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Adam Schwab Adam Schwab is the founder and CEO of the AussieCommerce Group and owner of brands including Luxury Escapes, brandsExclusive, Cudo, TheHome and TheActive. Schwab is also one of Australia’s most prolific business commentators, writing for Crikey and appearing on Sky News.

Franck Demoiseau Franck has spent more than 15 years in senior corporate roles in Australia and Asia, including as Chief Operating Officer of the largest Bank in the Eurozone, BNP Paribas. In 2014, he turned social entrepreneur and founded Givematcher because he is passionate about making a positive difference in the world.

Natasa Denman Natasa Denman is the next-generation business mentor and product generator specialist. The founder of Ultimate 48 Hour Author, a book-writing mentorship program, Natasa is the author of four books herself, including her latest, The Ultimate 48 Hour Author.

Letter from the Editor, July 2014 Y O U ’ V E W O R K E D H A R D – opened your business

and even have some loyal, repeat customers and clients. Now what? Stagnancy is an enemy to any company, and growing your business is an arduous task. This month in Business Review Australia, we explore the best channels for business growth through leading experts. Our cover story features Adam Schwab, the founder and CEO of AussieCommerce Group, one of the country’s fastest growing businesses. Natasa Denman, a business mentor, shares her tips on how to utilise social media to reach and increase your customer base. I also had the great opportunity to interview Franck Demoiseau, the co-founder of the charitable platform Givematcher. He shares his leadership advice, and explains the importance of corporate social responsibility. A feature on the industry’s best tablets and a Top 10 list of the most innovative Australian companies rounds things out for this month. Enjoy the issue!

Laura Close Editor-in-Chief 3

CONTENTS FEATURES This month we focus on the customer experience with the latest technology 28 Tech

The Best Executive Tablets 6 Leadership

GiveMatcher Co-Founder on Corporate Social Responsibility and the Joy of Giving Back

20 Marketing

14 Finance

How to Grow Your Business

5 Tired and Tested Ways of Growing Your Business Using Social Media


36 Top 10

Australia’s Most Innovative Brands

206 RMA

CONSTRUCTION 46 Schindler Lifts (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 58 Gateway WA Alliance: Perth Airport and Freight Access Project

46 Schindler Lifts


Gateway WA Alliance

86 Hansen Yuncken: Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project 94 Daewoo: Ilham Baru Tower 100 RMD Industries 108 VicRoads 118 MRT Corp

86 Hansen Yuncken 4

J U LY 2 0 1 4




124 APPLUS RTD 142 SapuraAcergy 154 Jebsen & Jessen



162 Goldwind Australia: Gullen Range Wind Farm


170 Modex Energy Services

252 Anywhere Healthcare

176 Mammoet Australia



252 Anywhere Healthcare

186 John Holland Rail

MINING 196 Northern Iron 206 RMA Automotive 214 The Anitua Group


232 Tassal Group


260 Data #3

246 Singapore Manufacturing 5



When Franck Demoiseau wanted more meaning in his l banking job to found Givematcher, an innovative charita he has changed his life and plans to change others’ wit Interview conducted by: Laura Close


life, he left his c-level able platform. Hear how th this venture.



WHAT WOULD IT take for you to give up your job? For Franck Demoiseau, it was about finding purpose in his life. About four months ago, Demoiseau was the chief operating officer of BNP Paribas, a French bank with a global presence. Now, the online charitable donation venue Givematcher he co-founded is in the second phase of its launch. In this exclusive interview, Business Review Australia gets the inside look at this innovative venture, and delves into the importance of corporate social responsibility. What led you to leave a C-level banking job to found Givematcher? I had a need for more meaning and purpose, and had been thinking for a long time about becoming more involved with the for-purpose sector. I had thought about joining charity boards, or working for a charity, but decided that starting a social venture able to be relevant to the entire sector would allow me to maximise my social impact. The concept behind Givematcher struck a chord with me as I sensed it would 8

July 2014

make a massive difference to any charity by assisting them with a real area of need like their fundraising, which would then enable them to focus more on servicing their cause. Furthermore, the other stakeholders companies and private donors - would also derive great benefits, increasing both the impact of Givematcher and its chance of success. Here was an idea that had the potential to do a lot of good, and I asked myself “how


“I asked myself ‘how many times in one’s life does one have an opportunity to make a real difference?’” – Franck Demoiseau

many times in one’s life does one have an opportunity to make a real difference?” What exactly is Givematcher, and how does it reward the different stakeholders? Givematcher is a charity portal that is helping charities all over Australia raise more money more easily online, using a unique new concept we call

Open Matched Giving (OMG): donors donate to a charity and their donation is matched by one of our socially minded participating companies (not necessarily their employer). Charities get new donors, receive higher donations due to the matching and reduce their cost of fundraising. Companies are rewarded with cost-effective marketing and brand building, particularly when they opt to offer to match the donations of 9


their existing customers, potential customers and staff. Companies are also delighted that their philanthropy budget is leveraged by donations from private donors, and consider that this is a much better way to provide financial support to their chosen causes and to increase their social impact. Donors, the third stakeholder, receive a heartfelt leveraging effect for their donation. The overwhelming majority of donors have never had this option and are enjoying this benefit for the very first time in their life.


July 2014

What has the response been so far to this innovative charitable platform? Being only three months old, this is still early days! We have had to follow a very specific implementation sequence, consisting of three phases: firstly, bring on board the charities, then the companies, and finally the public. The reaction from the charities has been stunning, with around 100 charities signing up in the first three months, including many of the major charities (Heart Foundation, Mission


Australia, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul Society, The Leukaemia Foundation, Guide Dogs and many others). Charities love that this new channel is allowing them to gain new donors and raise more funds in the most cost-effective way. They are also delighted that they can go to companies and offer them new value in return for their financial support, by asking for matching donations instead of donations or grants. We have just started the second phase and are meeting with companies. The early feedback is excellent. So far, 10 companies have joined and many more are in the pipeline. The marketing and social

recognition benefits are strong drivers, as is the opportunity to leverage their social impact and to become even more helpful to the community. We have not yet contacted donors, as this will be the third phase, but in spite of this, we are already seeing exponential donation flows, as charities and companies are driving donors to our portal. How do you see Givematcher growing and evolving in the future? We shall quickly grow to hundreds of charities and companies, and likely beyond this, as the benefits to charities and companies are very

MAJOR CHARITIES Heart Foundation

Mission Australia

Guide Dogs Australia

Salvation Army

Leukaemia Foundation

St Vincent de Paul


LEADERSHIP compelling. Regarding donors, early signs are good, and we believe donations will continue their strong growth. It just makes good sense and we simply ask ourselves: why wouldn’t everyone choose to donate this way? If anyone cares about a charity, they will want to ensure that more of their generous funds go to the cause itself, and they will want to be matched if this option is made available to them. What we really hope to be able to achieve is for this low-cost way of raising funds to replace some of the more expensive archaic ways such face-to-face (in the street), over the phone or direct mail, which can eat up as much as 30 to 50 percent of the funds, are quite


July 2014

intrusive, and in the end, are perhaps even counterproductive. How important would you say it is for a company to get involved with a charity or charities? What are the benefits? Do you see any drawbacks for the company? In my view, it is nothing short of necessary for any company to provide at least moderate financial support to charities. Yes, there are too many charities, and there are surely efficiencies to be had (one of these being with fundraising methods), but a great many charities are indispensable and faced with increasing demand for


their vital services. Many receive little or no government funding, and hence rely on funding from companies (and individuals), so I believe there to be a moral obligation for companies to give back. Thankfully, many companies are already doing this. It is also very important from a Corporate Social Responsibility standpoint to assist the communities within which companies are deriving profits. Consumers, staff and the public at large are unforgiving critics when it comes to this (particularly Gen Y’s), and it is well accepted that a company’s social responsibility and actual support for social causes are key deciding factors in brand selection, as well as essential factors in staff engagement and retention. Companies “do well by doing good” and it makes great business sense for companies to be visible in their support of charities. I don’t see a lot of drawbacks. Compared with company revenues and overall costs, this is only a small cost. At the end of the day, we just need to remember that people are watching our companies, and they are busy judging.

What leadership advice would you give the current c-level executives of Australia? Research clearly shows that companies that are doing social good are benefiting. It is not just simply something that makes company executives feel good about themselves. When done right, it is a powerful, proven way to drive more business and to build brand awareness and engagement. It drives consumers to select their brand, appeals to existing customers, builds staff engagement and helps attract and retain talent. My leadership advice to our c-level executives is to take advantage of this tremendous win-win opportunity to help the community and create shareholder value. This can be done by directing more funds to support the community, or by using a platform like Givematcher to drive additional value and social good from your company’s existing philanthropy budget, or preferably both. You get to feel good about yourself as well!




AussieCommerce was named Australia’s fastest g CEO explains that despite this title growin


EVERYONE LOVES A headline and a quick fix. Business owners are no different, and many think growing revenues quickly is the key to success. This is confirmed by some of the most respected business magazines, like Fortune (home of the eponymous Fortune 500) and Australia’s BRW, which rank businesses according to total revenue rather than profit, or the 14

July 2014

even more critical, return on equity. There’s a perfectly good reason for this – revenue or ‘top line sales’ is simple, easy to compare and very obvious. Calculating net profit can be affected by all sort of accounting provisions, while return on equity can vary massively between industries and companies.


growing company in 2013, however Adam Schwab, ng a business is a marathon, not a sprint.


WALK BEFORE YOU RUN As the late Richard Pratt observed, ‘revenue is vanity, profit is sanity,’ but even that is an understatement – in our opinion, profit should always take a back seat to returns on capital. Why? Well, if you double your profit, but triple your capital base, then the result is terrible. We’ve seen the revenue grab

firsthand in the ecommerce sector. Right or wrong, ecommerce generates a lot of media space because the blue sky of a disruptive industry is exciting, but essentially, the economics of ecommerce isn’t really any different to that of bricks and mortar. While our competitors have been spending upwards of 25 percent of total sales on marketing (and as a result, operating 15


unprofitably), our focus has since the start been to ensure everything we do is viewed in the prism of ROE. When a marketing campaign isn’t immediately profitable – in the sense of generating a direct, observable return through incremental sales and profitable acquisitions – then we have immediately stopped it. This has, at times, meant that we have seen our market share drop significantly – at one stage, we were “only” the seventh largest in our sector. But we had longterm goals in mind. We were willing to sacrifice market share and revenue in the short term to build a solid base, ensure profitability and solvency. Inevitably, rationality prevails – and while the notion that the market can stay rational longer than you can remain solvent has merit – eventually, the strongest businesses will emerge victorious. This has happened time and again in the online space. Almost always, the winner has the best management, the best systems, the lowest cost base and the most competitive structure. Think Amazon, eBay, or Most businesses aren’t overnight successes – Henry Ford famously 16

July 2014

‘In our opinion, profit a back seat to return

failed several times before hitting on his profitable low-cost model. Spending the early years perfecting systems and developing competitive advantages is critical. At the same time, ensuring that the business is lean is a vital prerequisite to future growth. Once the building blocks are in place, you can take the next step.


t should always take ns on capital.’

RUNNING A BUSINESS IS A MARATHON Once you’ve got the systems and structures in place, you can start to take the step from being a small business, to being a medium or large business. There are two ways to grow – organically (largely through a significant marketing spend) or

through acquisition (or most likely, a combination of both). Most large businesses tend to growth through acquisition, which can be incredibly risky. If done correctly, it can be very rewarding. Warren Buffet started Berkshire Hathaway with a largely unprofitable clothing mill in America’s rust belt – he used cash flow 17


from that inferior business to invest in successful insurance companies and used that cash flow to purchase businesses with incredible economics. Buffett is less of an investor than he is master capital allocator. The same principles should apply with a growing business. Capital needs to be deployed into areas where you are able to reap the highest returns. If a business or segment isn’t successful, you need to be able to quickly divert valuable capital to areas which are generating a strong return. That means backing strong performing business units with not only money, but management


July 2014

attention. The other area where you can spur growth is through careful acquisition. The emphasis is on careful. There’s no point in purchasing a business if you lower your over return on equity – too many acquisitions occur when managers seek to broaden their empire, rather than improve real returns for owners. We’ve found the best combinations are bolt-on acquisitions, where we can add to an existing business line with a similar offering. This allows the ability to realise actual synergies, at both the expense side (through removal of obvious duplication) and more


importantly, the revenue side. Adding synergistic bolt-on businesses gives you the ability to add critical scale across the group. In ecommerce, and most sectors, scale is critical. It’s easy to fall into the trap of growing through acquisition too quickly. We never like to undertake more than one acquisition at a time. It’s a delicate balancing act of ensuring that the synergies are realised but at the same time, critical staff and customers aren’t alienated in the quest for short-term profits. In most of our acquisitions, we have experienced

‘We were willing to sacrifice market share and revenue in the short term to build a solid base, ensure profitability and solvency.’

a short term sales drop off, but a substantial improvement to longer term profitability. GET LUCKY You can do everything right, but without a hefty dose of luck, it could all come to nothing. As Malcolm Gladwell noted in Outliers, you have to be in the right place at the right time and be able to execute to be successful. To grow your business you need to be lucky enough to be in a sector that allows that growth. But if you are in the right place at the right time, the key to shortterm growth is being focused on the long-term. 19





Social media is the easiest way to appeal to your customers, but can it substantially grow your business? Business strategist Natasa Denman shares her tips to making this a reality. W R I T T E N B Y: N A T A S A D E N M A N I N T R O D U C T I O N B Y: L A U R A C LO S E


G IP L EMAADR KEERT ISN H WHETHER YOU ARE founding a startup, have a fledgling or established small business, or run a company that’s at the top of the corporate world, your business can always benefit in some way from using social media. It’s one of the easiest ways to grow a business, it allows you to connect to your customers on a personal basis and to reach these customers wherever they are – not just from a television set or from your storefront. “There are those who love it and there are those that loathe it, yet every business has the opportunity to use social media for good, not evil,” said Natasa Denman, business owner and author of four books. “All progressive companies are using social media to engage with their customers where they are hanging out. Put simply, if you and your business aren’t on social media, you are already one step behind your competitors.” Natasa started seriously using social media for her business three years ago, and focused mainly on the most popular social media platforms for small businesses: Facebook and Linkedin. Facebook allows her to interact with her customers, share 22

July 2014

daily news, tips and promotions. LinkedIn has provided her a venue to connect professionally with those in her field, and to build lasting relationships with others in the community. “I was still building my business the traditional way of getting out there networking, running workshops and meeting people, but I also saw the opportunity of reaching a wider audience online.

“There are some challenges that I discovered in the early days – I found some things worked and some things that didn’t. The more I learned through experience and the more I researched social media, the better the feedback and my results became. In fact, I’ve learned so much and have had such a good response that I now help other small business owners get their social media presence sorted.” In an exclusive for Business Review

Australia, Natasa has provided our readers with five tips for social media that a company of any size could utilize to help grow their customer base, and the loyalty of their customers. DON’T SPREAD YOURSELF TOO THIN Spend some time understanding where your potential customers and clients spend their time on social media and then make sure you go 23


there. Every businesses’ customers are on Facebook and then you can choose between Pinterest (a visual medium), LinkedIn (for business connections), Twitter or Google+. I advise to choose to platforms that you will focus on and make them the priority rather than do a sprinkling of posts on all sites. BE CONSISTENT In the beginning you can often feel like you are talking to yourself as your Facebook business page or status updates resemble a ghost town. Attracting a faithful community is not an easy thing to do unless you turn up everyday and show that you are

serious about being on social media - you must make a habit of posting every day. Let’s use Facebook as the example, and commenting and ‘liking’ any of your fans interactions. Utilizing these options can make your customers feel like they are special to you. It’s also been proven that when people “like” your business’s Facebook page, they are a lot more likely to do business with you. ADD VALUE Social media is not the place to go to try to sell. If you go about it this way, it is a surefire way to lose the engagement with your audience; you


Being consistent with your online presence will help you create a dedicated following. 25


Follow up with the customers who take the time to leave you a comment, or the professionals who choose to connect with you on sites like LinkedIn.

can actually do a tremendous amount of damage to your brand. Instead, just add value. Post relevant information that will make your audience’s lives better. Solve their problem through your expertise and share stories or case studies that back up your information. FOLLOW UP This is a pertinent tip for LinkedIn; however, it is just as important on 26

July 2014

other platforms. If someone connects with you, make sure you have a follow-up system in place. Reply in a personal way and say how happy you are that they have connected with you. Ask what is was that made them chose to connect and offer to be available to help them if they ever need you or your expertise. This is another way of being social and building the foundation for lasting relationships.


BE THE POSITIVE AUTHORITY FIGURE No one wants to hear about your ‘woe is me’ problems on social media. If you are having challenges, wait until you overcome them and then share them as a learning experience for your audience. Never post negative comments about any customers or competitors. Be the expert and authority figure that leads by example, and show the best side of you and your business at all times. Social media is an extremely powerful tool for your business. It is pertinent that you understand the fundamentals of marketing with your social platforms of choice before you

actively utilise these tools for your marketing ventures. Knowing the basics and following Natasa’s advice will have you seeing returns from social media marketing sooner than you think.

“If someone connects with you, make sure you have a follow-up system in place; reply in a personal way and say how happy you are that they have connected with you.”




More and device


more CEOs are adopting tablets as their go-to e. Business Review Australia considers the best models on the market for business use. W R I T T E N B Y: L A U R A C LO S E


TECHNOLOGY WHEN CONSIDERING WHAT technology to invest in for yourself, tablets will probably be at the forefront of your research. We’ve already discussed the benefits and downfalls of laptops and tablets (Battle for Prominence: Laptops vs. Tablets, March 2013), so now it’s time to investigate your best options for tablets. Microsoft and Apple products dominate the conversation, and with the latest Surface Pro launching in August and iOS 8 updating this fall, you’ll see why all the talk is justified. MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO 3 The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will not be available in Australia until the end of August, but it may be worth the wait. This super skinny ultrabook is more laptop than tablet, and for a lot of c-levels, that’s almost a necessity. Most business is still conducted from a traditional desktop or laptop computer; however, the portability of the Surface Pro 3 may change your mind. The Pro 3 – which is thinner than a MacBook Air – is a large-screen tablet (one of the largest tablets on the market – just over 30cm when measured diagonally) with a 30

July 2014

detachable keyboard. The keyboard is where many people find fault with the device, both because it is not bundled with the device and is an “optional” purchase, and because of its usability. The keyboard is built like its predecessors, but one complaint remains – the track pad is still not up to par. And when comparing the Pro 3 to other Apple products, many say it’s closer to the MacBook Air than the iPad. It’s both a laptop and a tablet that’s powered by Intel and has the


full Windows slate of programs. For a c-level executive, that has huge potential: a tablet, that’s described as a laptop first, with tablet capabilities? The split-screen option is another advantage the Pro 3 has over Apple. After all, when was the last time you only had one window open on your computer at work? As for operation, the Pro 3 has a pretty decent battery life, surviving about 7 hours of heavy use. It can charge to 100 percent in 4 hours, but all the way to 80 percent in just

2 hours. The big screen really allows users to get everything out of the Windows 8 interface and applications, but for some, the screen was too big when used as a tablet. The device also comes with a brand new pop-out hinge, allowing for 150degree range of motion. When sitting at a desk this may not seem important, but balanced on your lap in an airport or using it while laying on the couch have gotten a lot easier. Complaints, besides the track pad falling short, include that is does heat 31

TECHNOLOGY up quickly, and becomes almost too hot to the touch. This is not terribly surprising, as it is a tablet running like a laptop; just like your laptop, it will get warm. It also has been described as “laptop enough.” A tablet, even the Pro 3, will never have all of the capabilities of an actual laptop. But this one comes pretty close. IPAD AIR Although the iPad was not the first commercially available tablet, it is the standard by which all other tablet computers are judged. The first iPad from Apple was released in 2010. In 4 short years, it’s had five generations,


July 2014

culminating in the iPad Air and the iPad Mini. The iPad Air is one third less heavy than the iPad 4, and thinner. The device ships with iOS 7, but iOS 8 has recently been announced for the fall of this year. It will include greater access to the iCloud for your photos, a smarter keyboard and an option called Family Sharing, allowing up to six people to share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases. iOS 8 also gives developers more power, so businessspecific apps can be even stronger and better suited for you and your company. The 10-hour heavy-use battery life is impressive, and the device itself has


little to no lag time when responding. It’s great for emails, social media and web browsing. The front and rear facing cameras are handy, and the video quality is pretty great. Usage is most aesthetically pleasing in portrait mode, but operating in landscape is still pleasant. And the screen – the vibrant and sharp display is one of the best components of the iPad Air. The trade off for the display and thinner housing, however, is lower audio quality. There are just a tiny pair of speakers that play in stereo, compared to the bettersounding single mono speaker on early generations of the device. One of the downsides to the iPad Air is the lack of functionality for a business exec, beyond browsing the web and specific business apps. However, that can be changed when Microsoft Office introduced apps for Apple devices. Although it takes a US$100 subscription a year, you can now access and edit documents, Excel workbooks and PowerPoint presentations from your Apple tablet. If the subscription fee seems a little steep for you, Apple’s answers to the Microsoft Suite (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) are also available for a

one-time-only price. Unlike the Pro 3, the iPad Air is in no way a laptop. For many, that’s a good thing. Tablets are expensive – especially Apple devices – and are bought usually for their functionality as a tablet. Critics would tell you if you are interested in buying a tablet like a laptop, the closest you’ll get from Apple is the MacBook Air. But tablets aren’t necessarily meant to be laptops, and for the founder of a start-up or a travelling c-level exec, the iPad Air might be just right for you. Microsoft and Apple do not have the market cornered on high-powered, sleek tablets. There are plenty of other options out there for you. On the next page, we share the pros and cons of each of Australia’s other favourite – and less expensive – tablets. 33


Google Nexus Kindle Fire 2

Sony Xperia

Dell latitude

Lenovo ThinkPad 34

Muol yn t2h021041 4 J

Toshiba Excite 2


TOSHIBA EXCITE Pros • Great display • Fantastic rear camera • Nvidia Tegra 4 processor • Stylus included Cons • Shorter battery life than expected • No stylus storage on tablet GOOGLE NEXUS Pros • Android 4.2 and 2.5-GHz dual-core processor • Runs like a laptop • High-resolution display (perfect for movies, playing games)

• No flash for the camera KINDLE FIRE Pros • 2.2GHz quad-processor • High-definition display • “Mayday” button for 24/7 help • Unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content Cons • No expandable storage LENOVO THINKPAD Pros • 64 GB of storage • Stylus • Full-size USB port

Cons • 6 hours to fully charge battery • Only up to 32GB of storage

Cons • Grows warm when charging • 1366x768 pixel screen resolution

SONY XPERIA Pros • Practical features • Well-build Android tablet • Waterproof up to nearly a metre

DELL LATITUDE Pros • Great battery life • Gorilla Glass display • USB port

Cons • Internet not available on mobile broadband

Cons • Five-finger touch display


TOP 10


Australia’s Most Innovative Brands

Innovation is the key to continued relevancy. With this in mind, we combed Australia for the brands at the forefront of innovation. Written by: Laura Close


TOP 10

10 Ecoline

09 Webstercare

Ecoline was established in 1998 by Frederic Galimard and Sandrine Gaymard with the idea of creating unique eco-friendly facilities and activities to engage and excite people in a natural setting. Their adventure facilities have a minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment, allowing their guests to enjoy their adventures with the beautiful Australian landscape surrounding them. Their TreeTop Adventure Parks in Wyong Creek, Newcastle and Western Sydney contain tree platforms for the protection of the tree and free wildlife passage and EcoTrack, a continuous belay system and treehouses. Currently, another park is on the way in Melbourne.

Webstercare has been innovating from their start, over thirty years ago. The Websterpak, introduced in the 1980s, was the start of it all. Now that these packs of medications that cater to a patient’s health regime are used regularly, distribution and filling the pack became a problem. Webstercare’s innovative response to increased demand was the MedsPro Virtual Pill Count, a software program that uses barcode scanning to identify patients and has helped automate ordering and restocking. The main goal of the innovation was to distribute accurate Websterpaks faster to their customers. Their success in this venture has proven profitable.


July 2014


08 Temando 07 This ecommerce software shipping company has 150 of the top 500 US retailers as customers, and 40,000 clients worldwide. What is Temando’s secret? As their website states, innovation is at the heart of everything the company does. The ecommerce industry is ever changing, and it’s Temando’s goal to bridge the gap between it and logistics networks that fulfil their customers’ orders. Their innovative Harmonisation Engine streamlines several difficult and time-consuming shipping tasks (like customs documentation and duties and taxes calculation) with a single software solution. The program has simplified the international shipping process for thousands of companies.

Planet Innovation

Planet Innovation has topped many innovation lists for Australian businesses. Started just in 2009, the company has seen an average annual sales growth of over 120 percent in the short timeframe of three years. Innovation is literally the name of the game, but they are not in it just for innovation’s sake – their goal is to solve important problems that have a commercially valuable solution. One of their most recent breakthroughs in the health sector is Gavi, a machine that automates the process of freezing embryos that are not immediately transferred back to the mother. Their invention, developed in partnership with Sydney-based IVF group Genea Biomedx, is already worth $100 million.


TOP 10


CitiPower and Powercor Australia

As privately-owned electricity distribution businesses, CitiPower and Powercor own and manage poles and wire that deliver electricity to over a million homes and businesses in Melbourne’s CBD. Their vision of growth for 2010 to 2015 is what pushed them onto this list. “Growth Through Innovation” became the headline for the


July 2014

company to follow, and led to specific innovative initiatives under Innovation CP PAL. Within this part of the company, the Innovation Committee appointed Innovation Champions, which bound employees under the common goal. CitiPower and Powercor’s Digitise and Modernise campaign, which was run under this banner, resulted in several business processes being digitised, saving significant resources and improving productivity and efficiency.


04 Oneshift 05 Veolia Veolia is a global leader in environmental solutions that works with all aspects of local government and some of Australia’s largest industrial and commercial companies to help them reach their sustainability goals. Their main goal is to elicit both behavioural and ideological changes in company’s attitude towards waste. One of Veolia’s more recent efforts includes an innovative resource recovery project that has the potential to provide a new fuel source for brick manufacturing across the country. Their business strategy is geared to supporting a holistic, long-term approach to waste management.

Have you ever thought that that searching for jobs should be like online dating? Genevieve George did, and came up with Oneshift. The Australian Business Award winner in the e-business, enterprise and innovation categories for 2013, Oneshift displays a job seeker’s availability, location and skills to businesses searching for particular qualifications. The company’s internal database only matches those employees whose profiles are exactly what the searching business requires. Time and resources are not wasted during the recruitment process, and Oneshift even simplifies the interview process by offering a chat option. It’s been a hit with over 300,000 job seekers and 32,000 businesses.


TOP 10


Commonwealth Bank of Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia began taking innovation seriously in 2011 with the establishment of their Innovation Academy. The main goal of this organisation within the business is to allow a venue for staff ideas to be refined to the point where they can apply for internal seed capital. MyWealth, described as “your


July 2014

personalised investment hub,” claims to be the first service providing a single portfolio view for self-directed investors. The mobile app won at the Innovation Awards in 2012, and much of the program’s success can be attributed to Lisa Frazier, CBA’s executive general manager of digital channels. She employed six journalists to work just in the MyWealth capacity; they provide personalised financial news and are responsible for the social media portion.


02 BlueChilli BlueChilli is a venture tech agency that specialises in software development, websites, marketing and venture investments in internet startups. Their main priority is to empower entrepreneurs; by doing so, they have given life to over 30 innovative companies, and have showcased their innovative business model in the process. In short, anyone can pitch an idea to BlueChilli. If they like it,

the company will use its own resources to develop and market the idea. If it’s successful, BlueChilli will then develop the product or service to a stage where it can receive venture capital. Their unique strategy combines software development, marketing and business development with investments in online startups. They launch a new tech startup every month, and are on track to invest in 100 startups by 2016.


TOP 10


Buzz Products

When American company Budweiser wanted to increase their visibility in Canada’s National Hockey League market, they called Melbourne-based Buzz Products. The global creative agency solves marketing and business challenges through product design solutions. For Budweiser, this led to the Bud Red Light, a Wi-Fi connected, app-controlled replica of the lights that flash in hockey stadiums when a goal is scored. These are commercially available, and flash whenever your team scores. Buzz Products created a low-cost, easyto-understand product that took on the market in a big way.


July 2014



Schindler Lifts

Quality Employees Create Quality Customer Experienc

As one of the world’s leaders in moving people, Schindler L technology supported by quality employees. Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Andrew Zhao


Lifts is looking towards new



Schindler Lifts manufactures, installs, services and modernizes elevators, escalators and moving walks for almost every type of urban infrastructure, from low-rise residential buildings to commercial and high-rise towers. For three consecutive years (from 2011 to 2013), Schindler made Forbes Magazine’s list as one of the 100 Most Innovative Companies. And as structures continue to challenge the skyline, the company becomes more and more essential. Schindler is a global company with more than 47,000 staff members. Its operations began in Singapore in the 48

July 2014

1960s. Singapore operations include 370 technical and office employees who give the very best to meet their customer’s needs. Schindler’s present-day success is driven by its commitment to traditional core values such as customer service, quality and safety, combined with its key strengths of creativity and innovation to produce intelligent solutions in response to its customers’ needs. People management “At Schindler, we prefer to identify and attract talent at a very early stage in their professional lives,” said


Hugo Martinho, managing director. The company is very clear about their goals when it comes to the people they hire. They are considered a preferred employer despite the challenges the entire elevator and escalator industry face with recruiting young talents, and work hard to maintain the image. The company participates in campus recruitment opportunities and job fairs, which allows them to take the time to narrow the profile of people for whom they are looking. Great candidates are internationally minded (willing to live abroad and have mastery of more than one

language), achievement oriented and have strong leadership skills. Schindler operates their business with best practice and people in mind. Each certification level the company has in their certification program comes with a different pay grade, allowing employees to be paid for that they are worth. The company also supports motivational events and weekly activities to promote a healthy work/life balance within the organisation. Martinho believes that both challenging and supporting each employee is important to their growth within the company. w w w. s c h i n d l e r. s g


LIFT & ELEVATOR INSTALLATION, REPAIR, REFURBISHMENT & SUPPLIES Essentials Engineering Pte Ltd is a lift and escalator repair and modernization company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services, on time, and at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all makes and models of lifts and escalators and this combined with our extensive knowledge of the Singapore market, has enabled us to build a solid reputation in the industry.

For all enquiries, contact us at:

50 Serangoon North Avenue 4 #03-13, First Centre, Singapore 555856 Tel: 6570 9680 | Fax: 6570 9670 | Email:



“The ‘ups and downs’ of this developmental road usually lead to very committed and engaged employees, who in the process learn about our business – they learn by doing,” said Martinho. Martinho’s own experiences at the company reflect the Schindler’s culture well. He started working there in 1997, and took on exciting and different responsibilities every two to three years. With the chance to work in both country and regional positions, he was able to take on operational and functional duties spread out over six countries. “This is the true essence of Schindler, and in fact supports its stated values: commitment to people development,” Martinho said.

SUPPLIER PROFILE Essentials Engineering Pte Ltd is a lift and escalator repair and modernization company that has built a strong reputation for delivering quality services, on time, and at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on being skilled and experienced in all makes and models of lifts and escalators amd this combined with our extensive knowledge of the Singapore market, has enabled us to build a solid reputation in the industry. Our commitment to innovation and excellence consistently results in successfully completed projects for both contractor and client. We value and promote the idea of working as a partnership with our clients to ensure their goals are met. At Essentials Engineering Pte Ltd, we embrace a high-performance culture and are passionate and driven to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction we have achieved over the past 4 years. We undertake a variety of projects for our cliental – be it residential, office, retail or industrial projects. Our flexible project management systems ensure that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size, nature and urgency of the project.

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. s g


ALWAYS AS PARTNER DNKH-Logistics specializes in project management, warehousing and offers full scale import and export service in air and sea freight. “DNKH is striving towards providing the best professional and quality transportation services with minimal stress and hassle for our clients.�

Contact Mr. Kenny Heng Email:

+65 9618 3089

Your partner in electrical infrastructure products Enjoy all the benefits of Datwyler technology: top quality, finely coordinated tried and tested components, and innovations which save you time and money. Swiss quality since 1915

data networks ready for 10/40/100GBase-t

safety cable systems

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smart office cabling solutions

elevator Wire ropes and cable systems



Technological advances The innovation, manufacture and maintenance in the field of moving people is evolving and growing faster than ever. Urban mobility is becoming increasingly important as cities grow larger and buildings rapidly reach new heights. More and more people are using lifts, escalators, moving walkways, and the like to get from point A to point B. Today with greater demand for efficiency and better technology available, Schindler is staying on the cutting edge. Examples of Schindler innovations include the first patent for elevators without a machine room; the Miconic 10 destination control system; its successor, Schindler ID, incorporating personalized access control; and the third-generation system Personal Occupant

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. s g


RCB Reg. No.: 197900001R GST Reg. No.: 1979-00001-R

Lifts & Escalators • Engineering Works Metal Fabrication Services Metal Working Machines & Services

27A, Jurong Port Road #01-17/01-25 Jurong Industrial Estate, Singapore 619101 Phone: 65 6261 9671 / 65 6261 9672 Fax: 65 6261 2268 Email:

Lift and Escalator Installation

239 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 416054 Tel : (65) 6747 7239 | Fax : (65) 6747 1239 Email :

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Requirement Terminal (PORT) Technology, which is revolutionizing the traffic and security access philosophy in buildings and opens up previously inconceivable possibilities for developers and architects. PORT Technology The PORT Technology is the latest generation of transit management system. It integrates efficient traffic management and a host of powerful access, user-friendly operation, excellent personalised service, communication, security and energy saving features. The basis of the system is that it groups passengers going to the same or nearby floors in the same elevator. This cuts down on the time needed to reach a destination because there are less stops along the way. The system is able to increase traffic efficiency in a building by as much as 30 percent as compared to conventional elevator systems. PORT Technology provides buildings with the ability to cleverly increase traffic-handling efficiency, as evident in international landmark buildings such as the International Commerce Centre in Hong Kong, HSBC in Singapore, Heron Tower in London, Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, The Crescent in Dallas, Hyatt Regency in New Orleans or Barangaroo South in Sydney. PORT ensures each journey is customised to meet individual requirements, whether it is more walking time, longer door opening time or

Stella Yeung Finance Director

Timothy Lok Technical Director

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. s g



more space for passengers with special needs. Users can simply tap their pre-programmed access cards on the PORT system on a turnstile gate or stand-alone PORT terminal. Within less than a second, the system is able to calculate the swiftest route and assign the appropriate elevator to the user. It also displays a list of destinations to which the user has access to on a vivid color display touch screen. During non-peak hours, the 56

July 2014

Energy Control Option (ECO) mode sets several elevators into standby or sleep mode. This prevents elevators from making an unnecessarily large number of trips to transport only a few passengers. An eye towards the future Schindler won the contract for the Marine One project in Singapore, which includes two 34-storey luxury residence towers, for which elevators will need to be supplied.


Company Information INDUSTRY


Singapore FOUNDED


elevators, escalators, passenger conveyors

Construction is expected to be completed in 2017. The company is also involved in the Changi Airport Terminal 4 project, supply 58 elevators, escalators and moving walks. They plan to continue to offer top-quality products that feature the latest technology, to ensure customers enjoy the most efficient building transportation solutions. Schindler’s proven Schindler 7000 high-rise elevator, the PORT Technology and the most recently launched Schindler 5500 elevator will also continue to strengthen their presence in Singapore.

w w w. s c h i n d l e r. s g


The Gateway WA Projec Building an Iconic Gateway to the City of Perth

Interview with Alliance Director, Nicholas Combe ab innovative Gateway WA Project in Perth Written by: Abigail Phillips

Produced by: Bryan Giles


bout the



Earthworks to create the foundation for a future interchange


he Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project is the largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Main Roads Western Australia. The project, which is currently under construction in WA, is designed to improve the safety and efficiency of one of the state’s most important 60

June 2014

transport hubs. It will deliver a suite of road network upgrades to improve freight and passenger transportation around the Perth Airport Terminal and nearby Kewdale and Forrestfield industrial estates. In a statement released by The Gateway WA Alliance in 2013, the project was described as “an iconic ‘Gateway’ to the City of Perth”


which will connect residents, visitors and businesses through a safe and efficient road network. The Gateway WA Alliance is delivering the $1 billion Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project on behalf of the Federal and Western Australia Governments. The Alliance is governed by a Board and an Alliance Management Team,

comprising representatives from five industry leaders - Leighton Contractors, Georgiou, GHD, AECOM and BG&E - working in partnership with Main Roads WA. While some preliminary works packages began in early 2013, work on the project’s major construction packages commenced in third quarter of 2013. The full scope of w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


KEE Group comprises of KEE Hire, KEE Mechanical, KEE Sweeping, KEE Asphalt Contracting and KEE Transport. Our main aim at KEE Group is to make our clients requirements, whatever they may be, more streamlined, reliable, cost efficient and safer. These aims are achieved through our passion to provide the latest technology at competitive pricing. Our genesis began in Transport, providing specialised low loader services to the civil construction industry. Over the past twenty years we have always strived to uphold credibility, client satisfaction and professionalism. We at KEE Group, through these years of service, realise that the most essential client need is RELIABILITY. This hard-won and extremely valuable attribute is prioritised by us and permeates throughout all of our divisions. Our business structure has been developed with the primary goal of providing our clients with increased productivity through the services and synergies that exist within our different divisions. Specifically, in relation to KEE Hire, the fact that we have both fully accredited transport and mechanical divisions enables us to provide our customers with comprehensive and efficient service. With REAL 24 hour service and access to our team, any issues can be resolved promptly and effectively, without the need of relying on third parties and without the delays this can bring. Since its inception, KEE Group has successfully demonstrated that it can provide the high level of service required by large organisations. Indeed, we at KEE are proud to be associated with Leighton and be noted as a supplier on the Gateway WA Project. Kee Group is providing its full range of services on site, including Hire, Sweeping, Asphalt, Mechanical and Transport services. Of Special mention is our Hire division, which has provided the Gateway WA Alliance with the most reliable and advanced plant currently available in the World. KEE Hire can provide an extensive range of civil earthworks and road making equipment, including excavators, loaders, dozers, graders, tippers, water carts, telehandlers, generators, bobcats, and the most extensive array of compaction equipment on offer anywhere in Australia.

1 Langar Way, Landsdale WA 6065, Australia Email:


Our equipment is world class from leading brands, including Hamm, Liebherr and JCB. This has provided KEE Hire with the ability to facilitate Gateway WA’s requirements. For compaction, Hamm is the only company worldwide that has the technology to meet the stringent requirements asked from Gateway WA. KEE Hire utilises the full range of Hamm equipment on site including single drum, double drum and multi rollers. Liebherr are providing KEE Hire with the most advanced loaders and excavators currently available anywhere in the world. The loaders have been fitted with GPS and are proving to be highly productive, extremely reliable, fuel efficient and operator friendly. JCB have provided KEE Hire with a world class tractor for new water carts, which are being used solely for the Gateway WA project. KEE Hire also utilises JCB mini excavators, telehandlers, smaller loaders and generators, which have all proved to be very reliable while delivering industry leading productivity in their class.

Phone: +61 8 6305 0900 Fax: +61 8 6305 0818 Website:

Artist impression - Gateway WA Leach Abernethy



Project Alliance Director Nick Combe taking Transport Minister Hon. Dean Nalder on a site tour

works is expected to be complete by January 2017, ahead of the planned consolidation of the Perth Airport Domestic and International Terminals.

connections for pedestrians and cyclists, noise walls, landscaping and the use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Technology. The project in its entirety includes five new grade separated Gateway WA is a Bigger interchanges, 11 new bridges and Picture project, one of ten major 165 lane kilometres of new road. The infrastructure projects transforming Tonkin Highway will be widened to Perth and building the city’s capacity three lanes in each direction and the for the future. Leach Highway will be upgraded to an expressway. In the region of 21 Project Scope kilometres of principle shared path Using innovative urban design, the for pedestrians and cyclists will be Gateway WA project incorporates laid, as well as seven kilometres road and bridge improvements, local of screen wall, which will help road modifications, facilities and dramatically reduce traffic noise and w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T provide privacy. Gateway WA has been funded by both the Federal ($686 m) and State ($318 m) Governments and will transform the road network around the Perth Airport. Among its many benefits includes enhanced safety and travel times for road users and improvements to key intersections such as Kewdale Road and Abernethy Road, Kewdale Road and Miles Road, and Abernethy Road


and Noble Street. While increased efficiency and safety is top of the agenda, aesthetical enhancements have also been a key priority. Throughout the planning stages of the project, an innovative urban design has been created with the aim of generating a lasting impression for road users, residents and visitors to Western Australia. “The project provides an opportunity to form a ‘Gateway’

Aerial view - Leach Hwy_Tonkin Hwy - Grand Gateway creating an iconic Gateway to WA

w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Experts in monitoring, reducing and removing pollutants in air, water and land Emission Assessments Pty Ltd (EAPL) is a recent winner of the Telstra MYOB Small Business Awards (WA), and has established itself as a leading, independent and trusted environmental consultancy. EAPL provides technical consulting, testing services (including asbestos), auditing and technology solutions to monitor, reduce and remove pollutants fr from air, water, land and hazardous materials. Our services include stack emission testing, air monitoring, contaminated site investigations, asbestos testing and identification, research and development and the project management of remediation programs. Our laboratory is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and with fully certified management systems and processes. Emission Assessments operate throughout Australia and internationally. Our management team has over 120 years of environmental consulting experience and act as advisors on Technical Advisory Committees and Australian Standards Committees across air, water, land and hazardous materials.





• Stack emission testing • Ambient air monitoring • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) monitoring • Odour measurement

• Testing and identification • Asbestos Surveys and Management Plans • Project management and remediation

• Contaminated site investigations • Acid sulfate soil assessments • Environmental Planning and Approvals • Water analysis

• Data evaluation • Management Systems Development • Auditing and data management

E A Unit 6, 35 Sustainable Avenue, Bibra Lake 6163 PO Box 1272, Bibra Lake DC 6965

T +61 8 9494 2958 M +61 (0)448 820 759 F +61 8 9494 2959



Supplier Profile

to the city that expresses the dynamic, creative and rapidly Emission Assessments Pty Ltd evolving character of Western Based in Perth, Western Australia, Emission Assessments Australia,” states the Gateway is a recognised leader throughout Australia in emission monitoring applications. The company combines WA Alliance in a media release. substantial industry experience with talented and highly skilled scientists, ensuring credible, robust outcomes. With this in mind, over one As part of its mission to remain a trusted advisor and million plants will be established provide superior consultation within the air, water and land emission disciplines, Emission Assessments’ mission across the project as part of its is to: add value to clients’ environmental data, remove ambiguity within air, water and land testing services, comprehensive landscaping and create opportunities for improvement, assist in meeting corporations’ environmental responsibilities and provide re-vegetation program. state-of-the-art training and testing facilities.

– Managing Director Giacomo Collica “Our approach to all work is underpinned by a thorough understanding of our clients’ issues, our ability to effectively and efficiently consult with our clients before providing professional and comprehensive solutions. We work closely with our clients to provide workable strategies and efficient solutions that potentially reduce costs associated with compliance and investigative sampling”. The outstanding quality and responsibility Emission Assessments is capable of are highlighted throughout their excellent work on ongoing projects, such as: Gateway WA (remediation of asbestos impacted soil); Resolute Mining Ltd, West Africa (stack emission testing); Synergy (air monitoring) and Caltex (contaminated site investigations). Emission Assessments scientists perform investigations within asbestos inspection and analysis, contaminated land, ground and surface water, occupational health, ambient and stack air monitoring, research and development and odour assessment programs. Emission Assessments employs only highly qualified and experienced practitioners as part of its team, guaranteeing expertise and efficiency with every consultation. Managing Director: Giacomo Collica, Chem, MRACI, MAIE, MAICD Executive Management: Mario Pisano, General ManagerBSc, BCom, MBA Emission Assessments Pty Ltd Employess: 15 Employess: 2009

Project Management The design and delivery for Gateway WA is ambitious and technically challenging, requiring a large multidisciplinary team for delivery. Now at its peak, the project employs more than 1,000 people and injects millions of dollars into the local economy through the use of local suppliers and sub-contractors. From day one, organizational structure has been heavily considered. First, the Alliance was adamant that it wanted to attract the very best people from its partners and MRWA to form a fully integrated team; and second, it wanted to ensure that the project could be finished

Website: Email: w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Civil and Mining Equipment Solutions


With over 40 years of combined experience in Road Construction & Heavy Haulage EXP have the equipment, knowledge and operators to get the job done right, safe and on time! Contact Us

Phone: 08 9399 9397


Mobile: 0417 239 206 Email:

T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T safely and efficiently. From a logistical and management point of view, the project has been divided into three major construction zones for delivery - northern, southern and western. “In order to deliver the project as efficiently as possible, we broke it down into separate geographical elements so each section could be complete at the same time,� says Nicholas Combe, Alliance Director. Recognising


that traffic management was such a fundamental aspect of the project delivery, a fourth project covering the projects logistics and traffic operations was developed specifically focusing on maintaining a safe and efficient road network during the construction phase of the project. Owing to the complexity of the project and the number of contractors involved, a number

Artist impression -Tonkin Horrie Miller Kewdale w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u



Strategic planning Stakeholder engagement Stakeholder and team alignment Community engagement Organisational development programs Organisational and team psychometrics Culture alignment services


shared understanding… shared commitment

SharePoint governance Deployment Advisory Solutions


SharePoint Dialogue Mapping Building collaborative leaders

Call Seven Sigma now on

+61 (0)8 9355 1500 Unit 46, 328 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100 Australia

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17 Throssell Street Collie, WA 6225

Coalcliff prides itself on quality fleet, service and back up. Safety is our first priority and performance is our commitment to you.

“If you need it - we’ll have it!”

T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T of Key Results Areas (KRAs) have been highlighted to ensure everyone involved is moving in the same direction. These KRAs are also there to help measure the progress and success of the project. The KRAs include safety and health, quality, timeliness, cost, network user satisfaction, reputation and sustainability. Gateway WA endeavours to deliver outstanding outcomes across all seven KRAs. The Alliance has appointed a management team to oversee these KRAs and between them their expertise spans a number of major disciplines including construction,


design, stakeholder and community relations, traffic management, network operations and safety, quality, environmental management, plus overall operational planning. “We went on a massive campaign to map existing services before we started work on the project. We also worked very closely with existing service providers to minimise disruption and clashes with the design,� says Combe. Community Relations The local community has been a focal point since day one; in fact, comments and ideas raised by stakeholders and members of the

Gateway WA safety first innovation - stair access w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Specialising in all aspects of kerbing including car parks, sub divisions, main roads and shires

Extruded Concrete Kerbing 44 Inspiration Drive, Wangara WA 6065


GRADERS • LOADERS • EXCAVATORS • DOZERS • COMPACTORS ARTIC DUMP TRUCKS • WATER CARTS • LABOUR HIRE ALL AREAS IN WA Kalgoorlie, Karratha, Newman, Port Hedland (Mobile Services All Areas, Any Time) 0409 114 566, 0418 904 807 0407 198 514 or 0407 192 565 HEAD OFFICE 13 Carney Rd Welshpool, Tel : 08 9458 7311 PORT HEDLAND OFFICE 1 Peawah St Wedgefield, Tel : 08 9172 1769 Mobile : 0409 114 566 E-mail : Web :

0438 847 997

T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T community were instrumental when it came to identifying local needs and preferences for the Project Master Plan. Stakeholder and community opinion influenced a number of key project decisions relating to road design, access arrangements, environmental management, amenity for pedestrians and cyclists, and urban design aesthetics for the ‘gateway’ to Western Australia. The project team has also worked collaboratively with Main Roads WA and the City of Belmont to review stakeholder comments regarding the freight movement efficiencies through the Kewdale industrial area. This assessment helped to identify local issues and confirm the scope of works required as part of the improvements to the local road network. The project is continuing to seek guidance from the local community as the works shift into delivery, through engagement with a Community Liaison Group, ensuring the views and knowledge of local stakeholders continue to be taken into account throughout the project. One of the main considerations was noise pollution and privacy for local residents. To overcome this,


some seven kilometres of noise barriers will be installed as part of the main build. Traffic Management As with any major road works project, traffic management is a top priority at Gateway WA, and an integrated approach has been implemented across the build. A web based live journey time indicator can be viewed online allowing commuters to pre-plan their journeys. What’s more, road users can pick up live feeds from VMS Boards stationed along the arterial, providing them with ondemand updates through their drive on the network. Handling Aviation Constraints Part of the new road network will create a new entry into the Perth Domestic and International Airport terminal, known as Airport Drive. The new road is located closer to the end of the runway than existing infrastructure, which has bought with it a unique set of challenges and limitations. “The proximity of the road in relation to the flight path has resulted in having to construct w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u



Artist impression - Gateway WA Tonkin Leach

“In order to deliver the project as efficiently as possible, we broke it down into separate geographical elements so each section could be complete at the same time – Nicholas Combe, Alliance Director 76

June 2014

the road below the existing ground level to accommodate the aviation constraints,” explains Combe. As a consequence, challenges such as ground water have had to be overcome. Furthermore, contractors had to employ specialist machinery and excavation equipment to enable construction activities to be undertaken within the aviation corridor. “The cranes in particular are fitted with a GPS locking device that won’t allow the booms to extend higher than a set range. That way we control the risk of breaching the aviation restrictions,” explains Combe.


Environmental Planning Another key concern high on the Gateway WA Alliance’s agenda is sustainability. Gateway WA is passionate about undertaking the Perth Airport and Freight Access Project with environmental care, aiming to minimise any adverse impacts associated with the works. Where possible, the project is taking steps to conserve vegetation and established trees, protect the habitats of native flora and fauna,

and salvage plant material for re-use after the project. The Federal Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities has approved the project, and as a requirement of this approval, the project must operate under a series of Construction and Operation Environmental Management Plans. These plans outline the management of key environment risks associated with the project and w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Build something great™

Boral Construction Materials & Cement

Boral is at the forefront of Australia’s building and construction industry. Through ongoing product development and tailored solutions delivery we are playing a key part in creating a sustainable future for our industry. That’s what we mean by building something great. Boral is honoured to be associated with Western Australia’s largest road infrastructure project. Gateway WA Perth Airport and Freight Access Project

For more product information, please call: Asphalt 08 9458 0400

Concrete 13 26 75

Quarry 13 26 75

Boral is a registered trademark of Boral Limited or one of its subsidiaries.


& Construction

52A Buckingham Drive, Wangara

Established in early 2009, Complete Cabling & Construction performs extensive works throughout Western Australia in the installation of underground utilities in both established areas and new subdivisions. We have the capabilities to do directional drilling, trenching, cable laying and Western Power asset installation. Complete Cabling & Construction endeavour to provide the total package to our clients where they are involved in the design of projects, project management and finalization.

Phone: 08 9309 9970 Fax: 08 9309 9982 Email:

T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T are extremely meticulous. Additionally, the Department of Environmental Regulation (DER) approved a Clearing Permit for the Gateway WA project (with the exception of Roe Highway) in July 2013. The permit allows clearing of native vegetation within the project boundaries on State land. In association with the clearing permit, the project complies with conditions relating to fauna and flora protection, dieback, weed control and offset vegetation. The approval to undertake works for the Gateway WA project, which falls within registered aboriginal heritage sites, was granted on 13 February, 2013 under Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972. Further consultation with the appropriate aboriginal communities will continue throughout the project. As a part of Gateway WA’s commitment to caring for the environment, the project will provide a supportive environmental culture by embracing behaviours that contribute to a sustainable future. It will minimise its environmental impacts and prevent pollution by applying a hierarchy of controls


to eliminate, substitute or mitigate such impacts and will promote the efficient use of energy, reduction of waste and recycling of materials in all activities. Sustainability Gateway WA also pledges to improve the overall sustainability performance of the project by measuring, managing and taking appropriate steps to increase the projects’ Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating, while complying with environmental legal requirements and approval conditions applicable to the project. Furthermore, it will engage with the relevant stakeholders and community representatives on a regular basis with the aim to build strong relationships. “Gateway WA’s mission is to safely deliver sustainable, landmark road infrastructure around the Perth Airport and the Kewdale freight precinct. In doing so, Gateway WA is committed to achieving sustainable economic, environmental and social outcomes for the project, from inception through to completion and beyond,” reads a statement w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Use professionals if you want professionals Nationwide specialists in permanent and temporary placements for Civil, Construction and Mining Projects, hiring only the best and most experienced Operators, Labourers and Tradespeople.


Recruitment Centre (WA) Phone: 08 6260 2362 Email:

Leader in Traffic Management Services Highways Traffic Management is WA’s leading provider of Traffic Management Services with teams ready to be deployed in Perth and throughout WA to the Kimberley, Goldfields, Pilbara, Eucla, Mid West, Gascoyne, South West & Great Southern regions.

Complete Traffic Management Solutions | Oversize Transport Escort | Special Event Traffic Control

Ph: 08 9330 4937 E:



T H E G AT E WAY WA P R O J E C T from the Alliance. As part of its stringent environmental rules, the project is also striving for a certification of ‘Excellence’ from the AGIC (Australian Green Infrastructure Council). In order to achieve this, project management will be required to meet a number of requirements pertaining to recycling initiatives, the enhancement of network efficiency and methodology around noise reduction. In line with these requirements, the Gateway Alliance has been incredibly proactive when it comes to recycling old materials. “We’ve collected all material from the


existing roads and have reused what we can in the new build. We’ve used recycled asphalt throughout, and have even sought recycled material from cement manufacturers for pavement construction. In total, we estimate we have imported more than 100,000 tons of recycled material to date,” says Combe. Health & Safety Safety of the local community as well as that of its people is one of the prominent KRAs outlined by the Alliance: “The health and safety of our people and the community is the ultimate priority for Gateway WA. Safety and environmental

Multiple traffic switches are required as part of the project to manage working alongside live traffic

w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Tunnel Vision - Drain Cleaning and CCTV Pipeline Inspections/Repairs Specialising in: • • • •

High Pressure Drain Cleaning Pipe Relining Camera Inspections and Locations Pipe and Drainage Rehabilitation


Freecall 24/7: 1800 631 799 Telephone: (08) 9417 1563 Fax: 08 9414 1411

Unit1, 15 Baling St, Cockburn Central, WA 6164 PO Box 3928, Success, WA 6964

PL: 5611 ABN: 19 131 116 900

Survey Dynamics is a client focused surveying company, determined and committed to delivering high quality outcomes for the building, mining and civil construction sectors. The company has a proven track record in the set out and control of embankments, pavements, drainage, sea wall construction, as well as precision survey on major concrete and steel structures, along with the management and support of GPS machine control.


355 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe, WA 6104 Email | Phone | 1300 77 33 73 Fax | 08 6500 1610



Leach Highway Abernethy Road future interchange

considerations underpin everything we do, from planning through to construction and delivery.” Gateway WA is committed to implementing and maintaining a robust safety culture and delivering safety and health initiatives that benefit its staff, subcontractors and the community. “We believe that everyone should return home from work in the condition in which they arrived,” states the Alliance. Creating a Lasting Landmark

The Gateway WA project is undoubtedly going to have a huge impact on the local community when it opens in 2017. What is remarkable, though, is not only the massive scale of the build, but also the collaborative nature of the project. Pre-works planning from a logistics and financial point of view has been critical to the success of the project, but so too has ongoing governance. From community liaison officers to project managers and representatives w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u



First major concreate pour for bath structures on the Gateway WA project

from Main Roads WA and the other five Alliance partners, from stakeholders, such as the Perth Airport and local government authorities to businesses and the community, everyone involved is 84

June 2014

focused on the success of the build and remains driven to achieve it goals and objectives. Ultimately, the safety and effectiveness of the project is paramount, but the focus on leaving


Company Information INDUSTRY


Western Australia FOUNDED



The Gateway WA Project

a lasting landmark has also set the Gateway WA project apart from the competition. No stone has been left unturned when it comes to quality, and that dedication and unwavering commitment by all involved is certainly paying off.

w w w. g a t e w a y w a . c o m . a u


Hansen Yuncken: Wagga Hospital Redevelopment The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project Yuncken in the region’s health sector. Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Bryan Giles

a Wagga Base t Project shines the spotlight on Hansen




The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital Redevelopment Project is the single largest state investment in regional hospital upgrades in New South Wales. This project gives Hansen Yuncken the chance to be able to further expand their position in the region’s health sector.

The building includes an 8-bed high dependency unit, a 22-bed acute unit, 20-bed sub-acute unit, management offices, courtyards, landscaping and car parking. Phase two consists of building a new acute hospital building, and is valued at around $180 million for the project. It’s located on the site of Phases of work the old mental health building, and The hospital is under construction is due for completion at the end of to cater to the future needs of the 2015. Construction has just begun area, with the redevelopment project on this phase. The facility will include broken up into three phases. The a new emergency department, first phase was a new mental health imaging and diagnostic services, building, and it was completed in procedure centre, critical care 14 months by October of 2013. service, women’s and children’s 88

July 2014


health, pharmacy services, increased support services, multiple levels of inpatient units, a rooftop helipad and associated back of house and engineering services. So far, the biggest challenge for the project has been working around an existing hospital. Hansen Yuncken has had to do some transfers, such as building and relocating the mortuary and building a new loading dock to make working around the fully operational hospital possible. The company also spends a lot of time designing the layout and footing design of the construction zones, because the ground conditions are less-thanideal, as the site is located on a floodplain and is mostly clay soil. As safety is a high priority for Hansen Yuncken with all of their projects, the company


“The BIM 360 allows us to review how we’re going with things and make improvements where required” – said Michael Martin, project manager

w w w. h a n s e n y u n c k e n . c o m . a u


H A N S E N Y U N C K E N : WA G G A WA G G A B A S E H O S P I TA L has developed their own risk assessment course that is rolled out to all employees and all subcontractors. Employees involved in the Wagga Wagga project take a two-day course; subcontractors take a one-day course. Phase three is expected to begin at the start of 2016 and is scheduled to be completed April 2017. Work will included the front entry canopy, new on-grade car parking and a landscaped forecourt. This phase will also include the demolition of the

existing buildings. The redevelopment project is being undertaken as a jointly funded health service infrastructure investment initiative, under the Health and Hospitals Fund Program with the Australian Government contributing $55.1 million and the State providing $215 million. Use of BIM 360 The BIM 360 is a building information modelling program. Hansen Yuncken is applying this

Sydney (HQ) Ph: 02 9708 7555 ACT Ph: 02 6241 6144 Hunter Ph: 02 4973 5500

YOUR COMPLETE ELECTRICAL & TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST With an impeccable reputation in delivering world-class projects, The Star Group is a leader in the Australian electrical and data communications industry.

Pneumatic Air Tube Systems

Star Group offers the following services:

Pathology Transfer Blood Samples Blood Bank

Pharmacy Robotics Inpatient Outpatient Pharmacy Systems


Robocourier Autonomous Mobile Robot Laboratory - Pharmacy Medical Records up to 60kg payload

• • • • • • •

Electrical / High Voltage Electrical – ASP Level 1 Data Communications Building Services Integration FM Services Audio Visual Rail Signalling Design Services

2013 National Winner NECA Excellence Award Large Projects for Royal North Shore Hospital Redevelopment

AGV Automated Guided Vehicles Meals - Linen - Waste with Elevator Interface

Ph: 1300 130 933






program on their iPads in the field for quality and safety management measures. “This allows us to review how we’re going with things and make improvements where required,” said Michael Martin, project manager. By having mobile technology at hand, these improvements can be made on the spot. With the BIM 360 software, users can take photos or make drawings, and upload them to one centralised location. With all of the information located in one convenient electronic spot, gone are the days Hansen Yuncken has to use paper for safety and quality assurance tracking.


Another helpful feature is the option to contact people outside the immediate business like subcontractors. This way, they can upload information straight into Hansen Yuncken’s system, so there is no need to double handle data, forms or information. The BIM 360 program can also handle 3D modelling. Instead of clients getting a mock up of their design on paper, they now have access to an interactive 3D model, which provides more detail and a better look into the plans. Hansen Yuncken prides themselves on providing their clients

w w w. h a n s e n y u n c k e n . c o m . a u



with a high level of service. Much of their work comes from repeat business. To be able to turn firsttime clients into repeat clients, the company provides them with the best service throughout the whole 92

July 2014

process. By controlling the design, Hansen Yuncken stays in budget and is able to assist the client with whatever problems may come up during the project. The Wagga Wagga Base Hospital



Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction EMPLOYEES



design, construction

Redevelopment Project is currently on time and on budget. With the BIM 360 and their comprehensive understanding of the site and the clients’ expectations, Hansen Yuncken will be about to deliver another high-quality project.

w w w. h a n s e n y u n c k e n . c o m . a u


Daewoo – Ilham Baru Tow

Raising the skyline in Kuala L Daewoo’s Ilham Baru Tower

Daewoo E&C, a world leader in engineering and constructi montumental Ilham Baru Tower in Malaysia. Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Andrew Zhao



ion, is near completion on the



Daewoo E&C is committed to being one of the world’s most reliable leading engineering and construction companies. By realizing the high value of worldleading technologies and highly-skilled human resources, Daewoo is able to deliver any project, in any place, beyond the clients’ expectation, in a safe and timely manner. The company was founded in the 1970s to do road construction in Ecuador. Since then, Daewoo has completed an impressive 300 projects in over 40 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. 96

July 2014

Currently they operate branches and subsidiaries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the US and other parts of the word. Currently, work on the Ilham Baru Tower is one of the company’s leading projects. Their commitment to the region, their clients and employees led to the work on the tower, which will be completed in the second half of this year. Ilham Baru Tower The Ilham Baru Tower (referred to as the IB Tower) is located in Kuala Lumpur, the federal capital and most populous city in Malaysia. Foster


+ Partners is the acting architect, responsible for the concept and design of the project. Construction began at the end of February 2012, and is expected to go through the end of October 2014. The 32-month construction period is funded by contracts worth around $580m. The IB Tower has several purposes: level 7 through 35 will be gallery and office space, level 37 through 40 will house community facilities, levels 41 through 53 will be apartments, and level 54 through 58 will be dedicated to penthouse living spaces. There will be parking for around 900 vehicles at the site.

The hanging steel structure is made of reinforced concrete, and will be 274 metres tall when completed. The basement of the building is four floors, and the remaining 58 floors are above ground. Mr. Kim Hyong Man, construction manager, oversees about 1,300 workers on the site currently. During the peak of building there were approximately 1,500 workers on site. Mr. Lee Ki Soon, project manager, keeps tabs on the project from the company’s headquarters. Positive impacts Each of Daewoo’s projects w w w. d a e w o o e n c . c o m



endeavours to impact the surrounding community and environment in a positive way. To do so, the company is working towards developing eco-friendly products, recycling and entering into the new and renewable energy business. They have build an inventory stem that enables the company to measure, manage and reduce greenhouse gas emission levels both at home and abroad. They also carry out energy saving campaigns

Dedicated To People Flow™

KONE Energy-saving solutions for elevators KONE ELEVATOR (M) SDN BHD (87397-H) Suite 3.02, 3rd Floor, Wisma Ali Bawal 2, No. 11, Jalan Tandang, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia Tel: (603) 7494 7500 Fax (603) 7784 1263

to reduce energy use. Their eco-friendly technologies include construction materials like low-carbon concrete and marine concrete; their Eliminate CO2 mortar does not use cement at all. Currently, Daewoo is developing a number of promising water and sewage treatment technologies. The company is also a leader in waste disposal technologies, including their High-Concentration Organic Waste Recycling Technology, which produces biogas using organic wastes. Building Integrated Wind Power (BiWP), another innovative technology, produces its own energy in buildings, as well as photovoltaic power generation modules for apartments. Worker management By fostering the development of high-calibre industry experts and specialists, Daewoo has created a talented employee base. The company hires people who can think both critically and creatively, and who showcases their core values of challenge, passion, responsibility and


Company Information INDUSTRY




accountability. Employees at Daewoo are firm believers in the value of change and innovation. Many of the company’s employees come from open recruitment sources, internship programs, experience-based hiring and global networking. The company offers several educational and training programs to assist employees in the advancement of their career development. These programs include new employee training, overseas study courses and domestic and overseas degree programs. Daewoo also provides opportunities for self-development. Because they are a company headquartered in Korea, Daewoo has made a concerted effort to support the development of their nonKorean workers. They offer counselling, Korean language training and Korean cultural events to assimilate non-Korean employees in the company and country.




w w w. d a e w o o e n c . c o m


RMD Industries Pty Ltd

Productivity Solutions with Great Results

Focused on solutions to help solve productivity and efficiency issues in manufacturing Written by: Andrew Rossillo

Produced by: Bryan Giles



Long Neck Quad Spigot

RMD Industries embodies four manufacturing and distribution businesses – Brio, Downee, Pratco and Ductware – built on a strong and proud history that dates back to 1953. Ductware is a new division of RMD Industries and has already established itself as a leader with longevity. Brio is based in Sydney with sales offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, 102

July 2014

Adelaide and Perth. This division designs and manufactures architectural sliding and folding door hardware for Australian and overseas markets including America, Europe and Asia. Brio previously traded as Henderson RMD. Downee, which previously traded as RMD Metal Products has a high speed metal pressing manufacturing


facility at Sunshine and sales and warehouse operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.The Downee product range includes gate automation systems, fence fittings and sliding door and track systems for the commercial, domestic and rural markets. New product ranges include stainless steel

fittings for glass fencing and balustrading and modular glass fencing and balustrade systems. Pratco manufactures sugar cane harvester blades, lawn cutting blades and trencher teeth for mining equipment. Pratco has manufacturing facilities in Brisbane, Queensland and is a significant exporter and OEM supplier of cane w w w. r m d i n d u s t r i e s . c o m . a u


R M D I N D U S T R I E S P T Y LT D harvester blades worldwide. Ductware Ductware supplies the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry in all Australian States with hardware for the manufacture and installation of ducting systems. Ductware manufactures some product locally and is the exclusive distributor for industry leaders, Ductmate, Gripnail, Shurtape and Rossi. Ductware’s focus is on providing

We Sell Performance

Wholesale Chemical Company supplies a range of Zinc Rich coatings, in bulk 20lt drums, and aerosol cans. Colours are Silver, Black, Yellow, White & Blue. We also stock Cold Galv, and a top coat of Silver Galv.

2/ 25 Dividend Street Mansfield, Qld 4122 Email:

Phone: 07 3343 4700 Fax: 07 3349 4199 Mob: 0438 418 987

productivity solutions that have green results for the HVAC duct manufacturing and installation industries. “Our aim is to provide the HVAC market with a range of hardware and accessory products that are focused very clearly on solutions to help solve the productivity issues in manufacturing – getting more manufactured duct out the door and then getting the ducting installed,” says Ductware’s General Manager Michael Hadley. “We also want to address some of


the contemporary environmental issues and contribute a greater degree of energy efficiency, particularly preventing leakage in ducts, thereby providing green results when possible.”

finding out what customers actually want and developing products that suit those needs.”

Intense Focus on Client-based Needs RMD and Ductware use various Competitive Advantage forms of market research, ‘trade Ductware has established a different focus,’ where the Company focuses approach to duct manufacturing, on the specific needs of the trade providing innovative solutions customers. “We ask them what they that improve productivity through want in terms of price and product labour savings, whilst also offering and processes and what they pragmatic, cost-neutral green want to buy and then figure out building options. A new supplier ways to get it to them, a win-win,” to the HVAC market, Ductware explains Hadley. sells an innovative range of ducting This trade focus helped make it hardware and accessory products possible for Ductware to develop designed to optimise productivity in Australia’s first 50mm-deep the manufacturing of the duct. access panel. This panel provides “The products we represent are access to a duct for inspection of from manufacturers who really lead certain aspects. A 50mm-deep the world in innovation, developed access panel, which the Company though research and development developed the tooling for, enables activity”, says Hadley. “The evolution up to a 50mm external or internal has been the growth of our product insulation to be neatly fitted up range. Most of it has been on the against the panel without any basis of innovation and responding interference or disturbance of to market or customer needs and the air stream, thereby reducing also geographic footprint. We’re turbulence in the air flow. It also trying to be innovative, to be very enables a higher “R-value” for focused on development and to the access panel itself, which is w w w. r m d i n d u s t r i e s . c o m . a u



a thermal insulation issue. “Our panels can achieve a higher R-value than any other access panel on the market, addressing a key issues that customers are now concerned about - which is why we developed it,” says Hadley. “The design of the tooling is something we were closely involved with, a product that we’ve only just recently released as a result of research and development and a very detailed trade-focus campaign.” Powerful New Opportunities Through continued trade focus, 106

July 2014

research and development, Ductware has some exciting new opportunities, including a newly innovated range of “LongNeck” Bellmouth Spigots which the Company has developed, again through extensive trade focused market research. “Another new innovation is that we now supply Erico/Caddy duct installation hardware,” says Hadley. “It’s widening the offer in the product sense but also in market sense because the customers for these types of products are primarily on-site mechanical


contractors. There is some serious potential here to assist on-sire contractors to get duct installed much quicker. In addition, we have introduced the Shurtape Green-Star rated duct-tape.” “Probably the major product range that contractors will be interested in is effectively a revolutionary new way to duct. The GreenSeam Snap Lock ducting system is an incredibly simple, self-sealing round duct system that has transformed many projects in the USA over the recent year since its introduction. We were lucky enough to have early access to this system and launched it on the Australian market just last year,” says Hadley. Furthermore, Ductware is also building towards increased success through its capacitor discharge (CD) weld pins for fixing insulation to ducts. The Company has a wide-range of resistance, dielectric coated and capacitor-discharge (CD) Weld Pins for affixing duct insulation. Hadley addressed a vital point that highlights why RMD and its companies continue to move forward in this industry: “We don’t get distracted by competition – we really just hope to focus more on our customers’ needs, which enables us to keep ahead of competition by simply listening to our customers, hopefully better than others. And we try to continually keep our customers’ costs down through tangible productivity improvements, while maintaining high quality.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction, Manufacturing HEADQUARTERS

Victoria, Australia FOUNDED



$50 million plus PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

diversified manufacturer & distributor of metal products to building industries worldwide, HVAC, sugar cane machines, gate & fence fittings, furniture

w w w. r m d i n d u s t r i e s . c o m . a u




Improving safety in bourne’s north-west An aerial view of the M80 and Tullamarine Freeway interchange, delivered by the Tulla Sydney Alliance. Photo by John Gollings Photography


C iOcM V Ro PA a dNsY N A M E

The upgraded Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section gives drivers easier access to such as Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong. Photo by John Gollings Photography


$2.25 billion freeway upgrade in Melbourne’s north-west is already delivering major safety and travel benefits to thousands of drivers, the community and wider industry. Jointly funded by the Federal and State governments and delivered by VicRoads, the M80 Ring Road Upgrade aims to improve safety and reduce congestion along the entire 38 kilometre corridor between Altona and Greensborough. Three sections have been completed in the last 110

July 2014


o destinations

year, bringing the total amount of upgraded freeway to 23 kilometres. Calder Freeway to Sydney Road was the first section to be completed in May 2013 by the Tulla Sydney Alliance: a partnership between VicRoads, Thiess, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Hyder. The section Western Highway to Sunshine Avenue fully opened later in the year, delivered by BMD Constructions and Leighton Contractors. More recently, VicRoads, Fulton Hogan and Visionstream celebrated the completion of the Edgars to Plenty Road section in April 2014. Visionstream was the lead ITS contractor across all three completed sections. According to VicRoads Project Director Trevor Boyd, the M80 Ring Road w w w. v i c r o a d s . v i c . g o v. a u


Photo by Christian Pearson / Misheye


The upgraded M80 Ring Road over Dalton Road, Thomastown

Upgrade is the biggest road project VicRoads has ever undertaken. “Improvements include providing a third lane in each direction with up to six between some interchanges and improving safety by reducing merging and weaving,” Mr. Boyd said. “We’re also installing new electronic freeway management systems in each section, which links with those already in operation on the West Gate Freeway, CityLink and Monash Freeway.” “This includes overhead electronic lane signs that advise motorists of the speed limit, if a lane is open or closed, or whether motorists are required to merge left or right. The variable speed limit signs allow speed limits to be adjusted to suit traffic conditions, including the management of incidents, while CCTV cameras will provide live footage to the VicRoads Traffic Management Centre.” “All on-ramps are managed with traffic signals that operate when volumes on the M80 Ring Road are high. They filter traffic entering the M80 Ring Road to reduce turbulence and maintain traffic flow.” “These improvements will all work together to improve overall travel 112

July 2014


times and boost reliability, making it easier for commuters to get from A to B every time.” A SAFER FREEWAY FOR NORTH-WEST MELBOURNE Mr. Boyd notes that improving safety for motorists will always be a top priority during the project. “There were 13 fatal accidents and 715 serious casualty crashes along the M80 Ring Road in the five years before commencing the upgrade,” Mr. Boyd said. “The addition of extra lanes and a new electronic freeway system in each completed section have helped ease congestion and provide motorists with a safer journey. It also ensures that the M80 Ring Road returns to normal operating conditions very quickly after a crash or breakdown.” According to Mr. Boyd, traffic flow has improved and is now more consistent since the upgrades, with an average travel time reduction of 20

A new urban design for the M80 Ring Road, including concrete feature walls (top) and acrylic noise walls (bottom). Photos by John Gollings Photography w w w. v i c r o a d s . v i c . g o v. a u



The Yellow Line Marking Trial, which improved visibility for drivers entering a work zone. Photo by Christian Pearson / Misheye

“One of our biggest challenges was building the flyover at the M80 Ring Road and Tullamarine Freeway interchange” – Trevor Boyd, VicRoads Project Director


July 2014

per cent. “Before the upgrades the freeway exceeded its capacity during peak periods, causing traffic disruption and delays along the entire route,” Mr. Boyd said. “Travel times have now improved, with the most significant reduction in the Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section, Greensborough bound, where travel times have been cut by 50 per cent in the afternoon peak.” “The economic yearly benefits for travel time and speed for the Calder Freeway to Sydney Road section are considerable, with $66 million for the Greensborough bound direction and $27 million for the Altona bound section.” “A major bottleneck at Edgars Road, Greensborough bound, has also been removed with traffic now flowing freely along three lanes.” ACHIEVEMENTS According to Mr. Boyd, a key highlight is working through engineering challenges with the dedicated M80 Ring Road Upgrade team. “One of our biggest challenges was building the flyover at the M80 Ring Road and Tullamarine Freeway interchange,” Mr. Boyd said. “To construct the flyover ramp we had to ship 19 steel box girders from Tasmania, with a combined total weight of 822 tonnes. These were lifted up and bolted together on location.” “The placement of the steel girders required closures of the M80 Ring Road. To minimise

Photo by Christian Pearson / Misheye


Overhead electronic signs allow for speed limits to be adjusted to suit traffic conditions

disruption to traffic, assembly of the girders was first tested in Tasmania, to ensure that the 7,808 bolts used lined up and fitted perfectly.” “The flyover now provides traffic access from the Tullamarine Freeway to the M80 Ring Road Altona bound carriageway for destinations including Bendigo, Ballarat and Geelong, and removes a previous major weave movement.” Mr. Boyd highlighted that another unique aspect of the project is minimising disruption to drivers through effective communications, given that the work was undertaken during live traffic conditions. This was especially critical when the freeway was closed at times for special activities including bridge concrete pours. “The freeway was closed over the weekend during multiple occasions, to reduce the amount of vibration from passing traffic to allow the concrete stitch pours to set,” Mr. Boyd said. w w w. v i c r o a d s . v i c . g o v. a u


Photo by Christian Pearson / Misheye


The Edgars to Plenty Road section now has three lanes in each direction, with up to four lanes between interchanges

“Together with the contractors, VicRoads communicated these closures to drivers, the community and other stakeholders, at least six weeks prior to the events, using multiple channels such as online, radio, print advertising and variable message signs on the M80 Ring Road.” “These communications were a success, with an average 20 per cent in reduction in traffic volumes for each closure.” INNOVATIONS Ensuring safety for road workers and motorists has also been a key motivational driver for innovation throughout the project. One example is the Yellow Line Marking trial, which was used in all three sections of the upgrade. “We painted yellow lines on the road alongside the existing white lines to mark the new lane arrangements during the roadworks and to provide a clear visual aid to drivers when entering a work zone,” Mr. Boyd explains. 116

July 2014


“We found that this improved lane visibility during wet conditions, helped driver decision making and taught drivers to be on the alert, reduce their speed and drive carefully.” “We’re happy with the results and expect it to be endorsed as a suitable treatment for other major roadwork sites.”

Company Information TYPE OF A S S O C I AT I O N

Victoria State Government Agency

FUTURE FOCUS The project team is planning the remaining four sections; Princes Freeway to Western Highway, Sunshine Avenue to Calder Freeway, Sydney Road to Edgars Road and Plenty Road to Greensborough Highway. “These important planning activities will help determine the most appropriate way to upgrade future sections of the M80 Ring Road,” Mr. Boyd said. “The remaining sections will be considered for funding in a future program and prioritised based on traffic volumes and safety.” “In the meantime, drivers, industry and local residents can enjoy safer travel, improved traffic flow and greater reliability with the completed sections setting the standard for future improvements in Melbourne’s north-west road network.”


60 Denmark Street Kew VIC 3101 FOUNDED


Trevor Boyd, VicRoads Project Director NO. OF MEMBERS

VicRoads manages over 22,000 kilometres of roads and 3133 bridges and processes more than 22 million transactions a year for 3.7 million licensed drivers and 4.9

For more information on the M80 Ring Road Upgrade visit M80Upgrade >>>

million registered vehicles

w w w. v i c r o a d s . v i c . g o v. a u



Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd. (MRT Corp) t MRT line for Kuala Lumpur 119



uala Lumpur is a developing country with a population of 1.6 million people. Like any other developed countries, a good transportation system with great accessibility, is vital for the economy’s growth and to improve the quality of life. Especially in highly dense urban areas, road users will be spending hours in their vehicles just to get around. Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) has been given the responsibility to build the first MRT line for the convenience of the people in Klang Valley. The MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line was approved by the Government of Malaysia in December 2010. Eight months later, the construction of the line 120

July 2014


was launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak on 8 July 2011. The Klang Valley MRT Project falls under the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) specifically under the Greater Kuala Lumpur/ Klang Valley Land Transport Master Plan. This ETP programme is supervised by the Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Darat (SPAD), also known as Land Public Transport Commission. The MRT line was initially proposed by a private sector consortium in early 2010. An extensive feasibility study was done by the Government resulting in a finding that building of the MRT line is necessary to improve w w w. m y m r t . c o m . m y



the traffic situation faced by thousands of road users daily. This resulted in the MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang alignment by SPAD as part of the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Land Public Transport Master plan. A 51km long alignment was finalized. Of which, 9.5km long of the alignment will be underground. The MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line will be integrated with existing rail lines, namely the KTM Komuter, Monorail, LRT and KLIA express. This will then create a whole network of urban rail capable of transporting commuters in Klang Valley. The line will start from Sungai Buloh, which is the north west side of Kuala Lumpur and will run through the city centre and ends in Kajang. It is expected to serve a corridor of 1.2 million people with 400, 000 of daily passengers ridership. In total there will be 31 stations for this MRT line of which seven stations will be underground. Indeed, constructing the alignment in these welldeveloped areas is a great challenge. Therefore, underground stations are the best solutions to avoid causing traffic congestion in the city centre 122

July 2014


areas such as in Bukit Bintang and Pasar Seni. Underground stations are also chosen for areas with limited space. As of April 2014 the overall completion of the construction is at 43.49%, with 32.89% completion for elevated section and 59.41% underground works. It is on track to start service in December 2016 from Sungai Buloh to Semantan (Phase 1). Phase 2 (full service to Kajang) will be operational by July 2017. In future the Government is planning on implementing two more lines for better rail integration and greater accessibility. Currently, feasibility studies are being carried out to determine the best possible alignment for these future lines. This is in line with the target of increasing public transportation modal to 50% when operational. In terms of rolling stock, the “Guiding Light” is the chosen design for the MRT Project. Designed by DesignworksUSA, a subsidiary of the BMW Group, the trains are supplied by Siemens AG. The design of the train was derived by the rich cultural influences of Malaysia, particularly its architectural icons. In total there are 58 driverless train sets that will be operating along for MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang Line. During peak hours a train will run every 3.5 minutes, which means 17 trains will be running every hour. The average traveling time for the train is 30 minutes from both ends to KL Sentral.

Company Information INDUSTRY Government Owned Company HEADQUARTERS Malaysia FOUNDED September 2011 KEY PEOPLE / TITLE Datuk Wira Azhar Abdul Hamid, CEO Marcus Levon Karakashian, Project Director Hairul Abdul Hamid, Chief Financial Officer Amir Mahmood Razak, Director, Strategic Communications & PR Syed Mahdhar Syed Hussain, Director, Standards & Compliance Haris Fadzilah Hassan, Director, Stakeholders Relations & Land Management Zainuddin Ismail, Director, Strategic Human Resources David Loo Kean Beng, Company Secretary Zaharuddin Sa’at, General Manager, Property Development.

w w w. m y m r t . c o m . m y


is one o NDT com

Applus RTD

Applus RTD:

of the largest and most respected mpanies in the oil and gas sectors

D offers an unique approach that helps maintain optimal productivity and profitability for every installation Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Dan Story




global leader in Non- Destructive Testing and Inspection (NDT&I) that supports clients’ search for optimal asset integrity in industries like oil and gas, as well as conventional and nuclear power plants. By constantly striving to achieve the ideal balance between highly qualified personnel and fresh ideas coupled with new and innovative solutions, Applus RTD offers a unique approach that helps maintain optimal productivity and profitability for every installation. The individually tailored solutions from Applus RTD are developed against a background of global knowledge and expertise, but delivered locally through trained specialists who know and respect clients’ particular situations and needs. Applus RTD has been operating in Australia since 1981, initially as Pilbara NDT and since 2007 operating under Applus RTD after the merger with RTD Steeltest. It serves both the maintenance and construction markets. The construction division focuses predominantly on providing NDT services on pipe line and LNG construction projects according to Herman

Applus RTD Rayscan (RTR) in offshore operation 126

July 2014


Applus RTD Rayscan Tankscan for Asia LNG project 1 (RTR)

J. Quakkelsteijn, Manager Major Construction Projects - Asia Pacific. Leadership through service and innovation The Applus RTD Group is an independent operating division of the international Applus+ organization - a concern that is active in the fields of inspection and certification services for a diverse range of industries - from food and construction to automotive and climate technology. Today’s Applus RTD Group, with its headquarters in The Netherlands, started life in 1937 under the name of RTD (Röntgen Technische Dienst). From its early beginnings, RTD embarked on pioneering work in industrial x-ray testing. Over the years, the company has developed new and innovative concepts and

“Because Applus RTD has all established NDT&I technologies at its fingertips, it also means that solutions can be found in the shortest possible time”

w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m



Applus RTD Rayscan (RTR) in offshore operation 2


July 2014


support services that have grown and diversified to become the backbone of establishing Applus RTD as a leading global energy service provider: A client-focused approach that provides a pro-active response to changing needs while taking advantage of new technologies for construction, maintenance and inspection. With new developments in predictive and preventive technologies plus tailored solutions that ensure plants are fit for service, safe and reliable, it means clients’ asset performance can effectively be optimized... whatever the challenge. Four cornerstones for optimized asset performance To optimally support its clients’ needs for maximum productivity and profitability, their assets must be managed and maintained in a way that delivers the greatest potential for a successful operation. Applus RTD’s technical assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification in Australia enable this aim to be achieved. Based upon four key ‘cornerstones’ which can individually or together be applied to deliver a precisely tailored solution they enable the essential back-up needed to optimize all aspects of construction, maintenance and inspection projects on a worldwide basis. Project Management in New Construction is available without compromise to the functionality of existing concepts. Based on specialist knowledge and a flexible approach, new technologies can be seamlessly implemented which coupled with highly qualified personnel mean that solutions can be achieved that prevent downtime, reduce waiting times and remove testing and quality control from the project’s critical path.

“Throughout the organization, quality is a byword. Stringent norms for example, are taken to the limits and then often still further, in the pursuit of the optimum for processes, people and the environment” w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m


Strengthen the bond between you and your employees when your people feel valued, they can accomplish anything. © Copyright CAIP Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 432297



Together we can accomplish anything. Across Australia, innovative companies rely on CAIP Services to design and administer customised Income Protection Schemes for thousands of their employees. CAIP is an industry innovator and is changing the paradigm of how Insurance, Group Income Protection and Employee Benefits schemes are delivered. Our purpose is to assist corporations by providing customised Income Protection Schemes which provide practical benefits and support you and your employees when needed most. One of CAIP’s core founding principles is the delivery of meaningful communication that counts & you can count on. Over the past 12 years, we have worked with pioneering companies in the Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Infrastructure and Resource Fields. Silently and steadily we have continued to build and strengthen the bond between employer and employee. We’ve developed a hands-on understanding of the unique challenges faced on the ground, through working with people at every level of your organisation. At CAIP we spend the time to understand your company’s values. Meaningful relationships build great companies, and great companies are built by people who feel valued. CAIP can help you construct an enduring solution that firmly balances bottom line realities with human needs. No two organisations are the same. No two people are the same. Therefore no product can be the same. We don’t offer off-the-shelf products. We work with you to customise a solution that fits your unique needs and reflects the respect, compassion and care you have for all your employees. By working together we ensure that CAIP’s unwavering commitment to meaningful communication, builds enduring relationships. The most enduring relationships are forged through the hard times. We would like to share our experience with you and your employees. CAIP, it’s not just another product, it’s a way of thinking. Website:


Process Integrity Management in Maintenance involves a practical approach to process management using a balanced combination of experience and techniques such as Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and Fitness For Service (FFS). The ultimate aim is to minimize disruption during key inspection operations and thus ensure process continuity and uninterrupted productivity. Supporting Services and Consultancy are vital aspects in the optimization of an asset’s lifecycle. Knowledge-intensive support is available and is provided by teams of dedicated specialists for disciplines such as Turnaround Planning and NDT Process Optimization. HSQE Audits and Training complete the Supporting Services package. At the heart of Applus RTD are its people Highly trained, experienced and motivated specialists: People with a strong sense of responsibility who thrive on the challenge of working independently, and that thanks to on-going in-house training programs, never stop learning and improving their skills. Their inherent knowledge and flexibility mean they can operate in a variety of locations and situations thus supporting the organization’s objectives. Within Applus RTD, personal development opportunities are presented that are based on individual development plans. Special programs for management development and high level technical development for promising employees are also available. Qualified Approach A key area of Applus RTD policy is HSQE – to such an extent that all employees and the company itself are qualified to handle a wide range of projects and assignments in this area, in many different sectors. All procedures are tailored to the specifications of clients, government bodies and certifying authorities all over the world. The company also works in close collaboration with those authorities in order to remain abreast of the latest requirements and knowledge, wherever in the world they may apply. w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m


APPLUS RTD At the heart of Applus RTD activities lies the reporting of testing results. The services provided may typically begin by the selection or development of the optimal testing method. Measurements are then taken ‘in the field’ and a report compiled. For new constructions, this can lead to approval or rejection of a single weld or even a whole installation. In situations involving maintenance, a report highlights the degradation of specific installations or objects, and recommendations are made for suitable remedial action. Applus RTD aims at the provision of immediate reports, without the traditional waiting times of days or even weeks. In this way, efficiency can be enhanced and costs reduced... but never at the expense of safety to people or the environment. Strong in technology From its earliest days back in 1937, Applus RTD has always maintained a

Underwater and Rope Access Deployment of Certified Inspection, Repair and Maintenance Personnel Deploy Subsea Pty Ltd is a marine services company based in Rous Harbour North Fremantle WA. The company provides a range of specialist subsea services from maritime asset remediation and coded underwater welding to ACFM welding inspection, above and below the waterline Australia-wide.


DEPLOY Subsea Pty Ltd 8 Rous Head Road, North Fremantle WA 6159



Applus RTD Rayscan Tankscan for Asia LNG project 2 (RTR)

commitment to innovation and development. As a result, many well-known technologies have been created within the company. Today, many of these concepts are now combined to enable specific testing to be carried out in the most optimal way, thus enabling dedicated solutions that will meet the many and varied challenges that clients put before the Applus RTD specialist. Because Applus RTD has all established NDT&I technologies at its fingertips, it also means that solutions can be found in the shortest possible time. If that is not enough, thanks to a strong technological base and many years of experience, it also means specialized and successful solutions can also be developed to respond to specialized requirements. Testing Technologies that Guarantee Integrity Applus RTD can provide an exceptionally wide range of testing technologies – both conventional and advanced techniques, and also tailor-made solutions. In the field of NDT and Inspection technologies employed include radiographic, ultrasound, penetrant, magnetic and visual examinations. Technically advanced methods of NDT can also be w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m



Applus RTD Rotoscan AUT PA

provided which have been developed from conventional techniques. A key factor for the success of Applus RTD recommendations is the expertise of inspectors. They determine exactly what is examined and where, how frequently, and the best method to use. They then interpret the data obtained and from this, make conclusions and recommendations. With Technology advancing as rapidly as it does, Applus RTD readily perceives the importance of frequently assessing new technology. How often? “Every day,” says Quakkelsteijn. “In our Technology and Applications Centres we have academics and engineers visiting trade shows, technology conferences, and meeting with universities; Applus RTD partner with universities with whom we carry out research to ensure we are continuously ahead of the game.” 136

July 2014


Very recently Applus RTD developed a Real Time Digital Radiography system to inspect cryogenic welds in LNG tanks for a project in Brunei. The core technology was already developed for pipe line girth weld inspection, however it was never applied on a large scale LNG tank. The development resulted in a dynamic inspection system which is a first in the industry considering all Radiography alternatives are static inspections. Another example of Applus RTD’s commitment to continuously improve their technology is their AUT equipment which was developed in the early 50’s for pipe line girth weld inspection; first commercial use was back in 1986. “Over the last 30 to 40 years Applus RTD has been the leader in AUT inspection initially with our multi-probe AUT system and then Phased Array AUT,” says Quakkelsteijn. w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m



Applus RTD Rotoscan IWEX detail scanner

“And in the very near future the latest technology we’ll be introducing is our RTD IWEX AUT system which is currently being tested in the field. Some key points about the RTD IWEX technology that would help the Company’s clients are that it would “increase accuracy on sizing of defects,” says Quakkelsteijn. “And potentially we’re also looking at avoiding the qualification or validation of systems prior to a project. The standard protocol with AUT is that, in most cases, you need to validate or qualify your system. The client sets up a number of test blocks and you have to prove your sizing accuracy; this can possibly be avoided with our RTD IWEX technology, and is something that we hope to achieve. It would be a revolution in the industry.” “This revolution would be a competitive advantage in the market because competitors would be required to do a validation of the system which is time consuming, first of all, which means we have an advantage over our competitors in that we don’t need months and months of prequalifying 138

July 2014


our systems. Secondly, we’ll see decreased costs associated with that — equipment rental, personnel operating the system, etc. — the client will see a great advantage,” says Quakkelsteijn. The World of APPLUS RTD Applus RTD is a global leader in all aspects of NDT&I. A leader that is committed to a policy of delivering a comprehensive range of Asset Integrity Services that help ensure that clients’ assets are optimally maintained, safe, productive and profitable. With more than 75 years’ experience in all aspects of NDT&I operations, Applus RTD has gained an ability to develop customized solutions to enhance clients’ process performance and installation integrity regardless of the challenge or working environment. Thanks to a policy of growth and expansion plus its global information networks, today Applus RTD can deliver these services locally; whenever and wherever they are needed. This commitment to optimizing clients’ asset opportunities is supported by a commitment to innovation and the application of the latest technologies, plus highly motivated and trained specialists who treat today’s toughest demands as an experience that can help with the challenges of tomorrow. Throughout the organization, quality is a byword. Stringent norms for example, are taken to the limits and then often still further, in the pursuit of the optimum for processes, people and the environment. Quality is also a key factor in the way new technologies and testing procedures are developed, to help keep shutdowns to a minimum and clients’ assets productive and profitable. Strategy for the future “There’s a world-wide scenario, but for us here in Asia-Pacific in the construction market, the RTD IWEX technology will allow us to dominate the market in the offshore sector where more exotic materials are required, w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m



GAVIN SMITH (GT and L Smith Pty Ltd)

AICIP and NDT Inspection Services CONTACT US quam TODAYaspero et modite Itaque consed

FOR ALL YOUR INSPECTION SERVICE NEEDS Mobile: +61 0410 338 060 Email:

Applus RTD Rotoscan IWEX field t

such as CRA or Duplex, those sort of welds are more difficult to inspect with conventional methods so we can dominate the market more -- that’s on the pipe line side. On the LNG side, both technologies, AUT PA and Real Time Digital Radiography will mean reduction of project time and are unique to Applus RTD. Basically we can reduce the duration in construction due to improved technologies,” says Quakkelsteijn.“More on the LNG tanks, that’s where we can save hours, if not shifts on just one horizontal or vertical weld, by using this new Real time Digital Radiography technology. Hence, that is where our future focus will be. This will initially be in Brunei where were currently doing our first project with this technology, and then hopefully roll out in the entire Asia-Pacific region where there is an large amount of LNG projects on the radar where we are hoping to get a share of the market 140

July 2014


Company Information INDUSTRY

Oil, gas and energy HEADQUARTERS

Rotterdam, Netherlands FOUNDED

1981 (Australian operations) EMPLOYEES


approximately $80 million


once we get a technology edge over the current cheap, local companies there.” With over 150 systems worldwide, Applus RTD truly is a leader in this market and their continuous commitment to invest in new technology and improve keeps them in that position. “Australia is becoming one of the world’s largest LNG exporters. In general, for any energy company in Australia, there is a very exciting future ahead. Based on our technology advantage, we have a very good opportunity to improve our market position, both in the construction and maintenance market.”


NDT on pipe line girth weld and LNG assets, inspections, testing, pipeline, subsea KEY PEOPLE/ TITLES

Herman Quakkelsteijn, Manager of Major Construction Projects

w w w. A p p l u s R T D . c o m



As a foc

Safety and technology: Synergy at SapuraAcergy

an offshore leader in the Asia Pacific region, SapuraAcergy cuses their efforts on their employees and clients to deliver quality technology to the sector. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Wayne Masciotro



The WROV performed the diagonal brace cuttng in parallel with topside removal for


apuraAcergy is a 50/50 joint venture between SapuraKencana Petroleum Bhd, one of the world’s largest integrated oil and gas service providers, and Subsea 7, a global leader in seabed-tosurface engineering and construction. SapuraAcergy is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with a regional office in Perth, Australia. They are active throughout the whole of the Asia Pacific region and specialize in deep-water installation, decommissioning as well as more conventional activities for the oil and gas industry. They have a team of over 350 highly skilled engineers, project managers and support personnel. The company takes pride in their ability to deliver and execute to their 144

July 2014


Iwaki Decommissioning Project.

clients expectations and are committed to set best-in-class for quality and assured delivery. They also consider the safety of their personnel one of their highest priorities, and have an enviable safety record. Their vessel, the Sapura 3000 – a dynamically positioned heavy lift and pipe lay construction vessel dedicated for Asia Pacific region – is a key asset. One of the strengths of the vessel is its flexibility: not only is it suitable for deep and shallow water pipe lay, it is equally suited for

“The company takes pride in their ability to deliver and execute to our clients expectations and are committed to set best-in-class for quality.”

w w w. s a p u r a a c e r g y. c o m / i n d e x . p h p



Sapura 3000 mast crane lift topside for the Devil Creek Development Project, Australia


July 2014


heavy lift (3000T), large surf developments and decommissioning. HEALTH, SAFETY AND SECURITY In every aspect of their business, whether it is executing a large project or running a team building event, SapuraAcergy assesses the risks and establishes measures and targets such that the company can ensure the safety and wellbeing of their personnel. A company doctor has also been engaged to provide continuous support and to develop a structured health monitoring programme. In addition, the company also holds regular security briefings and seminars for all their personnel. Their efforts were recognized with the prestigious HSE Excellence Award in year 2013 by Shell for the Gumusut-Kakap Project for zero LTI. They have also recently achieved the significant milestone of going one year without any recordable incidents. Their HSEQ system is certified by ABS in accordance with International Standards of OSHAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health and

Iwaki Platform Decommissioning Project, Japan. Sapura 3000 performed of removal of 16 modular topside lifts ranging from 10MT to 1100MT w w w. s a p u r a a c e r g y. c o m / i n d e x . p h p



Franklin Offshore’s largest facility is located in Rotterdam, comprising an area of over 70,000m2 and a 228m long quay.

A world class company with a global reach

The Franklin Offshore Group of companies is a leading provider of steel wire rope, rigging and mooring equipment. Our expertise includes cable laid & Flemish-Lock® slings, load testing, certification and inspection services. We provide, on a global basis, high quality integrated solutions in temporary and permanent mooring projects including the provision of comprehensive OIC services. Flemish-Lock® Slings Franklin Offshore manufactures Flemish–Lock® heavy duty lifting slings as used in the lifting of offshore modules up to a massive 12,000 tonnes in weight. Flemish-Lock® cable laid slings are produced using a patented process, complete with a unique termination method. Flemish–Lock® slings achieve 100% termination efficiency as compared to any other heavy duty lifting slings. Mooring Services Franklin Offshore mooring services involve turnkey management & execution of temporary and permanent mooring projects for the offshore oilfield exploration and production activities. Fabrication & Oilfield Equipment The Franklin Offshore Group provides structural fabrication services that encompass project management, engineering design, procurement, steel work, piping, E&I, testing and commissioning. Our waterfront fabrication facility gives us the competitive edge to undertake large scale projects in terms of mass and size without any technical limitation on the delivery of the finished product. We also stock a comprehensive range of high-quality marine and oilfield equipment from Europe and USA which is available for immediate distribution across the Asia-Pacific region. Address Reg No Telephone Fax Website Email

11 Pandan Road, Singapore 609259 200404478M +65 6264 3451 +65 6264 1130

Flemish-Lock® slings used during Oleg Strashnov lifting operations

Temporary mooring

Permanent mooring

Fabricated suction piles

Fabricated semi-submersible rig engine block


Safety, ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and ISO 9001:2008 for Quality Management. In addition, their vessel is in compliance with the International Safety Management Code (ISM) and International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS). As a corporate initiative in 2012, all certifications were merged into one system – Integrated Management System or IMS – allowing for a seamless application, monitoring and management of all standards. PEOPLE MANAGEMENT There are two specific areas SapuraAcergy focuses on, being talent attraction and talent retention. The company has rolled out several programs and campaigns which are aimed at


Pipe laying activities


The Franklin Offshore Group is a leading integrated provider of quality rigging and mooring equipment and services primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry. Headquartered in Singapore, operations are strategically located worldwide to provide its customers with the fastest, most efficient and most economical service possible. The Group’s geographical footprint, which also includes Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Azerbaijan, Qatar, the United States of America and the Netherlands, enables it to provide specific regional infrastructure and personnel support, forming an integrated Franklin Offshore global network. The Group has a well-trained, competent and dedicated workforce and a corporate culture that is solidly based on the principles of professionalism, innovation and service. It manufactures excellent products and provides a full spectrum of value-added services. Such products or services developed by the Group are branded with the “FRANKLIN” name. Franklin Offshore believes that its unique blend of capabilities, skills and extensive experience are unparalleled in the industry.


w w w. s a p u r a a c e r g y. c o m / i n d e x . p h p


SapuraAcergy addressing talent retention, including a Long Term Incentive Retention (LTIR) Plan, a Long Service Awards (LSA) program and a transparent performance bonus scheme. In addition an Employee Climate Survey (ECS) program provides an avenue for employees to comment and provide feedback to the company and Town Hall sessions provide further information regarding the company’s performance and plans. SapuraAcergy has several key learning and development programs, which are aimed at accelerating the development potential of employees. The programs are derived from a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) which is conducted annually. Typical modulated training programs include: Professional Development Programs (PDP), Management Leadership Programs (MDP) and Leadership Coaching Programs. In addition, there are several soft skills and technical training programs, including Business English

Custom Load HandLing EquipmEnt struCturaL & mECHaniCaL dEsign/anaLysis HydrauLiCs/ControL systEms subsEa instaLLation aids

Cobia offshore Pte Ltd 18 Boon Lay Way | #07-115 Tradehub 21 Singapore 609966

iso 9001

Tel: +65 6570 1028 | Fax: +65 6515 9310 COBIAOFFSHORE.COM


Subsea installation for Lando Block 06.1 Phase III Development Project, Vietnam

Communication, Finance for Non-Finance Managers, Business and Office etiquette, and Introduction to Oil and Gas Moving forward, the company aspires to roll-out more advanced competency based training and development programs to cope with the ever-changing business environment and technologies. SAPURA 3000 The capabilities of this purpose-built combination vessel continue to be enhanced. Recent investments include; a J lay System – allowing them to install pipelines in up to 2,000 metres of water, an articular gangway system w w w. s a p u r a a c e r g y. c o m / i n d e x . p h p



Sapura 3000 lifiting topside for Montara Field Development Project, Australia

“Their efforts were recognized with the prestigious HSE Excellence Award in year 2013 by Shell for the Gumusut-Kakap Project for zero LTI� Richard Leetham Chief Executve Officer, SapuraAcergy 152

July 2014


for the safe transfer of personnel from the Sapura 3000 to barges and an initiative to enhance the lifeboat capability. CURRENT PROJECTS There are four major projects running concurrently, based in their KL and Perth offices. Gumusut-Kakap Development Project (Shell) in Malaysia – the region’s first deep-water (1200m) field utilizing a moored Semi-submersible Floating Production System (SEMI-FPS). Project nearing completion. Maharaja Lela South Project (Total) in Brunei. The scope includes offshore transportation and installation of offshore facilities (CRA pipeline, Jacket, umbilical, pre-comm). The project is expected to complete by late 2015. Gorgon Heavy Lift and Tie Ins (Chevron) in Australia. SapuraAcergy’s scope includes the transportation and installation of large structures and spool pieces. In total, they shall install 20 subsea structures (manifolds and foundations) weighing up to 1300tons and 21 off spools in 1300m water depth. The site works shall be completed this year Julimar Development (Subsea7) in Australia. The scope includes the transport and installation of large structures. The offshore activities shall be complete in 2015. The company has also recently completed other offshore projects in Australia, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Malaysia and India.

Company Information INDUSTRY



Richard Leetham, CEO EMPLOYEES


Typical revenue $500m PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Offshore vessels, technology

w w w. s a p u r a a c e r g y. c o m / i n d e x . p h p


Jebsen & Jessen Offsho

From Acquisition to Global P Jebsen & Jessen Offshoret

With new offices in Malaysia, Perth and Dubai, and other lo Jessen Offshore is closer to their clients than ever before. Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Wayne Masciotro



ocations on the way, Jebsen &




Jebsen & Jessen Offshore was created through the acquisition of Halcyon Offshore by parent company Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) two years ago. Jebsen & Jessen (SEA), which also has companies in the cable technology, chemicals, communication, life sciences, material handling, package and technology industries, was 156

July 2014

investing in M&A as part of a growth strategy and saw this Singapore-based company as its opportunity to gain a global presence in the offshore sector. Currently, Jebsen & Jessen Offshore is focused on growth and forming the company into a major global player in the offshore sector.


Expansion As a young but well-established company, Jebsen & Jessen Offshore is already looking towards global expansion. One of the reasons they are able to do so is their lean manufacturing strategy. Their strong partnership with China – which includes a factory in the country – contributes to their ability to operate efficiently. In the future, Offshore is looking to also move some manufacturing out of Singapore because

“The goal of the company since the acquisition has been to break into the niche market on the high-technology side, to set it apart from others in the sector. With the implementation of the fibre rope in deep sea cranes in 2015, we look forward to achieving our ambitions – Ronald Wong, General Manager

w w w. o f f s h o r e . j j s e a . c o m


Specialized in Marine Electrical Installation, Carpentry Works & Outfitting Works, Piping Fabrication, Supply of Marine Spares & Materials.

“We serve you on 24 hours basis” T. Pani - Business Development Manager HP: +65 9072 4626 Email: Address: 1, Soon Lee Street 04-55 Pioneer Centre, Singapore 627605

Hong Hua Guan Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd

One of the leading and dependable grit blasting, painting & engineering companies providing both turnkey as well as standard grit & painting work with many years experience to meet the changing and growing demands of our customers around Asia.

Hong Hua Guan Marine & Engineering Pte Ltd No. 10 Tuas Basin Link, Singapore 638779 Tel: +65 6861 3208 Fax: +65 6863 4301 Email:

R. Raja Kumar - Operations Manager HP: +65 9152 7116 Tel: +65 6465 9846 Email: Email:

of the challenges of hiring staff in the manufacturing sector. Since joining Jebsen & Jessen (SEA) the company has expanded beyond Asia Pacific opening operations in Malaysia and Dubai, they are now looking to expand to the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa in the near future. “In the offshore business, it’s important that you are close to your customers,” said Torben Christensen, managing director. “These areas are where the actual oil exploration and oil refinement



are taking place, so we’ve got a heightened interest in establishing our company there.” “Innovation in crane technology is also driving the company’s ability to expand. Soft ropetype cranes, specifically fibre rope have been in the works for over two years”, Ronald Wong, general manager – sales, shared. He continued: “The fibre rope cranes feature the ability to lift 100 percent of loads with no extra weight on the crane (compared to steel rope). Jebsen & Jessen Offshore is the only company of its kind to use this technology, and the rope is the first of its kind in the world to be used with deep sea AC cranes. The technology will be delivered in the first quarter of 2015 for more widespread use.” Redefining the workplace With the acquisition came the restructuring of the company, including a complete turnover of the health and safety requirements. Beyond new processes and refocused leadership, the goal has been to shift the culture and create a more safety conscious workplace. New processes and quality management controls are helping transform the way member of staff operate on a daily basis. To ensure they have the right people, Jebsen & Jessen Offshore continues to offer competitive compensation and benefit packages. All staff are supported by added investment in training and educational programs to ensure their development and allow them new opportunities within the organisation. w w w. o f f s h o r e . j j s e a . c o m



What sets Jebsen & Jessen Offshore apart Mr Wong shared: “The goal of the company since the acquisition has been to break into the niche market on the high-technology side, to set it 160

July 2014

apart from others in the sector. With the implementation of the fibre rope in deep sea cranes in 2015, we look forward to achieving our ambitions.� With the major players in the industry operating within a very


Company Information INDUSTRY

Marine & offshore (preference) HEADQUARTERS

Singapore FOUNDED

20 year history, renamed in 2012 EMPLOYEES



offshore & marine cranes &deck equipment

rigid corporate structure, clients can occasionally be left wanting in regards to response times. With Jebsen & Jessen Offshore’s lean corporate setup, they can offer their clients the time and personalised attention that these large offshore jobs require. w w w. o f f s h o r e . j j s e a . c o m


Goldwind Australia: Gull Range Wind Farm

Gullen Range Wind Farm Re Trophy Project

Innovative technology, cost-efficient manufacturing takes t energy player to the next level Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Wayne Masciotro



this integrated


G O L D W I N D A U S T R A L I A : G U L L E N R A N G E W I N D FA R M

Goldwind Australia is a subsidiary of Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd.; the largest manufacturer of wind turbines in China, and the second largest globally. The Company brings to the market innovative technology in their permanent magnet direct drive for wind turbines. Goldwind Australia combines that with a cost-effective manufacturing base in China to produce a highly sophisticated, lowcost wind turbine that is suitable for the international market. Goldwind Australia’s Commercial Manager William Ives details the culmination of their technology and 164

July 2014

competitive advantage which has brought them to the international market. “Our technical advantage being magnet, we have very few moving parts in our wind turbine in that we have our direct drive as well. Our turbines feature a converter which enables us to be highly green code compliant, so we achieve a high level of sophistication with that green code advantage compliance,” says Ives. “We are a technology company with a diverse manufacturing base in China. Furthermore, we are an integrated wind energy player in that we develop and construct and


Tower Delivery

operate wind farms that use our own technology. So not only do we supply the market with wind turbines but we also own and operate our own wind farms.” Project Management Project management is a necessity to facilitate Goldwind’s activities. It is a tool that the Company has and uses in order to deliver their business. Goldwind has varying levels of engagement with their clients, offering full investment where they build, operate and transfer the project to a customer. The Company is equally capable of

operating the next level down, which is to completely engineer, procure and construct, where Goldwind takes a controlling position of project management and delivers a project for their customer. Or, they can step down and do the wind turbine supply component where Goldwind will provide turbines and commission them for the customer who would build the rest of the infrastructure. This is necessary to connect the wind turbines to the grid. “We execute varying levels of involvement -- Goldwind’s capabilities cover all those areas,” says Ives. w w w. g o l d w i n d g l o b a l . c o m


Leaders in Wind Turbine Erection

Windhoist Australia are leading wind turbine installation contractors offering heavy cranage and mechanical / electrical services to the principal wind turbine suppliers in the market including Goldwind Australia, Vestas Celtic, Repower, Siemens, Nordex, Acciona, Enercon and Gamesa. By utilising our in-house multi-disciplinary erection teams, we can ensure our customers achieve their targets and gain maximum return on their investment.

Windhoist Australia Pty. Ltd. 222 Browning Street Portland, Vic 3305, Australia


Tel: +61 355 217 648 Fax: +61 355 233 579 Email:

Innovative products for a dynamic industry World leading fasteners and technology for the wind energy industry from PEINER Umformtechnik

Avanti Wind Systems your full line supplier for Tower Internals. Please contact Avanti Wind Systems for more information: Avanti Wind Systems PTY LTD • Unit 15 / 160 Lytton Road Morningside 4170 • Queensland • Australia P: (+61) (0) 7 39021445 • F: (+61) (0) 7 3902 1252 FEATURES

• CE Certified according to EN 14399 and DASt Guideline 021 • Optional features such as Intellifast® Sensors and Barcoding for fast, accurate inspection and documentation • 1800 300 141


“We do supply infrastructure which goes along with the wind turbines. We project manage subcontractors that will carry out the work, so we have a civil engineering company that will come out and build the roads and the foundations for the wind turbines. We also have an electrical engineering company that we contract,” says Ives. “We then subcontract to them and take the management responsibility on the side as a principle contractor. Goldwind doesn’t own these


companies but retains the essentially on-demand capabilities of top subcontractors that allow the Company to efficiently and proficiently execute virtually any wind energy project from start to finish. Meanwhile, Goldwind exercises comprehensive communication on every level and with every subcontractor, which allows the Company to subcontract any element of a project and still maintain powerful project management capabilities. w w w. g o l d w i n d g l o b a l . c o m


G O L D W I N D A U S T R A L I A : G U L L E N R A N G E W I N D FA R M

Successful Challenges While based on the solid principle of providing clean and renewable energy, companies in the wind energy market face steep challenges and intense scrutiny. Among the areas that require an extra degree of focus on behalf of the Company is developing wind farms compliant with local planning requirements. “I’d say a point of significant focus required by our Company was green code compliance regarding the commercialization of our 2.5 megawatt platform. Bringing 168

July 2014

our turbines over to Australia and making sure they operated successfully in accordance to green compliance was a significant milestone for us,” says Ives. One of the brilliant ways in which Goldwind ensured compliance was tapping into the expertise and experience of local manufacturers, which proved to make the difference in meeting the necessary standards of their Australia projects. Continuous Improvement “There’s always room for


Company Information INDUSTRY


Beijing, China EMPLOYEES

40 fulltime REVENUE

$310 million

improvement, but I think we’ve managed to deliver a very nice solution at the Gullen Range project. It’s definitely a stamp to say Goldwind is here and we’re capable of delivering a large infrastructure project in Australia. It also speaks of our capability to manage the many stakeholders that are involved, including the department of planning, the local councils, and the local community. Our Company endeavors to not only have the go-ahead to carry out the construction but also that we have a social license to operate in the area, ensuring that we’re a positively contributing part of the community,” says Ives.


wind turbines, wind farms, energy consulting and services

w w w. g o l d w i n d g l o b a l . c o m


Modex Energy Se

Modex Energy Services Con Their Offshore Oil and Gas M

Modex Energy Services build on stellar reputation through and service offerings. Written by: Andrew Rossillo

Produced by: Wayne Masciotro


ntinue to Expand Market Reach

h their offshore oil and gas product



Modex Accomodation Cabin

and rental markets efficiently and cost effectively, while consistently delivering products of the highest North Sea standards. Furthermore, Modex Energy is currently working MODEX is a leading manufacturer on expanding its operation centers and provider of DNV certified CCU’s, into Trinidad & Tobago, Nigeria, cabins and well service equipment Ghana and Saudi Arabia. for offshore oil and gas operations. The company was founded by The company has offices in Norway, Norwegian management members Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, with an average of 10 years Malaysia, Australia, UAE and Brazil. experience in the container and In addition, the Company also has module industry. Management has manufacturing centre located near run manufacturing operations in Shanghai, China. The Company’s China since 2003 and has learned widespread points of operation through front-line experiences allow it to service global sales the most effective methods of Modex Energy Services Continue to Expand Their Offshore Oil and Gas Market Reach


July 2014


consistently producing stable quality and timely delivery. Modex Energy’s main client base consists of international oil service, exploration and production companies. QHSE Modex is committed to running

its operations in accordance with strict health and safety regulations. The Company’s goal is to create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment with the goal to eliminate all accidents, illnesses and injuries. Everyone is responsible for their own and each other’s safety. w w w. m o d e x e n e r g y. c o m


Modex has found that promoting this sense of responsibility for one’s colleagues has proven to have far reaching positive results. Modex is committed to operating a business which values international QHSE Management System Standards. Each Modex company is responsible for establishing its own objectives in order to live up to the Modex group’s overall policies, including implementation of initial and ongoing QHSE training for all employees. In addition, PPE is mandatory for all personnel (visitors

included) in any Modex workshop area. Support Services and Maintenance Modex Energy offers fixed price rental programs which cover maintenance, refurbishment and regular servicing. One of the top factors that contribute to the Company’s growing business referrals is the Company’s strict adherence to ongoing compliance with regulatory codes and certifications. Modex Energy Services’ clients



gain a competitive advantage through their ability to rely on timely service from Modex. These services include Maintenance and Repair Work, Inspections and Testing, Upgrades and Modifications and Refurbishing. Modex’s service options include lifetime spare part support, ISO-connectors and hook up cables, provisions of personalized support and assistance with logistics. All of these service offerings combine to create a one-stop solution in this segment of the market. Quality Policy Modex is dedicated to providing its customers with first-class quality in all their products. Stringent quality controls are employed throughout production and all work is carried out under controlled procedures and protocols. The Company cooperates closely with DNV and Lloyds Register for design and testing of their offshore products. All work carried out by Modex is in accordance with recognized international standards and procedures. Modex acts on their diverse experience and consistently exercises a genuine passion to help their customers receive a quality system that is guaranteed to work within their individual requirements and specifications.

Company Information MODEX is a leading manufacturer and provider of DNV certified CCU’s, cabins and well service equipments for offshore oil & gas operations. The company’s offices in Norway Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Australia, UAE, Brazil – in addition to its manufacturing centre located near Shanghai, China — allows the company to service the global sales and rental markets efficiently and cost-effectively, while consistently delivering products of the highest North Sea standards. The company was founded by Norwegian management with an average of 10 years experience in the container and module industry.

w w w. m o d e x e n e r g y. c o m


Mammoet Australia perpetually pushing towards smarter and safer solutions

Mammoet faces the challenges of their industry head on with the power of their talented Human Capital. Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: Dan Story




AMMOET HELPS CLIENTS improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of plants and installations. For that purpose, the Company provides solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures. “All our actions are focused on differentiating ourselves with Safety, Smart Solutions and Sustainability as the three pillars. ‘Building the foundations’ is a metaphor for the continuous efforts in reshaping the organization from an asset based company to a solution focused company with a strong asset base,” says the Company. The Company’s services are focused on the petrochemical and mining industries, civil engineering, power generation and offshore projects. The logistic challenges in these industries are growing daily. For Mammoet, challenging factors such as remote locations, harsh climates and a strong emphasis on the environment are drivers that push them towards smarter and safer solutions. The most important driver, however, is time; uptime, turnaround time and time to market. The Company focuses on bringing


July 2014

Gantry lift

TRANSPORT FOR CONSTRUCTION, MINING, OIL AND GAS At Northlink Transport we pride ourselves on our integrity and guarantee to provide personalised, dependable service to our valued customers. Northlink Transport is proud to partner with Mammoet.

Northlink Transport Services Provide the Following Services: General Freight Drop Deck Extendables with Ramps Hot Shots Heavy Haulage / Specialised Projects

Long/Short Term Hire of Water Carts, Trucks & Trailers Long/Short Term Hire of Materials Handling Equipment Secured Storage of Plant and Equipment Storage and Distribution

Northlink Transport Services WA Pty Ltd 5-7 Jade Street, Maddington WA 6109, Australia

14T Tilt Tray Oversize Escorts Door-to-Door Service Port Logistics

Ph: 08 9493 5005 Fax: 08 9493 5006 Email:

Proudly WA Owned and Operated

deadlines forward through careful planning, innovative engineering and safe delivery. Mammoet’s services in Engineered Heavy Lifting and Transport include: heavy lifting services, heavy transport services, plant turnaround / shutdown management, site-wide construction services, modular construction, factory-to-foundation / logistics, emergency response & wreck removal, decommissioning of onshore and offshore installations and trading in new and used equipment worldwide. NEW GENERATION PTCS Mammoet’s investment in the new generation of PTC super heavy lift cranes, the most powerful cranes in the world, underline the direction in which Mammoet intends to grow. All cranes could be used directly after delivery and are meeting a definite demand. They are an illustration of solution-driven thinking and innovative leadership. The added value that Mammoet can offer as a specialist lies chiefly in the quality, effectiveness, 180

July 2014


efficiency and timely realization of its solutions. Another in-house developed solution is the new MTC – Mammoet terminal crane. The MTC 15 is a versatile, mobile and containerized loading and offloading crane that can easily be shipped to the most remote locations in the world. With its clever, yet simple ballast system and very low ground bearing pressure, the crane is able to turn any small port into a temporary heavy lift terminal. Due to popular demand Mammoet is currently developing a skid track, making it possible to move the MTC15 parallel to the quay. SOLUTION-DRIVEN ORGANIZATION To fulfill Mammoet’s vision of service excellence, thinking in terms of solutions is paramount. “Mammoet is steadily evolving into a knowledgedriven organization in combination with more efficient equipment sourcing.


w w w. m a m m o e t . c o m


PTC lifting 1400mT amine absorber


This development was reinforced already in 2012 with the establishment of Mammoet Solutions, a separate autonomous engineering department that also works for external customers,” says the Company. Mammoet Solutions includes the Project Engineering division for complex jobs, an Innovation division to develop new concepts and a Fabrication division to develop and build new hardware. IT’S THE PEOPLE THAT MAKE MAMMOET People make the difference in a solution-driven organization. “The quality of the people determines how the equipment is used and whether we can generate added value,” says the Company. Therefore Mammoet decided to place far greater emphasis on Human Resources and to symbolize that, they refer to the HR function as Human Capital. Mammoet has developed an intensive program to strengthen its Human Capital organization in all regions so that they can translate the company’s requirements into specific and effective recruitment, development and retention tools. Mammoet’s Human Capital aim is to contribute to the building of a global world class company that is capable of sustaining long-term profitable growth and creating an environment that attracts and develops the best and the brightest people. To develop the knowledge base further, Mammoet will continue to step up its investments in people in the years ahead. SAFE SOLUTIONS - SHE-Q Mammoet treats health and safety issues as integral aspects of its business processes and operations, incorporating the Safety, Health,

“All our actions are focused on differentiating ourselves with Safety, Smart Solutions and Sustainability as the three pillars. ‘Building the foundations’ is a metaphor for the continuous efforts in reshaping the organization from an asset based company to a solution focused company with a strong asset base.” w w w. m a m m o e t . c o m



Mammoet Australia beats clock, transport liebherr

Piperack transportation, SPMT


July 2014

“Needless to say that our first pillar, safety, will remain our daily devotion and attention. We will make sure that all our employees are trained to the highest possible standards. This will ensure excellent execution of our work with a prime focus on safety, health and the environment.�


Environment and Quality (SHE-Q) Department throughout its growth. “Needless to say that our first pillar, safety, will remain our daily devotion and attention,” says Mammoet. “We will make sure that all our employees are trained to the highest possible standards. This will ensure excellent execution of our work with a prime focus on safety, health and the environment.” Throughout the Company’s growth, the SHE-Q Department assisted in the development and implementation of the various safety programs and initiatives that are used today including a Safety, Health & Incident Management System (SHIMS). The system provides the best possible information about the causes and impact of incidents. Anyone in the company can use the system to submit proposals for improvement. Consequently it benefits both the safety of Mammoet’s operational processes and the quality of its services. The system also increases the staff’s sense of involvement and responsibility and encourages them to play an active part in Mammoet’s safety and quality policy. As a result of this safety effort, both the severity and frequency of injuries has been reduced. In 2013 the TRCF*-VCA and the TRCF*-OSHA were 2.95 and 0.59 respectively in 2013, versus 3.65 and 0.73 in 2012. (*Total Recordable Case Frequency)

Company Information INDUSTRY

Logistics, Supply Chain, Construction EMPLOYEES


Global: Utrecht, Netherlands. Australia: Perth FOUNDED


Ben Schulte, Managing Director; Philia Lijdsman, Marketing, communication and business development REVENUE:

$1.74 million PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Solutions for lifting, transporting, installing and decommissioning large and heavy structures

w w w. m a m m o e t . c o m


John Holland Rail

Building Infrastructure and C

GM of Operations Richard Stewart discusses John Holland the corporate culture that helps the business and its comm Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Nick Ledue


d Rail’s most recent projects and munities thrive



John Holland Rail track services

When you think of railways in Australia, you may think of John Holland Rail. As the owner and operator of 30 percent of Australia’s government- and corporate-owned railway networks, as well as the owner and operator of the largest and most technically advanced fleet of railway maintenance and construction equipment, John Holland Rail is the largest private operator of the infrastructure in Australia. With specialization in everything from planning and construction to maintenance, John Holland Rail offers a complete approach to railway infrastructure 188

July 2014

that sets it apart from the competition. “I do believe it is a very unique value proposition in the market – there are railway operators, railway maintainers and railway constructors, but there is no other company that offers that full life cycle,” says Richard Stewart, General Manager of Operations at John Holland Rail. “We selfperform, and we have a very large in house engineering and project management capability. We have 2,500 John Holland people working on railway projects at the moment and another 4,000

S U P P LY C H A I N Richard Stewart

subcontractors. So we are a large employer, and people are really at the center of our values.” Moving Projects Ahead with Efficiency As a major force in Australia’s railway industry, John Holland Rail’s portfolio is full of complex and vital projects significant to the country’s development – projects like Perth City Link. “If you’re familiar with Perth, its central business district is basically split right down the middle by its railway lines – Perth Central Station sits between an area called Northbridge and the actual business district of the CBD, and over the years it’s created a bit of a divide in the city,” says Stewart. With the Perth City Link project, John Holland Rail succeeded in the daunting task of bridging that gap while keeping Perth’s commuters moving in the meantime. “The Perth City Link project was about sinking a section of the Fremantle rail line underground, so that the land above could be developed, effectively bringing the

two parts of the CBD together,” says Stewart. “It was a very complicated project because we had to keep Perth Station and the train network operating all the way through the project. That meant several rail slews to divert the existing railway into temporary lines to open up areas we needed to work in to build w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


JOHN HOLLAND RAIL a new cut and cover tunnel and railway infrastructure underground. That’s an exciting project, and I think it’s really changing the face of Perth CBD forever for the better.” Other notable recent projects from John Holland Rail’s portfolio include the Southwest Rail Link to connect new homes in Sydney and prepare suburbs for further development; the $4.5 billion Victoria infrastructure project – Regional Rail Link - that has John Holland completing two of six segments, the Southern Cross

Station and the City to Maribyrnong River sections; and the recently completed Sydney Inner West Light Rail extension, which doubled the size of Sydney’s light rail system by extending it to Dulwich Hill, through the main shopping precinct and Sydney CBD, and eastward toward Moore Park, Sydney’s cricket grounds and football stadium, and the University of New South Wales. “A key thing to note is that they have been completed significantly ahead of schedule,” says Stewart,

WORLD LEADER IN PNEUMATIC & FLUID CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES Focusing expertise and engineering resources on delivering high performance products for the Global Rail Sector. Norgren Railine® products focus on fundamental environmental specifications, including: • • • • • •

Phone – 1800 667 473

Temperature ranging from -40ºC to +80ºC Voltage tolerance of +/- 30% EN61373 category 1 class A and B Vibration resistance EMC compliance Fire & smoke compliance |


explaining that the company utilizes an array of efficiency techniques, including modulization and prefabrication offsite, to meet these goals. For its Springvale Road Rail Alliance project, for instance, John Holland Rail engineers were able to condense a projected nine months of weekend work down to a finished project in 20 days backto-back while still maintaining the needed quality of work. As with any industry that can potentially cause disruptions and disturbances in the lives and schedules of everyday citizens, John Holland Rail recognizes the importance of meeting and exceeding schedule projections. “When you’re causing these disruptions to local communities, the quicker you can get out of there and let them get back on with it, the better it is. I think we’re well recognized for achieving that that among all the communities in which we’ve worked.” Focusing on People Railway construction may be John Holland Rail’s business, but the factor that drives that business is the people behind it. “Our tagline is

‘Powered by People’ – I think that is really the sentiment of our values,” says Stewart. “Innovation and care are two of our core values, and we are really connected to enhancing the wellbeing of all our people.” The best way to protect your employees is by offering them a safe work site, and John Holland Rail is committed to safety. “We have an unwavering commitment to safety – safety is at the heart of what we do,” says Stewart, noting that the business has developed powerful strategies to meet mandated global safety requirements. “All of our projects must ensure that they are meeting those requirements as absolute minimum standards. Our people are very clear about our expectations in relation to safety, and that is strongly supported by leading indicators.” It is through these strategies that John Holland Rail has reached such achievements as a lost time incidence frequency rate of 0.08 per million man-hours. Building Communities But this focus on people does not solely apply to its employees, either – John Holland Rail is also w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


Work on the Regional Rail Link in Melbourne is progressing well.

JOHN HOLLAND RAIL committed to positively impacting and improving the communities in which it builds. “Community relations are something we’re very strong on,” says Stewart. “All of our projects have community initiatives embedded in their delivery – things like assisting skills within the local communities near projects we’re working on, working with local community groups on initiatives that they’re looking to implement, and aiding healthcare organizations and local care centers. We spend millions of dollars per annum initiating these projects and monitoring them as part of our monthly board review.” John Holland Rail boasts several examples of this community outreach activity, including the work that its staff did at a neighboring elder care facility while conducting work on its Cronulla rail line upgrade


and duplication project. “We were duplicating a line from Sutherland to Cronulla, and we had a project office at Sutherland and those project offices were next to an aging care center,” says Stewart. “Our people on that project dedicated their own time to do some landscaping of the aging care home grounds, updating the kitchen and retiling, as a ‘thank you’ for putting up with us being next door to them for an extended period of time.” John Holland Rail workers have achieved a number of successful community initiatives, from raising $150,000 in donations for New South Wales-based children’s hospice care facility Bear Cottage to partnering with Camp Australia for a two-day program over school holidays for children of workers on John Holland’s South Morang Rail Extension project. “It was a very

“We self-perform, and we have a very large in house engineering and project management capability. We have 2,500 John Holland people working on railway projects at the moment and another 4,000 subcontractors. So we are a large employer, and people are really at the center of our values – Richard Stewart, General Manager of Operations at John Holland Rail w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u



simple initiative, but one that was very powerful,” says Stewart. “We brought the kids in to a designated safe area within the construction site, introduced them to engineering and construction as a career and gave them backpacks filled with goodies including a children’s hard hat, vests, disposable cameras so that they could take pictures. We got some different games going on, and were just trying to give a little back to the community – looking after kids for a couple of days during the school holidays, so that parents didn’t have to worry about child care for those days.” 194

July 2014

John Holland Rail also works extensively to promote diversity, from its commitment to increase female participation to 20 percent by 2015 to its extensive work with Australia’s indigenous communities through such projects as its Career Tracks Strategy. This program in particular works to provide education and training opportunities for indigenous peoples, especially those in rural areas. Stewart cites the company’s Roy Hill Rail program in Pilbara, Western Australia – a 390km railway running from the Roy Hill mine to Port Hedland – as a


prime example of John Holland outreach. “There we have three groups we’re working closely with to see how we can leave a legacy there for those communities,” he says. “We also look to partner with local indigenous companies and work with them to help train them and get them up to the level we need to be able to work for us – and hopefully lead a legacy for them to continue working with others when we move out of the area when our projects are complete.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Supply Chain, Rail HEADQUARTERS

Melbourne, Victoria FOUNDED

A Legacy to Uphold “John Holland is steeped in culture,” says Stewart, noting that the company has recently turned 65 years old. “Our founder John Holland was an incredible person – an engineer who served in the Special Forces during WWII, he really brought the values to the organization. That legacy still lives on in every one of our projects That pride in a job well done and a community linked closer together shines through in John Holland’s people to this day. “That’s one thing I’m most proud of, that I get to be involved in some of these really life changing projects. To get involved at the start, when we come up with these concepts, and see them implemented and then to see the community taking them up – there is a lot of pride in me and the team to e able to see what we’ve done.”




Rail Construction Projects / Infrastructure

w w w. j o h n h o l l a n d . c o m . a u


Northern Iron Lim

Resources, Infrastructure, Qu

Northern Iron is working toward delivery of increased pr milestones of its high-quality iron ore concentrate throug market penetration and improved efficiency Written by: Andrew Rossillo Produced by: James Hayes



roduction gh increased




orthern Iron is an Australian Stock Exchange listed company and is the 100 percent owner of Sydvaranger Iron Ore operation in northern Norway. The Sydvaranger operations use worldclass mining, rail, processing and port assets to produce and export high quality iron ore concentrate to steel industry customers worldwide. Product from the operation currently contains iron ore content of approximately 68.2 percent and silica content of around 4.8 percent. Existing reserves offer a 20-plus-year mine life. “When we first started we were at something around 60 percent iron content. Now, we produce a very high quality, high purity iron ore in excess of 68 percent,” says Antony Beckmand, CEO, Managing Director. “That’s been one of our success stories, being able to turn around that quality. It’s been a unique product to bring to the market in terms of quality and purity — a premium grade product.”

Haul truck 198

July 2014


Loading of haul truck, Hyttemalmen

Blazing a Trail with Ultra-fine Product “We produce a pellet feed concentrate, an ultrafine material of 53 microns; it’s extremely fine,” says Beckmand. An everyday item equivalent in size would be a human hair. Beckmand went on to explain the Company’s strategic approach to penetrating the European Market: “There’s only one pelletising plant in Europe; Tata Steel Group, Holland. So that was our target audience at the beginning of the startup. We were able to secure a long-term contract with them.” “What we’ve been doing over the last two years is trying to get acceptance of our ultrafine product into the rest of the European steel

“When we first started we were at something around 60 percent iron content. Now, we produce a very high quality, high purity iron ore in excess of 68 percent” – Antony Beckmand, CEO, Managing Director

w w w. n o r t h e r n i r o n . c o m . a u


Ship loading at Kirkenes

Ship loading


industry, which is set up to take a much coarser material — we’ve been blazing a trail with that.” The Company’s trail blazing and efficient operations have been paying off so far, with the Company achieving several successive record production quarters. A record production quarter of 545kt in December 2013 was surpassed by a new record of 553kt in the March 2014 quarter, and indications are that the June 2014 quarter will deliver at an even higher rate. Sydvaranger Gruve AS Sydvaranger consists of four magnetite iron deposits with JORC compliant reserves and resources (Kjellmannsåsen, Fisketind Øst, Bjørnevatn and Tverrdalen). Sydvaranger is located adjacent to the towns of Bjørnevatn and Kirkenes in Norway, approximately 1,500km northeast of the capital, Oslo. The mine at Bjørnevatn is connected via a rail line to a concentrator facility and ice-free port at Kirkenes located 8km to the north, providing direct access to the Barents Sea. Sydvaranger is the owner and sole user of the railway, and has secure access to the port through long-term contracts with Tschudi Bulk Terminals AS. “The existing infrastructure and world-class ore body is what made this such an attractive project,” adds Beckmand. The team at Sydvaranger Gruve are determined to continually improve performance in all aspects of their business. Their future success will be underpinned by focusing on the following key strategic drivers: safety, health and environment, productivity, reliability, competence and culture and sustainability. “The key is sustainability. We know we’re a high-cost producer, but we’re also a high-quality producer. And that makes us unique and highly desirable,” says Beckmand. Asset location continues to be a strong advantage for Northern Iron. “We’re in Norway, which is about six sailing days from Europe; our main point of marketing. We have an advantageous location. Norway itself is preferable compared to a lot of other start-up iron ore companies based in Africa for example,” says Beckmand. “We’ve been able to access more of

w w w. n o r t h e r n i r o n . c o m . a u


NORTHERN IRON LIMITED the European market which, geographically, has been a big advantage over shipping to more distant markets and has enabled us to realize a freight advantage in the local European market.� Part of Northern Iron’s great success in efficiency has come through its strategic partnerships. One such key relationship that especially stands out is The Tschudi Group. The Tschudi Shipping Company AS is the privately owned Norwegian holding company for the Tschudi Group with its roots dating back to 1883. Traditionally as a ship-owner Tschudi Shipping Company has operated in the conventional and non-conventional shipping markets worldwide. Over the past 10 years, the Tschudi Group has developed further into a Shipping, Offshore and Logistics Group. Felix H. Tschudi, Chairman of the Board for The Tschudi Group highlighted the key points regarding accessibility and logistics that make the Sydvaranger Gruve AS mine site such an intelligent point of


Train approaches

operations. “The mine is very well placed for activities in the arctic. It’s in a spearhead position to play a major role; a very promising area for resource development. This is especially true because the Gulf Stream keeps the water open throughout the year. It’s an ice-free, almost non-arctic wedge into the arctic,” says Tschudi. These attributes support Northern Iron’s current strategic roadmap aimed at progressively expanding production at Sydvaranger to significantly higher levels. The process for achieving further permitting to enable production above circa 3 Mt of product p.a. is currently under way. Innovation and Efficiency In order to compete with the giants on the global market, Sydvaranger Gruve AS must operate efficiently. Goods, services and manpower w w w. n o r t h e r n i r o n . c o m . a u



Haul truck being loaded

“What we’ve been doing over the last two years is trying to get acceptance of our ultra-fine product into the rest of the European steel industry, which is set up to take a much coarser material — we’ve been blazing a trail with that” Antony Beckmand


July 2014

– Antony Beckmand, CEO, Managing Director


costs a great deal in Norway. The Company acknowledged that if they are going to survive in the international market they have to be more productive and deliver better quality than their competitors. The Company has managed a 15 percent increase year-on-year in total tonnes mined. Furthermore, there have been successive monthly concentrate production records in January, February, July and December 2013, showing a consistent trend. This is now surpassed by production records during 2014 with the Company on track to deliver a record 2.3-2.4Mt for the year. Key Focus Areas Key focus areas for Northern Iron include mine production (flexible plans, ready to deliver higher ore feed to match concentrator demand), plant production (momentum, continuing to achieve new production records – reliability is the key to quick improvement) and improvement to current operations (targets developed with bottomup actions providing clear tasks, timeframes and accountabilities). With improving product volumes, reducing unit costs and a providing a great place to its employees to work, Northern Iron seeks to achieve its ultimate goals of building a sustainable long-term business that delivers returns to its stakeholders.

Company Information INDUSTRY



Antony Beckmand; CEO, Managing Director EMPLOYEES

400 (200 contractors) REVENUE


Ultra-fine iron ore concentrate

w w w. n o r t h e r n i r o n . c o m . a u


RMA Automotive

RMA Automotive offers globa solutions for all industries With the acquisition of Minecorp in Australia in 2013, RMA an expert in the global automotive market. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: James Hayes

bal Automotive has asserted itself as



RMA provides Fleet Solutions putting all fleet elements together into easy-to-manage-custom-tailored contract.

RMA Automotive is a world leader that provides light- and heavy-duty vehicles, purpose-build modified vehicles and fleet solutions to aid and development organisations and private sector industries in post-conflict and emerging markets around the world. Their strategic pillars – fleet solutions, managed markets, retail operations, modification, manufacturing, after sales and services – contribute to the company’s vision for a strong global presence and support for their thousands of customers and partners.


July 2014

Operational reach RMA Automotive is in 62 markets, has operations in 21 countries and is present in six regions across the globe, including Asia Pacific, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. This arm of the company has global manufacturing facilities in Thaliand, Turkey, South Africa and Indonesia (under the RMA Automotive name); Brisbane and Perth (under Minecorp name); and Germany (where they are known as Binz). There are also retail dealerships in Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Myanmar,


RMA imports, distributes and retails world class automotive brands. RMA recently opened Ford and Jaguar Land Rover showrooms in Yangon Myanmar consecutively.

Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, which represent Ford, Land Rover, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Mazda, TATA and Mercedes. RMA Automotive’s clients and partners are some of the largest automotive companies in the world. With their global presence, RMA Automotive gives their employees the chance to work in different parts of the world. They serve peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions, relief agencies and government and non-government organisations on every continent. In the commercial and private sectors, RMA has a presence in developing

and transition markets serving clients in mining, construction, oil and gas exploration and extraction, telecommunications and agriculture. Their product solutions are vast, and include heavy equipment solutions for construction, road buildings, mining and the oil and gas industries (light and heavy vehicles solutions for these same industries as well); purpose-built, specially modified vehicles for diverse and difficult conditions for aid and development projects; fleet management solutions for any situation in any location; and power generation products and

w w w. r m a g r o u p . n e t / o p e r a t i o n s / a u t o m o t i v e /


RMA AUTOMOTIVE systems for telecommunications, as power supply backup, for hospitals, government and other public locations, for remote population communities.

Minecorp Modification Facility

Minecorp – RMA’s Australian automotive solution Minecorp, acquired in 2013, is RMA’s Australian modification division that specialises in the manufacture, distribution and installation of safety equipment to vehicles operating in challenging terrains like in the mining and industrial sectors. The business is driven by safety and innovation, and by meeting customer needs.

FUEL OPERATED HEATERS, AIR CONDITIONING AND MORE – R E AD Y FO R E V E R Y A PP L I C A T I O N A family firm steeped in tradition, Eberspächer is one of the leading developers and suppliers of heating components and air-conditioning technology in the world. Its special system solutions for non-road, ambulance and special applications, as well as for passenger cars, are already making a decisive contribution to efficient, low-emission operation.

A WORLD OF COMFORT www.e ber spaecher . com

FH_AZ_RMA_196x137_US_rz.indd 1

26.06.14 11:52


The acquisition has added considerable value to RMA’s overall growth strategies in these industries. RMA Automotive, already one of the world’s largest suppliers of modified vehicles to the mining sector, is uniquely placed to be able to sell turnkey vehicle solutions into new and emerging international markets. Upon acquiring Minecorp, Hal Feder, President of RMA Automotive said, “We are excited to welcome Minecorp to the RMA family and proud of this important Australian investment. RMA Automotive has long admired Minecorp’s fleet applications, and especially it’s well known mining products, and we believe there are significant opportunities and synergies within our expanding automotive footprint. We’re excited to introduce Minecorp into our organization as we see it as a company with innovative products, recognized brand equity, and a satisfied customer base. We will continue to provide customer-driven fleet solutions to our Minecorp customers and believe there is a great future in working together.” The company provides quality products and services supporting all sectors, a global network for warehousing and distribution, vehicles solutions for all fleet sizes and vehicles types, large capacity fleet fit-out operations and fleet decommissioning and recommissioning. Their products are designed to comply with all regulations to get vehicles onto worksites quickly and efficiently. As part of Minecorp’s innovative solutions,

Power project

“Their strategic pillars contribute to the company’s vision for a strong global presence and support for their thousands of customers and partners”

w w w. r m a g r o u p . n e t / o p e r a t i o n s / a u t o m o t i v e /



their M-Pass system – a single part number ordering system to make vehicle fit-outs fast and consistent to all customers – offers three levels of site compliance, including 212

July 2014

essentials, industry and endurance, with the flexibility to tailor packages where required. Behind the hardware, the inventories, the logistics and


Company Information INDUSTRY



4,500 – 8,000 REVENUE


automotive solutions, mining vehicles

systems is a corps of professional, highly motivated, dedicated people committed to RMA customers, their projects, and ultimately, their success.

w w w. r m a g r o u p . n e t / o p e r a t i o n s / a u t o m o t i v e /



The Anit land

The Anitua Group:

solutions for all spects of mining

tua Group, one of Papua New Guinea’s most successful downer companies, has paved a new road for itself after transforming its safety and management programs Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Glen White



T Anitua Radial Drilling Services is upgrading everything from its systems and processes to its equipment.

he Anitua Group was founded in 1989 by a group of Lihirian landowners. The people of the Lihir Island chain own the company – six clan groups, the locallevel government and 2,500 individuals are shareholders. The original purpose of the company was to provide the landowners with the opportunity to participate in the Lihir Gold project at one of the world’s largest gold mines. Now, The Anitua Group is the largest single supplier of goods and services to Lihir Gold Limited and has successfully expanded throughout PNG and even has two Australian-based businesses. The Anitua Group comprises several different businesses, including Anitua Corporate Services,

AMS ‘big toys’: A Cat 777 haul truck is loaded by a Hitachi EX1900 excavator.


July 2014


The Alliance Group (TAG) is PNG’s leading camp management and catering services supplier to the oil and gas industries.

Anitua Mining Services, Anitua Hardware, Anitua Supermarket, Anitua Protective Services, Anitua Investments, Anitua Properties, Anitua Transport Services, Anitua Radial Drilling Services, Lihir Business Services, Lihir Auto Services, Lihir Investments (Australia), Anitua Logistics (Australia), Anitua Motors, Anitua Constructions, Anitua Farms and the mega camp management and catering groups, NCS Holdings and The Alliance Group (TAG). The Anitua Group’s services include contract mining, construction, security, roadwork and civil construction, quarrying, warehousing and logistics, retail, farming, hospitality, IT services, mine site support and earth moving, training, drilling, property investment and management, transport and shipping, small business services, catering, fresh produce, automotive sales and repairs, catering and camp management – the diversity of these services being clearly indicative of the Group’s capacity to provide solutions for all aspects of mining and resource projects not to mention those in other industries as well. w w w. a n i t u a . c o m



Capable of drilling anywhere in PNG, Anitua Radial Drilling Services is PNG’s only specialist geothermal drilling company with experience on Lihir Island.

“Anitua recognised early that workplace safety had to be fully integrated into all aspects of the business to be sustainable” – Colin Vale, Executive Director


July 2014

Safety is paramount to The Anitua Group, and over the past several years has been the main focus of Executive Director, Colin Vale. “Anitua recognised early that workplace safety had to be fully integrated into all aspects of our businesses to be sustainable,” said Vale. Since sustainability is currently a main goal for the company, a Safety, Health, Environment & Community (SHEC) management system has been adopted; this approach aligns with ISO 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System). The SHEC system has several benefits including laying the foundations for a thriving safety culture throughout the Group. The ability to meet stringent safety targets is critical to Anitua Mining Service’s contract with Lihir Gold Ltd. The Alliance Group’s (TAG’s) success in winning catering and camp management contracts on PNG’s mega LNG project is partly due to their exemplary safety record. The oil and gas industry has even more stringent requirements than the mining industry, something that both NCS and TAG have consistently demonstrated they can deliver on. Vale also touted the company’s two pronged approach to safety. The senior management and supervisors exemplify good safety practices, while lower-level employees participate in safety committees and the development of safe


work procedures. This way, all employees feel empowered to work safely, and do not hesitate to raise concerns when they are noticed. To further prove to employees that safety is a priority, Anitua has set up a safety awards program. “Anitua felt it was important to recognise those individuals that really exemplified great personal safety behaviours in the workplace and used these behaviours to influence the culture for the better,� Vale commented. Employees are recommended by their peers and supervisors. The SHEC management committee meets and evaluates each of the nominees, and makes their decisions based off

Key Personnel

Colin Vale Executive Director

The AMS maintenance crew ensures optimal operational efficiency of all equipment. w w w. a n i t u a . c o m


THE ANITUA GROUP of this meeting. The Safety Through Innovation Award is a significant award coveted by each of the Group’s businesses and encourages a proactive and creative approach to solving safety issues within the workplace. The Group has introduced a new award for 2014 to recognise staff who are addressing the issue of violence against women – a considerable community and workplace safety issue in PNG. This is the first workplace safety award of its kind to be offered in PNG, and perhaps the world. Awards are a combination of prize and public recognition and the annual award


ceremonies are greatly anticipated. APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT Just like with their approach to safety, management across all Anitua businesses has been streamlined, and a strong core corporate team (including finance, quality, HR, safety, business development and marketing) has been put in place. This structure provides support services to each of the many businesses within the Group, allowing them to focus on operations and growth. With over 3,400 employees, practices like team building and training, regular


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management meetings and a strong understanding of the company structure are important to keeping the company moving forward. “Anitua Corporate must deliver management, processes and services that create more value for the individual business units and the group as a whole than the individual business units can do on their own,” Vale commented. Anitua works from a flat and lean management structure, which has helped the company become one of the most successful in Papua New Guinea. The Group has been commended by World Bank PNG Country Manager, Laura Baily, as a stand out example of a successful, special and unique landowner company, and one of the best in PNG. Surveys carried out by the World Bank highlighted that The Anitua Group has the right commercial model, which is deemed critical to ongoing sustainability and success. Laura went on to explain that for landowner companies to be successful, they cannot behave as a social entity – but must have a clear and focused commercial model. The Group’s clear and explicit understanding of its business goals (operating alongside its clear social goals) and its ability to attract senior talent who have a genuine commitment to development and a focus on building the skills of PNG workers have been key factors in the Group’s success. The Group was recognised for being able to grow and expand beyond the initial resource project that enabled it to exist – to expand and diversify

Anitua CFO Anthony Neck with a team of Anitua Constructions staff who participated in the 2014 Anitua sponsored haus krai.

Anitua sponsored the Lihir Island haus Krai As part of its Elimination of Violence Against Women corporate social responsibility program.

w w w. a n i t u a . c o m


Exporters of the highest quality, Australian meat products to the world since 1982 Customer Focused, Service Oriented, Your One-Stop-Shop for Hospitality, Catering and Packaging Disposables. Australia Office: 74 Hampton St, Harristown Toowoomba, QLD 4350 Telephone: 61 7 4634 4885 | Fax : 61 7 4634 4885 Lae Office: Bower Bird St, China Town, Lae Telephone: 675 472 8444 Fax: 675 472 5009

Port Moresby Office: Six(6) Mile Telephone: 675 323 9991 Fax : 675 323 9974

For sales, marketing & shipping details please contact: Peter A. Anderson - Ingrid Boldis - Phone +61 7 3630 1799 Mobile +61 (0) 419 799 243 Fax +61 7 3630 2980 Rogers & Anderson International Pty Ltd Unit 7A, 191 Hedley Avenue Hendra, 4011 QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA


Anitua CFO Anthony Neck and Group Business Improvement Manager Liz Keane at 2014 Australia PNG Business Forum and Trade Expo in Cairns

the businesses within the Group and to expand geographically throughout PNG. This successful expansion and diversity of the Group’s portfolio of businesses has contributed to providing sustainable jobs, training a large number of people and helped improve the quality of life of those in the communities in which they operate. Unlike many landowner companies in PNG, the Group is a commercial success, providing long term benefits back to the community and its Lihirian shareholders. A board consisting of representatives of each of the six major clans ensures that the interests of the local community are well represented when deciding upon the strategic direction of the Group. Anitua has a number of training programs in place, ensuring staff at all levels have the opportunity to receive training and career progression. w w w. a n i t u a . c o m


BNG Trading Co Ltd has been operating continuously in Papua New Guinea since 1924 and has established itself as one of the leading suppliers to both the Bakery and Food Service channels in PNG, through the distributorships of Sinmag equipment, Bakels ingredients, Peerless shortenings, Riviana, McCains, Steric and its own brands of catering packs such as Ba Barons and Bakery Delights. The company has offices in Port Moresby, Lae and Kokopo supplying over 600 customers including groceries, wholesalers, foodservice, bakeries and mining camps.


Port Moresby: (675) 323 3366 Lae: (675) 472 2266 Kokopo: (675) 982 8561

Tyres To Suit All Applications Bridgestone Tyres (PNG) Ltd Head Office: Milfordhaven Road P.O. Box 459 Lae MP Papua New Guinea Phone: Fax: Email:

(675) 472 1822 (675) 472 6436 ABN 38 747 533 287

Expac (Qld) Pty Ltd. All Parts & Industrial Needs Supplied to All Industries

44 Achievement Crescent, Acacia Ridge, Qld 4110 Tel: (617) 3274 3500 | Fax: (617) 3274 3997 Email:

• General machinery parts suppliers and all industrial products • Available facility to consolidate orders and arrange the logistics

Proud to be a supplier to The Anitua Group


Annual employee feedback surveys are conducted and the results acted upon to ensure continual improvement and that the Group remains an employer of choice within PNG. An enormous effort is made to treat all employees with respect and to actively encourage women to participate in the workforce. A person is not terminated without following due process, and senior employees are not terminated without the ED reviewing the employee and case. The management team makes an effort to “uphold and enforce values, take a stance on bullying and violence in the work place, do what we say we will and communicate regularly with employees,” Vale said. “Create a culture of family and you will attract and retain employees. We have policies and procedures and a code of conduct that we live by.” Indicative of the culture, values and code of conduct, is the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program, launched on White Ribbon Day in 2013. The main focus is on eliminating violence against women (EVAW). A key component of the program is the implementation of Australia’s White Ribbon Workplace Program.

TAG staff prepared millions of meals over four years for LNG client ExxonMobil.

NCS’ mantra is ‘meeting the challenge every day’

“Anitua felt it was important to recognise those individuals that really exemplified great personal safety behaviours in the workplace and used these behaviours to influence the culture for the better” – Colin Vale, Executive Director w w w. a n i t u a . c o m



Anitua CFO Anthony Neck marched peacefully to protest violence against women in PNG.

“Interestingly every business plan I’ve ever undertaken has had stretch targets that we smashed! This always surprised me” – Colin Vale, Executive Director 228

July 2014

EVAW Program Manager, Dr Linda Van Leeuwin reports, “Anitua is very proud to be the first and only PNG business to adopt the program, the purpose of which is to make our workplaces safer for women and more supportive of those of our staff who are victims of violence.” AN EYE TOWARDS THE FUTURE As The Anitua Group continues to improve its already strong safety program, and continues

to strengthen the foundation for their impressive management system, Vale and the company are looking towards other opportunities outside of the gold mine on Lihir. A number of the Group’s businesses are looking to replicate the success of catering and camp management giant, NCS, which has successfully expanded off the island and now operates in 27 different sites throughout PNG. The Group’s Mining Services business is poised for strong growth, with the country

NCS camp management staff celebrate PNG Independence Day.

w w w. a n i t u a . c o m



PNG Prime Minister the Honourable Peter O’Neil with NCS MD John Gethin-Jones and Anitua BI Group Manager Liz Keane.

integrity passion excellence JBR is a distributor for some of the world’s largest multinational corporations’ fast moving consumer goods. Through our networks, these international brands of personal care products, food and beverages, and telecommunication devices, reach our designated customers quickly and efficiently.



Tel: (65) 6338 1584 111 North Bridge Road Fax: (65) 6338 0904 #08-14 Peninsula Plaza Email: Singapore 179098 230

July 2014

“Anitua is very proud to be to adopt the program, the p workplaces safer for wome our staff who are victims of – Dr. Linda Van Leeuwin, enjoying a buoyant resources industry. There are currently strategies in place for growth, with a number of opportunities close to fruition that could be potential


Company Information INDUSTRY


Lihir Island, New Ireland Province, Papua New Guinea FOUNDED


the first and only PNG business purpose of which is to make our en and more supportive of those of f violence” , EVAW Program Manager game changers for the company. “Interestingly every business plan I’ve ever undertaken has had stretch targets that we smashed! This always surprised me,” said Vale. The company’s continuing success, however, should be a surprise to no one.



Mining, Drilling, Roadwork & Civil, Construction, Retail, Auto, Logistics, Security, Small business, Farms, Camp Management & Catering, Logistics, Property Investment & Management, Quarrying, Training, IT services and fresh produce

w w w. a n i t u a . c o m


Tassal Sustainable aquaculture: Tassal’s clear growth plan for

With a clear plan to grow the company in a sustainable man with WWF to the benefit of the business, surrounding com Written by: Laura Close

Produced by: Nick Ledue

r the future

nner, Tassal utilises its partnership mmunity and environment.




s one of Australia’s leading sustainable aquaculture companies, Tassal continues to produce fresh and healthy Tasmanian Atlantic salmon while keeping the community and the environment a priority. It is a trusted leader in quality and innovation and has the support and backing of several third-party sustainability 234

July 2014

partners. Tassal was founded in 1986, became a publicly traded company in 2003 and partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature Australia (WWF) in 2012. Throughout its 28 years, the company has experienced huge growth and is looking to continue the trend. Tassal’s commitment to its product, employees and the environment


combined with its clear sustainability plan for the future will ensure the company will move towards their strategic vision of sustainable long term returns to shareholders as the leader in salmon in Australia, selling a highly recognised ethical valued brand and product to Australian consumers and retailers – while operating in a zero harm environment.

“Knowledge is power,� Mark Ryan, Managing Director and CEO of Tassel

Sustainability partners w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u


How we helped Australians get hooked. For some time now, we’ve been in the business of changing people’s behaviour.

• Domestic Retail market – Volume up 18.8%, Revenue up 17.8%

You could say, change for good. Because the words “for good” not only mean permanent change, but good for the individual and good for the community overall.

• Per capita consumption rose from 1.57kg to 1.63kg • M$ - EBIT up 22.6%; EBITDA up 16.2%; contribution margin up 15%

Increasingly, and clearly in Tassal’s case, changing behaviour can be good for business, too. To encourage Australians to get hooked on Tassal salmon we plumbed the depths of our experience as a behaviour change communications company. We combined our long-term learning on behaviour with a fresh imaginative “hook” to create an emotional connection with our audience; a connection that sparked the desire for Tassal salmon, beyond the odd special occasion. We inspired Australians to enjoy salmon in new ways and as such, serve it more often. We changed their behaviour. So today, choosing to serve salmon as a meal - brekkie, lunch or dinner – is a perfectly normal choice. The results we’ve helped achieve, however, are anything but normal.

“The marketing campaign and the domestic stimulus programs are pulling through top-line benefits and returning bottom line results”.

Mark Ryan, CEO Tassal, 2013 Annual Results.

Obviously, Australians are hooked on Tassal. Isn’t it time other companies got hooked on behaviour change. If you’re interested in talking to us contact Michael Daddo, at

TA S S A L Tassal is moving beyond a compliance-only culture towards a more proactive champion of sustainable business practices. Their partnership with the WWF began with the goal to make sure all Tassal seafood is produced to the highest global standards of responsible aquaculture by 2015. Credible third parties endorsing Tassal’s sustainability initiatives have been vital for the company. WWF-Australia provides Tassal with expert advice on the development


of the company’s sustainability strategy and has provided guidance throughout the ASC certification process. Tassal has also signed WWF’s Sustainable Seafood Charter, committing to an allencompassing sustainability approach to the business. Recently, Tassal became the first producer of farmed seafood in Australia to achieve the gold standard Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification. ASC is an independent, not-for-profit

Tassel Product w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u


Fresh Freight Tasmania is delighted to be associated with Tassal and the Tasmanian Aquaculture Industry, supplying quality cold chain deliveries throughout mainland Australia.

Hobart 59 Covehill Road Bridgewater Phone (03) 62625300 Fax (03) 6262 5333

Devonport 74 SheďŹƒeld Road Spreyton Phone (03) 6427 4100 Fax (03) 6427 4129

Melbourne 35 Agosta Drive Laverton North Phone (03) 8368 2072 Fax (03) 8368 2073

Launceston 37 Legana park Drive Legana Phone (03) 6330 1606 Fax (03) 6330 1897

TA S S A L organisation established in 2009 to manage global standards for responsible aquaculture. The standards of the certification include strict requirements in several categories such as the minimisation of escapes, chemical use, predator control and effluent release, feed ingredients from sustainable sources, habitat protection and freshwater smolt production. Involvement in the community Tassal’s attention to sustainability


translates well to its interest and commitment to its stakeholders, which include customers, investors, employees, suppliers, contractors, government organizations, Environmental Non-Government Organisations (ENGOs), research organisations, neighbours and the surrounding industry. Several environmental and social concerns – antibiotic use, noise from farms, wildlife interactions – were historically brought to Tassal’s attention. In its Sustainability

w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u


CUSTOMISED REFRIGERATION SOLUTIONS FOR PROCESSING AND STORAGE Gordon Brothers are at the forefront in providing Freezing, Cooling and Storage Solutions for a wide range of industries.

03 9389 6666

TA S S A L Report, published annually since 2011, Tassal addresses each one of these concerns and outlines the steps it is taking to resolve the issues. It has implemented proactive fish health strategies, worked with acoustic specialists and invested in sound mitigation, and has seen a significant reduction in bird and seal mortality because of staff training and infrastructure development. The communities where Tassal processes and hatches fish are defined as rural or regional. Because of this, Tassal is the biggest employer in these parts of the state. Tassal continues to invest time in its social license to be upstanding, reliable members of the communities in which it operates. Currently, Tassal is committed to several community engagement initiatives, including the Your Marine Values Project, workshops for communicating communities’ marine environment concerns and priorities, and Skilling Tasmania for a Sustainable Future Project, aimed at determining the skills needed for Tasmania’s business community.


Strategic priorities Tassal’s overarching priority is zero harm – zero harm to employees, the fish and the environment. Its ROCK safety program, focusing on Resilient leadership, Observation, Communication and Knowledge, provides a solid platform for the physical and emotional wellbeing of employees. Mark Ryan, managing director and CEO of Tassal, understands the importance of knowledge in his organization. “Knowledge is power,” he said. “We invest a lot of time and resources into undertaking continuous education.” Ryan noted that with both marine scientists and workers with high school education could present a disparity and challenge to effective communication. It is one of Tassal’s main goals to make sure employees are empowered to have a confident voice in the organization; employees are always encouraged to speak out. Because of these empowering initiatives, Tassal won Tasmanian Employer of Choice Award in 2013. Supporting strategic priorities include optimising the business, maximising cash flow and w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u


TA S S A L delivering acceptable returns.

A fish health field officer has also been appointed to provide on-farm Project Sweet Spot support to the fish health team and Tassal operates global best-practice to monitor the rollout of the health hatchery facilities in Tasmania, management plans. and the health and welfare of In order to improve sustainable its salmon is a top priority. The growing and harvesting efforts, company has researched and put Tassal’s Project Sweet Spot – which into place region-specific fish health makes sure the right fish go to the management plans that include right place at the right time and at a list of all potential diseases, fish the right size – continues to evolve health and biosecurity measures, and be refined. In order to account fish health monitoring, harvest for the many variables associated protocols and training requirements. with any agriculture or aquaculture



Delivering the Goods!

De Bruyn’s Transport is a multi-dimensional transport company servicing Tasmanian markets in the industry sectors of Aquaculture, Mine Logistics, Bulk Transport Heavy General Freight and Trans Bass Freight Services.


Contact Us: Burnie (Head Office):


Covering all areas of Refrigeration/ Air Conditioning Industry from sales, service, design and installation of all Marine, Commercial and Industrial Plants, Processing Etc.

8 River Rd, Wivenhoe 7320 Lot 4, 1286 Frankford Hwy, Devonport 7310 Ph: 03 6430 2300 Fax: 03 6431 8184 Ph: 03 6427 5200 Fax: 03 6427 7990

Phone: +61 3 6267 1052 Fax: +61 3 6267 1053 Email:

53 Remount Rd, Mowbray 7248 Ph: 03 6324 6600 Fax: 03 6326 9988



110 Gormanston Rd, Moonah 7009 Ph: 03 6271 0200 Fax: 03 6273 5303


endeavour, Tassal started Project Sweet Spot by considering the answer: the region needed to grow its fish. By working backwards and fitting its plans into an overall

production cycle from a sales cycle, Tassal ended at the beginning of the equation – the type of fish needed in the hatchery. Forecasting must be done well

w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u



Established in 1912, Hutchinson Builders is one of Australia’s largest privately-owned building and construction companies operating Australia-wide. HEAD OFFICE

+61 7 3335 5000



July 2014

in advance, as the capital investment cycle is up to five years and the working capital cycle before the fish are harvested is around three years. “There’s a lot of innovative thinking around how we’re going to optimize the business,” said Mr. Ryan. “Recirculation technology that we employ in our hatcheries gives us the ability to either speed up or slow down fish so they can go out at the right size.” What sets Tassal apart There are several aspects of


Company Information INDUSTRY


Tasmania FOUNDED


Tassal’s business that sets it apart from others in the industry – first and foremost its partnership with WWF-Australia and other sustainability partners. By self-reporting and working towards certifications from credible thirdparties, Tassal is proving that what it says it is doing is actually happening. “At the end of the day,” Ryan said, “it’s not just about talking the talk – it’s walking the walk. “We have a clear strategy for future sustainably growth, and we are applying that strategy to where we can deliver global best practice by maximizing our competitive advantages and really having the sustainability, zero-harm vision. That’s what defines us.”



https://www.facebook. PRODUCTS/ SERVICES com/TassalSalmon Salmon TassalSalmon

https://www.linkedin. com/company/994067 ?trk=tyah&trkInfo=tarId %3A1397687841667%2 Ctas%3Atassal%2Cidx %3A1-1-1

w w w. t a s s a l . c o m . a u


The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SM

e g MF) 247


• History of the SMF The Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association (SMa), was first established in 1932. It grew from 17 founding members to 3,000 members currently. The change of name reflects the Federation’s dedication transform itself for the future, and its current status as the national organisation embracing the entire supply chain of manufacturing. The SMF has built up a strong tri-partite relationship 248

July 2014

with the government and the manufacturing industry. • The goals and role of the SMF in today’s industry As the champion the Singapore manufacturing sector, our mission is to represent the interests of the Singapore manufacturing community and to drive its competitiveness and sustainable growth through serving industryspecific needs. SMF is supported by 10 industry groups to serve diverse industry-


specific needs, as well as 6 Centres of Excellence to offer our members a holistic approach towards improving competitiveness. • Industry developments and investment The manufacturing sector in Singapore, which contributes towards approximately 20% of the country’s GDP, is doing relatively well compared to other countries, and has been going strong since the beginning of this year. There are also more SMEs venturing overseas and expanding their businesses. SMF launched the Business Expansion Programme last year to specially help companies looking to expand to Iskandar Malaysia and Riau Islands Indonesia. The industry has also seen a shift from traditional manufacturing to manu-services which have been on the increase over the years. • Benefits of membership SMF members enjoy a great variety of benefits: o Up to 50% off seminars, conferences, workshops, networking and business matching events

o Exclusive rates for SMF-AIA welfare benefits packages for member companies and employees o Up to 77.5% on trade exhibition administration fees and reimbursements of up to 50% for participation by eligible members under the International Marketing Assistance Programme (iMAP) from IE Singapore o Up to 25% off the endorsement fees of manual Certificate of Origin (CO) o Up to 50% off seminar marketing services o Up to 10% discount on advertisements in SMF Connect magazine o Up to 20% off rental rate for training rooms at SMF o Up to 15% discount for selected workshops and training courses o Up to 10% rebates on academic programmes from SMF Institute of Higher Learning o Receive complimentary business advisory service o Receive SMF’s annual Tradelink Directory and quarterly Connect magazine.

w w w. s m f e d e r a t i o n . o r g . s g /



• Latest news and Industry ‘Hot’ topics One of the key challenges facing the Singapore manufacturing industry is productivity. With the recent tightening of government policy on foreign manpower, productivity has, now more than ever, become pivotal in propelling 250

July 2014

economic growth. The manufacturing sector now is gravitating towards increasing productivity and leveraging on technologies and innovation to transform their businesses in order to keep up with the changing economy. SMF offers a great variety of productivity-driven programmes


catered to companies to ‘upskill’ themselves. In particular, SMF is focussing on Business Model Innovation (BMI) as a possible approach to help companies achieve sustainable growth. In line with this vision, SMF will be organising the Singapore Innovation and Productivity Conference (SIPC) 2014 that will promote BMI and focus on using BMI for sustained business growth. Research findings on BMI in Singapore will be shared and deliberated. In October 2014, an inaugural SMF Awards would be presented to inspire the community on transformational growth, and to raise awareness of the importance of innovation and productivity. Playing its part to assist businesses to seek and adopt productivity solutions, SMF will be organising the Manufacturing Solutions Expo (MSE) from 8-10 October 2014. The event is targeted at manufacturing professionals, policy makers and business decision makers. MSE 2014 aims to showcase the best ideas, innovative technologies and cost effective manufacturing solutions to meet the growing needs of manufacturing companies.

Company Information he Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), formerly known as the Singapore Manufacturers’ Association, was first established in 1932. Its main aim is to champion the Singapore manufacturing sector. Our mission is to represent the interest of the Singapore manufacturing community and to drive its competitiveness and sustainable growth through serving industry-specific needs.

w w w. s m f e d e r a t i o n . o r g . s g /


Anywhere Healthcare: Bringing healthcare to all of Australia

By enabling specialist healthcare via video consultations across the country, Anywhere Healthcare has made a name for itself in the future of healthcare. Written by: Laura Close Produced by: Jeff Soboleski




NYWHERE HEALTHCARE, a subsidiary business of Medibank, is a health services organisation that provides a range of healthcare initiatives to the state and federal government and large corporate and non-profit companies. Because Anywhere Healthcare was developed in a governmentbacked environment, the organisation was not necessarily born out of a strong underlying business strategy. However, as innovators in their field, the Anywhere Healthcare team has worked to develop a model that is both scalable and sustainable. They have achieved the scale part of the equation, as the organisation now understands the dynamics of running a purely online medical practice. To make their operation sustainable, Anywhere Healthcare is looking to make the medical consultation process more efficient through a number of initiatives. Samuel Holt, director of online care, knows innovation is key: “The answer isn’t in just trying to replicate what happens in the face-to-face world, it is in looking at healthcare and streamlining care so that maybe it can be potentially faster and more efficient.” VIDEO CONSULTATION TECHNOLOGY The core of Anywhere Healthcare’s service is to enable patients to connect with a healthcare provider via video. To encourage regional doctors to connect their patients in rural or difficult-to-reach areas with city specialists, there are incentives and other government funding available under the Medicare system. The organisation employs cloud-based practice-management software, used by clinicians and practice management staff to store patient referrals, images and scans provided by their network of 1,000-plus referring practitioners across the country. Vidyo, a video conferencing platform, make the video consultations possible. Technology moves fast, so Anywhere Healthcare is always looking for 254

July 2014

Australia’s most experienced medical transcription company run by doctors – for doctors Seamless integration with all leading practice software More streamlined operational workflow Reliable, affordable and available Accurate and cost-effective Inhouse, outsourcing or co-sourcing FREE electronic document delivery and distribution via OzePost Let our specialist consultants demonstrate how OzeScribe could be the answer to your transcription questions.

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new and better solutions to improve their services. Australia does not have ubiquitous access to one backbone of Internet, so Internet access can be relatively poor in less populated areas. The organisation is always looking for technology that can provide a more stable environment through which people can access consultations. Moving forward, Anywhere Healthcare is looking to provide patients with access to general practitioners and allied health practitioners for consultations. These services will be offered at a 100 percent out-ofpocket fee, as there is currently no funding for an individual to talk to a general practitioner or allied health practitioner online. This service focuses specifically on convenience and accessibility for patients in rural and regional areas. Anywhere Healthcare intends to use apps to provide additional and improved services to interested patients. Instead of making an appointment to see a specialist online, patients will be able to take a picture of their wound or skin lesion and, using an app, be able to collect the information 256

July 2014


required by a specialist to make a remote diagnosis. The process would include capturing the relevant information, sending it to Anywhere Healthcare and having an appropriate specialist review the images and notes, with a diagnosis potentially being available in as little as 24 hours. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Anywhere Healthcare is constantly evaluating its practice and services offered to ensure that they are clinically relevant and appropriate. They have engaged approximately 30 specialists in varied fields of practice, and have 14 employees who focus on the clinical, IT and marketing aspects to support and build the practice. Furthermore, to ensure the timely delivery of patient-centre care, third-party vendors are also engaged to assist in areas of high service demand such as Medical Transcription.

w w w. a n y w h e r e h e a l t h c a r e . c o m . a u



“Anywhere Healthcare is looking to make the medical consultation process more efficient through the use of technology� It is not hard for an organisation like Anywhere Healthcare to attract employees, as people like the work the company is doing. Their employees, specialists and referring GPs believe in equitable access to healthcare and in improving healthcare


July 2014


in regional or remote areas. Anywhere Healthcare enables specialists to work flexible hours, and to fit a telehealth practice around their other public and private practice commitments. Anywhere Healthcare also enables specialists to work from any location within Australia, provided they have access to the Internet, which particularly suits specialists who have young children or who are winding down from the long hours generally required to maintain a full time practice, as well as those who wish to live in regional areas but do not have sufficient local patient demand to make it viable. Anywhere Healthcare has experienced strong growth; since the practice was launched in October 2012, the number of consultations they conduct has grown on average by around 30 percent compound, month on month. Holt believes there’s significant untapped potential for health consultations online. Currently, approximately one percent of all psychiatry consultations in Australia are conducted online, and there is the opportunity for most areas of healthcare to reflect similar numbers. With more than 100 million consultations conducted in Australia each year, Anywhere Healthcare has a large market to target. In three to five years’ time, the organisation aims to be conducting somewhere between 300,000 to a million video consultations and asynchronous healthcare interactions each year.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Healthcarey EMPLOYEES


Samuel Holt, director of online care REVENUE:


healthcare consultations via video

w w w. a n y w h e r e h e a l t h c a r e . c o m . a u


Continuous improveme # gives Data 3 the competitive edge

Data#3 has achieved longevity in a fast pace environment thanks to continuous improve Written by: Abigail Phillips Produced by: Nick Ledue


ed ement 261

D ATA # 3

D Employees at the Data#3 office

Managing Director, John Grant and Chairman, Richard

ata#3 in its original guise was established in 1977 when Powell, Clark and Associates (PCA), a prominent IBM support organisation was established to offer professional consulting, application development and data processing services to companies. PCA developed to become a leading IT software consultancy specialising in developing and implementing software applications for small to medium sized organisations across a range of industries. In particular it established an excellent reputation as the largest supplier of IBM-based software for private hospitals in Australia. In 1984, Data#3 was born. PCA joined forces with Albrand Typewriters & Office Machines Pty Ltd., an IBM typewriter dealer with an excellent reputation and a wealth of experience in the field of office equipment and supplies. The strongly solutions-oriented approach adopted by PCA was carried through as a guiding principle for Data#3 – as was a clear understanding that maximising return from investment in Information Technology for its

Anderson talking business

“We want our people to be the best they can be and believe it’s our responsibility to provide them with access to the tools and feedback they need.” – John Grant, Managing Director


July 2014


customers needed to be central to everything it did. Data#3 moved ahead to become one of Queensland’s first personal computer dealerships and the first reseller of IBM’s “mid-range” multi user computing systems. Today the company has evolved from a Queensland-oriented office equipment and PC reseller into one of Australia’s leading Business Technology Solutions companies with over 900 people operating from twelve locations across the country. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT & AGILITY In the fast moving technology industry, continuous improvement isn’t an option, but a necessity and Data#3 as an organisation is acutely aware of this. As Managing Director, John Grant explains, “We are focused on growth; however we are mindful that as we grow, agility has to remain one of our core attributes. We have built a culture responsive to technological change – one that encourages entrepreneurialism within the business and that gives our employees the scope to think and act on the job.” Data#3’s continuous improvement strategy focuses predominantly on

The Data#3 Head Office based in Toowong, Queensland w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u


phone: +61 2 8019 7254


| email:

Amazing Solutions. Awesome Support.

Barracuda provides cloud-connected security and storage solutions that simplify IT. These powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are delivered in appliance, virtual appliance, cloud and hybrid deployments. Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security.

D ATA # 3


people and processes – the management and the development of individual skills, organisational excellence and technological advancement. “At Data#3, organisational excellence isn’t just a buzzword. Together with developing the best people in the industry and solutions that stand out from our competitors, organisational excellence is central to our strategy to deliver success to our customers. It’s something that we put into practice and strive for every day,” says Grant. “We work very closely with our customers, monitoring trends and expectations, so that we deliver what they need, when they need it. We have also taken a very purposeful stance on efficiency, implementing many of our business processes in electronic workflow systems – one of the first to do so in Australia.”

MD John Grant on stage presenting his keynote presentation at JuiceIT 2013

SUPPLIER PROFILE BARRACUDA NET WORKS, INC Barracuda provides cloud-connected security and storage solutions that simplify IT. These powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions are trusted by more than 150,000 organizations worldwide and are delivered in appliance, virtual appliance, cloud and hybrid deployments. Barracuda’s customer-centric business model focuses on delivering high-value, subscription-based IT solutions that provide end-to-end network and data security. Website:

w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u



OMG Portégé Z10t the Ultrabook™ & 4G* tablet in one. Together. Apart. Connected for business. Ultrabook.™ Inspired by Intel. * Selected models only. Powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processor (other processors available). Intel, the Intel Logo, Intel Inside, Intel Core, Ultrabook, and Core Inside are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries.

D ATA # 3


OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE & AUTOMATION When it comes to organisational agility and improvement, Data#3 recognised that automation would help improve its processes. Today the business has fully automated many of its internal processes across sales, marketing, HR and finance. Similarly, many of its external facing processes including interactions with customers and supply chain are also completely automated. “Implementing an integrated approach to the business we do with our customers and partners has been central to our continuous improvement efforts,” says Grant. But, knowing the impact its people can have, Data#3 didn’t just stop at process automation. In 2013 the company also instigated a program called “3 Million Minutes of Productivity” the aim of which was to chase a dollar per minute to benefit the bottom line of the business. “It was a companywide effort and in total we generated more than 3.3 million minutes of productivity. Continuous improvement is and always been at the top of our corporate agenda,” says Grant.

SUPPLIER PROFILE TOSHIBA (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LIMITED Toshiba Information Systems Division (ISD) is a leading notebook vendor in Australia and New Zealand. Uniquely focussed on mobile computing, Toshiba has a broad product portfolio that includes Ultrabooks, tablets and visual products. Equally unique amongst vendors, Toshiba is 100 per cent channel-centric and works in close partnership with their channel partners. Toshiba’s leading innovation includes pioneering many technologies that are now industry standards such as the miniaturisation of hard drives and batteries plus the development of industry leading computer screens with a focus on quality and reliability. Toshiba’s computer solutions offer improved productivity and direct cost savings to benefit business and ensuring a competitive edge. Website:

w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u


D ATA # 3 PEOPLE MANAGEMENT & TRAINING When it comes to building a culture that has customers at its core, equipping its people with the required skills and capability is critical for success and Data#3 has been at the forefront of this for some time. Over 10 years ago, the company introduced an online system for professional and personal development. Implementing Skillsoft (an elearning solution that includes digitised books, videos, simulations, a learning management system, and content development tools as the foundation for the program), Data#3’s people and contractors have access to education course content, information about their job role, reference libraries, health and safety material and much more online. Together with its performance management and career development systems, it provides each individual with a bespoke education path that guides them through their own development plan. The online system is accompanied by regular face-to-

WORK. PLAY. LIFE. Why use a Plantronics headset? The most obvious advantage is that the user has both hands free and can complete several tasks while on the phone. A study from the USA has concluded that headsets can increase the productivity in offices by up to 43%. Be at your best, all day. No matter what your life demands, we have the tools that cancel out the noise, keep your hands free, and enrich your connections through every hour of the day.

Connect with Plantronics Australia


Tour of the Data#3 Victoria Warehouse and Integration Centre in Braeside at its opening in 2011

face workshops and specialised external training where appropriate. For Data#3’s people, continual improvement and development is an ongoing process. “We want our people to be the best they can be and believe it’s our responsibility to provide them with access to the tools and feedback they need,” says Grant. SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT Data#3 is one of Australia’s largest resellers of software and hardware and as such is required to handle large volume of physical and virtual goods. With this in mind, growth has brought with it logistical stumbling blocks. “With volumes increasing, we eventually got to the stage where we had squeezed all of our resources,” says Grant. “What’s more, technology provision was becoming very competitive and very margin sensitive and consequently demanded lower cost structures. We came to the conclusion that the only way to do this was to automate.” w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u


Collaborative workspaces at the Data#3 offices

D ATA # 3


The supply chain automation project was tackled in two parts – firstly from the supplier end with automation of product and pricing information, electronic purchase orders and electronic customer invoicing, and secondly from the customer end for quotation, requisitioning and ordering. In its final stage of implementation, Data#3’s supply chain offering is fully integrated from customer quotation, requisition and order placement and tracking through to purchasing and invoicing. Using a quotation, configuration and ordering system, Data#3’s implementation is very sophisticated and has set it head and shoulders above the competition. “We believe we’re the only IT reseller in Australia to implement a fully automated supply chain,” says Grant. “Our intention was always to ensure our customers had certainty and visibility in their order processing, and integration that gave them the best products at consistently low prices within a quality experience. From our point of view it drives down cost, which ultimately filters down to customers in the prices they pay.”

Office shot at Data#3 w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u


D ATA # 3

Shot of the trade floor at JuiceIT Brisbane in 2013

John Grant, Managing Director 272

July 2014

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Data#3 is pioneering in its approach, and its longevity in a fast-paced industry is testament to that. The company takes pride in being one step ahead of the game when it comes to understanding and then reacting to industry trends. Proof of this comes in the company’s delivery of its solutions across a multidimensional consumption model it calls Hybrid IT – an integrated combination of on-premise, outsourced and cloud delivered software


Company Information INDUSTRY

Information Technology HEADQUARTERS

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia FOUNDED



and infrastructure. In addition to its traditional operations including reselling its partners’ cloud services, it has invested in its own Data#3 cloud and has had some early and significant acceptance by customers. “We are helping our customers transition their IT environment to a Hybrid IT service model by providing both the guidance and the ability to do so. As such they are able to gain the commercial benefits of doing so at least risk, a formula we’re proud to be able to offer,” concludes Grant.

$771 million (2012/2013 financial year) PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

IT software, hardware, services and recruitment

w w w. d a t a 3 . c o m . a u


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