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The New Kids in Town Make the most of the talents Gen Z brings to your workplace. By Tracy Knofla


oday’s workplace is crowded with many generations of workers. The ones most frequently identified are: The Greatest Generation, born between 1900 and 1945, followed by the Baby Boomers, 1946 to 1964, then Generation X, 1965 to 1980, followed by the millennials from 1981 to 2000. Any given workplace could employ teammates from 19 to 75 years of age! Phew! However, just as you have mastered the recruitment, training, support, and motivational needs of all of these previous generations,

along comes the new kid in town, Generation Z, born from 1998-2015. Gen Z is unlike any generation before it. They are truly a reflection of the times in which they were raised. This is the generation that’s going to make us “up our game!” Here are five quick facts to help you understand this generation and make the most of their talents within your workforce. A Gen Z is motivated by financial security and not by idealism. They will insist upon

Contributor ________ Tracy Knofla is the co-owner and featured consultant of High Impact Training. She has been presenting to audiences across the country for more than 25 years.


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a competitive compensation package with retirement benefits. They are looking at the longterm, not the short. Remember, this generation grew up with the effects of the recession in 2008. They saw many people (including their own families) lose their homes and assets. This major event has changed the way they look at work. They can anticipate graduating from college with tremendous debt and will do everything they can to alleviate that burden. Many companies are now including student loan repayment as a benefit to new hires.

They understand the way that technology can be used to make the world more efficient and to connect people from across the globe. Their proficiency with the technology is a strong benefit to any company. However, digital natives will always expect their employers to have the latest technology and the most efficient work spaces. This will be a crucial factor as they choose a prospective employer. The workplace that allows them the most flexibility and has the latest technological toys will win.

B They are competitive, not collaborative. They are highly independent, preferring to work alone. They’re interested in proving themselves, and to that end are open to all manner of training, both soft and technical skills. They are more entrepreneurial than previous generations, although those ventures would be in addition to their primary work. They are motivated to work to make their dreams a reality.

D.As skilled with technology

C They are truly digital natives, that is, they have grown up with phones in their hands and the Internet at their fingertips.

as this generation is, it comes at a price. These highly

skilled employees will need soft-skills training, including: interpersonal communication, managing their emotions, conflict resolution, setting reasonable goals, teamwork, and collaboration. They may have difficulty interacting with their peers and supervisors due to a lack of experience in personal interaction with others. The good news is, this generation is eager to please at work and is generally receptive to the additional training. They will see this training as valueadded to their position.

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