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2010 Reunion: Saturday June 5, 2010 1 PM tour of high school Meet at the student parking lot.

We are so glad you are planning on attending the Class of ‘88 reunion this summer! This is a free reunion because it is so hard to get people to commit and pay the money necessary for food and entertainment in a timely manner. We would like to ask everyone to consider bringing a donation for Bryon Martin’s band that is entertaining us this year for free. We recommend a $5 to $10 donation. Following are a couple pages of questions and contact information. It would be very helpful to planning this event and our next reunion if you would complete this information and email it to us no later than 5/15/2010. Please send your completed form to the contact information on the right. Please keep an eye on the Facebook group information and the classmates website for the latest updates and news on this reunion. We will post on these sites if there is a change due to weather. See you soon! Beverly (Sprowls) Fry, Kevin Oliver and Nikki (Reinecke) Fuhrmann

5 PM Teal Lake Shelter Bring your own meal. 8 PM Bryon Martin’s band will entertain the group. (Teal Lake Shelter) Please send your completed form to: Beverly (Sprowls) Fry Email: Fax: 970-472-9098 Mail: PO Box 218 Fort Collins, CO 80522

First Name

Last Name

Married Last Name

Guest’s Name



State, Zip

Children’s Names



You may share this contact information with my classmates. Yes or No (please circle) Something you may not know about me……

In my free time I like ………..

What is your work? How did you get involved in the career you have right now?

Tell us something you would like to share about your family or personal life.

What do you miss about being a teenager in high school?

If you had a million dollars to DONATE to a charity where would it go?

What high school memory always makes you laugh when Would the person you are now like the person you were in you think about it now? high school? Why or Why Not?

'88 Reunion Info Form  

R U headed to the reunion on 6/5/10. Please download and complete this form and send it back to via one of the methods on the form or email...