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FOR CANADA What Made 2014 a Great Year?

TOP 10 AIRPORTS Traveling Just Got Easier


LETTER FROM THE EDITOR 2014 was a great year for Canadians! From the introduction of Cleantech to the continued migration towards a purely mobile-based world, Canadian companies are embracing the future and optimizing opportunities for economic growth. In this issue, we take a look back at some of the innovations and influences that helped secure this year’s success, beginning with the undeniable impact of Canada’s most promising industry, Cleantech. We also review another rapidly-expanding industry, mobile commerce, and discuss how Canadian businesses are optimizing the technology-based trend. With a focus on customer convenience, this trend is here to stay. Finally, we rank the top 10 airports in the country—after all, what good is a booming economy without tourism and travel? With the success of 2014 under our belts, is Canada poised to have another great year in 2015? All indications point to ‘yes’.


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6 Leadership

Cleantech: Canada’s Fastest Growing Industry

14 Technology

TECH REPORT: Trends Shaping Mobile Commerce in Canada

130 Canada’s Top 10 NAMCOR 22 Top 10

Airports of 2014



36 PPP Canada

114 Whitby Hydro Electric Corp.

42 Edmonton LRT 52 City Core Commercial Contracting 62 Surespan 72 PND Engineers 78 Farnum Construction

120 Evan Thomas Water and Wastewater Plant 128 K-Line Group 136 Kokish Hydroelectric Project

86 The Dalton Company



144 Wok Box

94 True North Gems 104 Cementation Canada

152 Toad ‘n’ Turtle Restaurant Group

EXPLORATION 158 Technip Canada

4 January 2015

42 Edmonton LRT

86 The Dalton Company


True North Gems


Wox Box




What are the sectors sparking gr

W R I T T E N B Y: D 6

Month 2014


rowth and innovation in canada?


LEADERSHIP A REPORT PUBLISHED in mid2014 by Analytica Advisors claims that Canada’s Cleantech industry is growing faster than every other major sector of the nation’s economy. Analytica Advisors, an Ottawabased consulting firm, tracked the industry’s growth between 2008 and 2012 and found that the Cleantech sector grew by nine percent in 2012 alone. That same year, Cleantech companies directly employed 41,000 people in Canada and generated $11.3 billion in revenues. The report’s findings are based on a survey of more than 700 primarily small and mediumsized companies. Analytica projects that Canada’s Cleantech sector could grow into a $32 billion industry over the next decade, directly employing up to 120,000 people by 2022. Several organizations within Canada are actively supporting development within the Cleantech industry. Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) has been working with numerous Cleantech companies in Canada to develop promising clean technology projects within the country. The SDTC is a non-profit foundation that finances and supports the development and demonstration 8

January 2015

Caption is Canada totaking the image strides in the Clean of clean technologies that provide solutions to issues of climate change, clean air, water quality and soil. Vancouver’s Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies has taken valuable nutrients from sewage treatment plants and delivered them to home gardens. The company designs, builds and sells wastewater treatment systems. Ostara’s Pearl process retrieves phosphate and


ntech market ammonia from wastewater facilities resulting in improved treatment and reduced maintenance. With help from the SDTC, the company also discovered a way to remove struvite from wastewater, leading to the development of a slow release commercial fertilizer called Crystal Green. Ostara has commercial nutrient recovery facilities in Oregon, Virginia, Pennsylvania and London.

The remediation industry plays an important role in Cleantech. Ontario-based SiREM provides unique, science-based products and services to the remediation industry and focuses on the remediation of chlorinated solvents and other recalcitrant chemicals. According to their website, SiREM offers bioremediation, zero-valent iron and chemical oxidation treatability 9


The Cleantech sector grew by nine percent in 2012 alone 10

Month 2014


studies, molecular genetic testing for dechlorinating bacteria, and bioaugmentation cultures. The SDTC reportedly helped SiREM demonstrate the first Canadian application of KB-1 to contaminated sites. Natural Gas is also synonymous with Cleantech. Westport Innovations develops alternative fuel, and lowemissions technologies to allow engines to operate on clean-burning fuels such as compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, hydrogen and biofuels such as landfill gas. The Vancouver-based company is the global leader in natural gas engines. Westport works directly with top global truck and engine manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia. SDTC helped Westport take an idea out of the lab at UBC and apply it to the real world by putting 5 proto-type trucks on Canada’s busiest highway. Calgary’s Titanium Corporation creates value from oil sands waste tailings by recuperating and selling bitumen and high-value minerals and solvents while reducing the water demands of the oil sands mining industry. Due to their work at the Canadian oil sands—the second largest oil reserve in the

world—Titanium was able to develop a multi-stage process to separate zircon from the soil. Zircon is a valuable element highly sought after by ceramic tile makers. Without Titanium’s separation process, some $1 billion in commodities would be lost at the site. SDTC helped Titanium prove to oil sands operators that they can recover 80 percent of the bitumen lost in tailings, 75 percent of the solvent and 95 percent of the valuable heavy minerals like zircon. Water is a precious resource, especially with worrisome drought occurring all over the world. Pure Technologies—also based in Calgary—is a world leader in the inspection, monitoring and management of physical infrastructure such as water, wastewater, and oil and gas pipelines. The SDTC helped Pure develop two pipeline inspection tools that are currently in use around the globe in cities such as Manila, Dallas and Mexico City. Pipediver is a tool easily inserted into a pipeline that swims through pipelines to detect wire breaks while Sahara is a small tool that can identify tiny leaks that might be missed by more invasive technology. The company is leading the way in 11


Several organizations within Canada are actively supporting development wi condition assessment through the use of electromagnetics and acoustics, resulting in less water wasted and less money spent. Solar power is perhaps the most globally recognized sector of sustainable energy, yet solar 12

January 2015

installations are often quite costly initially. Toronto’s Morgan Solar team has taken it upon itself to develop solar technology using inexpensive raw materials—including $3 plastic—to make solar power more accessible to consumers. The company has

T E S L A L O O K S T O C H I N A F O L L O W I N G D E C L I N I N G Q 1 R E S U LT S

ithin the Cleantech industry developed the revolutionary Sun Simba Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) module and Savanna dual-axis tracker, two solar energy technologies that fundamentally change the economics of solar power through low-cost materials and innovative

panel designs. The SDTC is currently helping Morgan Solar demonstrate the efficiency of their technologies to the global market.





W R I T T E N B Y: D 14

January 2015




TECHNOLOGY AS MORE SMARTPHONE users are utilizing mobile technology to conduct their banking and shopping, the mobile commerce industry is rapidly expanding. Within Canada, several firms are focusing on increasing their mobile offerings to provide customers with more payment, purchasing and money management options. Recent Developments Mobile money solutions are aimed at making transactions quicker and easier both online and in person. Realworld transactions are going digital, as products like Loop’s ChargeCase give shoppers the ability to make mobile payments without having to carry their credit cards. Loop’s ChargeCase is an iPhone case that works with an app to store credit, debit, and gift card information. The case allows the user to make mobile payments at a point-of-sale terminal where a physical card would otherwise be used. The physical card never needs to be swiped, as the ChargeCase transmits a magnetic field that emulates the data embedded in the magnetic strip. The mobile device simply needs to be held next to the stripe reader to activate the 16

January 2015

As more smartphone users are utilizin shopping, the mobile commerce indu transaction. For added convenience, the Case also doubles as a phonecharging sled. Loop CEO Will Graylin described ChargeCase users in an interview with the Boston Business Journal by saying, “These are predominantly people that have been using plastic cards as their primary method... before, nobody dared to think about leaving their wallet behind, but with Loop, for the first time, you’re able to

ng mobile technology to conduct their banking and ustry is rapidly expanding use the mobile devices to start paying just about everywhere—all the places you’d normally spend money.” Products like the ChargeCase are projected to increase purchases globally, as the ease of use will relieve encumbered consumers while also potentially encouraging impulse buying. Expansion In May 2014, TD Canada Trust became the first North American

bank to offer mobile payments on Bell, Rogers and Telus, Canada’s three major wireless networks. The mobile payment feature has been built into the bank’s app with NearField Communication (NFC) enabled phones including Samsung Galaxy, HTC One and Blackberry 9900 devices. Customers will simply have to tap their devices on Visa payWave terminals to make credit card purchases between $50 and $100 17


Brands such as Google Wallet and Square are driving uptake using the TD mobile banking app. Rizwan Khalfan, TD Canada Trust’s senior vice president of digital channels, commented on the announcement by telling Global News, “We are in the early stages—this is a convenience that comes naturally to customers. Our objective is to stay connected with the customer and try to offer it up to as many devices, and as many carriers, as possible.” Other mobile commerce businesses are looking to get into the act and into the country. Square—currently one of the largest mobile payment firms in the United States—recently opened an office in Canada. The company hopes to tap into Ontario’s tech community 18

January 2015

to establish a foothold in the Canadian mobile commercial market. The timing is optimal, as the country’s demand for effective mobile commerce solutions has been on the rise, particularly among retailers. The Square Register app is a payment system that allows retailers to process credit card transactions through a card reader that plugs into a smartphone or tablet. As long as the device is connected to the Internet, safe and secure payments can be made via the Square system. As their transaction fee is generally lower than traditional credit card transaction fees, many small businesses have found Square to be both convenient and affordable.


Trends Shaping Mobile Commerce Sales of wearable tech devices are climbing. ABI Research estimated 90 million wearable devices would ship globally in 2014 (final statistics still pending). This is good news for mobile commerce, as users are able to book reservations, read reviews, rent cars and do virtually anything that they might with their smartphones. Highly intuitive wearable devices make completing tasks even easier. Many Google Glass applications are voice-activated, meaning that wearers don’t need to lift a finger to conduct their business. Google

Glass is currently developing an app that will send money from Google Wallet to Google Contacts simply by saying, “send money.” As banking apps encourage account holders to manage their money more carefully and consistently, they may also empower them to save more for heftier investments or purchases. 2013 saw a rise in mobile coupon usage across retail outlets, as digital offers eliminate the need to print and carry paper versions. Mobile coupons and loyalty programs had an increased impact on customer retention in 2014. Retailers will benefit from the ability to accurately track the usage of their coupons, specifically

More businesses are opening digital platforms for mobile payments



Retailers find benefit in the ability to accurately track coupon usage

in regard to where they are obtained and where they are used. Additionally, digital coupons can be tied to a customer’s account, enabling retailers to customize future discount offers 20

January 2015

based on previous purchases. More businesses are opening digital platforms for mobile payments, even in the fast food sector: Burger King recently developed an app to


provide mobile offers, payments and order-ahead options to customers throughout North America. As more customers opt out of lengthy register

transactions and head to mobile payment kiosks, more retailers will feel propelled to expand their businesses to include digital platforms.


TOP 10


TOP10 Airports of 2014 A ranking of Canada’s airports based on size, scale and destinations serviced

Written by: Melissa Martinez



advancements, expansions and new developments, Canadian airlines have also focused on improving passenger experiences while traveling, despite financial cutbacks. To follow suit, Canadian airports have incorporated new terminals and services provided to passengers, setting higher standards for dining and shopping. Canada’s award-winning airports have raised the standards for traveling expectations. Their unique architecture along with exceptional service is changing the negative stigma that can be associated with traveling.

Victoria International Airport 24

January 2015

Canadian airports are among the first in North America to provide passengers with unique, hasslefree flying experiences, with most servicing destinations throughout Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Iceland and Africa.


Victoria International Airport Geoff Dickson, CEO

Located in beautiful Victoria, the Victorian International Airport is famous among tourists wishing to visit Vancouver Island. Among a variety of amenities, the Victoria

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S O F 2 0 1 4

International Airport is the home to White Spot, a famous British Columbia restaurant that serves old fashion burgers. Though this airport is fairly busy, it has limited service to destinations throughout North America. The main terminal includes nine gates, and gates one to five are equipped for international traveling. Victoria International Airport has completed a number of projects, including the addition of terminal public parking, two new passenger-loading bridges, a new maintenance facility and fire hall, and a walking path around the perimeter of the airport. New developments are set also to include increased lighting on runways, terminal expansion and increase taxiway exits.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Geoffrey A. Wilson, CEO

Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is a relatively local airport, providing access to select

Canadian and American cities. However, this airport succeeds in accommodating passengers by providing complimentary beverages and snacks, as well as large Apple computers with web-browsing access. Billy Bishop’s downtown location also provides travelers with a hauntingly beautiful view of Lake Ontario, as well as the famous Toronto skyline. With one terminal, the airport holds seven hangars, as well as tenants of the airport including Air Canada Express, Cameron Air Service, Eagle Aircraft, Porter Airlines, and more. Expansion includes the purchase of 12 Bombardier CS100 passenger jets (with a plan to purchase 18 more) as well as the extension of runways to allot for more space—this was set to be complete in 2015; however, in January 2014, Toronto Port Authority requested $100 million from the federal government to improve infrastructure and the request has yet to be approved.


TOP 10


Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Barry Rempel, CEO

Currently, Winnipeg is the oldest Canadian international airport, serving cities throughout the country. Unlike most airports, Winnipeg also services Iceland in addition to cities throughout Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Winnipeg International is also the home to the Western Canadian Aviation Museum, housing a collection of various pieces including commercial, military and brush planes. The Western Canadian Aviation Museum also houses Canada’s 26

January 2015

very first helicopter, all located in an original aircraft hangar. Winnipeg International Airport serves as a 24-hour unrestricted airport, one of only a few in Canada. Additionally, Winnipeg International has one main terminal and smaller terminals that serve specific airlines, a feature that is not commonly found at airports. The main terminal is LEEDcertified, the first in Canada. Serving 13 airlines and employing over 20,000 workers, Winnipeg International serves economically efficient engines, another fact that distinguishes it from airports throughout the globe.


Halifax Stanfield International Airport Joyce F. Carter, FCA, CEO

Currently serving as the Maritimes’ biggest airport, Halifax Standfield

Halifax Stanfield International Airport

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S O F 2 0 1 4

International holds the 2009 ACI award for Top Airport in North America for passenger service, among others. With access to North America, the Caribbean and Europe, this airport provides a friendly, informative flying experience by offering airport tours. Guests on the tours are able to join RCMP customs agents and the dogs that search suspicious luggage for terrorist bombs, according to FlightNetwork. Home to 15 different airlines including Canada Express and WestJet, Halifax Standfield International services over more than 3.5 million passengers a year. Since 1998, renovations in terminals and surrounding areas have been complete, including rehabilitation of runways and taxiways, creation of terminals and improved, more accessible parking. Halifax also provides preclearance for U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In 2012, further expansions of runways were complete, increasing the length from 8,800 feet to 10,500 feet, as well as previous expansions of taxiways.

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport


Ottawa MacdonaldCartier International Airport Mark Laroche, CEO

The Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport holds the busiest flight corridor between Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal while also being an integral access to the Arctic. Serving destinations throughout North America, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, the Ottawa MacdonaldCartier Airport provides travelers with accommodations for more than just their travel needs: look for the reflexology and spa/massage 27

TOP 10

treatments offered throughout. With two terminals, Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport is able to accommodate 12 airlines including Canadian North, Delta Connection and First Air. With two fields, the airport is able to separate runways: The North field has one active runway and the South Field has two longer runways that are currently active. In addition to personal convenience, the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport also provides excellent customer service and was awarded the “Best Airport in North America,” one of the Airport Service Quality Awards given by Airports International. Where many airports focus on expansion, Ottawa MacdonaldCartier International Airport focuses on creating an interactive environment for guests, as well as giving back to the community. In their charitable experience, Ottawa International Airport has given more than $1,100,000 to support local charities, including Project Clear Skies, which helps by aiding at-risk 28

January 2015

Edmonton International Airport

children, breast cancer research, rape crisis centers and more.


Edmonton International Airport Tom Ruth, CEO

A considerable expansion beginning in 2007 has provided Edmonton International Airport’s guests with an increased number in gates and a wider range of food concepts. With access to more than 46 daily departures to over 25 destinations, Edmonton serves as one of Canada’s physically largest airports. Along part of the expansion, Marriott recently opened an eight story, 213-room Renaissance Hotel near the north terminal.

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S O F 2 0 1 4

Edmonton International Airport also won two Airport Council International Awards for Airport Retail, including “Best Convenience Retail Program.”

4 With over 4,000 employees throughout 80 companies, Edmonton International Airport is the fifth busiest airport in Canada by passenger traffic. Currently, the Edmonton International services 17 different airlines including Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Iceland Air, United Airlines and US Airways. Also, Edmonton International is the southern operating base for Canadian North Inc. Expansion began in 2012 for an added 480,000 square feet of space for the inclusion of nine new gates, giving Edmonton a total of 26 gates. Edmonton International is also equipped to service the Airbus A380.

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (MPETIA) James C. Cherry, CEO

When traveling to Canada, there is no larger gateway to enter through than Montreal-Pierre Trudeau International. Located near downtown Montreal, this airport provides a comfortable flying experience with services throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Western

Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport


TOP 10 Asia and Africa, making it an ideal airport for many travelers. As a not-for-profit corporation without share capital, MPTEIA is owned by Transport Canada and serves as the busiest airport in the Province of Quebec. With multiple headquarters including Air Canada, Innotech-Execair, Starlink and Air Transat, the airport is one of eight in Canada that has access to U.S. Border Preclearance Customs. Like Calgary International, MPETIA has one terminal and three concourses to serve international and domestic flights. Along with the multiple headquarters housed in the airport, MPETIA holds the operating base for Air Inuit, Air Transat, CanJet and Sunwing Airlines. MPETIA employs over 700 people. In 2011, MPETIA began development for an international terminal expansion featuring six new gates to accommodate the Airbus A380, as well as two remote stands. The project is set to be complete by September 2016.


Calgary International Airport Garth Atkinson, CEO

Calgary International Airport serves as “a hub of choice” for travelers looking to have an easy and satisfying flying experience. Among their various amenities, Calgary International serves as headquarters to WestJet while acting as a hub airport for Air

Calgary International Airport — Expansi


January 2015

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

Canada and Air Canada Express. Not only is Calgary known for exceptional business, it also received an award for “Top Employers” by Media Corp Canada. Calgary International currently employs over 24,000 workers across 100 different companies. Calgary International is also known for being the home to the longest runway and tallest control tower in Canada. Currently, the

ion Plan

four active runways ranging in size from 14,000ft x 200ft to 6,200ft x 150ft. The airport land currently sits on 8.2471 square miles of land. Unlike most airports, Calgary has one terminal that splits into four concourses, and one concourse is divided into two wings, the first to accommodate international flights and another to accommodate international flights to the U.S. This wing also provides access to pre-border customs facility. Calgary International is currently working on various projects of expansion, including building an international terminal featuring 22 gates to better accommodate the Airbus A380, a new, larger airliner that includes a double deck, a wide body and four engines.


Vancouver International Airport Craig Richmond, CEO

Not only is the Vancouver International Airport known as being the best airport in the world, it won a Skytrax World Airport Award for “Best North American 31

TOP 10

Vancouver International Airport—Aerial View

Airport.� It’s located conveniently near downtown British Columbia and serves destinations through North America, the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Servicing three terminals, Vancouver International is one of eight airports in Canada that holds access to a U.S. border clearance facility. Each terminal provides domestic and international flights, and one terminal acts as a floatplane terminal. Unlike many airports, Vancouver International allows access to a large variety of airlines including Air Canada, Orca Airways and Japan Airlines. 32

January 2015

Among the projects completed between 2000 and 2007, Vancouver International recently announced a Master Plan and Land Use Plan that serves to examine 20 years at the best possible allocation of resources. The Master Plan is set to be complete in 2027. Just recently, Vancouver International completed a number of projects and is set to continue on its aggressive growth trajectory. Like the Master Plan, Vancouver is implementing a 10-year strategy and capital plan to enhance customer experience as well as build new

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S O F 2 0 1 4

high-speed baggage systems, update runway enhancements and implement more than 700 metres of secure corridors for passenger convenience. Vancouver International focuses on providing a satisfying flying experience. By employing more than 26,000 employees, Vancouver International is able to provide travelers with as stress free of a trip as possible.


Toronto Pearson International Airport Howard Eng, President and CEO

As one of the world’s top 20 airports for aircraft movement and access to over 180 cities worldwide, the Toronto Pearson International Airport is the winner of the 2010 IARA Eagle Award for Most Improved Airport. Located close to downtown Toronto, the airport services North and South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia. As the world’s 35th busiest airport by total passenger traffic, it handles more international

flights than any airport in North America, besides John F. Kennedy Airport. The two terminals serve as an operating base for Air Transat, CanJet and Sunwing Airlines. Terminal 1 has access to 58 gates reserved for domestic, international, and transborder flights, all at 567,000 square metres. The second terminal provides 39 gates and was built as a private venture terminal, housing a U.S. Customs preclearance facility. Designed by Joint Venture Architect and Adamson Associates, the airport directly employs more than 1,000 workers while the community employs more than 40,000. The airport also features the Plaza Premium Lounge, a facility that provides travelers with necessities to ensure a comfortable traveling experience. Among the various amenities, the Plaza Premium Lounge provides a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing space for travelers to wait for flights while enjoying the coffee, tea or bar service at their beverage counter; a deliciously hot meal in between 33

TOP 10

Toronto Pearson International Airport

flights; or, if the need arises, a shower and fresh toiletries such as towels, soaps and shampoo. With a 200-guest capacity, the Plaza Premium Lounge is able to provide service to a wide-range of 34

January 2015

passengers along with booths that accommodate computer access and complimentary Wi-Fi, as well as private and VIP areas for meetings. Among the airlines that service the Toronto Pearson International

C A N A D A’ S T O P 1 0 A I R P O R T S 2 0 1 4

Airport are charter lines such as Arkefly, CanJet, Miami Air International and Spy King, with cargo airlines such as Aero Logic, Cathay Pacific Cargo, FedEx Express, Korean Air Cargo,

Lufthansa Cargo and UPS Airlines. With this many incredible options for airports, there’s no reason to delay: Start planning your 2015 travel today!


PPP Canada

P3 Knowledge, Leadership and Expertise Written by: John McBride, CEO

Produced by: Mike Magno



Kokish River Hydroelectric Project(Port McNeill BC


he need for infrastructure renewal is real and governments across Canada have recognized that investing in public infrastructure is an effective way of boosting the economy while delivering tangible results Canadian can see and use every day. Public-private partnerships (P3s) have proven their ability to deliver value. Governments have seen this model work for projects across the country, with early adopters like Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario leading the way. When done well and for the right reasons. P3s can be a useful 38

January 2015

procurement tool for governments. P3s engage the expertise of the private sector and the discipline of capital markets to deliver ontime, on-budget, whole life-cycle solutions to delivering the public infrastructure Canadians need. Recognizing the growing attraction to P3s, in 2008, the Government of Canada saw an opportunity to leverage its role to enable the consideration of P3s through the creation of PPP Canada, a federal Crown corporation. Effecting change PPP Canada strives to deliver value


SRO Dowtown Eastside Vancouver_BC Housing

to Canadians through the effective use of P3s. We are doing this by working with all levels of government to share P3 knowledge and build best practices to change the way people think about procuring public infrastructure. Whether the goal is to procure a wastewater treatment plant for a small municipality or an international airport for a growing territory, value for Canadians is our over-riding focus. That is why we recommend a P3 approach based on a detailed and systematic assessment of value for money. The federal government has significant direct responsibility

for the provision of national public infrastructure assets and has mandated that all large federal projects with capital costs of more than $100 million be assessed for P3 suitability. PPP Canada is here to provide our federal clients with reliable advice and expertise to help identify P3 viability, perform a thorough procurement options analysis and advise on the procurement of the project. Our most visible federal advisory engagement to date is the New Bridge for the St. Lawrence project. Our team has been working with Infrastructure Canada to complete a w w w. p 3 c a n a d a . c a



Evan-Thomas Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility project Kananaskis Country, Alberta

study to support their procurement process. PPP Canada is similarly involved with Transport Canada and Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority in the development of the Detroit River International Crossing. We also work with other levels of government to advise and evaluate P3 potential for projects submitted through the P3 Canada Fund. With the first 5-year, $1.2B tranche of the P3 Canada Fund now complete, we are in a position to look back on our successes and the impact the Fund has had on the Canadian P3 market to date. Between 2008 and 2013, the market has expanded significantly. Since the launch of the 40

January 2015

P3 Canada Fund, the number of P3s entering procurement has more than doubled. Between 2009 and 2014, the $1.2B Fund provided up to 25% support to 24 projects, leveraging more than $6B in P3 infrastructure across Canada. The estimated incremental value of these projects compared to traditional procurement exceeds $800 million. The Fund, combined with our considerable outreach and education activities has had a huge impact in attracting new players to the market – most significantly municipalities. Since launching the P3 Canada Fund, we have confirmed investments


to 14 municipalities, which make up 68% of the Fund’s overall portfolio. Most notably, 12 of these municipalities were first-time entrants into the P3 market. The entry of municipalities into the P3 market has created demand for a wider range of assets, including water and wastewater treatment facilities, public transit projects, and solid waste management assets.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Federal Crown corporation HEADQUARTERS

The way forward The ongoing success of the Canadian market has been recognized internationally. With strong capital markets, legal frameworks, private sector experience and capacity we expect the Canadian P3 market to remain resilient. In the 2013 Economic Action Plan, the federal government renewed the P3 Canada Fund with $1.2B over the next 5 years. It went further announcing that all applications to the New Building Canada Fund will be subject to a P3 screen if eligible costs are estimated at $100 million or more. These announcements underscore the federal government’s commitment to ensuring maximum value through the effective use of P3s and will no doubt have an impact on the number of projects brought to the market moving forward. PPP Canada remains in a unique position to help formalize best practices and push for greater transparency with respect to P3 projects and the Value for Money they generate so we can continue to lead by example.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada FOUNDED


w w w. p 3 c a n a d a . c a


City of Edmonton

Edmonton Light Rail Transit S Expected to Improve Quality

Brad Smid, Program Manager for the City of Edmonton, di LRT project will have on surrounding communities and how Written by: Lindsey Ryan

Produced by: Mike Magno

System Project is y of Life in Edmonton

iscusses the anticipated effect the Valley Line w the P3 partnership has played a role.



Construction is complete on the Metro Line 44

January 2015


An artist’s rendering of Wagner Station on the Valley Line LRT


he Valley Line, Stage 1 is a $1.8B low-floor urban LRT line that, upon completion, is expected to build a more compact, sustainable city, offering more transportation choices to Edmontonians while providing high-quality infrastructure to the city as well. The project, Edmonton’s first P3 (public-private partnership), is a 13 km LRT line between downtown

and Mill Woods. With the Metro Line coming to completion this year, the Valley Line is the City’s newest priority. In regards to the Valley Line, Brad Smid, Program Manager for the City of Edmonton, explains that the Request for Qualifications process (RFQ) has been completed and they began the Request for Proposals process (RFP) this fall. Upon completion, the Valley Line

w w w. E d m o n t o n . c a / v a l l e y l i n e



Image credit: DIALOG

As the Lead Consultant for the Owner’s Engineering Team, AECOM is proud to support the delivery of Edmonton’s first low floor urban style light rail transit system. Our aim is to serve our community through our commitment, our work and our passion. Combined with our innovative, technical solutions, AECOM will continue to do what we do best — deliver solutions that create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural, and social environments.



will have multiple positive effects on the community. Smid states, “This project is a real transformative project for Edmonton; we are really trying to shift towards a more compact urban form in the city while also improving the livability and making it a more dynamic city. So the LRT—the Valley Line specifically—is one of the catalyst projects that the city is proceeding with to really kick off the transformation.” More Than Just a Transit Project The project will be completed in


several phases and is currently undergoing the RFP process. This process will last about 15 months and in this time the three privatesector teams invited to bid on the project will make submissions to show that they understand the requirements of the project, followed by their design submissions in early 2015, and finally submitting their financial proposals in the fall of 2015, which will determine the winning private-sector contractor. Smid expresses the importance of the project and how it will affect the city. He explains that the City has been working to transform the


With nearly 100,000 employees — including architects, engineers, designers, planners, scientists and management and construction services professionals — serving clients in more than 150 countries around the world following the acquisition of URS, AECOM is a premier, fully integrated infrastructure and support services firm. The company is a leader in all of the key markets that it serves, including transportation, facilities, environmental, energy, oil and gas, water, high-rise buildings and government. AECOM provides a blend of global reach, local knowledge, innovation and technical excellence in delivering solutions that create, enhance and sustain the world’s built, natural and social environments. Website:

w w w. E d m o n t o n . c a / v a l l e y l i n e


smart solutions












communities of Edmonton and strengthen the connection between transportation, land use and quality of life among residents. “We’re really looking to tie communities together and really support some redevelopment and infill development in mature neighborhoods and enhance the quality of life for Edmontonians. One might think of LRT as a transportation project, and it is, but it’s about more than just moving people from point A to point B; it’s really about linking communities, providing highquality infrastructure and improving quality of life,” Smid details.

Brad Smid

Government Funding When asked how such a large project is being funded, Smid replies, “It’s being funded by all

An Edmonton skyline w w w. E d m o n t o n . c a / v a l l e y l i n e



Churchill Square on New Year’s Eve


MOVING THE FUTURE The Stewart Group is an innovative strategy firm that has created a track record of success delivering special advisory services to governments and private sector clients interested in building sustainable public transportation systems. We are helping the City of Edmonton with project oversight, governance and procurement support including the creation of a successful funding advocacy campaign. Together with the Edmonton team we have achieved a remarkable milestone: the launch of the Valley Line P3 Project.



Suite 300, 1110 Hamilton Street Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2S2

Suite 2111, 33 Charles Street East Toronto, ON. M4Y 1R9 @stewart_group



three levels of government —the city is taking the lead on this and is contributing $800M of the $1.8B, the provincial government of Alberta is contributing up to $600M, and the federal government is contributing $400M, which includes a $250M contribution from PPP Canada.” According to Smid, obtaining the funding from all three levels of government can often be a challenge so receiving the support and commitment from city council and the other levels of government has really allowed the project to move forward. Because this is the city’s first P3 project, other unique challenges have arisen as well. “This is the city’s first P3 contract so it’s a whole different way of delivering a project and we’ve had to develop new procurement documents — such as the RFQ and the RFP, and the draft project agreement— and it’s quite a change from what our city council, citizens and our administration is used to doing. It’s a good challenge; it’s been very interesting and rewarding for our team to go through this and I think it will have great results,” Smid continues, “It’s very innovative and quite unique.” Despite the challenges, there are not many P3 transit projects so Smid is excited for what it will bring to the city of Edmonton.

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Edmonton, Canada FOUNDED


w w w. E d m o n t o n . c a / v a l l e y l i n e



City Co Reveals N

On December 5, 2014, company’s re-branding. B

y Core Commercial Contracting

ore Commercial Contracting New Image and Re-Branding

, City Core Commercial Contracting officially launched the Bart Hribar, president, discusses the new name, CREATE., and what the this means for the future of the company. Written by: Lindsey Ryan Produced by: Rich Gentile



CREATE. Office


ince its establishment in 2008, City Core Commercial Contracting has developed a reputation for providing quality projects and an overall positive experience to clients. The company began as a general contractor and has been experiencing consistent growth since its creation. The company has been evolving its construction and development process and has recently determined that the brand and company culture needs to reflect this evolution. Thus, on December 5, 2014, the company was excited to launch the re-branding as 54

January 2015

the company officially became “CREATE.” Bart Hribar, president of CREATE., discusses this new image and how the company expects to continue its growth in the industry. With a company mission to create desirable spaces, Hribar explains that the company has evolved beyond the services it originally offered when it was known as City Core Commercial Contracting. Hribar states, “We realized that since 2008 when we started this company that we’ve outgrown the name and we’ve evolved. After a number of surveys, it was


made clear to us that it might be a good idea to individuate from the ‘City Core’ name itself in a positive way by evolving into a company where what we really do is make or produce spaces, and a word for make or produce is Create.” He continues, “We wanted to come up with a name that showed our expansion and showed we’re evolving.” Sustaining Consistent Growth So how has City Core Commercial Contracting sustained its success to allow for the evolution and overall re-branding as CREATE.? Hribar explains that one of the reasons is the enthusiastic team of employees. “It’s all about the team; We’re very particular about the members on our team and we want

“There were very high expectations and the timeline was very tight. We had to build it over the summer vacation and have it ready for the new students coming in for the new school year” – Allen Clayton, Vice President of Operations

w w w. c r e a t p r o j e c t s . c a


Our modern architectural millwork facility, along with apprentice and journeyman cabinet makers, ensure a quality product which meets your schedule and budget.

Evolution Glass Inc. is your one stop commercial glazing contractor. • New construction • Commercial glass, glazing and door repair • High rise window replacement • Building envelope assessments and repairs • Commercial building preventative maintenance programs • 24 Hour emergency service


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Providing Quality and Innovation in a fast growing and ever-changing market. We are an experienced fabrication shop serving the Industrial, Commercial and Residential industry. Bay 11 3200 14th Ave N.E. Calgary Alberta T2A 6J4

S E R V I C I N G T H E C A L G A RY A R E A F O R O V E R 15 Y E A R S Detailed Drywall is a full service drywall company, specializing in custom homes. We strive to provide our customers with the highest standard of quality workmanship and service that is second to none, while maintaining a superior level of professionalism, trust and detail on every job.

P: 403-474-4427 F: 403-474-2477

BAY CA lL gG aA ry, RY, aA B tT 2e 2E 6P 1 Bay 4, 4604 13T 13t Hh S Tt RE re Ee Tt NE Ne | Ca WWW.D eE ta TA iI lL eE dD dD ry RY wa WA lL lL .Com .COM 403. 291. 7021 | www.d

CITY CORE COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING everyone to fit in properly. Most importantly, they all have to have a desire to succeed. As a company, you’re only going to succeed if you have people that want to grow and succeed in delivering the product to the client,” he states. Additionally, as it is inevitable for problems or delays to occasionally arise during projects, the way a company overcomes the obstacles and communicates the problems to the client can make a huge difference in the client’s experience. “It’s how you deal with the deficiencies or things that need to be improved, that’s what makes a company different,” states Hribar, “We come to the client ahead of time telling them that we are aware of any deficiencies that need to be corrected and right away they feel they’ve been acknowledged. Then, we go further and tell them how and when we’re going to take care of it.” CREATE. uses mantras and its “Big 6” fundamental approach to construction (and developments) to ensure that there is open communication and clarity between the client and the company at all times. This has proven to be extremely beneficial in delivering products, which Hribar stresses is the number one thing clients will remember. “All you have to do it listen to clients and next, all you have to do is deliver. It sounds simple but it’s true and highly effective. We notice that the one thing clients will never forgive you for is failure to deliver.” All of these components contribute to the overall excellent experience that is provided to

Caleo Health

U of C Medicine Teaching Centre

w w w. c r e a t p r o j e c t s . c a


Maintenance Specialists

Lifetime Performance


Peddie Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.


is a Calgary based commercial roofing


contractor, that has become an industry leader by providing superior maintenance and repair construction services.

Calgary 403-273-7000 | Edmonton 780-491-0060 3352 - 46 Avenue SE | Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2B 3J2

w w of

o dr





CITY CORE COMMERCIAL CONTRACTING the customer, which will keep them returning for continued business. At a certain level among the top construction companies, there is no doubt that any one of them can deliver a quality product, but it is the companies, such as CREATE., that provide a positively memorable experience that will continue to succeed. Top 5 Projects As a top construction company in the industry, CREATE. has a large portfolio of projects. Allen Clayton, vice president of operations, discusses five of these interesting projects. Completed in the summer of 2013, one of the top projects CREATE. delivered was at the Webber Academy. This 10,000 square foot project was an expansion of the school’s science wing. Clayton states, “There were very high expectations and the timeline was very tight. We had to build it over the summer vacation and have it ready for the new students coming in for the new school year.” The project was successfully completed on time despite the tough deadlines and the school has offered additional project opportunities to CREATE. as well that are currently underway. Another exciting project was the University of Calgary Medical Center. CREATE. was brought on as a construction manager through the real estate income trust, Northwest Healthcare Properties, to re-purpose the old theater into a functional

Chaparral Valley Square

Grey Eagle Casino

w w w. c r e a t p r o j e c t s . c a



Chaparral Medical Clinic Opening Fall 2015

medical space. The building is now used as a teaching facility for recent graduates and students of the University, as well as a health service center for the community. This project was completed in 2012. CREATE. is working on to separate the long standing iconic restaurant, Melrose, into two smaller buildings. One, which is 60

January 2015

expected to be open just before Christmas, will be a stand-alone building with a 3000 square foot patio. Upon completion, the space will be occupied by a bakery. The second building of the project has not commenced yet but Clayton reveals the intention is to design it as a two story iconic building on the famous red mile 17th avenue, in the


entertainment district in Calgary. CREATE. has recently secured the Chaparral Medical building project. The building will be leased out to a southern Calgary primary care network which will provide the community with healthcare services. It is a multidisciplinary clinic that is geared towards increasing accessibility within the community for healthcare and will incorporate lower risk maternity family care and educational training facilities. Lastly, the company is working with Canada Beef, an organization that represents the beef producers in Canada, to build the organizations new food, development and education venue in Calgary. Once complete, this exciting project will provide research, development and education on the product. The building will include a consumer demonstration kitchen, a commercial kitchen, a demonstration theater and a beef fabrication room. It will be a venue to host delegates from all over the world to demonstrate Canada Beef’s product. Overall, CREATE. has been and will continue to be extremely busy with its portfolio of projects and Hribar expresses the importance of collaborating with sub contractors and trades to successfully provide the best project to clients. “Nobody does this on their own and without the excellent trades that we have, we wouldn’t get any job done. We’re very big on trade relationships,” states Hribar, “Any way we can help them succeed means they’ll help us succeed and more importantly, the client gets what they want.”

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w w w. c r e a t p r o j e c t s . c a


Sure Con

From ch

Surespan Construction

espan Leading Wind Turbine, nstruction Industry in Canada

hainsaw to business empire in just over 35 years, Surespan is nothing short of a success story Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Rich Gentile



South Kent Wind Farm 64

January 2015



rom humble origins as a small, independent forestry bridge and construction service, Surespan has spent more than 35 years becoming the Canadian industry leader that it is today. Surespan was founded in 1977 by Nigel Bester (principal of the Surespan Group), a South African expat living in Vancouver, with little

more than a borrowed chainsaw and the knowhow to achieve results. According to the company website, Surespan’s early success was largely centered on erecting bridges in remote environments in British Columbia. “Today, Surespan Construction is the recognized specialist in permanent and portable bridge w w w. s u r e s p a n . c o m




supply and construction,” the company said. “[It took] always staying ahead,” said Jordan Hiebert, divisional manager, on 35 years of business. “The technology, investing in new equipment and not being afraid to try new things… We’ve really made a push into wind energy in the last couple of years and that’s been driving a lot of our growth.” According to Hiebert, Surespan first got into wind energy doing infrastructural development— predominantly roads and bridges. Seeing opportunity in turbine erection, Surespan purchased some specialized equipment for heavy-lift crane installations and has been able to carve out a substantial market share in the time since. “Growth has been very steady and fast in Ontario, and throughout the rest of the country,


Turbine Holst


TEAM-1 Academy Inc. Renewable Energy Services provides you with all the up to date, most advanced equipment needed to perform each and every job safely, efficiently, offering great rates and piece of mind knowing that the job will be done correctly and everyone will go home safe!!! TEAM-1 Academy Inc. is FULLY INSURED, we have the correct clearance certificate from WSIB & all of our technicians are FULLY CERTIFIED. Website:

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Experience the Progress. Liebherr cranes for wind power. Liebherr offers optimized crane concepts for the most diverse situations and requirements for the erection of wind power generators for highest efficiency and economy.

 Top capacities in all lifting classes  Variable boom systems for diverse requirements  Efficient application due to optimized transportation components  Comprehensive comfort and safety features  Worldwide customer support by manufacturer

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The Group



it’s a project here, a project there. There are usually one or two large projects in Western Canada, but it’s hard to say what the future looks like,” Hiebert said. Aside from several infrastructure projects relating to power developments, the company’s website currently lists two turbine erection projects underway— the Grouse Mountain and Chatham-Kent Wind turbine erection projects. According to Surespan Wind Energy Services’ (a subsidiary) website, Grouse Mountain is the first wind turbine in North America to be built at what’s considered an extreme high altitude location. The company had the challenge of lifting a 1.5 megawatt, 250 tonne turbine into place in an area with exceptionally poor access. “The unique aspects of this project included



Liebherr is the leading manufacturer of mobile and crawler cranes. The range of the all-terrain mobile cranes extends from the two-axle 35 t crane to the heavy-duty crane with a lifting capacity of 1,200 t on nineaxle chassis. The lattice-boom cranes on mobile and crawler chassis achieve lifting capacities of up to 3,000 t. The Liebherr plant in Ehingen covers a total area of 850,000 m2, of which 240,000 m2 is a roofed manufacturing facility. The Ehingen plant employs a workforce of 3,000. A comprehensive, worldwide service guarantees the high availability of mobile and crawler cranes. Website:

w w w. s u r e s p a n . c o m



mobilizing to the peak of Grouse Mountain up a winding narrow old mountain road,” the company stated. Surespan was also contracted for turbine erection at the ChathamKent Wind farm—Canada’s largest. According to CTV News, “The farm utilizes 124 Siemens 2.3 megawatt wind turbines, which are estimated to produce renewable energy for up 70

January 2015

to 100,000 local homes.” “We are committed to the local communities and are pleased to see more than 800 jobs dedicated to wind turbine blade manufacturing and tower fabrication in the Province,” said Jacob Anderson, who was VP of wind power for Siemens at the time of comment. Equipment plays a large role in


Company Information INDUSTRY


North Vancouver, BC FOUNDED


distinguishing Surespan for jobs like these. With the largest truck-mounted crane in Canada, the company is able to gain access in ways competitors can’t. “We purchased a crane that allows us to install turbines up to 150 meter hub height. That will allow us to stay competitive for a number of years into the future and also lift in much higher wind speeds,” Hiebert said.

w w w. s u re s p a n . c o m


PND Engineers, Inc.

PND Engineers Moves the Bar for Arctic Projects How this 35-year-old company is stealing the show. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes



NPRA Pipeline support bridge placement


ith a focus on complex projects in challenging conditions, PND is setting a new standard for Arctic engineering. Founded in 1979, PND offers a range of services from general civil engineering to marine and building structural engineering to geotechnical and coastal engineering and much more. While it is not their sole area of expertise, the company really outshines the competition in Arctic conditions. Now, just over 35 years since the company’s founding, their name carries a strong reputation. 74

January 2015

“Being in the engineering consulting business, one of the things that has driven us to stay in business is our constant attention to understanding each particular project and a focus on the problems we are solving for that Client” said Gary Watters, vice president of PND Engineers Canada. “Each project is very unique and requires attention to detail and a keen understanding of cost-effective, science-based solutions.” In 2013, the company branched out into Canada, offering the same services they’d come to be known for. Since then, subsidiary PND


Kuparuk Runway Upgrade

Engineers Canada has operated out of its Vancouver headquarters. “With the engineering and design services of our firm’s officers, PND Engineers Canada is in a position to offer highly specialized engineering solutions to address any challenge facing our clients,” the company stated. Arctic Focus Projects in cold regions come with challenges not present in most

projects. For example, PND’s expertise is often sought to design foundation piles in the transition zone between frozen permafrost and non-frozen soils that vary in temperature during the year. “From an engineering perspective, we’ve been involved in some of the most challenging, far-northern projects that have ever been taken on. These efforts have been driven by oil and gas exploration and their demand for doing the job right the

h t t p : / / w w w. p n d e n g i n e e r s . c o m / i n d e x . a s p x


Proud to be a partner of PND Engineers. Congratulations on your 35th anniversary.

first time,” said Bill Gunderson, vice president of PND. “We’ve been involved in Arctic development since the beginning and during that time we’ve done a variety of challenging work including bridge, dock and building design including permafrost foundations along with road and airstrip design and geotechnical and hydrological investigations. All of these engineering areas involve designing for arctic conditions and if done incorrectly can result in environmental problems that can be very expensive

PND ENGINEERS, INC. to remediate.” he added. PND Arctic expertise has won the company some highly complicated projects, such as the design/build contract for a deepwater port facility for Baffinland Iron Mines Corp. According to Watters, when completed, it will be the deepest Arctic port in North America. PND has also been hard at work on the design and construction of the Point Thomson facility in Alaska. The Point Thomson project, primarily owned by ExxonMobil, is an ambitious production development North of the Arctic Circle that will produce an estimated 10,000 barrels/day of natural gas condensate when it comes online in 2016. “It’s a very remote site,” Watters said. “We’ve done a range of work there, including coastal engineering, hydrological investigations, marine, road, bridge, air strip and building design. We’ve been very involved in the marine infrastructure to ensure the sealift is completed without a hitch for all the different components and modules that need to go onto the site. So it’s a pretty comprehensive project and our involvement covered a large variety of Arctic Engineering disciplines.” PND’s attention to detail, scheduling, innovation and resource management in complex projects have earned the company an annual revenue of about $30 million, according to Gunderson. With a multitude of high-profile project completions under its belt, PND is, after over 35 years in business, finally gaining the prestige that it deserves.


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Structural/Civil Engineering HEADQUARTERS

Anchorage, Alaska FOUNDED



$30 million

h t t p : / / w w w. p n d e n g i n e e r s . c o m / i n d e x . a s p x


Farnum Construction Management

Farnum Construction Management: Finding a Better Way to Do Business

Sean Farnum discusses the philosophy behind his work and the importance of transparency and vision Written by: Sasha Orman

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Nice and Clean Farnum site truck out front of new McInnis & Holloway project


arnum Construction Management was formed on one simple premise: there’s a better way to do things. “As professionals in this industry, I think it is our responsibility to push the industry forward, always expanding and improving on how we deliver. Far too many projects are completed while using traits or methods of past because that’s how it’s always been done. With new technology and efficiencies available at our fingertips, it allows us to focus on how to do things better, ultimately providing better service quality and overall project 80

January 2015

experience to our clients” explains Sean Farnum, Managing Director at Farnum Construction Management. Acknowledging this issue with the construction industry, Farnum is guiding his business based on principles of quality service, integrity, forming strong relationships, and above all finding the best and most efficient ways of delivering projects and doing business. Imagination and Innovation for Varied Projects The philosophy at Farnum Construction Management has led the company to take on jobs that


Spring framing, McInnis & Holloway project

range greatly in scope and profile. One thing that many of them have in common is that they are important jobs demanding the quality results that Farnum promises. These can be projects such as the approximately $2 million remediation project for Alberta Health Services in High River, or the $4.8 million disaster recovery project at the Calgary Zoo—both were damaged by the devastating floods that overtook Alberta in the summer of 2013. They can also be private construction management projects like the $3.8 million crematorium and reception center for McInnis

& Holloway that Farnum took on in conjunction with Norr Architects. This 14,000 square-foot project was one of the largest that the management firm has taken on to date, but through careful planning it was able to deliver on time and under budget. “It just came down to proper planning in being able to reach those goals—having a strategy put in place right from the beginning, as opposed to rushing to get into the ground too soon. Having aligned goals, outlined expectations, and a clear communication process was the key to its success.” says Farnum. h t t p : / / w w w. f a r n u m . c a /


Winter concrete pour, McInnis & Holloway project.

THE REAL RUNWAY of floor fashions

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At Seltrek Electrical Solutions Ltd., we specialize in residential, mulit-family and commercial electrical system installations. We ensure the highest level of quality, experience and integrity on all projects.


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FA R N U M C O N S T R U C T I O N M A N A G E M E N T “The owner was very involved; he was on the site probably two or three times per week, and it made it very nice to establish the relationship between the site staff and him, as well as with us on the management side. Along with the architects, we created a nice little project group that worked very well, so that was a great experience and a nice project to end the year with.” A Company Culture of Caring When it comes to finding project staff for Farnum Construction Management, there are several traits that are highly valued. “I do my best to make sure that all of our employees, from senior managers to laborers, are dedicated, respectful, hard working and take pride in what they do. I try to instill that in being at the forefront,” says Farnum. “I’m onsite often, not afraid to get my hands dirty, bringing our site guys lunch and coffee, nothing is below me so I try to instill that in them, and show them that I’m just as dedicated as they are. We all share common goals, we all share strategies and ideas, our success is dependent collaboration, and we promote an open door policy for all team members. Whatever we’re working on, we take a team approach.” Another trait that Farnum looks for is employees interested in taking time for giving back to the community. From charity work and community service to education, Farnum Construction Management takes its philanthropic philosophy very seriously. “We’re heavily involved in investing

Farnum semi-trailer (site storage)

h t t p : / / w w w. f a r n u m . c a /



Concrete/Foundation pour, Metro Paving Office project - One of Farnum’s first projects in 2009.

into our community and into our staff,” says Farnum, noting that the business has been involved in benefits for everything from the Calgary Zoological Society to Calgary’s Prostate Cancer Society and Kids Cancer Care. 84

January 2015

“Calgary has been so great to me—coming from Ontario, moving to Calgary, and having the opportunities here to build my company,” explains Farnum. “I feel that it’s our social responsibility to give back. We’re given such great opportunities, and


the ability to provide a great life for ourselves and our families, I feel it’s our obligation to give back— what goes around comes around.” The Farnum Difference The thing that sets Farnum Construction Management apart is the fresh way they view the industry and they approach it. “I think we’re a different type of company with a different vision,” says Farnum. “We’re very versatile, as we can structure our services and our project delivery methods based on requirements, restraints, as well as specific client or project needs.” Beyond that versatility is a refreshing honesty and commitment to excellence that Farnum’s clients can count on project after project. “We do what we say we’re going to do, it’s as simple as that,” he adds. “We’re out to align our goals, relationships, and strategies with our clients. We are very transparent in what we do, and we take pride in what we do.” That may not lead to rapid growth, but it does lead to the kind of growth that can be sustained and a point of pride as Farnum moves into the future. “We’re on a calculated growth pattern as we’ve planned, and we only take on as much as we can handle and do it the best that we possibly can,” he says. “So it’s all about respect and integrity, the morals and ethics of the company, and the services that we provide. The company was started on that premise—that we can do it better.”

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Alberta, Canada FOUNDED



$20 million anticipated for 2015 Fiscal Year

h t t p : / / w w w. f a r n u m . c a /


The Dalton Company

Building on Principles

The Dalton Company’s Alternative Approach to Building helps customers manage costs, avoid surprises, and earn its customers’ trust. Written by: Kevin Smeade

Produced by: Rich Gentile



Private Residence


ounded in 1940, The Dalton Company is a full service builder that provides a variety of services within the building industry. A family-run, professionally managed business, its services include project and construction management, feasibility studies, professional quantity surveying and master planning, as well as other consulting services. The company is known for its “Alternative Approach to Building,� which offers a unique and integrated approach to projects. Dalton adapted to significant 88

January 2015

change in the building industry by developing a trust-driven model of doing business. Based on accountability and leadership, the approach fosters a culture of trust that is inclusive of both its staff and clients. The company regards trust as a tangible, not intangible, quality that is a core part of its business model. Building on Principles Though other companies founded around the same time have not realized the same longevity, The Dalton Company has remained strong throughout its history.


The striking facade of St. James Cathedral in Toronto is just one element of Dalton’s work there

“That speaks to the commitment of not only my brother and me, but the people that work at Dalton,” President Randy Dalton said. The commitment of Dalton’s employees runs throughout the company, as the company’s culture is one not only of pride, but of growth and reflection. “We take our work very personally,” Dalton said. “There’s a pride in being involved in an organization where we’re all part of a group with consistent goals and objectives that are part of a bigger picture. We’re trying to succeed both as a company and as individuals.” As a learning organization, the company is also willing to invest in its employees to get the success which they’re all striving for. “We encourage growth from our employees,” Dalton said. “We have always assisted them with

“There’s a pride in being involved in an organization where we’re all part of a group with consistent goals and objectives that are part of a bigger picture.” – Randy Dalton, President

w w w. d a l t o n b u i l d . c o m


T H E D A LT O N C O M PA N Y any training, coaching, or academic undertakings they want to pursue outside of their day-to-day work at Dalton and we’ll continue to do so in looking to advance individuals. We’ve had some people who have been with us for 20-plus years and started in very junior positions. Now, they’re in the senior management of the company. We believe it’s our approach that helps us recruit and retain the best staff.” Dalton’s core values and beliefs extend to the company’s building

processes. Project management methods and standards are coupled with predictive analysis and measurement tools. The result is project teams empowered to serve clients as partners with open communication throughout a project’s lifespan. A common theme across all of its projects is the trust that Dalton establishes with its clients. Built into their project management process is a means to build, leverage, and even measure trust. The aim is to



A single resource for Club furnishings, D&E possesses expertise to create tailored environments matching any criteria. 6399 Netherhart Rd. Mississauga, Ontario L5T 1B8

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| fax 905.281.8987


preserve the integrity of the client’s vision, schedule, and budget. Dalton’s “Building on Principles” approach serves clients across a range of sectors, from academic, residential, and broadcast media to private clubs and religious institutions. A common theme across all projects is how Dalton’s way of doing business resonates with its clients. The company was recently involved in the renovation of Toronto Artscape’s Wychwood Barns— dilapidated structures that now serve as a major creative cultural space in the community. It was also one of the first LEED Heritage Gold projects in Canada. Taking on these types of sustainability and communityfocused projects wasn’t part of The Dalton Company’s original plans, and they’ve become a large part of the company’s portfolio. “It just fits with that we’re all about,” Dalton said. “Most of the corporations we deal with in notfor-profit are concerned about sustainability and good practice, so it’s just a logical fit with what we’re all about and what our customers are typically looking for.”

An Alternative Approach to Building Customers often look for certainty at all stages of the project and Dalton’s “Alternative Approach to Building” offers that by placing a heavy emphasis on pre-planning, and working with the client to establish their “Definition of Success”. “If you’re not involved early, you’ll find you’ll never get caught up with the subject matter,” Dalton explained. “If the design professionals are hired early and the builder is brought in later, it’s very difficult to understand the subtleties of what was discussed at the inception of a project. From our standpoint, the earlier we’re involved the better. For our clients, it’s the same way.” Dalton points to the example of its work at Upper Canada College. Planning for projects next summer is happening now in conjunction with the school and consultants, ensuring there are no obstacles when the project actually gets underway. “Cost certainty is a very important aspect of that as well,” Dalton added. “If all the elements of a project are monitored at the early stage, then the likelihood of success improves w w w. d a l t o n b u i l d . c o m



Global TV’s Morning Show studio is one of several new studios recently built by Dalton.

exponentially going forward. If a lot of the design work and planning is done without understanding cost right from the commencement of a project, it can often lead to surprises down the road.” Avoiding surprises and keeping certainty high are hallmarks of Dalton’s Alternative Approach. This has kept customers such as Upper Canada College, Bell Media, and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto coming back for more than 10 years. Dalton explained that the bar is set 92

January 2015

very high by both the company and its customers and maintaining that quality of work is an active, engaged process. “We’re constantly monitoring and measuring what we’re doing and reporting to our customers on an ongoing basis, getting feedback from them as to where they see things,” he said. “A cornerstone of our Alternative Approach is the client’s definition of success, which we approach them to establish. Often times, their definition of


success is different than what the project team might have assumed without having asked.” Upcoming Projects Of course, Dalton is always looking for ways to refine and improve its approach, always looking toward its upcoming projects, such as the renovation of the Bata shoe factory in Batawa, Ontario. The shoe factory, once a cornerstone of the community, has fallen into disrepair since its decommissioning. Now, it’s set to be repurposed as residential community space. “It’s part of rebuilding the whole Batawa community,” Dalton said. “We’re working with the Bata Development Corporation directly, to see their vision through to fruition. It’s very interesting being part of the rejuvenation of a community that was once thriving and the conversion of the shoe factory will hopefully re-instill the purpose and spirit that the town was founded on.” Ultimately, The Dalton Company hopes to set an industry standard for others to follow and they know that’s easier said than done. “There are other very good companies,” Dalton explained. “We’re not the only one. We’re hopefully showing a different way of doing business that will be beneficial not only to our company but the industry as a whole. Our approach has bolstered our competitive advantage, greatly increasing our repeat and referral work.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Project & Construction Management HEADQUARTERS

Ontario, Canada FOUNDED



$75 Million

w w w. d a l t o n b u i l d . c o m


True North Gems Partnerships Provide Pivot Role in True North Gems’ Bid for Greenland Mining

True North Gems is creating a legacy of social responsibility through key partnerships and a steady commitment to sharing the benefits of its business with the local community Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan




reenland is home to some of the most pure sapphire and ruby gems in the world. The country, which has notoriously been hesitant to allow mining activities in the past, recently awarded an exploration permit to True North Gems – a junior exploration company based in Canada. The company plans to not only succeed in finding profitable gems but make a positive impact in the local community as well. Through key partnerships and a steady commitment to sharing the benefits of its business, True North Gems is striving to become the 96

January 2015

world’s premier producer of Rubies and Pink Sapphires by creating a legacy of social responsibility. Partnership with LNS Greenland In March, True North Gems was awarded a 30-year mining permit for the Aappaluttoq Ruby deposit in Southwest Greenland. The mining project, which has an initial mine life of nine years, will range from an open-pit mine to a gemstone grading and processing facility. To finance the infrastructure costs, the company needed to secure a financial partner. “We wanted to engage with


someone who had an interest in focusing on the quality of the ruby- and sapphire ore, not just the quantity,” says Bent Jensen, General Manager of the Aappaluttoq project. “Normally, you want to focus on the volume and get the most out of the ground. With us, that’s not the case. We want to protect the mineral ore as much as possible.” The company set off in search of an investor with the same mindset, experience, and financial backing to fit its needs, and the Leonhard Nilsen and Sonner AS Group (LNS) had all the attributes.

“We wanted to engage with an operator that would focus on the motive. We quickly came to the conclusion we needed to get an operator who would also be an investor,” says Jensen. “That’s why they’re interesting. They have the experience building and operating mines, the financial backing we need, and they were initially involved in the gold mining here in Greenland. So they have a relationship with the community.” True North Gems and LNS Group through LNS Greenland signed a deal for the latter to invest a total of $34 million into the project through w w w. t r u e n o r t h g e m s . c o m


We know the drill

With decades of experience acquired from Arctic operations, Air Greenland is your reliable and dynamic partner for exploration. You will benefit from the fact that we are part of the Greenlandic society. We have the advantage of a broad network. We know the local requirements and we have an infrastructure in the form of hangars and aircraft all over the country. We aim to provide a high level of service and this means that every single job is specifically tailored to suit the customer’s requirements.

Our 12 robust AS-350 helicopters can handle almost any task. It is the ideal helicopter for sling operations with our experienced and competent long-line sling pilots. Our 8 Bell 212s with their versatile and spacious cabins, are effective in mobilizing your exploration camp. Our Dash 7s are very flexible combi/cargo aircraft that can meet all passenger and cargo requirements. With its unparalleled STOL capability, it matches the short runways all over Greenland and it is capable of landing on frozen lakes and other simple runways. We are simply your sustainable choice in Greenland. You just have to ask.

Air Greenland Charter, Tel. +299 34 34 34, e-mail:,



mine infrastructure and capital loan. The deal included: • Building a port. • Building a complete and modern camp for approx. 48 workers. • Building Fuel depot, Explosive Depot, Heli-pad and workshop. • Building a Process Plant. • Building approx. 8.5 km of roads to tie all facilities together. • The completion of all infrastructure, which will enable planned production to commence in 2015. • Once construction is completed, LNSG will be in charge of the daily operation of the mine-site.



Greenland’s national airline Grønlandsfly was founded in 1960. The company changed its name to Air Greenland in 2002 and has undergone rapid development during the last 50 years: From seaplanes to jet planes; and from helicopter services to scheduled services with fixed-wing aircraft. Then, as now, Air Greenland operates in Arctic airspace, which presents a unique range of challenges. Website:

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OIL SUPPLY COMPANY FOR ALL OF GREENLAND We supply oil to mining and oil industries

Contacts Energy Manager Tage Lindegaard

Logistic Manager Niels Chemnitz

All types of liquid petroleum products TNG_polaroil_promo_196x137mm.indd 1

P.O. BOX 3030 ∙ 3911 SISIMIUT ∙ GREENLAND PHONE: +299 86 24 44 ∙ FAX: +299 86 23 96

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Contact: Phone: +299 556 450


At ISS, we believe that great service comes from motivated employees, who understand your purpose and empathise with your needs.



In return, LNS will receive 7 percent initial ownership in the Greenlandic company True North Gems Greenland (TNGG) and upon completion of the infrastructure and reaching operational status LNS will have earned the right to a further 20 percent ownership. Bringing their total ownership to 27 percent. “We had other interesting investors but we chose LNS because we saw the Group as the ideal partner for the project. At the end of the day, we wanted what was best for the not only the project, but also the community” says Jensen. “We see it as a very strong joint venture.”

“If you look at our social impact assessment report, we raise the possibility of hiring local people right from the start,” says Jensen. “This is a decision we made a long time ago as we wanted to engage with the local community to make sure they benefit from this project. When we have a mandate we strive to adhere to it.” For the project, the company has planned to hire roughly 80 workers of which the company has committed to ensure that at least 75% of these will be local employees in which they would train and implement in various functions of the operation. According to Jensen, after initiating the Hearing Process, Community involvement receiving exploitation permitting True North Gems has completed and approvals of Exploitationthe Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) and Abandonment Plans from negotiations and all parties have the Greenland government, executed a ground breaking accord. the company had received 300 The Company has also finalized the unsolicited applications from the subsequent operating and closure local community. plan for the Aappaluttoq Ruby “We couldn’t believe it. Over 300 deposit. As part of its agreement, people applied for positions within the company plans to engage with our company all on their own. I think the local community and provide the community is starting to trust us training and economic benefits from and our commitment.” the project. In regards to training, the company w w w. t r u e n o r t h g e m s . c o m


quickly realized most of the community had already been trained in the mining industry. “In 2009, the Government opened a mining school. The school is responsible for running a training program called Common Core. Over 300 people have passed the course. We quickly realized there are a lot of people who already have the skill sets needed,” says Jensen. Living up to their promises To further enhance the community, True North Gems is developing

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a local recruitment strategy which focuses on pre-employment, recruiting and employee retention and employee development initiatives. The company is also planning to launch an array of cultural awareness, community wellbeing and health and safety programs in an effort to address local issues. In addition, the company is working with the local community to minimize any negative environmental impacts of the project. With pivotal partnerships in With a 30 year proven track record in the Artic, Ramboll is the region’s leading consultancy. As a strategic partner to customers in the building, transport, oil & gas, energy, mining and society building sectors, we deliver optimised solutions that are environmentally and socially responsible.

meeting arctic development challenges (delivering sustainable solutions)


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Vancouver, British Columbia

place, True North Gems is building the platform for a successful mining operation through trust and integrity. According to Jensen, by building relationships through trust and open communication, True North Gems is working to provide social, cultural and community support, which will benefit both the community and the company. “We’ve already hired our first set of local-based employees. The people of Greenland can now see we live up to our promises.”

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Cementation A New Way of Building Mines Canada’s premier mining contractor Cementation is changing the way mine contracting is carried out Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Cementation raise boring team with underground set-up.


ementation is an underground mine contracting and engineering company that provides an extensive array of services for clients throughout North and South America. Based in Ontario, Canada, the company has a unique structure, one that is well suited for technically challenging projects. “We set out to do something different,” says President of Cementation, Roy Slack. “We wanted to change the way mine contracting is carried out.” The company started by focusing on three key aspects: safety, relationships 106

January 2015

and the way it implements contracting. “We wanted this to be an industry with zero harm so we aligned our vision to focus on safety,” says Slack. “Secondly, we wanted to restructure the relationship between us and the clients and avoid adversarial relationships. We really try and understand what the client wants from a project standpoint and we align ourselves with these goals. Lastly, we wanted to change the way contracting is done by providing a true design-build service for Clients. Traditionally, different groups would work on different stages of a project; we wanted to


establish both continuity and one point accountability through a strong engineering service within our contracting group. “These are the changes we wanted to make.”

corporate values as well as legislated requirements specific to the jurisdictions they work in. Cementation has also developed a risk management protocol. “We’ve developed a system for hazard recognition. The people in Safety our group have a lot of long-term Above all else, Cementation is experience and they’ve the ability to committed to safety. The company recognize hazards,” says Slack. “We recognizes that a safe contractor is wanted to implement that insight more attractive to both employees into this program.” and clients and this aligns with the The program is structured to have company’s goal of being both an project managers coach their teams employer and contractor of choice. on safety precautions and provide “We wanted to be the employer of insight for recognizing potential choice and we’ve worked extremely hazards. The goal is to establish and hard at that,” says Slack. “We support a culture of safety. wanted to align employee goals with “In safety, we talk about structure corporate goals in order to help our and culture. Safety culture is the people succeed. We have a strong mindset of the people: the attitude, training program in and out of office. the respect and the ability to work We believe safety is the right way together,” says Slack. to work and we believe in treating “Structure is also very important; employees with respect. If benefits if it is missing you’re in trouble. come from that, good, but we look at Structure includes a strong it as simply the right way to work.” orientation program, ongoing To maintain the highest level training and evaluation, along with of safety, the company has hazard recognition and detailed implemented training programs work procedures.” developed from its internal w w w. c e m e n t a t i o n . c o m


C E M E N TAT I O N Relationships Relationships are the lifeblood for contractors. They play a vital piece in keeping clients up-todate with progress and changes in projects as well as occurring repeat business. With that being said, Cementation is focused on maintaining and growing its relationship with clients as well as employees. Along with building quality client and vendor relationships, the company strives to maintain solid employee relationships. Cementation has implemented a wide array of programs for helping



employees succeed. In Canada, the company has developed and utilized a leadership development program for employees. For this program the company utilizes the Harvard Manager Mentor program for leadership development, a unique e-learning platform that gives employees an opportunity to receive customized programs geared at their specific training requirements. “It’s a computer based training program, but then we establish various forums where the trainees can get together to review and discuss the content,” says Slack. “Another aspect of the program


Businessfriend creates a digital eco-system that drives individuals and organizations to personal and professional success. Make connections, nurture relationships, and harness the strength of your social network with business utilities that take you beyond your connections. We operate under our BUSI platform, a Business Utility Social Identity, which gives you the opportunity to meld the strength and familiarity of your online social identity with the software-like tools you need to collaborate and conduct business. Website:

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C E M E N TAT I O N is Lunch & Learns, where we bring in different departments to present on what they do – it’s sort of like an internal cross-training program. We want everyone to understand what each department is involved in.” Slack adds, “The training program was developed with our employees and supervisors in mind. We enlisted a number of people in the program with a set number of courses to help


them develop the skills required to succeed.” Along with nurturing quality relationships, Cementation is focused on cultivating meaningful partnerships. The company has developed numerous Aboriginal partnerships across the Canadian landscape to support and develop the Northern communities that those partners live in. Recognized as a “partner of

Cementation raise boring team set-up on surface at AuRico Gold’s Young-Davidson Project near Matachewan, Ontario.

w w w. c e m e n t a t i o n . c o m



Inspecting bored shaft at AuRico Gold’s Young-Davidson Mine near Matachewan, Ontario.


January 2015


choice” for First Nations and Inuit groups, the company has created opportunities for Aboriginal groups by creating jobs, training and resources to succeed. According to Slack, the ‘New Miner’ program was implemented nine years ago in an effort to introduce new people into the industry, including the First Nations partners. “The program is an excellent tool for extensive training. It includes roughly three months of classroom indoctrination and nine months working on site. Participants are paid the entire time and they’re expected to treat the training as a job, which it is. We’ve had nothing but success with the program.” By staying true to its vision and goals, Cementation has become the mining contractor of choice for both clients and employees. By achieving excellence in safety, performance beyond expectations and quality long-term relationships, the company has provided the mining industry with a different approach to the way mine contracting can be carried out.

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Ontario, Canada FOUNDED



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Whitby Hydro Energy Services Corporation

After More than 110 Years, Whitby Hydro Remains Stro

The more than century-old company has built a solid cor operations while constantly adapting to meet changing n Written by: Kevin Smead Produced by: Michael Magno


re of needs.




t more than 110 years old, one might think of Whitby Hydro as “old school.” That, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. While the company sticks to its roots and continues to do what it’s always done best, Whitby Hydro is always looking to the future and changing with the trends of the market. Overview Whitby Hydro is a local distribution company with two operating divisions—a regulated division, which is more of a traditional utility model, and an unregulated side, which is able to provide services 116

January 2015

to outside its franchise area. Vice President of Engineering and Business Kevin Whitehead says that the symbiosis of these two divisions give Whitby Hydro its competitive advantage. “We’re not only a designbuilder,” he explained. “We’re also an operator. We combine our operations and design experience.” The company’s long term success, as Whitehead pointed out, is also somewhat tied with the growth of the region it services. “We’re in a very economically viable portion of Ontario,” he noted. “There’s been good, stable industry


here and we’ve experienced load growth with population growth.” Still, remaining successful over such a lengthy period of time requires smart adaptation and constant innovation—abilities Whitby Hydro has consistently demonstrated in its operations.

to support the system, the company had to build a laboratory in which all changes needed to be made. They would then have to implement the changes made in the lab in the shop. “There was only one individual who did this and they ended up retiring, leaving us abandoned,” he continued. “So, we went to this Operations internet based solution because (a) it One area of operations the company was cost effective–around one-tenth is currently growing in is the the cost of our legacy system–and designing and building of substations (b) it was easy for us to implement for utilities and developers outside of and support ourselves.” its franchise area. While it’s important for Whitby to “We have an innovative design be self-supporting, they also work which is a low-profile, modular with others to get the job done. design so it’s completely dead front,” “For our projects, we have a strong Whitehead explained. “This means network of support consultants you cannot get electrocuted if you and suppliers,” Whitehead said. step into or touch the equipment.” Still, much of Whitby Hydro’s work In addition, Whitby Hydro recently is done internally, requiring a lean, implemented an internet-based talented staff. SCADA (supervisory control and “When we find the right individual,” data acquisition) system, which Whitehead said, “we try to make afforded them a number of new the work interesting and provide improvements. a healthy environment for them to “We had a non-RTU based SCADA grow in.” system in the past, but it was difficult The environment and culture with to support,” Whitehead said. which the company operates is not Whitehead explained that in order only attractive to employees, but w w w. w h i t b y h y d r o . o n . c a


W H I T B Y H Y D R O E N E R G Y S E R V I C E S C O R P O R AT I O N other partners as well. “First of all, being a utility, we always pay our bills on time,” Whitehead noted. “Secondly, the suppliers–say, GE for example–like to deal with us because if they can launch a product in our franchise area, it gives credibility to the product when the other utilities are looking at it.” A Transitioning Marketplace With this solid foundation in place, Whitby Hydro is able to comfortably

look toward the future. “The trend we’re seeing right now is renewable generation penetration and smart grid initiatives.” Whitehead said. “Currently, we’re looking at implementing storage, not only in our franchise territory, but outside of our territory as well.” In order to ensure these improvements go smoothly, Whitby Hydro has a system in place. “We always map out our processes and we’re always looking at those processes for ways to



continuously improve them,” Whitehead said. He explained how the drivers of this improvement could be either personnel or regulatory, though documentation is crucial to identifying needs. “By virtue of having a map of what our process looks like,” he said, “we know where we can improve it to make it more efficient.” These improvements are helping Whitby achieve its short and long term goals. “In the short term, we’re trying to establish a presence in the market in terms of some initiatives such as energy storage and distributed generation,” Whitehead said. “In the longer term, we’re looking to turn over higher dividends to our shareholders.” To achieve these goals, the company is adapting once more, just as it has for more than a century. “The market is going toward microgrids,” Whitehead said. “Right now, we have centralized power plants. The market is shifting, driven by the penetration of renewable energy. With weather, snow storms and people losing power, they’re looking for more stand-alone capability. We’re looking at technologies such as micro turbines or fuel cells that might facilitate the off-grid connections.” As the market transitions, one can rest assured that Whitby Hydro will remain a leader in the field.

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Ontario, Canada FOUNDED



$80 million

w w w. w h i t b y h y d r o . o n . c a


Evan Thomas Water and Wastewater Plant Rocky Mountain Clear

The recently-upgraded Evan Thomas Water and Wastewat Plant is up to the challenge of keeping the water in one of Canada’s most idyllic regions cleaner than ever. Written by: Kevin Smead Produced by: Michael Magno




Evan Thomas WWTP Headworks and Administration Building


erving the Kananaskis Country park system west of Calgary in Alberta, the Evan Thomas Water and Wastewater treatment plant is a newly-upgraded, state-of-the-art facility that brings a high standard of clean water to the idyllic tourist destination. The plant’s upgrade was completed on September 12 of this year under a public-private partnership between the Alberta government and contractor EPCOR.


January 2015

The Right Fit The Alberta government selected EPCOR to complete the project under a design-build-financeoperate-maintain (DBFOM) model. Scope of the upgrades to Evan Thomas included addressing the treatment plant’s current capacity constraints, bringing the treatment plant back to environmental compliance, replacing the aging infrastructure and delivering public health benefits through the introduction of leadership standards


Evan Thomas WTP and Well Pumphouse

for the areas potable water. Lee Ward, Senior Manager of Project Development at EPCOR, said this model made sense for government, as it afforded them a low level of risk. “The Alberta Government felt this type of model gave them the most risk transfer and protected them from cost overages and performance issues at the plant,” he said. “It also guaranteed what the operations costs were going to be over the next ten years. They really looked at the risk profile of this project and decided that this was the right choice for them. They’re

somewhat risk averse and didn’t want to take that on, neither the construction nor the operations risk.” As for why the government selected EPCOR and the publicprivate partnership (P3) model, it came down to a simple factor: cost. The province performed a Public Sector Comparator, in which they compare options and seek out the best value. “They look at the costs and how much it would cost for them to go with a traditional model and then compare that against the evaluated bids that come in from the proponents,” Ward explained.

h t t p : / / w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u re . a l b e r t a . c a / 3 7 5 5 . h t m


E VA N T H O M A S WAT E R A N D WA S T E WAT E R P L A N T “EPCOR were lower than that Public Sector Comparator price, which they decided was good value for them.” Unfortunately, not everything in the upgrade process went smoothly, though the hiccups were far from those anyone could ever predict. “We had a one in 300 year flood event in southern Alberta,” Ward said, laughing in near disbelief. “This not only occurred in Kananaskis, but all across the southern part of Alberta. It happened in June 2013 and our whole entire site was

Providing solutions that deliver EPCOR is proud to be a P3 partner for water and wastewater treatment projects including the Evan-Thomas Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants in Kananaskis, Alberta and the City of Regina Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade. Learn more about EPCOR’s lifecycle approach to P3’s and how we can partner with you by visiting

flooded out. In fact, one of our construction trailers floated away.” Despite these challenges, the project was completed on time with the help of extra manpower and understanding from the Alberta government. High-Tech Cleanliness Now completed, the plant uses advanced systems to ensure that the water running through it is up to the highest standards. On the water treatment side, the plant not only uses chlorination, but


an ultraviolet radiation disinfection system, ensuring parasites such as cryptosporidium or giardia– against which chlorine is ineffective–are inactivated and kept from contaminating drinking water. “It adds an extra barrier, if you will,” Ward said, “an extra level of protection.” For wastewater, the plant is equipped with a membrane bioreactor system and a UV disinfection system designed to greatly reduce the amount of residual contaminants that wind up in local waters. “The amount of bacteria is reduced to a very low, strict level before it’s discharged to the river,” Ward said. Now, the plant may be looking to install a septage receiving station in the near future. This would allow for a greater service area for wastewater collection and eliminate lengthy journeys to other treatment facilities for trucks collecting wastewater from holding tanks currently in place throughout the valley. Thinking Long Term Though still focused on the present, the plant’s owners and operators are already planning further down the line. “The membrane and UV technology are cutting edge for today’s wastewater systems,” Ward said. “We’re a bit ahead of the curve in terms of meeting federal expectations, standards and guidelines. We think that will take us through for the next 10 or 20 years before we have to

Senior Vice President, Water Canada and Technologies - Dr. Stephen Stanley

“Now completed, the plant uses advanced systems to ensure that the water running through it is up to the highest standards. ” – Lee Ward, Senior Manager

h t t p : / / w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u re . a l b e r t a . c a / 3 7 5 5 . h t m




January 2015


implement some major upgrades to the plant.” While planning decades ahead after a major upgrade might be seen as jumping the gun by some, Ward believes if they start looking at future policies and upgrades now, they can remain a step ahead. “The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has a mandate in Canada to limit the amount of toxicity that goes into the river,” he explained. “It can be caused by contaminants such as ammonia or nitrogen. Those are all elements of wastewater. As an example of possible changing regulations, in Canada, we’re now looking at going beyond removal of ammonia and nitrogen and controlling the amount of nitrates that are discharged to the river as well. Over the next five years, we could see a requirement to remove nitrates. If we did see that, this plant, with a few tweaks—no major improvements—could handle that, depending on what that new level of requirement is.” Ward also noted that the plant is ready to grow with the community it serves, allowing for the recreational areas serviced to flourish. “We have now expanded the plant to allow for expansion of those facilities, which is expected over the next five to 10 years,” he said. “The growth won’t be inhibited by the lack of wastewater facilities. We’ll be able to accommodate that now.” Thanks to the Evan Thomas Water and Wastewater Plant, those in Kananaskis Country will be able to enjoy clean water for years to come.

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Alberta, Canada FOUNDED


$59.6 Million Project

h t t p : / / w w w. i n f r a s t r u c t u r e . a l b e r t a . c a / 3 7 5 5 . h t m


K-Line Group of Companies

Two Trucks and a Vision

Emerging from humble beginnings, K-Line has become one of Canada’s premier high voltage service providers. Written by: Kevin Smead

Produced by: Michael Magno


K - L I N E G R O U P O F C O M PA N I E S


rothers Allan and Mark Kellett have been leading the K-Line Group, a high voltage utility service provider, for more than 25 years. K-Line was founded by their father, Glenn, in 1967. Armed with years of experience at Ontario’s Hydro One and a strategic eye for business, he sold one of his properties in order to purchase two trucks— both of which are still owned by the company today—and began running operations out of the basement at his Scarborough home. Glenn saw an opportunity to provide high voltage services 130

January 2015

at a time when utilities began outsourcing work. What began as K-Line Maintenance and Construction is now part of a larger group, which includes operations in several countries across the globe. Still, it was Glenn’s initial efforts that put the company on the path to where it is today. “K-line didn’t just fall out of the sky,” Mark said, “but started with a person with a vision who came from Minden, Ontario.” A Family Culture While the company has certainly grown since its inception, it has


managed to maintain its family culture. “We take pride in being a family business,” Allan said. “We have a family culture, which most companies don’t have.” This has been especially helpful in attracting and retaining a workforce that wants to be part of a company such as K-Line. Since Allan and Mark took over the company 25 years ago, they’ve been seeing a lot of familiar faces. “We have employees that have been with us for over 30 years,” Mark said. “Obviously people retire and you get new people coming up, but it’s not a revolving door here.” Those who do join the company have had their high expectations met. “We’ve heard so many times over the years when we get new employees, ‘We’ve heard about K-Line, their industry leading equipment and tooling, and the unique management style, so we’ve come here and it’s true,’” Mark said. “That’s just how it is.” Beyond competitive salaries and full benefits even for non-union workers, Allan believes the attention paid to employees is important for retaining top talent.

“When we have our annual general meetings—which we have every year in every province and its one big thing our employees really like— Allan and I intermingle with all the employees,” Mark explained. “It’s not as though we just sit in the office. We go to see them throughout the year, including the holiday seasons, and they really like that.” K-Line believes in investing in its employees, since they’re the company’s representatives in the field. According to both brothers, this has paid off for the company. Safety as a Top Priority Another reason K-Line has seen such great success is its willingness to train its staff on always staying safe. “We certainly take pride in our safety program,” Allan said. “Since the company’s inception, safety was always in the forefront, so we’ve taken that to the next level. We can honestly say that we’ve been raising the bar across the industry.” To better implement policies and procedures for safety, K-Line has developed their own Integrated Management System, or IMS. It is designed with constant training in w w w. k - l i n e . c a



Substation Promo

mind, which is something K-Line does regularly. “Literally everyone in our company is trained on our new policies at the beginning of each year,” Mark said. “We take pride in the training of our people. We invest a lot in that, which seems to pay us back exponentially.” K-Line often times sends its employees to training courses and invests heavily in ensuring all 132

January 2015

members of the team are up to speed on the current safety protocols. According to Allan, it’s something they take extremely seriously. “The line of work that we’re in, you have to be safe,” he explained. “That’s always been the family philosophy so we promote this within our group. It starts from the top down. It’s about building that culture. We have quite a few


employees, and we can honestly say it’s a culture that everyone buys into. That’s huge. That flows into our alliance partners and the people that we align ourselves with—the CEOs, the shareholders. They’re all protected. It’s something you need to do as a business, but we take it to the next level and raise the bar. We’re always at the forefront in the industry.”

High Voltage, High Quality and High Performance Being at the forefront is something K-Line has embodied for many years now and is reflected in the company’s slogan (above). At the turn of this century, the company changed its business strategy. “Instead of chasing the work and doing all bid work, we went to more alliance-type work, which was w w w. k - l i n e . c a


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K-LINE unheard of in the past,” Allan explained. “This type of strategy was more predominant in manufacturing. In sense we have changed the market. Now, it’s come to the point where it’s all lining up for us.” K-Line also works to stay on the pulse of the industry, following what the trends are for utilities and adapting the business to meet their needs. No matter the trend, K-Line’s philosophy remains the same. “The biggest thing is to perform,” Mark said. “If you look at us, we’re not the lowest cost service provider and when you’re not the lowest price in town, you have to show value to your customers. That means getting the job done on time, on-budget, and with integrity.” This honest style of doing business has garnered K-Line a lot of repeat business, allowing for relationships and alliances to build over time. For Mark, it’s pretty simple. “If you go to a customer and say, ‘We’re going to do this,’ and you don’t do it, you won’t get asked back,” he said. “Well, we get asked back all the time.” For a company that started with two trucks and a vision, it might seem surprising that K-Line has become the powerhouse it is today. But looking at the company’s history and the way it does business, it’s really no surprise at all.


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Energy & Utilities HEADQUARTERS

Ontariao, Canada FOUNDED



$80-100 million

w w w. k - l i n e . c a


Kwagis Power Limited Partnership

Environmentally Conscious Energy

The Kokish River run-of-river hydroelectric project is more than just a renewable power source as it goes to extra lengths to protect the environment. Written by: Kevin Smead

Produced by: Michael Magno



Powerhouse just downstream of the Kokish River


or the ‘Namgis First Nation, respect for the environment is a core value. This allencompassing belief is focused on the protection and enhancement of the key watersheds in its ancestral lands on northeastern Vancouver Island. The Kokish River watershed is an important one of these. The river has been home to a number of industrial operations over the years, but none has brought benefits like the Kokish River project. This run-of-the-river operation has an installed capacity of 45 megawatts and generates clean, sustainable energy while enhancing the fish populations in the river. The project is owned and operated by a partnership between 138

January 2015

Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners and the ‘Namgis First Nation, called Kwagis Power. For the ‘Namgis, it’s a requirement that the project’s impact on the river’s community and aquatic life must be a positive one. “In all of the projects and activities that we do, our key goals are respect for the environment, sound management, self-sufficiency, and sustainable prosperity for our members,” Chief Debra Hanuse said: “These are the values that led us to take on the Kokish project. We are quite proud of our efforts together with our partner Brookfield Renewable. Our project won praise for exceeding environmental requirements and great care was


taken not only to protect but also to enhance fish habitat and fisheries resources in the Kokish watershed. If all goes according to plan, the project will improve fish populations in the river through stream fertilization.”

its environmental certificate and water licence approvals. Now, the operation is implementing its detailed environmental monitoring and compensation programs, and using innovative technology to protect the Consideration for Aquatic Life river’s fish populations. Great care was taken to ensure “For example, a feature of this that protection of the river’s facility is what is called a Coanda aquatic life was at the forefront of screen” Hanuse explained. “The the project. Coanda screen ensures that juvenile Planning of the project began in salmon and steelhead can safely 2004 and was followed by years of migrate out to sea.” studying the river system, gathering The Coanda screen covers the data, and preparing environmental intake weir and prevents the river’s plans. The result met all the young fish and diverse aquatic life requirements of the ‘Namgis First from being drawn into the penstock Nation and of regulators. In late 2011 and turbines. These screens have and early 2012, the project received been successful on other rivers in w w w. b ro o k f i e l d re n e w a b l e . c o m / k o k i s h r i v e r


Ecofish Research Ltd. - We are a leading environmental consulting firm in renewable energy, passionate to take on your toughest regulatory challenges. When the Kwagis Power Limited Partnership needed expert help to permit the Kokish Hydroelectric Project, they turned to Ecofish for our reputation as problem solvers. Our innovative mitigation and study designs were key in advancing the project through all phases of development. We continue to support Kwagis during operations, helping them deliver the promise of clean energy.



ensuring that juvenile salmonids travel down the river with a high rate of survival. The extensive care paid to environmental concerns isn’t the only thing that makes this project unique, however.

The ‘Namgis First Nation received $7.2 million in funding from PPP Canada. This agency manages public–private partnerships (P3s), which are an approach to developing public infrastructure that allows governments to hold the private sector accountable A Unique Partnership for a project’s success over its Part of what makes the Kokish River lifespan. The idea behind the P3s run-of-river project special is the is to transfer to the private sector a partnership between a First Nation major share of the risk associated and a major energy company. Also, for with infrastructure development, the first time in Canada, a First Nation such as cost overruns, schedule is benefiting from the model of funding delays, unexpected maintenance, used for projects developed jointly by or latent defects. Essentially, a P3 the public and private sectors. project ensures that there aren’t



Ecofish Research Ltd. are experts in environmental impact assessment, mitigation, compensation, and monitoring. Established in 2000 we have decades of experience in solving the tough problems that regulators and industry face when evaluating and permitting developments. With a team of experienced, skilled professionals, including biologists, hydrologists, chemists, and environmental technicians, we offer a broad range of environmental services including study design, data collection and analysis, reporting, training, strategic advice, agency liaison, environmental management planning, mitigation and compensation planning, and environmental monitoring. Website:

w w w. b ro o k f i e l d re n e w a b l e . c o m / k o k i s h r i v e r


KOKISH HYDROELECTRIC any surprises for taxpayers and the private sector is engaged via a contract for the life of the asset. “Once the construction phase is done, all the high standards are met, and all of the risk of any delay is avoided, that’s the point where the P3 funding kicks in,” Hanuse explained. “That’s significant for us because P3 funding basically provided us with the means to stand on our own in terms of securing financing to participate in this

NWP Logo inside box is white


January 2015

project from a source other than our partner. It also will provide us with early benefits, so after repaying our loan, there will still be profits that are available for our community. That’s really important because one of our major goals is to become self-sufficient. The early profits from this project will provide us with the resources that we need to stimulate economic growth in our community and build a better future for our children.” The Long Term When looking at the life span of the asset, it’s important to take a long term view. “Our initial contract to supply power to BC Hydro is for an initial period of 40 years, so we have guaranteed income for 40 years,” Hanuse said. “It’s a stable and steady revenue stream. But the Kokish facility can have a lifespan of 100 years with good maintenance, so it could provide benefits for generations.” While the power agreements are important, the long-term environmental impact is still crucial to the ‘Namgis. “Throughout the lifespan of the


project there will be environmental monitoring to ensure that the project continues to meet safety and environmental standards,” Hanuse said. “Over time, the environmental monitoring will create opportunities for the members of our nation to become involved in technical support aspects.” This helps accelerate the First Nation’s progress toward self-sufficiency. Achieving this will require the ability to create and fund projects such as the Kokish River,run-of-river project which can be challenging. “Access to capital is a challenge that many First Nations governments face because reserve lands can’t be mortgaged, and therefore unless a First Nation has a lot of other assets it can offer for security, it’s difficult for many Nations to secure financing for economic projects,” Hanuse explained. “An initial loan from our partner Brookfield Renewable opened the door for ‘Namgis participation in the Kokish project. The loan from P3 Canada has helped us open the door further. By securing a P3 loan on completion of construction, we’re able to repay our loan to Brookfield and stand as our own as a partner in the Kokish project. The low-interest loan from P3 Canada will allow us to build equity in a green energy project within our core territory and realize benefits much sooner than we would have otherwise.” Overall, the project is not only a model of how sustainability, energy, and environmental concern can come together, it is also of how the public and private sectors can work together to improve energy infrastructure.

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Quebec, Canada FOUNDED



w w w. b ro o k f i e l d re n e w a b l e . c o m / k o k i s h r i v e r


Wok Box

Wok Box Takes Fresh to a New Audience Wok Box CEO Lawrence Eade discusses fresh Asian cuisine and taking his franchise south to a new market in the United States Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Sean Bakke



Singapore Cashew Noodle Box


ok Box was founded in 2004, built on a concept of fresh, healthy, affordable and fun Pan-Asian cuisine. It’s a concept that the market needed, and Wok Box has responded to public demand with rapid growth—today the Edmontonbased franchise stands sixty locations strong. Now upon its tenth anniversary, the fast casual chain is ready to take that growth even further.


January 2015

Branching Out into New Territories Wok Box is not a franchise content to stay local—it’s intent on spreading its mission of fresh Asian cuisine far and wide, starting with spreading east into Ontario as well as crossing the border south into the United States. “In the US, we think our product is able to fit in most major metropolitan markets,” says Eade, noting that the franchise is already in development stages in Arizona, Texas, Florida,



and South Carolina with further deals in the works in various parts of the Midwest. “It’s just about finding the right partners.” What does it mean to be the right partner? “With experienced multi-unit operators, we’re looking at how they run their restaurants,” says Eade. “Are they following the systems that they currently have? How do they track and grow their own performance on their own business model?” Because Wok Box is an entry level franchise with a 300K capital point, it also attracts entry level franchisees who may not have a proven track

record of franchise success to draw from yet. For these franchisees, it all comes down to personality. “Owning your own business and your own restaurant is about tackling problems, mitigating issues, and following systems,” says Eade. “So the most important trait for us in seeing success once the doors have opened, is this: are they able to take the issues they’re been presented with and deal with them, or are they going to freeze and let things overtake them and overwhelm them? For people that haven’t had any business experience, the one trait we really look for is a can-do attitude.” w w w. w o k b o x . u s


WOK BOX Consistency and the Challenges of a New Market A major challenge for any franchised restaurant chain is maintaining consistent quality across all of your locations. Wok Box attributes much of its success in this area across its Canada locations to the strength of its supply chain and partnerships, boosted by focused tracking systems that help the company and individual franchises manage costs and supplies from location to location. “We have a really strong Canadian established brand where everyone runs the same menu and products— so it’s just about partnering with really good vendors, whether it’s our sauce supplier or our noodle supplier or our broadline distributor Gordon Food Service,” says Eade. “They really help us get the product where we need it to go, and whenever there’s a hiccup or a hurdle to overcome, having that good partnership makes everyone jump to the bit when there’s something to solve.” According to Eade, Wok Box’s growth into the United States has presented new challenges as the business endeavors to build a strong


supply chain from scratch in this new territory. It’s a challenge that requires creativity and flexibility to overcome, making hyperlocal adjustments to fit the regional availability of ingredients and supplies, but this kind of flexibility plays perfectly into Wok Box’s strengths. “That’s the beautiful thing about our brand,” Eade explains. “All our stores in [a market] run the same menu, but if [another market] has a slightly different menu, customers aren’t going to care because our commitment to our customer is providing high quality great Asian food. If there’s a slightly variant menu in different markets, that’s totally fine because customers know that the quality is going to be there.” Social Media and the Power of Localization As Wok Box grows its presence in new markets, creating a strong social media strategy is more important than ever before. But the social media landscape is changing, and an effective strategy has to be ready to change along with it. “Five years ago, having a website w w w. w o k b o x . u s




Here at Mountain Top Foods we are dedicated to creating superior food products using meats and ingredients of only the best quality. From Boneless Dry Garlic Pork Ribs to our Ginger Chicken. We know your taste buds will be more than satisfied. Our production process involves the strict production guidelines so you know that you are consistently getting a great quality product each and every time!

Phone: 403.242.0455 | Fax: 403.646.2283


January 2015

and pushing everyone to the same Facebook page whether they’re in South Florida or Seattle was what you needed to do—but now people are only interested in what’s going on in their own market, whether it’s a new business owner looking for new businesses or a customer looking for new food,” Eade explains. “With what social media is doing, our strategy with social media is hyperlocalized content. That could be telling our consumers in South Florida: we have a new product coming out, or a new store opening in


greater Ft Lauderdale so here’s some information about that. Or it could be reaching out to Detroit area franchisees of other systems, asking: have you considered adding to your portfolio? It’s really about tailoring the content to those local people whether it’s through Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or even Yelp.”

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When Trends are The Norm In the franchising industry, trends come and go. But many recent trends sweeping the industry are just business as usual at Wok Box. Set apart by its fresh menu and fun youthful branding, Wok Box doesn’t follow trends—it sets them. “Last year Subway made a huge splash with sriracha, and that was a massive trend—well, we’ve been using sriracha since day one since it’s a staple of Asian food,” notes Eade. “There are some things we do where they’re trends, but they’re just a part of our core menu. We’ve had gluten free dishes from day one, plus GMO free, steroid free chicken, and steroid free beef. These are big healthy ‘know what you’re eating’ trends in our industry, and we kind of take those for granted, because that’s what our brand is. It’s about providing really high quality freshly prepared delicious Asian products. In doing that, we’re kind of meeting those trends anyway. “We’re all young guys in the restaurant industry, and we’ve got fun thoughts and our fingers on the pulse,” he adds. “I think that’s what sets us apart.“

British Columbia, CANADA FOUNDED


w w w. w o k b o x . u s


Toad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse and G

Toad ‘N’ Turtle Gets Ready to

From smoked meats to a quality corporate culture, owner a Tomlinson discusses what makes Toad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse unique and what’s in store for the future Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Sean Bakke


o Grow

and CEO Paul e and Grill



The wood... everyone’s favorite spot to watch all the action!


oad ‘n’ Turtle Pubhouse and Grill first opened in Calgary in 2001 with a vision to update and invigorate the traditional English pub concept. It’s a concept that’s proven successful, expanding outward to four locations throughout Alberta today. Now with plans to franchise on the horizon, Toad ‘n’ Turtle is ready to bring its quality food and friendly atmosphere to a whole new audience. A Creative Menu That Keeps Customers Coming Back At its heart, Toad ‘n’ Turtle is a traditional pub and grill. It’s also 154

January 2015

a lot more, known as much for its award-winning hot wings as it is for its more out-of-the-box fare like Maui Ribs and “Toadstool” stuffed mushrooms. By putting creativity front and center, the chain has developed a menu that’s vibrant and exciting for both consumers and Toad ‘n’ Turtle staff. “We have Red Seal chefs in every location, and we are constantly developing menu items throughout the year,” says Tomlinson. “We have an executive chef who works with our corporate chefs, and they’re always looking at new trends and new products and things that


Some of the employees at the International Flavour TV shoot

customers may want.” One of its most prominent developments is the Toad ‘n’ Turtle Smoke Shack, an in-house meat and cheese smoking program that has held its ground against some of the stiffest competition at Calgary’s BBQ on the Bow, winning awards three years over and taking first place in the coveted brisket division. Beyond its central corporate culinary team, Toad ‘n’ Turtle also allows employees at its individual restaurants to stretch their wings. “We do weekly features, where at each location chefs are able to put forward their own ideas,” he

explains. “We track the sales of those new items and will move them from store to store to see how they do in different markets, to give us an indication of if it’s something that should be placed on our menu.” A Corporate Culture Built on Care and Respect The trust that Toad ‘n’ Turtle puts in its culinary team is all part of its overarching commitment to a strong positive corporate culture. One unique issue facing businesses in Alberta is employment—the province has a booming job market, which means that a restaurant chain h t t p : / / w w w. t o a d n t u r t l e . c a


TOAD ‘N’ TURTLE PUBHOUSE AND GRILL like Toad ‘n’ Turtle cannot compete on wages alone. To attract and retain high quality employees, the cultivating a more holistic strategy is vital. “What we try to do is create an environment where the staff are empowered and respected,” says Tomlinson. With programs like weekly features, chefs are given a level of autonomy and creative license in the kitchen and opportunities to expand their areas of culinary expertise. For both frontof-house and back-of-house, Toad

Seko Construction is a Design-Build General Contractor specializing in commercial and industrial projects in Western Canada.

Calgary Office: 403.212.0800 139, 808 – 42 Ave SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2G 1Y9

‘n’ Turtle makes a concentrated effort to show appreciation for its employees through staff functions and support them in their personal needs and endeavors. “It’s important for us to have a company mentality of treating our people well,” Tomlinson continues. “Most employees aren’t truly respected by their managers or the ownership of the company, but in our case, they are. We work with them, and I think that’s a reason we keep a lot of long term staff—they


enjoy where they’re working. A lot of people are in the industry because they like it. We try to hire those people, and then keep them motivated to stay.” A Future in Franchising What does the future hold for Toad ‘n’ Turtle? “We’d like to start looking at franchising in the next year,” says Tomlinson. “We definitely have a proven concept—it’s been around for 13 years, we’ve had a number of competitors come and go, but we’re still here with strong sales and a very loyal customer base. So we know that it’s a concept that can be franchised, we have that proven track record. For us, it’s a way to grow the company through economies of scale and better purchasing power for all involved.” The company also sees a lot of opportunities in cities throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, with demand already from Edmonton to Regina and Saskatoon, proving that there is a true place in the market for what Toad ‘n’ Turtle can offer. “There are lots of opportunities, especially for an operation such as ours,” Tomlinson explains. “We’re somewhere you can go on a date, or you can go out with friends, and there’s quality food and quality atmosphere. It’s not a bar, and it’s not a nightclub. You can go there have an enjoyable evening and have nice wines and stay all night. There’s no pressure, we’re not trying to flip tables—we’re trying to create atmosphere and long term customers.”

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Pub Style Restaurant Chain HEADQUARTERS

Calgary, AB, Canada FOUNDED



h t t p : / / w w w. t o a d n t u r t l e . c a


Technip Canada

Technip Sees Strong Future in Eastern Canada

With an emphasis on subsea developments, Technip is setting the bar in the region Written by: Ian Hanner Produced by: Bobby Meehan



Transfer of Flowline Reel to Technip Vessel Deep Pioneer


echnip Canada is applying world-class expertise in eastern Canada to develop top-notch subsea installations for oil and gas production. As a worldwide oil and gas company, Technip is no stranger to highly complex tasks. Founded over 50 years ago, the company today has more than 40,000 employees from all corners of the Earth. Despite their seasoned background, Technip is relatively new in Canada. Since 1997, Technip has maintained its Eastern Canada base in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador and in 2009 a second 160

January 2015

Canadian office was established in Calgary, Alberta focusing their efforts within the onshore market. “Subsea is a relatively new industry and even when I started, say in 2000, it was still maturing,” said Jason Muise, Managing Director at Technip. “The Terra Nova project in eastern Canada, which I started on, was one of the most complex subsea projects ever at the time. Since then, the technology has improved—the boats have gotten larger, the projects have gotten larger, the water depths have gotten deeper and the tie-back distance has gotten longer.”


Deep Pioneer Arrival into St. John’s Harbour

Technology Muise recalls that the Terra Nova project (located offshore St. John’s and owned by Suncor) sat in about 100 meters of water and the work was primarily carried out by divers. To him, this represents how greatly the industry has evolved in the last decade or so, as today, the majority of offshore projects have moved into deeper waters with remote operated vehicles (ROVs) doing the majority of installation work. “Technip is a company that puts a lot of time and effort into research and development,” he said. “We’re world leaders in flexible

pipe technology and we put a lot of focus in developing that product line for harsher environments, for deeper water and for more adverse operating conditions, [like] highpressure and high-temperature.” According to Muise, flexible pipe technology is far from Technip’s only area of focused research. The company has invested a good deal into Electrically Trace Heated PipeIn-Pipe technology (ETH-PiP), which in essence is the direct heating of tieback lines along the seabed. With this technology, tiebacks can be developed in excess of 50 kilometers, allowing the developer

w w w. t e c h n i p . c o m / e n / e n t i t i e s / c a n a d a


TECHNIP CANADA to tie numerous wells into one central production facility over a longer distance.

Overseeing connection of Umibical Weaklink System

Projects Muise is nothing if not confident in the opportunities availing themselves to Technip Canada. While reluctant to speak about future projects in the works, he said, “There’s a general increase in activity… in eastern Canada. I don’t really want to go into particular clients, but there are several large opportunities now for subsea developments in eastern Canada, which are very far along in their planning stage and it bodes well for our future.”


UNIQUE MEDICAL NEEDS OF INDUS TRY From the rugged East Coast of Canada to the tropics, Atlantic Offshore Medical Services has been providing quality industrial and occupational medical services in harsh, remote industrial environments since 1978. Victoria Hall, 4 Henry Street

220-33 Ochterloney Street

St. John’s, NL, A1C 1R5

Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4P5

(709) 722-4074

(902) 469-2667


He added that the company had recently completed an expansion project for Husky Energy on their White Rose development. The front contract was executed in 2013 and included the supply and installation of gas injection flowlines, umbilicals and subsea structures. The second contract took place in 2014 and covered the supply and installation of flowlines and subsea structures to support oil production and water injection.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Exploration World HEADQUARTERS

NL, Canada, A1B 0L2 FOUNDED

The Future Last year the Technip Group brought in about €10 billion in revenue, according to Muise. In the company’s third quarter 2014 results, revenue from subsea contracts alone totaled about €1.348 billion—an increase of 23.9 percent over the same period in 2013. While Muise emphasized that it’s taken time for Technip Canada to get where it is now, he remains extremely optimistic about the future. As buzzing saws from a deserved office expansion threaten to drown out his voice, Muise adds, “It’s a bit of a transitional period right now in the industry, with the [falling] price of oil… but our outlook is still positive here and I think that’s worth mentioning.”


€10 billion

w w w. t e c h n i p . c o m / e n / e n t i t i e s / c a n a d a


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