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on our journey into the New Year, the January issue of Business Review Australia looks ahead to what we can expect to see in the next 12 months. Although I don’t listen to much country music, I came across an interesting quote from country musician Brad Paisley: “Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365page book. Write a good one.” As you begin writing your story for 2016, our main feature revolves around leadership strategies. Business Review Australia caught up with some of the most influential supply chain leaders from among the nation’s most successful companies to discuss the best management strategies to incorporate in the sector. Next, we’ll look at the top technology trends for the upcoming year, and the growing role of IoT in businesses. We wrap up the first issue of the New Year with the top 10 Aussie entrepreneurs to follow on social media, as well as intriguing company reports on Masan Resources, Liberty Industrial and Martin Brower. So what’s your New Year’s resolution?





Top Aussie supply chain managers reveal their strategies for success



IoT Trends for 2016



Masan Resources 4

January 2016

TOP 10

Entrepreneurs on Social Media

20 60

Liberty Industrial

MINING 28 Masan Resources ENERGY 60 Liberty Industrial SUPPLY CHAIN 72 WestRock 82 Martin Brower


WestRock 5




LEADERSHIP The characteristics of supply chain leadership are a rare combination of attributes. In addition to finding ways to save money and improve services, there’s also the priority of getting the right people in the right positions. Hitachi Consulting director of supply chain Owen Keates is both experienced and knowledgeable in operational excellence. He became a founding member of the supply chain counsel in both Australia and New Zealand, which became the genesis of Keates’ involvement in supply chain. After moving from New Zealand to Australia in 2006, Keates joined Vanglobe as COO, before becoming CEO in 2009. Prior to that, Keates had a role with CCI in assisting them in developing their early supply chain offerings. Years later, Competitive Capabilities International (CCI) approached Keates to run the supply chain for them as general manager in Australia, as well as vice president of supply chain globally to help develop their base practice products. It was through this work that Keates became involved with Hitachi 8 January 2016

Consulting roughly 18 months ago before becoming director of supply chain just about seven months ago. “We had some good collaboration with Hitachi and I just enjoyed the culture,” said Keates. “What was really interesting is the massive size of Hitachi and being able to work with all of these interesting business units. “From the data systems teams to the ERP team and obviously the social innovation and technology teams, I

Owen Keates, Hitachi Consulting director of supply chain

just enjoyed the challenge of working with all those areas and being able to use some of my supply chain skills in that space.” According to Keates, optimising and transforming a supply chain starts at the very top. No supply chain leader can create a prosperous supply chain without the support of the top executives. While supply chain managers certainly aren’t hopeless when

support from the C-suite is lacking, he does need to be on the same page as the CEO and CFO. With the best in class companies recognising the supply chain is such a critical part of their business, the relationship between high-level executives and supply chain managers is vital. “Basically their business is a supply chain,” said Keates. “The best way to start is to have those 9


Karin Freemam, general manager of supply chain at Martin Brower

discussions at the C-suite level. When you do get the connection with the C-suite that supply chain is mission critical, it becomes a process of 10

January 2016

first understanding the strategy and understanding the customer. “It’s become quite a science these days of deeply understanding the


segmentation, the buying behaviours and being able to use the deep analytics and data that are available today to understand the trends and the customers’ buying behaviours. This sets the scene for true supply chain transformation.” For Martin Brower and supply chain general manager Karin Freeman, the challenge is a little more complex. Freeman got her start in the industry through leading the McDonald’s supply chain in her native South Africa for seven years before being brought in by Mackay Distribution in Australia to improve its supply chain operations. Today, Freeman is the head of the world’s largest distributor for McDonald’s, and the second-ranked logistics service provider around the globe.

While there are certainly distinct differences between supply chain operations in the two countries, Freeman believes her wealth of experience has helped her thrive. “One of the key things of where I am today in my career, is I was fortunate to spend about 19 years in leadership positions and have been selective in who I work for,” said Freeman. “This shrewdness has added to my experience.”

People are lifeblood and DNA of every successful company. While most enterprises look to attract, retain and develop employees, the complexity of Martin Brower forces Freeman to take a slightly different approach. “Our customer culture and environment is so unique, it’s almost like working at the stock exchange with the amount of customer-driven change that happens in our business,” said Freeman. “Some people just can’t keep up. The skill set for those people to thrive in this environment is very unique. “It’s almost like you’re looking for a sales person, who is a great communicator with analytical skills and some production planning experience. It’s a bonus is if they have McDonald’s experience, but to find all of that is almost impossible. “However, if you give me the right person with the right DNA, I’ll train them to what I want them to know and I’ll shape them to what I want them to be. There’s something to be said about the talent you bring on board, and how they adapt to changes.”



IoT Trends

With new innovations coming to fruition at a fast pace, we can thank the Internet of Things 12

January 2016


for 2016



TECHNOLOGY NOT A DAY goes by without some company or other stating that it’s the best platform yet for the Internet of Things IoT. It’s easy to get cynical when so many are jostling to become the best, but IoT devices will have an increasing need for management, security and integration. IoT platforms constitute the work IT does behind the scenes from an architectural and a technology standpoint to make the IoT a reality. It’s an indispensable part of the digital mesh and the user experience, and the emerging world of IoT platforms is what makes them possible. Whether you call it the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet of Data or the Information of Everything, we know one thing: There will be more and more big data innovations in 2016. However, it’s what we do with it that could change. Smartphones Forget the smartphone — that’s just the start. The IoT era means accessing information and apps through all different types of devices, from phones, watches and wearables to smart TVs, in-home sensors and 14

January 2016

even the dashboard in a car. According to the latest research from Strategy Analytics, financing smartphones will become a regular occurrence in 2016, while smartwatches will start to overtake fitness bands. Another prediction is Indonesia will join India as the next big smartphone markets behind China. In terms of wearables, Strategy Analytics predicts global smartwatch shipments will rise 57 per cent in 2016, while fitness bands will grow just eight per cent.

Smart watches “The Apple Watch will prove a relatively popular accessory for smartphone owners during the busy Q4 2015 holiday season and into 2016, when the next generation of smartwatch models will be launched,” said Strategy Analytics director Cliff Raskind. Raskind believes smartwatches optimised for health and fitness, like the Moto 360 Sport, are emerging as strong alternatives to Fitbit and other fitness band leaders. With the fall of hardware, it is

now software that is increasingly becoming the agent of change. It’s time to think of autonomous vehicles, virtual personal assistants and smart advisors as the future of tech. Artificial intelligence Another tech trend for 2016 and beyond – and tied up with the Information of Everything – is advanced machine learning, where computers automate data processing by learning and adapting.



Bluetooth The end result is artificial intelligence. Handling complex datasets requires deep neural nets (DNNs) that allow computers to both act autonomously and perceive the world on their own. “DNNs are what make smart machines appear intelligent,” according to analysts at Gartner. “DNNs enable hardware or softwarebased machines to learn for themselves all the features in their environment, from the finest details to broad sweeping abstract classes of content.” In this fast evolving area, businesses that understand how to use advanced machine learning can get a huge competitive advantage. 16

January 2016

Bluetooth Bluetooth-powered devices, also known as lighthouses, are now being installed in shopping malls, museums, hotels, airports and even offices to track the exact location of a smartphone or smartwatch wearer, and then send real-time notifications. So far it’s been discussed as a way of texting vouchers to passing shoppers. But beyond mobile commerce the spread of intelligent, wireless Bluetooth beacon hardware also means indoor mapping and a lot more. Bluetooth beacons are set to emerge as the links within — and between — IoT, the smart city and the smart home.

Tesla Electric and autonomous vehicles Electric car manufacturer Tesla plans to produce fully self-driving cars to compete with Google, CEO Elon Musk recently revealed. Tesla’s Autopilot software launched in October, provides vehicles with partial autonomy. However, it’s now aiming to produce fully driverless vehicles with the software, competing with Google and major car companies who have begun experimenting with autonomous technologies. Musk said he would be personally recruiting new staff to expand Tesla’s Autopilot team, adding that developing driverless technology was “super high priority.” Although current laws

governing road safety mean Autopilot can’t be used on public roads, owners can still use it on private land. Tesla’s Model SD — an update on its Model S range — is the first car to have Autopilot built in. The system includes sensors that can detect potential collision risks, as well as a front-mounted camera that can detect road features and pedestrians. Chances are you may hear and see a lot more about the U.S.-based electric vehicle startup-up Faraday Future next year. The company has announced on its website that it will unveil its first concept car Jan. 4 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. 17


Faraday Future plans to release an electric vehicle that will rival Tesla’s models. Faraday Future’s perceived choice to take on Tesla makes sense considering that its senior vice president of R&D and engineering, Nick Sampson, used to be Tesla’s director of Vehicle & Chassis Engineering. The company’s vice presidents of Global Manufacturing, Human Resources, and Supply Chain are all former Tesla employees. In addition, Faraday Future’s Head of Design, 18

January 2016

Richard Kim, was the lead designer for BMW’s i3 and i8 concepts. Electronic payments Tech giant Apple has signed deals with four of China’s major state-run banks in order to pave way for Apple Pay. The deals allow users of the service to integrate their local bank accounts with the app. While Apple charges 0.15 per cent of all credit card transactions and 0.5 cents per debit transaction in the U.S., it is unclear of what will it charge in

T E C H - B A S E D I N N O V AT I O N

China. It is expected that the charge fee is the main point of negotiation and once it is decided, the deal will be disclosed. China is considered to be a booming market for electronic payments and this seems to be an ideal opportunity for the tech giant. However, it may have to go through several regulatory hurdles with this launch, as multiple government agencies are said to oversee banking and e-commerce sector in China. The firm will face an entrenched

competition in the new market that is dominated by multiple strong rivals. China Union Pay Co — a state-owned payment company — holds monopoly on debit and credit card payments processing. On the other hand, Alipay — Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd’s payment service, and WeChat — a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings Ltd — dominate the private sector. Despite regularity hurdles and intense competition, China still remains an important market for Apple showing the fastest growth. 19

TOP 10


If you’re not following these business moguls on or you should be

t i

Written by: Eric Harding 21

TOP 10 Social media can be an extremely valuable tool to help entrepreneurs who want to promote themselves and their business. Whether you’re in the startup stage or 10 years into your entrepreneurial journey, it is very important that you and your business are active on social media. In today’s digital world, the strategy and value of social media can change the landscape of your business. Between the ability to promote and get feedback from others on the platform, interacting with followers on Twitter and having a robust network of connections on LinkedIn is vital. Below are the top 10 entrepreneurs you need to follow on social media:



With over 25,000 Twitter followers and more than 10,000 on LinkedIn, Penn is very active on social platforms. He’s the CEO of Telstra — Australia’s largest 22 January 2016

Andre Penn

telecommunications company — while he also enjoys painting, technology, fitness and the arts.


Kendall is the founder and chief executive of CloudPeeps, a startup that connects small businesses with freelance social media professionals. Kendall is now based in the United States Kate Kendall


and tweets about marketing and leadership to her 51,600 followers. A British-Australian entrepreneur, marketer, community strategist and writer, Kendall enjoys building startups, creating products and growing remote teams.

8 BAXTER Stephen

A vocal and accomplished member of Australia’s tech sector, Baxter tweets about innovation, startups and company growth. He was a founder at Pipe Networks, has worked for Google in the Valley and is now a judge on Australia’s version of Shark Tank. Baxter is a straight-talking investor and as a member of startup advocacy group StartupAUS, he’s an avid supporter of the country’s tech sector.

Stephen Baxter

Mike Cannon Brookes

7 BROOKES Mike Cannon

Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes often tweets links to interesting articles as well as insights into what it is like to work for his company. Atlassian has been named BRW’s best place to work for two years in a row, so there is definitely something to be learned from what Cannon-Brookes has to say. His feed is also filled with links to articles about interesting tech trends. 23

TOP 10 for 2013, and was also NZ Herald Business Leader of the Year in 2012

5 BRANSON Richard

You can gain a great amount of entrepreneurial advice from Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson’s twitter feed. He often tweets articles he finds interesting with a hashtag #readbyrichard.


The CEO of Xero boss gets very creative on Twitter. He has more than 20,300 followers and has sent 15,200 tweets in the past five years. Drury often provides some hilarious insights into his nomadic and adventurous entrepreneurial lifestyle. The Kiwi also often tweets about the latest gadgets he’s bought and of course about his baby, Xero. He was named New Zealand Entrepreneur of the year 24 January 2016

Richard Branson




Allis is well worth a follow because of her insight into work-life balance and women in business. The founder of Boost Juice also tweets about what it is like to be behind the scenes at Shark Tank, along with links to interesting articles. Allis is among Australia’s most respected women in business. In

2014, she was named one of 15 people who changed the way Australia has done business over the last 35 years by business magazine BRW.


Janine Allis


Spiegel – Photo Cred TechCrunch

The founder of is a relative newcomer to Instagram only signing up two months ago. Ruslan Kogan’s Instagram account gives you an insight into the entrepreneur’s personal life with 25

TOP 10

2 SIMSON Naomi

The founder of online experience gift retailer RedBalloon, Simson has nearly 23,000 twitter followers and shares her blog on several social media sites. She has several labels, including entrepreneur, blogger, innovator and speaker. In addition, her Instagram account documents her business life and experiences on the speakers’ circuit while publicising her new book ‘Live What You Love.’ Ruslan Kogan

posts of him watching football and having a BBQ in the bush. He also shares information about his business from time to time. Kogan is your classic entrepreneur, as his self-made fortune has increased to $315 million, making him the thirdrichest Aussie under 40. On Twitter, while he spends a lot of air time promoting his retail site, he does throw out a few one-liners about Australia’s business. 26 January 2016


1 MURDOCH Rupert

With 670,000 Twitter followers, Murdoch is known to start controversy via the social media platform. After building a media empire out of Adelaide, Murdock now controls 120 newspapers

throughout five different countries, a book publishing powerhouse HarperCollins, a movie studio as well as a large broadcasting and satellite TV arm. In addition, the founder and owner of Fox News and 20th Century Fox also purchased the social media site Myspace back in 2005.

Rupert Murdoch stocklight / 27

The Engine of Masan Resources Masan Resources CEO Dominic Heaton discusses the company’s journey in acquiring the Nui Phao project, one of the world’s largest tungsten deposits outside China, and how the company went about developing it into a world-class asset. Written by: Robert Spence

Produced by: Glen White




asan Group, the listed parent company of Masan Resources, is one of Vietnam’s largest companies and has built leading businesses in the branded food and beverage sector and in the animal nutrition value chain. Its businesses include Masan Consumer Holdings, the producer of some of Vietnam’s


January 2016

most popular brands across many food and beverage categories, and Masan Nutri-Science, Vietnam’s largest local animal protein and feed company. Masan Group also is the largest shareholder in Techcombank, a leading joint stock commercial bank in Vietnam. In 2010, with a vision to put Vietnam on the map for transforming


the global tungsten industry, the Vietnamese company established Masan Resources and acquired a controlling interest in Nui Phao, a world-class polymetallic project in northern Vietnam. Since then, Masan has focused on key areas to complete investment requirements for the project and support its successful development of the

largest tungsten mine in the world. Nui Phao Located in Thai Nguyen Province in northern Vietnam, Nui Phao is the world’s largest tungsten mine, with an estimated reserve of 66 million tons. As the flagship asset to Masan Resources’s portfolio, the polymetallic deposit also includes a

Equipment at processing plant w w w . m a s a n g r o u p . cwow mw. / mc ao smapnarneysuorul .rccoem s


Employees: 30,000

Industry: Specialty Chemicals

Established: 1863

SERVICES: Cytec Solvay Group delivers specialty chemical technologies beyond our customers’ imagination. Our focus on innovation, advanced technology and application expertise enables us to develop, manufacture and sell products that change the way our customers do business. Our pioneering products perform specific and important functions for our customers bringing added value to their markets. Our products serve a diverse range of industries including mining, fumigation, electronics, and pharmaceutical intermediates. ONGOING PROJECTS: Our partnering efforts with our customers allow us to employ our unique chemistry to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, while offering sustainable approaches to these markets. We continue to bring new products to our customers that target their immediate needs, while our market focus enables us to create a next generation products to tackle the industry challenges.

MASAN RESOURCE rare combination of economic mineralalization of fluorspar, bismuth and copper occurring with the tungsten. “I’m only aware of two or three polymetallic deposits in the world,” said Dominic Heaton, CEO of Masan Resources. “A project will typically have one, or maybe two recoverable minerals, but rarely anything like Nui Phao.” According to Heaton, the project originated when a Canadian junior mining company, out exploring for tin prospects, hit on some tungsten anomalies. “By the end of 2004, the company had advanced the project through a feasibility study, including starting the engineering and permitting process, until it sold the project to a local private equity group in 2006. The private equity group ran into trouble raising capital for the project and in 2008, the project went on to care and maintenance, until Masan Group acquired the project in 2010,” said Heaton. According to Masan’s website, Nui Phao mine’s resource was initially estimated by AMEC and re-


Dominic Heaton Chief Executive Officer



One of Australia's largest wholesale suppliers of

SHIJIAZHUANG METS MACHINERY CO., LTD Quality Hose, Valves and Fittings

SHIJIAZHUANG METS MACHINERY CO., LTD (METSLURRY) manufactures slurry pumps, parts, crusher spares, rubber sheet, valves, rubber and PU parts, slurry hose, rubber and lined pipes, ceramic lined pipes, for global mining, quarrying, mineral process, power generation etc. industry. We use FARO 3D reverse engineering design, ab abrasion and corrosion materials forming technology, to supply our genuine clients longer wear life equipments and parts.

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24 Hours Hotline: +86 151 7644 1877 Tel: +86 311 6805 8177 Fax: +86 311 6805 8178 Email:

MASAN RESOURCE estimated in 2011 and 2014 by Cube Consulting, in accordance with the JORC Code. A total of 376 holes were used for resource estimation conducted by Cube Consulting in 2014, of these 78 holes, 8,762 meters were drilled since the previous re-estimation in 2011. In terms of logistics, the project is well-situated as it stretches over an area of 9.21 kilometers in the Dai Tu District, accessible by road via Highway 37, railway via Vinarail railway system, and the Hai Phong port and the new Cai Lan port. “From a project delivery point of view, the project has easy access to good people and resources, and great infrastructure for contractors as well as any imports that need to come into the country,” said Heaton. “Some further works are being done, including better access, but the



Engineers working at open pit


METSLURRY has been committed to supply high quality, value-added manufacturing and services for pumps, valves, and other equipments used in mining processing plant. Till the end of 2014 we have already supplied over 70 direct plants in over 30 countries around the world. Our vision is “ to be your spare parts warehouse”. While mutual respect, honesty and integrity are the policies we apply on what we do and how we conduct our transactions with our valuable clients. Masan Group is our high cherished partner, and we have achieved mutual benefit in our four years cooperation. Meeting the international standard regarding quality, warranty and guaranty policies is our aim to pursue. We are turning to add more products to METSLURRY products portfolio. To be your pumps partner first coming along with other equipments upon request makes us to be your true warehouse and stock in need for your cost down activities. Website:

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IN PARTNERSHIP TO BRING SMART, INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS Today’s mining industry requires smart, innovative and profitable processing solutions. At the world-class polymetallic Nui Phao project, Outotec is proud to be in partnership with Masan Resources.

Learn more about our sustainable solutions at



Engineers working at processing plant



At the world-class polymetallic Nui Phao project, Outotec is proud to be in partnership with Masan Resources. To date, this partnership has led to bulk sulphide flotation circuit improvements through modifications to competitor equipment. Further improvements are planned next year with Outotec’s SkimAir flash flotation cell. The flash cell will process conventional flotation tailings material prior to the tungsten gravity circuit. This innovative circuit redesign demonstrates the benefits of close partnerships between Masan Resources and Outotec. We now look forward to building on these successes and identifying further opportunities for circuit enhancement. Delivering safety, plant availability, performance and ongoing Services support will result in Nui Phao achieving greater business operational efficiencies, reducing costs and improving viability at this flagship site in Vietnam. Our offering is based on decades of technology leadership. We are dedicated to developing and tailoring sustainable technology solutions and life cycle services for our customers in two business areas: Minerals Processing, and Metals, Energy & Water. Website:

w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s










f c

“Trepax is proud to be a part of the Nui Phao success story. We have provided peace of mind to the mine site by protecting their key process assets from wear and corrosion.”






f @




logistics overall are pretty good.” Nui Phao is an open-pit mine with a low strip ratio, making it one of the lowest-cost long-life producers of tungsten in the world. There is also potential to extend the mining life of Nui Phao past the current plans of 20 years.

practices, and tie this to a proven local execution team. “For us, it wasn’t just about having the right people, but rather having the right people in the right role, at the right time,” said Heaton. “For Nui Phao, we needed to build an experienced team to execute our game plan.” The Dream Team Along with the hiring of Heaton, Because execution is the key to Mason Resources secured an success, Masan Resources set instrumental element of the out to meticulously develop a team execution team when they retained of international mining industry Deputy General Vu Hong as part of professionals with extensive regional the acquisition in 2010. experience in building and operating “Mr. Hong has an extensive projects with international best background and experience with



Employees: +300 Established: 1985 Industry: Turn Key Specialist Surface Protection Contractor & Supplier Services: Design, supply and professional installation of quality surface protection solutions for many key industries throughout South East Asia Ongoing Projects: Power Generation, Mining, Chemical Process, Engineering, Warehousing, Industrial Production, Commercial Buildings, Food and Beverage Industries Management: Mr Pongdet Serechetaphongse (CEO), Mr Paul Greenhalgh (Director), Ms Chawtip Lipivechkulkij (Director) Website:

w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s




the project at hand — covering both the social and environmental side of things, including relationship with key people within the community,” said Heaton. Responsible for all Compensation &Resettlement (C&R) activitiesand external relations, Hong has worked on the Nui Phao project since 2004, as well as managed resettlement efforts for over 3,000 families during his career. Heaton brought in Dale Smith as Construction Director and Craig Bradshaw as General Director, adding key components to its team. “Dale was a vital part in the construction aspect of Nui Phao. He created a plan on how we could


Workers working at processing plant


When it comes to gravity table concentration, Deister Concentrator is the company of choice for excellent performance. With proprietary technology, Deister tables are sometimes copied, however performance is never duplicated. Deister works closely with those responsible for every stage of project development. With tables ranging in size from lab to single, double and triple deck tables, Deister’s goal is to recommend the proper sizing and configuration to achieve the highest recoveries possible at the lowest operating cost. As with tables, the Deister cyclones – available in sizes from 2” to 42” – are designed for maximum performance while focusing on customer needs. Deister works with customers to analyze feed rates and particle sizes to determine proper sizing. Whether it’s tables, cyclones, sieve bends or any equipment manufactured by Deister, the focus is the customer and a commitment to quality. Deister recently opened an office in Cornwall, England. For further information, contact Deister at w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s


Huntsman Performance Products is a global manufacturer and marketer of specialty reagents for mineral processing and hydrometallurgy. With more than 40 years’ experience in the global mining industry, we have a track record for introducing innovative new products to market. Worldwide, our mineral processing reagents are used to extract base and precious metals, industrial minerals (phosphates), iron ore, mineral sands and coal. POLYFROTH® frothers, POLYMAX® dispersants, UNIMAX® depressants, POLYPRO® collectors, POLYSIL® coagulants, UNIDRI® filter aids, UNIBIND® dust suppressants and GLYTHERM® heat transfer fluids.




Mining engineer superintending loading operations in open pit



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The longest successful track record of active trading in the non-ferrous raw material industry


Geneva HQ




New Delhi













Santiago Shanghai Hong Kong


Saint Petersburg



Transamine Since 1953

MASAN RESOURCE do the project, as well as building contingency plans around that.” Heaton said. “Bringing on Craig allowed us to look forward into the project, while conducting all the necessary activities to get started. We needed someone with one eye on the long-term while being mindful of the decision making going in the heat of resettlement and construction.” Next the company brought Russell Griffin as Sales & Marketing Director to start building the customer demand ahead of operations, then added former Finance Director with Glencore Xstrata, Wayne Apted, as CFO in 2014.



“We’ve assembled a worldclass management team where everyone played a critical role in getting this project off the ground and into production,” Heaton said. “If you have a clear vision of goals, as well as of your weaknesses and strengths, you have the ability to bring others in and align them with your goals.” Overcoming Challenges The success of Nui Phao didn’t come easy for Masan Resources, as the key milestones included acquiring funding, resolving community resettlement activities


Founded in 1953, Transamine is headquartered in Geneva Switzerland with offices covering five continents and communicating with long term relationships, miners, smelters and refiners. Transamine is the world oldest independent and privately help commodities trading company. A world reputation of employees loyal to core values of integrity and reliability. Transamine works closely with major financial institutions for more than sixty years and look forward to burnishing further as the team takes full stride into the future. Website:

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At CMi, your business is our KPI.

Phone: +61 (8) 6263 4437

Fax: +61 (8) 6263 4444 Email: Street Address: 44 Kings Park Road, West Perth WA 6005 Mailing Address: PO Box 1645, West Perth WA 6872



and training its workforce correctly to run the most efficient operation possible. Funding represented the first challenge for Masan. In 2011, US-based private equity group Mount Kellett Capital Management LP invested $100 million for a 20 percent stake in Masan Resources, including parent company Masan Group, committing over $125 million towards the development of the project. Other investments included $115 million from the Vietnam Development Bank, $90 million by a syndicate of local commercial banks and $80 million by the Standard Chartered Bank, all refinanced in 2015 with local currency bonds at lower costs with longer tenure “Because of Masan Group’s track record and credibility with the private equity


Open Pit


At CMi Technical Services we have built our reputation through simply providing personnel of value for our clients. This has transpired into a broad range of experience in Operations and Maintenance of Processing Plants. Our core applies to Grinding and Crushing circuits, however diversified growth has led to include expertise in CIL, Flotation, Thickening, Beneficiation, Gold Room and Wash Plants to suit todays diverse commodities; such as Gold, Copper, Nickel, Iron Ore, Bauxite, Manganese, Coal and more. Widespread experience across Australasia, Africa, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia means CMi can provide you with the following; • Construction and Installation Teams • Vibration analysis • Commissioning support • Thermal imaging • Specialist maintenance teams for Grinding Mills, Rotary Scrubbers and Crushers • Maintenance trades support and labour supply • Operational and Mechanical Training and Assessment • Operational readiness • Safety management systems. • Engineering design for modifications or small expansion projects (de-bottle necking) • Shaft, Bore and Geometric laser alignment

WITH SGS, NOTHING FALLS THROUGH THE CRACKS SGS’ world class technical expertise and extensive experience supports the commissioning and operation of mines and plants. Our integrated, global approach of specialized solutions and traditional services supports the entire asset lifecycle at any stage and in any location. SGS services enhance value, mitigate cost and maximize your return on investment. Trust SGS as your independent partner for reliable in-plant and production services to help improve efficiency and the bottom line of your operation. Contact SGS today, or SGS IS THE WORLD’S LEADING INSPECTION, VERIFICATION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY



community and leading banks, we were able to obtain a hearing with some different groups to present our case and educate them on the project. The fact that we were able to raise debt capital for an unhedgeable commodity in a challenging global environment is a testament to the potential of Nui Phao.” said Heaton. The second step in furthering the project was the Compensation & Resettlement (C&R) process, affecting seven communes and roughly 1,530 households in six project sectors. Because Masan was commencing a project that originally started in the early 2000s, the company chose to focus on rebuilding the relationships with the three layers of government and the community.


Mining engineer supervising blast hole rig operation


SGS offers an extensive range of integrated technical services for the mining sector, from exploration to closure. We can help you meet technical milestones faster and get to market sooner, with the confidence that your reports meet industry requirements. Partnering with SGS gives you an independent, ethical partner who you can trust to provide transparent and unbiased support to help you gain a competitive advantage. A broad overview of our technical services for hard rock, soft rock and energy minerals includes; • Geological Services • Analytical Services • High Definition • Mineralogy • Metallurgical Testing • In-Plant and Production Services • Process Design and Engineering • Plant Audits and Optimization • On-Site Laboratories • Inspection and Trade Certification Services • Environmental Sustainability SGS has a vast, global network of laboratories, proven experience and unmatched technical expertise. Our value added solutions contain cost, mitigate risk and enhance value.


w w w. c o m p a n y u r l . c o m


Focusing on the

World Goal with the

Real Commitment SUMMA

N.K. CONTRACTING CO., LTD. 53/96 Rangsit-Pathumthani Rd., Tambol Baan-Klang Amphur Muang-Pathumthani, Pathumthani 12000, Thailand

Fabrication and Erection Work Machine Installation, Piping and Insulation Work

Nui Phao Mining Company Ltd. Steel Platework Fabrication and Pipe Spool Rubber Line

Lycopodium Minerals Pty Ltd Terra Nova Technologies, Inc. Bouly Heap Leach Project Bouly HL Stacking System Project – 1903-4000 Platework Conveyors Fabrication Fabrication Work – 48” Heap Leach System

Ausenco Services Pty Ltd Tonkolili Iron Ore Project – Wet Season Mitigation Work

Tel: 66 2 567 1341 Fax: 66 2 567 1346 Email: ; ;



“Vu Hong’s understanding of what commitments have been made previously has been vital to ensuring we maintain our standards within this project,” said Heaton. “His relationships with all levels of community and government have been invaluable to us.” Led by Hong, Masan utilized a progressive resettlement approach with three objectives in mind: minimize impact of land acquisition and other socially adverse impacts, ensure that affected people maintain or improve their economic standards, and ensure project benefits are shared with the people


affected by the project as well as surrounding communities. As part of its commitment, Masan created three resettlement sites: Nam Song Cong, Hung Son 3 and Dong Bong, including an additional site, Hung Song 2 Site, to support the resettlement and economic restoration programs. In total, Masan will resettle 1,925 households over the life of the project, making it the largest resettlement project in the province and one of the largest in Vietnam. Next, Masan undertook its training development works. To achieve this the company partnered with the


We, Summa N.K Contracting Co., Ltd. has provided general contracting services to customer with decades of experience in a wide range of Industrial plants such as Pulp & Paper Mill, Steel plant, MDF & Plywood plant, Starch plant, Power plant, Mineral plant, Glass & Ceramic industries, Petrochemical plant etc. The category of our services provided shall be dedicated but not limited to: • Fabrication and Erection work • Machine Installation • Piping & Insulation work • Electrical work • Civil work Summa N.K. Contracting Co., Ltd. is committed to provide the high quality of services to meet the requirement of the customer and assuring their satisfaction with the most cost effective. Website: w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s




di g d h i t d with , th C tr , Q éb

r d r f i ty r d t F y dT r y i g y i h dq rt r d ,C d



International Quality at Regional Costs Geotech international are specialized geotechnical engineers and contractors working throughout Southeast Asia supplying geotechnical insitu testing including Lugeon permeability testing; and instrumentation design, supply, installation, and performance monitoring to international mining companies

Geotech International Pte. Ltd. 133 New Bridge Road # 25-08 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413

Telephone: +84 4 3513 2763 Email:

Geotech International Vietnam Co., Ltd. So 11, Ngo 51 Hoang Cau O Cho Dua, Dong Da District Hanoi, Vietnam



provincial Department of Labor and Social Affairs to develop and deliver a 15-month paid vocational traineeship program for about 250 projectaffected people. “The training program was a great example of us stepping back to review the necessary requirements and then going about achieving it. Because the workforce was ready in advance, the delays in commissioning allowed us to further their training,” Heaton said. The Centerpiece With all pieces in place, Masan Resources focused on accelerating the project into development — commencing the C&R process, signing Jacobs Engineering and awarding contracts. Construction started in mid-2011 and was

Operations staff

Operations staff in process plant w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s



Queensland South Australia Western Australia

(Australia) Pty Ltd

AHF VALVES (AUSTRALIA) PTY LTD are proud to assist Nui Phao Mining Company with Process Valves and I-Tork Automation products for the world’s largest tungsten mine. AHF VALVES also takes it’s hat off to respect the Masan Resources/NPMC design engineers, plant instrument & maintenance engineers, trainees/operators & procurement personnel that gave AHF VALVES the opportunity together which was focussed on improving plant production campaigns, by showing innovation, commitment, affordability and integrity to obtain positive improved outcomes together.

AHF VALVES (Australia) – Global Performance – Valve & Automation Core Business:

CALL US: +61 7 5539 6540



MASAN RESOURCE completed in less than two years, with commercial production starting during the first quarter of 2014. Since then, Masan Resources has focused on increasing production rates, resulting in more consistent processing throughput and recovery levels. Now in production, Nui Phao is the largest producer of tungsten and among the largest producers of acid-grade fluorspar and bismuth in


the world. “We became the largest producing tungsten miner in the fourth quarter of 2014,” said Heaton. “Nui Phao accounts for 30 percent of the world total supply of tungsten and is also the largest single fluorite mine outside of China and Mexico, accounting for 6-7 percent of total global supply.” Masan Resources has successfully secured the majority of

A part of open pit and crusher w w w. m a s a n g ro u p . c o m / m a s a n re s o u rc e s



Mining engineer supervising blast hole rig operation 58 January 2016

MASAN RESOURCE its revenue stream by aligning with key players in each of its product sectors. In 2012, Masan signed an offtake agreement with NYSE listed CMC Cometals to sell its acid-grade fluorspar to the global industry. Similarly, bismuth is supplied to the world’s largest consumer of bismuth, 5NPlus under a multi-year supply agreement. In copper, Transamine has partnered for the sale and toll conversion of copper concentrates “Both companies have been great partners to work with since we started the project” said Heaton, adding “They have worked with us and introduced out in the market place making sure we met with the right customers at the right time.” Similarly, in 2014, Masan Resources signed a joint venture with H.C. Starck, a global manufacturer of technology metals, to both form a joint venture producing value added tungsten chemicals, as well as purchase a significant share of the tungsten production. “These contracts all represent an interesting partnership play and customer relationship in tungsten, bismuth and fluorspar,” Heaton said. By the end of 2020, Masan Resources aims to become a $2 billion company by achieving growth through mergers and acquisitions in the short term, and mineral exploration for the intermediate and long term. “The Nui Phao project is the engine of Masan Resources,” said Heaton. “I expect big things to come in the next few years.”

Company Information



106 Hoang Quoc Viet St., Cau Gaiy Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam FOUNDED


1,000 – 1,500 PRODUCTS/ SERVICES


In The Right Hands The specialist deconstruction contractor continues to rise to the challenge and provide innovative solutions to the most technically challenging demolition projects throughout Australia. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Glen White



Liberty Industrial’s 230 tonne Liebherr 994 is the largest demolition excavator in the Southern Hemisphere


hat goes up must come down. No one understands that better than Liberty Industrial. Founded in 2008, Liberty Industrial is a leading demolition firm based in New South Wales, Australia, specializing in industrial deconstruction contracting and consulting services. As a major provider of deconstruction, remediation and civil works, the Australian-based company has received international acclaim for completing some of the largest and most technically complex demolition projects in the southern hemisphere to date. 62

January 2016

Offerings Liberty Industrial offers a broad range of integrated capabilities through consultancy and contracting services. The company provides decommissioning and hazardous materials removal, dismantling and demolition, land remediation, site rehabilitation and site preparation services, as well as industrial demolition and closure consulting and engineering services. “We typically undertake very large, complex demolition projects,” said Clinton Dick, Director of Liberty Industrial. “We handle a lot of mining assets and removal, oil refineries,


A 120 tonne excavator was used to apply sufficient inertia to induce the collapse of a 60 metre high, 1000 tonne structure at Liberty Industrial’s Clyde Refinery Removal project

and large power stations. Recently, we’ve been transiting into civil and remediation.” According to Dick, Liberty acquired a civil company in 2014 and has since been transitioning the business into a remediation company, offering a diverse range of services that include: contaminated and hazardous waste remediation, soil stabilization and solidification, bioremediation, bulk excavation, detailed excavation, and offsite disposal of materials. Liberty Industrial is one of the few demolition companies to obtain SAI Global Certificate for Occupational Health & Safety Management System (AS/NZS 4801:2001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2008).

“Australia is the mecca of the mining industry” – Clinton Dick, Liberty

Industrial director

w w w. l i b e r t y i n d u s t r i a l . c o m . a u


ial rty

Ind us tr

CJD Equipment Pty Ltd proudly supports Liberty Industrial in all of their construction equipment needs. Founded in 1974, CJD’s commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of service and support has seen us grow into Australia’s leading privately-owned equipment supplier.

• Proudly


Parts & Service

For over 40 years’ CJD Equipment has supported a diverse range of Australian industry segments. CJD’s representation in a broad number of industries is due to an impressive product portfolio consisting of world-class brands such as Volvo CE.

CJD dealers, service centres and service technicians span the nation, from Australian capital cities to regional country towns and mining centres. CJD’s Spare Parts Division is a fully integrated network, backed by highly skilled personnel and a computerised parts tracking system. So no matter your location, you have the support of CJD 24/7.

Toll Free: 1300 139 804



g rtin o pp


e Lib



“We have the right environmental and accredited people on board and we’re starting to see some great results from the work we’re generating,” said Dick. “Australia is the mecca of the mining industry and we’re getting a lot of closure projects for demolition and remediation work here.” “It’s something we wanted to offer our clients,” said Dick. “We want to be a one-stop-shop.” Competitive advantage Because Liberty handles some of the largest and most challenging projects Australia has to offer, client expectations and concerns are at an all-time high. The Australian firm has built a solid reputation for exceeding expectations by delivering safe, effective results on time and on budget. The company does this through state-of-the-art 3D structural modeling and analysis technology under its partnership with Applied Science International (ASI). “The software allows us to put together a visual of the structure and showcase our capabilities to the client,” said Dick. “Other

competitors don’t have that ability. It’s a terrific tool and helps set us apart from our competitors.” ASI’s Applied Element Method (AEM), coupled with Extreme Loading for Structures (ELS), is the world’s first tool to accurately analyze and simulate ‘real-time’ structural collapse from the point of loading through cracking, element separation, and total collapse. The unique simulation technology allows Liberty to model a structure and then run and test several different plans and ‘what-if’ scenarios. The software gives them the ability to visually demonstrate what will happen in any given scenario to the client. “These structures are massive and often weigh around 20,000 tons and stand at 100 meters tall. It’s not easy to just make them collapse and have them to go where you want,” explained Dick. “So the tool allows us to show the client how we’ll handle the project.” “We’re able to undertake workshops with clients and show them what we’ve done in the past,” Dick added. The software also enhances

w w w. l i b e r t y i n d u s t r i a l . c o m . a u


The BHP Billiton Boodarie HBI Facility prior to demolition



Liberty’s commitment to safety. The ASI Australia 3D modeling is utilized to simulate falling structure thereby reducing the project risks by simulating the activity before actual execution. Projects and awards Liberty Industrial’s impressive portfolio of completed projects needs no introduction as their latest and most extensive work includes: Boodarie HBI Facility From May 2011 till May 2012, Liberty Industrial commenced the deconstruction work on the Boodarie project in the Pilbara region of Western Australian. The project, which was commissioned by BHP Billiton – the world’s largest mining company – required the demolition of a briquetting structure, a reactor structure and a

gas plant. The project presented a unique challenge for the company as the removal of the reactor – measuring 104 meters high – represented the largest demolition project undertaken in the southern hemisphere in 15 years. With skill and grace, Liberty Industrial completed the projects in just 12 months. Hlsmelt Facility Another award-winning project by Liberty Industrial includes the dismantling and relocation of Rio Tinto’s High Intensity Smelting (HIsmelt) facility in Kwinana, Western Australia. The project was the first of its kind involving the complex dismantling of significant components of industrial plant, which had never been attempted in Australia. According to the company,

“Winning Explosive Contractor of the Year really showcases Liberty’s diversity and skill set within the demolition industry” –—Clinton Dick, Liberty Industrial director w w w. l i b e r t y i n d u s t r i a l . c o m . a u



Mechanical demolition of structures at Liberty Industrial’s Clyde Refinery Removal Project

more than 7,000 tons of industrial plant and equipment including four bulk shipments of over 18,000 cubic meters and 300 shipping containers of plant and equipment were salvaged and shipped 7,600 kilometers away to Shandong Province in China. Over 2,000 bulk units were methodically dismantled, cleaned to export standard, match 68

January 2016

marked, labeled, recorded and packed, with each item given clear instructions on how to be reassembled in China. Hammerhead Crane In 2014, Liberty Industrial was commissioned by the Department of Defence for the deconstruction of


the historic Hammerhead Crane in Woolloomooloo, NSW. Along with the removal of the structure, the project had a substantial salvage component for the preservation of numerous historically significant components of the crane. “With the preservation of some of Australia’s richest and rarest industrial and maritime heritage,

the project showcases Liberty Industrial’s dismantling and salvage capabilities, reinforcing our position in the industry as deconstruction specialists,” said Dick. Shell Clyde Refinery Liberty Industrial is currently underway with the demolition w w w. l i b e r t y i n d u s t r i a l . c o m . a u



and removal of the former Shell Clyde Refinery in New South Wales. The 18-month project was commissioned by Viva Energy Australia and part of the Clyde Terminal Conversion Project. “The project entails the removal of the refinery as well as a 70

January 2016

redevelopment project, including a remediation process, to convert the refinery site into a fuel import terminal facility,� said Dick. According to Dick, planning and preparations for the project are under way for future and a controlled explosive demolition is


scheduled for early 2016. The culmination will see five chimney stacks demolished concurrently through the controlled use of explosives. Accolades Liberty Industrial continues to be a force to be reckoned with and it shows in the accolades they receive. “Last year was a big year for us. We won the World Industrial Demolition and the overall 2014 World Demolition Award for the HISmelt project, which was one of the largest jobs in the country. It was an extremely large demolition and the remediation was enormous at 100,000 cubic meters.” This year, the company was a finalist in two categories – Contractor of the Year, and Explosive Contractor of the Year – for the 2015 World Demolition Award for their Omega Tower Demolition and Hammerhead Crane Deconstruction Project. The company took home the Explosive Award for their demolition work of the Omega Transmission Tower, which is reserved for unusually complex or demanding demolitions involving the use of controlled explosives. “We’re extremely excited to win this award,” said Dick. “It really showcases Liberty’s diversity and skill set within the demolition industry.” For Liberty, the recent awards only confirm what hard work, dedication and strong teamwork can achieve.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Mining, oil and gas, energy, defence HEADQUARTERS

95-99 Bridge Road Sydney New South Wales Australia, 2037 EMPLOYEES

Not Disclosed REVENUE


Demolition, civil, remediation

w w w. l i b e r t y i n d u s t r i a l . c o m . a u


Merging heritages As the second largest American packaging company, the newly formed WestRock looks to become the preferred partner and unrivaled provider of paper and packaging solutions on a global scale. Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Phil Duran



WestRock is listed on the NY Stock Exchange


eadquartered in Richmond, Virginia, WestRock is a renowned packaging company specializing in consumer and corrugated packaging solutions. The company, which supplies everything from pizza boxes and beverage packs to paperboard for packaging and shipping containers, has earned a reputation for 74

January 2016

delivering products and services with uncompromising quality and reliability, becoming a leading global partner in the process. Roots WestRock was conceived in January 2015 when historic packaging companies MeadWestvaco Corporation (MWV)


and Rock-Tenn Company agreed to merge, marrying the two companies to form a $16-billion packaging powerhouse. The merger was finalized in July 2015. “RockTenn and MWV have a heritage in paper board and the creation of WestRock represents a historic milestone in our industry,” said Ariel Winton, Supply Chain Manager for WestRock Australia and New Zealand. For WestRock, the merger represents two

“RockTenn and MWV have a heritage in paper board, and the creation of WestRock represents a historic milestone in our industry”– Ariel Winton, Supply Chain Manager

w w w. w e s t r o c k . c o m


Steve Voorhees Chief Executive Officer

highly complementary organizations – both of which have been operating in some form for longer than a century – coming together to create a company with leadership positions in the global consumer and corrugated packaging markets. According to Winton, the newly formed company still maintains its Australian and New Zealand identities. “We’re local to Australia and New Zealand, so understanding our customers’ unique requirements in this part of the world is central to our value proposition,” said Winton. What They Do Best 76

January 2016

Ward Dickson - Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

WestRock has become the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-speed, flexible packaging equipment. The company designs and manufactures customisable, fully automatic equipment for food and beverage secondary packs, backed by around the clock engineering support. “We manage the logistics, the installation and the engineering around these machines in order to make it as easy as possible for the customer,” said Winton. “This allows us to have a level of control that ensures quality, reliability and the machine’s performance.”


Machinery CPEmerge

As a vertically integrated business, WestRock also designs and supplies the packs that run through the equipment, and hold over 2,000 packaging patents. According to Winton, “This is the result of a vast body of knowledge which translates to world-class efficiencies for our customers.” The company has 275 operating and business locations. Winton said the company leverages its global networks to ensure best practice and leading innovation is shared locally. “Not many businesses cover the full range of products and services we handle,” added Winton. The newly formed WestRock has already earned some prestigious awards. In October 2015, WestRock won the Lion New Zealand, Acting With Integrity Award, for exceptional performance on key metrics and dedication to continuous

“Everyone here, not just the customer service department, is focused on the customers” – Ariel Winton, Supply Chain Manager

w w w. w e s t r o c k . c o m


Innovative packaging solutions for consumer goods & industrial markets

T +64 979 3800 F +64 979 3801 E

12-14 Lockhart Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland New Zealand

Contact us to discuss how our packaging solutions can support your business

OC23393 11.2015

Orora Cartons are proud manufacturers of award-winning high quality folding cartons utilising offset printing, die cutting and gluing technology. Leaders in the NZ market, we pride ourselves on quality products and personable service.

WESTROCK improvement. WestRock was also the recipient of the 2015 Value Excellence Supplier Award from SC Johnson, winning the award for its focus on operational continuous improvements. Environmental responsibility At WestRock, the company maintains its stewardship of the natural resources it uses and strives to be a good corporate citizen. The company has outlined specific paths to ensure the health of forests through its Sustainable Forestry Practices, Sustainable Forestry Certifications, and its Landowner


Outreach and Research programs. “From a corporate level, we have a wide array of sustainability goals,” said Winton. “And we continue to work hard to achieve them.” With 23 recycling facilities, the company is one of the largest recyclers in the world — recovering, processing and selling approximately seven million tons of recycled products annually as well as providing comprehensive recycling and waste solutions. The company is also leading the way in utilizing integrated programs to assist customers in managing waste streams, extracting as much

Reels of paperboard w w w. w e s t r o c k . c o m



Bob Beckler President, Packaging Solutions

recyclable material as possible, increasing revenue generated from recyclable materials and supporting customers’ sustainability program. The company works with its suppliers to understand their sustainability needs and help them achieve them. Customers, Innovation and Operational Excellence WestRock is more than just a paper supplier — it’s a solutions provider, and the company is steadfast in 80

January 2016

Bob McIntosh Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

its commitment to customers, innovation and operational excellence. “We have a two-prong approach to our business. The first is obviously our packaging products, but the second is supplying the packaging line and machinery to the customer,” said Winton. The company has assembled a world-class packaging team — employing 42,000 people in 30 countries worldwide — to supply and service the unique needs of


local and global customers, ensuring quality, reliability and great service along the way. “Everyone here, not just the customer service department, is focused on the customers,” explained Winton. “We all understand it and we strive to continuously improve.” Collaboration is another important aspect to the company. According to Winton, cross-functional collaboration plays a critical role in helping WestRock meet the needs of their customers, therefore delivering on what they promise. “The collaboration I see within our team here at WestRock, and with our supply partners adds so much more value than a typical transactional relationship,” said Winton. “Our key suppliers are an extension of our business and we maintain long standing relationships with them.” In terms of innovation, WestRock strives to understand the consumer and aims to turn collaboration and consumer insight into distinctive designs for their customers. The company continues to work closely with customers to deliver low-cost, high-value packaging and marketing solutions to a wide range of markets. “In our industry, personalization has garnered a lot of growing interest and it’s something we’re actively looking at,” said Winton. “It’s something that hasn’t been attempted in our sector but as innovators, it’s something we’re looking to achieve. It’s really an example of ideas driving execution.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Suite 202, Level 2, 2 Burbank Place Baulkham Hills FOUNDED


42,000 REVENUE


Packaging and containers

w w w. w e s t r o c k . c o m


The unsung hero

Martin Brower has taken a road less traveled on its journey to the top of the supply chain industry Written by: Eric Harding Produced by: Phil Duran



Newcastle DC


ot just anybody can work for a company like Martin Brower. The ideal employee must have not just an ability, but a talent, to think differently. Employees like these have set up Martin Brower to support the second-best supply chain in the world and the world’s largest distributor for McDonald’s, in addition to handling distribution for Coca-Cola in parts of the US. But in an interesting turn of events, this company chooses to think more about its people and the success stories within its ranks. Unsung hero Martin Brower views itself as an 84

January 2016

extension of the McDonald’s supply chain in Australia and New Zealand. In addition to being a traditional logistics provider, the company also provides value-added services such as promotions and supplier production planning in markets like Australia and Canada. In Australia & New Zealand, Martin Brower services 1,111 restaurants and makes an average of two-anda-half deliveries a week to each. Martin Brower has managed over 160 new menu introductions to McDonald’s this year alone. “We have a strong link with our customer; we’re pretty much an extension of them,” said Head of


Supply Chain Karin Freeman. McDonald’s will research a menu concept, assign suppliers, negotiate prices to manufacture and we will take it from there. “We provide fantastic analytical support, both in promotions and standard products across Australia and New Zealand. In addition, we also do the Happy Meal planning for New Zealand, and source and distribute all operational supplies.” A former McDonald’s employee herself, Freeman led the McDonald’s supply chain in her native South Africa for seven years before spending the past six years at Martin Brower. “One of the key things about where I am today in my career is that I’ve been fortunate to spend several years in leadership positions and being selective of who I work for throughout my career,” said Freeman. “That shrewdness just adds further to my experience. “When I joined Martin Brower, they were on a journey and they needed people on board to help drive it. As a result, it’s been one of the most transformational supply chains in Australia.”

“It’s almost like we are building a plane in the air. We’re flying it and we’re building it at the same time. The skill set for people to thrive in this environment is very unique” – Karin Freeman, Martin Brower head of supply chain

Thinking left field While there is some glamour in being the logistics provider for one of the world’s largest companies, the role also brings a large amount of responsibility along with it. “We had to transform ourselves and the only way to do that was to re-engineer our supply chain to adapt,” said Freeman. w w w. m a r t i n b r o w e r. c o m




“We take really high personalities and train them up. It’s been a beautiful blend” – Karin Freeman, Martin Brower head of supply chain


January 2016

With a very unique environment, customer culture and constantly changing procedures, Freeman said her team is forced to make decisions very quickly and on the fly in order to meet client expectations. “It’s almost like we are building a plane in the air. We’re flying it and we’re building it at the same time. The skill set for people to thrive in this environment is very unique. It’s almost like you’re looking for a sales person who is a great communicator, has analytical skills and has some production planning experience. On top of


that, a bonus is if they have some McDonald’s experience. To find all of that is almost impossible.” With the help of its ace recruiting company Button Face, headed up by Executive Consultant Art Purdie, Martin Brower was able to change its entire recruitment and talent retainment strategy. Because it’s so difficult to find the right fit, Martin Browner relies on having a good recruiter who knows

what the company is looking for. “Through Button Face, Art has really cleaned the process up for us. He gives his own view on the candidates, which is different than most recruiters. The supply chain area has really been an aspect he’s excelled in. We’re quite happy with the way it works and we don’t see anything changing.” “We take really high personalities and train them up,” said Freeman. w w w. m a r t i n b r o w e r. c o m




“It’s been a beautiful blend. I think there’s something to be said for the talent you bring on board and how they can adapt to these changes. “I know by the time they get through to my table for the second interview that they are the best of the best and if given half the chance, will make it. They’ve got the drive, the energy and they can run with the pace.” The right training for the right people With a high focus on safety and an employee orientation plan that spans two weeks, new employees spend time with a variety of different people within their first few days on the job. There’s also a six-month probationary period for evaluations. In addition, Martin Brower gives employees 30-,


MB truck & driver


Employees: 5 Established: 2014 Industry: FMCG, Retail and Wholesale Services: Supply Chain Planners, Inventory Planners, Replenishment Planners, Merchandise Planners, Demand Planners, Category Managers, Supply Analysts, Promotions Analysts, Logistics and Warehouse and Transport Management. We are a forward thinking National agency with a left of centre approach to Recruitment, We are the new breed of culture recruiters and we minimize turnover within our clients. We are the new faces of Recruitment!!! Management: Art Purdie, National Recruitment Manager Please email our National Recruitment Manager on

w w w. m a r t i n b r o w e r. c o m



DC dry above 60- and 90-day plans, providing a list of skills and milestones they need to develop during training. Meanwhile, managers meet with them to gauge their comfort level. The training is essentially a buddy system, where Martin Brower puts new employees with a manager and a more experienced employee to show them everything they need to do. According to Freeman, it can take up to 18 months for a new supply chain employee to fully grasp all aspects of the job. “The complexity of the training 90

January 2016

program is high because there are so many things that come with experience. We love to give employees a well-rounded experience, which is both operational customer facing and supply chain,” said Freeman. “Once you’ve planned a promotion from start to finish, you start seeing how everything fits into place.” On top of their game “Being a McDonald’s supplier doesn’t just fall in your lap,” said Freeman. “You have to work very


hard, and you have to be extremely agile. We’ve changed our whole supply chain to be that.” Since there is no interface technology that works with every supplier, there is a need for a platform that is common throughout. In the supply planning space, the only collaborative program in place to help with operations is Microsoft Excel. Martin Brower has created an advanced version of the program, which gives visibility in any situation and at any point in time during a promotion. “We’ve optimized it so much to make it simple for suppliers,” said Freeman. “What they see is very simple and easy, but on our end, it is an analytical monster.” On the replenishment side, Martin Brower recently implemented JDA Manugistics in 2014. The company uses this tool to do all of its forecasting for both its standard products, as well as promotion management. Next, the company integrates this forecast into Excel so both the replenishment and the supply planning teams receive the same information. This allows them to quickly notice if things are going wrong. “We’re looking to simplify that process,” said Freeman. “Next year, we’ll begin working with McDonald’s on restaurant replenishment which is a big ticket item for both of us. “As we move into the future, Martin Brower intends to continue to drive innovation for our customers as they evolve,” Freeman said.

Company Information INDUSTRY


20 Bowmans Road Kings Park, NSW Australia, 2148 FOUNDED



USD $14 billion

w w w. m a r t i n b r o w e r. c o m


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