks (Integrated Systems, Network Engineering, Wireless Communications, Multimedia Distribution Systems, Smart Grid), Radio Resource Management (Spectrum Engineering, Optical, Wireless and Wired Infrastructures, Signal Processing) Service Architectures (Cloud Computing, Integrated Systems, Advanced Applications), Communication Subsystems (High Frequency, Programmable Devices, Optical, Wireless and Wired Infrastructures, Signal Processing) Human Sensing (Facial Processing, Human-Computer Interfaces) Multimedia Signal Processing (Advanced Video Analysis, Multimedia Protection) Address Gradiant Edif. CITEXVI, local 14. Campus Universitario de Vigo 36310 Vigo P: (+34) 986 120 430 |

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IAT Andalusian Institute of Technology Research Areas Models for sustainable management, Personal development, Models and tools for products, processes and services development, Regional sistems of innovation, Business competitiveness factors, R&D result’s implementation.


Address C/ Leonardo da Vinci, 2. Edif. IAT Parque Científico-Tecnológico Cartuja. 41092 Sevilla P: (+34) 954 468 010 F: (+34) 954 460 407 |

INESCOP Footwear and Related Technology Institute Research Areas Footwear Materials (Contact Adhesives and Bioadhesives, Furs and Leathers, Polymers, Technical Textiles). Technologies (CAD-CAM Development, Digitalization, Prototyping, Sensors, Monitorization, Personalized Products). Prospective (Technological, Market and Fashion). Environment. Address Pol. Ind. Campo Alto. Apdo. Correos 253. 03600 Elda (Alicante) P: (+34) 965 395 213 F: (+34) 965 381 045 |

ITA Aragon Technology Institute

ITC Ceramic Technology Institute

Research Areas Materials Engineering, characterisation and advanced functional simulation, design and development of nanocomposites, structural integrity and reliability. Mechatronics and electric engineering, virtual prototyping and functional safety. ICT, services engineering, multimedia platforms. Logistics, transport and packaging. Intelligent machinery and energy efficiency.

Research Areas Smart manufacturing; Sustainable products and processes; Simulation of materials performance and production processes; Design of advanced materials; Synthesis of nanoparticles and coatings; Energy efficiency and new construction systems; Competitive intelligence.

Address María de Luna, 8 50018 Zaragoza P: (+34) 976 01 00 00 F: (+34) 976 01 18 88 | ITACA The Institute for the Applications of Advanced Information and Communication Technologies Research Areas Digital Electronic Systems and Industrial Electronics. High Performance Computing Systems. Telecommunication Systems. ICT in Health Care. Industrial Applications of Electromagnetism. Address Edifico 8G- Camino de la Vera s/n 46022 Valencia P: (+34) 963 877 278 F: (+34) 963 877 279 |

Address Campus Universitario del Riu Sec. Avda. de Vicent Sos Baynat s/n 12006 Castellón P: (+34) 964 342 424 F: (+34) 964 342 425 |

ITE Energy Technological Institute Research Areas Energy Storage and New Materials. Capital Goods for Electrical Infrastructure. Electrical Arc. Smart Grids. Electric Mobility and Transport. Interoperability. Energy Intelligence and Social Perception. Address Avda.Juan de la Cierva, 24 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 366 670 F: (+34) 961 366 680 |

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ITENE Packaging, Transport & Logistics Research Center Research Areas Nanomaterials. Development of Advanced News Materials. Packaging technologies systems. Packaging Optimization. Advanced Intelligent Systems. Sustainability. Advanced Logistics. Security and Safety. Transport and Mobility. Equipment Design and Development.


Address Parque Tecnológico Albert Einstein, 1 46980 Paterna (Valencia) P: (+34) 961 820 000 F: (+34) 961 820 001 | ITG Galician Technology Institute Research Areas Construction/Multisectorial. Technical services advanced for investigation and Technological Development. Energetic efficiency and environment. Sensor Area, monitoring and control. Construction and Sustainability, BREEAM. Technologies of Information, Open Source. Address Polígono de PO.CO.MA.CO. Sector i Portal 5. 15190 Mesoiro (A Coruña) P: (+34) 981 173 206 F: (+34) 981 173 223 |

ITI Computer Technology Institute Research Areas Software Design and Development.Mobility and Embedded Systems. Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing. Industrial ICT, Monitoring and Sensor Networks. Intelligent Optimization Solutions. Software Quality and Testing. Computer Vision 2D / 3D. OCR – Optical Character Recognition. Biometrics Address Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación Camino de Vera s/n Edif. 8G 46022 Valencia P: (+34) 963 877 069 F: (+34) 963 877 239 | ITMA Itma Foundation Research Areas Iron and Steel/Metallurgy. Mechanical Equipment. Power. Packaging. Corrosion. Joining. Surface Engineering. Mechanical Characterization. Material Behavior and Raw Materials service. Numeric simulation.

L’UREDERRA Foundation for technological and social development

PRODINTEC Asturias Technology Centre for Industrial Design and Production

Research Areas Manufacturing Pilot, Treatment and Application of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites, Chemical Synthesis on a Pilot Scale, New Materials and Technologies, Processes and Advanced Materials for the Environment.

Research Areas Product development & engineering, process engineering, manufacturing technologies, inspection processes and projects & innovation management.

Address Área Industrial ”Perguita” C/A Nº 1 31210 Los Arcos (Navarra) P: (+34) 948 640 318 F: (+34) 948 640 319 |

Address Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Gijón, zona INTRA Avda. Jardín Botánico, 1345 Edificio “Antiguo secadero de tabacos” 33203 Gijón (Asturias) P: (+34) 984 390 060 F: (+34) 984 390 061 Incubadora II Parque Científico de Madrid. C/ Santiago Grisolía, 2 – 1º Despacho P114 28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid) P: (+34) 911 260 504

Address Parque Tecnológico de Asturias 33428 Llanera (Asturias) P: (+34) 985 980 058 F: (+34) 985 265 574 |

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Fedit Collaborating Members CIT UPC The Innovation and Technology Centre Foundation of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya Contact

RETA The Andalusian Technology Network



Fedit. Annual Report 2011

Annual Report 2011 Technology Centers of Spain


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Fedit. C/ Francisco Gervás, 14 1º B. 28020 Madrid (Spain) T: (+34) 915 795 262 F: (+34) 915 671 290 |

Fedit Annual Report 2011  

Fedit Annual Report 2011

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