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As we begin a new chapter in our lives—universally referred to as “2015” —it is important to reflect back on 2014 and ask one simple question: “Was it a good year?” Admittedly, that is going to be harder to answer than it sounds: the very definition of “good” is subjective and often not truly defined at all. However, to correctly audit our annual performance, we need to establish a definition as well as a means of measurement. For example, one goal from 2014 may have been to gain the business of a specific client yet as of today, that goal is still a work-in-progress. Does that equate to failure, or are the steps that have been taken toward achievement— sending tailored marketing materials; connecting on social media; landing a meeting—enough to constitute satisfaction? Determine your standards and stick to them. Now that everything is defined, it’s time to be honest with yourself: Write down the major goals from 2014 and determine your level of success with each. For each goal that wasn’t achieved, ask why not; for each goal that was, ask what could have been done better. Finally, determine at least 3 key takeways from 2014 and use that knowledge to catapult success in 2015. Only by looking at our past experiences today can we ensure future growth.


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spots in 2015


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48 DASNY Bronx Mental Health Redevelopment


56 Turner Construction Alexandria Center at Kendall Square Project 66 WEST Builders Inc. 74 Archer Western Construction Norman Wastewater Facility Project

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98 Eagle Chief Midstream

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Business travels can get pricey, not to mention ted signing up for an airline-based rewards program c make sure the perks are worth the points. W R I T T E N B Y L I N D S E Y R YA N


Month 2014


dious, and can help—just


FINANCE THE HOLIDAY SEASON is coming to an end and it’s officially time to embrace a new year. Looking back, we can appreciate how fun and festive the past few months have been: enjoying the seasonal Starbucks lattes, ice skating with friends, feasting at family gatherings and shopping for the perfect White Elephant gift for the office holiday party. However, in addition to noticing a change in our waistline, we may have also noticed a difference in our wallets. January is the perfect time to get monthly agendas in order, schedule Q1 meetings and start to arrange business seminars. Corporate calendars fill up quickly, and as many business executives can attest, traveling (either by plane, train, or car) in 2015 is inevitable. While we can’t avoid the trip, we can at least reduce the pain. Saving time, sanity and most importantly, money, is more crucial than ever— especially after the holiday season excess spending— and with continued price increases, travel is becoming even more can be extremely expensive than ever before—but luckily, there are some solutions. This year, start traveling smart and 8

January 2015

take advantage of what airlines are trying to offer frequent flyers. Airlines offer a variety of Rewards Programs in which members obtain points each time a flight is purchased with the intention of later redeeming these points for items of value, like airline tickets. Additional benefits such as free checked bags, priority boarding and free Wi-Fi are also attainable—and any of the three are priceless given the right situation. In addition to the perks “earned” through points, staff at airports usually take notice of frequent patrons and have been known to provide favors, such as expedited security, when possible. No matter how small, anything free is welcome, especially during a travel. January is the perfect month to enroll in a rewards program—most memberships are renewed annually and points don’t always roll over. Take advantage of the entire 12 months and try to use those points: They were earned! Factoring in criteria such as average flight price, benefits rewarded and availability for/frequency of flights (i.e. how far can you go and how often do blackout dates occur?), U.S. News & World Report published a ranking of


airline rewards programs in the U.S. We recommend starting any research here: 1. JetBlue TrueBlue With domestic service mainly offered throughout the East Coast (think NYC and Orlando), as well as flights to the Caribbean, JetBlue’s TrueBlue membership is probably not ideal for the West Coast traveler. Regardless, it must be doing something right, U.S. News & World Report ranked this program as the best in the nation (score of 4.34 out of 5), and we tend to agree. The JetBlue TrueBlue membership comes in two tiers:

Basic: To qualify: Free Benefits: Points can be earned for every dollar spent on a JetBlue flight or vacation package, as well as flights taken on Emirates had Hawaiian Airlines as well as Silver Airways. Points can also be earned via purchases made on the TrueBlue credit card from American Express. TrueBlue Mosaic: To qualify: Fly on 30 JetBlue flight segments and earn a minimum of 12k base flight points in one year OR earn 15k base flight points in one year. Benefits: Free checked bags,

Members of airline rewards programs are given various perks such as free baggage check and the ability to bypass lines like this (Photo credit: bodorka /


0 M obusiness n t h 2 0 1 4 executives will agree, travel is inevitable As1most


expedited security, priority boarding/ seating and waived fees for any changed or canceled flights for you and any other travelers booked under the same reservation. 2. Southwest Rapid Rewards Coming in second with a score of 3.92 out of 5, Southwest Rapid Rewards program is great for travelers based in the southwest United States who frequently travel within the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean. Points are earned for every dollar spent on a Southwest or AirTran flight and through partnering hotels, car rental companies and retailers. Points can also be earned by using the Southwest Rapid Rewards credit card through Chase Visa—and credit card holders can use earned points for international flights, hotels and gift cards. There are 4 tiers to membership with Southwest: Basic: To qualify: Free Benefits: Points are acquired as follows: 12 points per dollar on “Business Select fares”; 10 points per dollar on “Anytime” fares; and

6 points per dollar on “Wanna Get Away” fares. A-List: To qualify: Fly 25 flight segments or accrue 35k points within one year. Benefits: 25 percent point bonus on top of the point plan above. Membership also includes access to stand-by priority; priority boarding; and “Fly By Access,” which allows you to bypass long waits at ticketing and security. A-List Preferred: To qualify: Fly 50 flight segments or earn 70k points within one year. Benefits: In addition to the benefits listed above for A-List membership, A-List Preferred also includes free inflight Wi-Fi (when available) and offers members a 50 percent point bonus on top of the basic point plan. Companion Pass: To qualify: Fly 100 flight segments or earn 110k points within one year. Benefits: In addition to the benefits listed in A-List and A-List Preferred, Companion Pass membership allows you to bring one person with you when 11


Part of traveling efficiently means planning ahead. Joining an airlines rewards program in the beginning of the year allows for maximum accural and redemption of points

you fly for free (after purchasing a ticket for yourself).

3.81 out of 5. Alaska offers 5 membership tiers:

3. Alaska Airlines Mileage Program Although Alaska Airlines’ geographic range is primarily Northwest (think Seattle, Portland and, well, Alaska), their mileage program allows you to earn and redeem points on Alaska flights or through purchases with 14 other partner airlines, 13 hotel brands and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card. With all of these options, earning points should be a breeze— and is probably a big factor in their 3rd place ranking, with a score of

Basic: To qualify: Free Benefits: Points can be earned through flights on other carriers including American Airlines, Delta Airlines and British Airways, or by staying at a Hilton, Marriott or other well-known hotel chain. Members can also redeem points through these partner brands as well.


January 2015

MVP: To qualify: Fly 20k miles or 30 flight segments within a year on Alaska,


or 25k miles or 30 flight segments on a combination of Alaska flights and partner carrier flights. Benefits: Complimentary upgrades on economy class seats; eligible for complimentary upgrades within 48 hours of departure; priority boarding and seating; free baggage check; and 50 percent earnings bonus on miles. MVP Gold: To qualify: Fly 40k miles or 60 flight segments within a year on Alaska, or 50k miles or 60 flight segments on a combination of Alaska flights and partner carrier flights. Benefits: In addition to those mentioned above, also eligible for complimentary upgrades within 72 hours of departure; complimentary upgrade for travel companion, when available; complimentary premium beverage when seated in economy; expedited security; and 100 percent earnings bonus on miles. MVP Gold 75K: To qualify: Fly 75k miles or 90 flight segments within a year on Alaska, or 90k miles or 90 flight segments on a combination of Alaska flights and

partner carrier flights. Benefits: In addition to those mentioned above, also eligible for complimentary upgrades within 5 days of departure; lounge access; 4 complimentary day passes for lounge access; one-time gift of 50k bonus miles; complimentary upgrade for travel companion, when available; complimentary premium beverage when seated in economy; complimentary handheld in-flight entertainment player. Club 49: To qualify: Residents of Alaska or members of the military who are permanently stationed in Alaska are eligible for membership Benefits: 2 free checked bags on flights to or from destinations in Alaska; two annual Travel Now discount codes that allow for 30 percent off one-way tickets. While there are pros and cons to every airline’s rewards program, by removing blackout dates and providing points that never expire, JetBlue wins our vote!




With cyber attacks on the rise, implementing proactive security tactics is no longer a nice-to-have: it’s a must. W R I T T E N B Y: P O O J A T H A K K A R


January 2015


TECHNOLOGY WITH THE ADVANCEMENT of technology comes the increased risk of security breaches. Two decades ago, cyber crime was mostly an operational problem; today, however, cyber attacks are much more sophisticated and have become a global issue with the potential to ruin businesses, customers and entire economies. The word “cyberspace” was first introduced in 1982 by science fiction author William Gibson, who used the term to describe “a consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators,” and “a graphic representation of data abstracted from the banks of every computer in the human system” in his novel “Neuromancer.” Perhaps the novel wasn’t as fictional as intended: Cyberspace has become the recognized definition for computing devices, networks, fiberoptic cables, wireless links and other infrastructure that together create the internet. This technology has changed the world as we know it, and continues to open doors most of us never thought possible. But like all good things in life, there are downsides to this extraordinary 16

January 2015

Organizations are more vulnerable tha evaluate and update current security m invention, and hackers are at the top of that list. The Early Days One of the main reasons why cyberspace is so difficult to protect is due to its origin: the internet as a concept was initially designed to promote connectivity, not security, partially because the networks originally used also happened to be managed by America’s military. As hackers arrived on the scene, however, additional security

an ever and should consistently measures measures from antivirus programs to firewalls were developed in response. As a viable solution, these “band aids” didn’t last very long—as we got smarter, so did the hackers. Current Risks Since the creation of the internet, cyber crimes have accelerated at an unimaginable rate. Gone are the days of a single-person attack—today’s hackers form collaborative groups that are often tied to terrorism or organized crime. “Cyber destruction”

is a real concern, and the potential damage a company or even an entire country could sustain should one of these hostile powers gain access to “secure” data or communications networks is entirely too great. Edward Snowden, a contractor for America’s National Security Agency (NSA), recently made headline news after raising concerns over the mass surveillance tactics carried out by Western intelligence agencies. Growing numbers of cyber warriors like Snowden are being recruited by 17

TECHNOLOGY countries that see cyberspace as the future platform of warfare. President Barack Obama even admitted in a 2014 White House press release that cyber threats “pose one of the gravest national security dangers� the country has ever faced. Financial Implications The annual global cost of digital crime and intellectual property theft according to the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) is $445 billion, a sum roughly equivalent to the GDP of a country such as Austria. The financial burden


January 2015

experienced by victims of cyber attacks is exponentially greater than the cost of increasing security. However, as illustrated in the chart below, the consistent increase in information-security spending has not resulted in a decrease of cyber attacks. In 2013, 800 million records were breached due to cyber attacks on a global basis, up from approximately 200 in 2012. (The chart below does not include numbers for 2014 beyond Q1). Risky Advancements To put it bluntly, the more we


“advance,” the more we put ourselves at risk. The recent introduction of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) exposes businesses, consumers and even countries more than ever before— organizations, especially those who rely heavily on technology, need to focus on implementing preventative tactics and increasing security measures. Already on the market and being used in every day situations, the next few years will witness the continued adoption of this technology: countless devices, from household appliances and gadgets to medical equipment and cars, will allow for remote monitoring and controlling. This “convenience” comes packaged with additional layers of concern: the more data we make available, the more data to be (potentially) hacked. Willy Leichter, the global director of cloud security for CipherCloud, explained the severity of this potential risk to TechNewsWorld: “It’s like any new technology: the standards haven’t [been] solidified and no one has looked at the underlying security. There are also a lot of opensource tools used by these devices that may have vulnerabilities.” Carl Leonard, a senior manager at

Websense Security Labs, agreed with Leichter and added that, “Because these devices are Web-enabled, they give hackers an additional entry point into a business. That’s what’s going to intrigue the malware authors and what they’ll be attacking in 2015.” It’s crucial to have adequate security protection so that the “Internet of Things” does not become the “Internet of Hacked Things.” Additionally, while cyber spying has historically been directed at computer systems, cloud-based and mobile devices will soon become the target focus, predicted Michael Shaulov, CEO of Lacoon Mobile Security. “We’re going to see more attacks that are leveraging WiFi hotspots, fake base stations or even more aggressive exploitation of mobile browsers or messaging applications,” he said. Going Global Until now, Russia, China and the United States have dominated the cyber spying scene, but technology is evolving on a global-basis and in 2015, more players may join the table. “We can expect some of the developing economies—countries forecasted for high economic 19


As technology advances, so do hackers growth—to engage in [cyber spying] to protect their growth status,” Websense Security Labs’ Leonard explained to TechNewsWorld. “Those players have yet to be revealed.” But the addition of new risks doesn’t remove the original: Russia’s cyber attack on the West will continue, forecasts SentinelOne, as will China’s cyber espionage efforts. Further, SentinelOne also predicts a rise in cyber espionage activity by Pakistan, 20

January 2015

though mostly directed at India. Protection is Key Cyber attacks are hard to pull off but not impossible—the real battle seems to be on the security side. Organizations need to get the basics of cyber security right and fortunately, there are companies ready to help. All too often breaches are caused by minor blunders, such as failing to encrypt sensitive data. Companies

lot of damage can be done in one day, let alone 229.cpotential solutions. Synack: This automated platform pairs together the best white hat hackers and applies them to company’s security risk assessment.

COMPANIES THAT CAN HELP Mandiant: The security software company that sold to FireEye for $1 billion believes the question is no longer about prevention but about detection. Rapid 7 and IBM’S Qradar: These security platforms focus on identifying behavioral defects in real-time.

need early-warning systems that detect and alert, as well as systems to reveal what data has been compromised and by whom. With this information, security defenses can be adjusted accordingly. Technology and cyber attack techniques are constantly evolving, so organizations’ security methods need to do the same. The average length of time it takes for a threat to be detected on a corporate network is 229 days—a

Ionic Security: The company focuses on solving end-to-end encryption problems—even if hackers succeed at stealing the data, they won’t be able to read it. Shape Security: With revolutionary “shape shifting” software, this company goes after hackers by mirroring attack-methods used on organizations. Splunk: Crowdsourcing techniques track threats and offer relevant, potential solutions. organizations. Synack: This automated platform pairs together the best white hat hackers and applies them to company’s security risk assessment.


TOP 10

TOP 10

0 for 2015 us destinations Written by: Jennifer White


TOP 10 IT MAY ONLY be the first month of the year but chances are the corporate calendar has already been mapped out by quarter through 2016 (including specific milestones, goals, projections, etc.)—and chances are, personal calendars have not been touched. This year, resolve to change that habit. The significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is often overlooked however the imbalance tends to catch up—personal relationships, personal happiness and personal health can all be negatively affected if not correctly managed, not to mention exposing the risk of the “burnout factor.” Taking time off is one way to balance business and pleasure but taking the time to even plan time off is often trumped by corporate concerns. That stops now: Putting off the planning period can result in missed opportunities and, ultimately, the dreaded work-life imbalance. Unless the plan is to simply hibernate at home, most timeoff includes travel, which can be a great way to decompress 24

January 2015

and decrease the stress—if done right. However, a lack of planning can actually result in more stress: After waiting until the last minute, the best hotels are booked, restaurants are no longer accepting reservations and airline ticket prices have gone up. Suddenly, a simple attempt to book the ideal vacation becomes an (inevitably disappointing and scrambled) attempt to book whatever is left. Back to that new resolution: plan ahead and control the risk. Start the research now to ensure the trip is worth the time—we even did some of the legwork for you by analyzing countless must-see and best-of lists for 2015 travel and compiling our own list of 10 mustsee U.S. spots in 2015.


Palm Springs, California

Fly into the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which the editors at Forbes ranked as the 4th most scenic airport in the entire world, rent a convertible and take a leisurely drive 2 hours east

T O P 1 0 U S D E S T I N AT I O N S F O R 2 0 1 5

to Palm Springs, #30 on Travel + Leisure’s Best Places to Travel in 2015 (that’s a worldwide list, by the way.) From 4-star boutique hotels to 5-star celebrity-owned restaurants, this desert oasis has a lot more to offer today than Bob Hope could have ever imagined. While the cuisine and accommodations are important factors when selecting a destination, so too is entertainment, and Palm Springs does not disappoint. Play a round of golf at one of more than 100 courses (we recommend Indian Wells Golf Resort); ride the Aerial Tramway to the top of San Jacinto Mountain for a scenic hike; or simply spend the day lounging by the pool post-spa and pre-casino: There is literally something for everyone to do in a relaxed environment where everything seems to slow down. See: Agua Caliente Casino Stay: Desert Springs JW Marriot Resort & Spa Snack: Spencer’s Restaurant


The Carolinas

Multiple cities throughout North and South Carolina continually rose to the top of this year’s must-see lists, and we agree: The sister states are not to be missed. North Carolina North Carolina is a unique combination of historic preservation and cosmopolitan expansion. Raleigh, one of USA Today’s best

up-and-coming neighborhoods in the country for 2015, is a perfect representation of the mix. Part of a three-city area referred to as the “Triangle Area,” Raleigh is approximately 30 miles northwest of Durham, the city that snagged the 49th spot on Travel + Leisure’s global list, “Best Places to Travel in 2015.” The Triangle Area is completed by Chapel Hill about 11 25

TOP 10 miles to the south. The Triangle Area is home to two major universities, Duke and UNC, as well as the Stanley Cup-winning Carolina Hurricanes. World-class museums and pre-Civil War era architecture are joined by a bustling nightlife featuring notable restaurants, bars and breweries, all of which is surrounded by nature preserves, hiking trails, parks, lakes and more. Not convinced? The DurhamChapel Hill area was dubbed “America’s Foodiest Small Town” by Bon Appétit magazine. Your stomach can thank us later. See: American Tobacco Historic District (Raleigh) Stay: The Umstead Hotel and Spa (Raleigh) Snack: One (Durham-Chapel Hill) South Carolina The state’s oldest and secondlargest city has also been recognized as the #1 city in the U.S. for the past four consecutive years, according to Condé Nast Traveler. The genuine kindness of locals is complimented by the 26

January 2015

manicured yards and dollhouselike homes in the Rainbow Row district, a visual metaphor for the Charleston community. Throughout the city, architecture reflects a subtle migration toward modernity juxtaposed with a strong respect for historic preservation. The Charleston Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from April to December, while Battery Park, which rests on the corners of Cooper River and Ashley River, can be enjoyed all year. King Street offers unique shopping at local boutiques, and a visit Fort Sumter National Monument, the official starting point of the Civil War, should be included on every itinerary. Greenville may not be the first city that comes to mind when

Battery Park in the historic waterfront area of Charleston, South Carolina

T O P 1 0 U S D E S T I N AT I O N S F O R 2 0 1 5

planning a vacation but perhaps it should: Lonely Planet ranked the small city (population: less than 65k) #7 on its list of “Best in the U.S. 2015” while Forbes dubbed it one of America’s Best Downtowns. If time permits, try to also visit one (or more) of the Sea Islands, #16 on National Geographic Traveler’s “Best Trips 2015” list and about a 1 hour flight from Greenville. See: Falls Park on the Reedy (Greenville) Stay: French Quarter Inn (Charleston) Snack: Soby’s(Greenville)


Las Vegas, Nevada

A man-made fantasy world, Las Vegas provides visitors with an escape from the limitations of “reality.” Bald blue men bang on objects covered in paint; magicians perform acts with wild animals; water fountains dance to classical music; hotel suites include accurately-sized sporting venues (think indoor basketball court or bowling lane); the Eiffel Tower is taking lunch reservations; and

everyone around is winning lots and lot of money. The allure can be intoxicating. The Las Vegas Strip is slightly more than 4 miles in length yet acts as the base for 15 of the 25 biggest hotels in the world—and it is a worldwide selection: From Egypt to Greece, Italy to Rio, globe-trotting just got a lot easier, not to mention cheaper. The city’s continued growth and trend-setting character result in an unparalleled ability to stay relevant. Despite its long history, U.S. News & World Report named Sin City the 17th best place to visit in the USA, and Travel + Leisure ranked it #25 of the 50 on the global list of travel destinations to see in 2015. See: The canals in the Venetian Stay: SLS Hotel & Casino Snack: Joel Robuchon



According to Lonely Planet, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the two best regions to visit in 2015 in the entire world. Timing couldn’t be better for 27

TOP 10 See: Trail Ridge Road (Rockies) Stay: The Innsbruck (Aspen) Snack: The White House Tavern (Aspen)

6 Grays and Torreys Peaks in the Colorado Rocky Mountains with Snow on Aspen Trees and Lake Dillon in the Foreground

potential visitors: 2015 marks the park’s 100th anniversary and the celebrations, which are set to include speakers, concerts, art shows and more. If a centennial celebration isn’t reason enough to book a trip, perhaps the 355 miles of hiking trails will help. To make the most of the Silver State, we recommend staying in Aspen, the picturesque town nestled beneath the soaring mountains and U.S. News & World Report’s 20th pick for stateside travel in 2015. Known best for being a premier ski destination, the off-season has options for visitors as well—just head back up the Rockies for worldclass hiking, or to one of the nearby natural hot springs for natureinduced relaxation. 28

January 2015


Commanding two spots on Travel + Leisure’s coveted list of “World’s Greatest Dream Trips,” the state of Massachusetts is definitely a must-see for 2015: The state as a whole was the 34th pick while Williamstown captured #49. Did we mention this is a globally-based list of greatest dream trips? Two other cities in the nation’s 7th smallest state are worth a

Home to world-class educational facilities including Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. is one of the hottest American cities for 2015

T O P 1 0 U S D E S T I N AT I O N S F O R 2 0 1 5

trip as well: U.S. News & World Report named Cape Cod as 12th best place to visit in America, and Business Insider considers Cambridge the 4th hottest American city for 2015. With so many choices, it may be hard to decide which to visit—sounds like a road trip! Williamstown to Cambridge is approximately 3 hours by car, and a drive from Cambridge to Cape Cod will take around 2 hours. See: The Clark Art Institute (Williamstown) Stay: The Provincetown Hotel at Gabriel’s (Cape Cod) Snack: Oleana (Cambridge)



Considered by Travel + Leisure to be the 18th greatest place in the entire world for a dream vacation, the tropical appeal of Hawaiian Islands has become synonymous with paradise—and with good reason. Eight major islands make up the state of Hawaii, and while each is capable of meeting dream

vacation standards, one in particular stands out above the rest: Maui. U.S. News & World Report’s top choice for places to visit in the USA and 4th pick in the world is also the state’s second largest island. Home to white sandy beaches, aqua blue oceans, lush parks and rainforests, and portraitworthy views, Maui is the ideal setting for a magical vacation. Swim under a waterfall, attend a luau, take a helicopter tour, play some golf and try to relax: Island time is contagious (and that’s a good thing), so embrace the change. See: The sunrise from summit of Haleakala National Park Stay: Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea Snack: Mama’s Fish House


TOP 10 joined by luxury hotels, Michelinstarred restaurants and some of the best shopping in the country. Ready for a history lesson now? See: The National Mall Stay: The Jefferson Snack: The Inn at Little Washington The Capitol building in Washington DC is visited by three million tourists every year


Washington, DC

As the historical and political foundation of the United States, our nation’s capital has always been a hot spot for tourism. From school field trips and family adventures to romantic getaways and weekend escapes, this cultural hub is an obvious choice for 2015: along with Rocky Mountain National Park, Lonely Planet named the District of Columbia the best region to visit in 2015 in the entire world. Monuments (Washington), memorials (Jefferson), mansions (White House!) and museums (The Smithsonian has 17 alone) are 30

January 2015


Bay Area, California

Nine counties collectively represent the Northern California flagship known as the Bay Area, which is the second largest region in the state and the fifth largest in the nation. It also appeared on nearly every list we reviewed. Like many destinations in our Top 10, the sheer number of options for a world-class experience in unforgettable locations including the bustling city of San Francisco and the rolling hills of Wine Country, set this destination apart in 2015. Hop on a ferry for a tour of Alcatraz; check out Pier 39 and the seals at Fisherman’s Wharf; ride a cable car; have a picnic in Presidio Park—all of these classic tourist

T O P 1 0 U S D E S T I N AT I O N S F O R 2 0 1 5

2 A popular tourist attraction, San Francisco’s Hyde Street Cable Car Tram is also a convenient mode of transportation around the city

to-dos are easily accessible, typically available and relatively close to one another. A quick 90-minute drive across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge is the most effort required for a visit to Napa Valley, the home of more than 400 wineries, Michelin-starred restaurants and a culturallyrich community. While in Wine Country, visitors can also check out the hot springs in Calistoga, watch Old Faithful erupt, or take a cooking class at the world-famous Culinary Institute of America. See: Castello di Amorosa (Napa Valley) Stay: Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square (San Francisco) Snack: The French Laundry (Napa Valley)

New York City

Five boroughs are represented under the collective name New York City, a common stop addition to any traveler’s bucket list and U.S. News & World Report’s 5th pick on both the international and U.S.-based “best-of” lists. Yet another destination overflowing with options, the cultural center of America is consistently evolving, pushing the limits in business, art, dining and more while the world takes note. The classic touristmust-sees (Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Museum of Modern Art, etc.) are certainly sights worth

Robert F. Kennedy Bridge (aka Triborough Bridge) in New York connects Queens with Manhattan and the Bronx 31

TOP 10 seeing, but keep in mind that the Big Apple has more to offer every day. The neighborhood of Queens, Lonely Planet’s #1 choice for U.S. travel in 2015, is a prime example of this growth and transformation— from museum upgrades and a new 24-block art district to art-specific events and sponsorships, this neighborhood is poised to become one of the more influential art communities in the world. Food lovers have also taken notice, flocking to the neighborhood markets to sample the diverse cuisine. The restoration of the Rockaway boardwalk, which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, is well underway. Among the obvious must-see spots uncovered during our research, we came across one that is relatively-unfamiliar: Catskills, NY, is a mountain town approximately 100 miles from the city, and Travel + Leisure’s 3rd choice among the 50 best worldwide places to travel this year (Manhattan was #46.) Upon further inspection, we see what we’ve been missing and have added it to our travel list for the year.


January 2015

See: Ground Zero Stay: Casablanca Hotel Times Square Snack: Eleven Madison Park


U.S. National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park, which shares the title of the world’s Best Region to Visit in 2015 according to Lonely Planet, already appeared on this list at #7 – Colorado. Despite the prestigious ranking, however, the Rockies are going to have to share the top title on this list with America’s other natural treasures—all 58 of them. From Yellowstone and Yosemite to the Grand Canyon and Grand Teton, the U.S. National Parks are all worth visiting—and with 59 in total, that annual plan may need to extend out a few more years. Visit for a complete list of U.S. National Parks Lists reviewed for this article include: • U.S. News & World Report—20 Best Places to Visit in the USA; World’s Best Places to Visit • Lonely Planet—Best in the U.S. 2015 • The Daily Eight—8 Interested • Destinations in North America

T O P 1 0 U S D E S T I N AT I O N S F O R 2 0 1 5

• National Geographic Traveler—Best Trips 2015 • Business Insider—15 Hottest American Cities for 2015 • Travel + Leisure—World’s Greatest Dream Trips • USA Today—10Best: Up-and-coming-neighborhoods • Forbes—Most Scenic Airports in the World • Condé Nast Traveler’s—Readers’ Choice Awards 2013

Yellowstone National Park contains the majority of the world’s geysers


PND Engineers, Inc.

PND Engineers Moves the Bar for Arctic Projects How this 35-year-old company is stealing the show. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes



NPRA Pipeline support bridge placement


ith a focus on complex projects in challenging conditions, PND is setting a new standard for Arctic engineering. Founded in 1979, PND offers a range of services from general civil engineering to marine and building structural engineering to geotechnical and coastal engineering and much more. While it is not their sole area of expertise, the company really outshines the competition in Arctic conditions. Now, just over 35 years since the company’s founding, their name carries a strong reputation. 36

January 2015

“Being in the engineering consulting business, one of the things that has driven us to stay in business is our constant attention to understanding each particular project and a focus on the problems we are solving for that Client” said Gary Watters, vice president of PND Engineers Canada. “Each project is very unique and requires attention to detail and a keen understanding of cost-effective, science-based solutions.” In 2013, the company branched out into Canada, offering the same services they’d come to be known for. Since then, subsidiary PND


Kuparuk Runway Upgrade

Engineers Canada has operated out of its Vancouver headquarters. “With the engineering and design services of our firm’s officers, PND Engineers Canada is in a position to offer highly specialized engineering solutions to address any challenge facing our clients,” the company stated. Arctic Focus Projects in cold regions come with challenges not present in most

projects. For example, PND’s expertise is often sought to design foundation piles in the transition zone between frozen permafrost and non-frozen soils that vary in temperature during the year. “From an engineering perspective, we’ve been involved in some of the most challenging, far-northern projects that have ever been taken on. These efforts have been driven by oil and gas exploration and their demand for doing the job right the

h t t p : / / w w w. p n d e n g i n e e r s . c o m / i n d e x . a s p x


Proud to be a partner of PND Engineers. Congratulations on your 35th anniversary.

first time,” said Bill Gunderson, vice president of PND. “We’ve been involved in Arctic development since the beginning and during that time we’ve done a variety of challenging work including bridge, dock and building design including permafrost foundations along with road and airstrip design and geotechnical and hydrological investigations. All of these engineering areas involve designing for arctic conditions and if done incorrectly can result in environmental problems that can be very expensive

PND ENGINEERS, INC. to remediate.” he added. PND Arctic expertise has won the company some highly complicated projects, such as the design/build contract for a deepwater port facility for Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. According to Watters, when completed, it will be the deepest Arctic port in North America. PND has also been hard at work on the design and construction of the Point Thomson facility in Alaska. The Point Thomson project, primarily owned by ExxonMobil, is an ambitious production development North of the Arctic Circle that will produce an estimated 10,000 barrels/day of natural gas condensate when it comes online in 2016. “It’s a very remote site,” Watters said. “We’ve done a range of work there, including coastal engineering, hydrological investigations, marine, road, bridge, air strip and building design. We’ve been very involved in the marine infrastructure to ensure the sealift is completed without a hitch for all the different components and modules that need to go onto the site. So it’s a pretty comprehensive project and our involvement covered a large variety of Arctic Engineering disciplines.” PND’s attention to detail, scheduling, innovation and resource management in complex projects have earned the company an annual revenue of about $30 million, according to Gunderson. With a multitude of high-profile project completions under its belt, PND is, after over 35 years in business, finally gaining the prestige that it deserves.


Company Information INDUSTRY

Structural/Civil Engineering HEADQUARTERS

Anchorage, Alaska FOUNDED



$30 million

h t t p : / / w w w. p n d e n g i n e e r s . c o m / i n d e x . a s p x


Fine Line C

Fine Line Construction Ex the N

Paolo Friedman, president and co-owner of Fine Li they will bring in an excess of $75M, t

Written by: Lindsey Rya


xpects to Triple In Size Over Next Year

ine Construction, discusses upcoming projects and how tripling the company’s size in just one year.

an Produced by: Tom Venturo




ince its establishments in 1980, Fine Line Construction has been providing general contracting services to the San Francisco Bay Area. The company originally started as a Design-build residential company with a focus in non-profit housing, affordable housing, transitional housing, senior housing, HIV hospices and multidwelling hospice communities. In addition, Fine Line Construction has also completed many public works projects including schools, libraries, parks and historical renovations. Paolo Friedman, current president and co-owner, started working 42

January 2015

for the company in 1984 and has watched it evolve over the years. He became a partner in the early 90s and was named president last month. Friedman explains how the company’s focus shifted from Design-build residential and historical renovations to occupied rehabilitation. Though it wasn’t Fine Line’s main focus, once the company began doing occupied rehab projects, it quickly developed a reputation for being sensitive to individual needs of these projects, leaving the clients and tenants happy. “We realized we were good at the planning and tenants started


appreciating our work and the owners started appreciating the comments from the tenants and soon we were on a roll towards occupied rehabs as our main focus,” explains Friedman. A Growing Portfolio With this arena to work in, Friedman is excited for the new projects that Fine Line Construction will have an opportunity to deliver. Currently, the company has many projects in progress such as Edward II, a 25 unit youth transitional housing project in San Francisco, and the Villa San Pedro project in San Jose— owned by the Santa Clara Housing Authority— which is about 90% complete at this time and upon completion will consist of 100 units across 13 buildings, plus a community building, all of which

“We realized we were good at the planning and tenants started appreciating our work and the owners started appreciating the comments from the tenants and soon we were on a roll towards occupied rehab”– Paolo Friedman, President and Co-Owner of Fine Line Construction

w w w. f i n e l i n e c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m


FINE LINE CONSTRUCTION are full rehab buildings. Additionally, Fine Line Construction is also just beginning a commercial space improvement in Berkeley called UA Homes. Fine Line Construction is also building a new restroom and maintenance building for the City of San Francisco at Washington Square and completing two historic restroom rehabs near Ocean Beach. Friedman explains that Fine Line Construction is primarily known for working in fully occupied spaces; however the company’s strong background in historic renovations and public work allows them to work on a wide range of projects.

Pacific Door Products Inc. is the Bay Area’s lead supplier of doors, frames, hardware, and glass for both commercial and residential buildings, providing installation services for most commercial projects. 470 Aaron Street | Cotati, CA 94931 | Lic.# 443074 phone 707.795.7777 | fax 707.795.7888


Therefore, having had the opportunity to work in both new construction and occupied rehab, Friedman discusses the differences between the two and states, “[Occupied rehab] is quite a bit more difficult than new construction because you’re not only undoing faulty, old or failed work but you are also dealing with that work in an occupied space and a lot of that led to the need for a stronger focus on communications and tailoring your approach to the client and the end users’ needs; it can be quite challenging.” Despite the challenges, Fine Line Construction has become a leading general contractor in San Francisco and Friedman explains that he expects the company to triple in size over the next couple of years “We’re known for the quality of our finished work and here in San Francisco we are considered to be THE expert in occupied rehab. We’ve done an excess of 10,000 units and in 2015-2016 we’re going to get another 610 units under our belt. It took from 1980 to now to do 10,000 units, and now we’re going to be close to 11,000 units in just one year,” announces Friedman. Incredible Growth So how is Fine Line Construction going to accomplish tripling in size over this next year? The San Francisco Housing Authority has liquidated its properties and is giving a total of 29 rehab projects, throughout two phases, out via lottery to non-profit housing providers. w w w. f i n e l i n e c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m




January 2015


Fine Line Construction is in pre-construction services on all of the jobs and has been awarded five of the projects in phase 1, and two projects in phase 2. These projects are estimated to bring an increase of $75M to the company over 2015 and 2016. Some of Fine Line’s upcoming projects include Buchannan Park (a 68 unit housing building), 255 Woodside (a 109 unit housing development), 430TURK Street (a 79 unit housing development), 25 Sanchez (a 90 unit building), 462 Duboce (a 42 unit building), and Holly Court (a 118 unit building).

Company Information INDUSTRY


San Francisco FOUNDED


Collaborative Teamwork In addition to the quality projects it delivers, another component that makes Fine Line Construction a leading contractor in San Francisco is the people that make up the team of talented staff. “For each person that works here, they have a certain level of knowledge in their field and they are familiar with the sensitivities of our work. Collectively, we collaborate and make a job come together successfully,” reports Friedman. The company also assists in obtaining LEED certifications and many Fine Line Construction projects have been Gold LEED certified.



w w w. f i n e l i n e c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m


DASNY Bronx Mental He Redevelopment Project

Bronx Mental Health Redeve Project: Delivering Quality Ca

DASNY, OMH, Jacobs and a number of architects, enginee together to create a healing environment for patients in the Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Tom Ventura


elopment are to New York

ers and contractors are working e Bronx



Adult Center Overview - North


hen it comes to constructing a mental health campus with six buildings aimed to benefit the lives of many, three things are needed: a solid foundation, diverse input and a successful ideology. The Bronx Mental Health Redevelopment (BMHR) Project for the New York State Office of Mental Health is a replacement project managed by DASNY – Dormitory Authority of the State of New York – and Jacobs. Totaling 436,410 sq. ft. , the new Bronx Psychiatric Center will include six buildings, housing the Adult Behavioral Health Center, the 50

January 2015

Bronx campus of the NYC Children’s Center, the Residential Village, a central services building and central utility plant. The campus upgrade is set to be achieved with a $350 million budget. “The ultimate goal of the project is to provide for a better environment for the residents of the Bronx Psychiatric Center,” said Robert Bauco, program manager for Jacobs. “This is a redevelopment project that will consolidate the facilities into the southern portion of the campus and provide a better living and treatment opportunities for them.”



Central Services Building Overview

Taking the Best from the Best When it came to designing the architecture of the new campus, no shortcuts were taken. In fact, extensive travels were made a requirement to research successful architectural implementations in other health centers. “Prior to our design, our commissioner recommended that we take a trip to visit other psychiatric centers around the country,” said James Fritz of the New York State Office of Mental Health. “That’s where a compilation of ideas resulted in the design we have today. We tried to take the best of the best and utilize it here.” Wide open spaces, appropriate outdoor recreations and vast amounts of natural daylight were just some of the considerations taken into the design of the new center. With the

“The ultimate goal of the project is to provide for a better environment for the residents of the Bronx Psychiatric Center.” – Robert Bauco, program manager for Jacobs

w w w. b ro n x m h re d e v e l o p m e n t . c o m


facility intended to provide a noninstitutional feel, design elements such as sloped roofs, warm colors and residential touches were included in the design. Building Information Modeling (BIM) was implemented in all phases of the project: by the architects and engineers from concept design through construction documents; by contractors for shop drawing development, coordination and asbuilt documentation; and by the OMH facility for as-built modeling and asset attribute documentation.


PROUD TO WORK WITH New York State Office of Mental Health Dormitory Authority State of New York and Jacobs 220 Crossways Park West Woodbury NY 11797 516 365 4240 t

183 Madison Avenue New York NY 10016 212 599 0055 t


Model visualization was a tool used by the project team with OMH staff in various aspects to ensure design concepts were fully understood by all stakeholders and the residential aspects became a reality. In construction, BIM clash detection helped facilitate coordination and minimize costly re-work. Looking to achieve a LEED Silver certification, recycled materials with low emissions are being used; natural and high-efficiency lighting is being installed; and energy efficiency is being supplied via a


Central Utility Plant with high efficiency chillers for air conditioning, boilers for heating with distribution equipment including shared systems for electrical back-up power, and the fire sprinkler protection systems. Construction Workforce One of the goals of the project is to have a diverse workforce that encourages minority, women, and community participation. Approximately 40 percent of the workforce is minorities and 5 percent are women. Additionally, 25 percent of the workforce is targeted to be from the local community of the Bronx. “Although we haven’t achieved the actual 25 percent, we have gotten a significant participation, somewhere around 18 or 20 percent,” said Ron Gecsedi, chief project manager for DASNY. “We’re very proud [of this] considering some of the specialized nature of the construction that’s ongoing.” “We believe that it is in the best interest of the community to participate in the project,” said Bauco. The BMHR Project includes a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), which results in the workforce on the project to be made up primarily of local union workers from the various NYC trade unions. The Local Unions understand the project workforce goals and provide qualified tradesmen and women to the well over 100 contractors on the project necessary to meet the goals.

Childrens Double Resident Bedroom

RV Transitional Living Residence Ext Elevation

w w w. b ro n x m h re d e v e l o p m e n t . c o m



Childrens Center Overview


January 2015



During the peak months of the project, the BMHR Project employed more than 500 workers on a daily basis. The PLA also allowed DASNY to contract with single-prime general contractors for the building construction, which greatly reduced the number of separate prime contractors needed to build the project. In addition to workforce goals, the BMHR Project includes minority, women, and local (Bronx, NY) owned businesses enterprise opportunity programs. The project is on target to have more than 25 percent of the total cost of the project contracted with minority, women, and locally owned businesses. Working with Success in Mind With an expected turnover in Spring 2015, “we really want the project to be completed on time and within budget,” said Gecsedi. “One of the other goals of the team here has been building the highest quality project that meets or exceeds OMH standards,” added Bauco. “That’s been a major goal that we’re all very proud of being able to accomplish. We’re building an OMH facility that’s of the highest quality, I would say, probably in the State of New York.”

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Over 5000 workers employed during duration of Project with over 500 on a daily basis at peak.

w w w. b ro n x m h re d e v e l o p m e n t . c o m


Turner Construction Alex Center at Kendall Square

Building Alexandria Center

Project manager Greg Heiges discusses the company’s un Alexandria Center project and how new technologies and s with contractors is helping to ensure the project exceeds e Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Tom Venturo

exandria e Project

nique approach to the strong relationships expectations



Northern Kentucky University Griffin Hall Center for Informatics


ince 1902, Turner Construction has earned a reputation for undertaking large, complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for their clients, employees and community. Their latest project could be their biggest yet. Located in the thriving metropolitan center of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Alexandria Center at Kendall Square is expecting its newest addition, a 910,000-sq mixed-use retail space that will include 10 stories and 6.5 levels of parking. 58

January 2015

Unique methodology One of the most distinctive aspects to the Alexandria Center project is the methodology being undertaken by Turner. In agreement with the owners, Turner Construction is utilizing the Up-Down construction methodology, a unique approach that requires the substructure and the superstructures to be built at the same time while the slurry walls are built around the building’s foundation. “The up-down methodology is bit of an artwork and economics and it takes a lot of on-site construction management to manage that and make it work,” says project manager


of the Alexandria Center, Greg Heiges. “The approach helps to save time on the overall schedule and narrow the delivery time on the building. Turner was brought in for this project because of our expertise in up-down construction.” Commencing construction in July of this year, Turner is expected to have the shellcor aspect of the project completed by December 2016. “Right now we’re finishing up the slurry wall, which goes down 90 feet, and we’re putting in the down columns, which are 100 feet. Once those columns are set, we’ll start the race of digging down and putting those up,” says Heiges.


“Safety is paramount for not only our success, but the success of our employees and our contractors. We drive the value and criticality of safety into every single employee.” – says Heiges

Integrated lean approach In addition to the methodology, the company’s w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m


Proven Experience. Powerful Performance. State Electric Corporation is a dynamic, full-service electrical construction company providing commercial, utility, and renewable energy and innovative systems services to a wide range of clients throughout the eastern United States. Over the past 26 years, State Electric has grown to become one of the region’s most trusted electrical contractors by consistently providing the proven experience, expertise, and “customer-first” attitude needed to deliver project performance that exceeds our clients’ expectations.

2 DeAngelo Drive | Bedford, MA 01730 | Tel: 781-933-5255 | Fax: 781-933-6205 |


integrated lean approach is another interesting aspect to the project. According to Heiges, Turner is utilizing its design team and subcontractors in collaboration to bring the best of both worlds to designing and building the project. “We took a lean approach to find efficiencies for the project. First, the design team gets their work to 50 percent and then, based on the trade, they work with the subcontractors to finish drawing the job. Our subcontractors are drawing construction documents accompanied with the engineer of record.” “It’s a different approach but it’s interesting because we find that a lot of time the person with the hammer and nail understands a little bit better than the person with the mouse and keyboard,”


Starboard Cruise Services


State Electric Corporation is a dynamic, full-service electrical construction company providing commercial, utility, and renewable energy and innovative systems services to a wide range of clients throughout the eastern United States. We’ve built our reputation on the experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence in workmanship and safety of our teams of electrical construction professionals. Their “customer-first” attitude for effective problem-solving consistently goes beyond the ordinary to ensure every project performance exceeds the expectations of our clients. Since our founding in 1988, State Electric’s mission has remained the same: To be the partner our clients trust for outstanding service and uncompromising integrity. Website:

w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m



TIMESMART PEOPLE Canatal fabricates and installs structural steel buildings. In the last 25 years, we successfully executed more than 1000 projects ranging from 100 to 10,000 tons.

Canatal Industries, Inc. | 2885 blvd Frontenac E. | Thetford Mines, Quebec | Canada G6G 6P6 Phone 418-338-6044 | Fax 418-338-6829 | Email : |

Masonry Construction • Waterproofing • Restoration Preservation • Concrete Repair With nearly 30 years experience, Commercial Masonry has grown to be a leading subcontractor in providing comprehensive commercial masonry and waterproofing services throughout New England. We take pride in being your reliable professional masonry and waterproofing experts by delivering quality results and exceeding your visions and expectations. 11 Aldrin roAd, Plymouth, mA 02360 -7245


508 -830 -1700


w w


Heiges adds. “Bringing those two together and finding the best way to design and build something is like getting the best of both worlds.” One of the biggest reasons Turner is able to implement new approaches to the project is because of the owner. The owner of the building has allowed Turner to do what it does best, utilize new approaches and technology to develop the best possible outcome. “We’re in a fortunate situation because the owner is pushing new innovations and to find better methodology and better systems,” says Heiges. And new technology is what Turner is implementing. The company is applying a wide range of technological advances to the project. “One of the big things we’re using is Bin360.

Plaza Club of San Antonio Renovation

University of Florida - Genetics Institute and Cancer Research Center w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m



The software allows us to virtually build the project in 3D, thus allowing the owner and their maintenance staff to virtually see the project before we build it,” says Heiges. “We’re always pushing technology 64

January 2015

and with this project, as a testament to it, we had a full time VDC consultant on board who is a Turner employee. They basically manage, push and drive the whole technological effort.”

KENDALL SQUARE PROJECT Relationships The one thing that really sets Turner apart from other construction companies is their strong relationships with subcontractors. One of the final pieces to the project has been Turner’s relationships with their subcontractors. In addition to helping with the integrated approach, the company’s long-term relationships have been an immense addition to the construction of the project. “We stand by our subcontractors through thick and thin. We see them not as an extension of Turner but a part of the Turner family,” says Heiges. “We work through difficult scenarios, through ups and downs, through tough economics and all kinds of stuff. They understand safety and quality is important to us, and we stick by them through difficult and complex scenarios on projects.” According to Heiges, a vital part to Turner’s success has also been their commitment to safety. “Safety is the very core of Turner Construction. Personally, I feel it’s our greatest attribute. We understand the ramifications of having an incident on site are not only detrimental to the person that could be injured, but its detrimental to the project and the value of the property if things are deemed unsafe. The ramifications and ripple effect for an unsafe work environment go well beyond the direct individuals involved in safety.” He adds, “Safety is paramount for not only our success, but the success of our employees and our contractors. We drive the value and criticality of safety into every single employee.”


Company Information INDUSTRY





w w w. t u r n e r c o n s t r u c t i o n . c o m


WEST Builders Inc.

Setting a Higher Standard Todd Whitlock, CEO of WEST Builders Inc., discusses how strategic planning and a commitment to company culture have played a role in the company’s success in the industry and how employees can make the difference to avoid becoming a commodity. Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Tom Venturo



Beverly Hills Luxury Residences


stablished in 2003, WEST Builders Inc. is a customerdriven construction company that offers negotiated general contracting, design build and design assist services, and development management to commercial private real estate sectors. The company is highly organized and committed to providing exceptional customer service and solutions that elevate it above the level of being a hardbid commodity. Success in this effort has afforded WEST Builders the opportunity to negotiate work with a large client base including developers such as Prometheus 68

December 2014

Real Estate Group, UC Berkeley, Tooley Company, LBA Realty, Veeva Systems and CBS. Todd Whitlock, CEO of WEST Builders Inc., strongly believes that the company needs to perform beyond customer expectations. Through engineering expertise and effective communication with the client throughout a project, WEST Builders Inc. stands apart from the competition. He states, “If we’re not moving heaven and earth for our customers then we’re just a commodity and would be forced to function in the bid environment. Why should


Raymond Theatre Condominium Conversion and Addition - Pasadena, CA

an owner pick you if you’re just performing at a commodity level? You ought to be a hard bid.”

a reality and WEST Builders was established. The strong commitment to the company culture, which each founder Strategic Planning demonstrated by working an entire WEST Builders Inc. was first year without compensation, was established when the three founders quickly rewarded as the company’s decided to branch off from their annual revenue reached $100 M within existing companies to create its first four years. WEST Builders Inc. Having worked When the recession hit in 2008, together since the early 1980s, the industry had no significant they knew they each had a united private sector commercial desire to exclusively build projects construction occurring in the market within the private sector, as they and many companies opted to had done in the early years of their begin bidding on public sector careers. work, which was the only area with In 2003, their vision became constant activity at the time. With w w w. w e s t b u i l d e r s . n e t


The Leader in Multi-Family Electrical Construction

For the past 40 years, MDE Electric has been a leader in multi-family residential electrical. Whether residential or commercial, for your home or office, no job is too big or too small.

Lic. #752889


408-738-8600 152 Commercial Street Sunnyvale, CA 94086

S& S





Quality Work for Jobs of All Sizes For over 25 years, S&S Drywall Inc. has built a solid reputation throughout Northern California for its outstanding craftsmanship and superior customer satisfaction, through hard work and

LA City Certified Since 1988 Residential • Commercial • Industrial Railing • Gates • Stairs • Ornamental Metal

818 772-0930 20731 Prairie St. Chatsworth, CA 91311


dedication, strong attention to detail, and a culture of absolute safety. T EL: 408.294.4393 FA X : 4 0 8 . 2 9 4 . 4 3 9 8 202 NORT H 27T H ST R EET S A N J O S E , C A 9 5116 CA C ON T R AC T O R’S L IC . # 574 010


WEST Builders Inc.’s focus on private sector work, they had to make a decision pertaining to the company’s future position in the industry. Whitlock states that they decided to take a risk and stay true to the company values. He explains, “We thought that would change our culture and to be successful in hard bidding you have to exploit gaps in scope, but what we want to do in our delivery system is close gaps in scope and be incentivized to do that.” As a result, the company downsized to survive and sustained itself on retained earnings from the first growth period coupled with numerous renovations to existing office buildings that were being repositioned by their customers. In this way, the company was able to preserve its core culture while maintaining a strong clientele base. Now, with the economy bouncing back and customers becoming active once again, WEST Builders has made a name for itself in the private sectors and is expecting to reach $100 M revenue again within the next year. While many companies went out of business during the recession, Whitlock is pleased that WEST Builders stayed committed to the company’s founding initiatives and that this decision resulted in a positive outcome. Because of the decision to stay true to its values, the company came out on top with a larger platform, higher reputation and more exposure into the marketplace than it did prior to the recession. “We don’t grow for growth’s sake; we grow

Sunset and Vine Apartments Hollywood, CA

“We thought that would change our culture and to be successful in hard bidding you have to exploit gaps in scope, but what we want to do in our delivery system is close gaps in scope and be incentivized to do that” – Todd Whitlock, CEO of WEST Builders Inc.

w w w. w e s t b u i l d e r s . n e t



829 Folsom Street, San Francisco

because our customers like our product so we continue to have more and more repeat business with great customers. The growth is a bi-product of our success and our delivery system that we practice,” states Whitlock. People Make the Difference Part of what makes WEST Builders Inc. an outstanding company is the people that make up the team of engineers. The company typically hires engineers directly out of college who buy in to the attitude and desire to bring value to every project. WEST Builders is often involved very early on in projects and uses this opportunity 72

December 2014

to work closely with the client to plan accordingly and efficiently so that there is very minimal re-design required. Because of this, projects are consistently completed on time and in budget. Whitlock stresses how crucial this open communication is and states, “It’s important to us that our engineers feel like they really make a difference every day and that they’re not involved in a daily adversarial struggle. Our success is dictated by how seamlessly we work with our customers towards the common goal.” With 60 employees, WEST Builders Inc. focuses on mentoring its young engineers so they can get experience and participate in all


aspects of a project from start to finish. Whitlock explains that this has proven to be much more successful and beneficial than generic training courses. President of WEST Builders Inc., Bill Hughes, maintains a hands-on approach with the young engineers, monitoring their work and overseeing the projects, to ensuring they are receiving the necessary knowledge to succeed. When asked how the team ensures that each project will be completed on-time and within budget, Whitlock replies, “By making sure you have great people that understand and follow the delivery system we use - that’s probably the biggest thing, really training engineers to evaluate if sub contractors’ productivity is keeping us on schedule and to conduct man power studies to make sure each crew size is appropriate early on. We’re very proactive.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Point Richmond, CA FOUNDED



$100 M

Upcoming Projects In addition to its general contracting and design build services, the company also occasionally works as a developer and manages the permitting processes for various projects. For example, UC Berkeley has recently asked WEST Builders Inc. to build a student housing development for them. The five-floor project will include a 220 room student housing facility with a full garden and terrace in addition to a 30 foot cliff that gives the appearance that the building has been built into the side of a cliff.

w w w. w e s t b u i l d e r s . n e t


Archer Western Construction Norman Water Reclamation Facility Project Archer Western Construction Begins Wastewater Treatment Plant Project in Norman, Oklahoma

David Nine, Archer Western Construction Project Manager for the Norman Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, discusses how the company became involved with the project and explains how the project will benefit the city once it is completed. Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Tom Venturo



Activated Sludge Aeration Basin with Blower Pipe and Sanitare Diffusers


he Norman wastewater system is owned, maintained and operated by the city of Norman, Oklahoma, and in November of 2013, the Department of Environmental Quality mandated that the treatment facility be upgraded. This $60 million project, consisting of an expansion to allow for increased water flow, an ultra violet disinfecting plant and overall rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure, was bid out to six different pre-qualified contractors and after review and consideration of all bids, the project was awarded 76

January 2015

to Archer Western Construction (a subsidiary of the Walsh Group). David Nine, Archer Western Project Manager for the Norman Water Reclamation Facility Project, explains that Archer Western Construction had been doing smaller projects in Oklahoma for about five years and when the company caught wind of this project in 2013 while it was in its early design stages, they knew this could be their chance to launch their operations and establish themselves in Oklahoma. After putting together a winning strategy and providing their bid, the company was awarded the


New Centrifugal Blowers installed

project in April 2014. “It worked out great; it’s very seldom do you identify the project a year out, pursue it, chase it, win and get to go build it,” states Nine.

be working to expand the treatment capacity from 16 mgd to 32 mgd, adding two new clarifiers, 3 new activated sludge aeration basin, new sludge pump station and dewatering facility, new screenings About the Project facility and odor control. Prior to The Norman Water Reclamation beginning that work, Nine explains Facility expansion is the largest that Archer Western Construction wastewater treatment plant is first working to complete another expansion ever awarded in the component of the project, the UV state of Oklahoma and the project disinfecting plant. is being funded by the Oklahoma The UV Facility includes the UV Water Resource Board (OWRB), who basin, UV building and Post Aeration granted the city of Norman a $50 Basin, 3000 lf of 66” pipeline and million construction loan. outfall structure, all of which must Archer Western Construction will in operation by the early completion w w w. W a l s h g r o u p . c o m 7 7



Businessfriend creates a digital eco-system that drives individuals and organizations to personal and professional success. Make connections, nurture relationships, and harness the strength of your social network with business utilities that take you beyond your connections. We operate under our BUSI platform, a Business Utility Social Identity, which gives you the opportunity to meld the strength and familiarity of your online social identity with the software-like tools you need to collaborate and conduct business. Website:


milestone of November 14, 2015. Currently the treatment facility has primary and secondary treatment but no disinfection, so this is an additional treatment step which will allow the city to re-use that water in the future. In addition, $10 million is going towards odor control throughout the entire plant. The UV plant and odor control are major components to the project and are extremely beneficial to the city of Norman. Nine states, “Once the UV Facility is completed, a nearby composting facility will start using the reclaimed water for their composting operations so the city will be able to re-use this water.” Archer Western Construction will build about 75% of the project itself, only sub-contracting about 25% of the job. The treatment plant is currently in phase 2 out of 3 and is


expected to be completed on time in November, 2016. Looking forward, the treatment plant is expected to pump the reused water to Lake Thunderbird where Norman gets its drinking water. Community Support The Norman Water Reclamation Facility serves the city of Norman, a population of about 100,000 people, and the community as a whole has been extremely supportive of the project. “This is unique project because the citizens in the city of Norman voted 78% in favor of this expansion so the whole community is really behind the project,” Nine says. On November 5, 2014 the mayor and city council were on site at the project for a publicized ribbon cutting event to launch the project

“It worked out great; it’s very seldom do you identify the project a year out, pursue it, chase it, win and get to go build it” – David Nine, Archer Western Project Manager for the Norman Water Reclamation Facility

w w w. W a l s h g r o u p . c o m



New Centrifuge Thickening Equipment

Custom Conveyor Corporation Proud Archer Western Material Handling Equipment supplier for Norman, OK & Lubbock, TX Norman, OK WRF Shaftless Screw Conveyors • Screenings • Sludge

Lubbock, TX Cake Loading Facility • Shafted Conveyors • Storage Hopper • Truck Loading

Rogers, MN | 763.367.6200 |


Company Information INDUSTRY


Irving, Texas FOUNDED



and show their support. Also, since the University of Oklahoma is in Norman, Nine explains that Archer Western Construction has even hired three college graduates to work as engineers for the project. Overall the project will be a great resource for the community and an environmental step towards sustainability.



w w w. W a l s h g r o u p . c o m 8 3

Carolinas AGC CAGC Author: Lori McGovern



Pinnacle Awards


he rebounding construction industry in North and South Carolina has already seen some major investments in infrastructure, such as the recently completed Raleigh-Durham International Airport terminal modernization, a $68 million project. A recently completed 20year South Carolina Department of Transportation Commission study found a $29.54 billion gap in funding for transit needs over the next 20 years, making future funding for infrastructure projects an even greater emphasis for the industry. The Carolinas Associated General Contractors (CAGC) lobbies for funding of building, highway and 86

January 2015

utility construction projects, and supports its members through tools and resources to help the industry thrive. Since 1920, CAGC has worked to help members influence, plan, grow and connect to other contractors in the Carolinas and beyond. CAGC is a trade association for general contractors, specialty contractors, suppliers and service providers who work in the commercial construction industry throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. Lobbying On Our Members’ Behalf CAGC has four full-time staff lobbyists who, along with members’


assistance, lobby on behalf of the commercial construction industry. In North Carolina, CAGC led efforts to enact legislation that resulted in a legislative study of the multibillion-dollar need for public building and utility construction work and permanent funding sources through the year 2025, as well as a new law that takes North Carolina from one of the weakest states to perhaps the strongest state concerning underground safety and damage prevention involving construction. In the upcoming North Carolina legislative session beginning in January 2015, CAGC will work with the transportation coalition it cofounded, NC Go!, to secure longneeded additional transportation funding revenue to support a sustainable North Carolina Department of Transportation program of delivering needed transportation projects and associated maintenance activities. In South Carolina, CAGC was instrumental in the passage of a $600 million road funding package, which includes $50 million in recurring funds allocated to the State Infrastructure Bank to be

bonded for $500 million, $50 million in one-time funds to be used for bridge repair, and moves half of the sales tax on automobiles to the Highway Fund on a recurring basis, generating approximately $41 million annually-- the first increase in highway funds in 20 years! Carolinas Construction Projects Other exciting construction projects that have been completed or are nearing completion include the I-485 turbine interchange in Charlotte, the I-77 toll road from Charlotte to Lake Norman, and major investments from Duke Energy in North Carolina and Boeing in South Carolina. Projects like these are making a big impact on the industry. But more funding and projects need to be planned to ensure prevention of ailing infrastructure in the future. Carolinas AGC will continue its crusade to bring positive impact to the Carolinas for its members and the entire construction industry. Recognition of Members’ Good Work In recognition of the great work by members, CAGC honors stellar w w w. c a g c . o r g



construction projects with the CAGC Pinnacle Awards, the most prestigious recognition in the Carolinas construction industry. The awards honor the work of general contractors and their partners, and projects are awarded in the building, highway, and utility construction categories. A panel of CAGC member representatives evaluates the work of their peers


January 2015

and winning projects are celebrated at CAGC’s Annual Convention each year. Along with the Best Building Project Award, the Best Utility Project Award, and the Best Highway Project Award, CAGC also recognizes the contributions of a non-contractor individual for his or her role in advancing the construction industry and the overall Carolinas economic welfare. This


distinguished Build With The Best Award honors individuals from outside the industry altogether or from a Carolinas AGC supplier/service company member. In 2013, this honor was bestowed on North Carolina Representative Mike Hager, who led efforts to rewrite the state’s underground safety/damage prevention laws. Together with members, Carolinas AGC provides a strong voice in the legislature, advances construction companies, unifies the industry and fuels its future. With 30 volunteerled committees and five Divisions (representing building, utility, highway, and specialty contractors and supplier/service providers), CAGC provides many opportunities to directly impact the direction of the construction industry in the Carolinas. The CAGC Foundation, Inc. supports the future of the industry through workforce development programs as well as safety, leadership and craftworker education and training. Preparing a qualified workforce continues to be a focus of the Foundation, as a recent Associated General Contractors of America study found that 83 percent of construction firms report having trouble finding qualified workers to meet the growing demand for construction services. Hear about the latest CAGC initiatives or learn more about membership at

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Charlotte, NC

w w w. c a g c . o r g


CG/LA Infrastructure Inc Written by: Norman F. Anderson, President & CEO

c. 91


The North American infrastructure market is poised for take-off, ready to ride the way of three fundamental economic transformations. First, the explosion in energy production has given us a tremendous lift, with natural gas prices at less than $5 MMBtu less then 1/3 of our European and Asian competitors. Second, the tremendous growth in US exports is causing a re-design in our freight infrastructure (rail, ports, waterways, highways and intermodal facilities). Third, the increasing orientation toward transit-oriented communities - particularly among millennials - is creating driving new investments in urban mass transit (heavy rail, light rail and even streetcars) along with social infrastructure (schools and hospitals). CG/LA Infrastructure, a global market maker focused on doubling the level of infrastructure investment focuses on identifying priority projects, and ensuring that those projects go forward optimally as productively and rapidly as possible. Through our Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series and revolutionary online projects platform, GViP, CG/LA is 92

January 2015

bringing order, predictability and even imagination to the global infrastructure marketplace. Strategic Project Identification Norman Anderson, President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure and former project developer, founded the company to help countries and regions around the globe become more competitive and successful by making smart, robust investments decisions on strategic infrastructure projects and initiatives. Strategic project identification is the cornerstone of CG/LA’s global vision - bringing innovative leaders together from both the public and private sectors to focus on specific projects and push them rapidly forward to completion. CG/LA releases a quarterly market intelligence report, the Strategic Top 100, of the top infrastructure projects, with business opportunities in the next 3-18 months, in regions that complement the next Leadership Forum. The Strategic Top 100 is the cornerstone on which the Infrastructure Leadership Forums


are built. The most recent report, The 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America list, shows what is actually required – in terms of financial and human resources – to rebuild the competitiveness of North America. Projects were selected over a sixmonth process, beginning with a preliminary list of over 400 projects and narrowed down using CG/ LA’s proprietary ranking model. Comprised only of shovel-ready projects with business opportunities within the next 3-18 months, the 2014 Strategic Top 100 North America is valued at US$369 billion. Download the Strategic Top 100 NA here.

The Infrastructure Leadership Forum Series As a project developer, Norman saw firsthand that the key to both infrastructure project development and business success was leadership. And the Leadership Forum - whether the Global Forum, the North American Forum, the Bahrain/EMEA Forum or the Latin American Leadership Forum - identify and recognize the dedicated and sophisticated executives who develop the strategic infrastructure that defines their country’s futures. The Leadership Forum events w w w. c g - l a . c o m


Gen. Bostick

CG/LA INFRASTRUCTURE, INC are differentiators in the industry, gathering a community of 500+ experts around a dynamic projects marketplace. Forum events focus on 11 infrastructure sectors, from highways, to power generation to water & wastewater projects, convening a global community that includes decision makers from all aspects of a project lifecycle: financial lenders and investors, legal, design, engineering, and construction firms, as well as owner operators. Save the Date: 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum On October 28-30, 2014, over 500 executives will gather at the 6th North American Strategic Infrastructure Forum at the Mayflower Renaissance in Washington, DC to meet with the sponsors of the Strategic Top 100 infrastructure projects in North America ($369 billion in total project value). The North American Forum is a dynamic 2.5 day event, focused on infrastructure development in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico,


while facilitating business and promoting projects across the region. Key Features of the leadership Forum include: • Project Presentations: Rapid project presentations of priority projects, allowing developers to make targeted presentations focused on their needs and business opportunities. • Private Meetings: Prescheduled private meetings system allows registrants to pre-schedule up to 10 meetings with project sponsors and Forum speakers, for the second day of the Forum. • Workshops and Roundtables: Thought leader discussions and debates on critical issues, fundamental for thinking about and building great infrastructure. • Community Building: Receptions, Special Breakfasts, and especially GlobalViP allow you to build strong relationships with project developers and sponsors, and experts throughout the global infrastructure community. GlobalViP (GViP) GViP harnesses the energy of the Infrastructure Leadership Forum w w w. c g - l a . c o m



Series, taking it online for users to access 24/7/365. GViP brings together nearly 1000 (10,000 by the end of 2014) infrastructure experts as a Just in Time resource for project managers to identify and access critical expertise - when they need it, and how they need it. GViP’s algorithms cut down project development costs by 60%, and diminish the time required to develop a project by 50%. This translates into significant costs


January 2015

savings -- and also generates productivity increases that exceed 100%. Join GViP and access this thriving community of infrastructure experts today. About Norman Anderson As President and CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure, Norman Anderson has 35+ years of competitive project identification, advising strategic infrastructure investment, and conducting regional analysis


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Energy/Construction HEADQUARTERS

1827 Jefferson Place NW Washington DC 20036 USA

on energy projects worldwide. As the Founder and President of CG/LA Infrastructure, Inc., Norman oversees the development and execution of CG/LA’s proprietary analytic and regional infrastructure demand models, the successful Leadership Forum Series which selects, highlights, and hosts four regional events focused on infrastructure project investment. He is a member of both the World Economic Forum’s Global Advisory Council on Infrastructure and the Strategic Infrastructure Initiative and is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Guarani.

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Eagle Chief Midstream

Eagle Chief Midstream: A Smart Acquisition The 600-mile stretch of pipeline is a step forward for Caballo Energy. Written by: Kevin Smead Produced by: Jason Wright 99


Natural Gas Pipeline 100

January 2015


Natural Gas Compressor Station


n 2011, natural gas and midstream services company Caballo Energy acquired Eagle Chief Midstream, who is the owner of more than 600 miles of natural gas pipelines, compression and processing assets in northwestern Oklahoma. Since then, there was been several major additions to the Eagle Chief system and it continues to grow today. Headquartered in Tulsa, Okalahoma, Caballo Energy was formed to acquire, develop and manage natural gas gathering, compression, treating, processing, and marketing assets such as Eagle

Chief. The members of Caballo’s senior management team have a combined 100 years of experience in natural gas gathering and processing, allowing them to make intelligent purchases, such as Eagle Chief. Connected to more than 370 wells and serving 25 producers, The Eagle Chief assets are strategically located at the intersection of the liquidsrich Mississippi Lime and Cana Woodford Shale plays. “The Mississippi Lime and Cana Woodford Shale are two of the most exciting plays in the country,” Dennis Jaggi, one of EnCap Flatrock Midstream’s three managing w w w . C a b a l l o e n e r g y. c o m


Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Solutions

Skidded Equipment

Gas Plant Services

Pipelines & Systems

LNG Facilities

Corporate Headquarters: 1717 S. Boulder, Suite 600 - Tulsa, OK 74119 Tel: 918-592-1133 -

EAGLE CHIEF MIDSTREAM partners and a member of Caballo Energy’s board of managers, said. “We’re seeing a surge in drilling activity in northwestern Oklahoma in the Mississippi Lime formation. This is a great acquisition in an underserved region with very strong demand for gathering, compression and processing services. Acquisition of Eagle Chief will enable Caballo Energy to grow as demand accelerates. We look forward to working with producers to improve their economics by providing effective service and multiple options for moving gas and crude to market.” The Carmen Gas Processing Plant in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma is designed to help provide this better service to Caballo’s customers. Coming online in 2013, the plant has a processing capacity of 60 million cubic feet of natural gas per day (MMcf/d) and brings the total processing capacity in the region to around 100 MMcf/d. “Bringing the Carmen plant online is an exciting step forward as we continue to expand the Eagle Chief system,” Caballo President and CEO Bob Firth said.

“Horizontal drilling has brought a boom to northwestern Oklahoma. There is a great deal of drilling activity focused on the liquidsrich gas found in the Mississippi Lime and Cana Woodford shale formations. We believe the region has significant potential for future growth, particularly to the east and into Kansas. We are excited to be part of this growth and provide the processing capabilities our customers need.” Other assets include the Magic Circle Oil and water Gathering System located in southern Woods and Alfalfa counties. This system includes a crude oil gathering system and a saltwater disposal system, as well as commercial disposal well. It also has current on-system wells for natural gas, crude and saltwater which target the Mississippi Lime and CanaWoodford Shale formations, as well as the Anadarko, Chester, Hunton and Manning formations. Of course, efficient and smooth operations are part of Caballo’s continued success with Eagle Chief. Work is completed on time and on budget, utilizing the large group w w w . C a b a l l o e n e r g y. c o m



of suppliers and service providers to their advantage. The company believes in building plants the right way the first time so they’re easy to maintain and have a feasible operating cost. 104

January 2015

Currently, Eagle Chief is laying an 8 inch line to connect additional gas from the north end of their system. This line will increase the flexibility of the pipeline and plants, allowing Eagle Chief an avenue for future


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Tulsa, Oklahoma FOUNDED



growth—something the company is always focused on. Caballo’s efforts are currently focused in Texas, Oklhahoma, and Kansas, but it looking to find opportunities in emerging shale plays.

w w w . C a b a l l o e n e r g y. c o m



EP Minerals

A Long History, A Modern Approach

w the industrial minerals company impacts the world over. Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Bobby Meehan 107


EP Minerals Lovelock, Nevada plant


ver the course of its storied 171-year life, EP Minerals has grown to become one of the more exciting and progressive industrial minerals companies in the United States—and it’s just getting better. Founded in 1843 by Edgar and 108

January 2015

Stephen Conkling, the company originally went by the name Eagle. In 1916, Judge Oliver Picher merged the company with his own lead mining business to create EaglePicher Lead, the forerunner of modern day EP Minerals. In the years since, the ambitious


Loader and equipment at the Lovelock, Nevad mine

minerals company has acquired a series of highly valuable assets, such as a large diatomaceous earth (DE) deposit and factory in Clark, Nevada. In 1959, the company commissioned a DE producing plant in Lovelock, Nevada, which remains the largest DE producing plant in the world to this day. That plant was upgraded in 1993 with a perlite expander, officially bringing the company into the perlite business. A new DE plant was built and commissioned in Vale, Oregon in 1985. In 2013, EP Minerals acquired the Moltan Company and with it additional mines and

processing facilities in Nevada and Tennessee. Finally, in 2014, a new perlite facility was opened in Blair, Nebraska. “We have six plants, close to 600 employees, plus or minus, and with that we sell all over the world and to about a hundred countries,� said Al Kaczanowski, vice president of marketing. What They Do EP Minerals doesn’t just sell its products in bulk. The company maintains a full-scale R&D department devoted to the development of cutting-edge, w w w. e p m i n e r a l s . c o m


Where Quality & Service is our mission!

Nevada Owned Company “Securing Your Product From The Inside Out” since 1988

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Customer service 775-355-0233 650 Innovation Dr. Ste. A | Reno, NV 89511 |


EP MINERALS products, such as AXIS DE and AXIS Ceramic soil amendments, AgReady fertilizer carrier, DEsect insecticide and NXT-2 arsenic remediation product. While perlite and absorbent clays are a large part of the company’s business, the cornerstone of their product offerings is DE. Though this material is regularly present in almost everyone’s life, its applications are often overlooked by those not involved in the sector. “We sell DE into well over a hundred markets,” said Gregg Jones, president. “Our largest market is beer filtration, [which]



would be a radically different process if DE wasn’t available. Same thing goes for wine and juices.” He added that DE is an essential component in high-quality paints, giving them a matte finish. “We also sell it as an animal feed,” Jones said. “It’s used for filtration in biodiesel and in the oil and gas industry. It goes into catalysts, polishes, and even facial scrubs. It is used to filter corn syrup, citric acid, sugar, vegetable oil and soy sauce. It’s really a key ingredient in almost every food and beverage that gets filtered, and the reason they use it is that it’s extremely versatile.”


GTG Packaging is a local distributor for many major manufacturing firms that produce only the highest quality packaging and shipping materials on the market today! This website contains a general listing of the materials carried by GTG Packaging and The Box Store. If an item you need is not listed, please call to check on it’s availability. Website:

w w w. e p m i n e r a l s . c o m


EP MINERALS The list goes on: maple syrup, fertilizers, pet litter, pharmaceuticals, swimming pool filters and more. In addition to the many applications for EP Mineral’s DE, their absorbent clay is regularly used on baseball fields as well. “The product that’s used a lot on baseball fields is calcium bentonite. That’s the red clay that goes around the field,” Jones said. “That’s a product that’s important in the United States, Caribbean countries and Japan.”

we’ve just rolled that out across the whole organization. “ He added, “All of us, including me, have things to work on that we don’t do so well today; leave your ego at the door, practice blameless problem solving and listen generously.”

How They’re Evolving While EP Minerals’ facilities obviously don’t date back to the company’s origin 171 years ago, some of their infrastructure has become dated none-the-less. In an effort to maintain the quality of their Who They Are products, the company announced Many companies refer to a wide range of facilities upgrades, themselves as “family companies” some of which have already been or having “family values,” but completed. ultimately most fail to display those “We put a new dryer on one values. EP Minerals appears to be end of our kilns at Lovelock—a an exception. very big investment that improves “We’ve spent a lot of time defining the quality of the product coming what behaviors represent our out of the process,” Jones said. culture today and what we want it “A big investment in our Clark to be in the future and we call that plant to make what we call our the EP Way,” Jones said. “These natural powders and some of the fundamentals [cover] how we technology we put in there was new interact with each other, how we to us. It gives a better particle size treat our customers and how we distribution and better control of the make decisions on a daily basis, and product overall for the marketplace.” 112

January 2015


The company recently finished construction on a perlite plant in Nebraska. “We’re shipping ore from Nevada—our own mine, our own perlite ore facility— and we’re shipping it in railcars to Nebraska,” Jones said. “It gives us a nice centrally located perlite facility to supply what is a pretty big market in the Midwest.” He added that among other improvements, the company is also investing heavily in their exploration group to facilitate the discovery of new ore deposits. Among those investments are technologies that improve their overall drilling ability. It would be wrong in every sense of the expression to refer to the veteran company as an up-and-comer or say they were “on the path” to success—they’ve been there for some time. Rather, it’s important to point out all the ways they’re already present in the market around us, and that they have no intentions of slowing down. “I think it’s worth noting that a lot of businesses are selling commodities and they don’t have a lot of interaction with the end-use markets,” Jones said. “One thing that we’ve always been focused on, and its part of our growth story, is not only understanding our markets that we sell into and understanding the value that our products contribute to those applications, but working on new applications. That’s what’s always gotten me interested in the business: the constant opportunity to find something new and figure out how we can sell into a new space.”

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Harrison Gypsum The World of Gypsum

Harrison Gypsum discusses how the company has developed into the largest producer and supplier of gypsum in the United States Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Wirtgen 2200SM Continuous Miner (Milling Machine) 116

January 2015


Overview of Bouse Junction Mine in Northern Oklahoma


ince 1956, Harrison Gypsum has been a prominent figure in the gypsum mining sector. The company has made a name for itself by maintaining a consistent and high level of product quality. They operate four gypsum mines in Oklahoma, one mine in North Texas and three limestone mines – two in Oklahoma and one in South Kansas. The company also operates a number of hard rock quarries and pits in South Texas. Used as a fertilizer and constituent in many forms of plaster, gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral composed of calcium

sulfate dihydrate. The use of gypsum is prevalent in the oil and gas industry as a road aggregate, and widely used as a calcium additive for yeast food products like bread. Harrison Gypsum has developed into one of the largest producers and suppliers of gypsum in the United States by integrating a family-oriented approach, careful acquisitions and continual investments in mining equipment and infrastructure. From the beginning Born and bred in Oklahoma, the

w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


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• Heavy equipment/off road • Retreads

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Ardmore, OK 580-223-0854

Lawton, OK 580-354-9992

Bridgeport, TX 940-683-3558

Lindsay, OK 405-756-4416

Cleburne, TX 817-202-9946

Oklahoma City, OK 405-787-6711

Elk City, OK 580-225-7772

Robinson, TX 254-662-6600

Enid, OK 580-234-7704

San Antonio, TX 210-661-8271

Ft Worth, TX 817-295-0493

Tulsa, OK 918-437-8383

Laredo, TX 956-267-2656

Wichita Falls, TX 940-767-8212



High Purity Gypsum Rock being pushed up w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


HARRISON GYPSUM Harrison Gypsum Company started from humble beginnings. The mining company, which originally formed under the name Cement Gypsum Company, started as a small family operation supplying gypsum to local neighbors in the community. Commencing its first mine (Mine No.1) in 1955, the company changed its name in 1956 to reflect its overall commitment to the mineral. Along with a family-oriented approach to business, Harrison



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Gypsum believes pursuit of consistent quality leads to cost effective mining and operational efficiencies. This dedication to quality and efficiency has aided Harrison Gypsum in becoming one of the top gypsum producers around the U.S. In fact, in 1994 the U.S. Department of the Interior Publication named the company’s Gypsum No. 2 mine the largest single gypsum mine in the United States. In continuation of their dedication to quality products, Harrison


Gypsum established Allied Custom Gypsum Inc. in 1987, a customized service aimed at providing customer-based solutions for quality gypsum products. As its own entity, Allied Custom Gypsum Inc. provides custom products and a series of ground gypsum products including flame retardant fillers, animal feed additives, agricultural and turf products, and a high purity food and pharmaceutical grade gypsum to select markets in the industry. “We take pride in offering flexible responsive services to our customers, while also maintaining consistent quality standards that produce a premium product,” says Kris Kinder, Vice President of Operations at Harrison Gypsum.

in South Texas for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition became ACG Materials, which now operates six mines producing aggregate material used to build and maintain roads. The company includes a grinding operation that produces gypsum products for a multitude of enduse applications – including food grade calcium sulfate. Additionally, a state of art plaster plant that produces both alpha and beta hemihydrate plasters which are used in construction products, ceramic products and dental formulations in also included within the division. The company also supplies soilstabilization products and steel products manufactured for the energy market. “We are very excited about this Growing through acquisitions next stage of growth for Harrison Harrison Gypsum is content on Gypsum. Our new Eagle Ford growing its business through operation will ... help us capitalize acquisitions. The company, which on the significant growth occurring is keen on furthering its success in South Texas,” said Russ Harrison, by incorporating new projects to CEO of Harrison Gypsum. “Our its repertoire, has acquired a wide expertise in mining aggregates and array of companies in recent years. existing customer relationships In early 2013, the company should bring significant benefit to purchased the assets of Pinnacle ACG Materials.” Materials LLC’s Eagle Ford Division w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m



Heavy loaders managing windrows of gypsum that milled from a prepared production pad


January 2015


Along with acquiring new businesses, Harrison Gypsum is committed to capital investments. The company has made multiple investments to upgrade to modern mining equipment and improve infrastructure, helping the company expand projects, gypsum reserves and production capacity. The company also utilizes a preventative maintenance program that ensures dependable operation and minimal downtime.

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Oklahoma FOUNDED

Striving for perfection Along with acquisitions and company culture, the success of Harrison Gypsum boils down to quality products. The company has created a system that assures every possible measure is taken into account to maintain a consistent and high level of product quality. The company thoroughly tests deposit sites to ensure the resultant ore is up to par and suitable for use. In addition, selective mining techniques are utilized to ensure recovery of gypsum is maximized and contaminants and substandard rocks are prevented and discarded. Additional, Harrison Gypsum controls all aspect of mining, processing and packaging operations. This guarantees a high level of quality and product confidence along with customer satisfaction.


w w w. h a r r i s o n g y p s u m . c o m


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