Burbank Art Association Spring 2021 Virtual Show

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Burbank Art Association Spring 2021 Virtual Art Exhibition April 12 - June 25, 2021

Encouraging creativity in visual arts and serving the community since 1950.

The Burbank Art Association is a non-profit, volunteer artist organization. Membership is open to anyone interested in the myriad forms of visual art or in the advancement and understanding of cultural arts. The specific purpose of the BAA is to promote interest in art through support of the creation and public exhibition of artworks. The BAA was organized to help stimulate an interest in visual arts and creative expression and to provide a showcase for members’ talents.

Dr. Betty Ann Brown, Judge Spring 2021 Exhibits Team Ellie Klein, Exhibits Chair Helena Julin, Exhibits Co-Chair Karen Sachs Carol Tensen Jenny Cirrincione Vivianne Bowman Ren Colantoni

Special Thanks to Ren Colantoni, BAA President - Catalog Designer Johnathon Gallagher, Exhibit Curator Mina Ho Ferrante Eloisa Hernandez Teresa Green Yvonne Jongeling

Burbank Art Association P.O. Box 1013 Burbank, CA 91507-1013 www.burbankartassociation.org

Honors Exhibitors Arleen Anderson Sharon Dellamarie Janet Devaney Mina Ferrante Johnathon Gallagher

Ellie Klein Pam McDonald Joan Sandon Rod Serranzana

Open Exhibitors Oliver Baker Marie Bezjian Maria Bonoli Vivianne Bowman Evelyn Bresee Beverly Brinker Jamie Butterworth Carol Caley Maree Cheatham Jenny Cirrincione Ren Colantoni April Cowgur Hayden Daigle Janice Deeb Vickie Duong Alison Fritchie Fred Fuges Stefanie Girard Cheryl Goettemoeller Donna Gooley Teresa Green Jeri Grover Eloise Hernandez Yvonne Jongeling Helena Julin Nora Koerber Joanna Lewis

Brian Mahoney Marcy Mahoney Kevin McCants Delta Mishler Gustavo Osorio Airyelle Owens Joyce Owens Lillian Owens Nicole Pano Shaily Pasi Venece Peddicord Paula Quasarano Keryl Kris Reinke Mimi Rossi Lu Rotsen Lusine Saakyan Bonnie Sachs Karen Sachs Jennifer Spacone Carol Tensen Bryan Tran Penny Tuffendsam Jennifer Turnbull Jailyn Turner Timothy West Michael Wicks

Arleen Anderson "Watts Towers" Black and white Photograph 12" by 14" $95


Oliver Baker "Grandma" Watercolor on Paper 5" by 7" NFS

Still Life/Floral

Marie Shakeh Bezjian "Dying tree" Watercolor 18" by 21" NFS

View from my back yard.

Maria Bonoli "Ready for Springtime" Watercolor 16" by 20" $350 mlbonoli@sbcglobal.net


Vivianne Bowman "Dreaming in the Blue" Art Collage on wood panel 6" by 10" $65.00 viviannebowman@gmail.com.

I was inspired by Sharon Dellamarie's beautiful art collage paintings. You can't tell if the little girl is at the aquarium or if she's dreaming about the ocean. Conserving the environment is important to me because of the beauty of the oceans. It was amazing to snorkel with the sea turtles in Hawaii!! Hang 10!!!

Evelyn Bresee Untitled Pencil on paper 20" by 15 " NFS Instagram: Evie_Breez


Beverly Brinker "Spring" Watercolor 22" by 18" NFS

Jaime Butterworth "Morning at Family Camp" Oil on canvas board 16” by 20” $795

Carol Caley "Pink Lilies Diptych" Mixed Media—Acrylic painting with hand-printed collaged elements on birch panels 20" by 32", no frame $850

Maree Cheatham "Canyon Blue Mask" Mixed media: Glazed and gold lustered ceramic mask, adorned with coiled fabric, feathers, metal chains, glass, coral and lapis lazuli beads 12” by 6.5” by 5”deep $225

Gaiety bursting from a deep reserve of intense feeling.

Jenny Cirrincione "Colors of the Desert" Acrylic on canvas 16" by 20" $370

Ren Colantoni "The Wood Nymph's Pool"

I wrote an article about this for a fishing club, hence the romantic title.

Oil on Canvas 24" by 18 " $300 rencolantoniart.com

Taken from a photograph on Lower Lee Vining Creek, Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains


April Cowgur "Lankershim" Pen and ink, watercolor 13" by 17" framed $98

Hayden Daigle "Lauren for Vulture Elixir" Acrylic on canvas 9" by 12 " NFS haydenmdaigle@icloud.com

This is a mock advertisement for a fictional soda drink power-up in Call of Duty: Black Ops Nazi Zombies.

Jeanice Deeb "Anechoic Chamber"

Study of an anechoic chamber. We've been a lot quieter, retreating into our own worlds. And along with our silence, we have a lighted path that leads us to another direction.

18" by 20" framed $95


Sharon Dellamarie "Hiding Places" Mixed media 12" by 24" $80 sdellamarie@yahoo.com

We have been in a forest of solitude for a year. Time to start peeking out!

Janet Devaney "Blue House on Beach" Watercolor 19" by 25" NFS

The people who lived here told me they were putting up condos. I gave them a Polaroid that I took, and never went back. I love Mexico, especially Rosarita Beach.

Vickie Duong "Spring Harvest" Oil on Canvas 16" by 20" $500

Mina Ferrante "By the Sunny Window" Oil on Canvas 16" by 20" $950 Mina Ferrante’s Art Gallery http://www.minahoferrante.com/

Alison Fritchie "A Fluttering 2" Acrylic & pigment dye on canvas 12" by 12" $100

Fred Fuges "Fictitious Flower #1" Reverse drawing in acrylic coloring on acetate mounted on Lexan. 21 1/2" by 25 1/2" overall in a floating frame. NFS

Johnathon Gallagher "Celluloid Picnic" Acrylic on canvas 24" by 36" $2,000.00 Honors

Stefanie Girard Thoughts and Prayers Rosary beads made from 61 recycled USED gun triggers and paper with an altered constitution changed from "We the People" to "Thoughts and Prayers" 26" by 34" $15,000

Cheryl Goettemoeller "Gaze of Beauty" Oil on canvas 20" by 16" $1,675

Donna Gooley "Ducks" Pencil 10" by 13" $75

Teresa Green "Layers" Photography 12" by 18" $350 (print only $100) Photo/Digital Art

Jeri Grover "Millions of Years in the Making" Digital Capture 25" by 21" $1000

Yosemite Valley, what can I say, Natural Inspiration at its best?

Eloisa Hernandez "Mexican Kitchen" Oil on canvas. 19.5" by 23.5" with frame NFS

I love to cook and my favorite place in the house is The Kitchen!!

Yvonne Jongeling "Chlorociboria Aeruginascens" Acrylic Paint, Acrylic Ink and Nail Polish on Primed 10 oz. Natural Cotton Duck Canvas 24" by 24" $500.00 Abstract

Chlorociboria Aeruginascens explores fluid shapes and stunning color relationships based on internal emotions discovered while in isolation. By layering acrylic paint mediums, the canvas becomes luminous. The colorladen results allow the viewer's eyes for a truly beautiful experience.

Helena Julin "O For Orioles" Acrylic on Canvas 25" by 25" $200


This painting was an alphabet project by Santa Clarita City. I thought it was a great idea! I was given the letter "O." It took me quite a time to decide what to paint. There are so many possibilities: Octopus, Ostrich, Owls. I decided to fit three "O" subjects into my painting. Can you find them?

Ellie Klein "Garden Walk" Prismacolor Pencil 16" by 20" $250 ellieoklein@gmail.com

A scene reminiscent of a walk through Cascade Gardens in Banff, Canada many years ago.

Nora Koerber "Flowers from Jim's Garden" Oil on panel 9" by 12" $750.00

This painting was done while participating in an "indoor paint out" using photos from Jim McVicker's garden, from which 60 painters painted, having chosen from his roster of photos. This was with the California Art Club. I painted this painting alla prima, within about 2.5 hours, which was a challenge, but this forced me to focus and make the best use of every single stroke. I painted this on my own, in studio, as did everyone else, during this pandemic time.

Joanna Lewis "Bridge of Sighs" Acrylic on canvas 8" by 10" unframed $350 joannamlewis@gmail.com

This perspective of Venice has all the things that make a place magical - dramatic clouds, vintage architecture and glowing light. Brava Italia!

Marcy Mahoney "Crystals & Teacup Shard" Colored Pencil, Watercolor Pen, Gouache 14" by 18" including frame $300

Still Life

I began a practice of drawing micro still life compositions as a meditative practice to help me with stress and anxiety. There's something about hyper-focusing on the little details of small objects that is very grounding; it transports me into creative flow-state. I especially enjoy the challenge of drawing polyhedral gaming dice, jewelry and crystals. It's become a fun and relaxing experience!

Bryan Mahoney "Just My Type" Digital Painting 12" by 12" $50

Photo/Digital Art

This work is part of a series of typewriter paintings that Bryan has completed since the beginning of the year. He’s up to 55 separate paintings so far. The subject of this one is a Williams typewriter from the late 1800s.

Kevin McCants "Santa Ana Pueblo" Oil on Panel 25.5" by 29.5" $800 Unframed

On vacation in New Mexico we came across this view. These rock formations clustered together were so colorful and beautifully constructed, yet made entirely of different elements, was so attractive to me I felt compelled to paint it.

Pam McDonald "Morning Mist" Watercolor 14" by 18" $400

A church in Germany

Delta Mishler "Two Women Thinking" Mixed media (Watercolor / ink) on paper 16" by 20" including frame $500

Two life drawing poses experimentally seemed to work together on one sheet of paper. As if the women were enjoying each others company."

Gustavo Osorio "Mind at Peace" Oil paint 11" by 14" $225

This piece was inspired by being in a state of mental and emotional calm, balance, and free of worries. There are many ways of achieving piece of mind (e.g. walking, being in nature, listening to music, playing with a pet) and I wanted to depict that beauty and tranquility. I hope that it inspires others to seek this state of mind because every now and then, we all need to escape.

Airyelle Owens "Quiet Roses" Watercolor and ink 12" by 15" $150

Joyce Owens "Lilly's Sunrise" Charcoal 11" by 14" NFS Life/Genre

Lillian Owens "Blue Umbrella Skies" Acrylic 16" by 20" $750

Nicole Pano "Dancing Under a Rainbow Sky" Mixed Media on Paper including soft pastels, water color pencils, charcoals, & oil pastels 18" by 24" $1999.00

After a difficult year for our world in 2020, I drew this picture of my daughter and me in hopes of a happy 2021 full of beauty, rainbows, joy, dancing and cheerfulness. This picture depicts our hope for 2021 to be an extraordinary year in every way possible.

SHAILY PASI "MANSHA" B&W Photo in acrylic frame 16" by 20" including frame $151

Self-portrait. The word Mansha is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Desire".

Venece Peddicord "Spring" Acrylic and art papers 12 1/2" by 15" with frame $150 Still Life/Floral

Paula Quasarano "A Look To The West"

I am very fortunate to live in a rural part of the city, giving me lovely views just outside doors.

Acrylic 18” by 14” overall $300

“A look to the West” is just one of them!

Keryl Kris Reinke "Lonely Night" Acrylic on wood 20" by 24" $260 Landscape

Mimi Rossi "Creation" Acrylic on canvas, palette knife 16” by 20" including frame $320

There is something that resonates with me about the number three, and the Trinity. Not necessarily as three separate entities, but three parts of a whole. So when I pray, I do think the Father, Son and Holy Spirit - but not in the traditional sense. Maybe the Father is the creator, the Son is the creations, and the Holy Spirit is the string that connects us all. I don’t think that human images represent the truth on what God actually looks like. Our human form has evolved to live on this planet. So, I asked God, what do you look like, what can I visualize when I pray, how can I paint you? “Creation" is about what I see when I close my eyes.

Lu Rotsen "Rocky Peak Park ll"

Rocky Peak Park is a beautiful and colorful wild place to paint and enjoy nature.

Palette Knife Oil on Canvas 8" by 10"; Framed 14" by 16" $250 lurotsenart@outlook.com


Lusine Saakyan "Blue Flowers" Acrylic 16" by 18" $450 Still Life/Floral

Bonnie Sachs "Bonnie the Beautiful Butterfly"

Self portrait

Acrylic, paper, textiles, beads collage 19" by 24" NFS Bonnie@bonniesachs.com

Inspired by a friend's young daughter who gave me the nickname when she was around 6 years old.

Karen Sachs "Love is Puzzling" Mixed media 16" by 20" $449.00

Love is puzzling to me. There are actual candy design puzzle pieces attached to the painting. So yes, love can be sweet, but it sure is puzzling to me.

Joan Sandon "Indian Squaw" Watercolor 16" by 20" $100 joansandon31@gmail.com

Several years ago I saw a picture in a southwest magazine and I cut it out for future.

Rod Serranzana "Morning Kiss" Oil on Canvas 30" by 24" $1000


Jennifer Spacone "Guillotine" Acrylic 12" by 22" NFS Abstract

Carol Tensen "Hanuman" Acrylic 14" by 18" $400


Hanuman is a Hindu Deity of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, and Self-Discipline. He is the patron god of Scholarship and Meditation, a delightful irony for those of us who experience "Monkey Mind" when we meditate.

Bryan Tran "Tiger Queen" Oil on canvas 12" by 24" $200

Penny Tuffendsam "New Hollywood, Annie Murphy" White and Black Charcoal on Black Cotton Paper 13" by 16" with frame $260


This is a portrait of Annie Murphy, the actress who plays Alexis on "Schitt's Creek". I am a huge fan, so I just couldn't help myself! I love the glamour, and the Old Hollywood feel of this portrait.

Jennifer Turnbull "Hollywood Stars" Oil on linen 23" by 29" including frame $2,500

With today’s preoccupation with movie stars, celebrities and online influencers, I wanted to pay homage to the original stars that have entertained humans from the dawn of time. The stars in the sky inspire us, humble us, and unite us, because regardless of where we live in the world, and how different our lives seem, we all look up and see the same sky. “Hollywood Stars” is the latest in an ongoing series I'm doing, called "One Sky".

Jailyn Turner "Fruit of Spring" Oil on canvas 12" by 16" NFS

Timothy West "Fountain" Oil on canvas board 12" by 16" framed NFS

Michael Wicks "Sunset II" Acrylic 24" by 30" $450 mwicks@iamhere.net

The Burbank Art Association is a non-profit, volunteer artist organization. Membership is open to anyone interested in the myriad forms of visual art or in the advancement and understanding of cultural arts. The specific purpose of the BAA is to promote interest in art through support of the creation and public exhibition of artworks. The BAA was organized to help stimulate an interest in visual arts and creative expression and to provide a showcase for members' talents. Spring 2021 Exhibit and Virtual Catalog Team Ellie Klein, Exhibits Chair

To purchase artwork from this catalog, please contact exhibits1@burbankartassociation.org

Burbank Art Association P.O. Box 1013 Burbank, CA 91507-1013 www.burbankartassociation.org