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A RADICAL REVOLUTION How one company’s entrepreneurial spirit is reshaping the skateboard industry



I hope you’re as excited for this month’s issue as I am! The story topics for August revolve around thought leadership, technology leaders as well as the best places to do business. In addition, we’ll take a close, in-depth look at the man behind Caterpillar’s largest distributor, Hastings Deering CEO Dean Hehmet. Our thought leadership feature is one I’m particularly delighted about, as we explore the creation, development and expansion of American surf-and-skate startup Jelly Skateboards, which will be making its way to Australia in the near future. Three years into the company’s existence, Jelly Skateboards president and co-founder Sven Alwerud discussed his innovative bulletproof skateboards, the company’s philanthropic work and how he intends to make an impact on the Australian market. Next Alexandra Tselios, the founder of one of Australia’s top opinion sites The Big Smoke, will discuss technological barriers for retail companies going digital. Tselios will look at reasons retailers are beginning to put funds into online strategies as the industry continues adapting to today’s society. And finally, Business Review Australia reveals the top-10 international cities for Aussies to do business. This is a good read for executives contemplating business expansion or relocation, providing them the top places for them to consider. Can you guess which city takes the top spot? Enjoy the issue!





Dean Mehmet: Constructing a legacy

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Jelly Skateboards: Reinventing the Australian skate industry

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Technology Barriers in Australia for Retailers Going Digital

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Most Lucrative Cities for Australian Business





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COMPANY OF THE MONTH 44 Hastings Deering

MINING 60 Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group [Association]

Hastings Deering

68 Association of Mining and Exploration Companies Inc [Association]



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August 2015

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CONSTRUCTION 90 Tasmanian Major

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Agency [Association]

160 South Taranaki

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170 PPC Moulding

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of Sustainable

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198 Charlesworth Nuts

180 A.H. Beard 5




6 August 2015





CEO PROFILE “I’M FIRST GENERATION, born of immigrant parents who came to Australia from Europe,” explained Dean Mehmet, CEO of Hastings Deering. “I grew up in a multi-cultural country that represents a variety of values and ethnic backgrounds. I feel very lucky to have experienced life in such a diverse culture: It has allowed me to understand that there are a lot of different people in this world, and that we can all make a difference once we accept these differences.” In addition to altruism and kindness, diversity seems to be a theme for Mehmet, both personally and professionally: his career has consisted more of forging paths than merely following trails. Mehmet’s experience covers the “…full gamut of both functional and operational roles leading up to the more general management roles,” he explained, which includes roles within engineering, sales, marketing, business development, and mergers and acquisitions. As of 2014, he was able to add another role to his impressive resume: after a mere two years as COO of Hastings Deering (the largest Cat 8 August 2015

dealer network in Australia), Mehmet was promoted to CEO. Q. What do you believe are the most important qualities of a leader? I believe in values-based leadership: our values drive our behaviour. They are what define us and how we make decisions and they drive people to take ownership and be accountable.

A good leader is someone who can live by their values and the values of the organization that they aspire to grow a culture in; someone whose behavior consistently matches those values. This is something we aspire toward at Hastings Deering by being consistent in our approach to all matters, whether with a customer, an employee or even a shareholder: Our

core values are always our foundation. Q. What drives you to want to succeed? What is the origin of your ambition? My ultimate driver is making a difference, building on the successes of the past and helping to improve. I want to leave a legacy where this business – and culture of this business – is stronger than ever before. 9


Q. How do you measure success? Our customers often tell us what they like and what they don’t like, so we measure [ourselves based on] their satisfaction—which should always be improving. We also look to our shareholders to ensure we provide the right return, and our relationship with the communities we live and work in is also a good indicator. Hastings Deering has a large geographic footprint extending across 10 August 2015

multiple towns and cities across four countries, and being a part of those communities—being respected within those communities—is very important. For me personally, success is the legacy of leaving something behind when I am no longer here; something that is sustainable and better than it was yesterday. Q. How do you remain inspired in your day-to-day activities? Knowing that our people work their


hardest to give customers the best service in the marketplace inspires me. I get inspired by wandering around the business; by going to see customers; by experiencing the success stories in which we have helped improve lives because of the products and services we’ve provided. I’m also inspired by good behavior that matches the values that we aspire to; seeing people act with absolute integrity, even if it doesn’t always benefit the organization but because

it is the right thing to do, inspires me every day. Externally, there are so many people out there who want to make a difference and do better; people who strive to create a better tomorrow. Seeing that really does inspire me to do more as well. Q. How do you inspire others? We communicate with our employees consistently to not only explain “what” we are doing but fundamently “why”— 11


12 August 2015


why we are doing what we are doing and how that fits in with our core values and the aspirations of our corporation and customers. Additionally, we don’t just discuss the organization but also provide our people the broader picture - what’s going on in the world and in the markets we are dealing with. One of our largest mining clients recently hosted a workshop at his site and afterwards told me that the most engaged people – and the most difficult questions he received – were from Hastings Deering. He commended us on our ability to educate our people about what is going on outside the four walls of just our company. Q. What traits do you look for when hiring new staff? The assessment process at Hastings Deering begins with an evaluation of core values and beliefs—there are a lot of psychometric tests one can do to easily ascertain those traits. We also look for a diversity of background and a diversity of thought. For us, diversity has many, many facets, and gender is clearly important as this has historically been

a male-dominated environment, at least in Australia. Having a company that looks more like the world we live in is important and we as an organization are trying to address this. More importantly, there are a variety of different backgrounds and experiences that people have brought from different cultures and organizations: We look to bring that diversity of experience into the business to give us broader, more rounded and (hopefully!) better decision-making abilities. Q. What is your go-to question during interviews? “Give me an example of a time when you were part of a team that made a difference.” The answer isn’t really important; I get people to talk through the part they played and how it made them feel, which links right back to the values piece. You can get a really good idea about a person when they explain a time they feel they made a difference. Q. What made you want to join the Hastings Deering team? I’ve worked in the industry that Hastings Deering supports for many, 13


14 August 2015


many years, and this organization’s reputation in the marketplace for delivering best quality service from the best people – and being an organization that acts with integrity and does not backout on its word – really is second-to-none. When I finally joined the organization, I was also able to see the quality of the people: a company does not have a positive reputation based on quality and innovation without having some of the best people out there [on the team]. We recently celebrated an employee’s 50th anniversary with the organization – 50 years! Q. What is the most rewarding part of your current role? Watching people grow and being the best they can possibly, helping our customers do their jobs and improve productivity, and providing value to shareholders. “Treat others as you want to be treated,” Mehmet replied when asked to describe the most important qualities of a leader. A similar response was given when asked to reveal the “secret”

behind Hastings Deering’s continued success in a competitive – and often tumultuous – industry. And – not surprisingly – he remained consistent when providing a similar answer about the alignment of his personal morals with Hastings Deering’s professional values. The consistency in these answers is quite refreshing and genuine: Mehmet leads by example, practices what he preaches and maintains his core values both inside and outside of the office. Seems like he was born to lead.

Who is your role model?

My father: He taught me honesty, humility and to have a bit of fun

What are you currently reading? A book on big data titled

Where the World is Going with Technology

Describe your perfect day off Spending quality time with the people I love, talking about anything other than work





LEADERSHIP THE SKATEBOARDING INDUSTRY is cyclical in nature, with innovation behind every curve. Like ripples in a pond, they seem to begin in California and reverbrate out into other markets. Since embracing skating in the early ‘60s, Australia has more or less mirrored U.S. styles and trends. Good weather, high-class facilities and a high standard of living have all contributed to a skate-friendly environment that has promoted a local industry with a lot of international attention. San Diego-based skate company Jelly Skateboards is pushing the boundaries of what is known in the skate industry. Integrating aspects from skating, snowboarding and surfing into one board, the Jelly Skateboard is innovating and challening the norm—and Australians can expect the product to hit the market soon. From bearings to bullets President and co-founder Sven Alwerud, 25, was skating across campus as a business major just 10 short years ago. Today, he runs a start-up company that is valued at US$ 650,000 and is expected to continue to see massive growth. 18 August 2015

Jelly - Windansea The idea behind Jelly Skateboards began like many other great innovations: boredom. When Alwerud and his friend (now co-founder) Cody Leuck were 15-years-old, they called upon Alwerud’s father, Sven Sr., to help them build a skateboard. A robotics engineer and the founder of Inventek Engineering, Sven Sr. recommended the boys use two-use polycarbonate—the same material

that is used to coat bank windows and the canopy of fighter jets to make them bulletproof. The result was an impassable, optically transparent, 100 per cent recyclable skateboard. “It just kind of happened organically,” Alwerud recalled during a recent interview. “We did everything else, so we thought, ‘What else can we try? How about a clear board?’” After forgetting about the project and having it resurface years later

when relocating, Alwerud reclaimed the board and began to use it as his mode of transportation during his college years. The rest, as they say, is history. Alwerud contacted Leuck, who was studying to become a manufacturing engineer, and the duo began production of the first set of Jelly Skateboards. Currently, the company sells 5001,000 units within a three-month 19


Jelly Longboard Sven lifestyle

time span, but Alwerud is looking to increase that number to 4,000 units. With several other innovative additions such as BLOCK Risers that allow for a camera mount, light or storage space to be placed underneath the board, Jelly Skateboards is in a position to change the skate industry once again. International expansion Jelly Skateboards is already in some of the biggest retail outlets in the U.S., 20

August 2015

such as Sun Diego and Blueline Surf and Paddle Co., as well as smaller international stores in New Zealand, Sweden, France, French Indie Islands, Puerto Rico and Saint Lucia. Alwerud is also in the process of talking to buyers from skating giants Quicksilver, Billabong and O’Neill in Australia, where he’s looking to hit the market this Christmas. “Australia is definitely the next territory we want to hit,” Alwerud said. “For the last three years, we’ve really


been hammering at the U.S. market and have made a lot of strides getting into retail stores, but we get online orders and emails from Australia every week. We’ve noticed an uptick in sales in that region.” While acknowledging international expansion certainly has its challenges—such as the high cost of shipping—Alwerud quickly discovered one of the best ways to grow his brand was through attending trade shows. In fact, Jelly Skateboards’ presence

at the world-famous watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow “Surf Expo” was one of the main reasons the company initially appeared in international shops. “You have your product out and there are thousands of people walking by it for three days,” said Alwerud. “All the big influencers are there.” Alwerud said with Australia and the United States being in two different hemispheres and having opposite seasons, it keeps the surf-and-skate 21




season relevant year-round at a consistent pace. He also praised Aussies for creating the surf-and-skate lifestyle, which has had a big influence on the U.S. “Australians pretty much started the whole surf culture,” Alwerud said. “Billabong started [in Australia] and is the biggest surf-and-skate-lifestyle brand out there. Australians are very similar to Californians as far as the whole surf-and-skate culture, so we definitely see a large demographic there that is very similar to California.” Partnering with Life Rolls On Jelly Skateboards provides a unique riding experience, as the clear, bulletproof polycarbonate enhances the technical aspects of skating— increased stability, improved durability and functionality. Not only are the boards unique in their design, but BLOCK Risers are another innovation that adds value and intrigue to the product. Alwerud is the first licensee for BLOCK Risers, a revolutionary skate product that can be used on any and every skateboard. This adds an aspect of functionality to the skateboards, as consumers will be able to slide a GoBLOCK or StashBLOCK into the

universal BettyBOX Riser underneath the board. “Skateboards were just the start of the innovation,” states the company’s website. “We’ve reinvented the way your skateboard accommodates your lifestyle.” The GoBLOCK mount can have a sports action camera easily attached so riders can film themselves, while the StashBLOCK provides riders storage space for money or keys underneath the board. In the future, Jelly Skateboards plans to create a light customers will be able to slide into the BettyBOX for use at night, as well as a lock to prevent theft. “I think BLOCK Risers will be the next big thing because it’s a universal product that works on every board in the industry,” said Alwerud. “This block is ingenious and there are so many more things we’ll come out with that slide into the BettyBOX. Whatever our customers want, we’re going to make. The possibilities are endless.” But Jelly Skateboards is about more than its product and profits. Its Indiegogo campaign for the debut of BLOCK Risers is aligned with the foundation Life Rolls On. The non-profit 23



Month 2014


organisation was founded by Jessie Billauer who broke his neck during a surfing accident when he was 17. The organisation’s mission is providing a way to gather the community and have able-bodied people help out the disabled population. This is intended to allow people to see the inspiring moments that take place so people can appreciate things better in their daily lives. Over the years, Life Rolls On has educated over 100,000 people on spinal cord injuries and has been named an official charity of the U.S. Open. Alwerud heard of Billauer’s story years ago when he appeared on a feature surf film called “Step Into Liquid.” He later met a friend of Billauer’s, Ari Hoffman, who recommended Life Rolls On and is now the owner and COO for BLOCK Risers Innovation. It didn’t take much convincing for Alwerud to join the cause and now 50 per cent of Jelly Skateboards and BLOCK Riser profits are dedicated to Life Rolls On. “When we started this Indiegogo campaign, we wanted to have a cause

behind it because we felt if people are donating to our cause to grow our brand, we want to at least give back to a good cause, as well,” Alwerud explained. “It’s one of the coolest organisations that I’ve ever been a part of.” What’s next for the company? Jelly Skateboards continues to innovate the skate industry and is ready to enter Australia. Alwerud is confident the product will appeal to the Australian market for a variety of reasons. “Jelly Skateboards encompass everything about surfboards and snowboards,” he said. “The way the board flexes is the exact same flow you would see on a snowboard, while the way your body rides with the board feels just like surfing. It’s unlike anything out there.” “I think Australians would love this board, because they’re very green in terms of the products that they buy and are very conscious of how it’s going to impact the environment,” he added. “Also, [the boards] are clear. No one has really seen a 100 per cent optical clear board before.”



TECHNOLOGY BARRIERS IN AUSTRALIA FOR RETAILERS GOING DIGITA As the industry continues to change, retailers are putting funds into online strategies Written by: Alexandra Tselios


August 2015



TECHNOLOGY WHEN YOU CONSIDER that the Australian Bureau of Statistics release statistics such as “three out of four internet users shop online,’ if you are in the world of bricks and mortar retail you are likely to sit up and take notice. In fact, 2014 online spending in Australia accounted for $15.9 billion and was mostly dominated by people between the ages of 25-54. These statistics are causing the traditional retail industry to cultivate new ways of reaching buyers, but if you don’t understand the digital landscape, it can be an overwhelming and expensive process of trial and error. The changing role of retail stores mean several retailers are looking to put money toward a digital strategy, in hope of attracting a portion of consumers who spent a majority of their money via online transactions. Add into the mix that mobile spending has become a critical component of digital buying, retailers are in a situation where it is no longer enough to know the ins and outs of their industry, but also what is happening in the digital arena as well. The reality is consumers are locating stores with their mobile phones, checking prices before 28

August 2015

purchasing and scanning QR codes in addition to ‘checking in’ via social media. Consumers are savvier than ever with comparison sites making transparency the reason some retailers do better than others. Initially, the comparison concept was dominated in the travel,

hospitality and finance space. But with inclusions of innovative tools such as Shopping Ninja from Invigor Group—a free plug-in for all Australians to find the best price for white goods or even alcohol— retailers are required to start paying attention to their offering and ease

of access for new customers. Savvy Australians are fast focusing on the best deal, for the least amount of money. I am not here to convince retailers to embrace digital. The facts speak for themselves and there will always be retailers who shun digital and still do well. But for those who require a 29



digital strategy it is worth taking into account the mistakes retailers have made prior and learning from them, while also embracing the tools that are available to small businesses. Lost cost opportunities to test tools include taking advantage of free 30 day trials to decide if your business can actually benefit from their offering. An initial barrier, unless you are a major retailer or have spent some time cultivating a large online following, is to permeate the channels where your potential customers spend a lot of their time. With research telling us that the average young Australian checks their Facebook every 31 seconds— let’s start there.

“Creating a Facebook page costs nothing, and is an important part of any company’s online presence.” ” - Alexandra Tselios, founder of The Big Smoke

Facebook Creating a Facebook page costs nothing, and is an important part of any company’s online presence. A great way to test what customers will like is by embracing a hybrid approach of Facebook and Instagram. Twitter has proven to be less beneficial to Australian businesses and more about building personal brands, which is why it pays to focus on it if you’re a journalist focused on nurturing your own individual following, but less so if you are trying to sell a product. One of the first impediments I see is that unless a business is prepared to spend $500+ a month boosting individual posts on their Facebook page; it is becoming increasingly hard to reach the people who already like your stuff— let alone new customers who may convert into sales. So this needs to be part of your strategy but not your entire focus. The reason we initially created our marketplace, The Emporium, was for brands that were unable to fund large Facebook advertising campaigns or Google Adwords. We created a browsing experience for our readers, to discover and share exciting brands 31


they are probably not going to hear of easily. The core values of this component of our business were about visibility and consistency for brands with smaller budgets. Instagram Similarly, Instagram is a great way to connect with potential consumers with the right use of hashtags, and using it as a way to show people the 32

August 2015

behind the scenes of your business is very beneficial. At The Big Smoke, we are hardly going to do well to just screenshot an article and slap it on Instagram hoping people will visit the site and read our content. So our strategy then becomes focused more around a ‘peek inside TBS’ where we post funny pictures, images of staff and the people who build the brand. That

has resulted in a higher engagement and hopefully stronger brand equity. Retailers are in a unique position to tell their story to consumers in ways that were previously far too expensive to explore. Short videos shared on Instagram, to behind the scenes Facebook posts, allow consumers to connect to a retailer in a personal way. Google AdWords A barrier often faced by many retailers is the daunting task of understanding the analytics of what happens when they get involved in Google Adwords or programmatic advertising campaigns.

“2014 online spending in Australia accounted for $15.9 billion and was mostly dominated by people between the ages of 25-54.� - Alexandra Tselios, founder of The Big Smoke 33


Too often, they will slap a lot of money into an ad exchange hoping to see quick sales conversions, only to find that consumer behaviour does not necessarily align with what such offerings provide in return. The reality is response rates occur during a period of time, with research suggesting that only 2.5 per cent of consumers actively click on an ad 34

August 2015

resulting in a purchase. That is if their ad blockers haven’t hidden you already (or replaced your ad with a picture of a cat). I would suggest it pertinent to invest an amount of your digital strategy budget on understanding the various data analytics that are involved in supporting your company’s growth and target areas.


I have worked alongside a number of retailers completely overwhelmed with their progress of both trying to maintain a viable off-line business while taking advantage of the digital space that most Australians play in. I believe it is less daunting if retailers try to understand the habits of consumers, and how data can assist in positioning your company in the

strongest possible way. Written by Alexandra Tselios, the Founder of The Big Smoke, one of Australia’s leading opinion sites. Alexandra has a diverse background in corporate, public and creative fields and is a regular commentator on radio across the country.


TOP 10

TOP 10

M fo

As relo

Most Lucrative Cities or Australian Business

Aussie executives contemplate business expansion and ocation, these are the top foreign cities to consider Written by: Eric Harding


TOP 10

As Australia looks to keep pace with the world’s leaders, business expansion and relocation is an option top-level executives must consider. But the bigger question is where to move? A survey by the United States’ Boston Consulting Group (BCG) predicts the Asia-Pacific region will pass North America as the wealthiest region in the world by 2016, mostly due to fast growth and strong market performance. This is the first time in the survey’s 15-year history that the Asia-Pacific region— excluding Japan—has overtaken Europe in terms of wealth. Without even including Japan, the Asia-Pacific increased its wealth to $47.3 trillion in 2014, which is an increase of 29.4 per cent from the previous year. China and India led the way for the region, which is projected to provide half of the global wealth until 2019. North America continues to thrive at a consistent pace as well, however, as it’s still the largest and most developed wealth market 38 August 2015

in the world. Meanwhile, Europe is third on the list mostly due to the wealth of Western European nations, but the continent’s anticipated 4.3 per cent increase over the next four years won’t keep pace with the Asia-Pacific’s expected 9.7 per cent increase. So factoring in location, the rise of the Asia-Pacific market, the prosperity of North America and Australia’s strong bond with other regions around the world, here are the top 10 most lucrative cities for Australians to do business.



Home to the world headquarters of 29 Fortune Global 500 companies, Paris has been shifting gradually toward more high-tech Paris

T O P 1 0 M O S T L U C R AT I V E C I T I E S F O R A U S T R A L I A N B U S I N E S S

manufacturing, finance and IT services in recent years. Still, it is the fashion capital of the world, with high-end retail outlets lining the streets, and is quietly becoming a tech power. According to The Paris Tech Guide, earlystage investment in start-up companies in Paris was second to only London. Ranked as the sixth wealthiest country in the world by GDP, there’s a lot to gain by starting or moving your business to Paris.



Recent studies reveal that in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Per Capita adjusted for spending Macau

power (Purchasing Power Parity)— which shows how much health is generated based on the number of people living in a city and how it relates to the spending power of its currency—Macau is the wealthiest city in the world. Despite being rather small in size and population, Macau surpassed American city Las Vegas as the top destination for gamblers in terms of revenue, as it now generates seven times more from gambling.


New York

A global influential centre of finance, banking, world trade, new media, retail, art and tourism among others, New York is the world’s most economically powerful city and second-most wealthy city by GDP. Its most important economic sector is the U.S. financial industry, as it is the headquarters of Wall Street. Although several large businesses call New York home including Verizon, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., MetLife and Pfizer, it also has a 39

TOP 10

growing number of financial start-up companies. One of New York’s advantages is there’s still plenty of room for growth in the future as the leader of the United State’s rebounding economy.


Los Angeles

Already one of the biggest trade partners within the Pacific Rim, Los Angeles is the largest manufacturing center in the

Western United States and the centre of the country’s film and television industry. As the North American headquarters for the Australia Tourist Commission, L.A. is also the primary entry and departure point for the majority of Aussies traveling to the U.S. AusFILM, a partnership with the Australian Trade Commission, also promotes Australia as a production destination for U.S. film studios and producers. With its presence in international trade, entertainment, media, technology, medicine and research, L.A. is the ideal location for Aussies looking to either expand or relocate its business to the U.S

06 Los Angeles

40 August 2015


New South Wales and Seoul have had a close relationship since 1991, but just this year, the two sides agreed on increasing collaboration in education, sharing economy, financial services and emergency management. With

T O P 1 0 M O S T L U C R AT I V E C I T I E S F O R A U S T R A L I A N B U S I N E S S


NSW being the top performing Aussie economy, mostly due to Sydney’s financial services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sectors, there will be several business opportunities between the two due to the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA). Korea is also already Australia’s third-largest trading partner. In addition, ANZ Bank opened a branch in Seoul back in 1978, and today it offers a wide range of commercial banking services and products to support its international customers.



With a shared history and

Commonwealth, it’s no surprise Australia has done a lot of business with London in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Due to its transport connections to Europe and Africa, London is often the first choice of Aussie companies to expand to, as 26 per cent of Australian projects in Europe are based in London. In addition, the UK’s new entrepreneur visas make it easier than ever to move staff members to London, as they can also relocate on the UK Ancestry visa which allows them to work in the UK for five years with an option to become a permanent resident.



China’s largest city and a burgeoning global financial hub, Shanghai is among the top cities Aussies should want to do business in. With its favourable port location and economic potential, Shanghai has become one of the world’s fastest41

TOP 10

developing cities over the last 20 years. Known as the commercial hub of China, the city’s major industries revolve around its steel and chemical production. Shanghai has also added another level of appeal with several foreign embassies deciding to relocate to this once small town on the Chinese east coast.



With several mutual interests, such as having close ties with the rest of the Western world, Tokyo is already among Australia’s major economic partners and tops our list as the most lucrative city for Aussies to do business. Currently the largest city in the world, Tokyo is a hub for both economy and politics. As one of the most developed cities in the Asia-Pacific region, Tokyo already has a very profitable relationship with Australia in tourism, education and foreign trade. Recently, Japan’s largest airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) resumed flights from Tokyo 42 August 2015

to Sydney for the first time in 16 years, and that is only a glimpse of what’s yet to come in the future.


Hong Kong

With a large Aussie population in the city and several substantial commercial interests, Hong Kong is already a major port city and global financial centre. Australia’s main interests in Hong Kong include banking, accounting, legal, engineering, information services and retail, as well as other general trading. Approximately 550 Aussie companies are based in Hong Kong, while another 1,000 Australian companies have subsidiaries there.

Hong Kong

T O P 1 0 M O S T L U C R AT I V E C I T I E S F O R A U S T R A L I A N B U S I N E S S



A dynamic, business-oriented citystate with a strong economy, Singapore is the major hub for multinational businesses that operate in Asia. Australia and Singapore have a close relationship in the aerospace, oil and gas, healthcare, construction,

technology as well as food and beverage industries. Known as one of the world’s wealth management centres, Singapore gives Aussie investors access to several regional and global investment opportunities. Ranked as the best city to do business by both the Economist Intelligence Unit and the World Bank, Singapore also tops our list as the best foreign city for Australians to do business.



Hastings Deering

An inside look at the largest Cat dealer network in Australia

Strong supplier relationships and a belief in core values has allowed Hastings Deering to deliver high-quality products and outstanding customer service for over 80 years Written by: Jennifer White

Produced by: Glen White



Dean Mehmet, CEO

“Our organization is here for a reason, and that is to make our customers better at what they do” – Dean Mehmet, CEO


August 2015


egend has it that the opportunity to launch one of Australia’s most impactful organizations occurred by chance: Harold Hastings Deering, a British-based fighter pilot during WWI, reportedly landed his plane in an AEC factory yard and refused to leave until the company had agreed to let Deering distribute their trucks and buses throughout Australia. Sounds more like a seized opportunity than an optimized occurrence.


Founded in 1932, the Hastings Deering Group has spent the last 80 years successfully navigating the mining and construction sectors by maintaining a similar sense of ambition and vision. Today, with nearly 5,000 employees spread across four countries, Hastings Deering is the largest Caterpillar dealer network in Australia, and one of the brand’s premier distributors across the globe. This “one-stop-shop” offers the highest quality equipment, parts and attachments as well

Hastings Deering is the largest Caterpillar dealer network in Australia

w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u



Field Service – regional footprint (this is from a recent commercial engines shoot with Santos)

as support-based services that include maintenance, repair and technical training, to the mining and construction sectors. Hastings Deering also applies innovative, technology-enabled solutions to these offers so as to help customers improve productivity, safety and profit. “Our organization is here for a reason, and that is to make our customers better at what they do,” explained CEO Dean Mehmet, who joined Hastings Deering in 2012 with an impressive background that included senior roles at BlueScope Steel and Shell Australia.


August 2015

Industry challenges Mehmet’s intimate knowledge of the industry coupled with his passion for leading others has proven vital to his role as CEO of Hastings Deering, especially as he and the leadership team work to overcome the negative repercussions that have surfaced as a result of recent industry-based fluctuations. “A large part of our business supports mining in Australia, and while we’ve experienced more than a decade of sustained growth within that industry, the recent global slowdown has been quite dramatic,” Mehmet explained. Navigating this industry-wide


decline has not been done without casualties: Hastings Deering has experienced two workforce reductions in just 18 months, and an estimated 12,000 jobs have been lost throughout Queensland overall. According to Mehmet, Hastings Deering relied on the company’s core values to help throughout this time, remaining transparent and preserving integrity through honest and open communication with team members. “We continue to explain what is going on to our staff – whether we like it or not – and what impact it has on our organization and the individuals we employ. There are no surprises.”

“Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and we feel that these ever-changing innovations require us to stay ahead of the pack and provide better training” – Dean Mehmet, CEO

Rebuilding post-decline Mehmet and the leadership team at Hastings Deering know that the storm is not over but are w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u


Providers of Choice for Light Commercial Vehicle Rental and Lease Solutions Corefleet, a sister company to Hastings Deering and part of the Sime Darby group of companies, is a leading national fleet services organisation. With a network of branches across Australia, Corefleet is recognised as a supplier of choice in the provision of light commercial vehicle rental and lease solutions.

CORPORATE OFFICE 18 Bellows Street, Welshpool WA 6106 PO Box 612, Welshpool DC WA 6986 T: +61 8 9333 4333 F: +61 8 9333 4334 E:

Visit Freecall: 1800 636 544

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stepping up as industry leaders to help prevent another dramatic downturn. “After reductions, the most difficult thing about this [industry decline] has been trying to communicate with staff and customers that we need to do something different; the super cycle is over and the market is demanding change,” Mehmet admitted. “We’ve spent a lot of time educating our people about the current state of the market and what this means for our business.” The promotion of capital expenditure is just one example of the comprehensive approach

taken by Hastings Deering. While the customer is always the priority, supporting the growth and sustainability of the industry overall is also important to Hastings Deering, which is why the leadership team places emphasis on such an approach. “For new equipment, capex is very tight and many customers have been very cautious, but there will come a time when the old equipment will need to be retired and new equipment will need to be positioned in the marketplace,” Mehmet said. Many of Hastings Deering’s customers

SUPPLIER PROFILE Employees: 100 - 200 COREFLEET (SIME DARBY FLEET SERVICES) Established: 1965 Industry: Mining & Mining Services, Civil Construction/Infrastructure, Oil & Gas Services: Light commercial vehicle rental and lease solutions, light commercial vehicle mechanical services, light commercial vehicle custom design for mining & industrial applications Ongoing Projects: Goldfields gas pipeline expansion, Iron Ore mine in the Pilbara, Operating Coal Mine in the Bowen Basin, Road Infrastructure expansion in Sydney and surrounding region Management: • Des Wilkinson , Managing Director • Jason McDonnell , General Manager , Sales & Operations • David Berryman, National Business Development Manager Website: www. w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u




WE'RE THE LEADER IN INNOVATIVE MINE SIGN PRODUCTS THAT HAVE BEEN TESTED AND PROVEN: • Hi-Vis Pin Stripe Kits (for chassis and bodies) • Metal-Back Hi-Vis I.D.’s (6 sizes in height) • Flexible Hi-Vis I.D.’s • Day/Night Illumination I.D.’s (front, rear and sides of dump trucks, water trucks, service trucks, dozers, graders, etc) • Light Vehicle Specialist - Never replace an I.D. ever again, guaranteed! • Roof Top Boxes for dozers and graders that last

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have purchased equipment within the past five or six years, so the company remains focused on maximizing the productivity of those current machines. “Regardless of how new the equipment is, there is still a requirement for customers to repair and maintain it,” Mehmet continued, “so our product support business continues to help our customers to get the best production from their business. “At the same time, we have different options to help our customers get new equipment outside of the traditional manner. For example, we’ve implemented additional solutions for invoicing and funding in an effort to help our customers invest and, in turn, support the continued growth of the industry overall.”


– Dean Mehmet, CEO


Mine signs have become the choice for Mine Signage throughout Australia, With its patented process and innovative solutions, including the day /night highly visible LED I.D solutions and the Robust self-adhesive labels which are the choice for the leading OEM’s .Mine signs are very passionate about solutions that work in the mining environment which increase safety and production and are the best choice for lowering ongoing cost, as the whole of life cost are significantly REDUCED by using the products.. Guaranteed. Website:

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Australian manufacturer of Earthmoving Attachments for Skid Steer Loaders, Backhoes, Tele Handlers and Excavators - Backed by 30 Years Experience

• 4-in-1 Buckets • Loader Buckets • Excavator Buckets • Concrete Buckets • Dozer Blades • Swing Hoes • Tilting Hitches • Rock Grabs • Grass Slashers

• 4-in-1 Brooms • Enclosed Brooms • Open Broom • Angle Broom • Rippers & Hitches • Pallet Forks • Spreader Bars • Spare Parts • Service

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For expert advice, quality earthmoving equipment and outstanding after sales service, contact Norm Engineering today! •

“Hydraulic Rear Ripper” and “Loader Bucket”

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The role of smart technology This ongoing desire to support customers was the primary catalyst behind the implementation of smart technology: It wasn’t until the team asked, “How do we use technology to help our customers improve?” that the idea of connected equipment was given life. “We have a lot of equipment that is monitored by a core team of people back in our reliability center, and we can give real-time advice to customers when there is an issue with a piece of equipment. “For example, we had a customer with a large piece of equipment

that was being monitored. We noticed a sensor going a bit haywire back in our reliability center, so our condition monitoring analyst phoned the customer to let him know that something was not right. If it hadn’t been fixed, it very well could have resulted in a catastrophic failure that we later determined would have cost around $1 million in unscheduled and lost production,” Mehmet revealed. A match made in (mining and construction) Heaven As the largest Caterpillar dealer network in Australia – and one of the

w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u


NQCranes has been at the forefront of the Australian overhead crane industry for over 25 years. With 8 locations around Australia, our services include crane and hoist supply, design, manufacture, servicing and repairs.


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“We use the latest technology to offer fast, accurate and high quality workmanship to minimise down time and increase productivity and efficiency for clients.” Telephone: +61 7 4942 1777 1 Silverton Court, Paget Mackay QLD 4740

Email: Web:



top distributors across the globe – Hastings Deering is able to provide customers with the most up-to-date, cutting-edge advancements in the industry. While originally based on necessity – Cat needed a local company to partner with when expanding into the Australian market – the relationship between Hastings Deering and Caterpillar today is beneficial for everyone involved, especially the customer. “We are two organizations that act as one for our customers,” Mehmet said. “We take the global strength of Cat and use it to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. By applying our local skills and knowledge, we have created a comprehensive product/service offering that really is industry-leading.”

continues to reference the company’s core values as the true foundation of the culture at Hastings Deering. [SIDEBAR] Hastings Deering: Core Values 1. No harm 2. Integrity 3. Transparency 4. Care Maintaining consistency and alignment across all branches is key to upholding the company’s values, thus creating a positive and culture. “By communicating the same key messages, we can get everyone to recognize Hastings Deering as one organization with one goal as one team, or oneHD [One Hastings Deering],” Mehmet explained.

Continued growth The leadership team at Hastings Quality products require quality Deering also understands that the people growth of organization can only Mehmet bases the ongoing be successful if those supporting success of Hastings Deering on a the expansion are growing as well. number of things, including supplier From the Hastings Deering Institutes relationships and technological of Technology, which focuses on advancements; however, he future industry leaders, to on-the-

w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u



Field Service – our people and mining equipment

job training courses and workshops for current staff, Hastings Deering believes in education. 58

August 2015

“We’ve always had a successful apprenticeship program with over 440 apprentices currently working


for Hastings Deering, and we train these students to become highly-qualified technicians. “We also take time to train our employees. Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and we feel that these ever-changing innovations require us to stay ahead of the pack and provide better training,” Mehmet said. A man who believes that all good leaders inspire others by being an example, Mehmet himself took additional steps to “train” for his new role: He joined Hastings Deering in 2012 as COO before stepping up to become CEO in 2014. “My initial foray into the business as COO was done to provide me with the opportunity to understand how this business works operationally. To spend a couple of years focusing on the engine of the business before focusing on some of the more functional activities was important to me,” he explained. Ensuring continued growth isn’t just for individual members of the Hastings Deering team: The corporation as a whole is subject to review in the name of improvement. “We’ve modified and made improvements to our own business to better serve our customers’ needs,” Mehmet revealed. “We’ve had to use lean methodologies to try to improve the deficiencies in our business, but doing so allows us to provide better quality service to customers. We look to ourselves to see what we can improve to benefit the customer from a quality and cost perspective.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Mining, Construction HEADQUARTERS

Kerry Road Archerfield Brisbane Queensland, Australia, 4108 FOUNDED



w w w. h a s t i n g s d e e r i n g . c o m . a u


Australia Africa Mining Industry Group AAMIG establishes its credentials Written by: Liam Forman


AAMIG AAMIG establishes its credentials During the four years since being incorporated, the Australia-Africa Mining Industry Group (AAMIG) has established itself as the peak industry body supporting the Australian resources sector operating in the countries of Africa. AAMIG now has more than 100 members representing explorers, mineral and energy companies, and suppliers of goods and services. The organisation has carved out an important role for itself in three key areas: • Providing a forum for members to network and share African operational experiences in responsible business practices, • Advocating at an industry level on behalf of its members, and • Assisting members to engage with Australian and African Governments as well as important institutions and other organisations. Australia’s Footprint in Africa Over the last decade and a half, the footprint of the Australian resources sector on the African continent has grown dramatically with now, more 62

August 2015

than [150] ASX-listed companies active on over [1,000] projects in [38] of the 54 countries of Africa. This increased activity has resulted in Australian companies discovering more than $700 billion worth of mineral and coal resources during the five-year period from 200813, accounting for more than one quarter of discoveries globally by ASX-listed resource companies. Non-Technical Risk Notwithstanding such technical success, for companies to be successful in Africa, in a manner that will be sustainable, they must deal effectively with a number of non-technical risk issues, some of which are Africa-specific. These issues include political and social risk, security and health issues, institutions that often lack capacity to function well, poverty and the adverse behaviour it encourages including bribery and corruption, the occasional unpredictable behaviour of host-country security forces, and many others. These issues often present as new and unfamiliar challenges to companies from Australia, the


solutions for which are often found only through the “school of hard knocks�. In fact, some might say that unless one has been tested with something going horribly wrong, it may be hard to know how to position oneself to deal effectively with some of the more complex issues that can arise in Africa. AAMIG provides networking opportunities where members can combine their individual experiences and use this to help position the Australian industry as a whole, with a leveraged international competitive advantage. Social Licence to Operate

AAMIG promotes the concept that developing and maintaining a Social Licence to Operate is one of the most effective ways to mitigate African risk, particularly political and social risk. It starts with the meaningful engagement of both the host Government and the communities in which one is working. An increasingly important aspect of developing a Social Licence to Operate is recognising that companies cannot help people permanently with never-ending hand-outs, or by doing for them, things that they could, should, and want to do for themselves. w w w. a a m i g . c o m



Rather AAMIG helps members to move the social development approach away from a “handout” and the inevitable “sense of dependency” that results from that approach, and more towards a “helping hand up”, and a “sense of ownership, empowerment and selfreliance” for local communities. Many in the industry now understand that such an enlightened approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) can be much more than a cost, a moral obligation or a charitable deed – it can be a 64

August 2015

source of significant opportunity, innovation and competitive advantage. Furthermore, AAMIG believes that CSR that is supported by good economic fundamentals is likely to be much more sustainable than that which is driven by moral appeal, philanthropy, licence to operate, reputation or externally imposed box ticking imperatives. Industry Alignment with the Africa Mining Vision The Africa Mining Vision (2009), a collaborative effort by African


leaders envisages: “transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources to underpin broad-based sustainable growth and socioeconomic development”. AAMIG promotes the view that all mining companies in Africa have an obligation to support this worthy aspiration, enabling the people in the local communities surrounding their operations, the opportunity to be engaged meaningfully and reach their full potential, no matter what that might be. In doing so, companies will find it is simply good for business. One of AAMIG’s roles is to ensure that this happens. AAMIG’s Guiding Documentation In order to provide greater depth of understanding of the operating concepts being promoted, AAMIG has selected a set of international Guiding Documentation, which is intended to cover the key issues of political and social risk, health risk, governance and human rights and security. AAMIG has also developed a Social Aspects Management

Handbook and a Gap Analysis Toolkit that complement the guidance drawn from internationally recognised sources such as the World Bank, United Nations, OECD and ICMM. Collaboration with other organisations AAMIG assists members to have meaningful connections with organisations they would not normally be involved with. For example, a number of members of AAMIG are involved with USAID, Chatham House and Public Health England in the IDRAM Initiative, an emerging infectious diseases program, the aim of which is to better prepare a group of copper mining companies in the Katanga Copperbelt, Congo (DRC) to be able to respond more appropriately to emerging zoonotic diseases including in the worst possible cases, outbreaks of Marburg and Ebola. Collaboration with Governments An Associate Membership of AAMIG for African Governments has been established in order for members w w w. a a m i g . c o m


AAMIG to meet with African Government delegations biannually to discuss issues of common concern affecting the industry. A key focus is helping to improve the host country understanding of the requirements for attracting direct foreign investment, including the stability of investment regimes, adherence to the rule of law, fiscal regulation and governance. AAMIG also encourages proactive engagement with the Australian Federal Government and Heads of Mission to African countries and supports the Australian Government’s Economic Diplomacy policy. AAMIG provides the venue for members to be able to work with Australian Government departments and agencies (such as DFAT, ASIO, AG, AFP etc) with the aim of developing an Australian collaborative position for such initiatives. AAMIG has provided a number of submissions to the Australian Federal Government on major issues including the issue of the facilitation payment defence, Australia’s overseas diplomatic representation and the taxation of 66

August 2015

Australian expatriates deployed to African projects. AAMIG members are involved in actively supporting international initiatives that the Australian Government has signed up to, such as the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights (VPSHR). Creating Shared Value Notwithstanding the commonly expressed view that more can be done for communities, the resources industry alone cannot solve and pay for all of the complex challenges faced by African governments and their local communities. As an industry, AAMIG promotes the need to identify and focus on opportunities to create shared value; where socio-economic development has meaningful benefits for society, and is also valuable to business. AAMIG promotes the concept that creating shared value will ensure continued support by industry. Opportunities to do this are all around us if we look; for example; enhancing local agricultural


production capacity, encouraging local small business enterprises supplying goods and services, micro-financing opportunities to generate new small business enterprises etc. Goods and services provided locally, rather than imported from another country are likely to result in significant economic benefit both to remote mining operations and the surrounding local communities. Such enlightened approaches to engaging at the local level create value and in turn make companies more attractive in financial and investment markets (because of reduced operational risk). They also protect value already created through successful exploration and development programs by generating a sense of ownership and empowerment in the local communities that will reduce social and security risk and enhance the ability to sustain the business activity.

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Suite 9, 1297 Hay St, West Perth 6005 FOUNDED


Trish O’Reilly CEO

Final Comments AAMIG’s efforts are directed towards building positive and productive relationships between business and governments, local communities and society in general, establishing a greater sense of collaboration resulting in a move away from treating business success and social welfare as a zero-sum gain. With business success comes the opportunity for significant socio-economic development. Poverty reduction needs to be aligned with regional economic growth in order to be successful. AAMIG’s purpose is to help the resources industry to be engaged productively with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that this happens to the benefit of all. w w w. a a m i g . c o m


AMEC, Association of Mining and Exploration Companies

The Voice of the Australian Mining and Exploration Industry



Mine Site


ounded in 1981, AMEC is a national representative body with hundreds of members including producers, explorers and suppliers to the industry. AMEC has offices in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney, with membership and representation Australia wide. In order to grow the mining and exploration industry in Australia, 70

August 2015

AMEC continuously develops and implements effective policy and advocacy initiatives on behalf of its membership. AMEC is regarded as an extremely professional, credible and effective advocate for the industry by governments, stakeholders, and our growing membership base.


There have been a number of significant achievements on the back of AMEC’s extensive advocacy which provide financial and business benefits for members and the industry. These include: • Introduction of the Exploration Development Incentive • Repeal of the Carbon Tax and reinstatement of the full diesel fuel

tax credit • Repeal of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax • Employee Share Schemes reformed • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage legislation reforms in progress • Red tape reduction across all States and Territories • Exploration incentive schemes w w w. a m e c . o r g . a u


Simon Bennison, CEO

• • • • • •

co-funded drilling programs across Australia Streamlining of approvals processes at all levels of Government Iron ore royalty relief package in Western Australia Mining rehabilitation fund and Financial Assurance arrangements Wild Rivers Act repealed in Queensland Land access for Crown Lands in New South Wales ASIC Performance Reporting guidelines Deferred cost recovery for


August 2015

programme of works and mining proposals in Western Australia • Maintained the status quo in the WA royalty system • Advocating the abolition of stamp duty applied to exploration tenements To ensure member’s views are best represented in AMEC’s policy and advocacy initiatives, AMEC has formed standing committees across key policy areas. These committees allow members to become involved and directly influence AMEC’s direction and activities. The current standing committees

AMEC and working groups supporting the work of the Council are: • Aboriginal Affairs Committee • Mining Legislation Committee • Finance and Management Committee • Environment and Water Committee • Corporate Regulation and Taxation Committee • Safety Committee • Uranium Working Group • Plus other working groups on an as required basis. AMEC is governed by an Executive Council elected from and by members. AMEC is an extremely lean and efficient organisation with seven permanent staff members with many years’ experience and a comprehensive understanding of the mining and exploration sector. This combined with knowledge and passion for the resources sector ensures AMEC members are provided with the best possible service and outcomes. Membership provides many benefits to producers, explorers and industry service providers. Members have the ability to develop


and influence essential policy issues and potential solutions through governments at all levels across Australia. Membership also offers real time intelligence on public policy issues affecting or likely to affect members’ businesses. AMEC has partnered with Strathearn Insurance brokers to offer the Mineral Exploration Insurance Facility. AMEC members are entitled to a 20 percent discount on directors and officers insurance, representing a saving which in many cases meets the annual cost of membership. AMEC hosts a number of industry networking functions throughout the year which are exclusive and complimentary to members. AMEC also holds information forums and seminars on relevant industry issues such as: Occupational Health and Safety; Native Title and Cultural Heritage; ASIC and ASX Reserves and Resources Reporting; Tax and MRRT legislation; Environmental Reform, Planning and Approvals. Members can take advantage of discounted rates for these and

w w w. a m e c . o r g . a u



other events held during the year including the AMEC Convention, the AMEC Mining and the Environment Conference and the AMEC Golf Day. Members can also access exclusive discounts from companies with specific products and services to the mining and exploration industry. These include insurance, global mining intelligence, IT services, industry and first aid training courses and corporate travel. For more information about AMEC’s advocacy and policy initiatives and the benefits of AMEC Membership visit, email or phone 1300 738 184. 74

August 2015

AMEC Convention As a not-for-profit organisation, AMEC organises the Convention for the benefit of its members and the industry. AMEC’s credibility enables it to bring together world class presenters, industry leading professionals, and speakers from all levels of government. The goal of the AMEC Convention is to provide a forum for addressing key industry issues, finding solutions to grow the industry, and provide industry networking opportunities. The event attracts a diverse range of mining companies, explorers, service providers, investors,


government and media. In 2015, there were over 500 delegates and 44 exhibitors at the two day Convention. More information can be found online at: www.amecconvention. International Delegations AMEC members are invited to participate in various international conferences with AMEC at discounted rates. AMEC assists companies to attract investment opportunities for their projects by leveraging off AMEC’s already established relationships, such as those in China and Singapore. This

enables companies to interface with the international investment community and source alternate funding options. Investor Briefings AMEC facilitates investor briefing presentations throughout the year in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The AMEC Convention also attracts a large number of investors including high net worth investors, selfmanaged super fund managers, professional investors, analysts and brokers. AMEC members can present to this targeted audience and take up a booth at the AMEC Convention at discounted member rates. w w w. a m e c . o r g . a u



AMEC Awards AMEC Prospector Award The prestigious AMEC Prospector 76

August 2015

Award for individual endeavour in the field of mineral exploration was first presented in 1993. It is awarded


to the explorer or team who made the most outstanding economic mineral deposit discovery within recent years. The award is not an annual prize, rather it is awarded on merit. Past recipients include Mark Creasy, Jundee gold discovery; Dr Mark Bennett, Thunderbox and Waterloo discoveries, and the Nova and Bollinger discoveries; Margaret Hawke, John Evans and Graeme Hutton, Discovery of the DeGrussa (Doolgunna) copper-gold deposit; Allan Kelly and Heath Hellewell, Wilber Lode and Andy Well Gold Project; Ziggy Lubieniecki, Kyle Prentice and Justin Osborne, Gruyere Gold Project. AMEC Environment Award The AMEC Environment Award reflects the increasing importance of managing environmental impacts of mineral mining and exploration projects. It is made to a company that goes above and beyond in their management of environmental impacts or is developing innovative methods to achieve better long term environmental outcomes.

Company Information INDUSTRY


6 Ord St. West Perth, WA 6005 KEY PEOPLE

• Simon Bennison, CEO • Kimberley Innes, Marketing Contact PRODUCTS/ SERVICES

Mining-Exploration and Mining Companies

AMEC Media Awards The AMEC Media Awards were established in 1985 with the aim of recognising excellence in journalism that contributed to the understanding of the exploration and mining industry in Western Australia. The awards were widely acclaimed and well supported, and have become a permanent fixture in the AMEC events calendar. w w w. a m e c . o r g . a u



Enhancing Processes in the Mining Industry

Glencore Technology’s Chief Technology Officer Reinhar Viljoen discusses the importance of collaboration in the mining industry and opens up about the importance of branding and marketing Written by: Robert Spence Produced by: Vince Kielty



IsaKidd robotic CSM


s one of the largest commodity traders and mining companies in the world, Swiss-based Glencore has maintained a rich lineage of innovative technology through its existence in the mining sector. The company has leveraged its experience and knowledge from its own operational sites to develop and market new solutions to meet the mining industry’s evolving demands. 80 August 2015

Their competitive advantage for the last 30 years has been Glencore Technology. Spawned from the merger with Xstrata, Glencore Technology continues to be a dominant player in marketing technologies for the metals and mineral processing industries. Industry experts Glencore Technology specializes in developing and marketing supportive technologies for the


mineral processing and metals smelting and refining industries. The company has developed proven technologies such as ISASMELT and IsaKidd, which are patented processes widely used in the smelting, electrowinning and copper refining industry today. Additional technologies include IsaMill, a fine and mainstream grinding technology, the Jameson Cell flotation technology and the Albion Process leaching technology. “We’ve initially developed specific copper processing technology,” said Reinhardt Viljoen, Glencore Technology’s Chief Technology Officer. “However, we’re now also involved in the broader design of smelters and refineries and our technology is applicable to other base metals like zinc, lead, nickel, etc. Our technology has also delivered improved processing performance in the precious metal industry, with the gold and platinum industry specifically applying Glencore Technology’s IsaMill and Albion Process Technology.” In terms of supporting technologies for clients, Glencore

Technology has designed and developed the ZipaTank™. According to Viljoen, The ZipaTank is an innovative approach to slurry storage and leaching tanks that incorporates modular components and mechanical joins to provide all the benefits of a traditional welded tank, but with lower costs, reduced installation times and far greater flexibility. “The tank is mechanically bolted. Anyone with a minimal amount of skill and supervision can bolt it together. Its scalability makes it very exciting for clients as it can accommodate most projects and even be reused for other projects.” In addition, Glencore Technology has developed the HyperSparge™, a proven and cost effective system for delivering air, oxygen or other process gases into tanks or vessels for leaching or oxidation processes. “A lot of these technologies started off from issues we experienced in our copper and zinc operations,” said Viljoen. The key ingredient For Glencore Technology, innovation

w w w . g l e n c o r e t e c h n o l o g y. c o m . a u


Your Partners for Mining

Your Partners fo

r Mining

50 years experie nce with horizontal & ve rtical agitated bead mills

ISAMILL – Largest Agitator Bead Mill in the World The patented ISAMILL is a transformation in grinding technology based on high intensity stirred milling. The ISAMILL  was developed for fine grained orebodies that needed a step change in processing efficiency to be economic.  significantly reduces the  energy requirement and  media and capital costs of fine grinding. Just as importantly, the processing advantages of inert grinding greatly improve metallurgical performance compared with conventional steel media.

NETZSCH-Feinmahltechnik GmbH Sedanstraße 70 95100 Selb Germany Tel.: +49 9287 797-0 Fax: +49 9287 797 149



starts with collaboration. “Here in Australia, and all across the world, collaboration is a key ingredient to being innovative. We have a very supportive and collaborative group here at Glencore Technology and everyone brings something to the table,” said Viljoen. Collaboration helps Glencore Technology continuously find new ways of identifying and developing technologies to improve processing in the mining industry as well maintaining a wide range of existing applications in the mining industry. Along with working internally with Glencore operations, Glencore Technology partners with other companies to collaborate in building innovative technologies that improve processing.




Employees: 850 (approx. 3300 worldwide – complete NETZSCH group) Established: 1873

The Grinding & Dispersing Business Unit, one of three business units of the global NETZSCH Group, offers a comprehensive program for the many challenges in mechanical process engineering. Here the Business Unit is primarily involved in the areas of wet and dry grinding, mixing, dispersing, de-aeration and classifying. The laboratory- and production-scale machines, as well as complete production lines, are used in almost all areas of industry, such as the forward-looking nanotechnology, the production of ink, minerals or foods. The bundling of processing know-how, our extensive machine program, solutions for customer-specific problems and our global presence are unique and hence the strength of the business unit.


w w w . g l e n c o r e t e c h n o l o g y. c o m . a u


Specialists in design, fabrication, welding and installation of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel & Specialty Alloy Pressure Equipment, including:

• Shop Pipe Spooling • Pressure Vessels • Pipe Supports and Structures • Field Welding and Mechanical Installation • Stainless Steel; Austenitic, Duplex and Super Duplex • Alloys; Chromoly, Monel, Hastelloy and Titanium • Carbon Steels; Standard, Low and High Temperature

Phone: +61 7 3807 1119 | Fax: +61 7 3807 9722 | Email:



For example Netsch GmbH, Glencore Technology’s partner in the development of the IsaMill Technology. “Once we identify a need, we run a very lean operation. We know what we’re good at and we stick with it. We excel at commercializing technology and identifying needs. We work with the universities as well carrying out our own research and design to take those ideas to the next level in a very functional and commercial way,” said Viljoen. “We take great pride in developing processes that are operationally proven and that

deliver value to our customers sustainably, such as our fine grinding processes that give mining operations the ability to liberate more of their valuable minerals.” According to Viljoen, collaboration doesn’t always create innovation; it has to be driven by the needs of the industry and operations. “We’re heavily driven by our internal Glencore operations to provide them with the expertise we have, and present potential opportunities commercially as we identify them. The mining industry is very conservative. Productivity is a key focus and you need to ensure

SUPPLIER PROFILE NRG Piping Pty Ltd is a forward thinking leading company with an enviable reputation for quality and reliability in the design, fabrication, installation and maintenance from heavy specialty metals. With proven quality management systems that are certified to ISO9001:2008 and industry qualified management and personnel, NRG has over 25 years’ experience offering a range of engineering project services nationally and internationally specialising in Oil and Gas, Mining, Power, Water Treatment & Petrochemical industries. NRG offers project dedicated off site manufacturing facilities in conjunction with onsite installation services where our clients are guaranteed capacity and quality ensuring a safe, efficient, cost effective engineering service to your project delivering profits to your bottom line.

Website: w w w . g l e n c o r e t e c h n o l o g y. c o m . a u


Skids, Test Rigs and Wear Parts for the Mining Industry Automated Systems and Equipment CNC Machining and Fabrication Controls and Systems Integration Project Management


Est. 1962

J C Smale is a diversified applied technology company that offers special industrial production, materials handling and processing systems. All J C Smale special industrial plant and equipment is designed, built, installed and commissioned specifically to customer requirements. J C Smale also provides on site services for retrofit, rework and upgrade to customers’ existing plant and equipment.


Proud Supply Chain Partner of Glencore Technology for Over 20 Years

Turnkey Manufacturing Technologies 9-23 Commercial Rd, Notting Hill, Vic 3168, Australia Ph: +61 3 9544 7188 Fax: +61 3 9543 7927 Email: No 19 Jalan Bukit 5 Bandar Seri Alam, Malaysia



you’re responding to the needs of the operational guys. “With the introduction of automation technology, advanced process controls and simplicity of operations will become a big factor in coming years. Automation is complicated but new technologies will simplify the process,” said Viljoen. “Equipment design needs to be very simple but robust. To maximize productivity, the need is to be innovative around designing equipment and running it with minimal attention.” In addition, the company continuously strives to find new and


more efficient ways of doing things, even if it takes them outside the realm of the mining sector. “We’re continuously looking for other applications in the mining industry or even if it applies outside the industry. We are always looking for new ideas in terms of solving issues that come up within those disciplines – grinding, flotation, smelting and refining,” said Viljoen. Branding One of the most underrated aspects of the mining industry is branding. For Glencore Technology


Employees: 58 Established: 1962 Industry: Engineering and Design for Heavy Clay, Mining, Automotive, Light Rail, Adhesives, Paint and Plasterboard Services: mechanical, electrical and general engineering services Management: Ken Smale - Managing Director, Ross Smale - Engineer Electrical,ColinSmale-Engineer–Applications,GordonSmale–Manufacturing Manager, Ron Hill – Group Financial Controller Website:

w w w . g l e n c o r e t e c h n o l o g y. c o m . a u



Albion Process

it is especially important. “You miss opportunities if you don’t. Being active in the market and letting people know what your capabilities are is extremely important, especially if you want to grow. During the mining boom you could get away with a passive approach. You can’t do that now. Branding yourself is very important and we actively strive to do just that,” said Viljoen. “With the change in the mining industry, and the mergers, there has been a lot of change in our structure. As a result, our presence in the

A world that lasts forever Outokumpu is a global leader in a wide range of high performance stainless steels, with manufacturing plants and sales companies located throughout the world.

P: 61 7 3267 7266 | E:

88 August 2015


Company Information INDUSTRY


Brisbane, Queensland, Australia FOUNDED



Jameson Cell

market as Glencore Technology has been more of a gradual change. One of my key focuses as Chief Technology Officer is to get our branding well established.” According to Viljoen, forming a presence in the market is an important step in growing as a company as well as delivering on your promise. “We’re motivated by continuous improvements. We maintain long-term relationships with our all our customers to ensure we’re delivering on the promises we’ve made. For us, client feedback is extremely important and these relationships help us to leverage their opinion into making advancements. A key part of our business is making improvements around our customers.”

PRODUCTS/ SERVICES Glencore Technology develops, markets and supports technologies for the global mineral processing and metals smelting and refining industries. These technologies include ISASMELT™ and ISACONVERT™ smelting processes, BBOC™ precious metal refining, IsaMill™ fine-grind and mainstream grinding technology, IsaKidd electrowinning and electrorefining technology, Jameson Cell flotation technology and the Albion Process oxidative leaching technology.

w w w . g l e n c o r e t e c h n o l o g y. c o m . a u


Tasmania Projects A Age

an Major Approval ency 91


Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency History of the Agency The Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency (TMPAA) is part of the Commonwealth Government’s commitment to growing the Tasmanian Economy. It was launched in Launceston, Tasmania, in July 2014 and is part of the Australian Government’s Economic Growth Plan For Tasmania which reaffirms the commitment to a strong and prosperous Tasmania. The Goals and Roles of the Agency The TMPAA works with companies to ensure that they are able to efficiently and effectively identify all of their regulatory and compliance obligations when undertaking a major project in Tasmania. Projects that attract investment of $50 million or more in Tasmania by 2020 automatically qualify for the Agency’s full services. However, if your project falls outside this scope there are other conditions 92

August 2015

under which your project could be eligible as the aim of our Agency is to encourage investment in the Tasmanian economy. The TMPAA provides proponents and the wider community with certainty about approvals processes, not certainty of approvals outcomes. Ensuring that full information about approvals requirements and processes is available to project proponents is an important part of maintaining the integrity and balance of Australia’s regulatory and approvals systems. The Agency is based in Launceston but our services are available state-wide and we are always willing to meet with project proponents at a location convenient to them. All TMPAA services are cost free and carry no obligation. Ways in which the TMPAA can assist include: − Provide a single-entry-point for Commonwealth regulations and approvals; − Map critical approvals pathways: the Agency, in consultation with State and Local government, can provide proponents with a map of


Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency and Department of Industry and Science Staff touring MMG’s flotation circuit processor at its polymetallic base metal mine in Rosebery Tasmania

their regulatory requirements and the appropriate pathway to meeting them; − Monitor approvals milestones: the Agency can work with project proponents and regulators to monitor upcoming milestones in the regulatory process; − Provide a voice into government on ways of improving the regulatory system: the Agency wants to hear proponent’s views and experiences with the regulatory system and potential ways it can be approved to

help inform future policy decisions; − Help answer broader questions on industry policy and assistance: the Agency is part of the Commonwealth Department of Industry and Science. If proponents have a question relating to the work of the Department, or of other Government Departments, the Agency can help find the answer. Overview of our services The TMPAA offers three levels of service designed to provide t a s . m p a a . g o v. a u



Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency and Department of Industry and Science Staff on one of Grange Resources’ Savage River Mine haul trucks

proponents with support that is tailored to the status of their project. All services are free-of-charge, with no obligation on your part and are managed under strict commercialin-confidence requirements.

understand them to be, the TMPAA can provide a high level assessment of the likely regulatory obligations in the form of a flow chart and accompanying documentation. This can be provided in a short period of time and requires only LEVEL 1 - Estimated Obligations basic organizational and project If proponents are unsure of their information. regulatory obligations or would There is no obligation to access like confirmation on what they Level 2 services. However, if more 94

August 2015


detailed information is needed to assist decision making then the TMPAA Level 2 service is available. LEVEL 2 -¡Mapped Obligations At this level the TMPAA works with projects to prepare a detailed approvals map of their regulatory obligations covering all levels of government – Commonwealth, State and Local. This Regulatory

Approvals Map (RAM) is designed to assist in the successful project management of a development. More detailed information on the activities undertaken in the development is needed to construct the RAM. LEVEL 3 - Agreed Obligations This level involves the TMPAA working closely with your t a s . m p a a . g o v. a u



Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency and Department of Industry and Science Staff touring Grange Resources’ Tasmanian Savage River Mine

organisation and all relevant government regulators to reconfirm that all aspects of your regulatory requirements have been identified. This includes facilitating agreement between the project proponent and regulators about the most efficient and effective approvals pathway. These activities would typically be conducted when a project has a definite project plan and time schedule.

parties on an ad hoc basis. Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency – Service Model

GENERAL ADVICE The Agency is also to provide general regulatory advice to proponents and other interested

Industry developments and investments The TMPAA has engaged with 49 project proponents across a


August 2015


Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency and Department of Industry and Science Staff touring MMG’s polymetallic base metal mine located in the township of Rosebery in Tasmania

wide range of industries including ecotourism, energy and resources, agriculture, and infrastructure. Tourism, resources and agriculture projects have constituted the majority of projects that the TMPAA has engaged with. Projects have been as varied as a proposal to create an artificial reef using the Australian Navy ship Tobruk when it is decommissioned to constructing a cable car on Mount Wellington. Current legislation Examples of Commonwealth legislation that the TMPAA can map in a RAM include:

• Environment Protection and Biodiversity • Conservation Act 1999 • Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Act 1981 • Native Title Act 1993 • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Heritage • Protection Act 1984 • Protection of Movable Cultural Heritage Act 1986 • Customs Act 1901 • Quarantine Act 1908 • Foreign Takeovers and Acquisitions Act 1975 – Foreign Investment Review Board • Migration Act 1958 t a s . m p a a . g o v. a u



Tasmanian Major Projects Approval Agency and Department of Industry and Science Staff touring Pacific Aluminium’s smelter operations in Bell Bay Tasmania

• Heavy Vehicle National Law – National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Benefits to industry and community


August 2015

The TMPAA benefits both industry and the community by ensuring that all requirements for a development are identified and communicated to the developer. The TMPAA


works to ensure that information and opportunity costs for a project are kept to a minimum. The services provided by the TMPAA contribute to the business case for locating a major project in Tasmania. The TMPAA also performs an important policy role by identifying regulatory duplication and requirements that fail the ‘common sense test’. It communicates this information back into government both directly to the relevant regulators and to the Joint Commonwealth and Tasmanian Economic Council. The TMPAA has a small Advisory Board and the Chair of that Advisory Board is also a member of the Council. The TMPAA is an example of successful collaboration between all levels of government to foster a healthy business environment in Tasmania. Contact Us • Ms Sandra Ryan – Manager, Major Projects Approval Agency Tel. 03 6333 0455 • Mr Thomas Hollingsworth - Director, Major Projects Approval Agency (Tasmania) Tel. 03 6333 0500 • Cornwall Square Transit Ground Floor, 12–16 St John St PO Box 2000 Launceston, TAS 7250 Australia Website: Email:

Company Information INDUSTRY


Cornwall Square Transit Ground Floor, 12–16 St John St PO Box 2000 Launceston, TAS 7250 Australia FOUNDED

The Agency was established on 1 July 2014, will operate for three years. KEY PEOPLE

• Mr. Bob Calvert – Chairman • Ms Sandra Ryan – Manager • Mr Thomas Hollingsworth - Director

t a s . m p a a . g o v. a u


Civmec Global strategy, universal success

CEO Pat Tallon discusses Civmec’s history of growth, current projects, and plans for the future Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Bryan Giles



Civil works site at Marandoo


stablished in 2009, Civmec has seen a rapid rise to the top of its game. With a keen business strategy and a multi-disciplinary approach, it has become a leading construction and engineering services provider to Australia’s booming resources and infrastructure industries. With several major projects under its belt, Civmec is now poised for even further growth at home and on the global stage. 102

August 2015

Strategy from the start Civmec has enjoyed growth quarter after quarter, and not by happenstance. Strategy has been built into the company from Day One, starting with location. “When we established this business in 2009, a big component for us was to secure a location at the Australian Marine Complex so we had direct access to the wharf to offer greater transport options for our clients,� says Civmec CEO


Pat Tallon. Since constructing a 29,300 square metre manufacturing workshop as a home base at the wharf, Civmec has since expanded to more than 120,000m of prime waterfront land, through the further establishment of a Surface Treatment Facility, Specialist Subsea Facility and Operational Readiness Facility. But location is just one of three key factors that Civmec attributes to its swift success. Another key is its focus on collaborative partnerships,

whether with clients and employees or valued subcontractors and suppliers like steelmakers BlueScope Steel and Onesteel. “We work with them to develop innovative solutions that will increase productivity and ultimately reduce cost,” says Tallon. Working closely with clients and suppliers, Civmec creates an invaluable environment of transparency and trust. “We picked the right clients and the right partners,” says Tallon. w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


PROUD SUPPLY PARTNERS OF CIVMEC BlueScope Distribution is proud to be associated with Civmec, providing quality steel products and supply solutions. As the market leading sales and distribution arm of BlueScope Limited, partnering with local businesses to deliver a reliable, Australian made product is our priority. Our depth of stock available for next day-delivery is unrivalled in WA, and allows us to support our customers facing increasingly constrained delivery schedules. The scale of our operations and warehouse delivers a competitive price and industry leading range. Having an experienced team of steel professionals working with our customers allows us to deliver supply solutions to combat increasingly competitive landscape of the Australian steel market. BlueScope Distribution’s core products and markets: • • • •

Mild Steel Plate High Tensile Plate Laser Plate Quench & Tempered Plate



• • • •

Tubular RHS Commercial & ERW Pipe Sheet & Coil Merchant Bar



BlueScope Distribution

9 Bradford Street, Kewdale WA 08 6250 1000

BlueScope Distribution, XLERPLATE® and XLERPLATE LITE® are registered trademarks of BlueScope Limited.


Since 1915 the steel industry has been an essential part of Australia and its economy. BlueScope’s heritage traces back to the very beginning. Our history has always been in steelmaking - but the future lies in selling Australian innovation, technology and expertise to the booming Asian and global growth markets. BlueScope’s business has been built on the strength of our global partnerships, global networks and global brands. Our track record of successful global partnerships enables us to prosper in widely diverse markets. In India, we have established a joint venture with the highly respected Tata conglomerate, a joint venture in Saudi Arabia is opening new opportunities in that expanding market, in North America, our 50:50 North Star BlueScope Steel joint venture with Cargill continues to perform strongly, and our joint venture with Nippon Steel - NS BlueScope Coated Products - will open exciting new markets and opportunities in Asia. Equally important are our successful partnerships with our customers. Many of our customers are Fortune 500 companies, and we can help them realise significant savings in the total cost of their buildings by reducing construction schedules. Our global networks are another great BlueScope strength, with more than 100 facilities in 17 countries, employing over 16,000 people serving thousands of customers. Website:



“We grew fast but it is sustainable and with every move into new areas—whether it be location or capability—we ensured the business was ready for it.” The right projects Civmec has been involved in an array of ambitious key projects that highlight its interdisciplinary strengths, from metro-based infrastructure in Elizabeth Quay to refractory installation with INPEX’s Ichthys Project in Darwin. Civmec’s capabilities are tested even further with progressive projects under current construction like Shell’s Prelude Floating Liquefied Gas Facility (FLNG). Civmec was awarded a master service order contract by frequent collaborator Technip in August 2014. “This is one of the most exciting projects globally as it is the first FLNG project in the world,” says Tallon. “Our involvement includes the supply, fabrication and testing of subsea components for the development. The main challenge is to deliver these products to the high quality and high specification expected from our client, Technip, and the owner, Shell.”

CEO Pat Tallon CCIWA Presentation

SMP Works on Yandi Sustaining project

“Every Civmec location is strategic to ensure we are well-positioned to service our clients and the sectors” – Pat Tallon, CEO w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Onsite Rental Group congratulates Civmec on being awarded “Company of the Year” by Subsea Energy Australia. And just quietly, we’re stoked that Civmec has chosen us to be their sole equipment rental solutions provider and we support the shared growth of our businesses. 





Even more recently, Brookfield Multiplex Engineering and Infrastructure Pty Ltd awarded Civmec with the new Perth Stadium Steelwork Package contract, a contract that includes the fabrication and installation of roughly 14,500 tonnes of steelwork for the highly anticipated new Perth Stadium. “This project is evidence of how globally competitive Australia can be when it comes to fabrication, while providing client surety of delivery,” says Tallon. Pursuing growth abroad As a key part of its efforts to stay competitive and offer a high level of service, Civmec has been expanding to meet the needs of clients overseas. “Civmec growth strategy has always involved expanding overseas when the business


Henderson workshop


Our Knowledge, Your Choice is the tagline that sums up Onsite’s philosophy. Onsite employs product specialists for every product in every region of Australia to offer expert advice on equipment application (Our Knowledge). Onsite also remains 100% independent of equipment manufacturers so our product specialists are free to offer unbiased advice on the right product for your project or application (Your Choice). Our Knowledge Your Choice underpins every aspect of Onsite’s business. Website:

w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Aerial view of Civmec facilities in Henderson

was ready,” says Tallon. “We have been successful in making Civmec competitive here so naturally we want to ensure the expansion overseas provides the same result.” To help in ensuring a smooth and successful expansion plan, Civmec has looked to smart strategic partnerships with synergistic businesses like Technip. “Through various projects including Prelude and the Wheatstone spool package, we have developed a strong working relationship with Technip,” says Tallon, noting that acquisition of Technip’s Indonesian subsidiary PT 110

August 2015

Global Industries is currently in the due diligence phase. “If complete, this acquisition will strengthen our working relationship and offer Civmec further opportunities to work with Technip on projects worldwide—as well as giving us the opportunity to expand our offering to other clients globally.” Increasing growth domestically While Civmec has turned its sights overseas, cementing opportunities in Australia is as high a priority as ever. To maximise its domestic growth strategy, Civmec recently opened new offices in Sydney and Gladstone.


Accropodes for Wheatstone project

According to Tallon, the Sydney office will allow Civmec to further pursue infrastructure projects along the Eastern Seaboard, sustaining capital and maintenance opportunities in the mining and oil and gas sectors, and defence work through Civmec DLG, an incorporation in conjunction with local Indigenous company David Liddiard Group. While initially taking a short-term lease at Gladstone, this will allow Civmec to deliver maintenance and refractory projects within the region to leverage off already delivered and ongoing projects —in the area to ensure the Gladstone site becomes a permanent strategic location . “Every Civmec location is strategic to ensure we are well-positioned to service our clients and the sectors,” says Tallon. “The offices in Sydney and Gladstone feed into our growth strategy as

“We have identified many infrastructure opportunities all across Australia and we are targeting to win” – Pat Tallon, CEO

w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


Welding super duplex LNG piping



we look to expand our geographic footprint nationally.”

continually reinvest in its capabilities is a principle that applies to its people as much as its technology. The multi-disciplined Civmec “At Civmec, we really foster personal difference and professional growth,” says The traits that set Civmec apart from Tallon. “My philosophy when it the competition are the same traits comes to people management is to that are considered at Civmec to be challenge people to be innovative true points of pride for the company. and give them the direction and “Our main differentiator is our freedom to realise their true multi-disciplined service offering, potential. where we are able to apply our Of course there is also the ever-expanding capabilities across smart logistics of its geographical sectors,” says Tallon. “Additionally, positioning—all means to better we pride ourselves on our ability serve clients. “Our strategic location to treat all parties—whether at the Australian Marine Complex client, subcontractor, supplier or provides direct access to the wharf,” employee—as stakeholders.” This notes Tallon. “Combined with our stakeholder state of mind extends to various other strategic locations, this Civmec operating on an “open door” enables us to mobilise to site faster policy of transparency and honesty, which gives Civmec a competitive ensuring that clients and employees edge.” have access to senior management. Civmec’s commitment to Building and moving forward

“The future looks bright as we grow our geographic footprint and continue delivering vertical packages thanks to our multi-disciplinary, ever-expanding capabilities” – Pat Tallon, CEO w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u



Gorgon Wharf Construction Caissons


August 2015


Civmec already has a strong history of growth, but that growth is far from over. Moving into the future, Civmec has designs for multiple development paths. “A large focus for Civmec moving forward is to increase our market share in the Infrastructure and Subsea sectors,” says Tallon, citing a desire to maintain the momentum it has established through its recent and ongoing projects. “We have identified many infrastructure opportunities all across Australia and we are targeting to win.” Further growth in the Subsea sector will be facilitated through Civmec’s recently completed Specialist Subsea Facility in Henderson, which will help the company meet a rising demand for ability to work with exotic materials and subsea manufacture. “With involvement on Gorgon, Wheatstone and Ichthys with clients such as Technip, FMC Technologies and GE, we hope to grow this business and our reputation for delivering high quality subsea structures to the oil and gas industry,” says Tallon. In any discipline, Civmec understands that the most significant key to growth is the relationships that it cultivates. “Civmec continue building strong working relationships with clients to ensure ongoing works,” says Tallon. “The future looks bright as we grow our geographic footprint and continue delivering vertical packages thanks to our multi-disciplinary, ever-expanding capabilities.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Construction and engineering modularization HEADQUARTERS

16 Nautical Drive Henderson WA, Australia 6166 FOUNDED


1500 approx REVENUE



w w w. c i v m e c . c o m . a u


Probuild: Eastland Stage Five

Redevelopment Project The Probuild Difference: How thinking differently has driven success

As one of the largest and most successful construction experts in Australia, Probuild has continued to deliver excellence to clients for close to 30 years. Written by: Eric Harding

Produced by: Bryan Giles



Central Mall Level 2


robuild’s core strength is its people, who are dedicated to teamwork and excellence. Striving to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget, Probuild also keeps a strong focus on safety and the environment. Its track record for providing quality service to clients is one of several reasons Probuild was selected as 118

August 2015

the preferred contractor for the Eastland redevelopment project in October 2013 when construction kicked off. Project background Since initially opening for business in 1967, Eastland in Ringwood, Victoria has completed structural updates four times, most recently in 2002.


With 50 per cent of its latest expansion designed by QIC Global Real Estate, Probuild has begun its part of the construction for the $490 million Eastland Stage Five Redevelopment. The new Eastland will include a town square lined with restaurants, a library learning and cultural Centre, by Maroondah City Council.

So far, the project has wrapped up major demolition and excavation, as well as some structural construction. In addition, crews have also completed fit out in major tenancies and some upgrades to the existing Centre. Probuild is currently in the process of putting together the structure, services and commencement of w w w. p ro b u i l d . c o m . a u



its base build fit outs. The project involves work around a trading Centre in two major parts. The intention is to have the first half completed by late 2015, with the entire project slated to finish in the middle of 2016. Thanks to Probuild, by the time all work is complete the shopping Centre will have new south and east malls, four new permanent loading docks, additional car park decks as well as improvements to existing decks. The malls include 22 lifts, 21 escalators, and four moving walkways, as well as the library and town square. 120 August 2015

Project goals As with all Probuild projects, the main goal for Eastland Stage Five Redevelopment is to finish on time while staying within budget and maintaining high quality standards. Optimising on the design expertise QIC brings to the design and development of assets. “A major priority of the project and retail projects generally is to maintain as much flexibility as possible for the client to allow leasing-driven changes. This way, scope changes occur with minimal programme and cost implications as construction progresses,� said John


McManus, Construction Director. Strategic management According to McManus the key to delivering this particular project on schedule has been to have open communication and collaboration with all stakeholders, especially Eastland. Probuild holds design management meetings to go over any issues, monthly Project Control Group (PCG) meetings, several site-based meetings with consultants and subcontractors, and bi-monthly meetings with members of the Maroondah City Council. Probuild has committed to supporting the existing Eastland Shopping Centre, which has been continuing normal business operations during construction. By forming complex work

“A major priority of the project and retail projects generally is to maintain as much flexibility as possible for the client to allow leasing-driven changes. This way, scope changes occur with minimal programme and cost implications, as construction progresses” – John McManus, Construction Director

w w w. p ro b u i l d . c o m . a u


PROBUILD sequences and schedules, Probuild has successfully coordinated construction around tenants and the general public. The Probuild Difference Probuild creates a better way of doing things, by unpacking, analysing, challenging and looking for opportunities. For clients, it results in an overall smarter and more simplified process. Probuild believes that thinking differently drives business; this is “the Probuild Difference.” Part of thinking differently includes challenging construction



methodologies to meet the demands of design concepts—and this approach has been key to the continued success of the project. According to McManus, the main construction innovations to come out of the project revolve around the external appearance of the Centre. This includes the use of honeycomb aluminum fins instead of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) to create a light-weight but heavyduty façade. There is also a new GRP Lattice System that acts as a secondary façade to meet the design intent of the conceptual architect.


Best Digital Signs Pty Ltd is a Melbourne based signage and print advertising firm that has been producing branding solutions for print campaigns and signage for over twenty years. Best Digital Signs work in conjunction with advertising, marketing and graphic design studios both in Australia and overseas; rolling out branded signage for multi-national companies and small businesses alike. The major focus in recent years has been on redevelopment and re-branding projects. The Eastland Shopping Centre redevelopment has provided opportunities to assist in management and implementation of marketing collateral. This has transitioned into liaising and assisting with the Development team for Eastland’s rebuild. Tasks include hoarding treatments for the development site and day to day works during construction. Working hands on with Probuild and QIC staff to deliver signage and print advertising on a quick turnaround to assist customers with progress and direction on the coming facilities. Website: w w w. p ro b u i l d . c o m . a u


‘MC Labour Services recognises that the success of our company is our people. The foundation of our business is constructed on trust and loyalty and will remain our trademark and identity’. Marc Lunedei Managing Director MC Labour Services

1300 10 12 14 24/7 National Operations Line

Supplying qualified, trained and skilled workers across the entire spectrum of the construction industry. We are here to help you increase productivity and reduce costs by introducing flexibility to your workforce. Our skilled, experienced and qualified workers will become a valuable asset to your business. Whatever your labour hire needs, MC Labour has the answers.

MC Security is a dynamic and professional guarding,





requirements. Our primary focus is to establish long term sustainable partnerships with our clients

organising permits, road signage facilities and event management to ensure the safety of site users and the

delivery of consistent quality services. We bring exceptional level of customer service to our clients by supplying the most experienced, reliable and provide our clients with a variety of options to minimise risk and protect your interests.

We are able to consistently deliver high standard of work due to our industry experienced team within the

MC Security’s portfolio of services includes; - Guarding Solutions -

employees are experienced, trained and hold all

Private Function Security Loss Prevention Special Event Security Electronic Security Solutions Mobile Patrols & Alarm Response Risk Management & Consulting Executive & Public Figure Protection

onsite. We can work closely with VicRoads, Yarra Trams, public transport Victoria, CityLink Melbourne, local council, construction project managers, OH&S managers, liaise authorities.

MC Security’s success has been achieved through the delivery of high quality, tailored services across the following sectors -

Industrial & Construction Corporate & Commercial Event Management Government Education Retail

- Plans and Permits - Event Management - Hire of Signage and Equipment

1300 10 12 14

24/7 National Operations Line |









1300 10 12 14


24/7 National Operations Line












Additionally, Probuild, along with Shard Bespoke Engineering, developed a new façade lifting system for the Town Square Portal stone installation to create the required profile of the design’s intent. This was necessary to accommodate the weight of each 1.5 tonne piece of stone.

safety courses such as first aid, software, and other disciplinespecific training to ensure new employees are kept up to speed on Probuild’s processes and rigorous standards. “At a minimum, monthly safety interactions are undertaken by all Probuild staff onsite, ensuring that safety is a priority of all employees,” Training for safety said McManus. “Regular audits Six hundred workers were onsite at are undertaken on the Eastland Eastland as of June 2015, but the Stage Five project, and Probuild workforce is expected to increase to undertakes audits each month on approximately 800-1000 at its peak. selected contractors.” To augment this large workforce, This commitment to end-to-end programs include audit training, safety prevents accidents caused



MC Labour Services is a labour hire company within Australia providing quality labour hire personnel in construction and across a broad sector of industries which complements our clients’ core activities and their contribution to the end product. Founded on the core principle of delivering a holistic approach to hire, MC Labour Services is committed to understanding the unique needs of each individual project and clients. This ensures each and every time we are involved, you can rest assured that you will receive an efficient, cost effective and quality on hire solution, tailored specifically to suit your exact requirements. Specialising in employment services for both temporary and contract labour hire. Our site experienced operations team is committed to delivering effective and measurable labour solutions across all industry sectors. Website: w w w. p ro b u i l d . c o m . a u



Eastland Shopping Centre Project


August 2015


by training underlap and contributes to setting Probuild apart from the crowd as a company dedicated to keeping its employees healthy.

Company Information

Local job creation As one of several initiatives focused on providing more jobs to the local community, Probuild has partnered with the ICN Gateway to promote local subcontractors and suppliers that will be involved in the project. ICN posted a variety of work packages on its website, with each opportunity going to the highest bidder. The local Maroondah City Council has been a vital partner for the project, thanks to its involvement with the library addition. “This is the largest retail project to have been undertaken within this local government area, and when complete, Eastland will draw in new visitors to the area, creating further local job opportunities in and around Eastland,” said McManus.


Plans for the future By 2016, patrons of the Eastland can enjoy a location for cultural enrichment as well as commerce. Over 350 tenants are expected to conduct business at the completed Centre in 2016, which is approximately a 50 per cent increase, supported by almost twice the original square meters and a significant increase in parking spaces. The new structures and stunning architecture promise to propel Probuild’s reputation as a company that delivers on its word.



171 – 175 Maroondah Highway, Ringwood, Victoria, Australia, 3134 FOUNDED


600 on site PROJECT SIZE

$490 million+


w w w. p ro b u i l d . c o m . a u


Epworth Richmond Redevelopment Project by Kane Constructions Kane Constructions leads Epworth Richmond Hospital redevelopment project

Continuing to deliver quality projects for its clients, Kane Constructions is expected to complete Pod 4 (Lee Wing) for Epworth Richmond in 2016. Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Bryan Giles



Two tower cranes expedite construction at Epworth Richmond Hospital


ith close to 47,000 admissions, more than 1,800 staff members and 1,200 accredited visiting specialists, Epworth Richmond Hospital is Victoria’s largest private hospital. Renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation, Epworth is an innovator in Australia’s health system. 130

August 2015

Most recently, the hospital has embarked on a major redevelopment project to meet future demands for acute surgical and medical care. With an entire redesign in mind, they have called upon a multi-award winning, privately-owned commercial construction company to lead the first phase of construction.


Who is this company? Kane Constructions. “This is currently the “Our success is recognized in the way we largest project Kane achieve, as much as what we achieve,” is the company’s motto, and it is one that is lived up to have ever undertaken. It by every employee. is a healthcare project, During a recent interview, Project Manager which is one of the Hugh Lockie discussed the scope of the company’s strengths” project, challenges and successes that have come about during construction, and what it – Hugh Lockie, Project Manager means to be involved. w w w. k a n e . c o m . a u



Silver Thomas Hanley (STH) is an international healthcare design practice with over 35 years of experience delivering innovative healthcare facilities. STH has a significant international healthcare project portfolio of over 2000 completed projects. In progress or recently completed is over $9 billion worth of health facilities with STH as lead health planner with projects located nationally across Australia and internationally in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China.

MELBOURNE +61 (3) 9885 2333 SYDNEY +61 (2) 8299 4600 WWW.STH.COM.AU ARCHITECTURE








A history with Epworth Kane began working with Epworth on numerous smaller projects back in 2012—from refurbishments to oxygen tank enclosures. Epworth Richmond Hospital, however, is currently the largest single stage project Kane has undertaken. “This is a significant project for us,” said Lockie. “This is currently the largest project Kane have ever undertaken. It is a healthcare project, which is one of the company’s strengths.” The Epworth Richmond redevelopment has been designed to respond to patient, doctor and staff expectations and to meet the needs of the 21st century—setting a new standard in health facilities and patient care. The project is worth $120 million and services will be built within a new


The second tower crane at the worksite for the Epworth Richmond Hospital redevelopemnt project by Kane Constructions


Silver Thomas Hanley (STH) is an international health care design practice with over 35 years of experience delivering innovative health care facilities. STH has a significant international health care project portfolio of over 2000 completed projects. In progress or recently completed is over $9 billion of health projects with STH as lead health planner with projects located across Australia and internationally in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Website:

w w w. k a n e . c o m . a u



Kane Constructions site for a new compound above the existing emergency department for Epworth Richmond Hospital

16 story building with five basement levels. One of the reasons Kane was chosen for the project is because of their managerial capabilities for complex projects, believes Lockie. This has enabled Kane to continue redevelopments with little impact on hospital operations. “Kane recently undertook some complex works in the middle eight operating theaters that maintained functionality during the entire process,” said Lockie. Challenges and successes With a project this large, there are bound to be complications—especially when it is right next to



an existing operating hospital. “It involves getting acquainted with the [existing] hospital to make sure interfaces run smoothly,” explained Lockie. “The hospital is a sensitive environment and we have to carefully manage our construction.” Kane have been able to turn this challenge into a success by building a close working relationship with Epworth Richmond personnel. “One of the successes of construction is effectively engaging all stakeholders,” he said. “From Epworth to Kane, to the design team and our contractors—through a collaborative approach we are overcoming the challenges of the project.” With construction for Pod 4 still on schedule to be completed by 2016, key features from this phase include 119 acute inpatient rooms, six operating theaters, a 26-bed intensive care unit, a 34-cubicle emergency department, consulting suites and additional car parking. “Kane have many excellent people with a great knowledge and understanding of construction and healthcare projects in particular,” said Lockie. “These are the kind of projects Kane want to do and see ourselves doing more of in the future.” A distinguished hospital upon completion Building upon Epworth Richmond’s role as a centre of excellence and a specialist facility, Kane Constructions is looking to bring a higher level of quality with their design.

Hugh Lockie, Project Manager

“From Epworth to Kane, to the design team and our contractors— through a collaborative approach we are overcoming the challenges of the project” – Hugh Lockie, Project Manager

w w w. k a n e . c o m . a u



Conceptual drawing of a pedestrian protection gantry over Leigh Place and the loading dock on Erin Street


August 2015


“What is going to set this hospital apart is the quality of finish and the quality of medical facilities,” said Lockie. “It is going to provide Melbourne another great healthcare facility.” Completing construction to a high standard is definitely one of Lockie’s goals for the project, along with completing it on time and fulfilling every need Epworth has. “We would like to complete the project in such a way that it develops further relationships with our client, and also all the consultants, trade contractors and everyone that has been involved in the process,” said Lockie.

Company Information INDUSTRY

Hospital Construction HEADQUARTERS

89 Bridge Road Richmond, Victoria, Australia , 3121 FOUNDED


Looking ahead Kane commenced operations in Melbourne in 1973 and has since become renowned in the area. In fact, financial year 2014 saw turnover reach $470 million. “We continue to do what we know best,” states their website, “and successfully deliver quality projects for our clients.” With the Epworth Richmond Hospital redevelopment project under their belt, Kane intends to grow in all areas with a maintained focus in their key industries—healthcare being one of them.




Hospital Construction

w w w. k a n e . c o m . a u



Elekta Treats Patients of the Present and Future The human care company Elekta pioneers new technology and innovations to treat cancer and brain disorders Written by: Eric Harding Produced by: Rob Benson



Perfexion088 - used with permission of Elekta


ince it was established in Australia in 2004 as a direct subsidiary of its corporate headquarters in Sweden, Elekta Australasia has served the radiation oncology, medical oncology and neuroscience communities throughout Australia and New Zealand with world-class clinical solutions and services. The company has worked with several prestigious hospitals in Australia, including the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane. Among Elekta’s missions are maintaining customer satisfaction. “Our prime focus is establishing 140

August 2015

high customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations, and expectations are high in Australia,” said Managing Director Shaun Seery. Technology and Innovations Elekta pioneered the 4D CT technique, an imaging workflow that enables doctors to acquire images of moving targets in the body. Accordingly, 4D CT is particularly useful for treating lung cancer, in which tumors can change position with patient breathing. Another innovation is the 160leaf multileaf collimator (MLC), Agility™, a beam-shaping device


Leksell Gamma Knife - used with permission of Elekta

that is the fastest in the industry. Combined with a High Dose Rate mode, clinicians can use the linear accelerator to treat patients faster and with greater therapeutic effect. “If you can be more confident where you’re going to deliver the dose, you can deliver a higher dose to the tumor,” said Seery. “With that you’ll be able to hypofractionate for some indications, which would reduce the number of treatments the patient will have to come for.” According to Seery, the best practice is eliminating the number of required treatments. Instead of having 30-35 treatments, the goal is to bring it down to 10-15. The company prides itself on updating its technology and innovations, but being on the cutting edges comes with the challenge of

“Our prime focus is establishing high customer satisfaction and meeting customer expectations, and expectations are high in Australia” – Elekta Managing Director Shaun Seery.

w w w. e l e k t a . c o m . a u




©2014 Brainlab EL_AD_EN_ElementsAdBrainMets_July2014_Rev1 ® Registered trademark of Brainlab AG in Germany and/or the US.



ensuring patient safety. “We’re regulated, so since we’re treating a patient directly, any type of new innovation needs to be made sure that it’s safe,” said Seery. “Everybody has regulatory bodies that look into these things, so it slows down our ability to bring the product to market. But they are necessary, and it’s something you have to work with to make sure the technology is safe.” Elekta is in the process of installing one of its most complex and advanced pieces of equipment at Princess Alexandra Hospital, which is expected to be up and running later this year. Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™ radiosurgery system will treat neurological disorders, specifically brain disorders, and brain cancer in a single treatment using precisely targeted pencil beams


Xray volume imagingused with permission of Elekta


Brainlab, headquartered in Munich, develops, manufactures and markets software-drivenmedicaltechnology,enablingaccesstoadvanced,lessinvasive patient treatments. Core products center on information-guided surgery, radiosurgery, precision radiation therapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. Brainlab technology powers treatments in radiosurgery and radiotherapy as well as numerous surgical fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma. Privately held since its formation in 1989, Brainlab has over 9000 systems installed in about 100 countries. Brainlab employs over 1200 people in 18 offices worldwide,including300research&developmentengineers,whoformacrucial part of the product development team. Website: w w w. e l e k t a . c o m . a u


E L E K TA of radiation. According to Shaun Seery, this machine will be the second one in Australia, and the first one in any Australian public hospital. However, Seery believes there are even more new innovations on the horizon. One new technology he said is a high field MRI-guided radiation therapy system (MR Linac), which combines an imaging system with a linear accelerator to deliver therapy. Seery said Elekta has received a

Australian Institute of Radiography


he Australian Institute of Radiography is the peak body representing radiographers, radiation therapists and sonographers in Australia. We are the national professional organisation for the promotion and advancement of the Medical Imaging and Radiation Science profession.

Just a few benefits of membership... Work collaboratively with the radiography professional body and be involved in technological and professional advances. Make your views heard -join us and other partners in lobbying on issues that matter most. Communicate better with patients and the public about health awareness and services. Engage with industry and stay on the cutting-edge of technological developments.

science art humanity

Contribute alongside the AIR to discussions with government, regulatory bodies, employers and others associations. Participate at AIR events and keep your CPD credits up.


lot of interest from some institutes in Australia, but, for now there are seven sites that are a part of the research consortium. “It will be a huge gamechanger when it comes out in the marketplace, because you’ll be able to image soft tissue in real time as you treat,” said Seery. “It will be good not only for increasing the dose you can safely give, but also for treating areas you wouldn’t traditionally think to treat with radiation.”


In addition, Seery said Elekta is looking forward to the arrival of Health Care Analytics, which he believes will make a big difference for knowledge-based software usage and product integration. “With our innovations, you’ll see utilization of radiation therapy continue to rise mainly due to its non-invasive properties,” he observed. “Getting people back to their normal routines faster is a very important goal.”

background respond better to a certain kind of treatment. That’s what we are looking at in the future, and using the knowledge gained from our software will enable that.” Seery describes the practice as personalised health care. Elekta achieves this by using MOSAIQ®, which is a complete patient information management system that centralizes radiation oncology, particle therapy, and medical oncology patient data into a single user interface that can be accessible New Way of Treatment to multi-disciplinary teams across The oncology information system multiple locations. software and the depth of data that “Instead of looking at a person’s you get out of it and convert into sex and age to determine treatment knowledge is a field Elekta wants to we will look at many factors and further explore. these could include where they “If you have a large amount of were born, their cultural and racial information about patients and how background and the food they grew they’re treated, and if you follow those up eating. From this information patients for an extended period, you’ll we could make a better informed obviously get a lot of data into how decision on their treatment plan,” successful treatments were, and what said Seery. the side effects were”. “You will see trends beyond what Employee Training you would conventionally see,” said When a new support person joins Seery. “For example, you would Elekta, Seery said they go through see a particular group of people several different training modules, from a particular racial or cultural including having employees w w w. e l e k t a . c o m . a u



Elekta Synergy - used with permission of Elekta


August 2015


relocated to Elekta’s offices in either North America or Europe to complete the training. “We invest extensively on internal training,” Seery said. “It’s important our staff can deliver the best service possible to our customers which in turn impacts the patients. It’s one of the keys to what we do.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


Sharing of Ideas Elekta hosts an annual user meeting which bring customers together in an attempt to share knowledge in a scientific, clinical-based form. Elekta believes the sharing of knowledge is to everyone’s benefits and opens up the forum to encourage customers to submit scientific papers as well as having international invited speakers talk about their latest finding and practices. This year’s meeting will be held in Adelaide from October 24-26. “This is a great opportunity for our customers to share experiences on what they’re working on as well as for Elekta to demonstrate to the same cohort our new releases and products” said Seery. “The event is a sharing of the mind, and we engage in a lot of social activities to encourage networking. “Networking and the exchange of information is vital to continue providing the radiation oncology market with innovative and intelligent solutions.”

168 Walker St North Sydney NSW, Australia, 2060 FOUNDED


w w w. e l e k t a . c o m . a u


Princess Alexandra Hospital

Nationally recognised for excellence, expertise and prestige Achieving Magnet Designation for the third time, Princess Alexandra Hospital revolves around nursing excellence, patient outcomes and quality of care. Written by: Stephanie C. Ocano Produced by: Rob Benson




n the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia sits a distinguished, state-ofthe-art, medical research precinct: Princess Alexandra Hospital. Spanning all the way back to 1883, Princess Alexandra Hospital has had a rich history. Now, with a staff of more than 6,500, it takes a vision and a team to execute it to achieve a level of paramount success. Building a vision of excellence 150

August 2015

In 2001, former Executive Director of Nursing Services Joy Vickerstaff had a vision to utilize the Magnet framework to unite nursing services within Princess Alexandra Hospital. With the intent to improve the nursing culture and focus on patient safety, the vision was instigated following a staff cultural survey conducted by Best Practice Australia. While the survey identified that the current nursing services had a “poor� workforce culture, Vickerstaff


was not dismayed and pushed forward her vision for success. The cultural shift began from the onset of embarking on the journey and has resulted in a true cultural transformation. Achieving Magnet Designation In 2004, Princess Alexandra Hospital was the first hospital in the southern hemisphere to achieve Magnet recognition. Achieving Magnet Designation is the highest international distinction a healthcare organisation can receive for nursing excellence and quality of care that is delivered (ANCC, 2013, p.1). It provides

“To progress the development of a mentorship structure, Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Centre of Nursing Excellence has taken on an added responsibility” – Sandra Moss

m e t r o s o u t h . h e a l t h . q l d . g o v. a u / p r i n c e s s - a l e x a n d r a - h o s p i t a l



...advanced technology with the patient in mind

4513 371 1128 02:13

With Elekta, it’s reality. Neuroscience


Treatment Planning & Information Software


Human care makes the future possible More at

Every day, more than 100,000 patients worldwide are diagnosed, treated or receive follow-up with the help of a solution from Elekta. Through innovation and collaboration, we are advancing patient care.

P R I N C E S S A L E X A N D R A H O S P I TA L a benchmark framework to create an optimal healthcare work environment that achieves extraordinary workplace culture, delivers the highest standards of care and, most importantly, achieves exemplary patient outcomes (ANCC, 2013, p.1). Princess Alexandra Hospital strives to align to the best practice framework as it has decades of research demonstrating that Magnet facilities have better nursing culture, better patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes. On June 18, 2014, the Magnet Commission announced that Princess Alexandra Hospital had once again achieved excellence in its nursing services, making it the first healthcare organization in Australia and outside of the United States to receive a third Magnet Designation.

Sandy Moss - Nursing Director, Centre of Nursing Excellence

SUPPLIER PROFILE ELEKTA Elekta is a human care company pioneering significant innovations and clinical solutions for treating cancer and brain disorders. The company develops advanced tools and treatment planning systems for radiation therapy and radiosurgery,andworkflowenhancingsoftwaresystemsacrossthecancercare spectrum. Through its products and services, Elekta aims to improve, prolong and save patient lives. Website:

m e t r o s o u t h . h e a l t h . q l d . g o v. a u / p r i n c e s s - a l e x a n d r a - h o s p i t a l



In addition, the nursing services were awarded four exemplars for demonstrating the highest standards of nursing practice internationally and serving the best practice for others within the industry.

• Processes and structures to develop, expand and/or advance nursing research. “Achieving Magnet Designation makes you feel an incredible sense of pride in the organisation, nursing staff and all of the teams for their hard work and contribution to The exemplars received were for: patients and their families,” said • Nursing leaders’ guidance through Sandra Moss, Nursing Director of periods of planned and unplanned the Centre of Nursing Excellence, in change, a recent interview. • Recognition of the value of Princess Alexandra Hospital nurses by the The Centre of Nursing community, Excellence • High levels of nursing engagement, In 2012, the Centre of Nursing and Excellence was established at 154

August 2015


Magnet 2014 Assorted Executive Group

Princess Alexandra Hospital and has since taken a lead role in Queensland in a number of patient care initiatives as a highly productive unit that has state, health service and organisational responsibilities. In June of this year, the centre coordinated a National Nursing Excellence Symposium that featured international presenters, including Leaders from the American Nurses Credentialing Center; and Ms. Amanda Gore, award-winning keynote speaker, best-selling author, emotional intelligence, communication and performance expert.

Moss oversees a team of incredibly motivated staff that is responsible for coordinating Magnet Designation at Princess Alexandra Hospital. “To coordinate Magnet requires a focus on workplace culture and patient safety. Therefore, the team is also responsible for administering activities that showcase nursing achievements and dissemination of new knowledge to others at local, state and international levels,” said Moss. “At the local level, we coordinate monthly Magnet Champion forums—a peer review process for frontline nursing staff to present

m e t r o s o u t h . h e a l t h . q l d . g o v. a u / p r i n c e s s - a l e x a n d r a - h o s p i t a l


Toni Ballantyne & Sam Holman - patient records

P R I N C E S S A L E X A N D R A H O S P I TA L quality initiatives, research and innovation that is leading the way,” she added. “These forums are the highest attended meetings in the organization.” Mentoring others on the Magnet journey As a Magnet designated facility, Princess Alexandra Hospital has a professional obligation to mentor other facilities interested in pursuing excellence in nursing. To date, Princess Alexandra Hospital has formally mentored, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Western Australia and St. Vincent’s Hospital Sydney—all of which are elite hospitals that have since been successful in achieving Magnet Designation. “Undertaking the journey to Magnet is challenging and requires structures, processes and eligibility requirements to be in place,” explained Moss. “The ANCC recommends that hospitals that commence the Magnet journey to establish a collaborative mentorship arrangement with a hospital that has been designated to understand former lessons learnt and to obtain support.” In 2015, the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer for Queensland Department of Health sought support from the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Executive Director of Nursing Services () and

Dr Stephen Ayre Executive Director, PAH-QEII Health Network

Dr Richard Ashby Chief Executive, Metro South Health

“Our most important measure of what our service means for patients is through the feedback that we receive in the patient satisfaction survey and our patient outcomes” – Sandra Moss m e t r o s o u t h . h e a l t h . q l d . g o v. a u / p r i n c e s s - a l e x a n d r a - h o s p i t a l



Metro South Health Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery (Veronica Casey) to embark on a joint project initiative to mentor healthcare facilities throughout Queensland Health who plan to commence the Magnet journey. “To progress the development of a mentorship structure, Princess Alexandra Hospital’s Centre of Nursing Excellence has taken on an added responsibility,” said Moss. A distinct hospital built on 158

August 2015

excellence When asked what sets Princess Alexandra Hospital apart from others in the area, Moss had four things to note: 1. True transformation leadership from the top. 2. Culture of staff. 3. Unwavering commitment to quality of patient care and outcomes. 4. Teamwork and collaboration between all disciplines that is second to none.


“Magnet facilities are required to outperform the benchmarks for patient safety outcome indicators such as hospital acquired pressure injuries,” said Moss. “In Q1 [last year], Princess Alexandra Hospital achieved the lowest PIP (pressure injury prevalence) results ever recorded and continued to outperform the benchmark.” “In 2011, the Nursing Executive endorsed and led the development of a process that would capture patient experience and expectation data,” continued Moss. “Princess Alexandra Hospital became the first facility in Queensland Health to conduct quarterly patient satisfaction surveying for all inpatients and ambulatory patients to provide timely reports to clinicians. Since 2011, feedback has been received from over 6,968 patients and families.” A culture of ambition Since 2001, Princess Alexandra Hospital has moved from a “poor culture” to one of ambition. Seventy-three per cent of nursing staff believe Princess Alexandra Hospital is truly a great place to work, according to the 2014 Nursing Cultural Survey, and 79 per cent of nursing staff would recommend the hospital to their friends and family. “Awards are great for recognising achievements,” concluded Moss, “but our most important measure of what our service means for patients is through the feedback that we receive in the patient satisfaction survey and our patient outcomes.”

Company Information INDUSTRY

Healthcare Global HEADQUARTERS

237 Ipswich Rd Woolloongabba, QLD, Australia, 4102 FOUNDED




m e t r o s o u t h . h e a l t h . q l d . g o v. a u / p r i n c e s s - a l e x a n d r a - h o s p i t a l


South Taranaki District Council

Improving Water for South Tarana Through technology and treatment plants, New Zealand’s South Taranaki District Council invests in improving water supplies for community and commerce Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Bryan Giles




Kapuni Reservoirs


porting the motto “alive with opportunity,” South Taranaki District Council is committed to improving the lives of its residents on an array of counts. Over the course of nearly seven years and counting, the South Taranaki District Council has spent approximately $67 million making upgrades to improve facilities and the water quality that its residents and businesses rely on every day. “For a relatively small population of 26,500, spread across the District in small communities, that’s been quite a significant undertaking and a significant expense which has 162

August 2015

been supported and driven by the council,” says Brent Manning, Group Manager of Engineering Services for the District Council. He adds that, while the population is small, the work has been vital in reaching the goals that the district council set out to achieve: upgrading these plants to ensure full compliance with New Zealand’s Drinking Water Standards. As it stands, these standards required full compliance from many water treatment plants in South Taranaki’s jurisdiction by 1 July of this year. As Manning states: “That is now the case.”


Membrane filters at Kapuni Water Treatment Plant

Boosting communities and commerce South Taranaki District Council’s water treatment upgrades have been extensive and varied. In 2010 the agency commissioned a brand new membrane microfiltration water treatment plant for the town of Hawera. This $22 million project, known as the Kapuni Water Treatment Plant, provides highly treated potable water to 10,500 Hawera consumers, as well as significant businesses for the region. The success of this plant spurred on additional microfiltration plants in Opunake and Rahotu. Over the past year, a major project has been the rural scheme known as Waimate West Water Treatment Plant. Waimate West is a rural water supply that services two towns in the area, along with more than 800 dairy farms throughout some

Brent Manning, Group Manager of Engineering Services

w w w. s o u t h t a r a n a k i . c o m


Inframax Construction Ltd is a company that seeks opportunities to diversify. We offer proven infrastructural services in several broad areas, being: • • • • • •

Hawera Depot 101 Camberwell Road PO Box 336, Hawera

Phone: +64 6 278 0811

Roading construction Quarrying Earthworks Vegetation control Water, drainage and sewerage Road maintenance


“We have enjoyed a 13 year relationship with Nexus and have put many of our staff through their leadership programmes. These provide a superb set of skills and techniques that have raised the performance of our individuals and our organisation.”

- CRAIG STEVENSON, CHIEF EXECUTIVE SOUTH TARANAKI DISTRICT COUNCIL Contact Nexus to discover how our leadership development programmes can benefit your organisation:

+64 21 644 707 Email: Web:


S O U T H TA R A N A K I D I S T R I C T C O U N C I L of the most productive dairy land in New Zealand. Farmers depend on a strong water supply for use in the dairy milking shed, and South Taranaki District Council has invested nearly $12 million into meeting this need. This includes $10 million on a brand new water treatment facility designed by Beca Consultants and built by Spartan Construction Ltd, as well as $1 million on a project with Whitaker Civil Engineering to connect an adjoining rural supply to this new upgraded system as part of the Pope Water Supply Scheme. This project involves a system to pump treated water back uphill towards Mt. Taranaki. In addition to this water treatment plant and pump system, South Taranaki District Council has added vital renovations like upgraded pipes and pressure reducing stations to curb unnecessary water loss and increase the life expectancy of pipe systems in the future. The council has also integrated other innovations, too. “We have included a micro turbine so we can generate some electricity, which helps meet our needs at the plant,” says Manning. “Also, in the future we could export that into the local supply grid as well.”

Mangawhero Gravity Intake

Kapuni Intake

Improving necessities with technology South Taranaki District Council has not been hesitant to enlist the benefits of modern technology into its water treatment facility upgrades. This technology manifests in a variety of ways, including increased automation at most w w w. s o u t h t a r a n a k i . c o m


Mount Taranaki

S O U T H TA R A N A K I D I S T R I C T C O U N C I L of its water treatment plants. “With the exception of Kapuni, which is our operational base, all of our other plants are unmanned,” says Manning. Staff members visit these plants on a regular—if not daily—basis, but essentially the plants are set up to run effectively unmanned 24 hours and for up to 4 days, monitored and controlled for the most part through supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems that allow staff to monitor multiple plants and respond quickly to problems that may arise. “Our staff can respond after hours on-line from home even in the middle of the night. If there’s a shut down or a loss of power or an exceeding of normal flow rate, and particularly in an event where we might breach the drinking water standards, we can go into automatic shutdown mode or an operator can intervene so that we maintain compliance with the drinking water standards,” says Manning. South Taranaki District Council is also focusing on other technological innovations including a plan to install electronic loggers with a propriety

program to dispatch automatic SMS texts if farm water use exceeds a preset point—a sign that there could be a leak that must be addressed as soon as possible. This could be assessed by the users through an open source see application for mobile phones. There is also a shared service arrangement with South Taranaki’s neighbouring council New Plymouth District Council for electrical and instrument design and tech support. Enhancing technology with training Infrastructure improvements and new technology lead to a demand for operators and staff members who are considerably more techsavvy than the job called for in the past. South Taranaki District Council understands this, and places a heavy emphasis on training to ensure that its employees are prepared for any situation. “We’ve got a great staff here, all in various stages of training toward either a National Certificate or a National Diploma in water treatment,” says Manning, noting

w w w. s o u t h t a r a n a k i . c o m



Kapuni Reservoirs under construction

that—of the six staff members on site—three are diploma qualified, two are almost there having already achieved their certificates, and another is in early training toward certificate level. “I personally regard training as a significant enabler toward greater capacity within our organization with achieving higher and better levels of performance, which also goes a long way toward encouraging personal development among our staff. We see it as a priority—we don’t have to have everyone qualified to diploma level, 168

August 2015

but ultimately we’re committed to training our staff to the highest level possible in a structured manner.” South Taranaki rely on an external agency, Nexus Partners Ltd, to both develop and tailor an internal programme to train staff in less technical areas known as “Building Blocks.” This programme included identification and development of selected Council staff as facilitators for the Building Blocks, to essentially “train the trainers.” Thanks to the Nexus-provided training and coaching, South Taranaki District


Council has now developed to a point where its own staff deliver more than 90% of the training. According to Manning, the more that staff members understand about what could go wrong, the better place they’ll be in to deal with issues if they arise. This idea proved itself in June with the occurrence of heavy rainfall and flooding in nearby hill country that washed away roads and significantly affected communities living in river valleys near the coast. South Taranaki District Council staff mobilised over that weekend to contain water supplies, take calls, and aid communities in need. “We also rely heavily on our partnered contractors, such as Inframax Construction and Veolia Water New Zealand, who deliver such services as road and water networks maintenance. These companies have been extra busy since the event above, and work closely with our staff to ensure continuity of service and to respond and repair when things go wrong. We couldn’t meet all of our service levels without them,” says Manning. “We had previously rehearsed having such an event and setting up an operation centre here for emergency, so it was rolled into action without any particular issues—so everyone knew what to do with a minimum of fuss and no panic,” says Manning. “That’s an example of why training is important: ultimately people feel prepared and are able to respond when things go wrong.”

Company Information INDUSTRY


105-111 Albion St Hawera, North Island, New Zealand, 4610 EMPLOYEES

169 FTE (42 within Engineering) BUDGET

$60 Million SERVICES

District Council /Local Government

w w w. s o u t h t a r a n a k i . c o m


PPC Moulding Services (LJ Wallace Pty Ltd)

Pursuing Growth

Managing Director Grahame Aston discusses new technologies, a focus on people, and leading his team to success in the medical device subcontract industry Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Rob Benson


P P C M O U L D I N G S E R V I C E S ( L J WA L L A C E P T Y LT D )

PPC MS Factory Floor


he PPC Group acquired Moulding Services in 2007. Then the company was small but successful. Today that success is exponential: PPC Moulding Services has grown from 18 to 250 employees, seeing year on year growth and potential ahead as it consolidates itself as a leading player in the medical device market. Filling potential by finding a niche A critical element of PPC Moulding Services’ success in recent years has been its focus on an development in the medical device 172

August 2015

manufacturing. The prior industry knowledge of Managing Director Grahame Aston and the quick assembly of a strong management core has allowed PPC Moulding Services to push forward and rapidly improve its service in the sector. “We’ve focused on things that aren’t easy to do—things that not everybody out there does—and we’ve been able to exceed the expectations of those challenges, identifying new technologies and new opportunities” says Aston. “We travel the world to ensure we are up to date with the latest technologies available in injection molding and


PPC MS Clean Room

we’ve been able to keep up with the trends and go beyond them.” These trends include everything from automation in manufacturing to new temperaturecontrolled techniques that allow PPC to work with more exotic materials, working closely with partners like Arburg in Germany for the latest machinery to realize its visions. “By looking at these new technologies,” says Aston, “we’ve been able to extend ourselves into new markets and using more exotic materials that actually see benefits for our own customers.” A joining of quality and skill One major trait that sets PPC Moulding Services apart from the competition is its range of talent. “We’ve been to assemble a tremendous range

“It gives our customers a lot of confidence that we’ve got a focus on quality… if the parts you’re making are going out with issues, you’re not helping yourself and you’re not helping your customers” – Grahame Aston, Managing Director

w w w. l j w a l l a c e . c o m . a u




Wacker Chemie AG, Hanns-Seidel-Platz 4, 81737 MĂźnchen, Germany, Tel. +49 89 6279-1741,,,

Technology Partners: Best In Class

Comtec IPE embraces innovative new technologies and provides professional advice to support your business. We can take your product from concept stage through to manufacturing with our state-of-the-art integrated systems. We back it up with highly qualified processing expertise ensuring your systems operate with optimum efficiency.

Injection Moulding & Automated Solutions

Automated Printing Systems

Compounding Technology & Bulk Materials Handling

Product Design and Development

Power, Fluid and Specialty Connectors

Adelaide | Melbourne | Sydney | tf: 1300 768 826 | Singapore | tf: +65 6259 8486 | |

P P C M O U L D I N G S E R V I C E S ( L J WA L L A C E P T Y LT D ) of skill sets in house,” says Aston, pointing out a strong depth of knowledge between the company’s executive team and workers who are skilled in everything from machine tool making to robotics. The company also believes in exercising the wisdom to know when outside sources are required to ensure that customers receive the best work possible. “We’ve never walked away from a challenge that a customer has presented us with—but we never claim to know something that we don’t,” Aston points out. “We have the ability to research and to partner with the

right people that can easily help bring the skill sets that we may not have on board.” PPC also has the certifications to back its commitment to quality, gaining ISO9001 and ISO13485 accreditation. “That’s given our customers in the medical industry the confidence that we’ve got the right quality policies and procedures—that we understand the importance of traceability and that every product that goes out the door meets these specifications,” says Aston. “It gives our customers a lot of confidence that we’ve got a focus on quality. At the end of the day, if

Grahame Aston, Managing Director w w w. l j w a l l a c e . c o m . a u


COMPOUNDS, APN DELIVERING EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS APN is a leading Australian manufacturer and distributor of Engineering Plastics, Styrenic, Polyolefin and PVC compounds.

Co-injected, soft touch Thermolast M elastomer onto Polypropylene.

APN has established global alliances with leading polymer manufacturers including Samsung SDI, DuPont Performance Polymers and Kraiburg TPE. This along with the versatility of Australia's leading custom PVC compounding facility offers manufacturers in the medical industry a market advantage. Our excellent service and personalized approach is supported by a broad range of polymer compounds that comply with medical approvals including; USP IV, ISO10993, Drug Master File, BPA and phthalate free requirements. They also offer REACH and RoHS compliant materials. APN is well positioned to meet the dynamics of an ever changing manufacturing market.


Ph: +61 2 9756 6339 Fax: +61 2 9756 6345 Email: Web: Ph: +61 3 9768 2644 Fax: +61 3 9768 3120 Email: Web:

P P C M O U L D I N G S E R V I C E S ( L J WA L L A C E P T Y LT D ) the parts you’re making are going out with issues, you’re not helping yourself and you’re not helping your customers.” According to Aston, many PPC customers have acknowledged this commitment to quality with consistent recognition as a top supplier. “It’s satisfying to get these awards and to be able to share them with our internal team knowing that what we’re doing in-house is actually reaching and benefitting our customers,” he says. Focusing on people “You’re only as good as the last

job that you do,” says Aston. “If you excel at that, then you get an opportunity on the next project when that arises.” With this principle in mind, PPC Moulding Services makes people a high priority. This starts with a strong philosophy of people management, from the hiring process to training, and an emphasis on developing the right mix of people across all functions. “We’re continuing to invest into the training of our staff in the business, and that’s not just training courses within Australia—we’ve sent many of our moulding technicians to Arburg

Stephen Donohue, General Manager w w w. l j w a l l a c e . c o m . a u


P P C M O U L D I N G S E R V I C E S ( L J WA L L A C E P T Y LT D )

Chloe Aston, Payroll Administration and Quality Officer

in Germany for continued training, to ensure we get the best results and understand everything that our machines have to offer,” says Aston. “It’s a challenging thing to keep up with, but we are very focused on making sure that everybody maintains that continued level of 178

August 2015

training. We’re also expanding our executive team, and we’re looking for people with the right skill sets who are going to enhance not only our business but the support and backup we offer our customers.” But providing good service is about more than having good


people in-house. As PPC understands, it’s also about understanding each job as it comes—and that originates with listening well to the clients you serve to ensure that everyone is working together toward the best end product possible. “We do have a focus on making sure that we listen to our customer, and that everyone within the business is the right person and can provide the required solutions for our customers,” says Aston. “Without supporting our customers there’s no business to have. But if they’re totally happy with the service we offer, there’s no reason why our growth shouldn’t continue.” Looking into the future PPC is certainly on the right trajectory for continued growth. “We see our future as a strong future,” says Aston. “We’re looking at globalizing our footprint—we’re looking at different markets around the world where we can satisfy not only our current customers, but also potentially new customers.” In addition to this global growth, PPC is also pursuing further growth on the home front. “We see that our business in Australia will continue to grow—we’ve had good growth this year, we’ve expanded our workforce this year and we see that as continuing as well,” notes Aston. “We’re certainly budgeting for future growth. With the projects and opportunities we’re still seeing on a weekly basis, we’re confident that this growth is certainly achievable.”

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Injection Moulding and Medical Device Manufacture HEADQUARTERS

25 Miowera Rd Villawood, New South Wales Australia, 2163 FOUNDED




Injection Moulding and Medical Device Manufacture

w w w. l j w a l l a c e . c o m . a u


A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard Puts Family First

A family-owned company since 1899, A.H. Beard prides its longevity, innovation and a family-like working environment Written by: Eric Harding Produced by: Rob Benson

self in quality, t.


Garry and Allyn Beard

What started off as a bet between two brothers nearly 100 years ago has transformed into one of the most prestigious, successful and well-respected bedding companies throughout Australia. A fourth generation family business since it was established back in 1899, and now moving to it’s fifth generation, A.H. Beard has been Australia and New Zealand’s premier manufacturer of quality mattresses and bedding since 1899. After the original factory burned to the ground in 1926, Albert Henry Beard chose to continue making beds, while his brother made a bet that he couldn’t produce seven beds 182 August 2015

in a week. “It became a challenge between our grandfather and his brother,” said Allyn Beard, director at A.H. Beard and grandson of Albert Henry Beard. “It’s really ironic because now we make between 6,000 and 10,000 beds in a week during peak production. So the business has grown both in volume and average unit value quite dramatically over the years.” Family values The active involvement of the Beard family with its retail customers facilitates great communication, and because


John Howard visit 2013

of that, they’re better equipped to understand the needs of the consumer. As a company that has been a proud licensee of the Australia Made logo for many years, people know what they’re getting when purchasing a bed from A.H. Beard. “It’s about longevity,” Beard said. “When you deal with somebody for a long period of time, you get to understand what they look for in a product and what pushes their buttons. Every retail customer is different, so we are able to customise our offering to maximise our relationship with each retail customer. We become more

meaningful to them than the other guys, who are selling the same product in every shop in town.” But nearly just as important as a relationship with their customers is the rapport built up with their suppliers. Due to A.H. Beard’s long-term existence in the industry, it has been able to build a strong association with its suppliers going back many, many years. This strong relationship has helped A.H. Beard stay a step ahead in innovation. “We rely on them to bring new products and new materials that assist in making our products better, more competitive and more w w w. a h b e a r d . c o m


Specialized in the manufacturing of Mattress Textiles, Bekaert Textiles is active worldwide with sales and dedicated production sites in 9 separate locations. Bekaert Textiles is recognized as the quality, service and innovation leader in its industry with its headquarters located in Waregem (Belgium). Our products cover tens of thousands of new beds and mattresses every day, from New York to Sydney, from Helsinki to Cape Town. The company and its high-quality products benefit from increasing demand for comfort and growing environmental awareness. To complement our product line, in Australia we are active in the upholstery, window coverings and health care fabrics for the local and export market.

Bekaert Textiles - Australia 195 Abbotts Road Dandenong South, VIC 3175 Australia T +61 3 9799 1202 F +61 3 97991019


A.H. BEARD marketable,” said Beard. “Hopefully if we’re a meaningful partner to them, they’ll come to us first, and that’s what usually happens”. “We have accessibility, so if they discover something that will be beneficial to our business, they’ll call and speak to us directly. That allows us to be an innovator in the market.” Production When it comes to the actual beds, A.H. Beard prides itself on having a wide variety. Not every mattress is right for every person, but that’s the beauty of the company—it aims to provide different products for



different consumers. Each individual has a different set of needs in order to reach maximum comfort and get the best night’s sleep possible. “Beds are quite objective,” said Beard. “What’s right for one person could be wrong for the next. There is no one bed that will satisfy everybody. There are different weight distributions for different people, and you’ve got different habitual sleeping positions, plus, not to mention, customers with different medical requirements.” Whether it’s a King Koil, Domino, Nature’s Rest, Health Rest, or


Employees: Global ≥ 1,600 - Australia 110 Established: Belgium 1892 - Australia 1955 The Bekaert family started the company in Flanders, Belgium in 1892, specializing in the manufacture of mattress textiles. Bekaert Textiles, still has its headquarters in the Flanders. Bekaert Textiles recently became part of “Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH” a traditional – steeped German family-equity company, founded in 1756, who will support our ambitious global growth plans. Global growth is assisted through population growth in the emerging regions and in the more mature markets, the company and its high-quality products benefit from an increasing demand for comfort enhancing performance textiles and the growing environmental awareness. The rising standard of living in these regions is a particularly important driver of growth. Management: Decorative Fabrics, (Mark Lennox), Deco Sales Manager / Mattress ticking fabrics Manager (Bart Dehaerne), National Sales Mangers / General (Luc Deleu), Managing Director


w w w. a h b e a r d . c o m


Gracetech Textiles Australia in partnership with

PT Ateja Tritunggal 11 GOODYEAR DRIVE THOMASTOWN, VICTORIA, 3074 03 94 661 884

Are privileged and proud to be associated with and recognized by A.H. Beard as a supplier of choice. We congratulate A.H. Beard on their achievements to date and wish them every success in the future.

Over 50 years of experience and in its third generation of family involvement, we are committed to setting the standards in quality and service. - PROUD PARTNER WITH A.H. BEARD -

Founded in 1963, Schaerf Woodworking Industry is a long established Australian family owned and operated business. We are the leading supplier of legs, castors, glides and accessories to the bedding industry. We manufacture a range of world-class products to satisfy the complete needs of bedding and furniture manufacturers. Every product in our portfolio is carefully designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards. Our dynamic team is passionate and knowledgeable about our products and the industry, providing high levels of service throughout Australia. The Schaerf trade mark stands for excellence.

57 Bond Street, Ringwood VIC 3134 Email: Web:

Call: +61 3 9879 5312

A.H. BEARD iComfort, there are a wide range of foam and innerspring systems and constructions that appeal to every situation. Beard shared his own personal experience of having undergone a spinal fusion operation, and said that his preference was a mattress with talalay latex inside, however he acknowledged that what’s right for him could be wrong for the next person. Part of providing the right mattress to the customer is being aware of advances in technology. “We’re always trying to bring new trends and new technology to the market first,” Beard said. “There’s also quite a diverse range of price as well, just as there is in cars. Just like there are different cars for different segments of the market, there are different beds for different segments of the bedding market as well.” The company has implemented its Six Week Sleep Challenge, which is about educating people who may be sleep deprived or are not getting quite as good a night’s sleep as they could be. Those who participate can log in on their smartphone or computer, and input their sleep details from each night.


Every week, A.H. Beard checks in on their progress and gives them new sleeping tips. Participants are currently in the third round of the sleep challenge, with the next round coming in October. “There’s a vast shortage of knowledge about sleep, but people’s awareness of the importance of sleep is growing,” Beard said. “We believe sleep is equally important as diet and exercise. If you’re not getting quality sleep, it will obviously affect your well-being, as well as your performance at work and in sports. It can also lead to weight gain and obesity.” The sleep challenge isn’t just for people who purchase beds from A.H. Beard. Anyone can sign up, and it’s completely free. Beard said the company has had tremendous feedback from those who have participated, as they’ve played a role in improving their sleep and their lives. The next step for the Six Week Sleep Challenge is moving on to China. International expansion As one of the few exporters of any manufactured product into Asian markets, Beard said it’s very exciting w w w. a h b e a r d . c o m


A.H. BEARD as an Australian company since Aussies are often challenged by imports coming in from China at cheaper prices. A.H. Beard is one of the unique Australian companies that actually exports manufactured products to China, which makes him especially proud of what they’re doing. “Our workforce is proud to put their name on a product and ship it to China,” Beard said, “and it’s great to go over there and see your product with the Australian Made logo proudly displayed”. “The Australian bedding market is

a very mature market. There aren’t too many countries in the world that Australia can export products to, because they are bulky and come in various different sizes. You can certainly manufacture beds a lot cheaper in lower-cost countries.” According to Beard, one of the unique dynamics today is with the Chinese becoming more successful and more affluent, they’ve developed a preference for buying imported products—including beds. Fortunately for A.H. Beard, Australian Made products are not


A solely Australian owned and operated plastics company, with over 20 years experience in supplying the agricultural, packaging and food manufacturing sectors. Our professional team delivers high quality products, service and the latest in plastics technology. Ph: +61 3 9583 6311 Fax: +61 3 9585 1711 Email:

188 August 2015


only viewed as very good quality, but also very natural as well. The country is often associated with nature, which has been found to be relevant when choosing a bed. “There’s a small, but growing market for Chinese willing to consider or hopefully investing in Australian-made products,” Beard said.

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Staying on top of the industry A.H. Beard isn’t among the industry’s leaders in innovation by accident. Beard said he and his team essentially travel the world looking for new innovations, often attending trade shows in the United States, Europe and Asia in an attempt to stay one step ahead. “One of the realities when you’re in a market the size of Australia is somebody comes up with something new or revolutionary in another part of the world, and quite often, Australia is not on top of their list as a target market,” said Beard. “If we just waited here for it to get to us, it would take a long time and someone else might find it before us.” With a corporate vision shared by the family, which includes his brother Garry, Allyn Beard believes the company is based upon having a long-term plan for the business that can continue to excel the same way it has since 1899. “We’ve been fortunate to attract very highcaliber people to our organisation, as with any organisation it is only as good as the people who work within it,” Beard said. “We see it as a strong business that still has great potential.”

Padstow, NSW, Australia FOUNDED



For more than 100 years Australia’s A.H. Beard has been the premier supplier of best-in-class luxury mattresses throughout the world. Expertly upholstered in luxurious knits and organic, wool with full outer tufting, A.H. Beard is the ultimate luxury mattress. Premium gel-infused memory foam, latex and the advanced “Reflex” innerspring system deliver luxurious comfort and near-total freedom from motion transfer disturbance.

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Growing a sustainable and food secure future Australia’s reputation for high quality, green and clean conventional produce will help boost the exports of even cleaner, even greener and even safer organic produce.



“I think it is fair to say that Australian organic production is booming,” says the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia’s (NASAA) General Manager Ben Copeman. “In 2013 it was considered to be the fastest growing segment of the food industry. In 2014, it is considered to be the fastest growing segment of any industry sector in Australia.” The Australian Organic Market Report 2014 estimates the global organic market to be worth around $91b, with the Australian market worth $1.72b growing at 15 percent 192

August 2015

a year. Organic exports doubled between 2012 and 2014 from $126m to $340m. It’s a trend NASAA, Australia’s first and most respected organic certifier, is determined to keep growing. Formed in 1986, NASAA educates industry and consumers on organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices, develops and maintains organic standards, assists operators to gain organic certification and conducts ongoing compliance supervision. Today, its certification arm, NASAA Certified Organic (NCO),


certifies more than 1,000 operators in 13 countries, certifying some 11m hectares of agricultural land worldwide. Australia has the largest area of agricultural land under organic certification, with around 22.69m hectares under organic farming in 2014. Of this some 17.15 million hectares is under full organic certification. Over 66 percent of all certified organic operators in Australia are involved in agricultural production. Copeman says as demand for organic products both domestically and internationally continues to

soar, more and more producers are looking to ‘go organic’. “Since January 2015 NASAA has seen a 212 percent increase in enquiries from Australian producers seeking information on how to achieve organic certification, off the back of a 156 percent increase in organic certification enquiries between 2013 and 2014. “Producers and operators can now fast track certification if they have been voluntarily following organic management practices for a period of at least two years prior to applying. “We know many producers have w w w. n a s a a . c o m . a u


Winestate Organic



been following organic practices for years. With the removal of the 12 month Pre Certification period, primary producers who can demonstrate compliance with organic management principles for at least 24 months prior to applying, may now potentially achieve full organic certification in as little as 12 months. “Further reducing the time for producers to gain organic certification is in line with NASAA’s push to improve organic supply chain efficiencies and therefore improve the margins for our operators.” Copeman says 2014 had arguably been the most significant for the Australian organic sector in 30 years with huge gains in export opportunities to China. “In early 2014 NASAA became the first foreign certifier approved to inspect Australian based operations for certification to Chinese Organic Regulations for direct export to China. “We estimate that it could add some $60 million to $100 million per year to the Australian organic sector. “NASAA inspectors in Australia will audit certified operators; write the various reports and

“In early 2014 NASAA became the first foreign certifier approved to inspect Australian based operations for certification to Chinese Organic Regulations for direct export to China” w w w. n a s a a . c o m . a u



our Chinese based partners assess and approve the application. “It will save Australian operators thousands of dollars and months of paperwork in exporting their organic products to China. “To compliment this arrangement, we signed a global logistics agreement with 20Cube to handle and transport all organic products domestically and around the world, offering organic operators complete product integrity and traceability from the paddock to the retailer’s shelf. “NASAA Certified Operators can 196

August 2015

now have all their certifications including NASAA, NOP, JAS, Chinese and Korean completed in one annual inspection by one inspector at the one time representing significant savings in time, logistics and expenses.” As part of NASAA’s commitment to social justice and education, it provides free inspection training to help support the fledgling organic sector in Australian indigenous communities and developing nations. In late 2014 NASAA commenced training people from Fiji, Solomon


Islands, Papua New Guinea and three indigenous people representing the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) and Arnhem Lands as organic inspectors. “The training is designed to reduce the cost of certification within developing communities, empowering locals to take control of their industry and to create employment,” Copeman says. “The aim is to ultimately help to create sustainable, locally-owned businesses that will deliver long term economic benefits for remote, rural or underdeveloped indigenous communities in Australia and neighbouring Pacific countries.” Mr Copeman was the keynote speaker at Asia’s foremost organic trade exhibition, BIOFACH CHINA 2015 in Shanghai in late May to further strengthen ties between the Australian and Chinese organic industries. During his visit he met with Chinese organic wholesalers, distributors and institutional investors about finding new markets for Australian certified organic products. “China is Australia’s largest trading partner, however the EU and the US have traditionally been the largest markets for Australia’s organic produce. “China is yet to rate a mention in our top five export markets and I strongly suspect that this will change over the next four to 10 years especially with the removal of tariffs on Australian dairy products, beef and sheep meats, wine products and on horticulture.”

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FDF Formed in 1986, The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia (NASAA) supports the education of industry and consumers on organic, biodynamic and sustainable agricultural practices. NASAA is committed to developing and maintaining organic standards; assisting operators in gaining organic certification; and conducting ongoing compliance supervision.

w w w. n a s a a . c o m . a u


Charlesworth Nuts:

Generations of Quality

Managing Director and third-generation operator Brett Ch the passion for quality and taste that makes a Charlesworth Written by: Sasha Orman Produced by: Rob Benson

harlesworth discusses h Nuts worth its salt



2nd & 3rd Generation Mark, Chappy and Brett


n 1934, Herb Charlesworth purchased a small nut shop at the Adelaide Central Market for his wife Doris to run. More than seven decades later, family-owned and operated Charlesworth Nuts is still thriving as a beloved Australian brand with shops throughout South Australia. With a growing online marketplace and an eye toward further brick and mortar expansion, Charlesworth Nuts is continuing to build on the strong values and passion for quality that have become synonymous with the Charlesworth name. 200

August 2015

The Charlesworth difference Every business has factors that set them apart from the competition. At Charlesworth Nuts shops it’s all about the friendly smiles, the fresh, highquality flavors, the thoughtfully conceived gifts, and the promise of hot roasted nuts for every guest—all the little things that put the company’s dedication to customer service front and center. “We’re very passionate about those things—we live them and breathe them every day—the service side of it especially,” says Brett Charlesworth, Managing


1st Store Central Market 1950s

Director at Charlesworth Nuts and grandson of its original owners. “If you treat your customers well they’re going to keep coming back to you, so we set out to make every customer experience a memorable experience. Smiling, engaging, caring, and advising— all of those simple things are things that set us apart.” That passion is built into the business, and affects every aspect of the company. It’s in the factory, which has largely eschewed automation in favor of handmade confections and hand-arranged gift baskets. It’s also in the company’s

relationships, from communication with customers to partnerships with the suppliers providing Charlesworth Nuts with the raw fruits and nuts it turns into handcrafted treats and gifts every day. “It’s a business very much built on values and a passion to only sell the absolute best product we can,” says Charlesworth. “We’re absolutely passionate about people, whether it’s customer service or whether it’s dealing with our suppliers or our team down here in Marion. It’s all about respect and treating people well and caring for them, whether they’re your customers or your team

w w w. c h a r l e s w o r t h n u t s . c o m . a u /


We’re here when you need us.

The product issuer is Statewide Superannuation Pty Ltd ABN 62 008 009 223 Trustee and Licensee of Statewide Superannuation Trust ABN 54 145 196 298 (the Fund). A Product Disclosure Statement is available from You should consider the applicable Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision to acquire, or continue to hold, this product. Statewide Superannuation Pty Ltd ABN 62 008 099 223 (AFSL 243171), RSE Licensee and Trustee of Statewide Superannuation Trust ABN 54 145 196 298.

CHARLESWORTH NUTS members. If you do that job very well and consistently, and if you’ve got a good product to sell, then generally you’re going to have a good business.” Three generations of quality and growth While Charlesworth Nuts was founded by Herb and Doris Charlesworth, their children and grandchildren have kept the legacy of the business alive in the decades since, and Charlesworth credits his father Chappy—who took over the business after World War II while grandfather Herb suffered from


health issues—with the passion for quality that is an integral part of Charlesworth Nuts to this day. “This was where we really started to put a huge emphasis on freshness and quality of products we sold,” says Charlesworth. “They had to be of a very high standard and the absolute best when it was in our care, so that when it was sold to our customers, we knew that they were getting best product they possibly could. He was incredibly passionate about that, and those qualities were instilled in my brother and I, and we’re instilling them in the next generation. That’s very much a

SUPPLIER PROFILE Statewide is the industry super fund committed to doing more for you. We work hard for our members and employers, striving for competitive fees, solid investment returns and great service. Our home base in Adelaide makes us a natural partner for great South Australian companies like Charlesworth Nuts, but with a team of over 100 locals offering expert advice and support, we provide super service to businesses Australia-wide. From explaining your super obligations, to providing flexible administration options, to offering a free clearing house, to holding super education sessions for your staff – we’re here to do more for you. And because we’re committed to both our employers and our members, we’re available over the phone, online, in person, at our office or yours – whenever you need us, wherever you need us. Statewide. We do more for you.


w w w. c h a r l e s w o r t h n u t s . c o m . a u /




July 2015

CHARLESWORTH NUTS hallmark of our business.” Brett Charlesworth and his brother Mark were brought into the business in the 1970s, and with this third generation the company opened its Marion factory headquarters and began expansion from one shop to a dozen throughout South Australia. Today the fourth generation, consisting of Brett Charlesworth’s three sons, has now already entered the business and is bringing with it the passion and drive to push the growth of Charlesworth Nuts even further through methods like interstate development. “We’re looking at that very seriously in the years ahead, and just continuing to expose my three sons to the business—what it takes to

“Everyone’s part of a family, everyone relates to family, and really we’re just one family selling to other families out there.” – Brett Charlesworth, Managing Director


grow and be successful, all the while maintaining our values as the heart and soul of the business,” says Charlesworth. “It’s just a matter of getting the processes right, working on systems and making them more entrenched—as the business gets bigger and bigger, it’s important that the right structure’s there. Now we’re just going through a bit of a generational shift.” Charlesworth is also proud to discuss the recent addition of a new member of the Charlesworth Nuts legacy, and the beginning of its fifth generation: Jayde, born 18 months ago to middle son Kain and his wife Kat. “She’s already become a bit of a face to the business,” the proud grandfather boasts, noting that she was featured on the front cover of the company’s Christmas catalog last year. “Really it’s to reinforce the fact that we are all about family— we are a business, but the family side of that is very important to us, and we think it’s very important to the people we’re selling to. Everyone’s part of a family, everyone relates to family, and really we’re just one family selling

w w w. c h a r l e s w o r t h n u t s . c o m . a u /


MWT Foods is a grower, processor & marketer having an exceptional reputation within the edible nut, dried fruit & coconut product industry. They have extensive knowledge and experience in procurement, quality assurance, sales and logistics on behalf of its growers, suppliers and customers. The Waring’s and specifically MWT Foods have established itself as a leader in the Global food industry since 1965.

We are proud partners of Charlesworth Nuts and the Charlesworth Family.

“If you treat your customers well they’re going to keep coming back to you, so we set out to make every customer experience a memorable experience” – Brett Charlesworth

Head Office 21-31 Goodwood St Richmond, VIC 3121, Australia

Tel: +61 3 9420 2900 Fax: +61 3 9421 0507

CHARLESWORTH NUTS to other families out there. Little Jayde allowed us hopefully to connect with people even more out there.” Looking ahead What does the future hold in store for Charlesworth Nuts? “Over the last five to 10 years now, it’s become increasingly obvious to lots of people that nuts are nutritious,” says Charlesworth. The brand is constantly working on bringing innovation to its inventory with new lines from chocolate coated liquorice treats to healthy nut mixes to appeal to diet-conscious crowds—though Charlesworth notes that it is crucial to always stay true to the brand. “A lot of our products are reasonably simple and straightforward,” he adds. “But that’s often what gives them the appeal.” The company is also looking to grow outward and continue building as a family business, reinforcing business infrastructure and further promoting its online sales while also nurturing the core of the business, which continues to be its brick and mortar shops. Most importantly, Charlesworth Nuts will continue to pass down its legacy of passion to the generations to come. “It’s not just about business, it’s our family name that’s up there and it’s our reputation that’s at stake,” says Charlesworth. “It’s not just this commodity we’re buying and selling, it’s very much a personal and emotional investment in it. Nuts have been drummed into us. That’s what we believe in.”


Company Information INDUSTRY


Marion, South Australia, Australia FOUNDED


Founded in Adelaide in 1934, Charlesworth Nuts is a proud Australian owned and operated retailer in the nuts and dried fruits business. Today, Charlesworth Nuts operates 11 locations around South Australia as well as online retailing for all of your dried fruit, nut and gift needs.

w w w. c h a r l e s w o r t h n u t s . c o m . a u /


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