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BE THE LIGHT When we all reach out and inspire others we create a new ROI for the world. By Gerry Visca I would like to share with you some energy from my new upcoming transformational novel called: “Why am I here?” I define this deeper “Why” as “the World Helped by You.” Inside each one of us is a calling to our higher purpose, the light of our true selves. In this so-called “Connection Age” that we find ourselves living in, one only needs to look around and notice how “disconnected” we truly are. We don’t seem to look up any more. I don’t know about you but somehow I don’t think the “Bigger Picture” for humanity was to build more shopping malls, do you? As we approach the final month of the year, we all have a unique opportunity to embrace the light of our true potential. What is this light? It’s people’s true self, the real self, the soft chewy centre that intuitively knows its passion and purpose. I’m not talking about the disconnected “self” that hides behind flat screens and pursues visions of grandeur through five easy steps. I’m referring to the self that wants to contribute to the growth of humanity. Isn’t that why we’re all here? I’ve often said that you don’t need to know what the hell you’re doing! I think I even wrote a book about it. However, you do need to know Why! It’s the deeper Why that lives and breathes inside of you, that will turn on the lights this holiday season. The first step is to believe that you are here for a much bigger reason. Trust in your unique gifts to reach out and inspire others, to find their light. So, why write about it? ‘Twas the night before publishing when I could have drifted off to sleep. But something was stirring inside me. The light that drives my deeper Why, my reason for being was turned on. Not too long ago in a distant land far, far away. I chose to become what I was seeking. Throughout my wondrous journey towards the WWW.HWSMAG.COM

light, I arrived at a profound understanding that the very thing I was seeking was exactly what I wanted for others: “inspiration.” I’ve come to appreciate the power of this word “inspiration” which essentially means “in-spirited” with one’s life purpose. The times when you felt most inspired was when you felt the power of your inner light. It turned you on! You heard the faint whispers of your ‘inner self’, the oldest part of you, your soul. It spoke the language you abandoned a long time ago on your quest for success. So, what is this language? It’s your passion, the things that bring you joy and your purpose, your contribution to others. And when you combine them you create the meaningful outcomes in your life. It has been said that our deeper purpose is revealed to us seconds before our death. I say, why the hell wait for that defining moment. Act now. Do whatever it takes to ignite your bigger dream. Surround yourself with people that won’t let you dim your light. Perhaps, it’s time to strike off the “ankle biters” from your Christmas list. Give away your unique gifts freely to the world. Trust me, it’s the greatest present they will ever unwrap. What I know for certain is a light of unbridled possibility dwells within your soul. It burns deeply inside of you like a fiery dragon. When you release it, your greatness will scorch the skies like a thousand fireworks. Your light will burn in our hearts and it will inspire us to pick up the torch and dash to the finish line. Your light is what the world needs now, more than ever. When you choose to be the light, you crush the fear and you allow the love to flood your heart. Here’s the thing. You, my reader, mean the world to me. I know what happens when you turn on that light. It will radiate out like a brush fire and inspire everyone else around you to “look up” and light their flame. So, are you ready? Let’s light this candle. Gerry Visca is the #Why Guy, a contributor to The Business Link, one of Canada’s top inspirational speakers, the author of 17 books, including the new transformational novel: Remembering Why. Visit www.gerryvisca.com. When you order two copies of Gerry’s books you receive the gift of one-on-one WHY Time with Gerry. Email gerry@redchairbranding.com.Follow Gerry on twitter @gerryvisca www.facebook.com/gerryvisca




Silent Thief

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Osteoporosis. Now, that word might not mean much to you at first glance. What if I were to tell you that osteoporosis affects over two million Canadians? And fractures stemming from osteoporosis are more common than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer combined? For the uninitiated, osteoporosis is a disease where the bones deteriorate to the point where they begin to fracture and break. And that can mean serious trouble for osteoporosis sufferers. One third of women and nearly 40% of men who suffer a hip fracture for instance die within a year. You can help prevent osteoporosis by exercising, eating a well-balanced diet and cutting back on soft drinks and excessive alcohol. But there’s no cure for osteoporosis – and few discernible symptoms until bones break and the disease is already advanced – thus the name “the silent thief.” To make matters worse, Canada’s population is aging rapidly. In fact by 2031, nearly one in four Canadians will be senior citizens, and osteoporosis typically strikes people over the age of 50. We’re all getting older – and getting susceptible to the disease. That’s why it’s important to go to https://osteoporosis.ca and support the cause. There’s no time like the present! Now, here’s another important issue you can get a better handle on – the latest edition of HWS Magazine! This issue, we have a cover story on Niagara’s own Heart To Home Meals (p16). There’s also an in-depth interview with Dr. Sara Celik (p27), a look at Wee Watch (p22), and a spotlight on concussions (p15).

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The A.D.D. & BRAIN TREATMENT CENTRE OF NIAGARA Neurofeedback & Rehabilitation treatment for: Children, Adolescents, and Adults. Specializing in WSIB, MVA, & VETS injuries.


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I Deserve The Best Home Child Care. Expect the Best from Wee Watch. “I want you to keep me safe, and teach me about colours, the alphabet, how to share and so much more.” Discover Wee Watch for your child. The best home away from Home. 905-371-2012 • weewatch.com Quality Licensed Home Child Care



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offers safe and reliable option for today’s time-strapped parents.


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The World’s Most Efficient Workout! Flourless Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Blender Muffins Seasons of Change Through the Lens of Heilkunst

13 The SPIRIT of Christmas Health employees raise 14 Niagara $78,714 for United Way to Help You Recover Faster 21 Foods After LASIK

Cover Story p16

Also Inside 15


Concussions: You only have one brain…protect it!


Heart to Home Meals’ food delivery service helps Niagara’s seniors lead healthy and independent lives.

Top Five Reasons to Choose a Studio over a Gym

20 Sudden Hearing Loss – and Your Audiologist

Photo credit: Sandra Ozkur

28 Seniors Who Strive

This magazine is intended as a general information source only, not as a medical manual. The information given is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health. It is not intended as a substitute for any treatment that may have been prescribed to you by your doctor. If you suspect that you have a medical problem, or if you are pregnant or nursing, we urge you to seek competent medical care. The supplements described in the magazine should not be given to children without the advice of your doctor. If you are taking prescription medications or being treated for a chronic health condition, it is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any supplements.





The World’s Most Efficient Workout! By Fiona O’Hara

Finally, you have enough time to be a healthier you – 20 minutes to be exact! You don’t have to be in great shape to get started at A Healthier U. Our Whole Body Vibration machines allow you to start gently, and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don’t strain or harm your joints. Unlike regular exercise, the Whole Body Vibration machine provides most of the movement for you so you get the results of intense exercise without spending as much time or effort. In our 20 minute session you’ll be led through a series of poses and exercises that will be amplified by the stimulation of the machine. The end result is weight loss, improved body mass, energy and strength!

How Whole Body Vibration Works

The vibrating platform moves you up and down – a few millimetres at a time – with carrying speeds. As it does this, there are three main effects on your body: 1. Increased Gravity As the platform rises, your

body is accelerated upwards. You feel this as a force named G-force where “G” stands for “gravity.” In other words, the machine exposes your body to increased gravity. One way your body responds to increased Gravity is by increasing muscle strength and tone. Israeli researchers showed this when they had subjects do two minutes of

vibration exercise with 23G of gravity (23 times the Earth´s gravity) three times a week and compared that to a control group doing the same exercises without vibration. After three weeks, the control group increased strength by 16% – and the vibration exercise group increased strength by an incredible 49.8% 2.Rhythmic Movement The rapid up/down

movement with a subsequent increase/decrease of G-force creates waves of movement through the soft tissues of your body. In slow motion, you can actually see the skin and muscles ripple like water. This ripple spreads from the point of contact throughout the body. This increases the flow of fluids like blood and lymph which speeds up recovery while helping to keep swelling under control. As these fluids vibrate, heat is generated which quickly warms up your joints and muscles making movement easier and more comfortable – similar to having a massage 3. Muscle Reflexes The platform movement causes repetitive bending and straightening of your joints. As the muscles attached to them quickly stretch it results in strong reflex muscle contractions. You´ve seen this happen when someone taps below your knee cap, causing your leg to jerk forward. continued on next page

Vibe HIIT, HIIT, Vibe Vibe Wellness, Vibe Wellness, Vibe Recovery Recovery & & Vibe Cellulite Blast. Cellulite Blast. Call to to book book aa Free Free Trial. Trial. Call

20 MINUTES IS ALL YOU NEED! EAT WELL , LIVE WELL , BE WELL 121 Highway 20 E | Fonthill, ON 905.892.8545 | fiona@becomeahealthieru.com

www.becomeahealthieru.com 6




The heightened nerve and muscle activity results in a number of benefits such as: Increased muscle power – Power is the ability to generate force quickly and is essential for sports involving sprinting, jumping or power lifting events like Strongman and Cross Fit. The rapid muscle contractions created by vibration training develop increased muscle power. Less time training means more time eating and recovering. Reduced warm-up time – Exercising muscles burn up fats and sugars releasing heat. This increase in heat makes movement more comfortable and reduces the risk of injury. It’s a good preparation for other activities that can be done quickly. Increased energy – Regularly making the muscles do work increases metabolism and stimulates brain activity which is associated with feeling good. The result is that you not only feel more energetic, you have more energy to do the things you want. Stronger bones – The combination of increased muscle force pulling on bones with the increase in lymph and blood flowing through them results in bones becoming stronger. Better agility – Vibration training is well known for increasing balance which when combined with more muscle power makes you more agile. Improved flexibility – Eighteen sessions of vibration training with 17G resulted in a 58% increase in hamstring flexibility. Each session took only three minutes.


The Technology that...“Turns Back Time”

Works naturally in reducing cellulite deposits for a smoother and more toned look


by Lorraine

A Healthier U is a unique studio in Fonthill that offers vibration training, weight loss coaching, body sculpting and PEMF treatments. Small group training sessions, personal training and classes with the use of whole body vibration are available. Please call 905.892.8545 to book a free trial or go to www.becomeahealthieru.com.

We were spending too much time in the kitchen.

905-397-4615 charisma@cogeco.ca Imageenhancement.ca

79 Videl Crescent N. St. Catharines, ON L2W 0A3

Just Enough. Just for me.

Personalized Pilates.

Ordering meals has put the focus back on enjoying our retirement. Get delicious, frozen meals, soups and desserts delivered directly to your home. Request your free NEW Spring Menu Catalogue Today!

Made for Seniors

1-844-714-0333 HeartToHomeMeals.ca

ALLISON KARES owner / instructor

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As a Holistic Nutritionist and role models for living healthy, we are often asked both, “Where do I start,” and “How do I stick to it?” by anyone looking to make a make a lifestyle change. The answer to both questions is the same, “Find joy in it.” Since we naturally gravitate toward the things that bring us joy, when the initial inspiration from committing to such a change fades, we are faced with the work. If our joy is attached to the end result of that work, instead of the process, we will almost always fall back into old patterns of eating. Perhaps we sooth a bad day with sweets, stop bringing lunches to work, start eating out more and eventually find ourselves completely off course. If we actually want to make a healthy change stick, we must find a way to enjoy the process of recalibrating our lifestyle and a great way to do that is through getting creative with our cooking. It is the ultimate nutritionist life hack to learn to make the treats you enjoy in a healthier new way, instead of depriving yourself of them. Choosing to overturn unhealthy eating habits is not easy or considered a happy process, but it can be, and Flourless Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Blender Muffins are a testament to that. Refined sugars and flours normally found in muffin recipes are replaced whole foods, which are filling and nourishing, but the taste remains rich and satisfying. For this recipe view our digital version of this magazine at www.HWSmag.com. HWS




Rheumatoid Arthritis and Edema afflicted John, a patient at Elio’s, with severe foot pain. He struggled to find foot comfort with off-the-shelf shoes. John needed shoes deep enough to alleviate Rob DiFelice Owner/Operator his Edema and relieve his chronic foot pain. Elio’s Foot Comfort Centre When people with arthritis in their hips, knees, ankles or feet wear the wrong type of footwear, any existing problems can be exacerbated. Additionally, in the future, damage could be caused through complications to joints beyond the feet. Proper footwear can alleviate foot pain and enhance the body’s function and mobility. Custom shoes can be designed with a roomy toe box, solid arch support and cushioning, specifically for the ball of the foot. John turned to Elio’s for custom shoes as a solution to his foot pain. Today, John spends more time with his wife walking around malls, and is able to walk on his feet with little pain. He says “I am very thankful for Elio’s being able to make my custom shoes that look great.” HWS

tel: 905.227.4215 Pine Shopping Centre, 9 Pine St., N., Thorold info@eliosfootcomfort.com www.eliosfootcomfort.com


Benefit by joining the largest travel membership in the world. 4 and 5 star travel at 2 and 3 star pricing.

Sarah Midghall (CNP RNCP) is the owner and holistic nutritionist at Ambition Nutrition. For more information, visit www.ambitionnutrition.com



www.myendlesstravel.dreamtrips.com 289.438.2995 canada.dreamtrips@gmail.com

Learn how to travel for free and Flye: SARAH@AMBITIONNUTRITION.COM 905 818 8528 WWW.HWSMAG.COM


The future of travel and transaction is here - FLYE card






By Sheila Marcantonio

By now, you all know that we in Ontario are paying the highest insurance costs for automobile insurance in Canada and apparently, we have the least amount of accidents. Ontario’s roads are among the safest in North America. According to a recent government report, Ontario’s 2013 auto-accident fatality rate was the second-lowest ever recorded in the province and the second-lowest in all of North America, behind only the District of Columbia. And Ontario’s auto-accident injury rate in 2013 was the lowest ever recorded in the province and among the lowest in Canada. However, what most people in Ontario don’t realize, is that they are essentially self-insured for the first $40,000 of any pain and suffering injury claim. There is a deductible in Ontario and it currently is at $37,385.17, unless your injuries are worth more than $124,616.21. The deductible increases every year on January 1 according to inflation as does the maximum limit you must surpass. THIS is the Ontario Government’s way of getting rid of all soft tissue injury claims aka whiplash. In addition to that, there is a threshold to meet and the wording for that threshold is as follows: permanent serious impairment of an important mental, physical or psychological function. Essentially, what the threshold looks at is the permanent impairment that the injury causes and not the injury itself. There are also regulations about how the evidence that a person’s claim meets the threshold and these regulations can be found here: www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/960461 This is all meant to reduce the cost of Automobile Insurance in Ontario. It has NOT worked and most people are astonished to find out there is very minimal compensation for their pain and suffering. By way of example, let’s imagine you are a nurse: if your arm is broken as a result of a car accident, you may require surgery to repair your injury and six months’ worth of physiotherapy thereafter. Since you work in a physical environment, your employment may be negatively affected as well. Most would agree that this constitutes a serious injury. At trial, let us assume that you are able to convince the jury that your pain and suffering amounts to $60,000. Once the statutory deductible is applied, your award is now only worth $22,600! Most would agree that there seems to be an inherent unfairness to the way this works – and they would not be wrong! To illustrate the implications of the threshold, if we use the above noted example, we know that the $60,000 pain and suffering award given to the nurse is reduced to $22,600 by virtue of the statutory

deductible. Following the jury verdict, the judge presiding over the trial will need to determine whether the injured party’s injuries meet the threshold definition of being permanent and serious. If the judge finds that the injuries do not meet the threshold, then the pain and suffering award is reduced to zero. Nothing! A new study revealed that many Ontario drivers are unaware of the risks presented by changes to the Ontario auto insurance regulations – instituted seven years ago -- and as a result, are not sufficiently protected in the event of a serious motor vehicle accident. Only 10% of the population purchased extra medical coverage. This is despite the fact that the costs of additional coverage add up to less than $100 in most cases. This lack of information is putting people at grave risk. Unfortunately, in our daily practice, we encounter people all the time who have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident and find out, much too late, that they don’t have sufficient insurance to cover their medical and income needs. I appreciate that insurance is a provincial domain but it really has become too political. Perhaps it is time to look at National Insurance Plan that attempt to fairly compensate people rather than insurance companies. However, in the meantime, you must contact your insurance broker and increase your optional no-fault benefits on your own insurance policy! HWS Sheila Marcantonio is Senior Personal Injury lawyer at Lancaster, Brooks & Welch LLP. She offers a track record of over 35 years’ experience, successfully fighting for the rights of her clients. She may be reached in St. Catharines at 905.641.1551.

Hurt - Injured? We are Niagara’s Lawyers since 1882. Sheila Marcantonio is Niagara’s Personal Injury lawyer – she is someone in your corner who has a track-record of success combined with great compassion for her clients.

800 - 80 King Street, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6Z1 | 905.641.1551 | TF: 1.866-835-3934 | www.lbwlawyers.com 10




FRESH bare.

By Rachel Epp

When I created bare., I was inspired to produce a line of chemical-free cleaning products that was safe for the home. As I started to mix and experiment with essential oils in the cleaning products, I felt a sense of happiness. Of course, I was doing what I love to do, but I also realized that essential oils are an instant mood enhancer! Then it hit me – chemicalfree candles made with essential oils, safe for the air you breathe! We all love a fresh-smelling home but it seems to come with the risk of exposing our family to chemically produced fragrances. Our bare. soy candles are handcrafted with only two ingredients: 100% soy and essential oils to keep your home smelling fresh without emitting any harmful chemicals into the air. I’ve already written about the benefits of choosing candles from a natural, sustainable source, and one of the best sources is soy as it doesn’t emit petrocarbon soot and is naturally biodegradable. Our citrus blend will instantly freshen your home and its natural antibacterial and antiviral properties will kill any toxins in the air. Essential oils have become popular with aromatherapy, and you’ll find this uplifting scent will get rid of any bad vibes. Our vanilla bean candle, and lavender and eucalyptus candle are perfect for when you need to relax after a long day. Whether you need to de-stress or keep warm during the cold season, I encourage you to give essential oil candles a try. HWS Rachel has created her own line of natural cleaning products in a market where they’re hard to find. Using natural ingredients such as coconut oil, distilled vinegar and therapeutic grade essential oils, Rachel hopes to remove all toxic chemicals in each and every home. For more information on the “bare.” product line, please contact Miss’es Clean at www.missesclean.ca.

Jim Mila



Make your holiday gift at giftofhealth.ca or call 905-522-3863 WWW.HWSMAG.COM




Seasons of Change Through the Lens of Heilkunst By Catherine Bradley

Ever notice how cycles are integrated into our lives? There are

so many cycles and patterns intricately woven into our genetics, character, gender, and in our being. The core of these patterns emerges from our inherited connection to nature and in the way we have chosen to live out our lives. Essentially there are eight seasons in a given year. A new season emerges every six weeks. Briefly mentioned, here are the first three seasons. The first season, Psorinum (Sore-I-Num), is the start to this pattern. The mother, if you will of all seasons. It occurs from September 15th to October 30th. Its essence is about our need to survive. It provides us with a sense of direction and discovery of our purpose in life. Its essence is to withdraw, go within and prepare for the cold winter months. In nature, the leaves fall from the trees, animals prepare to hibernate, daylight lessens and the colder temperatures appear. This season is indicative of feeling overwhelmed and the essence of not having enough (i.e. time, money, food, love, etc.). Emotionally, this can mean depression for some or for others a need to withdraw and recharge, bringing forth physical ailments of exhaustion, dry skin issues (eczema, psoriasis, itchy skin that can ooze, skin eruptions such as cold sores, etc.) and the need to dress in warmer clothing. It can be a very productive, yet exhausting time of year. The season offers the desire for heavier, warmer foods such as: soups and stews, and ravenous appetites. (Weight gain is a natural phenomenon to prepare for winter hibernation.) The second season, Malaria, occurs between November 1st and December 15th. This season focuses on building immunity, particularly involving the blood and liver function. Malaria is derived from a mosquito bite that transmits a parasite. Its essence brings forth physical ailments such as flues, colds, fevers, and extreme chills and hot flashes. It is important to build immunity with proper diet (proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables), rest, and hydration. Supplements such as Vitamins C and D, Fish Oils and probiotics are essential in supporting the liver and intestines as are immune supporting options such as Echinacea, Golden Seal, Oil of Oregano,



Astragalus Root, and Flu preventions such homeoprophylaxis. The mental/emotional essence of this season offers feelings of persecution (such as being a target of a negative situation), a frustration of too much coming at you at a given time, as well as suspiciousness, and disconnectedness. Often times, life experiences regarding the emotions will reflect this state of emotion. We may suffer digestive irregularities, ear ringing, vertigo, and headaches as a way of cleansing our system to tune out unwanted manifestations. The third season, Tuberculinum (Tub-er-cue-lie-num), is the season of joy, expression and grief. It occurs from December 15th to January 30th. The cold winter has entered. Its essence brings forth respiratory ailments such as pneumonia, bronchitis, sinusitis, fevers, and the food cravings of alcohol, sweets, dairy (such as cheese and cold milk), salty-cured meats, and healthy appetites. The energy is fast. Cabin fever is felt, bringing forth the desire to travel, fulfill passions, try new things; while rushing around managing all the excitement, hence the holiday energy. It can also bring out extreme states including a lack of patience, annoyance with family members, extreme behaviours (such as head-banging and risk taking), and extreme moods (think happiness and generosity – Santa / resentment and stinginess – Scrooge,) as well as the need to connect with others, especially romantically/and intimately. It brings forth deep rooted grief, and sadness or the expression of joy and creative expansiveness. This is the time to start a resolution of changes in habits and lifestyles, learning to breathe deeply, taking in life, and letting go of anxieties in an effort to build immunity from within and expressing creative passions. As you can see, the energy of the seasons affect our health and wellness in many ways including our appetite levels, the foods we crave, the emotions we feel and express, the ailments we experience, the lifestyle we live and ultimately, the connections we make. HWS Catherine Bradley, B.A., DMH, DMAH (Doctor of Medical Heilkunst and Doctor of Animal Medical Heilkunst)



The SPIRIT of Christmas The holiday season can often leave us cold by commercialism and the yearning for a simpler time when the season felt special filled with a spirit of hope and warmth. Whatever your reason or your notion of what the season should be – a celebration of the birth of Jesus, the magic of Santa Claus, goodwill towards others or spending time with loved ones - here are some suggestions to recapture your holiday spirit: Comfort -The loss of a loved one, accidents

and illnesses do not wait for the holidays to pass before they make their appearance. If you have a friend or relative who is showing signs of suffering, show them your support and concern. Visit a friend who is in the hospital over the holidays or offer to volunteer your time at a local shelter. Let your Christmas be predominantly about giving to others. Care - The holidays should be a time of joy and celebration but that is not always the case. There are the lonely ones who abhor its coming. Keep in mind that there are individuals in the community who feel disconnected and aching for their family. This season, simply give your time and share a few

moments of laughter and joy with others. - Do you have a friend or loved one who feels strongly about a cause or non-profit but is unable to make a financial contribution? What better time than Christmas to make donation in honour or in memory of that special person? Give the satisfaction of having donated to a worthy cause – like Hotel Dieu Shaver Foundation! Keep It Simple - Christmas has become more about buying the most expensive gifts. Somewhere along the way, we have been compromising on celebrating the special moments that bring us together. Choose the few people who have impacted your life in significant ways and spend your Christmas with them. If parties are not your forte, compile handwritten cards expressing how important they are to you. Give the Gift of Hope - Ask your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews to gather a bundle of toys and books that they no longer use and donate it to a local charity. You can assist in organizing a collection drive in your residential area and make it into a fun activity


for the whole family. Let your Christmas this year be more about giving the gift of hope and being grateful for what you already have. Values for Hotel Dieu Shaver - SPIRIT Spirituality - We contribute to the spiritual and emotional well-being of each person by respecting their human dignity in a healing environment. Professionalism - We use our special knowledge and expertise to provide compassionate service at the highest possible standard. Innovation - We empower our staff to embrace new ideas and processes that create improvements in what we do. Responsible Stewardship - We respond to community needs by balancing human needs with financial resources. Integrity - We are consistent, honest, and respectful in all we do. Teamwork - We commit to work with clients, families and each other to achieve our mission. HWS Provided by Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Foundation


Make a difference


hoteldieushaver.org 905-685-1381 facebook.com/hoteldieushaver @hoteldieushaver






It’s myVOICE, Wednesday June 22, 2016

Niagara Health team members, from left to right, Jackie Moore, Avia Whitehorne, Lisa Pepperall, Anna Cobian and Alicia Azzarello at the St. Catharines Site wearing blue T-shirts in support of the United Way Workplace Campaign which raised $78,714.

Niagara Health employees raise $78,714 for United Way Provided by Niagara Health

" + %&)$ #*+ Searching for "--"+ %" +&)$ better hearing


.""' -+& ( *# %" +&)$ &!, FREE* 2 week trial of hearing aids

Call us toto book a Call ustoday today book complimentary hearing a complimentary assesment. hearing assessment.


Alaina Hillier Alaina Hillier Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist *Limited time offer. See clinic for details.

*Limited time offer. See clinic for details.

#20 HWY 20,20, UnitUnit 3, Fonthill #20 HWY 3, Fonthill

wwww.southniagarahearing.com w w. s o u t h n i a g a ra h e a r i n g .c o m



Compassion, optimism and a commitment to achieving ambitious results. All of these things haven proven to be key components of another successful employee-giving campaign. Niagara Health employees proudly raised $78,714 during our United Way Workplace campaign in October. In addition to the generous one-time donations and payroll deductions, staff placed change jars on their units and purchased “A Healthier Niagara Starts Hereâ€? T-shirts to wear on Dress Down Fridays to show their support. A highlight was a Gift Card Mania Draw that was held on the last day of the campaign. Employees were entered into a draw for a chance

to win one of 14 gift cards, which were generously donated by our compassionate team members and community supporters. committee Our campaign put a lot of heart into creating another fun and successful campaign that will have a positive impact on community. Donations are continuing to come in which shows SOLUTION | our MEMORY | SEAMLESS the level of enthusiasm and support across the organization. Â

!&$ +"(")( “I am so proud of our caring team and our culture of philanthropy here at Niagara Health,� says Suzanne Johnston, Call us today to book Niagara Health president and co-chair of the Niagara Health a complimentary hearing assessment. workplace campaign. “Every dollar we raised came directly from our caring and compassionate team of staff, physicians, volunteers and supports essential programs and services in our community, Alaina many Hillierof them partners in care. We continue to build Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist upon the success of the 2016 campaign, which inspired our theme of ‘getting better, every year.’� #20 HWY 20, Unit 3, Fonthill The campaign raised $3,000 more than last year. HWS

' !"% &'


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CONCUSSIONS: You only have one brain…protect it! By Maria Ferrara

Concussions occur when you receive a direct blow or bump to the head, neck, face or to your body causing the brain to move around the skull. Sudden impact that jars the brain can cause bruising and damage to the nerves and blood vessels. Not all concussions are equal but all should be taken seriously. If you think you have suffered a concussion always consults a medical doctor, especially for children. A person should be monitored for 24 hours after the incident, but be aware of changes that may not appear until a few days or weeks after the incident.

Signs to watch out for: • • • • • • • • •

Confusion or feeling dazed Clumsiness Dizzy or a problem with balance Blurred vision Slurred speech Sensitivity to light and noise Nausea or vomiting Feeling tired Headache

• • • • • • •

Loss of sense of taste or smell Changes in behavior or personality Feeling sad or anxious Lack of focus / poor concentration Disruption in sleep Cannot organize daily tasks Memory loss

Basis treatments:

You must seek out the advice of a medical practitioner. Some basic advice to follow is rest the brain and body. Don’t rush back to pre -injury activities too soon. It can prolong the recovery. Avoid any activity that makes your symptoms worse such as video games, watching TV, working on a computer or even reading a book. People heal at different rates, so listen to your body. Only a health care provider can give you the all clear to resume your regular activities around the house, working or playing. Always wear a helmet if engaged in sports such as but limited to baseball, long boarding, cycling, skiing, snow boarding, football, hockey, soccer, rugby or any contact sport that has the potential for a head injury.

You only have one brain…protect it!

If your symptoms continue to become worse, consult your doctor. Sometimes additional therapies are required to help aid in recovery from a concussion. Everyone is different and not every therapy is right for you. Consult your doctor on which therapy could be the right one for you. You may need a combination of therapies. Just be patient with yourself and don’t try to rush your recovery. Again, listen to your body.

Here are just a few therapies that may help in the recovery of a concussion: Osteopath Chiropractor Neurofeedback therapy Vision therapy Balance therapy Physiotherapy Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Laser therapy

Again, consult your doctor about which therapy may be right for you. For more information on Cognitive Balance or to book an appointment, call 905.892.9068, email aferrara1@cogeco.ca or go to www.cognitivebalance.ca.


OfferingNeurOptimal® neurofeedback

I suffered from a severe concussion and PTSD, along with depression. I found out about Cognitive Balance from my osteopath. I was looking for other modalities to put together that would help to expedite my recovery. After 12 sessions I’ve noticed improvements along with my family. I intend on having this as part of my overall brain health. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Satisfied Customer D.K. , lives in Niagara Region

905.892.9068 aferrara1@cogeco.ca www.cognitivebalance.ca




Marianne and David Cheetham


Straight From The Heart Heart to Home Meals’ food delivery service helps Niagara’s seniors lead healthy and independent lives. By Scott Leslie

Everyone loves a delicious meal – especially Heart to Home Meals’ customers. If you’re new to the concept, Heart to Home Meals is a food delivery service geared towards seniors and adults who have age and mobility issues but still want to live independently in their own home. As a result, each order is specifically designed to eliminate the need to shop for food, prepare meals and clean up afterwards. 16

“People are really looking for nutritional, balanced meals these days,” says Katherine Hoeller, a co-owner of the Welland-based company. “They want something simple and convenient so they can avoid doing the dishes.” Heart to Home Meals currently offers over 200 different meals, soups and desserts – and each selection is designed by the company’s team of professional chefs and dieticians.


Due to the special dietary needs of seniors, all recipes are low in fat, sodium and calories, and are often high in fibre content. Heart to Home Meals’ menu is portion controlled so you can order small meals or more hearty portions. They can even cater to more specialized diets, whether it’s providing gluten free and vegetarian meals or offering pureed or minced foods for easier chewing. When it comes to variety, customers



“ We pride ourselves -Katherine Hoeller

COVER STORY never have to worry about Heart to Home Meals. For instance, Heart to Home Meals offers a wide variety of entrées including traditional pot roast, sweet and sour chicken, Mediterranean-style glazed haddock, and pork loin with apple sauce. New food brochures are issued every September and April – and always feature new selections, many of them suggested by Heart to Home Meals customers. “Our menu is growing all the time,” Katherine says. “We’re always looking for ways to improve our current meals or add new ones.” To get started, all a customer has to do is select the items they want, place an order, and Heart to Home Meals will deliver them right to their door. One of the biggest advantages of ordered through Heart to Home Meals is all its items come frozen and can be stored in your freezer. Consequently, its hot and nutritious meals are quick and easy to prepare. Each one comes with step-by-step heating and serving instructions. In most cases, customers just have to pop their order into an oven or

Marianne Cheetham


microwave and they’re ready to eat. Payments are also a snap at Heart to Home Meals. Unlike some food service providers, there are no contracts or buying commitments, and delivery is free throughout Niagara. “We pride ourselves on our affordability,” Katherine explains. “All our food items cost seven dollars on average. And there are no minimum orders – so you can order as much or as often as you like.” Katherine and her family cover the Niagara Peninsula as far west as St. Catharines and Fonthill, making deliveries to communities like Fort Erie once and St. Catharines twice. (They even serve eligible veterans under Veterans Affairs’ Access to Nutrition Program.) “We try to get the first order to our customers within the week,” Katherine explains. “We normally give them a two or three hour window so they know when we’ll be dropping by.” Upon their arrival, Heart to Home Meals will deliver each order right to the customer’s doorstep. Drivers will even take orders into the house and pack them into the freezer, if they’re instructed to do so. (To ensure the

on our affordability, All our food items cost seven dollars on average.”

greatest amount of protection to its customers, Heart to Home staff all undergo a vulnerable sector background check through the Ontario Provincial Police and carry ID at all times.) In some cases, these little visits are the only people a senior might see on a regular basis. As a result, it’s not unusual for drivers to chat for a few minutes or take care of a small chore like feeding a family pet or changing a light bulb. “We take great pride in our excellent customer service,” Katherine says, “and little touches like a smile or a friendly word are a big part of what we do. Children will often arrange our service for a parent and they get a big relief knowing we’re checking in on them from time to time.” continued on next page

Katherine Hoeller




“Our relationships with our customers will always be our top priority,” - Katherine Hoeller

David Cheetham

Close To Home The Heart to Home Meals operation is more than just one person. Katherine owns and operates the small family firm along with husband Geoffrey and her parents Marianne and David Cheetham. For the past few years, the Hoeller and Cheetham families have been delivering delicious and nutritious frozen meals, soups and desserts to thousands of seniors throughout Niagara. It’s a job they take very seriously. But in many ways, their booming enterprise was inspired by a personal experience that hit close to home. Several years ago, Katherine’s grandfather Zeik was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. As his health began to fail, Marianne and David would become Zeik’s main caregivers. It was a long trying ordeal having to look after Zeik’s every need. But one of their biggest challenges was having to cook for him. Some years later after Zeik passed away, Marianne and David came across a unique food delivery service that operated out of Brampton called Copper County Foods. (The firm would later rebrand itself as Heart to Home Meals in 2015.) And there were franchise opportunities available. As fate would have it, Katherine was living on Garrison Petawawa up north where Geoffrey worked. Katherine had a steady job working in retail. But all the time, she and her husband were looking for an opportunity to move to Niagara and start a new life. The four of them decided to take out a Niagara franchise in the summer of 2014 and haven’t looked back since. “This would have been a big help if my grandfather was still alive,” Katherine explains. “We thought this is something we could do that would 18


also be helpful for many other families or seniors in similar situations.” Katherine says they knew they were onto something special from the very beginning. “There was definitely a lack of services like this around that help seniors maintain their health and independence,” she says, “and with our greying population in Niagara, we knew the idea had huge potential.” Eventually, Katherine and her family would like to add additional vans so they can increase their routes and delivery days, and continue to grow their business. But for now, they’re content to see so many of Niagara’s seniors get the help they need. “Our relationships with our customers will always be our top priority,” Katherine says. “We feel the personal connection between the driver and those of us in the office – and the customer is just as important as the nutrition we provide.” HWS For more information on Heart to Home Meals, call 905.714.0333, email niagara@ hearttohomemeals.ca or go to www.hearttohomemeals.ca. For a limited time only, Heart to Home Meals is offering a special discount on its $49 introductory meals pack.

To receive $5 off this pack, go to

www.hearttohomemeals.ca/frozen-ready-meals/try-uspack-ready-meals/try-us-pack_30015 and enter promo code “HWSMagazine.” This offer only applies to the Niagara franchise, and there’s a limit of one per customer for one time use. Offer ends January 15, 2018. WWW.HWSMAG.COM


Top Five Reasons to Choose a Studio over a Gym By Allison Kares

A gym can be a very intimidating place to exercise, especially if you

4. Expert Advice A studio is a place where you will find instructors with

don’t feel like you know what you are doing or if you have injuries and you’re worried about hurting yourself. There are definite benefits to choosing a studio environment over a gym or health club.

more targeted education, especially for clients with injuries. With fewer clients, instructors can focus on providing training that suits your needs, rather than a generalized workout that is given to every client that walks through the door. In a studio, we take the time to find out what your personal goals are, as well as assess challenges you may be having. We look at many different aspects of wellness and provide coaching that addresses all aspects of your life. Health and wellness are more than just making you exercise. We take into consideration your entire person and match your goals and needs to your training.

1. You’re Never Alone A studio is an ideal place to get moving if you are new to exercising, haven’t exercised in a while or have injuries. Unlike in a gym environment, studio training provides small group or private individual lessons which means you are never training alone. With constant supervision, you’re sure to have better technique to maximize your results. 2. Who’s Watching Me? Have you ever felt like your instructor was only there for their own personal workout? A studio is a unique training space where instructors focus all their expertise on you and your alignment, not on their own personal workout. During group classes and private sessions, studio instructors spend their time monitoring what you are doing and how you are doing it. They may demonstrate an exercise in order for you to see what it looks like. However, after the demonstration they are up and about correcting what you do and how you do it. Instructors in a studio do their workouts on their own time, not in class with you.

3. Smaller is Better Although studios may charge more for their services, it’s because you are getting more personalized attention than in a gym. Small-sized group classes mean that you’re getting the corrections and modifications that are appropriate for your body and your needs. In a studio, group classes have no more than 10 participants which means the instructor can adjust exercises to meet each participants individual needs without disruption to the class. Instead of being one body in a sea of many, you have the opportunity to get more attention and improve your performance of each exercise. Sometimes smaller is better.

5. Lost in the Crowd Are you uncomfortable exercising in a group? Then studio training is for you. A studio is a much more intimate environment that respects a client’s privacy and allows you to workout without having everyone in the gym staring at you. Studios offer private personalized sessions in a space where it is only you and your trainer working. You don’t have to share equipment or space with others. Gyms often provide personal training in the same space where other clients are working out. This can make clients feel uncomfortable or intimidated. In a studio, you never have to compare yourself with someone else, and you can feel confident that you have your trainers undivided attention. Still not sure that studio training is what you need? Why not book a session and see how focused and comfortable a session can be. Studio training is money invested in you and your success. We all have the best of intentions to make it to the gym but often find excuses that can get in the way. With an appointment and your trainer’s support, you’re sure to achieve all you dream of and more! HWS Allison Kares is the owner of Movement Unlimited Inc. She has been teaching health and fitness programs in the Niagara Region for over 25 years. Allison has focused her interests on rehabilitative exercise and uses the Pilates method to help those with therapeutic exercise programs to address back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction and core control. Her team of expert trainers work collaboratively with local health care practitioners to develop a program that will suit your needs.






Sudden Hearing Loss – and Your Audiologist By Mike Pihura A sudden hearing loss can be a medical emergency. It can happen in one or both ears. You need prompt attention to determine if the loss is conductive (usually temporary) or sensorineural (possibly treatable – may be permanent). You will need to see an ear surgeon – an ENT – but you will first need a referral - which takes time. A conductive loss could be just wax or an infection – treatable by your family doctor. If there is a hole in the eardrum, you need to see the specialist. A sudden “nerve loss” is more serious – it could be neurologic, vascular or cause unknown. This needs a prompt referral to a specialist. An audiologist can quickly tell you which type you have – and once your family doctor gets this information, it can guide them as to the urgency of your referral, so you may be seen sooner. Some cases can be time sensitive so you may need to go to the hospital for same day attention. Your doctor can only do so much in their office – an audiologist can do an audiogram, bone conduction, tympanogram, reflexes and OAEs to give you and your doctor very detailed information. So don’t take a sudden loss lightly – it can be a simple problem or a more serious one. Get detailed information from your audiologist and then consult with your doctor with this detailed information. It will help both of you. HWS


Trust your hearing to an audiologist

Mike Pihura, B.S., M.S., AuD Doctor of Audiology Owner 33 Lakeshore Rd. (at Lake St.) St. Catharines

Call for appointment

905-938-2479 www.familyhearing.ca



How can you enjoy your life... if you can’t hear it ?



Foods to Help You Recover Faster After LASIK By Aaron Barriga

If you are tired or dealing with glasses or contact lens, then LASIK surgery can be a boon for you. It is a surgery that is not only painless, but also restores the lost vision post the procedure. There is however a certain level of post-surgery care that you will need to undertake. A major part of this would involve keeping your eyes lubricated using medications prescribed by the doctor, and following a list of do’s and don’ts for a certain period of time. A proper diet is sure to augment the early recovery post this visioncorrection procedure. Let us take a look at what you should include in your food plan just after you have undergone LASIK.





Your Diet Post LASIK?

Omega 3 Fatty Acids& Other Healthy Fats:

This is an important nutrient your eyes need for the health of the retina. Omega 3 fatty acids help keep your eyes hydrated, which is very important right after the surgery. Fish, salmon in particular, is an important source of this element and is therefore highly recommended. Other food items that you can consume for omega 3 fatty acids are flax seeds, walnuts, soy, tofu and low-fat dairy products and poultry items. The right type of fat intake helps improve immune response time and thereby aids the healing process. Consumption of avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds will help you to increase the intake of such beneficial fat.

Vitamin A & Vitamin C:

Vitamin A helps protect the surface of the cornea and is therefore vital for a normal vision. Foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, apricots, broccoli and eggs are rich sources of Vitamin A due the presence of B-Carotene in them. Make sure you include them in your diet throughout the week. Vitamin C helps repair the tissue, thereby supporting the healing process after a LASIK procedure. To increase the intake of Vitamin C in your diet, you should include foods like bell peppers, green leafy WWW.HWSMAG.COM

vegetables, broccoli and tomatoes. Fruits like oranges, grapefruits, papayas and strawberries are also a great source of Vitamin C.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin:

These are antioxidants that protect the eyes from the harmful UV rays and arrest the degeneration of macular tissues. Foods that are good sources of Lutein and Zeaxanthin are corn, spinach, broccoli and kale. Some fruits like kiwi fruit, grapes and oranges are also rich sources of these nutrients. In addition to taking these components in your diet, it is important to include ample water intake to flush out toxins and keep hydration levels high.

What Not to Include in Your Diet?

Avoiding certain types of food items is equally important to ensure fast recovery after a LASIK procedure. Keep a close check on the intake of trans-fat, salt, spices, and sugar in your diet as these things hamper the process of recovery. It is also advisable to keep away from alcohol and smoking as they obstruct the functions of recommended diet elements. In normal cases, it doesn’t take long to recover from LASIK. Keep your eyes lubricated using prescribed drops and medications, follow the dos and don’ts from your doctor, take care of your diet and go for regular follow-up session. HWS

Aaron Barriga is the online marketing manager for Insight Vision Center. With a knack for understanding medical procedures, and an interest in eye and vision health, Aaron loves to share what he knows and what he learns. He blogs with a mission of informing readers about the latest eye care technology and other topics related to eye care especially LASIK. He loves collecting coasters from the different bars and restaurants he visits during his travels.




Wee Watch Licensed home child care agency offers safe and reliable option for today’s time-strapped parents. By Scott Leslie





Many of today’s working families have a hard time trying to

balance a career and still find professional caregivers to look after their children. If you’re wondering how to get your children the personal care and attention they deserve, Wee Watch is here to help. Wee Watch is a licensed child care agency that provides quality care for children ranging from six weeks of age to 12-years-old. Through the Wee Watch system, children are cared for in small groups by fully screened child care providers offering full or part-time care. “Choosing the best care for your child is one of the most difficult decisions a parent has to make,” says Pat Simpson, supervisor of


Wee Watch Licensed Home Child Care. “There’s a real need for quality child care out there. Wee Watch providers give children the opportunities to learn through exploration, play and experience, supporting healthy development and well-being.” Established in 1984, Wee Watch operates under all provincial licensing regulations in accordance with the Ministry of Education, Child Care and Early Years Act. All its home child care providers undergo a rigorous screening and training process to make sure they have the proper child care skills and their home is able to provide children with the proper environment. To ensure the highest degree of quality and safety, Wee Watch makes regular unscheduled monthly visits to a provider’s home to check that all regulations are being followed in delivery of care. Wee Watch will provide parents with an emailed report on how their child is progressing. The agency will offer and provide parents with a backup provider if their current provider is unavailable for care. Parents can gain enormous benefits by using the Wee Watch system. Wee Watch providers offer greater flexibility and convenience for working families that have a hard time dealing with the rigid schedule of most daycare operations. Providers look after a maximum of six children so parents can rest assured their child is getting the high degree of attention they deserve. Wee Watch’s services are also remarkably affordable and clients who qualify can access child care subsidy to assist with the cost of care. When it comes to its providers, Wee Watch supplies them with ongoing support and training, whether it’s providing resources and activity ideas to enhance programming, lending equipment or offering monthly training workshops. Wee Watch will even act as a liaison between provider and parent and can mediate any issues that arise. Wee Watch currently serves the Niagara Peninsula as far west as Grimsby with a focus on the communities of Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold and Welland. Right now, Wee Watch has 35 providers in the Niagara area who serve 110 client families with 145 children. But Pat says they’re always looking for more providers to join their growing team so they can offer more families access to licensed home child care. “It’s a great career,” she says. “You can set your own hours, choose the age of children in your care, all while being at home, earning an income and supporting your own children. It’s the best of all worlds.” HWS To find out more about Wee Watch, contact Pat Simpson at 905.371.2012, email weewatch106@gmail.com or go to www.weewatch.com.




Cording: Arm Movement after Breast Cancer Treatment By Vivian Dim


reast cancer is the most common malignancy affecting women (and some men). The treatment can include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and hormone replacement with early detection being key for the success of the intervention. Surgery and radiation for the treatment and survival of women with breast cancer can have unintended negative consequences that affect function for some people. Some people may experience a complication referred to as Axillary Web Syndrome or more simply put “cording”. Cording is an often overlooked complication after surgery. It being overlooked may be due to its slow onset and it being attributed to other anticipated soft tissue issues associated with the surgery itself, however, cording is not normal and can have short and long-term affects on individuals. Cording presents as a rope-like soft tissue density that is visible in the under arm area which extends typically to the elbow but can extend as far as the wrist and may include the chest wall. It is associated with limiting arm motion and function and is associated with being painful. A study by Kohler et al (2015) proposes that cording can be the initiating cause of some post breast cancer complications of “movement restriction, pain, functional loss and lymphedema”. Lymphedema, is the abnormal swelling and complications that can also arise after breast cancer treatment, although the two conditions ate not necessary present at the same time. Although it is not entirely clear why cording presents in some people the risk factors seem to be youth, a low body mass and more significantly the extent of the surgical involvement. The incidence rates of cording



vary from 7% to 72%. Individuals who had sentinel node biopsy are at less of a risk compared to individuals who have multiple lymph nodes removed or a mastectomy. Since, cording is not always an issues that clinicians anticipate it is something that can be best detected by the individuals receiving cancer treatment. Again the presentation is a visible, tight cord that originates from the underarm and is associated with reduction in movement and pain. Therapy has been shown to aid in improving arm movement and function as well as significantly reducing pain. Therapy focuses at improving the soft tissue environment through gentle hands on techniques, gentle stretching, exercise and a home program exercise. The home program is geared to help clients to not only maintain the therapy gains but continue with the improvement in motion and reduce pain. The goal in therapy is to return the client to function and improved quality of life after the cancer treatment. Therapy should be performed by a therapist who is advanced trained in working with people after breast cancer as well appreciates the early signs and symptoms of lymphedema. To learn more about therapy for cording, lymphedema or upper extremity issues please call Vivian Dim Occupational Therapist. HWS Vivian Dim OT Reg (Ont.)HBSc, BHSc (OT), MCLSc, Certification in Lymphatic Complete Decongestive Therapy, Certification in Hand Therapy, International Interprofessional Wound Care Certification, Vivian Dim is also has advanced training in Stroke Rehabilitation



How to select a provider when a death occurs.

Niagara’s Newest Most Affordable Funeral Alternative

Compassionate Service For Considerably Less

It’s a confusing process to contemplate, let us assist you. By Bruce McClelland & Holly Jensen When selecting a death care provider it can be one of the most dreaded and uncomfortable decisions you will ever make. For many people they will only ever deal with making arrangements once every 7-10 years on average. Many people may not even experience being the person in charge of these decisions but maybe 2-3 times in their life. From that statistic you can easily see how things could change with your experiences between visiting a service provider over time. Once you have made a decision as to which provider you are comfortable with it should become more than simply a matter of facts. Here, we’ll explain why. When you are in need of immediate assistance or if you are planning ahead of time here are some points to keep in mind that you should know about: How are “services charges” determined? Service charges associated with the different types of services that a provider offers to the public. These are determined by a few factors. Firstly, the amount of work required to complete the desired level of service sought. Next, the overhead of the provider’s establishment (for example fixed costs such as rent, taxes, building/vehicle maintenance, insurance, heating, hydro, advertising and staffing). Providers with a large facility, naturally, will have higher costs for these and price their “services offered” accordingly. What type of “services” are offered? Most providers are legally allowed to offer the following services: Immediate Cremation or Burial (no public service, simply the completion of the arrangements followed by the deceased being taken to the crematorium or cemetery immediately), Graveside Service (with a casket or an urn - clergy person may or may not be present), Memorial Service/Mass (a structured gathering with a clergy person that may have visitation prior to the service - cremation or burial takes place prior to the service or mass), Celebration Of Life (more of a casual gathering that includes a relaxed atmosphere where stories are shared by the family as well as those present to remember the person that has died, these gatherings are often without the involvement of a clergy person - cremation or burial takes place prior to the gathering) and finally, the Full Traditional Funeral (the decedent is present in a casket followed by burial or cremation - most often involves a clergy person but can be lead by a member of the family or a friend). All of these service options can be public or private based upon your decision. Pre-Planning & Pre-Arrangements Pre-planning is an opportunity to learn about the various service options available that suit your needs without writing a contract. Pre-arranging is the writing of a pre-paid contract to pay for services in advance of them being required and locking in the price at the date the contract is drawn.


Holly Prince-Jensen

Bruce Keating McClelland

Licensed Funeral Directors Owners & Operators The dictionary defines “considerate” as “showing kindly awareness or regard for another’s feelings and circumstances”. The partners at Considerate Cremation & Burial Services offer simpler, more flexible options than a traditional funeral home, there is no sacrifice of quality or professionalism. Providing personalized service to meet your basic to traditional needs.

All Service Options Available • •

Affordable, Smaller Facility & Low Overhead All Services Held Off Site At Existing Venues (Churches, Legion or Community Centres, Banquet or Event Facilities or Wineries) • Fully Guaranteed Pre-Paid Contracts Available • Pre-Arranged Elsewhere? You Can Transfer To Us

Estate Fraud Protection Program Safe Return Travel Assistance Program (Because Nobody Plans To Die Away From Home) Family Room Allows For Private Time Prior To Disposition A note from the family of Raymond Lauzon Sr. “I cannot put into words how appreciative my family and I are for the first rate experience we had with you over the last few days. During this delicate time, you showed such understanding and consideration. The name of your company sums up the exceptional service you offer, you are so CONSIDERATE. Thank you for all your help, guidance and compassion.” Raymond Lauzon Jr.

info@CCBSCares.ca • 289-362-1144 • www.CCBSCares.ca

52 Scott St. W., Unit 1, St. Catharines (between Ontario St. & South Service Rd.), Proudly 100% Independent Funeral Service Provider




Introducing Heather Scott Bayshore Home Health welcomes new area director to help promote its professional home care services.

By Scott Leslie

Heather Scott has come home in more ways than one.

A longtime Welland resident, Heather has been an active force in the local non-profit sector for the past 25 years, working for prominent operations like the Welland Hospital Foundation and more recently, Hamilton Health Sciences Foundation. This October, however, she officially joined the Bayshore Home Health team in St. Catharines as its new area director. In her new position, Heather is in charge of day-to-day operations and works closely with Manager of Clinical Practice Kellie Lynch who has over 32 years of experience in the health care industry and a team of care coordinators. Heather says it was a difficult decision to make the jump into the “for-profit” industry. “I really had to think hard about leaving the profession,” she explains. “When I put my name to something, it’s something I have to stand behind. I won’t work for an organization I don’t believe in. And I truly believe in the work we’re doing here.” Serving the entire Niagara Region, Bayshore Home Health provides a wide range of professional home care services to its clientele. That includes home support and companionship, nursing, personal care, light housekeeping and cleaning, meal preparation, and respite and palliative care. According to Heather, the need for Bayshore’s services has never been greater. “Health care is evolving in the Niagara Region,” Heather says, “but it’s still a long wait for long term care. With Niagara’s aging population, our home care workers are increasingly needed to fill the gap.” Bayshore provides free consultation and assessment before they take on a client, and its rates are incredibly affordable. Bayshore’s services are also very flexible. Its team of personal support workers and registered nurses are available for short or long term contracts, ranging everywhere from one or three hour visits to 24/7 live-in care. In certain cases, a client will begin to decline with age and may need



to take on additional nursing care. Bayshore can even handle the entire process and make sure there’s no disruption from one service to another. One of the big advantages of hiring Bayshore’s services is the sense of reassurance they provide a client – particularly when they don’t have any family or friends in the area and need someone to fill that void. “It’s a very personal type of care,” Heather says of the client / care worker bond. “Sometimes our clients need some light housekeeping or help with their medications. Sometimes it’s a companion or someone to take them to doctor’s appointments.” Bayshore Home Health is a subsidiary of Bayshore HealthCare – one of Canada’s foremost providers of home and community health care services. With over 100 locations across the country, Bayshore has more than 12,000 employees who provide care to over 200,000 clients. Despite the size and scope of Bayshore’s operation, however, Heather says it’s been a challenge to get the word out here in Niagara. “People often don’t know it’s available,” she says of Bayshore’s services. “We need to educate them on what their choices are because in many cases, they could be getting much more out of life.” Heather is no stranger to seeing the need for home care firsthand. She remembers how her 93-year-old grandmother was living alone in Toronto and often put herself at risk trying to do little day-to-day things like screwing in a light bulb. And she doesn’t want to see Niagara’s seniors run into the same situation. “People do best when they’re able to remain in their own home,” Heather says simply, “and they don’t want to lose their independence. But sometimes they need a little help.” Bayshore Home Health is located on 282 Linwell Road, Suite 205 in St. Catharines. For more information, call 905.688.5214, email niagara@bayshore.ca or go to www.bayshore.ca.



Probiotics for Gut, Brain & Immunity By Jason Sebeslav

An interview with digestive health expert Dr. Sara Celik.

Dr. Sara Celik, ND, HMC, BHSc is a Naturopathic Doctor and Homeopathic Master Clinician with over 15 years of experience. With her extensive clinical and educational background, she is a sought-after national authority on natural health. Recently I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Celik some key questions about probiotics and gut health. Jason Sebeslav: Dr Celik, natural health experts (and natural health stores!)

have been talking about the importance of probiotics for years. Now it seems like everyone is talking about probiotics and gut health. What do you think accounts for the wider interest?

Dr. Sara Celik (SC): Some people are looking for ways to be healthier, while others are looking for solutions to their digestive issues such as IBS, heartburn or gas and bloating. We read more, attend educational health seminars and watch videos online. There is no shortage of information and this has led to increased exposure and knowledge. JS: So what exactly is this gut flora, or good bacteria? SC: “Good” gut bacteria are known as probiotics and the term probiotic literally means “for life.” These organisms are “friendly” bacteria that thrive in the human digestive tract throughout a person’s entire life. While they have many functions in the body, they are most commonly known for producing vitamins and assisting with the digestion of food. Research shows that probiotics also support the immune system, reduce inflammation and may contribute to a healthier mood. JS: If we all have beneficial bacteria, why would we need to supplement

with them?

SC: We need to supplement with probiotics daily since the bacteria in the gut is easily destroyed. Take a look at our modern day lifestyle which consists of high levels of stress, nutrient-depleted foods, environmental pollution, and the overuse of medication. All of these factors can disrupt a healthy gut environment and create an imbalance of “good” to “bad” gut flora. When this imbalance occurs, it is referred to as dysbiosis. One of the best ways to treat dysbiosis and address an imbalance of gut flora is with probiotic supplements. JS: What are some key symptoms of an imbalance in gut flora? SC: Besides the obvious symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea, other signs and symptoms may include headaches, skin problems (acne or eczema), fatigue, mood changes or depression, poor immunity or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. JS: There’s been a lot of interest in the so called “gut-brain” connection. How

important. While some strains are better for increasing immunity such as Bifidobacterium bifidum, others can help with digestion by decreasing gas like Bifidobacterium longum. There are even probiotics like Lactobacillus rhamnosus that can fight against bad bacteria from spoiled food. So look for a multi-strain probiotic supplement. Finally, buy enteric coated capsules. “Friendly” bacteria have to survive the harsh acidic environment of the stomach as they make their way to the intestines. A protective enteric coating will ensure the bacteria arrive alive where they are needed the most. JS: People often assume that eating yogurt provides enough probiotics. Is this true? SC: Yogurt typically only contains one billion live bacterial cultures, which is not enough for therapeutic benefit. The probiotic supplements that I recommend to my patients usually contain 50 billion live bacteria per serving and do not have artificial colours and flavours that are often found in yogurt cups. JS: What would you say is one of the most amazing facts about probiotics

that most people don’t know?

SC: Most people aren’t aware that 70-80% of the immune system lies in the digestive system. Probiotic bacteria act as a protective army and play a big role in fighting off pathogenic organisms (harmful bacteria and viruses). When patients ask me for my immune-boosting tips, I always start with the importance of healthy gut flora. Probiotic research is rapidly evolving and it appears probiotics may be beneficial for individuals who have food allergies, autoimmune disease and other serious health conditions. It’s a field of medicine that we ought to keep a close eye on. HWS

Probiotic Protection For The Entire Family!

would you explain the connection in a simple way?

SC: The gut is often referred to as the second brain. It contains its own neural network called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS), which contains millions of nerves. Although the ENS doesn’t make decisions or solve math problems the way the brain does, it can communicate other important messages to a person through hormones and neurotransmitters. Gut feelings and decisions made based on intuition are thought to be from the second brain. New research is investigating the connection with conditions such as anxiety, depression and the gut. To date, many of the studies have been done in animals and more research is needed. JS: As the interest in probiotics has exploded, so has the product offering!

With so much to choose from, how do people know what to look for?

SC: First, you need to look for potency or culture count, which refers to the total amount of live, “friendly” bacterial cultures per dose. Most of my patients take a “one-a-day” capsule with a daily dose of 50 billion active bacteria. Second, a variety of bacterial strains is WWW.HWSMAG.COM

Improve Digestion Replenish Good Bacteria After Antibiotic Use Boost Immunity Enhance Overall Health VISIT THE PEANUT MILL FOR MORE INFORMATION

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SENIORS WHO STRIVE In Between a rock and a hard space of elder care. By Nancy Campbell


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challenging when your parents or grandparents start to age and become challenged with the idea of moving, not only into a new experience in their lives, but perhaps needing to move physically into a new residence. For a lifetime, they’ve been our care providers – making sure that we’ve learned our lessons, taking care of our physical needs, loving us as we become less dependent on them and more independent to live our own lives. Then, we become the “in between” generation. We have a family of our own, kids, a mortgage, two jobs, maybe a cat and a dog, and we have our parents/grandparents whose needs are shifting. It’s hard to be everything to everyone. Learning to become the people our parents become dependent on is a shift that walks a tightrope of emotions. They know we’re here for them but they still want to maintain a sense of independence. How do they learn to turn to us for guidance and care when that’s been their job? Who do we turn to in those trying times of shifting generations? There are many forms of support available to families and caregivers – from government programs to service providers who specialize in health issues. It’s that conversation we need to have with our parent or grandparent, where we become the parent. How do you do that with compassion? By actively listening and working as a team with your aging parent, as a guide and a friend. Be respectful rather than “parenting your parent” as if your roles have been reversed. Understand that they will still want to be active in the care they need. Provide them with a safe space to have a conversation and make sure they’re happy with the choices you’ve made together for their future. Develop a respectful relationship with your parent or grandparent so you can move forward on a positive footing. Ask yourself these questions before you have that difficult first conversation. They may help you clarify your thoughts and feelings – and create a safe space to explore the possibilities of elder care. • What expectations do you have about the outcome and process of elder care planning? • What are your greatest fears in this situation? • What do you feel you should be responsible for? • What is at stake for you and your parent or grandparent? • What are your goals and hopes for yourself and the new kind of relationship you want to have with your loved one? Preparing for that difficult conversation eases the pressure of how to create a safe caring place to have the conversation we don’t really want to have. Just remember we must make sure our loved one is cared for in a way that allows them to live their life to the fullest as long as they can. HWS

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I was eating the same things day after day.

with a passion for life.

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Spirited octogenarian By RoseAnn Waters


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Retired since 1983, Don Ashbee is a force to be reckoned with. This octogenarian has a passion for life and living it to the fullest. It seems Don has had two lives really, pre and post-retirement. As a senior executive with Tremco, Don created a lifetime career through hard work and tenaciousness. He rose through the ranks of the company and that’s where the travel bug really bit him. His work provided the opportunity to travel, and as he did, he and his wife Mary visited the globe. From the Caribbean and South America to Italy, France and Spain to Austria, Iceland and the Netherlands, Don and Mary continued to travel after their retirement. When you live life to the fullest, you gather up “once in a lifetime” experiences. How many people get to fly a light plane below the rim of the Grand Canyon? Don did. The pilot gave over the controls to him during a tour that Don planned for his sales team and ‘lo and behold, he flew the plane! The light plane’s wingtips were just thirty metres from the sides of the canyon. Upon retirement, Don wouldn’t slow down. He and his wife Mary, purchased their first condo at Beachview Place in St. Catharines in 1989 and moved there from Toronto the following year. Right from the start, Don gave back to his community by joining the condo board, even becoming president for a spell. He also worked with other members to create a rejuvenation program and joined its Committee for Strategic Planning and Development. This octogenarian who will turn 90 in the new year continues to keep active. In addition to swimming, and riding a stationary bike daily – “to Grimsby,” he jokes – Don has discovered his inner artist. He paints in acrylics, taking inspiration from the pencil drawings that he’s created throughout his travels. He also assists his friend Doug in the compilation and creation of the Beachview & Area Narratives – amazing stories that share the history of the people and the places that have shaped St. Catharines. If anyone knows the secret of the Fountain of Youth, Don Ashbee certainly knows how to keep life fun and youthful. Don recently moved to a different condo at Beachview. Don says he couldn’t be more pleased with Nancy and the team at ONESource Moving Solutions for Seniors. All he had to do was write a cheque and Nancy and her professional, skilled and compassionate team took the load off of his shoulders. “I spent the day with friends,” Don says, “and when I came home to my new condo, it was spic and span. Everything was unpacked and ready to enjoy.” HWS

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