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(Far lef t) Gail Ivers with her mother during a trip to Colorado. Ever y trip is better with ice cream. Editor Gail Ivers with Brandl Motors owners Gar y Posch (L) and Joe Sexton.

The Giants of Minnesota


s I write this, I am preparing to leave on a vacation

April, when we first heard about this promotion, we have

that my Aunt Nancy and I have dubbed “The Giants

been looking forward to searching out ice cream shops and

of Minnesota and Ice Cream Tour.” Think The Jolly Green

supporting the local economies. If I’m honest, the giants are

Giant and Paul Bunyan.

just an excuse to eat ice cream.

There are a surprising number of Minnesota giants:

Central Minnesota’s small towns are full of a surprising

roadside attractions, water towers, sculpture parks, even a

number of things to do. If you want a fun little day trip, visit

mini-golf course. Because we are limited by time and the

the Nyberg Sculpture Park in Vining. I first stumbled on this

distance we are willing to travel, we are focusing primarily

delightful collection of giants while traveling to Perham

on Central Minnesota giants. For instance, Mora has a

for a family fishing trip. My personal favorite is the floating

Dala horse (I had to look up Dala horse), Isle has a muskie,

coffee cup.

Rothsay has a prairie chicken, and Hackensack is home to Lucette, Paul Bunyan’s sweetheart. As one might expect,

For the photo shoot of Joe Sexton and Gary Posch, owners of Brandl Motors (see the story on page 32),

Blackduck has a black duck, Deerwood a deer, and Pelican Rapids a pelican. We are going to start our tour with the triceratops in

photographer Joel Butkowski

Central Minnesota’s small towns are full of a surprising number of things to do. If you want a fun little day trip, visit the Nyberg Sculpture Park in Vining.

Elk River on our way home

Notice that this is “The Giants of Minnesota and Ice

(Another good day trip with lots of interesting things to do.) As you can see, we were outside shooting photos by

from the airport, which will be accompanied by a stop at the Amore Ice Cream Shoppe.

and I traveled to Little Falls.

the vehicles. And as with every day this summer, it was very sunny and very hot. As we returned to St. Cloud, I started telling Joel about

Cream Tour.” Aunt Nancy and I believe that any trip is a

my planned vacation when he interrupted me with,

good trip as long as it includes ice cream. Our goal during

“I like ice cream.” This naturally led to a stop at the

her six-day visit is to stop at six different ice cream shops,

Royalton Dairy Queen.

using as our excuse the Explore Minnesota “Minnesota

Every trip is better with ice cream.

Scoop” summer ice cream promotion. Nearly 100 ice cream

Until next issue,

shops across Minnesota have crafted their own take on an #OnlyinMN treat. Originally you needed to pick up a punch card at any participating shop for a chance to receive a “Minnesota Scoops” t-shirt. Sadly, they're now out of stock. But it's still clearly a promotion with us in mind. Ever since


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