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operating,” she reflects.

going elsewhere.”

“Internally, it takes a lot of relationship building amongst teams to help them


realize that we’re not going to slow

The establishment of the General Data

them down or prevent a product from

Protection Regulation (GDPR) across

being launched. We’re going to make

its European operations has seen

sure a product is not recalled because

Finning join the UK government’s Cyber

it was secured at the engineering stage

Essentials scheme which supports

and conception stage, as opposed to

businesses in protecting themselves

when it goes live. Reassurance that our

against common cyber threats. However,

role is not a showstopper to business,

most importantly, it works to ensure that

but is a enabler and can help us win

the business adheres to what Smibert

more business by demonstrating to our

coins as “the most stringent” framework,

customers that we are serious about

where the business has mapped each

their data, their privacy, and are taking

control it needs to follow, and has

control that is above the industry

selected the hardest to achieve, applying

standard. Having these controls in

this to its operations not just in Europe,

place is an incentive for our customers

but worldwide.

to consider us as a provider rather than

“We figure that if we set the bar high


Suzie Smibert Suzie is a security practitioner with more than 18 years of experience and is currently Finning International Chief Information Security Officer. Working with the leadership team, Suzie provides leadership, vision, strategy and experience for all things security. She and her team are responsible for managing information security risks, protecting information and technology resources globally for Finning.

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Profile for Business Chief USA

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019  

Business Chief USA Magazine – April 2019