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Best Multi-Family Office Caribbean 2017

The Holt-Dunn family has been managing investments and assets for generations

Five generations ... and it all started here

“One cannot be truly prepared for the ordeals and challenges of the future without a detailed knowledge and understanding of the past, for the future is directly shaped by the actions of the past� - Sir Herbert Holt 44

SIR HERBERT HOLT created a business empire that spanned three continents during one of the most turbulent periods in history, including the Great Depression. Holt also served as president and chairman of the Royal Bank of Canada from 1908 –1941, multiplying its assets 15-fold during his tenure. Sir Herbert's legacy and enviable record was carried into what is today Holdun Multi-Family Office, an independent multi-family office providing discretionary wealth management, tax and estate planning and asset protection. This Family Office is owned and controlled by the Dunn and Meier families who provide services for individuals, families, private companies, foundations and endowment funds. Today, the Dunn and Meier families' investment focus is multinational, and includes investment banking participation for clients, as well as related personal financial services. The Family Office was founded to manage and transfer established wealth across generations. But what is different about Holdun Family Office? Holdun Family Office is unique in that the team manages and invests their clients' money, the same way it manages and invest its own money. Experience and objectivity, as well as transparency, is offered to all their clients in the same way as it is offered to their own families. How many managers can make similar claims? Holdun Family Office is a discreet private provider of personal financial services and not aligned with any financial institution. The Dunn and Meier families are committed to optimising prudent returns and providing related personal services to their clients. The ultimate objective of most families is to transfer wealth to future generations in a tax-effective and strategic

manner. Holdun is eminently capable of executing these objectives for its clientele, working in partnership with each client's advisors. Holdun provides personal services such as bill-paying, revenue collection, assistance with age-care, personal healthcare, education, and property management,. Its mission is to assist all clients and their families in growing assets, protecting existing wealth and preparing the next generation for the responsibilities they will assume in the future. Holdun also differs from other independent wealth managers and family offices in the following important ways: GENERATIONAL PLANNING With individual and family clients, Holdun works with the entire family offering counselling on investments, taxes, estate planning and philanthropy from an early age. INTEGRATION OF SERVICES Holdun oversees clients' entire financial universe, in keeping with its family policy. LONG-TERM COMMITMENT Holdun assists clients in strategic wealth planning for current and future generations. LONGEVITY Holdun has survived and prospered through many financial crises, constantly proving its ability to generate beneficial returns. INDEPENDENCE Holdun is a truly independent family office, owned and controlled by the Dunn and Meier families and placing the interests of their clients first. Holdun's independence frees it from any potential conflicts of interest and allows it to act always in the clients' best interests. Holdun suggests only those investments that have been thoroughly researched and that meet its own rigorous evaluation. This, combined with the alignment of interests with their clients, makes for Holdun Family Office a family

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Business Vision Autumn 2017  

Business Vision Autumn 2017