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2014 Bachelor of Commerce

COMMERCE MAJORS: „„ Accounting „„ Actuarial Studies „„ Business „„ Economics „„ Finance „„ Management „„ Marketing

STUDIES IN: „„ Engineering „„ Property and Construction „„ Psychology

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Contents A degree that opens doors


Bachelor of Commerce


The Commerce student experience


Commerce majors


Breadth Engineering

The Bachelor of Commerce, together with specified membership requirements, satisfies the accreditation requirements of several international professional associations. Australian accreditation is granted through the organisations below.


Property and Construction




An outstanding career


Concurrent diplomas


Chancellor’s Scholars Program




Graduate study


Entry requirements




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Professional recognition

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The University of Melbourne is the first institution in Victoria and only the second in Australia to receive both business and accounting accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB). The University is also a program partner of the CFA Institute, which administers the CFA Program.


in Australia

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012–2013

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A degree that opens doors

INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED TEACHING STAFF Teaching staff at the Faculty of Business and Economics are renowned worldwide for teaching and research excellence. Recognised as innovative, expert researchers, our academics collaborate in international research projects and publish significant works that inform managers across the globe.

ACCESS TO SCHOLARSHIPS In addition to University scholarships there is a range of faculty scholarships available to Commerce students. In many cases you are automatically considered for scholarships when you apply for the degree. Additional scholarships and prizes are also available to current Bachelor of Commerce students.

As well as excellent Universitywide facilities, Commerce students enjoy access to the specialist Giblin Eunson Library and the Business and Economics Careers Centre. A dedicated Student Experience team is also on hand to help you make the most of your degree.

UNIQUE STUDENT EXPERIENCE Going to uni isn’t just about lectures and assignments. As a Commerce student you will have access to a range of extracurricular activities designed to extend learning beyond the classroom and help you apply what you learn in the real world. See page 5 for more information.

For more information on scholarships see page 20.

So much to look forward to The time I’ve spent at the “ University of Melbourne

has easily been the most challenging, rewarding and exciting experience of my life. I’ve made lifelong friends, developed valuable skills, built professional and academic networks, participated in a range of unique and incredible extracurricular activities, and have so much more to look forward to! Anita Dinshaw Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Economics and Finance

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We want to help you make a smooth transition to uni life. The Commerce Student Centre is the first stop for everything you need, including course advice and administrative queries. Commerce students also have exclusive access to the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, so you can enjoy transition-to-Commerce activities and the Peer Assisted Study Scheme to help with your coursework.



As a Commerce student you will receive comprehensive business training and have the chance to explore complementary disciplines. There are seven Commerce majors to choose from, with the opportunity to complete two majors in three years. You can also study Engineering, Psychology, Property or Construction as part of your degree.



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Bachelor of Commerce The Bachelor of Commerce is an ideal pathway to a professional career. Employment opportunities span the globe in a variety of industries, including the business, government and not-for-profit sectors.

QUICK FACTS Duration 3 years full time Part time available Q Fourth year honours available Campus Parkville Entry Semester 1 or 2 Contact hours (first year) W Approximately 12 hours per week, plus independent study time of around 20 hours per week. Q Part-time study is not available to most international students due to visa restrictions. W Based on full-time study load.

WHAT DO I STUDY? First year „„Three

compulsory subjects: Introductory Microeconomics, Introductory Macroeconomics and Quantitative Methods 1

„„Three „„Two

subjects from the core program

breadth subjects

Second year Two compulsory subjects: Organisational Behaviour, and one of: Quantitative Methods 2, Introductory Econometrics, Business Decision Analysis or Market and Business Research. You are normally required to choose a major at the beginning of second year. If you are intending to study Accounting or Actuarial Studies you will need to take specific subjects from first year to meet accreditation requirements.

Third year „„At

MORE INFO Entry requirements See page 22 for details 13MELB (13 6352)

COURSE STRUCTURE The Bachelor of Commerce consists of 24 subjects, usually taken over three years of full-time study. You will take compulsory, core and breadth subjects, and must complete at least one major. Depending on your subject choices, you may be able to complete a double major.


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least three level-3 (third-year) subjects from within your major


least one level-3 breadth subject

For more information about the course structure, go to: course_structure


BREADTH: BROADENING YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROSPECTS Employers look for graduates who are adaptable and bring unique skills and knowledge to the workplace. Through breadth, you can take subjects from outside your core study area. This allows you to: „„Develop

your interests and discover new opportunities


a skill or passion, such as music or law


to look at issues from a different angle


with students from different courses and backgrounds – just as you would in the workplace.

Selecting your breadth subjects Your breadth selection can be as broad or targeted as you like. If you wish, you can take a breadth track, which will help you select from the multitude of breadth subjects available. A breadth track is a set of three or more subjects that progressively develops knowledge and skills relevant to a particular theme, topic or issue.


A major is a sequence of subjects that you complete throughout your degree. Completing a major indicates that you are a specialist in that particular discipline. The Bachelor of Commerce offers seven majors: Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business, Economics, Finance, Management and Marketing.

Honours is an additional (fourth) year of specialised study in one or two Commerce areas. Honours will help you develop research skills, build professional skills and gain in-depth knowledge of your discipline. honours

See pages 6–12 for more information.

Bachelor of Commerce 24 subjects (8 per year)

Compulsory subjects 5 subjects to cover Commerce fundamentals

Core subjects 11–15 subjects to deepen your Commerce knowledge

Breadth subjects 4–8 subjects from other disciplines

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The Commerce student experience Going to university isn’t just about lectures, tutorials and assignments. You will have access to a wide variety of extracurricular activities designed to complement your degree and help you apply what you learn in a real-world setting.


Services for Commerce students include: „„Transition

to Commerce (T2C)

„„Peer-Assisted „„First

Study Scheme (PASS)

Year BCom Network

Studying overseas is a great way to immerse yourself in a different social, cultural and intellectual environment. International programs open your perspective to global issues and add diversity to your degree. Get involved in these opportunities: „„comMExchange


and individual tutorials offered through the University's Academic Skills Unit.



exchange and study abroad programs


21 (U21) Summer School and Undergraduate Research Conference

You will also have access to specialist staff in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, located in the Faculty of Business and Economics, to assist in achieving your academic goals.




While at university, you can build your leadership skills, engage in community activities and volunteer for organisations or social causes. Participation develops your communication skills, broadens your social and professional networks and shows you other ways to use what you learn in class. You can add value to your degree by participating in: „„Student

clubs and societies


Global Issues Program



Leaders in Communities Award


Orientation Host Program.

Consulting Project


Accounting Study Program.

You won’t be a student forever, so we encourage you to develop professional skills before you join the workforce. You can identify your career goals, work on professional development plans, build your network, meet industry leaders and set yourself up for the career of your dreams. Options to enhance your professional skills include: „„Business „„Case


Student experience


University life can be challenging, so we provide you with transition, orientation and other programs to help you adjust.


study competitions


development opportunities


Mentoring Program


Career: Commerce program


Year Leadership Forum


Leaders Forum



Throw yourself in! Little did I know that within my first two years I would be debating in “ South Korea, working with a microfinance organisation in Cambodia and representing the University at a case competition in the US! Activities such as these allow you to take your degree to the next level and meet fantastic people at the same time. Daniel Tram Bachelor of Commerce Major in Actuarial Studies 5

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Commerce majors The flexibility of the Bachelor of Commerce means you can wait until the beginning of second year to choose a major, or start to focus on a particular discipline from day one. If you plan your course carefully, you might also have the option of completing a second major.

This table shows the options available for your second major, depending on the first major you choose: First major

Second major (optional)


Not available

Accounting (including accreditation)


Actuarial Studies (including accreditation)

Not available



Management Marketing



Management Marketing




Management Marketing












1 or 2


Business If you would like to take subjects from more than one field of study you can do so by completing a Business major. The Business major combines subjects from several disciplines. It is a flexible major that allows you to design a course plan that suits your career goals and interests. The Business major consists of six level-3 (third year) subjects from three or more study areas within the core program. Business skills are essential in all industries, and a multidisciplinary approach to problem solving is desirable to employers.

WHY CHOOSE BUSINESS AT MELBOURNE? As a result of their multidisciplinary training, business graduates enjoy a variety of career prospects in many industries. You’ll enter the industry with skills that can be applied across diverse sectors, making you versatile, valuable and highly employable. These skills include: „„Oral

CAREER OUTCOMES The disciplines you study will have some effect on your future career path. A strong marketing focus may lead to a career as a marketing professional, and a combination of

Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Major in Business This course plan includes a sample breadth track in Property, leading to the two-year Master of Property.

ability to critically analyse and synthesise information




in a team


independently and taking responsibility for your learning.


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Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics

Quantitative Methods 1

Managing and Leading Organisations

Accounting Reports and Analysis

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Organisational Behaviour

Principles of Marketing

Governing Environments

Semester 1

Consumer Behaviour

Project Management

Residential Construction and Structures

Principles of Property

Semester 2

Introductory Economics

Business Finance

Strategic Management

Principles of Property Valuation

Semester 1


Derivative Securities

Urban History

Property Resource Analysis

Semester 2

Organisations, Ethics and Society

Advertising and Promotions

Internet Marketing

Structures and Construction Systems

Major subjects

Elective subjects

Year 1

Year 2

and written communication skills


finance and management subjects may lead to work in the banking industry. Your training may suit organisations interested in a variety of disciplines, such as management consulting and professional services firms.

Year 3

Compulsory subjects

Breadth subjects

Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

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Accounting Accounting is used to demonstrate the financial performance of an organisation to external parties, and managers use it to understand the inner workings of an organisation.


employment growth is expected for Accountancy in the five years to 2016–17 Australian Jobs 2012, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations


CAREER OUTCOMES „„Accounting practices, including the

‘Big Four’ (Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers)

Australia is experiencing a shortage of accountants, and as a result professionally qualified, accredited accountants are in high demand. Accountants deal with taxation, auditing, resources allocation, financial health, general management and strategic goal setting.

„„Corporations „„Small

and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

„„Government „„Not-for-profit

PROFESSIONAL RECOGNITION Melbourne Commerce graduates with a major in Accounting are eligible to apply for associate membership of: „„CPA



in the Asia-Pacific in the world

For Accounting

of Chartered Accountants

Australia „„Institute

#1 #16


QS World University Rankings by Subject 2012

Commerce majors

The ability to interpret information is crucial because numerous stakeholders need to know how an organisation is performing. Accounting studies will help you understand the financial structure of organisations and teach you to produce and analyse financial information. Accounting leads to a career path with unlimited possibilities. Accountants can work in any type of business and are in demand in many industries across many countries.

of Public Accountants.

To practise as a professional accountant in Australia graduates must first become a member of one of these professional accounting bodies. Each body has individual requirements that must be met to obtain full membership. Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Double major in Accounting and Finance This course plan includes a sample breadth track in Europe. This sample course plan demonstrates a double major in Accounting and Finance that meets accounting accreditation requirements for the accounting profession. This course plan also meets honours entry requirements for either Accounting or Finance. Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics W

Quantitative Methods 1 W

Accounting Reports and Analysis W

Medieval Plague, War and Heresy

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics W

Accounting Processes and Analysis W

Introductory Financial Accounting W

Principles of Business Law W

Semester 1

Organisational Behaviour W

Quantitative Methods 2 W

Cost Corporate Management W Law W

Semester 2

Business Finance W

Intermediate Financial Accounting W

Total War: World War II

The Renaissance in Italy

Semester 1

Enterprise Financial Performance Accounting Management W Theory W

Basic Econometrics


Semester 2

Auditing and Assurance Services W

Corporate Finance

Taxation Law I W

Year 1

Year 2

Learning to see the big picture I wanted to enhance my skills “ and knowledge by studying a range of subjects – such as economics, finance, politics and sustainability – while completing the Accounting major. Because I chose to do this, I am able to look at issues from multiple perspectives, and see the big picture as well as the detail. Belinda Boyle Bachelor of Commerce Major in Accounting

Year 3

Derivative Securities

Compulsory subjects Major subjects: Accounting Elective subjects Breadth subjects

Major subjects: Finance

Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment. W Subjects required for accounting accreditation. 7

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Actuarial Studies Actuaries assess, evaluate and manage the financial risks faced by individuals, organisations and governments to assist with planning for the future. The risks assessed by actuaries include illness, disability and death, the effects of natural disasters such as cyclones and earthquakes, and major economic or social change. If you choose to major in Actuarial Studies you will have a firm grounding in the traditional actuarial skill set of mathematics, statistics, demography, finance and economics.

Annual salaries for actuaries Newly qualified actuary:

$100 000+

Experienced actuary:

$200 000 Actuaries Institute Australia


Overseas actuarial bodies recognise the Actuaries Institute qualification, subject to supplementary training. Partial recognition is available for exams passed (or obtained through exemptions) under the Actuaries Institute.

Actuarial graduates have specialist knowledge that is vital to a range of industries. For this reason actuaries have a high earning potential. The University of Melbourne is your only choice for Actuarial Studies in Victoria. The Centre for Actuarial Studies is the only teaching unit in the state with full accreditation from the Actuaries Institute, and is one of only five fully accredited institutions in the country. Full accreditation means you can obtain exemptions from Parts I and II of the Institute’s professional exams.

CAREER OUTCOMES „„Banking „„Capital

and finance

and risk management




reporting and performance management

„„General „„Health





To qualify as an actuary you must pass (or be exempt from) three parts of the professional accreditation as prescribed by the Actuaries Institute. The first two parts can be undertaken as part of the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree. Part III of the professional accreditation is administered by the Actuaries Institute.


and asset management

insurance: product pricing, design and distribution

„„Superannuation „„Valuation

of insurance liabilities and financial instruments

Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Major in Actuarial Studies This course plan includes a sample breadth track in Choral Performance. This sample course plan demonstrates a major in Actuarial Studies that meets honours entry and professional accreditation requirements. Students majoring in Actuarial Studies who intend to pursue full professional accreditation cannot complete a double major. Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics

Accounting Reports and Analysis

Accelerated Mathematics 1

Choir 1

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Introductory Financial Accounting

Introduction to Actuarial Studies

Accelerated Mathematics 2

Semester 1

Organisational Behaviour


Financial Mathematics 1

Business Finance

Semester 2


Intermediate Macroeconomics

Financial Mathematics 2

World Music Choir 4

Semester 1

Actuarial Modelling 1

Actuarial Modelling 2

Financial Mathematics 3

Early Voices Ensemble 5

Semester 2

Contingencies (double subject)

Actuarial Statistics

Models for Insurance and Finance

Year 1

Stand out by thinking critically The course doesn’t focus “ on rote memorisation, but

on in-depth analysis and being able to apply theory in real-world situations. Now that computers can do most calculations and lots of jobs are outsourced, you can stand out by thinking critically and using knowledge to your advantage. Bradley Tjandra Bachelor of Commerce Major in Actuarial Studies


8667-OffAdm.2014CourseBroCommerce26Apr.indd 8

Year 2

Year 3

Compulsory subjects (including quantitative subjects counted as breadth) Major subjects (including quantitative subjects counted as breadth) Breadth subjects W Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment. All subjects in this plan besides Choir 1, World Music Choir 4 and Early Voices Ensemble 5 are required for actuarial accreditation. W This sample course plan includes five breadth subjects. A Commerce elective can be taken instead of one of these subjects.

2/05/13 1:08 PM

Economics Economists seek to understand, assess and explain the mechanisms of markets and national economies. Studying economics develops problem-solving and data analysis skills for use in both business and government.

in the Asia-Pacific for Economics and Econometrics QS World University Rankings by Subject 2013


Demand for economists

grew 62.5%

Highly skilled economists are in demand across industries. Professional economists work in many types of roles in academia, government and the private sector.

in the five years to November 2011

Economists trained at Melbourne are highly regarded not only in Australia but around the world.

Commerce majors

Many students choose Economics to gain an informed perspective on the workings of interest rates and exchange rates, the effect of government policy on poverty and environmental problems, the nature of business competition, and the effects of globalisation on the Australian economy. You can study Economics to become a professional economist, to develop skills complementary to other disciplines, or to gain a better understanding of the role economics plays in our lives and in society.

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 2012


in government


and trading banks, investment firms, stockbroking and insurance companies


communications, mining, retail and manufacturing


consulting and political

analysis „„Industry associations and trade unions

Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Double major in Economics and Management This course plan includes a sample breadth track in Mathematics for Economics.W This course plan also meets honours entry requirements for Economics. Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics

Managing and Leading Organisations

Accounting Reports and Analysis

Calculus 1

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Finance 1

Linear Algebra

Calculus 2

Semester 1

Probability for Statistics

Intermediate Microeconomics

Managing Operations

Business Finance

Semester 2

Organisational Behaviour


Intermediate Macroeconomics

Business Communication

Semester 1



Managing Chinese Entrepreneurship Business and and Innovation Economy

Semester 2


Environmental Economics

Experimental Economics

Year 1

Year 2

Facilities are second-to-none I chose Melbourne “ Commerce because of its

international reputation. I like the structure of the course and studying different disciplines together. It also goes without saying that the facilities here are second-to-none. It is clear that everyone here – staff and students – is passionate and motivated to learn. Christie Parkinson Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Economics and Finance

Year 3

Compulsory subjects Major subjects: Economics Elective subjects Breadth subjects E

Business Consulting

Major subjects: Management

Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment. W This course plan illustrates how students can satisfy the course’s compulsory quantitative requirement by taking mathematics as breadth. It is suitable for students who have an aptitude for and enjoy mathematics, and who wish to study complementary subjects in mathematics as part of their breadth component. E Includes breadth subjects used to meet the quantitative requirement. 9

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Finance Finance professionals are concerned with the management of assets to create wealth for investors or companies. Finance examines how individuals, businesses and institutions raise funds to implement investment strategies, and how they allocate these funds to a variety of investment opportunities. The Finance major covers capital markets and financial institutions, investments and financial planning, and corporate finance. You will also have the option to study personal finance and real estate finance.

#1 #16

in Australia in the world

For Finance QS World University Rankings 2012

WHY CHOOSE FINANCE AT MELBOURNE? Finance and insurance services are among the top 10 industries with the largest projected employment growth over the next five years. The current demand for finance professionals is attributed to the fallout from the global financial crisis, as the international economy recovers and regulators seek to establish rules to prevent another recession. Finance is a young industry – workers aged 25 to 44 are the main drivers of job growth, presenting excellent opportunities for recent graduates.Q

professionals that awards the prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation. Recognition as a CFA Program Partner means that the Bachelor of Commerce major in Finance is closely tied to professional practice and is well suited to preparing students to sit for the CFA exams.


planning and advising for individual investors




commercial and investment banking





The University of Melbourne is a Program Partner of the CFA Institute, the global association for investment

„„Treasury „„Trading



and dealing



Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce W Major in Finance This course plan includes a breadth sequence in Civil Systems that leads to the two-year Master of Engineering (Civil). This course plan also meets honours entry requirements for Finance. Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics

Principles of Marketing

Finance 1

Calculus 2 E

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Quantitative Methods 1

Engineering Systems Design 2

Linear Algebra

Semester 1

Introductory Econometrics

Business Finance

Project Management

Engineering Mathematics

Semester 2

Organisational Behaviour

Management of Financial Institutions

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Materials

Semester 1

Derivative Securities



Fluid Mechanics

Semester 2

Corporate Finance

Asian Capital Markets

Earth Processes for Engineering

Structural Theory and Design

Major subjects

Elective subjects

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Compulsory subjects

Breadth subjects

Q Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 2012. W This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment. E Students who have not completed VCE Specialist Mathematics should consult with a student adviser about which mathematics subject to take.

Equipped to think outside the square Commerce has taught me “ that when you are confronting

a problem, things are not always as they seem. Through my studies, I have been equipped to think outside the square and tackle big issues in unexpected ways. I want to eventually use what I’ve learned to contribute to a sustainable, inclusive and vibrant future. Simon Matthews Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Finance and Economics Diploma in Languages


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2/05/13 1:08 PM

Management Management is more than the leadership and control exercised by senior executives. Management skills are practised by people in all roles and are valuable at every stage of your career. management, human resource management, international business, and operations management. The degree is extremely flexible and allows you to combine management studies with a major in another functional area, improving job prospects for graduates. While studying, you’ll enjoy industry exposure through a variety of capstone opportunities in Melbourne and abroad, exposing you to management practice in the real world.


direction through leadership, strategic planning and decision making training and managing staff, and developing the capabilities of the organisation


efficiency, quality and innovation in operations in a global context.

WHY CHOOSE MANAGEMENT AT MELBOURNE? Management and leadership skills are often required for career progression and are vital in many professional roles. There is strong demand across sectors for capable management.




resources roles spanning remuneration and benefits, recruitment, employee and industrial relations, training and development; occupational health and safety; and equity and diversity management


and supply chain management


process improvement and quality assurance




development and


Introductory Microeconomics

Quantitative Methods 1

Principles of Marketing

Spanish 1

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Managing and Leading Organisations

Finance 1

Foundations of Information Systems

Semester 1

Organisational Behaviour

Business Decision Analysis

Brand Management

Shaping the Enterprise with ICT

Semester 2

Business in Asia

Cross-Cultural Management and Teamwork

Entrepreneurial Marketing

Spanish 2

Semester 1

Global Consulting Project

International Corporate Governance

Service and Relationship Marketing

Spanish 3

Semester 2

International Human Resource Management


Advertising and Business Promotions Analytics

Year 3

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 2012

in government and not-forprofit organisations

Semester 1

Year 2

in the five years to November 2011


Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Double major in Management and Marketing This course plan includes sample breadth tracks in Information Technology in Organisations and Spanish.

Year 1

increased by 12.4%



Melbourne Commerce students can choose to develop expertise in a variety of fields, including business

Employment growth for management

Commerce majors

Effective management enables businesses and organisations to achieve their goals. Regardless of your primary profession you will probably take on management responsibilities at some point, usually sooner rather than later. Studying management equips you with the leadership, analysis, planning and decision-making skills needed to succeed from day one. Key management responsibilities include:

Compulsory subjects Major subjects: Management Elective subjects Breadth subjects

Reputation and flexibility The reputation of the “ University, the flexible

degree and the vibrant life at college led me to choose Commerce at the University of Melbourne. One of the best things about the course is that you can take it in any direction, and there is more than enough room to explore different disciplines. Nicholas Taylor Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Management and Marketing Diploma in Languages

Major subjects: Marketing

Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment. 11

8667-OffAdm.2014CourseBroCommerce26Apr.indd 11

2/05/13 1:09 PM

Marketing Marketing enables organisations to respond to market needs and maximise profitability. Marketing is essential to the health of any profitable enterprise, whether in the public or private sector. All organisations engage in marketing activities and must decide on a marketing mix that suits them best.

managers who need to be involved in making decisions about marketing strategies for their organisation.

The Marketing major will provide you with the tools and skills needed to build relationships with your audience. It offers strategies that help you understand customers and successfully target their needs. Marketing studies offer vital skills and knowledge to underpin your career growth, whatever path you choose to take. Key marketing responsibilities include: „„Identifying

goods and services that customers desire

Our teaching spans the breadth of marketing education, including advertising, product and brand management, strategic marketing, market research, relationship marketing, global marketing, electronic marketing and buyer behaviour. Throughout the degree you will enjoy sustained industry exposure, including free student membership of the Australian Marketing Institute, the largest professional body for Australian marketing practitioners.

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations 2012




the best ways to advertise, price and distribute goods and services.


consumer goods

industries „„Services,

including financial services, tourism, hospitality, professional services and telecommunications


Marketing is among the most popular professions for business graduates across a range of industries. Knowledge of marketing is important for both marketing professionals and generalist

not-for-profit sector

„„Government „„Market



and public relations



Sample course plan – Bachelor of Commerce Q Major in Marketing This course plan includes a breadth sequence in Psychology that satisfies requirements for entry into the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology (APAC-accredited sequence). Semester 1

Introductory Microeconomics

Quantitative Methods 1

Managing and Leading Organisations

Mind, Brain and Behaviour 1

Semester 2

Introductory Macroeconomics

Principles of Marketing

Finance 1

Mind, Brain and Behaviour 2

Semester 1

Organisational Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour

Business Finance

Biological Psychology

Semester 2

Quantitative Methods 2

Power and Conflict in the Workplace

Personality and Social Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Semester 1

Product Management

Service and Relationship Marketing

Marketing and Society

Developmental Psychology

Semester 2


Advertising and Promotions

Psychological Science: Theory and Practice

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life

Major subjects

Elective subjects

Year 3

Compulsory subjects

in the five years to 2016–17

service agencies, including advertising and media buying

organisations strategically in the market to meet customer needs and wants

Year 2

grow up to 11%



Year 1

Employment in marketing is expected to

Exploring my full potential Studying at Melbourne “ has been a rewarding and

enriching experience. I enjoy the dynamic learning environment and the opportunity to study with high-achieving students from around the world. I have never once felt uninterested in my studies because we are always being challenged. I feel like I am exploring my full potential here. Yehua He Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Marketing and Management

Breadth subjects 

Q This is a sample course plan only. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.


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2/05/13 1:09 PM

Breadth Engineering

1st in Australia to get

Make a difference on a global scale and pursue an engineering career wherever your travels may take you.

European accreditation

through EUR-ACE®

Commerce and engineering are a strong combination, allowing you to enter the engineering profession with the solid grounding in business that is highly sought-after by leading employers in the engineering and technology sector. To become a professionally accredited engineer you’ll complete a Bachelor of Commerce with an engineering breadth sequence, which will allow you to apply for the Master of Engineering. You will study engineering subjects from first year, then choose a specialisation in your second year, which will be your focus through to the Master of Engineering. You can also study Engineering through the Bachelor of Biomedicine, Environments or Science. See the sample course plan on page 10.

MASTER OF ENGINEERING The Master of Engineering is designed to produce graduate engineers with outstanding personal and professional qualities. By studying the Master of Engineering you will gain technical expertise, industry exposure and professional accreditation, giving you insight into the social, environmental and economic aspects of real-world engineering problem solving.

The Master of Engineering is: „„The

first degree in Australia to be accredited under the EUR-ACE® label – allowing graduates to work as professional engineers in Europe


accredited W by Engineers Australia – allowing graduates to work as professional engineers in 12 of the world’s leading economies, including the US, UK, Canada and Singapore.

Career outcomes There is a critical worldwide shortage of engineers, and a demand for new kinds of engineering jobs to tackle new environmental and technological challenges. Qualified engineers are in demand and command high salaries. As a Master of Engineering graduate you will enter the profession at an advanced level, armed with a unique

skill set of business, technical, analytical and interpersonal skills. This makes you an ideal candidate for a career in engineering, business, government, research or management. Melbourne also supports emerging entrepreneurs who have great ideas for start-up businesses. Our incubator – the Melbourne Accelerator Program – offers mentorship, seed funding and support, allowing our students and graduates to launch their careers as entrepreneurs.

SCHOLARSHIPS The Master of Engineering is supported by a generous scholarship program for domestic and international students. scholarships.html


3 years


Step 1: Bachelor of Commerce with Engineering breadth sequence Subject sequences in the following Engineering areas: „„Bioengineering Systems

„„Computing and Software Systems

„„Chemical Systems

„„Electrical Systems

„„Civil Systems

„„Mechanical Systems.

Step 2: Master of Engineering


in the world

For Engineering and Technology


Streams available for Commerce graduates:

2 years E

in Australia











The major/sequence taken in your undergraduate degree determines which masters streams you can complete.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2012–2013

Employment as a professional (accredited) engineer

Q Commerce students pursuing professional accreditation in Accounting or Actuarial Studies cannot complete an Engineering breadth sequence due to subject requirements of their chosen major. W Provisional accreditation granted by Engineers Australia in May 2009. The process for obtaining full accreditation is underway and will be finalised in 2013. E Students will undertake a 2.5-year Master of Engineering if they study Bioengineering Systems or Chemical Systems in the Bachelor of Commerce. 13

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Property and Construction Property and construction professionals are tied closely to real-world issues, and increasingly to commercial and financial interests.

As a Bachelor of Commerce student you can choose to take a breadth track in Property or Construction.Q Studying one of these built environment programs offers you the opportunity to learn distinct analysis and management tools for a future career in industry. Pathways to further study in property and construction are also available through other degrees. See the sample course plan on page 6.

FURTHER STUDY IN PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION To become a registered property or construction professional in Australia you must complete further study. The Property and Construction breadth tracks offer you an approved pathway to apply for one of the following professionally accredited two-year masters programs: „„Master

of Construction Management (via the breadth track in Construction)


of Property (via the breadth track in Property).

Gain vital skills in:

√ Project management √ Valuation √ Property market analysis √ Construction cost management

You must enrol in the required breadth studies subjects from the first year of your degree to satisfy the prerequisites for the Master of Construction Management or the Master of Property. You must also ensure you meet any additional admission requirements for successful entry to your chosen masters.

3 years

HOW TO STUDY PROPERTY AND CONSTRUCTION THROUGH COMMERCE – school leavers Step 1: Bachelor of Commerce with Property or Construction breadth sequence

It was through my property “ breadth subjects that I came to understand the range of employment opportunities available in the industry. This ultimately led me to enrol in the Master of Property. Matthew Allen Bachelor of Commerce graduate Master of Property

Subject sequences in the following areas: „„Property „„Construction.

Step 2: Further study 2 years

Discovering a new career path


Master of Property Master of Construction Management The breadth sequence taken in your undergraduate degree determines which masters program you can take.

Employment as a registered property or construction professional

Q Students pursuing professional accreditation in Accounting or Actuarial Studies cannot complete the required breadth sequence due to subject requirements of their chosen major.


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Psychology Psychology is concerned with the study of the human mind and behaviour. If you like the idea of working with people and are interested in how people think, feel and behave, a career in psychology is a great choice.



At Melbourne, psychology is not offered as an independent undergraduate degree. Instead you study psychology either as an accredited sequence of subjects or as breadth.

In order to register as a psychologist in Australia you must complete a four-year accredited undergraduate program in Psychology, followed by at least two years of professionally accredited training at masters level – such as the Master of Psychology at Melbourne.

Psychology can also be studied through the Bachelor of Arts or Science. See the sample course plan on page 12.


in Australia

When you complete the Bachelor of Commerce with an APAC-accredited Psychology breadth sequence your fourth year will be the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, which is accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council.

Step 1: Bachelor of Commerce with Psychology accredited sequence

Step 2: Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

2 years

1 year

for Psychology QS World University Rankings by Subject 2012

The Master of Psychology at Melbourne is a two-year program that provides graduates with the skills to work as professional clinical psychologists or clinical neuropsychologists. Graduates are eligible for membership of the relevant College of the Australian Psychological Society. We also offer a combined Master of Psychology/PhD program for students interested in an academic career as well as professional training. The combined program is four years full time, but part-time study is also offered to domestic students.


You can complete an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited sequence of 125 credit points of study through the Bachelor of Commerce. You will develop a broad understanding of psychology, with a sequential development of knowledge in the area, including advanced subjects in third year.



A fourth-year program equivalent to honours for students who have completed a three-year major sequence of psychology studies. If you did not major in psychology in your undergraduate degree you must complete the Graduate Diploma in Psychology (1 year full-time or 3 years part-time additional study) before undertaking the Postgraduate Diploma.

Step 3: Master of Psychology Choose the Master of Psychology specialising in Clinical Psychology or Clinical Neuropsychology OR The combined Master of Psychology/PhD (four years).

Become a registered psychologist in Australia

Q Commerce students pursuing professional accreditation in Accounting or Actuarial Studies cannot complete the Psychology breadth sequence due to subject requirements of their chosen major. 15

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35 00 0 o 32 c untries

WE’LL HELP YOU PREPARE FOR WORK There are plenty of opportunities in the Bachelor of Commerce that allow you to apply what you learn in a real-world environment.

Capstone studies – available in your third year – give you a feel for working in industry, develop your practical business competencies and help you to build a strong professional network.




You will have access to the University’s Careers & Employment service, which offers: „„The

Careers Online database, which advertises current events and employment vacancies



workin tes g

Melbourne Commerce graduates are prepared for and enjoy excellent career outcomes, including high starting salaries, outstanding job satisfaction and exceptional employment rates.

Our graduates are known for their solid understanding of business issues and processes, problem-solving skills and leadership skills. As a Melbourne Commerce graduate you will be highly sought-after in a wide variety of professions in the public and private sectors, ranging from investment banking and accounting through to management consultancy and marketing.

erce gra


An outstanding career

m om

range of career development and work preparation seminars and workshops


résumé review and careers counselling appointments job email bulletins during semesters


coordinated approach to graduate and vacation recruitment programs, including liaising with employers


employment services


fairs and employer information sessions.


comprehensive website and Careers Resource Centre


Business Consulting

Global Consulting Project

As part of a multidisciplinary team, you can work with a Melbourne-based client on a real business project over the course of a semester. Past students have worked with clients in a range of industries and organisations, from large Australian and multinational companies to niche agencies and not-forprofit organisations.

Travel overseas and work with a client on a two-week consulting project. Past students have completed projects in industries such as banking, advertising, entertainment, construction, professional services, FMCG and insurance. You could travel to one of these exciting destinations: „„Shanghai, China „„Bangkok, Thailand „„Singapore „„Mumbai, India „„Hong Kong „„Santiago, Chile

Travel to Europe or North America to learn how different industries use accounting in their day-to-day operations. Host organisations on the program include Tesco, NYSE, Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen, Deloitte, the Australian Embassy, Nestlé, Walt Disney Pictures and TV, GE, IBM Ltd, the Securities and Exchange Commission and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

International Accounting Study Program

North American destinations: „„Los Angeles, CA „„Toronto, ON „„Kingston, RI „„Fairfield, CT „„Norwalk, CT „„Armonk, NY „„Washington, DC


8667-OffAdm.2014CourseBroCommerce26Apr.indd 16

European destinations: „„London „„Paris „„Berlin „„Munich „„Wolfsburg „„Warsaw „„Lausanne/Vevey „„Zurich

Link what you learn to the real world I think it is important to “ link what you learn in the

classroom to the real world. The International Accounting Study Program gave me the opportunity to pick the brains of senior executives at companies such as Disney, BMW and GE – people who are out there running huge organisations and facing important issues. The program made me realise exactly where my Commerce degree could take me. Patrick Kelly Bachelor of Commerce Majors in Accounting and Finance

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Where could your Melbourne Commerce degree take you?




Anthony Goldbloom (BCom Hons 2006) founded Kaggle, a San Francisco-based tech company that connects the world’s best data scientists with big industry. At 29, he is considered a global leader and innovator in data science and predictive modelling.

Shona Wills (BCom Hons 2009) has worked for McKinsey & Company in Melbourne and London. As a business analyst, Shona helps firms improve performance by resolving issues, proposing solutions and identifying opportunities for growth.

Sally Macdonald (BCom 1990) is CEO and Managing Director of Oroton Group. She is renowned for her leadership and has delivered remarkable returns despite the retail downturn. Sally is now leading Oroton’s expansion into the Asian luxury goods market.




Becky Tang (BCom 2012) started as a cadet at Ernst & Young in her first year of the BCom and continued working there throughout her degree. She now holds a graduate position in their tax division and intends to qualify as a Chartered Accountant.

After 16 years in finance and CFO roles – including six years at Ernst & Young – Tom Griffith (BCom 1987) co-founded Emma & Tom’s in 2004. The company is best known for their range of fresh whole-fruit smoothies, sold in Australia’s top 2000 cafes and delis.

Nish Vivekananthan (BCom 2011) found his calling in community development through the student organisation Enactus. He now works for the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), the government agency that manages Australia’s overseas aid program.

An outstanding career

You could...


As a student, Fernando Tamayo (BCom 2010) established the Melbourne Microfinance Initiative. MMI currently runs projects in Ghana, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nepal. Fernando is back in his native Peru and is CEO of Yaqua, a social enterprise focusing on the water industry.


Your Melbourne Commerce degree will lead you to places you never thought possible. We believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, and we’ll help you realise your dreams. 17

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Concurrent diplomas Concurrent diplomas offer you another way to follow your passion and earn an additional qualification alongside your degree.



You can study a diploma alongside your undergraduate degree, and add a further year of study. Or you can crosscredit some of the subjects in your undergraduate degree to your diploma and take a fast track to completion (potentially completing the diploma in the same time it takes to complete the undergraduate degree).

Languages available: Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Russian and Spanish.


There are no additional entry requirements once you are enrolled in your undergraduate degree.

The Diploma in Informatics will provide you with a range of IT tools and technologies that employers are looking for. It is designed to complement your core studies with fundamental programming and data management skills.

Prerequisites There are no additional prerequisites once you are enrolled in your undergraduate degree. undergraduate/concurrent-diplomas

Domestic students may be eligible to receive the final 50 points of the diploma HECS-free.


DIPLOMA IN MUSIC (PRACTICAL) The Diploma in Music provides you with the opportunity to engage in individual instrumental or vocal tuition. It is specially designed for students who are interested in complementing their bachelors degree with advanced musical study.

Prerequisites Entry is by audition, usually held in early February. dipmusprac



The Diploma in Mathematical Sciences enables you to gain a mathematics qualification while completing an undergraduate degree.

The U21 Diploma in Global Issues is ideal for students who are considering careers that require an international perspective.

Domestic students may be eligible to receive the final 50 points of the diploma HECS-free.


Prerequisites VCE Units 3/4 Mathematical Methods or equivalent. eastern/course_information/ concurrent_diplomas#math

You must have completed at least 100 points of study at the time of applying, and obtained a weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least H2B (70 per cent) across all subjects completed in your bachelors degree. u21/gip

Q This course is not registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) and cannot be offered to international students who require a student visa to study in Australia.


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Chancellors Scholars Program Would you like to begin your Commerce degree at Melbourne with the security of knowing a graduate place is reserved for you when you graduate?

YOU’VE WORKED FOR IT, YOU DESERVE THE REWARDS! The Bachelor of Commerce (Chancellor’s Scholars Program) gives you a guaranteed place in the graduate program of your choice, and a range of other exciting benefits. The University of Melbourne believes that as a very high-achieving student, you deserve this assurance. As a Chancellor’s Scholar at the University of Melbourne, you will be guaranteed a place in the graduate program of your choice. You will also be offered a comprehensive program of enrichment activities during your undergraduate studies.

BENEFITS OF THE PROGRAM Melbourne National Scholarship (domestic students) „„Tuition

fee-exempt Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), valued up to approximately $30 500 (depending on your undergraduate degree), and


allowance of $5000 (for Victorian students), or


allowance of $10 000 and one return flight home (for interstate students).

Consideration for International Undergraduate Scholarships (international students) Eligible for consideration for scholarships ranging from full fee remission to $10 000 fee remission.

Melbourne Global Scholars Award A grant of up to $2500 to support an approved period of study overseas on exchange or study abroad during your undergraduate degree.Q

Internship, research, volunteer or work experience opportunity Academic enhancement opportunities Guaranteed place in the graduate program of your choice „„Domestic

students: Guaranteed Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in professional entry masters (coursework) degree of choice,W subject to meeting course prerequisites.


students: Guaranteed international fee place in professional entry masters (coursework) degree of choice,W subject to meeting course prerequisites.

of an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) in Australia in 2013 (you must either enrol immediately or be granted a deferral by the University in the year following Year 12).


ATAR of 99.90

or above „„Satisfy

undergraduate course prerequisites


of Music applicants must meet the specific extra requirements.

Students with an ATAR below 99.90 may be considered, depending on demand.

place includes the University of Melbourne’s flagship graduate degrees such as the Doctor of Medicine, Juris Doctor (Law), Doctor of Dental Surgery, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Doctor of Optometry and the Master of Architecture.


minimum GPA is required in your undergraduate degree, however you may be required to meet course prerequisites and other requirements for specific courses, such as an interview.

Admission to the Chancellor’s Scholars – Copland Program Commerce students selected into the Chancellor’s Scholars Program are automatically admitted into the Copland Program, which provides access to unique and exclusive opportunities such as individual mentoring by a senior Australian business leader, specialised faculty support throughout your degree and invitations to special facultysponsored events.

p la

ce in the

An incredible opportunity My acceptance into the “ Chancellor’s Scholars Program

recognises the effort I put into my studies and reduces the financial burden on my family. More importantly, it is an incredible opportunity to meet other high-achieving students and participate in exclusive events and opportunities. I am looking forward to meeting business leaders, learning from mentors, getting career advice and going on exchange. Sarah Ka Yee Lee Bachelor of Commerce (Chancellor’s Scholars Program) Majors in Accounting and Finance

oi gr ce am

Ge t W Some exclusions apply. For list of applicable courses, go to: futurestudents.




Q Subject to exchange availability. Students must achieve a 65 per cent average during their university studies to qualify.


Chancellors Scholars Program

o g r a du a t e p r h c of your 19

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Scholarships There is a range of scholarship opportunities open to Bachelor of Commerce applicants, who are lucky to have access to one of Australia’s most generous and comprehensive scholarship programs.

Some scholarships are offered through Melbourne Scholarships and others are offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics. While many scholarships do not require an additional application, each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria to consider. If you are interested in a scholarship it is advisable to have a look at these criteria and any additional requirements you may need to meet.

CHANCELLOR’S SCHOLARS PROGRAM See page 19 for details.

UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE SCHOLARSHIPS The Melbourne Scholarships Program recognises outstanding academic achievement and provides access to higher education to students who might otherwise be excluded by socioeconomic, cultural, geographic and other disadvantages. Visit our website for the most upto-date information on scholarships, including closing dates: Up to 200 Melbourne Access Scholarships are available each year to students from a broad range of access groups. For information and how to apply, visit: scholarships/ugrad/future/access

FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS SCHOLARSHIPS Thanks to the generosity of alumni and industry partners, and through the excellent work of the Melbourne Foundation for Business and Economics, the Faculty of Business and Economics is able to offer scholarships to local and international students commencing the Bachelor of Commerce. Scholarships include: „„Dawn

Wade Scholarship

„„Commerce „„First

Opportunity Bursaries

in the Family Scholarships


at International House Scholarship


International Undergraduate Merit Scholarships


International Undergraduate Partner Scholarships


of Commerce Global Scholarships.

Additional scholarships and subject prizes are also available to current Bachelor of Commerce students, so you can be rewarded for your hard work throughout the degree. Although additional applications are not required for most scholarships, some are awarded on the basis of specific eligibility criteria. Please visit our website to check individual requirements.

Achieving what I set out to do For me, it was always “ going to be the University of

Melbourne because of the course options offered and the great college system. Receiving the scholarship has alleviated an obvious financial headache, but what it really means is that I can confidently achieve what I set out to do. Natasha Ashdown Bachelor of Commerce Major in Actuarial Studies First in the Family Scholarship


$1.5 million in scholarships awarded to commencing Commerce students in 2013


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Graduate study Completing a graduate qualification after your bachelors degree will set you up to become a leader in your field and open up a wide range of career opportunities and increased earning potential. The University of Melbourne offers professional qualifications at masters level through our prestigious graduate schools. Our graduate programs offer intensive, focused study and professional knowledge – making you ‘job ready’ and preparing you for professional employment in Australia and abroad.

GRADUATE STUDY IN BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS The University of Melbourne offers a range of programs that provide career entry opportunities for recent graduates and specialist education for professionals. Programs are available in areas such as Accounting, Actuarial Studies, Business Administration (including the Master of Business Administration), Economics, Finance, Business Management, Human Resource Management, International Business, and Marketing.

GRADUATE COURSES IN OTHER FIELDS Graduate degrees outside of the Business and Economics field include: „„Executive „„Juris

Master of Arts

Doctor (Law)


of Architecture


of Energy Systems


of Engineering


of Information Systems


of Information Technology


of Journalism


of Nursing Science


of Psychology


of Social Work


of Teaching


of Urban Planning.

For a full list of our graduate degrees visit:

higher level of qualification

than a double bachelors degree

Graduate study

Designed with the needs of internationally mobile graduates in mind, these qualifications are endorsed by the Australian Government as pathways to professional employment in Australia. Many are also recognised by professional bodies around the world.

A masters degree is a

Guaranteed entry into graduate degrees  Q

Would you like to begin your undergraduate degree at Melbourne with the security of knowing a graduate place is reserved for you? Guarantees depend on the ATAR/notional ATAR you achieve:



A guaranteed place in the graduate degree of your choice, subject to meeting the prerequisites. This guarantee applies to our professional entry masters degrees, including the University’s flagship graduate degrees such as the Juris Doctor (Law) and the Master of Architecture.W No minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) is required in your undergraduate degree. Youll also be eligible for the Chancellor’s Scholars Program – see page 19.


96.00– 99.85 ATAR

below 96.00

A guaranteed place in your choice of a range of graduate degrees,W subject to meeting the prerequisites and achieving a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 65% in your undergraduate degree.

You may be eligible for a range of other guarantees. To see all your options, go to futurestudents.unimelb.

Q The guaranteed entry pathways above are available to domestic and international students who complete an Australian Year 12 or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in Australia in 2013. Eligible students must enrol in a University of Melbourne undergraduate degree immediately following Year 12, or be granted a deferral by the University. W Some exclusions apply. See for the list of applicable courses.

Graduate students go further, faster In Australia, people with a graduate degree earn $21 000 more per year than those with a bachelors degree. Postgraduate Destinations 2011, Graduate Careers Australia 21

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Entry requirements



Domestic students: 2014 Minimum ATAR E



Domestic students: 2014 Guaranteed ATAR



International students: 2014 Guaranteed ATAR R



VCE (units 3 and 4) prerequisite subjects

A study score of at least 25 in English/English Language/Literature or at least 30 in ESL, and at least 25 in Mathematical Methods (CAS) or Specialist Mathematics

QUALIFICATION Australian Year 12

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma 2014 Guaranteed IB score R


IB prerequisite subjects

English and Mathematics T

99.90 (notional ATAR)

GCE A Levels/Singapore A Levels 2014 Guaranteed score R


A Level prerequisite subjects

At least Grade C in Mathematics and an accepted AS Level English subject Y

Not available to A Level students

Trinity College Foundation Studies 2014 Guaranteed score R

86 U

TCFS prerequisite subjects

EAP (a score of at least 50%), English, Mathematics 1 and History of Ideas (Adv). For specialisation in Actuarial Studies, Mathematics 2 is also required.

Not available to TCFS students

For more details, or to see the entry requirements for other qualifications not listed here, go to: Q Applicants intending to major in Actuarial Studies or complete an engineering breadth sequence other than Computing and Software Systems are strongly encouraged to complete VCE Specialist Mathematics Units 3 and 4 or equivalent. Applicants intending to undertake an Engineering sequence in Electrical or Mechanical Systems are encouraged to complete VCE Physics or equivalent. If VCE Physics has not been completed applicants will incur the cost of undertaking additional Physics subjects through the University’s Community Access Program.

You do not need additional prerequisites to study Psychology subjects in first year once you meet the entry requirements for the Bachelor of Commerce. If you have not met the mathematics prerequisite for the Bachelor of Commerce, you can do so by achieving 75% in the Unilearn Senior Mathematics program. You are required to provide your Unilearn results to be considered for a place in the degree. For details visit: our-courses/senior-mathematics


8667-OffAdm.2014CourseBroCommerce26Apr.indd 22

W Students who achieve an ATAR/notional ATAR of 99.90 or above and satisfy course prerequisites will be guaranteed a place in the Chancellor’s Scholars Program. Students with an ATAR/notional ATAR below 99.90 may be considered depending on demand. Students must have completed an Australian Year 12 qualification or the IB in Australia in the year prior to entry (students must either enrol immediately or be granted a deferral in the year following Year 12). E Domestic students: Applicants who achieve the minimum ATAR for a course will be eligible for a place, provided prerequisite studies and any other specific course requirements are met. Only applicants eligible for special entry schemes will be admitted below the minimum ATAR. Minimum ATARs are reviewed annually. R International students: The University guarantees admission to a course when an international student achieves the required score, meets prerequisite studies, satisfies the English language requirements, and there are still places available in the course at the time of acceptance. If you do not meet the guaranteed score your application will not be considered for entry. Guaranteed scores apply only if no further study has been undertaken after completion of one of these programs. Guaranteed ATARs are reviewed annually. For updates visit: ugrad-int

Domestic students completing an international qualification: The score listed should be considered a minimum score to be eligible for a place in that course. The standard required for entry may be higher depending on demand for the course and the number of Commonwealth Supported Places available.

T For students with English as their second language a pass in English B at the required level will be accepted as satisfying the English prerequisite. Except where specified, IB subjects must be passed to at least Grade 4 Standard or Higher Level. Mathematical Studies is not deemed equivalent to VCE Mathematical Methods. Y Accepted GCE AS and A Level English subjects are: General Paper, General Studies, English Language and Literature, English Literature, English Language. Singapore A Level subject Knowledge and Enquiry (H2) is also accepted. A grade of at least C is required to meet the University’s English language requirements. U Score is calculated on the basis of final ‘Best Four’ subjects. Mathematics 1 must be included in the final score calculation.

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HOW TO APPLY Domestic students

FEES Domestic students

Domestic students applying for an undergraduate course must submit an application through the Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).

All domestic undergraduate students are enrolled in a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), subsidised by the Australian Government.

Domestic students studying overseas must also apply through VTAC.

International students

Full details about the VTAC application process can be found at:

International students International students studying the VCE, an Australian Year 12 or IB in Australia must apply through VTAC for Semester 1 entry. All other international students, including those undertaking foundation studies in Australia, must apply directly to the University or through one of our overseas representatives.

Tuition fees are charged for each year that you are enrolled. You will pay tuition fees according to your specific enrolment in any given semester. Detailed fee information, including the fee policy covering your enrolment, will be provided when you are offered a place at the University. For full details about tuition fees, visit: admissions/fees



Advanced standing The faculty has agreements with selected international institutions which give students credit for previous study, subject to meeting entry and course requirements. Singapore „„Nanyang Polytechnic „„Ngee Ann Polytechnic „„Singapore Polytechnic „„Temasek




„„HELP University

See page 20.

„„INTI International University

For a step-by-step guide on how to apply, visit: admissions/applications

„„Taylors University „„Sunway University

Indonesia „„Universitas Indonesia „„Universitas Gajah Mada


Access Melbourne If you are a domestic student, you can enhance your opportunity for selection by applying for Access Melbourne, the University’s special entry scheme. Access Melbourne can help you gain a place in a course, even if your ATAR is below the Clearly-in Rank, by letting you explain the ongoing circumstances that have affected your education. Scholarships are also available.

„„Beijing Normal University

Zhuhai Other requests for advanced standing are assessed by the faculty on a case-by-case basis. apply/entry_requirements Get a guaranteed place The University has a selection guarantee for eligible applicants who have a disadvantaged financial background or who are from a rural or isolated area. Guaranteed ATARs for 2014 will be published at: How to apply Applications are made using the Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application on the VTAC website.

Printed carbon neutral – XXX CO2 23 saved on this project

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COURSE INFORMATION DAY Parkville campus Wednesday 18 December 2013


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