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A word from our Editor

Firstly, I would like to wish you, our reader, a merry festive period and a happy and prosperous new year!

Of course, the impending new year offers an opportunity for reflection. Rather than recapping the year of politics and economics, I’d like to share what a positive year we’ve had here at Business Enquirer.

In 2022 we’ve achieved a phenomenal reach of 16 million via Apple and an impressive 8 million brand impressions across our platforms.

Our dedicated Project Director team have created relationships with the likes of Adidas, Astonish, Formula E and Airbus. We’ve built partnerships with renowned businesses such as InterContinental Hotel Group and Paris Saint Germain Football Club.

And thanks to you, our readers, our subscribership has increased to 443,864 (at time of going to press.)

We’ve also invested time to build and develop a team of Project Directors and creatives who love the work they do, creating a culture we are proud of.

Finishing the year on a high, in this issue of Business Enquirer we speak with Bunker Hill Mining

Corporation, who are embarking on a rapid restart project, driven by its ESG values. This issue features conversations with Peli Products and TriWall UK, both experts in their fields, who made a significant contribution during the Covid pandemic.

Innovative CEO, Jackie Wild, also shares with us progress at industry-transforming food parkSmartParc.

Finally, I thank you for your support, readership and engagement throughout 2022. The team cannot wait to surprise and delight you with more exciting discussions and partnerships in 2023.

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Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 5 Contents Contents For Food Parks the Future is Now Investing in People Protecting All That You Value Transforming the Industry and Generating Value for All Just Around the Corner, all Around the World Passive Housing with an Assertive Vision SmartParc Appian Capital Brazil Peli Tri-Wall Beattie Passive 54 72 92 64 84 96 The most anticipated superhero films of 2023 Cinema Get the hotel festive feel at home Interiors A Name to Remember, Catalina Valentino Profile Business Enquirer Lifestyle 42

Predictions for 2023: Future of Work & Tech

Despite signs of post-pandemic recovery, the challenges brought by Covid-19 continued to affect how we work and learn in 2022. This year we saw the end of a bull market, with startups getting less investment, a wave of layoffs and hiring freezes, and the emergence of trends like the “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting,” showing a change in paradigm for how we work and what matters to us.

Uncertainty is likely to continue in 2023, but the foundation for inevitable opportunities will start consolidating, and we will see important changes in the workplace. We share below some predictions for next year made by Kelvin Ong, Chief of Staff at Microverse, the online school that trains software engineers around the world and connects them with life-changing international and remote jobs:

Remote work as the new normal “In 2023 we will see a larger divide between

in-person and remote-first or fully-remote companies. While there will still be some companies attempting to go back to the office, I believe the majority of organisations will realise the great opportunity that remote work can bring to their businesses’ strategies. Talent is everything and remote wins over talent both in terms of talent pool s ize and retention. Companies will also see the long-term competitive advantage for those that can embrace remote work while also providing social connection, such as co-working spaces, local hubs, regular in-person retreats, etc.”

Hiring globally will increase:

“With remote work on the rise, another thing we will see is the increase of global hiring. Services and products are going through a digital transformation, which means more and more people will be able to work in digital jobs that can be done from anywhere. When you hire internationally, you have access

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Work & Tech

to a much larger talent pool, and with the possibility of hiring employees to work from anywhere in the world, companies will have a unique opportunity of filling their roles in a more diverse way to increase cross-cultural competency in remote teamwork.”

Soft skills will be more important than ever “With companies relying more and more on remote work, a ‘multi-cultural cooperation’ is crucial. In order to achieve this, soft skills are key. Communication skills, especially knowing how to communicate remotely, are at the top of the list. It’s important people master written communication, lowcontext communication, and asynchronous communication. We also need to start thinking about how we can use the tools at our disposal, like digital calendars and task management solutions, for example, as part of our communication strategies.”

The tech that will dominate the market “In 2022, we saw an increase in the demand for Cloud skills — from working with hundreds of employers worldwide, we’ve found they are increasingly looking for professionals versed in it. Another thing to take note of is while there are tons of new shiny technologies, the good old ones — like Python, Java, and Ruby — will continue to be the most relevant. JavaScriptbased frameworks will also be in demand, such as Vue, React, Angular and Node.”

Market normalisation

“While I don’t necessarily think we will see a full market recovery in 2023, I believe a market normalisation is likely to happen towards the middle of the year, with venture capital flowing again and new companies and opportunities coming up.”

The rise of ClimateTech

“Climate change is still the biggest challenge ahead, and I think in 2023 ClimateTech will get even stronger. Investment in the technologies powering this will continue to grow — in particular, machine learning should be in highdemand.”

Kelvin Ong is the Chief of Staff of Microverse, the school that trains software engineers all around the world and connects them with life-changing international and remote jobs. Kelvin’s background is in strategy and operations in innovation management, digital transformation and tech. His eclectic background includes him being an army bomb disposal sergeant and operations specialist, sushi chef, social entrepreneur, and actoradvocate for LGBTQ causes. Kelvin likes to take on unexpected challenges, most recently surfing, French, and Web3 community management.

About Microverse Microverse is an online school for remote software developers where students pay nothing until they land a life-changing job — no matter where they live. We believe the place where people are born shouldn’t determine their opportunities in life, and we provide access to global opportunities by offering world-class education. At Microverse, students learn to work remotely with people from around the world. More than 1,500 students from 140 countries have gone through our program since its launch. After the program, students increase their salary by 280% on average. Microverse is backed by amazing global investors, including Northzone, Y Combinator, General Catalyst, and world-class angel investors such as Paul Graham, Paul Buchheit (the creator of Gmail), and Kevin Hartz (the founder of Eventbrite). We are a passionate and fast-moving team of global citizens working remotely from 20+ countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

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Schofield Street, Heywood Design, build and installation of a new footbridge over the East Lancashire Railway.

Engineering Today Protecting Tomorrow

Currently with over 550 employees working out of 12 sites across the UK, Taziker has seen incredible growth since its inception in 1969, then a family business.

Taking the reins as CEO in 2020, Steve Corcoran has delivered a clear strategy for the engineering firm, helping to double the business’ turnover in 2 years, whilst improving the businesses culture.

Steve discusses with Business Enquirer Taziker’s key role within the UK’s infrastructure, its innovations and why people are and will remain fundamental to its long-term future.

Protecting the Future of the UK’s Infrastructure

Founded by Tom Taziker in 1969, Taziker has forged its name as being one of the UK’s leading multi-disciplinary engineering specialists.

The business delivers structural strengthening, scaffolding, encapsulation, protective coatings, fabrication, and geotechnical engineering to a wide range of industries, largely focussed on infrastructure.

When it comes to infrastructure, Taziker are the unsung heroes helping to keep Britain moving.

As well as providing restoration and repair services, Taziker’s team also fabricate and install entirely new structures, bespoke to customer needs, assisting them with the design.

“Our specialist Access division means we can self-deliver many of our projects from concept to completion,” explained Steve, “we can provide scaffolding solutions, rope access, encapsulation services and specialist access solutions as required”.

Taziker’s order books has included work on the UK’s critical infrastructure, such as ports, docks, railways, and roads, ensuring the safe upkeep of some of the country’s most iconic, historic structures.

The team have just finished works on the Clyde Bridge and have delivered its expertise to the Tay Bridge and the Forth Bridge - known for its continual painting requirements.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 9


“Recently we’ve been undertaking restoration works on the roof at Bristol Temple Mead station. It’s an honour to be able to work on such an iconic Victorian structure and play a part in its history, but it's also a testament to our skilled team,” shared Steve.

Although most of Taziker’s projects, like the Tame Valley Crossing on the A38 in Birmingham, are critical in keeping the country moving, some are critical in keeping the country entertained.

“Taziker were involved in the restoration of Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “The Big One” rollercoaster constructed in 1994. In 2019 we were approached to undertake its refurbishment,” explained Steve, “this included the use of 3D Point Cloud to model the structure from scratch, Leica EDM for accurate tolerances, the build, assembly and fit of four tracks painted to specification, and trials to ensure safety”.

Driven by Innovation

Despite its involvement in the history of Britain’s infrastructure, Taziker understands the importance of remaining innovative to ensure its involvement in the future, too.

Developed in-house by Head of FRP Construction, Matt Greenhalgh, Taziker’s FRP/ GRP Footbridge Solution uses fibre-reinforced plastic in structures in place of traditional steel.

“This method, which can be designed bespoke to a customer’s requirement, is cost-efficient, high-strength, environmentally beneficial, and most importantly, safe,” shared Steve, “it’s a really exciting innovation which has the potential to grow”.

Designed to simplify the process of steel bridge strengthening works, Taziker has also developed (with the support of FJD Consulting) the Top Hat Boss.

10 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine
Tay Rail Bridge

hyhyhyh The Perfect Partnership

The portal has been a pivotal part of the process and the team at Taziker can easily login and procure products for their requirements, streamlining their processes.

How can Selectequip support you and your business?

Speak to us today to arrange a demonstration of our portal and discuss your product needs.

Our 30+ years of supplying the rail industry has positioned Selectequip perfectly to understand the needs of clients within the field.

The already-thriving relationship between Selectequip and Taziker was strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the former providing consistently exemplary service throughout an anything-but-consistent time for the country and world. During this time, Selectequip’s team ensured that the increasingly important PPE supply never faltered alongside the lighting, signage, welfare, and janitorial items that were being provided. Selectequip are firm believers in the power of collaboration, with ample examples of synergetic benefits from previous working relationships. This paired with Taziker’s increased trust in the reliability of Selectequip lead to the launch of an online portal that would streamline the ordering process for Taziker staff, increasing time efficiency and enabling work to continue with no supply delays.

Today, the portal now supplies the entirety of the Taziker Group with fully bespoke signage, lighting and site consumables for Taziker, a well as a further extended range of corporate and site PPE to ensure the demands of the client continue to be met as Taziker and their needs expand and adapt. Everything that Selectequip do is underpinned by innovation and sustainability, two things that are crucial when committing to providing products and service that are designed to protect people.

To speak to us regarding a demonstration of our portal or discuss your product needs, call 01543 416641 or email us at

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“Our patented solution reduces or removes the need for temporary works and possessions as well as the need for costly jacking and major road closures. It is a quicker, faster and more efficient method, which offers direct cost savings,” said Steve.

With the public sector being a key market for the business, Steve and the team have identified the need to find solutions which can have a positive impact on the environment.

“We’re currently working on a project to discover how we can use waste products from grit blasting,” shared Steve.

Due to the mixed components of the waste, it isn’t easily recycled. The task for Taziker is to uncover the opportunity.

“The question is, can we use the waste product within concrete or tyres, for example. This means we’re reducing the impact on the

environment by recycling the waste, in turn developing a new product. I have four children and so I’m constantly reminded that we must play a role in securing the world for their future,” he added.

Securing Longevity

Essentially for Taziker, structural repair works will always be required.

“The work will always be there. It’s fundamental that we remain consistent, continue to bring innovative solutions to the market and support our hardworking and committed team to thrive,” said Steve.

To secure longevity in an economic downturn, Taziker understands the need for growth and diversification.

“In the future we will look to expand into other markets which require steel structures and will

12 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine
Refurbishment. The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach


also look to develop our expertise in associated works, to allow us to offer a full service for customer’s needs,” explained Steve.

Of course, with steel as one of its main inputs, Taziker has faced challenges with supply issues stemming from the Covid pandemic, Brexit and the war in Ukraine. In addition, rising inflation in the UK has meant applying cost increases to bids and tenders.

“What is key is honesty with the client. We can’t change the variables, but we are constantly working to reduce costs where we can and to become more efficient,” shared Steve.

A Re-energised Team

In a world in which technological advancements put a question mark over roles, Steve recognises that people are fundamental to Taziker’s success.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 13


“The work we do is too variable for technology, it has to have the human touch,” he said, “we’ve put significant resources into training and development of our colleagues to ensure a minimum standard and a clear line of progression in any role”.

Taziker have exceeded the industry standard of a training day one in every 40 to one in every 25.

“This essentially means employees are receiving a training day every month,” said Steve.

Hailing from a military engineer background, Steve has implemented the importance of “team” into Taziker.

“Firstly, I’ve banned the word staff. Our colleagues are not simply staff, we are one team with a clear purpose. It’s vital to make the strategy and vision clear to the team, define which markets you do and don’t want to have a role in, and respect, credit and reward your teams. It is easier to push than it is to pull,” he shared.

Since Steve joined the business in 2020, he has had a vision to diversify, grow and re-energise Taziker. This has paid off from a turnover perspective, growing from £54 million in 2020 to a forecast of £100 million at close of 2022-3.

However, it is the impact which his vision has had on his employees that is more of a reward to Steve.

“We recently had our Christmas party, and it was a pleasure to have colleagues come to me and say that they can now see a clear future for them at Taziker,” said Steve.

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Purfleet Embankment, Purfleet-onThames. Essential work was required to reinforce the steep, unstable embankments preventing material from falling on the track below.

Sitting on a Gold Mine: a Golden Opportunity in Peru

Led by experienced CEO, Diego Benavides Norlander, who has spent 30 years within the Peruvian mining industry, and supported by a skilled and knowledgeable team, Minera IRL are ready to scale-up its outputs as well as its impact. Minera IRL are the owners of two gold mining projects in Peru - Corihuarmi and Ollachea.

Corihuarmi Gold Mine - The Golden Woman

Minera IRL’s premier asset is the Corihuarmi (which translates from Quechua to “golden woman”) Gold Mine, located at approximately 5000 metres above sea level in the Peruvian Mountains and situated southeast of Peru’s capital, Lima.

This open pit mine, which has been in production since 2008, has already seen great success with opportunity for future growth. In its first seven months of operation, it recovered the US$ 20 million invested into its construction and development. Meanwhile, in its first year of life the mine produced nearly 52,000 oz of gold, with an average value of US$ 1000 per oz.

With a strong leadership team, sound operating results, and opportunity for, Minera IRL focused on sustainable value creation for its stakeholders. At the heart of this mining company is its desire to nurture the community in which it works.

Laura Watling

Minera IRL

Since it began operating, Minera IRL has produced 407,000 oz of gold, with the 2021 Mineral Resource Estimate developed by Mining Plus extending the mine’s life to the third quarter of 2024. Since its construction, the life of mine has been extended three times.

The Corihuarmi Gold Mine continues to yield encouraging results. Mining Plus used a cut-off grade of 0.1 g/t Au inside the latest pit design for 2021, along with a low strip r atio. Both the pit design and cut-off grade were calculated using a gold price of US$ 1,500.

“Corihuarmi gave us the opportunity to evidence to our stakeholders that we had the expertise to deliver successful gold exploration and production,” shared CEO, Diego, “Corihuarmi is incredibly beneficial to Minera IRL as it provides us with the finance to run the business and support our communities”.

Ollachea - A Shovel Ready Project

With the expected success of Corihuarmi, Minera IRL’s investors were hungry for more, and in 2006 instructed the business to discover a bigger, flagship mine.

It has done just that in its greenfield project, Ollachea.

Acquired from Rio Tinto in 2006, Ollachea is a shovel ready project found in Puno, south-east Peru. The mine region expands nearly 10,000 hectares with two key zones for mine development and gold productionMinapampa and Minapampa Far East.

A Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) completed by Mining Plus, in accordance with Canadian National Instrument 43-101, indicates the mine has an estimated life of 11 years, with 1.13 million oz in the indicated mineral

18 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine

resource category and 0.6 million oz in the inferred mineral resource category.

A planned expansion of the project at year four estimates the production of 3000 tonnes per day, producing more than 85,000 oz per year to the end of the mine’s life. Based on the PEA, the project requires US$89 million in CapEx, a figure which the business has worked to reduce by 50% from the 2012 Bankable Feasibility Study completed by AMEC which estimated a CapEx of nearly US$180 million.

Whilst Minapampa Far East offers an opportunity to extend the estimated life beyond the initial 11 years, further potential exists in the Concurayoc zone, an exploration target just 400 meters west of Minapampa. In 2011, a maiden inferred mineral resource was estimated by Coffey Mining to contain 0.9 million ounces of gold.

Minera IRL

“Ollachea is a shovel ready project, with an approved environmental and social impact assessment. It’s been fully permitted by the Peruvian Government since 2014,” shared Pedro Valdez, Head of Investor Relations, “a 1.2km access and production tunnel has already been built, utilising the skilled labour in the community.”

Once funds have been raised for the construction of Ollachea, the mine can be fully operational in 17 months.

“The goal is to have a proposal launched in early 2023 with a conclusion mid-2023, ultimately producing by 2025,” explained Diego.

With “green mining” being a crucial topic within the industry, Minera IRL will implement

The best partner for processing gold and silver minerals

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 19
Our two lines of chemicals products ACCUAT and FLOPHUR, will improve your recovery of metals
Karlo Solis S
090 811
Solis S
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gravity concentration in its gold processing operations at Ollachea.

Not only does gravity concentration reduce environmental impact by using less chemicals, it also requires low capital and operating costs.

Success Fostered by Philosophy

Combating an industry which has traditionally received a bad reputation for its conduct, Diego and his management team have worked hard to ensure Minera IRL is a mining company with heart.

“For Minera IRL, leadership is horizontal rather than vertical,” explained Diego, “I believe collaboration is key and that decisions should be made collectively”.

In 2021, Diego was recognised by the Peruvian Congress awarding him for his contributions to the economic and social development of the Puno region. This was followed by another recognition awarded by the Regional

Government of Puno, once again for his contribution to the development of the region and particularly the Ollachea community.

“It’s important to know and understand the culture in the region you’re working in, and to leave it better than when you started,” he continued.

In order to develop a strong relationship with the people of Ollachea, Minera IRL invested US$100,000 in the build of a community centre. This gave the local community an opportunity to develop their own committees, including those for women, children, and healthcare.

“A year after the community centre was delivered, the people of Ollachea invited Minera IRL to work with them on the development of the mine, including complete access to the existing tunnels,” shared Pedro, “in return, they received a 5% share in the subsidiary that will operate the project along with a 30-year surface rights agreement”.

20 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine

Minera IRL

As part of its commitment to the people of Ollachea, Minera IRL has launched 26 social projects, which include medical support, scholarships, the incorporation of community businesses, and the development of a school of performing arts.

“To foster relationships with the young people of Ollachea, we have implemented projects which teach the traditional dance and music of Peru,” said Pedro, “uptake is usually around 90-120 6-18 year olds. Afterall, they will become our colleagues of the future”.

Minera IRL have also established a pilot farm with the people of Ollachea, giving the community the opportunity to sell or consume the produce. Similar projects have been established with reforestation, guinea pig breeding and the production of garments using traditional Peruvian methods. The latter project has received recognition from Peru’s Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, as well as the UN.

Of its 400 employees, 40% come from the local community.

“The people in the regions where we work are very skilled and this, along with Minera IRL’s expertise, will be reflected in the construction and output of the Ollachea Gold Project,” said Diego.

Ultimately, Minera IRL are on a mission to set an example to the industry whilst raising awareness of the golden opportunities in Peru and becoming the number one gold operator in Peru’s southern region.

“Minera IRL are a fantastic example of what success can look like in Peruvian mining, as well as displaying the flexibility of a mediumsized business,” said Diego, “but at the core we aim to drive impact for our shareholders and communities whilst improving, assuring and shielding labour”.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 21

Business Enquirer’s Most Influential Business People

It has been a pleasure for the team at Business Enquirer to build so many relationships across industries in 2022.

From Laurel Sutherland, CEO of Perpetua Resources, an exemplary female leader to Christian Lindener, Global Head of Innovation at Airbus leading the business in hypergrowth, Business Enquirer has featured some of business’ most influential CEOs, Directors and leaders.

By partnering with media’s biggest outlets, such as CNN, CNBC, Fox News and Sky News we’ve been able to boost the profiles of the likes of Adidas and Paris Saint Germain Football Club, various members of the InterContinental Hotel Group and events such as Sziget Festival and the E1 Series. This includes an incredible reach of 16 million via Apple and 8 million brand impressions across our platforms this year.

Leading in Career Management

Kris Jenner

Known internationally for her role as the world’s most successful “Momager”, Kris Jenner manages all six of her children’s careers. As well as being the mastermind behind the family’s television show, now known as The Kardashians,found on streaming services Hulu and Disney+, it has been reported by Forbes that the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch takes a 10% cut of every dollar earned by her children (through modelling, licensing deals and their beauty businesses).

2022 has been another challenging year for business. In general, supply chains have been affected by the impact of Brexit, the overhang of the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Businesses in the MENA region have seen high levels of migration out of the respective countries and as we reach the end of the year, businesses the world over are experiencing the impact, both in-house and from consumers, of the cost of living crisis.

That being said, business leaders across the world are striving to keep organisations successful, with a clear focus on sustainability as a whole - from reducing carbon emissions to ensuring staff churn is kept to a minimum and educating the younger generations. We’ve picked our 20 most influential female and male business leaders for 2022. With an estimated 582 million entrepreneurs on Earth in 2022, we certainly had some amazing candidates to choose from.

Business owned by the Kardashian-Jenner’s include:

SKIMS - A shapewear and loungewear brand owned by Kim Kardashian. Valued at $3.2 billion.

Good American - Size inclusive denim brand owned by Khloe Kardashian.

Kylie Cosmetics - Cosmetic range founded by Kylie Jenner at 18 years old. Kylie Jenner sold a 51% stake of the business in 2020 for $600 million.

818 Tequila - Award winning tequila business owned by Kendall Jenner. As well as their own personal brands, the Kardashian-Jenner’s have launched more than 26 businesses, helping Kris Jenner to reach a $190 million net worth.

Kris Jenner merits part of her success to authenticity, according to Masterclass.

Leading in Sustainability


CEO of innovative pea protein agriprocessing business, Christine Lewington is a visionary. With 20 years of experience in the agri-processing and renewable energy industries, PIP International CEO, Christine, has worked for the likes of Pepsico and Belectric Canada Solar. Christine is leading the way in sustainability in agri-processing by using disruptive technologies, whilst bringing an innovative new product to the market which is set to resolve the increasing demand for protein, often coming from unsustainable meat sources.

PiP International aims to be the first agri-processing business to use a hybrid energy system across its plant. Any gas consuming equipment will be hybridised with hydrogen, whilst its extraction technology reduces heat demands and eliminates energy intensive boilers. Unlike standard practice in the pea protein extraction process, PiP doesn’t use evaporators, helping to reduce the business’ Co2 output, as well as the related energy savings.

PiP implements a circular approach towards peas. Whilst only 25% of the pea is protein, Christine is implementing new technologies to turn the waste material into recyclable packaging.

Leading in Automotive Robin Zeng, Founder & Chairman, Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL)

The global electric vehicle market is (as of 2020) projected to reach a value of $823.75 billion by 2030. There is no better time to be in the lithium-ion battery market. No one knows that better than founder of CATL, Robin Zeng.

Founded by Zeng in 1999, the Chinese billionaire entrepreneur has led CATL to global success.

The business has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in France, USA, Canada and Japan. CATL, which has strategic partnerships with the likes of BMW, has been involved in major projects, such as the delivery of phase one of Jingjiang 100 MWh Energy Storage Power Station Project. It has also been ranked number one in EV battery consumption volume for five consecutive years to 2021. Most recently, Mr Zeng has led the business to make significant sustainable impact, such as its Yibin production base becoming the world’s first zero-carbon battery factory.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 23

Leading in Philanthropy

Bill Gates, Co-Founder, Microsoft and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

It’s hard to imagine that the name Bill Gates isn’t synonymous with Microsoft, one of the World’s leading technology companies. Gates’ co-founded Microsoft in 1975, becoming one of the best known entrepreneurs in the “microcomputer revolution”.

The tech mogul ended his day-to-day career with Microsoft in 2008 to pursue his philanthropic endeavours, including his work with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The namesake Foundation is reported to be

Leading in Career Coaching Edith Cooper, Co-Founder, Medley

Edith Cooper is considered one of America’s leading black business people.

With 30 years experience on Wall Street, Cooper has also fulfilled leading roles at Goldman Sachs (including Partner, Executive VP, and Head of Human Capital Management).

In 2020, using her experience as a leader in business, Cooper went on to co-found Medley, alongside her daughter Jordan Taylor. Medley is a group coaching platform designed to develop emerging leaders to grow their impact. Giving everyone the chance to benefit from Medley, the women in business launched the platform with an opportunity-based sliding scale for its annual membership fee, highlighting the importance of inclusivity.

A leading and respected woman in business, Edith Cooper also serves on several public company boards, including Amazon, PepsiCo, and EQT Partners.

Leading in Logistics Wang Wei, Chairman, SF Express

SF Express, China’s answer to FedEx, is the largest express logistics provider and solution service in mainland China.

Established in 1993, SF Express is the brainchild of Chinese billionaire businessman Wang Wei. Wang Wei’s journey to becoming one of China’s

the second largest charitable foundation in the world, with the couple transferring $20billion of Microsoft stock to the charity to support its mission. The charity’s main aim is to enhance healthcare, reduce extreme poverty across the world, and to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in America. In June 2021, the charity committed $2.1 billion over five years to support global efforts to enhance gender equality. In recent years, it also committed $1.75 billion to accelerate development and equitable distribution of COVID-19 tests, treatments, and vaccines. Since its inception in 2000, the philanthropic efforts of Bill and Melinda Gates have made a significant impact across the world.

richest billionaires is a story of boldness, starting his business at a time when private delivery services were illegal in China. Now, SF Logistics has operations both in air and on the ground, providing delivery services worldwide.

With an aim to drive a smart supply chain ecosystem in the digital era, SF Logistics became the first business in China to obtain a licence for drone deliveries.

Leading in Cyber Security Poornima DeBolle, Co-Founder, Menlo Security

Considered one of the leading women in Cybersecurity, Poornima DeBolle has a background in product management and business development.

Born in India, Ms DeBolle has gone on to play leading roles in the development of

businesses such as Juniper and Menlo Security. The latter, of which she is co-founder, has a company valuation of $800 million.

In 2022, DeBolle was named in Forbes’ 50 over 50 - Entrepreneurs list.

With a clear eye for the future, Poornima DeBolle has highlighted in interviews the importance of improving the participation of females in STEM, and encouraging men to advocate for it.

As a leader, she considers teamwork to be key, with a focus on collaboration.

Leading in Social Media Kudzi Chikumbu, Global Head of Creator Marketing, TikTok

As reported by The Guardian, in 2022 TikTok became the world’s most downloaded app, with a forecasted 1.8 billion users by the end of the year. It is believed that the app is worth (at least) $50 million.

Heading up TikTok’s Creator Marketing team is Kudzi Chikumbu, a driving force behind inclusion and diversity.

Chikumbu has implemented many initiatives for the TikTok community since joining the business, including TikTok for Black Creatives, Amplify Diverse Voices and #MyPride.

In 2020, Chikumbu was honoured by ADCOLOR with the Innovator award for being a pioneer within his role at TikTok.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 25
Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 25

Leading in Manufacturing Revathi Advaithi, CEO, Flex

An advocate for women in STEM, Revathi Advaithi has been named on Fortune’s Most Powerful Women list for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021), as well as Business Today’s Most Powerful Women in India, 2020 and 3BL’s Responsible CEO of the Year for Worldwide Impact in 2021.

Prior to undertaking her role as CEO of Flex, Ms Advaithi experienced leadership positions at both Eaton Corporation and Honeywell. Since assuming the role of CEO of Flex in 2019, Ms Advaithi has become responsible for “architecting the company’s strategic direction and leading Flex through a transformation that is defining a new era in manufacturing,” says Flex’s website.

Revathi Advaithi also holds positions as a co-chair of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Advanced Manufacturing CEO Community (2022) and joined the WEF Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders (2021), as well as serving on the Board of Directors of Uber and

Ms Advaithi has been recognised for her proven leadership regarding ESG initiatives as well as encouraging culture, diversity and inclusion in business.

Leading in Mining Germán Larrea Mota Velasco, CEO, Grupo México

Mexican businessman Germán Larrea Mota Velasco is CEO of Mexico’s largest mining corporation and third largest copper producer in the world, Grupo México. Founded in 1978 by Raúl Antonio

Leading in Technology Steve Ballmer, former CEO, Microsoft and Owner, Los Angeles Clippers

Although having left his role as CEO of Microsoft in 2014, the American business magnate and investor has to be recognised for his 34 years at the technology giant and his 14 years in role as CEO.

During his time as CEO, Microsoft both tripled its

Escobedo and Germán, Germán has used his entrepreneurial expertise to grow the business to the conglomerate it is today.

His first step was purchasing key mining sites from the bankrupt state mining company. He is also responsible for the business’ expansion into infrastructure and rail transportation. By the year 2000, Grupo México was responsible for 87.5 percent of Mexico’s copper production.

sales and doubled its profits. He also oversaw several acquisitions, including that of Nokia’s mobile phone division, Skype and aQuantive.

Much like his predecessor, Bill Gates, Ballmer stepped further into philanthropy after leaving Microsoft. Since 2014, the Los Angeles Clippers owner has invested over $2 billion into improving poverty rates in America, as well as a further $59 million in Social Solutions which makes software for nonprofits and government agencies.

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Leading in Food and Beverage Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman, Ferrero SpA

The name Ferrero is synonymous with Christmas, thanks to the brand’s well known product - Ferrero Rocher, part of its namesake line - Ferrero (which includes Pocket Coffee, Mon Chéri, Confetteria Raffaello, and Ferrero Küsschen).

Leading in Ethical Food Jody Boyman, Co-Founder, Hungry Planet

Entrepreneur and founder of mission-driven food company, Hungry Planet, Jody Boyman is using her business expertise for good.

“We wanted to do something meaningful to solve two of the world’s most pressing problems: the health of humankind and the health of our planet,” says Hungry Planet’s website.

However, the business is also known for the production of Nutella, its Kinder line of confectionary and Tic Tac mints.

Established by Giovanni Ferrero’s father, Pietro, in 1946, Giovanna took leadership of the business in 1997 until 2017. In 2018, Mr Fererro acquired the entirety of Nestle’s US confectionery business for a sum of $2.8billion.In 2021, the business boasted sales of €14 billion, whilst Giovanni himself has a net worth of $34.8 billion.

Having self-funded the business for its first few years, the development of Hungry Planet was a passion project for Boyman, who has previously been a professional wildlife photographer.

The food business brings plantbased ‘meats’ to market, with sustainability at its core.

Hungry Planet meats consume 62-91% less blue and grey water, require 52-79% less agricultural land and generate 42-89% lower greenhouse gas emissions than conventional meats. In 2021, the company raised $25 million in Series A funding and has plans to raise Series B.


in Music Streaming

Daniel Ek, CEO, Spotify

One of the leading businesses in the streaming generation, Spotify is the world’s biggest streaming platform by number of users, with a reported 182 million subscribers and 442 million users per month.

At the helm of the business is Swedish entrepreneur and technologist, Daniel Ek, co-founder and CEO of the music streaming platform.

Spotify was not Ek’s first foray into tech businesses, having previously played influential roles at Tradera (which was later acquired by eBay) and μTorrent (later sold to BitTorrent).

With Spotify being an answer to combat music piracy, Billboard named Ek the most powerful person in the music industry in 2017.

In 2021, Mr Ek pledged to invest €1 billion in European Technology, and in doing so, cofounded Prima Materia to support European technology builders.

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Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 27

Leading in Fashion and Retail

Jim Walton, heir to Walmart and CEO, Arvest Bank

Possibly one of the best known family businesses, Walmart was founded by Jim Walton’s father, Sam, in 1962. Its annual report released in April 2022

Leading in Health Dr Margaret-Mary Wilson, Chief Medical Officer, UnitedHealth Group

Dr Margaret-Mary Wilson is one of the world’s prime examples of “women who can”. As reported by Forbes, Dr Wilson was born and raised in Nigeria by a single mother who “told her daughter she could do anything she set her mind to”.

Wilson went on to practise medicine in Europe, Africa, North America and South America, and was an associate professor of internal and geriatric medicine at St Louis University, Missouri.

Having joined UnitedHealth Group in 2008 (further to roles at UnitedHealthcare Clinical Services and United Healthcare Global), Dr Wilson was named vice president and Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealth Group at the end of 2021. Wilson advances the company’s clinical innovations and leads efforts to develop a modern, sustainable and high-performing health system. In her role she aims to address “some of the critical needs and opportunities around improving health equity, expanding access, lowering costs and improving outcomes and experiences for patients, payers and providers”, says the UnitedHealth Group website.

In 2021, Dr Margaret-Mary Wilson was named as one of the top 100 most influential African-

Leader in Hospitality Sheila Johnson, CEO, Salamander Hotel and Resorts

The first African-American woman to become a billionaire, Sheila Johnson is the co-founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television) and CEO of Salamander Hotel and Resorts. As well as having a notable career as an entrepreneur, producer, sports entertainment mogul and philanthropist, Sheila Johnson has gone on to become a leader in luxury hotel management. Her aim within Salamander

stated that the business employs 2.3 million people worldwide, with a revenue of $573 billion. Walmart boasts more than 10,500 stores and clubs across 24 countries and ecommerce sites.

As well as the retail stores, the Walton family also own Arvest Bank, chaired by Jim Walton. The bank owns assets of more than $20 million.

American leaders in business by the National Diversity Council. UnitedHealth Group is an American multinational managed healthcare and insurance company aiming to enhance the performance of the health system whilst improving the overall health and well-being of the people and communities it serves.

Hotel and Resorts is to “acquire, manage and develop properties known for their unique approach to hospitality – preferring to nurture, foster and enhance their singularity, instead of muting it,” says its website.

Whilst she is a successful business woman, respect must be paid to her philanthropy. Johnson has raised awareness to women’s issues, worked in AIDS activism, and in 2006 was named Global Ambassador for CARE, an international organisation fighting poverty and social injustice, with women and girl’s rights at its core.

Leading in Clean Beauty Bobbi Brown, Founder, Jones Road Cosmetics

Bobbi Brown is a leading name in the beauty industry. The cosmetics guru launched her first line (10 shades of natural lipstick shades) in 1991, under Bobbi Brown Essentials. The beauty entrepreneur anticipated sales of 100 a month, yet saw sales rocket at 100 per day… on the first day. Bobbi would go on to sell Bobbi Brown Essentials to Estée Lauder in 1995, stepping down from creative control in 2016. In 2020, the beauty stalwart went on to create clean beauty brand, Jones Road. The brand has been

Leading in Biotech

Susan Tousi,

founded on Brown’s philosophy of the beauty industry needing “better beauty products” rather than more. Jones Road products are free from phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, PEGs, cyclic silicones, EDTA, and BPA. It follows stringent guidelines to eliminate over 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients from its formulas. Not only that, by using Bobbi Brown’s years of industry knowledge, the products are suitable for every skin type and tone. Bobbi Brown is also known for her support of women, including Bobbi Brown Cosmetics 2013 Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls on International Women’s day, being a (former) board member of Dress for Success, and supporting the Broome Street Academy Charter High School and the Girl Rising Fund.

Commercial Officer, Illumina

Illumina applies innovative technologies to the analysis of genetic variation and function in order to unlock genome studies. Its innovative sequencing and array technologies are helping to make groundbreaking discoveries in life science research, translational and consumer genomics and molecular diagnostics. Tousi has been part of Illumina since 2012, and during her 10 years has helped the business to deliver an expansive portfolio of breakthrough and industry leading products.

During the pandemic, Tousi’s role within the business was Chief Product Development Officer, and led the business in securing FDA emergency use authorisation for Covid-19 diagnostic testing. In May 2021, Tousi became the first female Chief Commercial Officer of the business, which has a market cap net worth of over $35 billion.

Susan was named one of the Top 50 Diverse Leaders of 2020 by the California Diversity Council and is a member of the international Women’s Forum.

Leading in Finance and Investments

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, Co-founder and CEO, Binance

Binance is the world’s largest bitcoin and altcoin crypto exchange, founded and headed by Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ. In 2021, Binance facilitated trades worth

over $9.5 trillion, over two-thirds of all trading volume handled by centralised crypto exchanges, reported Forbes. And in 2022, despite the cryptocurrency market facing many challenges and with Binance’s biggest competitor FTX collapsing, CZ’s and his firm has come out on top. According to Forbes Wealth History chart , CZ has rocketed from a $1.9 billion worth in 2021 to $65 billion in 2022.

Magrabi’s visionary CEO outlines ambitious equality agenda

Amin Magrabi, CEO Magrabi

The word “culture” is perhaps the most important one in the vocabulary of Amin Magrabi, the CEO of one of the world’s leading premium eyewear retailers, which has a multi-million-dollar turnover from 144 stores across five countries in the Middle East.


ulture is a topic dear to my heart,” Amin smiles across the table, as he sets out his vision for the company.

What he means is that as well as being a successful business, Magrabi is a pioneering social advocate, with the Magrabi Foundation providing eyecare to millions of underprivileged people in the Middle East and Africa, and most and foremost with impressive targets on gender equality throughout the company.

Today, Magrabi is facing a big strategic moment, a time not just of great business expansion, with 57 new store openings in 2022 (and a total investment of Dh84m), exclusive collaborations with top brands, but also ambitious cultural development of the company, which was founded by Amin’s grandfather 95 years ago.

Amin explains: “From Day One, we were there to help people see better. We were serving the communities we worked in. So, we were born as a social organisation. We had this policy that we would not turn away a patient who was in need.

“These phrases like CSR and ESG are not buzz words for us; this is where we came from.”

What he refers to is that Magrabi has succeeded in positioning itself as a thought leader and social advocate for change – not just in Saudi, but across the whole Middle East region.

In effect, the company was never afraid to

take risks for what it believes in. In 2018, for example, it launched the “Empower Your Vision” campaign, a 60-second film that was released on the first day Saudi Arabia made driving allowed to women. It totted up millions of views on YouTube and this sororal call to arms sparked thousands of online discussions and, on rare occasions, a backlash from traditionalists.

“It is not secret that the Middle East is changing, and the role of women is changing too – and needs to change – for all the right reasons,” says Amin. “And we would like to be leaders in breaking this status-quo.”

“We have made some very tough commitments at Magrabi. For example, the pledge that by 2025, we will have a gender balance. And we’re ahead of schedule, with already 32% of female ratio within the company, versus 25% in December 2021. And when I say gender balance I mean right across the company – from the Board, senior leadership team, to all management levels.”

It is clear that the CEO has given much thought to these policies, not just simple maths such as equal numbers of women in the workplace and comparability of salary, but also the environment and conditions within the company.

“At Magrabi we are against all forms of discrimination, but we felt this was a topic we could make a real dent in,” Amin says.

“We have even shared it with our customers. We had a women’s empowerment campaign. We thought it was great, but at the time not everyone did. We broke some boundaries there and made some people feel uncomfortable. But that’s alright. This is a great cause, and we are happy to be among many fighting it.”

“We’d like to be a role model for other organisations – in this region and beyond. Because the target of gender equality by 2025 across all levels of the company is an ambitious one, even in many Western countries.”

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But Magrabi is going further, with policies to protect maternity rights in the workplace.

“We believe women should have the right to have children as well as to work, to be mothers as well as executives,” Amin says. “We create policies and an environment that allows for this. It’s really not that difficult if you have this core belief. It starts with a belief. If you believe that both genders are equal in the rights they have, in the opportunities they have, and how we should pay them, yet have certain differences, that is ok. This is what makes us stronger. And I believe that any organisation that does not believe this, will not be standing as a leading organisation in the future.”

On that front, the company undertook a first earlier this year, opening Saudi Arabia’s first female-only staffed store. "Less than five years ago, women were not even allowed to work in our stores in Saudi Arabia,” he explains. “So, for us today to have launched

a female-only store with a female leader was an important message to send to our staff, to our customers and to the society we live in. It was a way of saying this is a new era, an era of equal opportunity.”

This isn’t just for show. And Amin explains for that matter that the company has many other policies which promote gender equality, including an accelerated store leadership development programme for women and recruitment policies which support women’s rights.

“We hire women who are sometimes eight or nine months pregnant, and they join us and literally go straight away on their maternity leave. We’ve also increased our maternity leave – the paid and nonpaid segment. They can be gone for over a year, but we keep their place and they come back. We believe that is a special time and both parents should have the right to spend it with their new-borns.”

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“We have equal pay, it is written, it is clear. But also, we have created networks for women inside the organisation, development tracks, a bi-annual survey so we can listen to them, where we are falling short and where we can change. We listen closely and keep an open mind and try to react as quickly as we can.”

The CEO says that the company is also proud to have a diversity of nationalities and faiths around the world too. “We are a very nurturing and inclusive culture, but a performance culture as well. We like to win, but to win you need to fail and when someone fails you need to listen to them and support them. People perform their best when they feel secure.”

That word ‘culture’ again, which is very close to Amin’s heart.

Now nearly 20 years in the role, Magrabi Retail is the biggest eyewear retailer in the middleeast region, with 144 stores, an estimated market share of 40% in premium and luxury, 1350 employees and a revenue of $220m a year

for the retail arm, aiming to double by 2025.

The company’s brand are household names in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Gulf. Indeed, Magrabi has a clear business strategy, an engaging message as a social advocate and a legacy of 95 years of providing quality eyecare. “We were born to care for people’s eyes,” says Amin. “That has always been our mantra.” Since its early days, the company’s founding stone has always been to “never turn away a patient” as per Dr Akef ElMaghraby’s words, and since 1992 Magrabi has had a charitable foundation offering equitable eyecare.

This impressive legacy starts with Amin’s grandfather who was a Saudi-Egyptian ophthalmologist, studying in Edinburgh and eventually moving to Saudi to become a private consultant to the King. Amin’s father, Dr Akef El-Maghraby took up the baton, holding a residency at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London before returning home to open the first chain of shops.

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It is Amin who has used his background in investment banking and high finance to really take Magrabi to the next level. He has a very clear vision and a strong business strategy to consolidate Magrabi’s position in the region before eventually taking it global and turning it into a publicly-listed company.

“I think international expansion is something we are thinking about,” Amin explains. “Possibly beyond five years, but in this current period we are building the platforms, the talent, the technology to enable us to take that next step.”

He is right to be cautiously optimistic. According to PWC, while online and mobile shopping are on the rise in the middle east, with 47% frequently using their smartphones for purchases, the in-store mall experience is still very important to them, with 56% of Middle Eastern consumers prefer visiting physical stores.

This kind of knowledge is built into Magrabi’s strategy. “We are primed for an omnichannel experience: you need the bricks-and-

mortar, and you need to online – at least in the premium segment,” says Amin. “In the mainstream maybe, you can have online only but if you want to really give the ultimate experience - you want to get premium measurements, you want bespoke – with people who care about that kind of service I think it is difficult to do it purely online.”

But Magrabi’s business strategy now accounts for both premium and mainstream markets. When he took on the challenge of his father, who had already started Magrabi across Saudi, Amin was given just two stores in Egypt to manage and going forwards had first to decide where to position the Magrabi brand in the eyewear market.

That meant having to close some stores and open new ones specifically designed to capture the top tier market, which accounts for around 25% of the sector. Once that was achieved, the company could then focus on creating a separate brand to cover off the mainstream. “Where we now choose to open is very data driven. We take tens and tens of data points – whether

demographic, social, infrastructure,” he continues. “We use AI models which look at current revenue of the stores, where they are and then highlight other catchment areas that fit those. They highlight where we should and shouldn’t be. It is for us now extremely data driven.”

This detailed assessment also led to the creation of a new lifestyle chain in the mainstream segment, Doctor M, serving wider customer segments and hence widening the reach of the group.

This formula has led to clear results. After implementing a repositioning strategy, the company now has a portfolio of 144 stores, boosted by the opening or reopening of another 57 stores this year – 16 of them Doctor M – the biggest expansion since Amin first took over the business in 2004.


In January 2022, Magrabi unveiled its pioneering Lens Innovation Centre (LIC). Located in Dubai, it is one of the world’s most advanced facilities and the region’s biggest and most efficient manufacturer of ophthalmic lenses, capable of producing two million lenses a year.

Serving the group’s premium luxury brand as well as the company’s lifestyle mainstream chain of stores, Doctor M, the LIC consolidates Magrabi’s position as the leading eyecare and eyewear luxury retail in the Middle East and will create a total of 90 jobs by 2025.

“We want Magrabi to dominate the entire vertical chain in the region to ensure we are ready to disrupt the global optical market and we continue to invest

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significantly to meet this ambition,” says Amin Magrabi, CEO of Magrabi group.

With its state-of-the-art technology, the LIC is the most advanced lab in the Middle East, partnering with Schneider Optical, a leading manufacturer of the state-of-the-art ophthalmic lens machinery and equipment.

It is the only lens facility in the region that utilises Schneider’s Modulo Line technology, enabling it to run at maximum efficiency levels not seen in the region before. The facility has a current capacity of one million lenses per year, operating 24/7; and is anticipated to double to two million lenses per year by 2025.

The LIC, which will require a total investment of Dh54 million by 2025, is a significant step in this journey as the company progresses to controlling the entire optical value chain, an important milestone to exploring other markets.


“In the premium segment, as we stand today, we are probably the largest in the world,” Amin says. “But there are a lot of opportunities in the next 4-5 years in the region, not just in terms of footprint and expansion but our strategic initiative in terms of vertical integration.”

“It is critical to own that entire value chain to be able to bring your best products to your customer – this will give us tremendous flexibility and independence as the world is consolidating very fast on the supply side,” he adds.

With that in mind, Magrabi has set up a worldleading Lens Innovation Centre in Dubai, with plans to double the current production of two million per year by 2025. The company has also started producing its own brands to be sold alongside the designer labels it has become known for.

Another shrewd move has been to capitalise on the large market for coloured contact lenses account for around 50% of sales in the middle east, as opposed to Europe. Light colours, such as grey and hazel, are particularly popular and just last month the company championed Arabian female beauty and legends in its Leïla & Leïla range, celebrating the most inspiring women in the ancient tales of One Thousand And One Nights.

This brings the conversation to another key plank of the Magrabi message: gender equality and social reform in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region.

With a Saudi father and Lebanese mother, and his wide international education experiences, Amin considers himself as “culturally enriched”, in tune with the several cultures of the Middle East region, which gives him a broader understanding of the different markets. This probably explains his clear intentions when it comes to making sure Magrabi is a thought leader and social advocate on gender “differentiation” in the region.

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Cherine Magrabi – VP Marketing

“Systemic change can only be achieved and sustained by challenging perceptions, particularly when it comes to preconceived notions about Middle Eastern women. We believe in the sheer potential that women bring to o organizations, with global studies showing that companies with women in leadership positions, and particularly on boards, outperform those without women. The diversity of skillsets, perspectives and knowledge are integral for being equally represented at MAGRABi.”

Sabine Volcic: VP - Buying & Merchandising

“Women are an engine for economic growth greatly needed in the region, yet this can only happen if companies rethink their culture and employment strategy. Gender balance will make us a more versatile, complementary and inclusive workspace redesigning an archaic structure. We will be a better company allowing for improved customer engagement in our stores and creating within MAGRABi an unique and more productive culture”

Therese Magdy – People and Culture Director

“I personally feel empowered and respected. Leading the People and Culture team in MAGRABi and being a female at the same time, gives me a great motto to support the gender equality strategy and mission as part of my personal career mission and journey to help female talents succeed in their careers and enjoy their lives.”

Souha Hasan – VP Mainstream

“Magrabi catalyzes the strategic direction and commitment to achieve not only gender balance but equality and inclusivity … The company has a long legacy of supporting women, and the target of gender balance is evident through the hiring process. It is a world-class organization that nurtures equal opportunity and gender balance in the workplace. The culture of flexibility, well-being and work-life balance is an essential competitive advantage and a pillar in attracting and retaining female talents.”

Mahitab Hafez - Egypt VP

“Our history has been dominated by severe discrimination against women… Today time has come for our communities to realize there’s no chance to grow except by inclusion and equality. We strive to cascade the lesson to all social classes to make sure women everywhere get their rightful presence in every field, get equal chances to grow, prosper and evolve for what they deserve and what they have long dreamt of.”

Donia Hamed – Senior Category Manager

“Providing women and girls with equal access to education, health care, decent work, and representation in political and economic decisionmaking processes will fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity at large.”

Dr Kayra Kim S. Hernandez, O.D.

“The link between a country's development and the participation of its women is a fact. Women's incomes feed the country's children. Women's success become good examples for the country's children. As the old African saying goes, "Educate a man and you educate a man. Educate a woman and you educate a nation."

Khouloud Ayar – Field Coach Trainer

“As a working woman and mother, the gender equality means a lot to me, it gives me the confidence and the passion to keep working hard, overcome the obstacles and the everyday challenges to achieve my goals. Magrabi was always very keen on making the best for the employees. I feel very proud to be part of such an “up-to-date” community, and so grateful to have such leaders with such mission.”

Dr Sanaa Elhali - Doctor of Optometry

“As a woman who has been working in Magrabi for 15 years, I believe in equality between men and women in all fields, and this is why I feel proud to be a part of this organization that gives a first priority to women.”

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Cherine Magrabi – VP Marketing Souha Hasan – VP Mainstream Dr Kayra Kim S. Hernandez, O.D. Sabine Volcic: VP - Buying & Merchandising Mahitab Hafez - Egypt VP Khouloud Ayar –Field Coach Trainer Therese Magdy –People and Culture Director Donia Hamed – Senior Category Manager Dr Sanaa ElhaliDoctor of Optometry


In this line of thought, he stresses that the success of the company is down not to a single individual but is supported by a team of experts he relies on. “That’s why we have a department called ‘People and Culture’.” Amin insists that although it leans on its family legacy of 125 years, the company operates “very much like a start-up”

So, with all these positives and regional achievements, why not simply take Magrabi to the rest of the world as soon as possible?

“We are building our own brands, exclusive brands and alliances to allow us as we enter those markets to have a really differentiated proposition,” he says. “Globally, you won’t see many multi-brand retailers expanding into international markets. One of the few is Sephora. They’ve done a wonderful job and that is one we learn from, the benchmark, to see how they’ve done it.”

He continues: “We want to make sure our platforms are in place, we have a fully differentiated product range, and customer experience. When you step into a Magrabi store you know you’ve stepped into a unique place.”

Clearly, Amin’s international experience has stood him in great stead with the business. In his early teens he then went to an English public school where he demonstrated his talent and early leadership potential on the playing fields of Rugby School in Warwickshire. “I captained the athletics team; I loved cross country running and became deputy head boy at the school. I loved all that, I got immersed in that life and got involved in a lot of sports there. UK champion U16 800 metres. Around the age of 16 I fell in love with rugby and enjoyed the camaraderie of the sport.”

Following that, he was formed at Brown University in the US and Richmond University back in London. He went into investment

banking, spent some time in Egypt fascinated by talk at the time of the “Tiger on the Nile” economy, before heading back to the States to JP Morgan.

But 20 years ago, he decided to return to the Middle East to help run the family business with his father. Since then, his achievements have been great: turning the retail brand into a household name in the region. He has achieved this by thinking big, setting out a clear business strategy and choosing the correct partnerships.

Big names, exclusivity and premium branding remain at the front of the mind for Amin. “We need to curate a unique experience to our customers. It’s been in the making since 1927. Our customers are looking for exclusives or unique models, so we work with these brands, like the work we did with Valentino exclusive Magrabi model.”

“These types of collaborations are very exciting because you produce limited editions that our consumers are looking for. We are always looking for brands that have a unique positioning.”

So how would Amin like to see the company as the focus turns towards the region? “We are a company in the optical industry that people maybe haven’t heard about, but it would be great if we were seen as doing a lot of innovation and leading change,” he says. “I hope we will be seen as reinventing the category and industry – and that this activity is coming out of an industry you least expect.”

With this unique focus on ambitious strategy and a healthy company culture which has innovation, fairness and equality of opportunity at its heart, it is hard to see how this vision can do anything but continue to succeed and reach new heights in the future.

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As we hit the winter months, we will inevitably be spending more and more time in our homes so it’s important to create a personal space that works for you. Making your home and bedroom feel luxurious doesn’t always need to be expensive – a few simple changes can transform the space where you spend the most time!

Fortunately, bedroom expert Laura Burnett from Feather & Black is here to reveal easy ways to give your bedroom a luxurious winter makeover.

Integrate classic and timeless hardware pieces

Classic hardware including chairs, vanity sets, and wardrobes can set the tone for your bedroom. Wooden furniture pieces can significantly increase a room’s luxurious feel.

Interiors expert reveals simple ways to give your bedroom a luxury hotel feel this Christmas

Investing in high-quality sets can seem daunting, however a splurge on durable, low maintenance and timeless hardware can equal big savings in other areas. You will maintain that luxurious feel for longer with little effort and without needing to replace key pieces regularly. Data suggests consumers are increasingly investing in durable and quality pieces, with wooden vanity sets being searched for over 4,000 times a month on average, according to Google search data.

Invest in a thick duvet

Thicker duvets with a high tog are the perfect winter investment, with many of us refraining from turning on the heating as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. In fact, searches for ‘thick duvet’ have increased by 663% in the UK over the last five years. A heavy and thicker duvet will also give you that hotel-feel at home, replicating the most-loved styles from top boutiques.

Add a large headboard

Analysis of Pinterest data has found that larger headboards, even ‘headboard walls’, are a steadily growing luxurious trend. A headboard is often the centrepiece of your bedroom and a larger headboard, or headboard wall

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English Duck Down Duvet, £129

undoubtedly determines the feel of a space. By using panelling, or a neutral toned headboard, you can add a huge amount of luxury and elegance to the room.

Incorporate a decorative throw or blanket

For anyone hesitant to incorporate a bright colour scheme into the bedroom, a decorative throw or blanket can be the ideal way to add a pop of colour to a neutral toned room. A throw or blanket at the end of the bed can tie the room together and make the bed the focal point of the room, adding a luxurious feel.

If adding a throw or blanket isn’t quite to your taste, investing in other statement pieces, such as wall art can be one of the easiest ways to make your bedroom feel luxurious. Focus on a few key pieces rather than filling your walls –the larger the wall art, the more impactful and luxurious the finish.


One of the simplest, yet most effective ways of adding a luxurious look to your bedroom is avoiding clutter. Having numerous, often mismatched items around the room can be distracting. Keeping a clean and clear space can convey luxury with very little effort. Large storage options can help you achieve this look, whether you opt for a statement chest of drawers or an ottoman storage style bed.

Switch to blackout curtains

Using blackout curtains is a quick and simple way to add an element of luxury to your bedroom, as well as being incredibly practical. Not only do they darken your room to give you a better night’s sleep, but they also provide a highly luxurious feel to your bedroom with a hotel-room finish you’ll love coming home to.

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Vintage Rattan Bed, £1,299 Right, Jasper Stripe Cashmere Bed Linen, £149 All images, Feather&Black

Cinema The most anticipated superhero films of

The Flash is the most anticipated film with 69,000 searches per month. The Marvels take second with 30,000 searches per month. Blue Beetle and Spider-Man also feature in our list. Marvel and DC are two of the biggest companies in the comics industry and putting those beloved characters on the big screen has proved popular.

Analysis by online casino comparison experts at reveals the most anticipated films releasing in 2023 which feature both Marvel and DC heroes.

1. The Flash – June

The DC speedster has appeared previously in 2017’s Justice League as well as the selftitled CW series, The Flash. This will be the character’s first solo outing after decades of failed attempts to release a Flash film. Taking inspiration from the storyline of Flashpoint, the film could lead to a soft reboot of the DCEU with the introduction of multiple universes.

The Flash has a monthly search volume of 64,000, coming first on our list.

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Images: Marvel/DC/WarnerBros

2. The Marvels – July

Following on from 2019’s Captain Marvel and the Disney+ 2022 Ms Marvel, this film will be part of phase five of the MCU and will feature Carol Danvers, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau as they attempt to figure out why they keep swapping places when using their powers.

The Marvels has a monthly search volume of 30,000, making it the most anticipated Marvel film on our list.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 – May

Following 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, Vol.3 sees Peter Quill along with his crew rally together to defend the universe once again. Being part of phase five of the MCU, we can expect cameo appearances from other Marvel heroes to set up the future of the series.

Rounding out the top three, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 has a monthly search volume of 29,000.

4. Kraven the Hunter – October

The fourth film in Sony’s Spider-Man universe. After a troubled development due to reboots and rights issues for the web-slinger, Sony greenlit a Kraven solo film which stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Kraven the Hunter has a monthly search volume of 16,000.

5. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania –February

The first film in phase five of the MCU and a follow-up to 2018’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. Quantumania pits Scott Lang and Hope Van Dyne against Kang the Conqueror as they explore the quantum realm. With a monthly search volume of 9,400, Quantumania is the third Marvel film on our list.

With a total of nine films this year, Superhero fans will have plenty to delve into, with Quantumania being the first release in February and Shazam! Fury of the Gods in March of 2023.

A spokesperson for had this to say: “It’s interesting to note that although three Marvel films are on this list, a film from rival studio DC has more interest and anticipation. It will be interesting to see if this search volume translates into ticket sales or if Marvel will come out on top in 2023.”

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A Name to Remember Catalina Valentino


As the CEO of a personal branding agency (Pivot), Catalina is practicing what she preaches - being authentic to drive her success. As such, she has rebranded herself from her birth name Cat (Catalina) Philp to Catalina Valentino, taking on her mother’s maiden name.


Raised in the most part by a strong, latina mother, Catalina has always felt connected to her Colombian heritage.

Despite spending her formative years on the south coast of the UK (a very different climate and culture to that of her heritage), Catalina and her family have always been surrounded by Latin American culture.

“Family is the cornerstone of our culture, and even though we are thousands of miles apart we video call our family in Colombia everyday,” shared Catalina, “we ensure we speak Spanish at home and with our family, as well as enjoying hispanic food and traditions”.

Despite having made her mark in the entrepreneurial and social media marketing spaces as Cat Philp, Catalina is glad she has made the leap into her new identity.

“Rebranding into a name which I feel is more authentic to my spirit as a person has been really well received. From both a personal and professional perspective, people can see that my name now matches how I portray myself in person and online - clean cut and sharp, a strong business woman. Could I even say, “spicy?””, she explained, playfully.


Catalina’s personal rebrand has opened up opportunities for her to grow her core business, Pivot.

Having already established clients in the UK, the US, Norway and Dubai, tapping into her Colombian heritage has attracted Colombian and Spanish clients to Catalina.

She hopes to use this momentum to dominate the South American market.

“I’ve found that clients like to have a diverse portfolio of consultants and suppliers. My personal rebrand has helped to drive diversity for clients, too,” shared Catalina.

Despite her name change being a fairly straightforward business move, Catalina faced one, very modern day challenge - obtaining a reflective yet cohesive online handle (@ catalina.valentino).

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Valentino is making a name for herself in the entrepreneurial realm, leading with a pack of women determined to make a positive impact in business and society.

Catalina Valentino

“I’ve developed a business which helps celebrities, politicians and CEOs to use their online presence to gain authority and influence to attract business. It’s crucial that I’m doing that too!” she said.


It is said that positivity breeds positivity, and Catalina has curated a business network of female entrepreneurs looking to make a positive change in the world.

Recently, she featured on a panel for the Girls Who Gradfuel event, alongside Bronte King (event founder and social media influencer), Grace Beverley (CEO & Founder of fitness brands Tala and Shreddy) and Sophie Miller (Founder of Pretty Little Marketer).

“The event was a fantastic networking and learning experience for recent female graduates, it was full of inspiring young ladies

and it was a really positive and nurturing environment,” shared Catalina, “I met Megan there, and was able to offer her a job as Social Media Manager at Pivot. She’s been a really successful acquisition for the team”.

As well as her personal branding business, Pivot, Catalina owns an acquisition business, Valentino Holdings. Valentino Holdings acquires businesses with a clear purpose to deliver change, particularly within the marketing, tech, sustainability and education sectors.

“I have a passion for cultivating change. I believe education should be the first piece of the puzzle,” said Catalina.

With that in mind, Catalina is developing a SaaS business designed to build applications for education.

“I have a forward thinking approach to

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Catalina Valentino

education, and have the opportunity to combine that with an interest in tech. I see this as an opportunity to build a legacy for me as Catalina Valentino,” she continued.

Education also forms part of a wider strategy for Catalina to step into politics.

“Over the next seven years I will be supporting my business partner’s political campaign on social media. It’s a really exciting time and another opportunity to create positive change,” Catalina said.


In 2022, Catalina won the Midlands Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, so what’s next for the groundbreaking female?

With her personal rebrand opening up more conversations with international clients, Catalina is exploring opportunities to open up offices in the Middle East, Milan, and potentially creating a base at home in Colombia.

“In the next 12-18 months, not only will I look to globalise Pivot, I will be scaling the business to seven figures,” shared Catalina.

Inspiring her on her journey to greater success is mentor Steven Bartlett. “As an entrepreneur, mindset is key. Steven has taught me that progress is a long journey and things can’t and don’t happen overnight, I consider each milestone a checkpoint to a greater goal,” said Catalina.

One of these checkpoints will be Catalina’s 2023 graduation from a Masters in Digital Marketing and Data Analysis, which she is undertaking online in her spare time.

It’s a surprise a business woman such as Catalina has any spare time (although many well known entrepreneurs start their day in the early hours), as she continues to add to her portfolio of projects.

“I've just become a board member of a billion-pound empire, as I like to call it. I can't divulge the details yet, but I’m excited to be able to reveal more soon,” she shared.

Catalina will also be adding another award to her trophy cabinet, with Pivot having just been awarded Personal Branding Agency of the Year UK by the Global Corporate Livewire Awards.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the Pivot team, we’re looking forward to celebrating our hard work and meeting some other inspirational businesses at the ceremony,” said Catalina.

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For Food Parks the Future is Now

SmartParc, the brainchild of businesswoman and leader in the food industry Jackie Wild, is quite simply, a no-brainer for the food manufacturing and processing sector.

SmartParC plot 5


SmartParc, the brainchild of businesswoman and leader in the food industry Jackie Wild, is quite simply, a no-brainer for the food manufacturing and processing sector.

When speaking with the passionate CEO, it comes as a surprise that such a unified and community driven approach to the sector hasn’t been taken before. But sometimes, it’s down to the right people, the right time and the right approach - a shoo-in, if you will.

With the first Park basedat a 155 acre site in Spondon, Derby, SmartParc is an exciting and innovative approach to reinventing traditional food parks.

Not only does it offer 2 million square feet of high quality food production and distribution space set to revolutionise the industry, the Park also offers green space for employees to enjoy, as well as a dedicated space for innovative SMEs to work with academic partners to grow their businesses.

“SmartParc presents a fresh opportunity for forward-thinking food businesses to grow in a more sustainable and collaborative way,” shared Jackie, “at the same time, it offers Derby the chance to regenerate its economy and boost the local community by creating 5000 new jobs”.

SmartParc offers a uniquely collaborative approach to its tenants. One of the methods it takes is offering shared services, therefore reducing both cost and carbon footprint.

The Park provides easy access to shared non-competitive services, including green energy, water, effluent and other utilities. This sharing model helps to reduce operating costs by around 20% and provides business optimisation through design.

In addition, there are plans for a shared logistics hub on site, which will further reduce

CEO, Jackie Wild


operating costs, food miles and open access to local and national markets.

“Knowledge sharing and nurturing talent within the industry is also a fundamental part of our mission,” explained Jackie. To fulfill this, a Food Manufacturing Innovation & Technology Centre will be built on the Park. This facility will provide a dedicated space for university research teams, ambitious food and drink SMEs and food training companies to collaborate and share ideas.

“With shared office and social spaces alongside food production facilities of varying sizes within the building, emerging food entrepreneurs can work closely with academics and more established producers, all in one place,” Jackie continued, “We believe this will give those harnessing new technologies, including cellular agriculture and vertical farming, both the space they need to grow, as well as a more secure route to market”.·

By effectively ‘spreading the load’, SmartParc is giving its tenants the opportunity to benefit from new technologies and knowledge that they may not have achieved independently. The first phase of SmartParc SEGRO Derby is already underway with anchor tenants HelloFresh moving into their new unit at the Park in April 2022.

This is just the beginning though, as the business anticipates that the Derby site will not only be successful, but will act as a blueprint for rolling out additional SmartParcs.

“We consider SmartParc SEGRO Derby to be the jewel in the crown, and it’s a great example of what can happen when the public and private sectors come together to level-up,” said Jackie, who praised the support of both national and local government when it came to transforming the former Celanese brownfield site in Spondon to what is now the very first SmartParc.

Jackie sees the opportunity to expand

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HelloFresh’s food production unit at SmartParc SEGRO Derby


For the last 19 years Bluseal have consistently delivered quality door solutions along with unrivalled customer service across the commercial sector. What started with market-leading design of insulated doors has developed into a comprehensive range of specialist door solutions for a wide range of industries including automotive, food, pharmaceutical & general construction.

The Bluseal range includes insulated hinged, swing and sliding doors to suit temperature-controlled environments, without compromising on appearance. We have recently extended our industrial door offering to include the best quality high speed doors on the market along with sectional overhead doors and roller shutters.

We continue to invest in our fire rated door range and the Fireseal and Fireslam products can now be fitted directly onto

insulated panel, without the need for secondary support frames.

In recent years, Bluseal have become one of the leading suppliers of steel hinged doors in the UK. Our custom-made steel door solutions offer a wide range of products suitable for the Industrial and Commercial sectors. Security, acoustic and fire rated doors are all tested and fully certified for a variety of wall types and applications.

Bluseal have built a strong reputation for providing the very best in pre-sales and after-sales care. Whether it is a quick turnaround for an initial quotation or a speedy response to an emergency callout, we always strive to offer every client, large or small, the complete customer experience.

Our knowledgeable sales team are happy to advise you on the best door solution to suit your application.


Bluseal supply and install a comprehensive range of door solutions for commercial buildings.

We specialise in high quality doors for temperature controlled environments and our products can also be applied to various applications across the construction industry.

We are renowned for our excellent customer service and high standard of workmanship and it is these qualities, coupled with our own in-house technical expertise, that has led to Bluseal products being favoured by architects, consultants and leading construction companies from around the UK and beyond.

BLUSEAL LIMITED Unit P, Blackpole East, Worcester, WR3 8SG

Why not visit our website for more information?

Bluseal have enjoyed working with TSL for the last 12 years and we wish them every success with the exciting, new SmartParc venture.

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T: 0845 00 66 777 E:

SmartParc’s footprint, with a further six parks in the UK in discussion, and opportunities in Ireland, mainland Europe, Canada and America. “In essence, SmartParc will be successful worldwide, but the approach will adapt to each region to ensure the optimum conditions for the tenants,” said Jackie. “By implementing SmartParcs across the globe, we will also enable communities to localise their food production,” something which the current climate crisis has shown is essential to the future of the planet.

As well as factors such as Covid, Brexit and the war in Ukraine pushing countries towards becoming more self-sufficient, environmental factors are also encouraging countries to consider more efficient food production. “The dramatic weather events we’ve witnessed recently, such as extreme flooding, have shown that we must disaggregate food production from the weather. SmartParc not only enables countries to internalise their food production but also offer more innovative, resilient

solutions” ,” explained Jackie. Jackie is committed to using the SmartParc concept to solve major food security issues in the developing world. “We are actively pursuing opportunities in some of these more challenging environments, and providing an efficient solution for those that need it is a key part of our aim,” she said.

With studies showing that up to 35% of greenhouse gas emissions are produced by the food industry, sustainability is also a key focus for SmartParc.

“The Park’s green energy platform delivers cost savings through a mixture of generating technologies,” shared Jackie. Measures which the Park are implementing include recycling the heat that’s produced by refrigeration plants and recirculating it to heat water and offices, as well as installing solar panels to every building.

Sustainability measures will develop over time to offer a solution to tenants’ pain points as well as being able to adapt as new technologies

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SmartParc Site before remediation works Site overview


come into play. SmartParc also recognises that different measures will also be more (or less) beneficial depending on where in the world the Park is located.

“SmartParc’s energy balancing delivery solution combines maximum future proofing of a system with the ability to connect future innovative technologies, all whilst delivering for those businesses across the food supply chain” explained Jackie.

“It is stimulating great interest from businesses looking to develop their corporate ESG/CSR agendas linked to Net Zero,” she continued.

In response to international demand, SmartParc is on a mission to support the food industry in feeding the world. Global awareness of the need for food industry change has increased rapidly in recent years. For example, the United Nations has highlighted food as a priority, organising a global Food Systems Summit in 2021 and more than 100 countries have set up national food dialogues and produced food development plans.

Exciting new food technologies are helping to drive this change as they emerge,, especially vertical farming. This process can produce

more than ten times the crop yield per acre compared to traditional agricultural methods, whilst using less water, no pesticides or herbicides and can be powered by renewable energy.

“Often, the problem with implementing new technologies is that they need space. SmartParc has the solution of space and adaptability. We are here, ready to support the industry in revolutionising food production,” said Jackie. A testament to all organisations working to bring SmartParc SEGRO Derby into existence (including SEGRO, TSL, CBRE, Derby City Council, D2N2 LEP, and Midlands Engine), the site launched two years to the day from Jackie’s first site walkabout.

“I’m proud to be working on this project with such an amazing team,” shared Jackie, “SmartParc has a great vision which is shared and supported by great people. There are easier things to do than revolutionise the food industry, but with a can-do attitude, the right skills and support from some fantastic businesses we are bringing it to realisation. We have one life and we shouldn’t look back and wish we’d done more. I encourage the food community to join us on this journey”.

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Complete Loading Bay Solutions from Hörmann UK

With over 80 years’ experience in the manufacture of industrial doors and loading technology the Hörmann Group are the market leader in the supply of loading bay solutions for distribution centres and warehousing throughout the world.

Hörmann UK are pleased to have worked closely with the SmartParc project team to supply tailored thermally efficient loading bay systems, which comprised of dock levellers, industrial sectional doors and inflatable dock shelters.

Hörmann HTL-2 dock levellers together with SPU 67 Thermo industrial sectional doors have been supplied and fitted. The thermally efficient SPU 67 doors feature 67mm thick sections and a thermal break to further improve the insulation and sealing of the door, specified to help to

maintain the ambient temperature within the building. The sectional doors have also been fitted to close in front of the dock leveller and seal onto an insulated panel to further increase thermal insulation. The addition of tail lift flaps to the docks stops rubbish and debris collecting under the loading deck.

With thermal insulation being a key consideration, Hörmann supplied inflatable dock shelters which provide the optimal seal between internal and external environments. They are the ideal solution for cold storage warehousing and temperature critical installations, whilst providing a high level of operational flexibility as they are able to interface with a wide range of vehicle heights and widths.

For more information on Hörmann loading solutions and industrial doors please visit Industry, Commerce and Public Authorities | Hörmann (hormann. or call 01530 516868




industrial construction ● Door and loading technology solutions for safe operations ● NEW: Dock leveller HTL2 ISO with up to 55 % better thermal insulation ● Round-the-clock service for inspection, maintenance and repair

hall and

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better thermal insulation
55 %
01530 516868


Boreas Contracts Ltd.

The name to trust for insulated enclosures Our aim “To provide a constant solution to the ever-changing controlled environment industry”

Boreas Contracts Ltd, Specialist Internal Composite Wall and Ceiling Panel Installers. Our Senior Management Team; Managing Director, Office Manager, Contracts Manager, Head of Design, Senior Project Manager. Our Managing Director has worked as a service provider for Jackie/Michael/ TSL for over 15 years and more recently Smart Parc, both on the tools and within project management with other large subcontractors.

Feel privileged to be involved in such a prestigious project.

Here at Boreas Contracts, we pride ourselves in delivering a client specific solution, on a project-by-project basis. At the heart of our business, we believe in core principles that will play an important role in the successful delivery of the Smart Parc Units and any future projects such as,

• Ensuring all aspects of health and safety policies are adhered to.

• Attention to detail, second to none, no matter how big or small.

• Delivering projects to extremely tight programmes, maintaining high quality of workmanship throughout.

• Effective and precise communication with site teams, suppliers, and onsite delivery teams.

• Having in depth knowledge and experience in all aspects of ambient, chilled, and frozen white wall installations.

• Working with budgets giving cost certainty as far as practicably possible.

• Being fully aware of current and ongoing challenges faced within the construction industry and overcoming these with our selected and committed employees, suppliers, subcontractors, and site teams.

• Having recently successfully receiving our Irish VAT and EORI number we are now taking on and completing projects within Southern and Northern Ireland.

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Proudly supporting SmartParc

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Transforming the Industry and Generating Value for All


Bunker Hill Mining

After 140 years, this is just the beginning for Bunker Hill Mine

Many businesses talk the talk when it comes to being change-makers, but do they walk the walk?

Taking strides in providing value for its shareholders whilst being driven by its ESG values is Bunker Hill Mining Corporation, which is delivering a rapid restart of the Bunker Hill Mine, in Kellogg, North America.

Business Enquirer speaks with its passionate leadership team (Richard Williams, Executive Chairman, Sam Ash, CEO and Tom Francis, General Manager) about the restart project, why it is underpinned by ESG and the impact it will have.

Bringing an Historical Mine into the 21st Century

The Bunker Hill Mine, found in the world class Silver Valley Mining District in Idaho, is a story steeped in history.

Initial discovery and development at the site began in 1885, the mine became an icon in American silver, lead and zinc mining. During its near 100 years of life, it produced 165 Moz of Silver and 5Mt of Base Metals from 42.77 million tons mined at an average grade of 8.43% lead, 3.52 ounces silver per ton and 4.52% zinc.

The mine and its smelter closed in 1981 due to being unable to adjust to the environmental legislation passed in the 1960s and 70s, devastating the local economy. The closed site was then cleaned up by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as part of its Superfund rehabilitation programme.

After a very effective clean-up and nearly 40 years of closure, the mine is ripe for re-opening, as long as the environment can be protected.

In 2020 the Bunker Hill Mining Corporation received new management in Richard, Sam and Tom, a modern team with years of operational

Bunker Hill Mining

turnaround experience in the global mining industry and passionate belief in the value to be created from regeneration and modernisation.

“We’re focussed on a low CAPEX, rapid, sustainable restart of the mine and the subsequent exploration and development of its significant silver and zinc potential,” shared Richard. “Our published PEA and PFS describe the short-term restart plan and place a spotlight on a small part of the immense value that we intend to unlock by reinvesting the mine’s cash flow”.

In addition to extending the mine life by exploration, the team has already identified a number of ways to increase the mine’s output and operating profits following the restart using modern mining techniques and systems and all without having to return to the equity holders for more cash. This includes increasing mine throughput from 1800t/day to 2500t/day over time.

“We are laser-focused on sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders, including our many partners in Idaho. Our vision is to invest scarce capital to quickly create a sustainable cash-flow engine that will not only fund the development of the mine, but also ensure decades of employment for the local community, at no cost to the environment,” explained Richard. “In addition we will play our part in ensuring the necessary supply of strategic metals to a world attempting to move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable power systems”.

Creating Value for Shareholders and the Community

Of course, the business purpose of any mine is to make money. However, for Bunker Hill Mining Corporation, this can only be done if it places people, partnerships, community and a passionate respect for the environment at the centre of its business. Without this, there can be no trust, no teamwork and therefore no licence to operate.

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Bunker Hill Mining

“When the mine originally shut in the 1980’s, it impacted the local community greatly and life hasn’t improved much for the people of Kellogg since then. We know that the restart of the Bunker Hill Mine will regenerate the local economy in many ways, via direct and indirect employment and all the benefits that will bestow,” highlighted Richard.

As part of Bunker Hill Mining Corporation’s long-term ‘regeneration vision’ it plans to help build a diversified ecosystem of other new and green businesses whose operations will improve not only the sustainability of the mining operations but also offer socioeconomic benefits to the local community, during and after mining operations end in the future.

“The Bunker Hill Mine has a legacy in the community, and by restarting the mine the right way we can now offer an opportunity to carry on that legacy for many generations to come,” shared Sam, himself a resident of the local town, “we feel that it is also our responsibility to create non-mining investment opportunities as part of maximising our positive impact”.

Considering sustainability, the team ensures minimal impact on the environment by maximum use of green/hydro-electric power, no surface disturbance, underground tailings and waste deposition and the use of a longterm water solution to eliminate the need for water treatment.

“To remain true to our Regeneration Vision we are implementing eco mining techniques to ensure low impact, high margins and a long life” explained Tom, “this includes the use of hydropower. In addition, we intend to convert waste to electricity to save approximately 50,000 metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year, concurrently saving Shoshone County 10% on its waste disposal budget,”.

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Bunker Hill Mining

There are also plans in place for Bunker Hill Mining Corporation to partner with the State of Idaho to generate affordable housing, create recreation facilities and implement skills development and training opportunities.

Getting Back Online

Having built the essential relationships needed with the community, the US Environmental Agency and the State of Idaho, Bunker Hill Mining Corporation is taking a staged approach to the restart of the mine:

1. Inject $57 million to restart the mine by end of 2023, yielding c$40m EBITDA and $25m of annual cash flow, employing up to 250 workers;

2. Re-invest that cash flow from 2024 into exploration and mining optimization projects to double, as a minimum, the starting EBITDA and cash-flow over time;

3. Concurrently conduct strategic exploration to unlock the mine’s deeper high-grade silver potential and thereby lengthen its life;

4. Investigate other opportunities for growth by M&A.

“The restart project is already underway. We have recently completed the demolition of older infrastructure and have dismantled and moved a processing facility from a recently closed mine 140 miles away to our site. This will be rebuilt and commissioned at Bunker Hill through 2023,” shared Tom. “Underground, we have just completed the construction of a new ramp to connect all the upper parts of the mine in ways that will enable modern mechanised mining”.

Currently employing 42 staff (all from the local community), the business understands it will need to grow rapidly.

“In the coming months we will need to grow to around 200 staff to meet the demands of the project. A challenge for us is to ensure that we have a first class, well-trained team by the end of next year that is capable of playing their

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Bunker Hill Mining

vital part in the new Bunker Hill,” said Sam.

“Safety is paramount,” added Tom, “so as well as rapidly building the right team, we need to ensure that their capability is underpinned by robust policies, procedures and led by supervisors and mine leaders that are capable of achieving the very highest performance standards”.

Becoming the Change

Richard considers “extreme ownership” to be key to the culture of the company and one of the key contributing factors to the success of the restart project thus far.

“All of us are invested financially and professionally in the mine. As operator shareholders, we all own the future of the mine, we all own the outcome, the


We provide “SMS”, surface mining solutions, dirt work and road construction, land clearing, placer mining, materials handling and logistics, heavy equipment operations, Metal fabrication, material concentrating and recovery, Gold and Silver Fire Assay, and welding.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 69
Contact info: Dave
P.O Box 433 Smelterville, Idaho 83868 208-625-9391

Bunker Hill Mining

performance,” he said. “This ownership culture creates an extraordinary level of commitment, performance and teamwork, which has been critical to achieving here what some had previously believed to be impossible; and there’s more to come yet”.

With that in mind, Richard, Sam and Tom all agree that success, in part, will come down to “good people, the right people”.

“Mining is a difficult and risky business. To succeed you need really good people doing really good things, all the time” shared Sam.

Ultimately though, those good people need good direction and inspiration and that’s what the management team aims to deliver.

“We aim to inspire with a challenging but achievable vision, and then empower and support our leaders to find the best ways to excel the task given to them,” explained Richard. “Well led, supported and informed, the Silver Valley miners have the potential to be some of the best in the world.”.

To help achieve this, the Company conducts a weekly progress conference involving everyone from the whole Board to the key front-line operational leaders, to review progress, risk, and new opportunities. This creates a level of transparency which Richard believes to be both unique and critical to building this culture of ownership.

Driving the importance of the business’ purpose home, Richard closed by highlighting a crucial point. Without the mining industry supplying critical metals, it will be incredibly difficult for the world to meet net zero goals.

“We need zinc to produce wind farms, silver to create solar energy farms and lead for batteries and battery storage. All these materials need to be mined in ways that have minimal negative impact on the environment and maximum positive impact for the communities in which we work. A modern industry-wide approach that Bunker Hill Mine seeks to exemplify,” he said.

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Coeur d’ Alene Mine Contracting (CMC)

Coeur d’ Alene Mine Contracting (CMC) is a company that provides contract mining labor, production, repair services and more. CMC’s team is a product of the partnership of Jeff Lambert and Steve Ivie who manage a skilled collection of men and women. Much of the manpower is local to the area near Bunker Hill Mine of Kellogg Idaho, many of which being generational miners as their parents and grandparents worked at Bunker Hill prior to its closure in 1980. CMC is complete with a full force to take on any mining job, to include miners and mining staff, diesel mechanics, millwrights, hoist man, and office managers. Being it’s own force of nature, CMC is responsible for the safe rehabilitation of

Bunker Hill Mining

the famous Kellogg Tunnel as well as the Russel Portal and all underground work that pertains to Bunker Hill structurally and progressively. Their attentive and efficient work plays a key factor in the ongoing restart of the mine. CMC’s maintenance team has both the knowledge and ability to service the rail motors and hoists within the Kellogg Tunnel to routinely utilize as transportation for access to the pumps that are working continuously to drain the shaft. Their crew is currently working on a decline tunnel from the 5 Level of the Russel into the 6 level to gain truck access for the hauling of materials and ore in and out of the tunnels. The completion of this decline will be a monumental step towards the reopening of Bunker Hill Mine.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 71
CMC Coeur d’ Alene Mine Contracting Contact info: Jeff Lambert 208-659-2911 Steve Ivie 208-512-4155

Investing in People

Throughout its history, the business has realised six investments and has brought seven mines into production.

Representing its operations in Brazil, Appian Capital Brazil currently operates assets with a value worth more than $1 billion.

Currently focussing on two assets, Atlantic Nickel and Mineração Vale Verde (MVV), Appian Capital Brazil’s USP is its moral value, with a developed and successful ESG programme, sustainable methodology and employee focus.

Masters of Responsible Investments

“Part of our mission is to ensure we follow good practice from the beginning of any project or strategy,” shared CEO of the Brazilian operations, Paulo Castellari, when speaking with Business Enquirer.

Powered by commodity requirements to feed the energy transition and green-tech, Appian Capital is considered the premier operating value investor in the metals, mining, and infrastructure sectors.

Of course, Appian Capital Brazil ensures it has all the essentials in order, including meeting IFC Performance Standards and aiming for the relevant ISO accreditation. It is also a signatory to the UN backed Principles for Responsible Investment.

“Being responsible is at the forefront of what we do, we’re always part of the first 10% of the curve,” said Paulo.

A key area of Appian Capital Brazil’s responsibility is a focussed approach to its


Appian Capital Brazil

Appian Capital Brazil

Environment, Social and Governance standards.

Appian Capital Brazil’s Director of Corporate Affairs and People, Silvio Lima, explained to Business Enquirer four of its key social investments:

Education - including improving literacy and implementing initiatives to remove young children from vulnerable situations;

Capacity Building - improving local working conditions, offering training to local people; Income Generation - Appian Capital Brazil has improved income of families benefited by the income generation programmes by 40% in its regions;

“Around 70% of the workforce at both sites are employed from the local community. At MVV 21% of the total employees are female. Meanwhile at Atlantic Nickel around 14% of staff are women,” shared Silvio.

Appian Capital Brazil’s ESG programme has seen great success and received much positive feedback. “We’re currently developing a

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Gender Equality & Support to Womenempowering women, providing support to improve self-esteem and independence to those in socially vulnerable situations and supporting female entrepreneurs.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy which will be fully integrated throughout the business and will support the assets in becoming even more diverse,” explained Paulo, “we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved”.

Enabling the business to analyse its ROI, Appian Capital has developed tools to understand the impact of its initiatives.

Applying High Sustainable Standards

As well as its community responsibility, Appian Capital Brazil has addressed the need to be sustainably responsible, too.

We are global. We are Brazil. Mineral Drilling Services for Exploration, Development and Production: Our business is about providing geological information to reveal what lies deep within the earth. Foraco develops customized drilling solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Diamond Drilling (DD) Reverse Circulation Drilling (RC) Underground Drilling (UG) and Geotechnics Integrity Innovation Involvement Av. E, Nº 1470, Ed. JK, Sala 1406, Jardim Goiás - Goiânia – GO – BRAZIL +55 62 3220-8350

R&D Mineração e Construção LTDA

Established on August 13, 1986, as a familiar business, R&D Mineração e Construção is a company focused on projects that involves large amount of earthworks and open pit mining technique, with heavy equipments. In addition to mining, we work with infrastructure to industrial sector, logistics – highways, railways, ports and airport -, dams and dykes.

Our purpose is to provide high quality services with safety. R&D has an integrated management system certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, and is always looking for improvements in its processes. With a modern fleet and an effective maintenance program, we guarantee the operational standards, following all statutory and regulatory requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction. We believe that people are one of the most important parts of our business. Workers build the company’s legacy, that’s why we have qualification and training programs to keep them updated and motivated. Our partnership with Appian Capital started about 4 years ago, but we have been working at Mina Santa Rita since 2016, when the asset still belonged to Mirabela. Nowadays, we are responsible for the tailing dam raising with 1.350.000 m³ compacted rockfill embankment, 450.000 m³ of clay core and 85.000m³ of sand filter. Besides, we also are engaged to mining operation with the excavation and transport of 40.000.000 ton of ore and waste. R&D shares common values with Atlantic

Nickel. Safety is also our priority. For us success is only achieved when our team feels safe to carry out their activities. It’s fundamental to evaluate the risks and try to eliminate or at least reduce them. Only employees know the true risks of their jobs, which is why involving them or their representatives in decisions that may impact their safety and health is so important. By acting in this way, we can increase trust and commitement to established safety procedures. Another principle of our business is sustainable development. Operations impacts are always a concern for R&D. It’s our responsability to prevent environmental degradation and to comply with current legislation, mitigating the possible environmental impacts or interferences. We must also look at the social impacts in the areas where we operate, mapping their needs and trying to help them as much as we can, through donations and campaigns to collect food, clothes, etc.

R&D management is committed to integrity and excellence. The fight against corruption is a concern of the organization, which invests in actions to prevent, monitor, combat and denounce this practice. Ethics and transparency are values formalized in the corporate policy and are part of the employee integration plan. Finally, R&D aim to be a world-renowned mining and heavy construction company recognized for its high-quality services through the collective action of our employees. Challenges move us!

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R&D Mineração e Construção
On August 13th we celebrated 36 years of HISTORY. We keep looking forward, looking to the FUTURE. redmineracao red_mineracao Know more about us and become part of our history!

The business implements sustainable strategies across both of its existing projects - Atlantic Nickel and MVV. A major benefit of mining projects in Brazil is that power from the country’s grid is already highly sustainable. The country’s capacity to generate renewable energy equates to 84%, far improved on the world average of 38%.

Further making Brazil an attractive place to mine, is that processing doesn’t require the use of coal. “We are within the top 10% of businesses producing nickel versus our carbon output. Atlantic Nickel is a strategic asset in that sense,” said Paulo.

In addition, Atlantic Nickel and MVV circulate up to 90% of water used. At MVV’s greenfield mine this technology was implemented from the offset, whilst adjustments were made to meet this requirement at Atlantic Nickel.

Appian Capital Brazil

Three Pillars to Social Integration

Having worked within the mining industry for 30 years and with previous roles including CEO of Guinea Alumina Corporation, Paulo has built his leadership values on the foundations of social integration.

“Of course, our employees are the foundation of our success and so we ensure we employ the right team, with the right incentives in place, giving them the right motivation to raise anything to our attention,” explained Paulo.

Paulo highlights that “safety, integrity, collaboration, delivery and entrepreneurship” are all values which Appian Capital Brazil looks for in its colleagues.

The business runs a safety initiative called Pare (meaning “Stop” in Portuguese). It empowers all colleagues in the business to

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FAGUNDES has been a specialist in construction and mining for over three decades. We congregate more than 5,500 people from all kinds of backgrounds.

The work of FAGUNDES is the beginning of many others and provides raw material for everything. Increasing the standards of construction and mining segments is our goal involving the best in terms of people, equipment and processes, searching for a better world.

We are always striving to go to the extra mile paying attention to every detail with being sure that there is nothing we cannot improve. We like to bring development to everywhere we go and leave a legacy for those who welcome us and walk beside us, as well as, those who haven’t even arrived yet.

We have a constant outlook towards the future. We always have the most modern assets at our disposal because we know that each update of our fleet results in increased efficiency, better results to our clients and investors and more safety for our teams. But that goes beyond the use of new technologies. It also includes a more humane way to manage the business.

There are already dozens of national and international companies that seek FAGUNDES’ reliability, innovation and efficiency. We can assure them unique quality standards in the most diverse services involving construction and mining. We are very proud of our partnerships lasting for many, many years. Searching for solutions in mining and construction in Brazil? Do not hesitate in contact us.

FAGUNDES | Together we have a world to build.

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Appian Capital Brazil

stop any unsafe operation, from minor to major. Information is then captured enabling the business to learn from the incident and understand why issues arise.

Using KPIs to develop teams, 20% of the performance marker is based on safety, whilst 100% of leadership has safety targets within their Performance Contracts.

“We employ the right incentives to motivate our employees. We have built a culture in which all employees are motivated to bring any news, good or bad, to management’s attention,” Paulo said, “we use a saying “we love good news, we like bad news, but we hate surprises””.

“I also think it’s important to apply the phrase “two ears, one mouth” whether that’s from a leadership, community initiative or government liaison perspective. If you listen and act accordingly and make yourself part of the community, you won’t need a social licence. You’ll be integrated into the community,” he continued, noting that social licence is, of course, different to legal permitting.

Atlantic Nickel

Acquired in 2018 out of a bankruptcy process Atlantic Nickel (previously known as Mirabela Nickel) is the owner of the Santa Rita mine, one of the largest open pit nickel sulphide mines in the world.

The region in which Atlantic Nickel is located, Bahia (Brazil), is the biggest growing state regarding general mining production and the third largest state in mining of iron ore and precious metals.

After investing both finance and due diligence, Atlantic Nickel started processing at the mine in October 2019, with its first concentrate shipment in January 2020.

Of course, now is a good time to be mining

sulphide nickel as not only is it used in the production of stainless steel, it is also a key component in e-vehicle batteries.

“Appian invested technical expertise, geophysical and modelling techniques to understand the pit and we are finding grades are improving as we move deeper,” shared Paulo.

The mine at the open pit has around six to seven years of production left. However, once the open pit has been mined, Atlantic Nickel foresees another 24 years life underground.

During Appian Capital Brazil’s time at the Santa Rita mine, the team has grown from 40 employees to over 2500, providing a significant, positive impact to the local community.

“It’s all hands on deck now to transition the mine from the open pit to the underground operation,” said the CEO.

Mineração Vale Verde

Mineração Vale Verde, also known as MVV,

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Paulo CastellariPorchia, Chief Executive Officer at Appian Capital Brazil

Appian Capital Brazil

wholly owns the Serrote Copper-Gold mine found in Alagoas (Brazil). The asset is a conventional open pit copper-gold mine.

Since Appian’s acquisition in 2018 (from Aura Minerals), the business has introduced creative measures to roll out an additional greenfield pit, producing a further 20,000 tonnes of copper.

“The greenfield project at MVV was built during the Covid pandemic, becoming operational in June 2021. Appian managed the pandemic really well, implementing a robust risk management strategy, and the project was delivered with a leading safety record,” said Paulo.

The pit at Alagoas has recently reached capacity and is now at the base of production. The next steps for the project will be to undergo studies to double its production life to 20 years.

With people at the heart of its business, Appian is proud of the lasting positive impact MVV has had on the communities in the region to date. Its direct economic contribution represents 8% of the GDP of Craíbas and Arapiraca (cities in Alagoas), and around 70% of its employees are hired locally.

One thing is clear from Business Enquirer’s conversation with Paulo and Silvio: Brazil is a well-positioned area for mining, with talented people readily available and fantastic opportunities for growth.

The next 12-24 months look thoroughly optimistic for Appian Capital’s Brazilian portfolio, with plans to not only organically grow operations at Atlantic Nickel and MVV, but also research into new investments in the energy transition value chain.

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Cheiro Verde is a food company that was born from the dream of a young entrepreneur, passionate about gastronomy, and with a visionary vision of transforming asimple meal, an unforgettable experience.

Initially the company had a small restaurant in the interior of Bahia, where it washighlighting its quality and standard of care, all this success made it start the buffet for parties and events, which very quickly conquered

Appian Capital Brazil

the public of the most different levels of requirements.

Today, the company with more than 10 years in the market is able to operate restaurants corporate, buffet for large events, producing from simple meals to construction civil, the high standard buffet with the most varied and exclusive menus, being highly flexible and adaptable to any required need.

The company’s mission is to provide food experiences with great quality, flavor, safety and sustainability, always valuing ethics, satisfaction, commitment, innovation and gratitude.

Tri-Wall Just Around the Corner, all Around the World

Too often deemed a second thought in a product’s journey, packaging and delivery can mean make or break (quite literally) for goods. In 2020 it was reported that, for the average retailer, total returns due to items that couldn’t be resold or had to be discounted cost businesses 4.4% in lost revenue.

Tri-Wall is one of the world’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturers, offering bespoke products which consistently outperform like-for-like competitors.

The business is on a mission to revolutionise the packaging industry. CEO to its UK and Ireland operations, Gavin Peters, spoke exclusively to Business Enquirer about the ground-breaking business.

International Reach, Local Specialisms

Owned by multi-billion pound Japanese manufacturing business, Rengo, Tri-Wall operates a truly global business, with connected teams across 170 countries.

Despite its international footprint, uniquely local service is crucial to its success. In the UK, Tri-Wall has six business units (across the North East, Manchester, Chesterfield,

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Tri-Wall Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 85


West Midlands, Monmouth and Swansea) each with its own specialism, including a heavyduty corrugator based in Monmouth and a kiln for timber heat treatment and moisture reduction in the North East.

“The key to Tri-Wall is that we’re not simply a packaging supplier. We are a completely bespoke packaging solutions provider,” explained Gavin, “despite our sites having their own specialisms, we are incredibly well integrated, so wherever our client is we can offer them an outstanding customer experience”.

Tri-Wall’s specialisms also include the expertise to design and test packaging for country specific conditions and a worldwide follow-up system to give a comprehensive test report on how the products arrive damage free.

Work Smart

Tri-Wall started out primarily producing packaging for the automotive industry, but over time has expanded into a diverse range of sectors with newsworthy and influential projects. This includes manufacturing packaging for engineering, food and pharmaceutical sectors using materials such as timber, heavy-duty corrugated, conventional corrugated, metal and plastic.

“It was an honour to be able to make a positive contribution during the Covid-19 pandemic when we developed temperature-controlled packaging for vaccines alongside Softbox Systems,” Gavin shared.

Tri-Wall is experienced in developing packaging to support the moving times, supplying the likes of tier one OEMs in the delivery of hybrid and electric vehicle components.

“There is a challenge and an opportunity to be found in this sector,” explained Gavin, “in the coming years there will be more demand for transporting e-mobility parts and products,

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but more standards need to be put in place for safer transport. Currently, Tri-Wall has a full range of packaging tested with the HSE for safe transport of these items”. This includes TriWall’s fire-retardant corrugated packaging.

As part of the business’ development plan, Gavin and his team are developing what is described as a “blueprinting” system. This will allow Tri-Wall UK to have a set of perfected practices and processes which will help to streamline the business and improve outputs for clients.

“I learnt the phrase from a previous manager - to “only do your homework once”. It’s a case of the business learning to work smarter, not harder, to achieve the best outcomes for the business and the customers, whilst focusing on the deliverable of being agile and personalising services for clients,” said Gavin.

A Revolutionary Approach

Guided by its mother-company, Rengo, TriWall UK forms part of a business-wide strategy to achieve net-zero by 2050

As part of this mission, Rengo has globally reduced its carbon footprint by 26% against its 2013 baseline, with plans to double this to 46% by 2030.

Tri-Wall UK will be focusing on bringing a “truly sustainable” corrugated packaging product to the market.

“We are currently undertaking R & D into many strands of the business, including modernising processes and techniques. Ultimately, we aim to be leaders in revolutionising the industry,” explained Gavin.

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Gavin also hopes to build a knowledge base from this process, which will provide an education point for customers. “Helping customers along the journey is important and education and knowledge sharing is a vital part of this,” said Gavin

Shaping the Business

Since Gavin took on the role of CEO for TriWall UK in 2016, the business has more than tripled in employee size (from 100 to 350), and has considerably increased its annual turnover, to the tune of £64 million.

As part of the business growth strategy, there is a planned investment in the region of £80 million up until 2030.

Forming part of the strategy is the planned acquisition of companies in the packaging space, enabling Tri-Wall to grow its geographical footprint, enhance and diversify its product range and provide even greater support to its customers.

“Where acquisitions don’t fit our plans, we will also look to develop greenfield opportunities for our growth strategy,” shared Gavin.

Key to building a strong business is fortifying the existing workforce, some of which have served the business for more than 50 years. As part of Gavin’s tenure, he has focussed on building a clear culture of integrity, knowledge, growth, and a progressive nature, from within.

“The people of our business are more important than anything. That is, in part, shaped by our wider leadership from Yuji Suzuki, who built the business from scratch and has given autonomy to the regions to grow and develop its people.” Gavin explained, “You can train most skills, but you can’t train character”.

Gavin shared that Tri-Wall is undergoing an exciting time, with the creation of training plans and internal personnel growth strategies

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which means promoting from within, something Gavin understands well from his own experience.

Having started in the business in 2001 as a trainee designer, Gavin has taken on many roles at the site in Monmouth including Design Manager, working within testing, sales, technical and marketing, and finally CEO for UK and Ireland (via a hiatus).

“I think it’s important that all of our colleagues get an understanding of the business starting from the factory floor and the products we make” he said, “it’s important that we have a passion for what we do and for finding solutions for our customers”.

Government Action is Crucial

Tri-Wall is in a powerful position in the

packaging sphere, offering unmatched product quality and customer service. Where the challenge lies now, is government action.

“We’re coming up against a few challenges at the moment. One is the instability faced across sectors from the government, market prices and inflation. We look forward to welcoming some stability. We also need to see governments take action, particularly in the UK, regarding solid, long term business strategy and refinement in the regulations of safe transport of batteries,” shared Gavin.

Of course, with challenge comes opportunity, and Tri-Wall is well equipped to meet the e-mobility market head on with its unique offering of multi-material packaging solutions.

Innovative and verstaile packaging and material handling solutions

Our capabilities ensure high-performance protective packaging and cost-effective design options, which is achieved by employing our knowledge and expertise to produce products that exceed expectations.

Our solutions use many different materials and utilise a range of diverse manufacturing processes, such that we can manufacture an array of products to produce a range of solutions.

We’re working with a diverse customer base, how can we help you? Tel: +44 1978 661671 email:

Wrexham LL13 9JT
Unit 3 Ash Road North
Enterprise Park

Peli Protecting All That You Value

Having recently been acquired by new ownership, Pelican Products (Peli) is undergoing significant investment and a phase of growth.

With over 40 years of experience in missioncritical solutions, Pelican Products is the only player in its field to have a global manufacturing footprint able to weather the world’s most challenging scenarios.

Business Enquirer speaks to President of International Business, Piero Marigo about Peli’s growth plans under its new ownership.

A Platinum Business

Since its inception in 1976 (with the Peli Float: a hundred feet of twine around a hockey stick handle and a metal weight to serve as a mini anchor to mark diver locations) Peli has become the go to designer and manufacturer of protective products for use in mission critical scenarios.

A leading supplier of the defence, government, fire safety and medical sectors, Peli’s product range specialises in protective cases and torches.

As the premier designer and manufacturer of mission-critical equipment, such as explosion proof lighting, Peli played a vital role during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We were humbled to be able to provide protective casing for Covid vaccines,

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highlighting the importance of our expertise to the world,” shared Piero Marigo.

With 11 manufacturing facilities, 23 international sales offices and a network of support centres across the 27 countries, Peli has built its global footprint by making a series of strategic business acquisitions.

“In July 2022 , with the support of our new owners, we purchased a manufacturing partner in Germany, HVB Kunststofftechnik GmbH. This has enabled us to strengthen our network in this region,” shared Piero, “we believe that continued local investment is crucial to attaining sustainable development and corporate growth,” he continued.

In January 2022, Pelican Products was purchased by private equity firm Platinum Equity. Platinum Equity is a global investment firm with more than $25 billion of assets under management, with a portfolio of around 50 operating companies worldwide.

“Along with Platinum Equity’s operational excellence and capital deployment, the purchase also gives us access to a vast team of functional and geographical experts,” Piero explained, “with around 90,000 employees within its owned businesses, that’s a wealth of knowledge we can benefit from”.

The investment coming through from Platinum Equity will allow Peli to seek further

94 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine

acquisition opportunities to strengthen its strategic growth.

“It either does the job, or it doesn’t bear the Peli name”

As well as its geographical growth, Peli has significant investment plans to improve its operations and develop its product portfolio.

“The current geo-political climate has meant an increased demand from the defence sector. The recent Covid pandemic also meant increased demand for products suited to isothermal transportation. Although these situations are difficult from a moral standpoint, we are proud to be part of the solution,” Piero said.



Peli currently has a five year pipeline of products undergoing R & D, with research into products including biothermal technology, ancillary technology and tracking.

“The products we bring to the market are always at the forefront of the industry. As we say, it either does the job, or it doesn’t bear the Peli name,” Piero reflected.

Localising on a Global Scale

A challenge met by many manufacturers throughout the early 2020s has been facilitation of international trade, due to factors such as Brexit and the conflict in Ukraine, as well as supply chain difficulties caused by the pandemic.

To counter this, Peli is developing ways in which it can “localise on a global scale”, by growing its accessible networks around the world.

“One way in which we facilitate this is by implementing world-class systems, processes and standards,” shared Piero. “We utilise large and sophisticated IT systems and employ top quality people who know our business well and are experts in their field”.

Piero described keeping the balance between centralisation and localisation as a “pendulum”, with it being key to focus on where the advantages are of standardising and localising.

“We need to use cultural agility to understand how to offer the same products and services to different cultures,” Piero explained.

An Experienced Leader

Cultural agility is a skill which Piero, an Italian who has been living in Barcelona for 12 years whilst working at Peli, has developed over time.

Piero’s career has seen him imbed himself within two major, premium businesses - GE and Pelican Products.

“I enjoyed my time at GE, I have a lot of admiration and gratitude for the business. I wanted to experience life outside of the GE paradigm, and the technical experience I gained at GE crossed over nicely with Pelican Products,” shared Piero.

Piero credits some of his leadership attributes to good teachers at both GE and Peli.

96 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine

“I love being confronted by intellectual challenges across geographies,” he said, “from a leadership perspective I believe in openness and empowerment. I like to be able to set the framework and let my colleagues act on it, so to speak”.

With a focus on locality throughout the business, Piero highlighted how it was

important that his staff were able to take ownership and react locally.

“It’s an exciting time for us here at Peli, we have a lot of products coming to the market which will further secure our position as market leader”.

Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 97
“It either does the job, or it doesn’t bear the Peli name”

Beattie Passive

Passive Housing with an Assertive Vision

It is believed that we are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a term that has been bandied about since 2015. Making up part of the definition of the new wave is the uptake of “Stand Alone Renewable Energy Systems”, as well as the “Knowledge Economy”.

Fulfilling the brief (and a little ahead of its time), Beattie Passive delivers its patented Passivhaus building system across the UK, with a vision to expand internationally.

Business Enquirer speaks with Beattie Passive CEO and green housing technology innovator, Ron Beattie, about the business’ success stories and its growth plans.

Implementing Innovation

For those not clued-up on the Passivhaus method of construction, it combines high performance insulation and removing the possibility of draughts to effectively eliminate heat loss and create a building with a very low environmental impact. Heating of the building comes from ‘passive sources’ such as sunlight, waste heat from electrical appliances, and even body heat. As such, a traditional heating system isn’t required.

Implementing accurate design using the Passive House Planning Package (PPHP), the Passivhaus standard in the UK usually includes:

• Very high levels of insulation;

• Extremely high performance windows with insulated frames

• Airtight building fabric;

• 'Thermal bridge free' construction;

• And a mechanical ventilation system with highly efficient heat recovery.

Beattie Passive focusses on two core areas of Passivhaus building - the New Build System and Retrofitting.

“We’re currently leading the push for local authorities and developers to undertake retrofitting projects,” explained Ron, “Passivhaus isn’t always the cheapest option,

98 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine
Business Enquirer Magazine · Issue 109 99
PROJECT DIRECTED BY WRITTEN BY INTERVIEW BY Glen Smith Laura Watling Frew Murdoch Ferry Road, Passivhaus Plus project Shangri-La is a 130m2 single storey 4-bedroom home in North Norfolk that is available as a holiday rental

Beattie Passive

but it's better to invest the money once, rather than implementing a cheaper option which will only need to be replaced when it doesn’t meet the standards”.

As part of its retrofit offering, the organisation is using innovative products to reduce the energy requirements of existing buildings. One method includes using a continuously insulated thermal envelope to “tea cosy” a building. “We recently used our TCosy method on a 1200 square foot chalet bungalow. By doing so we were able to reduce the building's energy consumption by 80%, from using 90 kilowatts per hour to just 11,” shared Ron.

Currently, there are around 1000 people living in Beattie Passive constructed homes across the UK, all benefiting from its energy reducing technology.

An Award-Winning Method

A component to Beattie Passive’s success is the partnerships it is building with councils across the UK.

100 Issue 109 · Business Enquirer Magazine
Woodstock is a retrofitted house, which is more energy efficient Beattie Passive CEO and green housing technology innovator, Ron Beattie

Beattie Passive

Most recently, Beattie Passive partnered with Cardiff City Council to build a first-of-its-kind, zero carbon, Passivhaus Plus project (called the Net Zero, Passivhaus Plus Project). The build provides housing for homeless people and families, combatting the £1.8 billion currently spent by the UK government to fund temporary housing.

The project saw the development of three blocks of 48, one to three-bed, apartments and wrap-around services at the old Gasworks brownfield site in Grangetown, Cardiff. The building is considered ‘meanwhile’, meaning it can be in situ for anything from one to 100 years, and can be picked up and moved to another location.

“There were many fantastic outcomes to this project, but it also gave an employment opportunity to the 60 young people who built the Passivhaus,” said Ron, “the young people were completely new to the industry. It proves that if they can achieve this at this scale here, we can achieve it anywhere in the world”.

Compiling quite the trophy cabinet, in 2022, Beattie Passive projects were nominated for 31 awards. Although Ron recognises that every nomination and award is meaningful, the Net Zero, Passivhaus Plus project being awarded Building Performance Pioneer (at the Offsite Awards 2022) was a particular stand out.

“Being recognised for how the project was delivered and who it was delivered by was particularly important to us,” he said, “the fact that the project can be moved and blueprinted will be a beneficial feather in our cap for future projects and growth plans”.

Beattie Passive are currently applying to three of the largest council frameworks in the UK.

“Crucially, these projects could really make a change to both the energy consumption of buildings and the cost for people living in them,” explained Ron. A slightly more glamorous recognition, Beattie Passive’s

Wuduhus project (alongside Mole Architects for Joan Morters) has been long-listed for the RIBA House of the Year and will be featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs.

The Knowledge Economy

Not only is Beattie Passive making a contribution to society by implementing measures which both reduce energy consumption and costs, it has a vision to educate.

The business provides both classroom and workshop based training courses at its factory facilities in Norfolk. The Training Academy delivers education to construction professionals and self-builders, covering all aspects of Passivhaus build standards and the Beattie Passive Build System.

Beattie Passive

“There’s an exciting opportunity for us to change employment for young people by educating and skilling them in the Passivhaus methodology. After all, it is the building method of the future,” said Ron, “we also plan to work more with those people that need employment support, for example people coming out of the prison system,” he continued.

A Call to Arms

With the business and its methods getting the industry recognition it deserves, Ron anticipates the next two to three years will provide an opportunity for growth.

In the last month alone, Beattie Passive has a quoted job list of £64 million.

“We’d like to grow the “TCosy” retrofit area of the business, as we see real demand for this in the next few years. As this grows, we will also look to expand into a further two or three more factories, filling them with top quality staff with new skill sets who will work with us in our vision to grow,” shared Ron.

With the Beattie Passive Build System patented in 46 countries, Ron hopes to expand the business internationally, using the success of projects in the UK as a case study.

“We encourage industry partnerships and would love to open up more conversations with councils, housing associations and developers. The Beattie Passive Build System is a cost effective and agile method which we can deliver worldwide. We can reduce build costs whilst offering employment opportunities. Ultimately, we are a building technology company and we want to share our knowledge and be pioneers of the industry”, Ron concluded.

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Beattie Passive

“The Beattie Passive build system” is a social housing development that has won two awards; an Inside Housing Award and a Welsh Housing Award.
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