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A s p i re to Ac h i eve

Welcome to Bushey Meads School As a parent or carer choosing the right secondary school for your child will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You rightly expect your child to be happy and thrive in a safe, inspiring environment, which prepares them well for a successful future. We are confident that Bushey Meads affords all students this opportunity. We look forward to welcoming your son or daughter to the school and becoming one of our many successes of the future.

Jeremy Turner Executive Principal “I really enjoy this school. It’s a great school to go to. The teachers are very good and I learn something new every day.” Year 7 Student

Aspire to Achieve Over successive years our attainment at both GCSE and A level has placed us among the top comprehensive schools in the country. We achieve this by having high aspirations and expectations of all our students in terms of hard work, self-discipline and achievement. The school builds on strong academic traditions in a caring atmosphere which promote an expectation that every student will positively contribute to the school community. Aspire to Achieve is our school motto; within our inclusive, family ethos we nurture the personal development of all our students and ensure they are challenged to reach their full potential. We enjoy working closely with parents and carers so that together we provide the very best for our students. We ensure that your child develops into a mature, independent learner who succeeds at the highest level throughout their lives. Bushey Meads School is the school that will make the difference.

Inspiring Teaching Aspirational Learning Our drive to deliver outstanding teaching is at the heart of our practice; instilling a curiosity for and love of learning is our core purpose.

‘Students make an exceptional contribution to a safe, positive learning environment. Students show very high levels of engagement, courtesy, collaboration and cooperation, in and out of lessons.’ Ofsted

Welcoming our New Learners Throughout the transition process we guide and nurture, ensuring a confident and happy start to every child’s successful journey through our school.

“I would definitely recommend this school to another pupil because you are very well looked after here. It is like we are one big family.” Year 7 Student

Confident Responsible Supportive Our friendly and caring ethos creates a positive environment that enables all students to thrive, gain a sense of belonging and grow in confidence.

“Bushey Meads is a safe and welcoming school with friendly students and teachers.� Year 11 Student

Developing Potential Communicating Progress Valuing strong home school partnerships, we develop successful learners who enjoy their studies, make progress and achieve their potential. Our robust assessment process, detailed reports, parents’ evenings and target setting activities enable us to match our teaching to your child’s needs. A commitment to ensure achievement across all subjects provides a platform for lifelong learning for every student. “Bushey Meads School is a high-achieving school which respects every student and aims for the best results.” Year 10 Student

“Taking part in the Sixth Form community service programme has enabled me to develop my personal skills of mentoring and teaching younger students.� Year 12 Student

Developing Future Leaders We provide exciting and challenging opportunities to ensure all students become confident, independent and responsible adults, developing skills which enable them to engage positively in society. Our students are strongly encouraged to develop their leadership skills through a wide range of opportunities. They all actively contribute to the wider life of the school community.

A Personalised Curriculum A curriculum tailored to the individual makes the school a place of real relevance and enjoyment for its students, providing thriving routes to top universities, flourishing vocational options and personalised pathways to success.

“State of the art equipment such as the 3D printer enables us to bring our designs to life.� Year 9 Student

Exciting Innovative Creative Precise laser cutters and amazing 3D printers allow students to fabricate professionally engineered artefacts, bringing genuine excitement to technology projects. Our state of the art resources and equipment fully support the delivery of quality learning experiences.

'The school’s curriculum is good and provides positive, memorable experiences, both in the classroom and within a programme of extra-curricular opportunities.’ Ofsted

Beyond the Classroom Whatever their interests, students can find a meaningful and enjoyable experience from our extensive range of clubs and activities, enhancing their skills, having fun and making new friends.

Well Prepared for the Future The Sixth Form at Bushey Meads is a place of opportunity and innovation. Effectively supported and challenged, all our students are encouraged to aspire to and succeed at the world’s best universities.


Belief Motivation Success We look forward to welcoming you to our school; a school where everyone Aspires to Achieve and does their very best to ensure that year on year their best gets better.


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