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SmartyPantzEscape Rooms 10524 110 Street NW Edmonton, T5H 3C5


ttention to detail. That is what Smartypantz team have put into creating their immersive ‘Escape Room’ experiences, and attention to detail is what you will need if you want to solve the puzzles and escape with your life! ‘Escape with your life’ may sound like an overstatement, but this is exactly what the SmartyPantz creative team, talented group of set designers, and puzzle magicians aimed for when designing and creating the SmartyPantz ‘Escape Room’ experiences. The idea of an ‘escape room’ is to transport you to a themed room where you are provided a back story and given a time limit to solve a series of physical puzzles to ‘escape’ the room or accomplish some other relevant objective. SmartyPantz proved to be a winning business model for founders Chris Ricard and Dan Civiero and their team of creative professionals, with the team opening their first escape room in Vancouver in February 2015,

SmartyPantz Edmonton Branch Manager Cody Civiero observing the paranormal activity in one of the Escape Rooms that is themed as an old, abandoned house.

The amazing set design transports you right into the story.

This desk has seen some crimes solved in it’s time… Can you solve the next mystery?



followed by the Edmonton location in October. SmartyPantz Edmonton currently has four elaborately themed rooms and a further three in development. They can cater for groups of 3 to 16 people per room and specialize in corporate team building for groups of up to 40 people spread across the 4 rooms at their current capacity.

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