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Welcome to our show piece


ach year, for 42 years now, The Leader has published this thing called The Guide. Some of you have probably read it for the past four decades. Others of you may be seeing it for the first time. Let me tell you what this is, just to clear up any confusion. The purpose of The Guide is to be exactly that. Our hope, and what I imagine the hopes of the Burge family when they began this publication so many years ago, was to offer one, single publication that would tell you everything you needed to know about our area of Houston. Whether you live in the Heights, Garden Oaks, Oak Forest or the many other neighborhoods of our coverage area, the reason we publish this edition is to give you an annual reminded about the wonderful place we call home.

Jonathan McElvy, Publisher This year – as in many of the past years –we’ve tried to do things a little differenty. At one point, The Guide was just a series of lists. Then, about four years ago, we decided to use this publication to tell you some stories that might be of interest. And this year, we’ve tried to do one better. There’s a theme to this edition: Where You Are. As you’ll notice throughout the pages, we hope it’s easy to follow along with the sections we’ve created to tell you more about

this “Where� that we live. You’ll find a section about “Where you Live,� designed to tell you about our homes, our neighborhoods and the real estate market. “Where you Worship� is a definitive piece about the great diversity we have in our churches. “Where you Work� tells the story of the wonderful businesses in our community and why people choose to open their shops here. “Where you Learn� gives a wonderful capsule of what more and more people in this community are happy with their neighborhood schools. One other thing: We couldn’t product this publication without the support of the consistent advertisers who look forward to this edition each year. They know The Guide has staying power. We hope you think the same.


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Helpful numbers for your family City of Houston Health and Human Services General Information 832-3935169 Información en Español (Information in Spanish) 832-3935169 Central Appointments Line (Call Center) 832-393-5427 HEALTH CENTERS La Nueva Casa de Amigos Health Center 832-395-0570 Northside Health Center 832-395-9100 Sharpstown Health Services (STD, Dental, WIC only): 832-3959800 Sunnyside Health Center 832-395-0206 OTHER HEALTH DEPARTMENT HELPFUL NUMBERS Adult Immunizations Clinic 832393-5427 Ambulance Inspections 832393-5611 Birth/Death Certificates 3-1-1 for local calls and 713-837-0311 for calls outside the Houston city limits Dental Services 832-3935427 Disease Reporting/Epidemiology 832-393-5080 Hansens Disease Information 832-393-4804 Hepatitis C Task Force 832-3935010 HIV Prevention 832-393-5010 Immunizations 832-393-5427 Immunizations for Foreign Travel: 832-393-5427 Nutrition 832-393-5427 Pharmacy 832-393-0255 Prenatal Care/Maternity 832-393-5427 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 832-393-5010 TB Control 832-393-5173 Warehouse 832-395-0254 Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Information/Appointments 832-393-5427 ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Air Quality - Indoor 832-3935750 Air Quality - Outdoor 3-1-1 for local calls and (713) 837-0311 for calls outside the Houston city limits Asbestos: 832-393-5750 Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention (BPCP): 832-393-5730 Childhood Blood Level Testing of Lead: 832-393-5141 Consumer Health: 832-3935100 Food Establishment Com-

plaints: 832-393-5100 Food Establishment Permits: 832-393-5100 Food Managers Certification Class: 832-393-5100 Hazardous Waste: 832-3935730 Laboratory Services: 832-3933900 Lead-Based Paint Abatement Program: 832-393-5141 Mold: 832-393-5750 Morning Air Pollution Forecast: 832-393-5612 Pollen and Mold Spore Report 713-247-5846 Restaurant Inspections: 832393-5100 Smoking Ordinance Enforcement: 832-393-5750 Swimming Pool/Spa Permits/Inspection: 832-393-5740 Temporary Event Food Permit: 832-393-5100 Water Pollution/Sanitation: 832-393-5740 Water - Drinking Water Analysis: 832-393-3939 OTHER USEFUL NUMBERS Animal Control 7300


Fitness with a

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 1-800-232-4636 Children’s Protective Services: 713-767-2000 Food Stamps: 713-767-2000 Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services (Harris County Health Department): 713439-6000 Harris Health System: 713-6433691 HCHD Eligibility Cards: 713643-3691 Medicaid: 713-767-2000 Medicare: 1-800-772-1213 Mosquito Control: 713-4404800 Neighborhood Protection (weeded lots, rats, dumping, etc.): 713-218-5500 Noise Complaints: 713-8843131 Social Security: 1-800-772-1213 Texas Assistance for Needy Families (TANF): 713-767-2000 Texas Department of Health: 713-767-3000 Texas Department of Human Services: 713-767-2000 United Way Helpline: 2-1-1 Water Bills: 713-371-1400 Welfare: 713-767-3000


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Where We Worship

Area offers one of most diverse for churches By Landan Kuhlmann landan@theleadernews.com

The hustle and bustle of every-day life can weigh on everyone; but for those looking for an escape, our The Heights, Garden Oaks and Oak Forest are home to a plethora of churches, wherever your perfect fit winds up being. “People are free to come to any church and be themselves, because the Heights is one of the most diverse communities in one of the most diverse cities in the entire country. Whether they wear shorts, a suit and tie or a pair of slacks,” said Pastor David Harrison of First Church Heights. “They’re free to come in and worship God in a plethora of ways, and have the availability of worshipping anywhere. People can get God in a variety of ways without changing who God is.” “I feel like worship in the Heights is more eclectic and that’s a good thing. I don’t feel tied down to form because this neighborhood is not. This means there is freedom in worship. You could have a 2,000-year-old traditional element in a service followed by a contemporary song, and the next Sunday do something totally different,” added Rev. Lindsay Hatch with Heights Presbyterian Church. “Sometimes we change the order of our service around based on the message that is being preached that Sunday. We are free to try new things; whatever allows for the movement of the Holy Spirit in worship. This is a reflection of our Living and Active God.” Reflecting our home Furthering the area as a spot anyone is welcome, multiple leaders interviewed noted the “changing of the guard” with regards to diversity on all fronts, and believe their area’s

David Harrison has built First Church Heights into a mixed congregation. He says ‘People can get God in a variety of ways without changing who God is. (Contributed photo from Facebook)

churches have begun to reflect that change – furthering their uniqueness even within the ever-changing city. “When I took over two years ago, we had an all-Anglo congregation. [Former pastor] Larry Young told me that if this church was going to make it, we needed to make sure the church looks like the community, and I think most pastors in the Heights are trying make their churches indigenous,” Harrison added. “It looks exactly like what you’d see walking down a street. Kids are being raised in a community where they see there are no cultural or socio-economic boundaries, only people boundaries. We can all grow and live together when Christ is the common ground.” “It’s already such a smaller community in such a large city that it really seems focused on the community and building relationships, and doing that in a spiritual way is magnified in

the Heights,” member Jessica Moss added. If you stroll on down to Garden Oaks and Oak Forest, the experience rings true there as well, as an ever-changing landscape mirrors its neighbors just down T.C. Jester. “There’s such a wide variety of worship styles and congregations that call [Garden Oaks/Oak Forest] home, and that’s just a reflection of the city of Houston being one of the most diverse cities in the country,” Trovar said. “That diversity is reflected even in this portion of the neighborhood and the different houses of worship that are mixed into the area. There’s so many different churches in the area that each have their calling.” “We understand that our neighborhood is changing and rapidly developing into a very diverse ethnic mix of people,” added Pastor Arthur Murphy with St. James Lutheran Church, which offers worship

services in both English (10 a.m.) and Spanish (12 p.m.) service. “We’re giving people in the neighborhood a chance to connect with their neighbors who have many differing backgrounds.” And that sentiment is more than a preacher spin on things; it has become evident to anyone passing by. “[The Heights] is just a prime area to have a spot so diverse where people from so many different backgrounds can come and worship – we’ve got different stories and upbringings that helped shape and mold who we are,” said John Sharp, who has been a member of FCH since 2014. “We believe in the same God, but that upbringing can sometimes shape your beliefs, so it’s good to hear those different struggles and challenges – that’s what strikes me first, and this area fuels that type of environment.”

Bigger than you Because many who enter the doors on Sunday mornings could be a coworker, friend or acquaintance members see weekly outside a church’s walls, ministers and members alike agreed the gathering is more than members of a congregation; they have a personal connection just as they would with a family, creating an experience that is bigger than themselves. “People can worship in their community and directly affect the lives of their neighbors,” Murphy said. “It’s an opportunity to minister to the people who are closest, and improve their own neighborhood most directly.” “Being [at First Church Heights], I’m blessed to be able to see [the congregation members] in passing every day. It’s a blessing to be able to see someone out of the church setting and still carry on the conversation of faith and en-

couragement,” said Kay Phillips, who became a member of First Church Heights’ family earlier this year. “What’s amazing is how passersby – we always know somebody – can chime into the conversation and not feel left out. And that promise of a true church family permeates throughout the area, no matter where residents find themselves a home. “The blessing of a neighborhood church is that I know everybody, and I get to know them on a deeper level; it’s not me speaking to faceless crowd, it’s me talking to this student or this family who is dealing with something right now,” Trovar said. “It’s about walking alongside them and sharing life with them, it’s not just a one-way street.” For Sharp, that promise was one he personally experienced at First Church as a result of Harrison’s persistence in pursuing him when he first joined the church “As Christians, we’re called to make disciples and go out to all nations. You can’t really make disciples if you don’t go out and touch people and communicate with them. I was going through a bevy of things in my life, and sort of just collapsed on me. I became introverted; I went into my shell and didn’t want to talk to anyone,” he said. “But Pastor texted me and contacted me in those early days, as if he wasn’t going to let me go. It was saying ‘I know you’re going through something, and I’m going to be here for you.’ He is just so immersed with his congregation, and from that you feel love. You can do that with a smaller church.” Sharp’s story is not unlike many other lives that have changed from our community’s churches; so, come check them out!

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 8

Where We Worship

Churches offering faith, new family experiences • Abiding Faith UMC


4300 N. Shepherd Dr. 77018 713-698-0671 www.abidingfaith-umc.org

• St. Anne de Beaupre Catholic Church 2810 Link Road 77009 713-869-1319

• Advent Lutheran Church

• St. James Evangelical

5820 Pinemont Dr. 77092 713-686-8201 www.adventhouston.org

1602 W. 43rd St. 77018 713-686-1577

• All Saints Catholic Church

• St. Jerome Catholic Church

215 E. 10th St. 77008 713-864-2653 www.allsaints.us.com

8825 Kempwood St. 77080 713-468-7946 stjeromehou.org

• Arise Baptist Church

• St. Joseph Catholic Church

803 Curtin St. 77018 713-659-9697 arisebaptistchurch.org

1505 Kane St. 77007 713-222-6193 www.stjosephcch.org

• Assumption Catholic Church

901 Roselane St. 77037 281-447-6381 www.assumptionhouston.com

• Baptist Temple

230 W. 20th St. 77008 713-862-6655 www.baptisttemple.org

• Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church 161 West Road 77037 281-445-2203 http://bslc.zxq.net/

• Bering United Methodist Church 1440 Harold St. 77006 713-526-1017 www.beringumc.org

• Candlelight Church of Christ 4215 Watonga Blvd. 77092 713-681-9365 www.candlelightchurchofchrist.org

• Christ The King Catholic Church 4419 N. Main St. 77009 713-869-1449 www.ctkcc.org

• Clay Road Baptist Church

9151 Clay Road 77080 713-462-3401


• Community of Faith

1024 Pinemont Dr. 77091 713-688-2900 thecommunityoffaith.org

• Covenant Baptist Church

4949 Caroline St. 77004 713-668-8830 covenanthouston.org

• Fairbanks United Methodist Church 14210 Aston St. 77040 713-462-3206 www.fairbanksumc.org

• First Baptist Church Heights 201 E. 9th St. 77007 713-861-3102 www.fbcheights.org

• Garden Oaks Baptist Church

3206 N. Shepherd Dr. 77018 713-864-4447 www.gobc.org

• Gethsemane Lutheran Church 4040 Watonga Blvd. 77092 713-688-5227 gethsemanelutheran.org

• Glad Tidings Church

6803 Grovecrest St. 77092 713-462-3555 gladtidingshouston.com

• Gospel Truth Pentecostal Church 1624 W. 34th St. 77018 713-686-7689

• Grace Church Garden Oaks 3754 North Shepherd Dr. 77018 281-441-1111

• Grace United Methodist Church 1245 Heights Blvd. 77008 713-862-8883 www.graceintheheights.us

• Heights Christian Church

1703 Heights Blvd. 77008 713-861-0016 www.hcchouston.org

• Heights Presbyterian Church 240 W. 18th St. 77008 713-861-1907

• Holy Trinity Reformed Episcopal Church 211 Byrne St. 77009 713-862-5657 www.holytrinityrec.org

• St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church • Hope Episcopal Church 1613 W. 43rd St. 77018 713-681-6422 www.hope-episcopal.org

• Houston First Baptist Church 7401 Katy Freeway, 77024

• Immanuel Lutheran Church

306 E. 15th St. 77008 713-864-2651 www.immanuelhouston.org

• Lazybrook Baptist Church

1822 W. 18th St. 77008 713-864-1470 www.lazybrookbaptistchurch. org

• Messiah Lutheran Church 816 Roy St. 77007 713-861-3072 messiahlc.org

• Mount Ararat Baptist Church

5801 W. Montgomery 77091 713-692-8470

• Oak Forest Baptist

1700 W. 43rd St. 77108 713-682-4942 www.oakforestbaptistnhca.org

• Oak Forest Church of Christ

1333 Judiway 77018 281-896-4563 www.oakforest-churchofchrist. org

• Oaks Christian Church 1216 Bethlehem 77018 713-688-7761 www.oakscchouston.org

• Oaks Presbyterian Church

1576 Chantilly Ln. 77018 713-682-2556 www.oakspresbyterian.org

• The Open Door Church 1111 Lawrence St. 77008

• Our Savior Lutheran Church 5000 W. Tidwell 77091 713-290-9087 www.osl.cc

• St. Ambrose Catholic Church

4213 Mangum Road 77092 713-686-3497 www.stambrosehouston.org

• St. Andrew’s Episcopal

1819 Heights Blvd. 77008 713-861-5596 www.saintandrewsepiscopal.

4300 N. Shepherd Dr. 77018 713-697-0671

• St. Rose of Lima Catholic Community 3600 Brinkman 77018 713-691-0104 www.stroselima.org.

• St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church 2003 W. 43rd St. 77018 713-686-8241 www.stsumc.org

• St. Theresa Catholic Church 6622 Haskell St. 77007 713-869-3783 sttheresa.cc

• Trinity Episcopal Church 1015 Holman St. 77004 713-528-4100 trinitymidtown.org

• Vineyard Church

1035 E. 11th St. 77009 713-869-9070 houstonvineyard.org

• Zion Lutheran ChurchELCA 3606 Beauchamp St. 77009 713-869-1493 zionhouston.org

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 9

Your Neighborhood Realtor I am grateful to be working in my dream profession of real estate! You may know me as the “Neighbors” columnist in The Leader Newspaper, but I am also an experienced Realtor with a passion for effectively guiding clients through the sale or purchase of their homes. A 3rd generation Oak Forest resident, I’m a 1984 Waltrip High School grad with 4 children ages 13 to 26, I’ve been married for 28 years to Ernest (St. Pius X, 1984), and I’m an active volunteer in the community. As a full service Realtor assisting clients of all ages and backgrounds, I have successfully listed and sold homes from 100+ year old historic properties to contemporary 4 story townhomes throughout Houston, and also work with clients through the maze of new construction from the ground up. My secret weapons are: integrity, accountability, client references, solid experience and – I return phone calls!

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The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 10

Where We Live

Beyond location, area offers character By Mike Tenney For The Leader For centuries now, the most important part of moving real estate property has been location, location, location. Whether it’s in the proximity to someone’s job, the closeness to family, or wanting to be right by that school everyone wants to attend, where the house and property is, has always been the top factor when someone is looking to buy. But while one of the main attractions to residing in the Heights and the immediate surrounding areas is the fact that the big city is just minutes away in any direction you go, one big allure includes the homes themselves that are for sale and the feeling of being

Bill Baldwin, owner and broker of Boulevard Realty, says one of the allures of this area is what has been preserved. (File Photo)

almost in a time gone by when you live there. “There’s no doubt, the proximity to Houston, the proxim-

ity to everything Houston has to offer makes the Heights an attractive area to potential homebuyers,� said Bill Bald-

meet your neighborhood commercial real estate experts 1505 Heights Blvd • Houston, TX 77008

David Sternbaum 832-687-7333


win, owner/broker of Boulevard Properties. “But it’s also the character of the houses. It’s really the last bastion of homes of this style in the city. The homes are in a historic neighborhood and have the look of the housing stock from the last 100 years with a porch and a big lot and a backyard and all those types of amenities that people are looking for and have been looking for since people started buying houses. Yes, it is all about location, location, location. But it is also about looks, looks, looks.� Others in the real estate

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See LOCATION, Page 17

Your Neighborhood Business Center.

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Bob Medeiros 713-825-9397


over 70 years combined real estate experience call or contact us to find out how we can help

(832) 667-8001 tx229@postnet.com | postnet.com/tx229 1337-B W.43rd Street Houston, TX 77018

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 11

Where We Live

Contact information for state, local representatives The Leader area is primarily represented by Houston City Council Member Ellen Cohen.

Houston City Council Brenda Stardig, District A City Hall Annex 900 Bagby, First Floor Houston, TX 77002 832-393-3010 www.houstontx.gov/council/a/ index.html districta@houstontx.gov Ellen Cohen, District C City Hall Annex 900 Bagby, First Floor Houston, TX 77002

832-393-3004 www.houstontx.gov/council/c/ index.html districtc@houstontx.gov

Karla Cisneros, District H City Hall Annex 900 Bagby, First Floor Houston, TX 77002 832-393-3003 www.houstontx.gov/council/h/ districth@houstontx.gov Other city and state representatives are listed below: Precinct 4 Commissioner R. Jack Cagle

houSton’S beSt CantoneSe and hong kong dInIng experIenCe.


Harris County Judge Ed Emmett 713-755-4000 State Representative Dwayne Bohac, District 138 713-460-2800 www.bohac.com Texas State Senator John Whitmire, District 15 713-864-8701 US Congress Sheila Jackson Lee, District 18 713-655-0050

Come dIne wIth uS!

tueS. - thurS. 11:00 - 10:00 p.m. frIday - Saturday 11:00 - 11:00 p.m. 4705 Inker Street | (713) 861-8883 ConvenIently loCated off of I-10 and Shepherd www.gIngerandforkreStaurant.Com

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 12

Where We Live

Meet your neighbors at civic clubs, area HOAs Those living in The Leader communities take great pride in their neighborhoods – something reflected in the various civic groups and community groups across the area. Whether you’re new to the area, looking to get involved, or just have a question, The Guide has you covered. Over the years, civic clubs across Northwest Houston have worked with police to help deter crime, preserve the character of their neighborhoods with the help of deed restrictions and have connected residents with each other at various functions and events. The following is a list of area community groups, civic clubs (and their respective presidents or community liaisons where applicable), local and state officials and where more information can be found.

Houston, Texas 77292-4451 713-489-2130 www.forestpinescc.com questions@forestpinescc.com

Forest West Community Improvement Association P.O. Box 3488 Houston, TX 77253 President: David Ojeman David@forestwest.com www.forestwest.com

Garden Oaks Civic Club Matt Gannon, President 832-646-4140 www.gardenoaks.org president@gardenoaks.org

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at Garden Oaks Montessori Magnet cafeteria, 901 Sue Barnett.

Heights Lions Club

713-523-9151 HeightsLions@aol.com www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/ houstonheights/ Meets noon second and fourth Thursdays at Spaghetti Western, 1608 Shepherd Drive.

(1330 Wirt Rd.) 11:45 a.m. Wednesdays.

Heights Woman’s Club

713-513-7846 www.houstonheightswomansclub.com info@houstonheightswomansclub.com Meets at 1846 Harvard St.

Houston Heights Association President: Bill Baldwin 713-861-4002 www.houstonheights.org info@houstonheights.org

Heights Rotary Club

President: Robert H. (Bob) Williams www.heightsrotary.org Meets at Fratelli’s Restaurant

832-303-0741 President: Drew Gallagher www.montiebeach.org 832-303-0741

713-688-6342 President: Martha M. Mears www.ofha.org info@myoakforest.org

Rice Military

P.O. Box 130311 Houston, TX 77219-0311

Lafco Candles Chilewich

Clark Pines Civic Association



Great Gift Ideas

East Sunset Heights Association

Home Decor & Gifts

www.eastsunsetheights.com eshaboard1@gmail.com P.O. Box 924451

Montie Beach Civic Club

Oak Forest Homeowners Association

“The promise of an experience unlike any other.”

President Skip Ward www.candlelightwoodsestates.com Sterling ASI Management Company 832-678-4500

Forest Pines Civic Club

P.O. Box 924305 Houston, TX 77292 Jessi Heiner, President www.mangummanor.org contact@mangummanor.org

P.O. Box 30021 Houston, TX 77249 President: Stephen Prescott www.norhill.org info@norhill.org

In The Heights since 2001

Candlelight Woods-Estates Homeowners Association

5022 Darling St. 77007 www.cottagegrovehouston.org

Mangum Manor Civic Club

Norhill Neighborhood Association

Mon-Sat 10am - 6pm • Sunday 1pm - 5pm


Cottage Grove Civic Club

Judy Dyk www.lazybrook.org president@lazybrook.org

345 W. 19th Street 713.869.1414

Candlelight Plaza Civic Club

Tori Williams, Co-President mzppie@yahoo.com Vicki Bailey, Co-President vickibailey@earthlink.net www.clarkpines.org

Lazybrook Civic Club

355 W. 19th Street

(Next door to Eclectic Home)


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Accessories • Furniture & More

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 13

Where We Live

Businesses unite through civic clubs, Super Neighborhoods In a city as big as Houston, organizing local residents can be a daunting task. Fortunately, our area Super Neighborhoods are here to help. A Super Neighborhood is a geographically designated area where residents, civic organizations, businesses and other entities work to identify the needs and priorities within their communities. Each Super Neighborhood elects a council made up of area residents to help organize discussions around issues and work with city and county officials to help improve their neighborhoods.

The Leader area is served by four distinct Super Neighborhood groups: The Central Northwest Super Neighborhood Council (Super Neighborhood 12) Neighborhoods\Organizations: Candlelight Estates Sec 1 Candlelight Estates POA Candlelight Place Sec. 3- 4 Candlelight Oaks Candlelight Oaks Village Candlelight Plaza Ella Lee Forest Garden Oaks Garden Oaks Plaza Mangum Manor Oak Forest Pinemont Park Square Shepherd Forest Shepherd Park Plaza

www.sn12.org Super Neighborhood 12 meets the fourth Wednesday of every other month (barring holiday weeks) 6:30 p.m. at the Candlelight Community Center (1520 Candlelight Ln.). Greater Heights Super Neighborhood Council (Super Neighborhood 15) Neighborhoods/Organizations: Clark Pines Civic Association East Sunset Heights Association Heights West Home Owners Group Houston Heights Association Houston Heights Progressive Civic Club Lower Heights Civic Club





See CIVIC, Page 16

The Breast Care Center at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights now offers 3-D mammograms, the latest in early breast cancer detection. Breast tomosynthesis is an innovative, FDA-approved digital technology that helps your physician detect smaller tumors sooner – at the earliest stages of breast cancer. The Breast Care Center at Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital has been granted full re-accreditation by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC), one of only three centers with this accreditation in Greater Houston. Schedule your 3-D mammogram online today or call 713.867.3336.

AdolfHoepfl.com 713.960.4538 4610 N. Shepherd

HOURS: Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:30 pm • Saturday 8:00 am - 4:00pm

Look for our expansion in 2018 - to better serve you! Alignment Check

For more information, visit memorialhermann.org/locations/ imaging-center-heights

Oil Change Special


• Inspect vehicles steering/suspension • Check tire condition and air pressure • Check alignment on alignment rack

Most cars/light trucks. See store for details. Cannot combine with any other offers. Limited time only.

OIL CHANGE * For faster services, please call ahead for an appointment. Most cars/light trucks. Oil change includes up to 5qts. of motor oil and standard oil filter.

must present coupon

Offers expire 12-31-17

* Cannot combine with any other offers. One time use only. 



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The Leader readers’ ChoiCe award 2017 Auto Repair 1st Place - Adolf Hoepfl Oil Change 1st Place - Adolf Hoepfl

6 Year Winner BBB Award of Excellence

GH ScheduleNow-Tomosythesis_Leader_5x10 C.indd 1

11/16/17 12:07 PM

PUBL North Buye INSE 11.25 MAT 11.20 LATIT JOB N MHH CLIE Mem JOB N GH S Tomo LIVE n/a SIZE 5� x BLEE n/a COLO 4cp; SWO FORM Pres TRG QUES Pat H @ 21

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Local health centers Healthcare is something people from around the world come to Houston for, especially for specialty care in heart diesease and cancer. Just this month, residents in The Leader area shared breast cancer stories with us and the community, many of which recieved prevenitive care and treatment from specialty facilities right here in the area. In addition to specialty care, emergency medical care is moments away. If you are looking for a general practitioner, or educational classes there are plenty of local resources: • Memorial Hermann Greater Heights, 1635 North Loop West, 713-867-2000, www.memorialhermann.org/heights. • Memorial Hermann Medical Group Greater Heights Primary Care (located in the CCC), 1431 Studemont St., 713-242-2980,

www.memorialhermann. org/heights. • St. Joseph Medical Center in The Heights, 1917 Ashland, 713969-5400, www.sjmcheights. com. • Kindred Hospital, 1800 W. 26th St., 832-673-4200, www. khheights.com. • Antoine Health Center, 5815 Antoine Dr., 713-602-3300, www.hcphes.org/dccp/antoine. htm. • Good Neighbor Healthcare Center, 190 Heights Blvd., 713-529-3597, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday. www.gnhc.org. • Avenue 360 Health and Wellness, 2150 W. 18th St., Suite 300, 713-426-0027, www. hacstxs.org. • Northwest Community Health Center, 1100 W. 34th, 713-861-3939. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday.

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5 Years In A Row! Best Animal Hospital Best Veterinarian Best Animal Day Care/Boarding

2120 West 34th

Your Local Caring Attorney


Wendy Prater

endy Prater is a native Houstonian, having graduated from St. Pius X High School, Baylor University and Baylor University School of Law. She is a Lifetime Member of Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, having served on the Directions & Assistance Committee for over 20 years. Her daughter attends St. Pius X High School. Wendy enjoys handling probate matters and drafting wills and powers of attorney. She is also available to assist with all types of family law matters. Wendy likes to think she “holds her client’s hand” through the legal process, to make things as easy as possible for them. Having grown up in the area, and in the same location since 1992, Wendy wants to be your neighborhood attorney. Someone you can trust with your legal matters. Give Wendy a call to see how she can assist you. Credit cards are accepted. 713-802-9171. 1919 North Loop West Suite 490, Houston, Texas, 77008. www.praterlaw.com or praterlaw@sbcglobal.net.


Your Neighborhood Bankers

Quality. Caring. Close By. St. Joseph Medical Center in The Heights has been proudly caring for Greater Heights area residents since we opened in the Fall of 2012. We’ve treated thousands of patients who are pleased to know that they have a quality healthcare resource right in their backyard. We are an extension of St. Joseph Medical Center located in Downtown Houston and together, we are connected to over 800 board-certified physicians and specialists on our medical staff. Our facility offers a wide range of medical and surgical services and our caring staff stands ready to serve you and your family whenever you need us. At St. Joseph Medical Center in the Heights, you’ll find: • A 24-Hour Physician-Staffed Emergency Department • Diagnostic Imaging – 64-slice CT, Ultrasound and X-Ray • Easy Online ER Check-in at sjmcheights.com • Inpatient Care – 48 Private Rooms and a 4-bed Cardiopulmonary Unit • Outpatient Services – Imaging, Lab and a Non-Invasive Cardiology Clinic • Surgical Services – Endoscopy, General, GYN, Orthopedic, Plastic, Urology and more

For more information about our services or to find a physician near you, visit sjmcheights.com or call 713-969-5400.

L-R: Amy Ritter – Bank Officer/Lender, Margaret Vandever – SVP/Lender, Scott Lester – Bank Office President, Cecilia Rodriguez – AVP/Office Manager, Justin Vickrey – VP/Lender

Experienced community bankers providing value to Houston business owners. Please stop by - we want to visit with you and find out how we can help your business.

in The Heights

2222 North Durham Houston, TX 77008


MA K I N G A D I F F E R E N C E, TO G E T H E R .


1917 Ashland Street | Houston, TX 77008

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Pamel a efferson P r oPer ties

Broker AssociAte • reAltorŽ

| Member HAR, NAR, TAR

(713) 822-8555

SellingHomesInHouston.com Pamela@sellingHomesinHouston.com


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Best Italian Restaurant!

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1035 Nashua St

6114 Abington Way

6722 Cindy Ln

3/2/2 with a pool. Ready for move in. No flooding. Upgrades: High efficiency A/C, dbl. insulated windows, refinished hardwoods, custom fireplace. MLS 41843577

3/1 Home features updated energy efficient windows, updated electric, high efficiency A/C, three bedrooms and a open floor plan. MLS 16192991

3/2/2 Premier high & dry location. Never flooded! Updated kitchen, wood & tile floors, energy efficient storm windows, updated electric & plumbing. MLS 93265859

Commitment to Reliable, Neighborhood Service

John Ferrata


NLine Automotive is a 3rd Generation Family owned & operated auto repair business established in 1995. Located at 3030 Ella Blvd. just off Loop 610 West, Nline is convenient to Garden Oaks, Oak Forest and the Heights. We specialize in Alignments, Brakes, CV Axles, A/C & Engine Diagnostic, Suspension and Ride Control. NLine is an A+ rated businesses and accepts most extended warranties as well as the Car Care One Card. Our staff is comprised of some of the best suspension and diagnostic technicians in Houston, many with more than 15 years of experience in our shop! We grew up in the Garden Oaks-Oak Forest area and we plan to be here for the long haul. We realize our success depends upon the perception of our neighbors. We want to be the preferred shop in your area, providing great customer service in a timely manner. If you would like, come by and check us out. Our service writers Peter and John will answer any questions you may have. We also serve a very good cup of coffee! Things are changing in our neighborhood, out with the old and in with new and we want to continue to provide old fashioned service in the future. Stop by if you have any questions, we are here to help. Our Core Service Offer.... Nline Automitive is committed to serving you, our customer, with professional automotive repair at a reasonable cost with qualified technicians. We use quality auto parts, guaranteed coast-to-coast. We stand on sound business principles and uphold high ethical standards. Our goal is to make your automotive repair experience friendly and successful. Visit our website to schedule a morning or afternoon appointment. Pictured: John Ferrata IV, John Ferrata III, Jose Galdamez, Raul Cruz, Vinny Ferrata, Antonio Toxqui, Kevin Simmons, Peter Karfaridis

3030 Ella Blvd. @ Loop 610

Monday - Friday 8 am-6 pm. • Saturday 8 am-5 pm


Like us on Facebook and get 10% off your next repair!

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Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

CIVIC, from Page 13

Gentle Dental Care

Montie Beach Civic Club Park Square Homeowners Association Proctor Plaza Neighborhood Association Rotary Club of Houston Heights Shady Acres Civic Club Sunset Heights Civic Club Woodland Heights Civic Association www.houstontx.gov/superneighborhoods/15. html Super Neighborhood 14 President: Greg Gilbert Neighborhood Organizations: Brookwoods Estates Civic Club Hidden Lakes Townhomes HOA Lazybrook Civic Club Timbergrove Court HOA Timbergrove Manor Civic Club Timbergrove Manor NA Timbergrove Terrace HOA Woodbend Grove HOA www.snc-14.org Super Neighborhood 22 – Washington Avenue/ Memorial President: Kathleen Vossler Neighborhoods\Organizations: Old Sixth Ward West End Civic Club Magnolia Grove Civic Club Rice Military Civic Club Crestwood/Glen Cove

marK e. laWton, D.D.S., p.a.

Complimentary Dental exam, Full mouth X-rays and Consultation (up to a $225 value)

New Patients Only, not valid with insurance or other offers.

We accept Care-Credit

Dr. lawton and staff Cottage Grove Civic Club Camp Logan First Ward Woodcrest Neighborhood Civic Association Westwood Grove Memorial Heights www.sn22.org/ The Superneighborhood 22 Council meets on the third Thursday of each month from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the MECA auditorium in the Old Sixth Ward’s historic Dow School building located at 1900 Kane St. 77007.

Southern Comfort Food at Its Best

Caring and professional staff State of the Art Technology Nitrous Oxide offered Cosmetic Dentistry & Whitening

implants Veneers Crowns Bridges root Canals extractions Full & partial Dentures restorative Services night Guards

All porcelain E-Max crowns in one office visit!!! • Children welcome • Emergency appointments • Senior Discounts Your Healthy & Confident Smile is just a phone call away

Dr. Sage picks Dr. Lawton to assume patients upon retirement Dr. Sage after diligently evaluating a number of candidates to assume his practice on his retirement, introduced Dr. Mark Lawton whose values and professional skills he highly respected. Kim, your hygienist, has also been working with Dr. Lawton for nearly 10 years and will continue to provide dental care as she has in the past.

Come in and try our award winning

Barbecue or delicious Fried Chicken

Pictured: Dr. Sage, Kim Branson and Dr. Lawton.

wE’rE opEn TUESday – SaTUrday 10:30 am - 9:30 pm SUndayS & MondayS CloSEd

116 West Crosstimbers @ Yale 713-695-8112

a Beautiful Smile is your First impression

281-447-2186 7038 Antoine Drive Houston, Texas 77088

(e-mail) mark_e_lawton@yahoo.com


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LOCATION, from Page 7 community echoed those comments. “It is definitely location, location, location,” said ReMax Metro agent Carolyn Bryant, who was born and raised in the Heights. “I mean you are so close to everything in Houston. But the homes themselves have a charm to them that people are also looking for. The style of the home is very attractive to families. You’re talking about good-sized homes with an elegant look and a style to them that is very attractive to a buyer in the market.” “One of the biggest draws to our neighborhood, besides the home itself, is the larger lots,” said Abundant Living Real Estate agent Pam Efferson, who works mainly the Timber Grove area. “You’re talking about lots from 72 hundred square feet up to 22 thousand square or even larger in some cases. When you’re talking about an average lot of 85 hundred square feet, that is quite a bit of room. And in Timber Grove, those lots can’t be subdivided, which means they can’t be split up, so that is a big draw in this area. “People like having that space. They like having a backyard. They like having a dog and a swing set and room for them and their family to enjoy themselves. People want space outside the home and inside the home and all the homes in this area have just that.” Potential homebuyers in the Heights and immediate surrounding

areas note the small-town culture these areas have with people outand-about, traveling simply by foot to where they want to go. “You do see a lot of foot traffic around the Heights and that’s because there are a lot of things within walking distance of each other,” Bryant said. “You see people walking around a lot because they can walk to where they want to go. You see people walking their dogs. You see people pushing young children in strollers. You see people on bicycles because the Heights is so close to the bike trails. You see families out walking together. That’s part of the small-town feel the Heights area has. But you see people

walking around everywhere you go in the Heights.” Baldwin said the Heights area has things like sidewalks and porches and those things are both eye-catching and desirable to prospective homeowners. “When you have sidewalks, you have the ability to walk around and really get to know your neighborhood and that’s not something you have in a lot of other areas of Houston,” he said. “Walking up and down your street gives you a chance to connect with and get to know your neighbors. You have parts of this town where people don’t know the person who lives two doors down from them and

not having sidewalks play a big role in that. But people like having sidewalks and think they are important to a community. They allow people in a neighborhood to connect with each other. “And porches are important to a lot of people. A lot of people want a place to put a rocking chair or put a porch swing or just have a place for some outdoor furniture. Big front porches have become a real selling point to a lot of people, especially older buyers. But sidewalks and porches are two very important items in a neighborhood for a lot of people and the homes in the Heights areas generally have both.”

Agents say once prospective buyers see homes that are available in the Heights areas, they go after them. “We do about 20 open houses a year and we get people from Katy and Cypress and all the other suburbs asking about homes they’ve seen listed inside the loop,” said Bryant. “We have a lot of people who are looking to move closer to the city, for whatever the reason, but we have a lot of people who are just wanting to get inside the loop. I always preach to potential clients about the virtues of living inside the loop.” Baldwin said the sophisticated, simple look never grows old to homebuyers. And there are a lot of homes in the Heights/Garden Oaks/Oak Forest/Timber Grove communities that fit just that description. “The older style homes have always been popular, but I think they’re the next big industry trend,” he said. “The overwhelming trend right now is to go to a cleaner white pallet. White walls. White cabinets. A White bathroom. No reds or baby blues or color scheme like that. Just the simple, pure look. And we see a lot of homes like that in this area. It is definitely not a 70’s look. It’s more a 40’s look. That seems to be what is the trending item right now.” The consensus is in from real estate agents around the Heights area – it’s a great place to live.

Buying, selling, building with local organizations For years, Houston has enjoyed a healthy home buying and selling market, but with so many different properties, organizations and agents, finding the right place to live or understanding how to build in this area can be a daunting task. Here are some resources to make your task of finding your “home sweet home” an easier experience. Houston Association of Realtors www.har.com The Houston Association of Realtors offers listings for homes, townhomes, condominiums for sale and for lease as well as resources for lending. The organization’s website allows user to search for nearby schools, find realtors and research home values across Houston. Mobile device apps for Android, iOS and Windows phones also allows potential homebuyers to search for

homes, bookmark listings and view their property search history while on the go. Realtor.com Like the HAR website, Realtor.com allows users to search for homes across the Houston area. Houston Permitting Center 1002 Washington Ave. 832-394-9000 www.houstonpermittingcenter.org Houston.permittingcenter@houstontx.gov The City of Houston offers a “one-stop shop” permitting center to handle the permitting process for home construction, remodeling, demolitions and additions among other projects. The center’s website also provides guidelines for residential construction and offers updates on permits that

have been approved in local communities. Houston Reuse Warehouse 9003 N. Main 281-814-3324 www.houstontx.gov/solidwaste/reuse. html reuse.warehouse@houstontx.gov Hours Tuesday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Every second and fourth Saturday of the month – 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Closed: Sunday - Monday The Houston Reuse Warehouse accepts donated construction materials and provides them freely to any non-profit organization. The group accepts donations which would otherwise be dumped in local landfills.

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 18

Where We Work

Ian Tucker, who opened Balls Out Burger on North Durham, loves the community spirit he sees in the area, and he said people want to support local business. (File Photo)

Building business in this area provides great balance By Landan Kuhlmann landan@theleadernews.com Our local area was built on the backs of independent business owners and mom and pop shops, and continues to offer wonderful opportunities for growth, no matter what the business model. So, The Leader decided to check in with those embedded in the area’s workforce tapestry for their insight on what it offers. The attraction of working in the Heights, Greater Heights Chamber of Commerce President Jacob Millwee said, is in part due to many work spaces being enveloped by such an eclectic and scenic community, despite sitting just a few miles from downtown Houston. “There’s art and trees and more everywhere – it’s hardly a downtown or city atmosphere, and the ability to step out of an office or meeting and stand on a street that has so much character and history – is attractive to a lot of people, and hard to turn down,” he noted. Also playing a role in Millwee’s mind is the supportive atmosphere many businesses in the Heights and surrounding areas become a part


“It doesn’t matter whether you’re running a coffee shop, you’re in the printing business or you’re a realtor,” he said. “Whatever it may be, there’s a neighborly friendliness that permeates the Greater Heights that makes it a delight to interact with people around you.” Restauranteur Ian Tucker, who set down roots with the Balls Out Burger concept on North Durham back in July, echoed that senJacob Millwee timent as a significant factor in deciding to operate in the Heights when deciding on Houston locations. In just a few short months, Tucker believes he has experienced among the best of what Houston, and our local area, has to offer for the working person. “Speaking from my experience, this is one of the best community spirits in the city – it’s basi-

cally almost like a town in and of itself here in the big city. People in the Heights really do support businesses in the Heights,” he said. “People really like the concept of supporting local concepts. In the Heights, people look at it as not just supporting Houston, but also supporting the Heights, and especially independently-owned small businesses.” Such a sentiment rings true at the Book Scene in Garden Oaks just off 43rd Street for co-owners Cathy Stringer and Alda Pool just as well. “I think there’s a good mix of people who have been here for a while and an influx of newer folks coming in, especially those who have kids, and that makes it fun to run a business here,” Stringer said. “We’ve got a lot of loyal customers and many new ones who are just discovering us from moving out here. It’s a perfect combination of the old and the new.” And according to Millwee, that relationship makes the Heights and its surrounding areas that much more desirable for business owners and employees; not only do they build a business, but they have the opportunity to build a family and set the foundation for serving a

greater purpose. “When you’re successful in your business, not only do you have the satisfaction of being a good businessperson, you feel like you’re contributing to the community at large, and you’re helping an already fantastic area maintain the level of positivity and continue to grow and be that attractive place to be,” he said. “Anyone seeking to do business in the Heights is someone who has a desire to be a part of something bigger than they are and contribute to their community.” In that vein, Stringer and Pool believe their store, and others like it, give them the opportunity to impact both present and future generations while growing their business. Not only do we make friends with the parents, we make friends with kids. When we get the kids to talking, we can find out what they want, and in doing we can get the parents more interested as well,” Stringer said. Further, to make that contribution, any business needs employees – beyond owners themselves – who can help streamline the vision. See BUSINESS, Page 17

Where We Work

The Guide • December 2, 2017 • Page 19

BUSINESS, from Page 18 Dr. Concepcion Diaz-Arrastia, M.D., a gynecologic oncologist affiliated with Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital and UTHealth, is one of those who sees her work at MHGH as making medicine and care more convenient for the greater good of her patients and her community. “In the same way the neighborhood is getting an influx of new residents, I’m enjoying being a part of the influx of new doctors going to the Heights. It’s just very nice be able to practice medicine and have everything right here in your own community,” said DiazArrastia, who herself lives in the Heights. “I can tell my

patients ‘I expect to see you walking an hour a day down the promenade or the hike and bike trails,’ and it’s really cool to see them there. It just makes it that much more personable, and I think if a patient is someone like you, from your neighborhood, it’s that much more likely you’ll have that rapport that makes it easier to communicate.” These are just a few accounts of what our area has to offer to business owners, but there are so many more stories of the relationships and opportunities these wonderful neighborhoods offer. Come check them out for yourself!

fine jewelry

Full Service Jeweler For those moments when a card won’t do. For those moments when you want to say I do.

Prosperity Bank offers many types of loan products designed to meet your needs. Our experienced lending professionals are always available to guide you through the loan process.


Serving the Heights for over 25 years

Angela Putnam PRESIdENT

Heights Banking Center NMLS#584186

Houston HeigHts 2310 Yale Street | 713.861.1125 w w w . pr o s pe r it y ba n k u s a . c o m

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Best Jeweler

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Since 1936

In The Heights

Caring for The Eyes of Texas Aurea I. Rivera, OD Therapeutic Optometrist, and her staff welcome you to come by their new, beautiful location.

Right In The Neighborhood

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At the corner of White Oak (6th St.) and Heights Blvd. next to Revival Market Call or email to schedule your appointment today!

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