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tations, and individual contacts, raise multiple simple questions about an obviously complex issue. The main one is: Does anybody comprehend this angst-creating law that looms over the uncertain future of businesses and their work force? Interviews with Andy Billingsley with The Unity Group, with Chief Operating Officer Ted Mischaikov of Absorption Corp, and with Varner and VSH staff CPA Tessa Ebbesen underscored the mystery of it all as the potential impacts of the looming ACA make themselves felt.

“The underlying intention of wanting to provide health care to everyone is noble, but what’s missing is controlling costs. There is little, if anything, that will reduce costs for those individuals and organizations that already have insurance coverage.”

Andy Billingsley of The Unity Group says individual health insurance plans will become much more expensive.

Andy Billingsley, Partner in The Unity Group


“President Obama wants to help people get care, and people should have access in an efficient and effective way,” Varner said, “But the way it is working out is going to result in unintended consequences, especially for small-tomedium-sized business owners…. more than larger companies who already have less-costly employee medical premium plans.” Mischaikov represents the latter. He said his concern lies with the possibility, perhaps probability, of limiting options for Absorption Corp’s employees. (Read his Q&A comments on page 50.) “I attended an outstanding and in-depth presentation by an

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