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Education Abroad for History Majors CURRICULUM INTEGRATION PROJECT

EDUCATION ABROAD FOR HISTORY MAJORS THE BENEFITS - HISTORY If you are going to major in history, you will be required to take courses related to the history of Europe and the Middle East, Africa, Asian, or Latin America. What better way to learn about the history of a people or place than going there and investigating first-hand? “Studying abroad in Peru allowed me to explore a rich, deeply rooted indigenous history and understand how this history has contributed to the overall development of Peru as a nation in the 21st century. The study abroad program furthermore expanded my knowledge and crosscultural understanding of Latin America. This was accomplished through service learning opportunities, adventure and exploration.” – Angela Papageorgiou, Peru SU16 “Changed my life and my perspective on the world.” – Anne Bailey, Associate Professor of History and Africana Studies THE BENEFITS – GENERAL    

Make professional, global connections through faculty, other students, volunteering or internships. Enjoy experiential learning and become a more independent thinker. Enhance your intellectual maturity, self-reliance, problem-solving abilities, and openness to new languages, cultures, and ideas. Improve your resume – everything noted above is highly valued by today’s employers. Compete within a global marketplace.



BU programs grant Binghamton credit and calculate into your cumulative GPA SUNY programs grant transfer credit and will not calculate into your cumulative GPA Classes for either CAN work towards degree requirements


THROUGH BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY As an English speaking university in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, students on this program are able to take history courses along with Arabic language courses.

THROUGH UNIVERSITY OF ALBANY (SUNY) As the top ranked university in Africa, South Africa’s oldest university has many opportunities for history students to learn about the rich and multicultural history of South Africa.

THROUGH SUNY BROCKPORT (SUNY) Located in the vibrant capital of Accra, a semester at the University of Ghana provides students the opportunity to learn extensively about African history and Ghanaian culture.

ASIA WASEDA UNIVERSITY (BU) Waseda University offers an opportunity to study history courses in English from a variety of disciplines. You can get some history credits taken care of while exploring international relations, the Japanese language, or other topics. MAHIDOL UNIVERSITY THROUGH SUNY BROCKPORT (SUNY) Studying at Mahidol University in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, provides students the opportunity to be immersed in the culture of South East Asia. With classes taught in English, students can easily take both South Eastern Asian history and Western history taught from a Thai perspective. KANSAI GAIDAI UNIVERSITY THROUGH UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY (SUNY) Kansai Gaidai University in Japan offers students to take classes in English alongside Japanese language courses. Located near the historical capitals of Japan, Kyoto and Nara, students can easily explore Japan’s dynamic past. HONG KONG BAPTIST UNIVERSITY THROUGH UNIVERSITY AT ALBANY (SUNY) All courses at Hong Kong Baptist University are offered in English, giving students the opportunity to study all subject areas alongside their Chinese peers in one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Explore other parts of Southeast Asia while there, including Thailand, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore.



LATIN AMERICA PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DE VALPARAÍSO THROUGH OSWEGO (SUNY) Studying in South America is the perfect opportunity for students studying Spanish to perfect their language by taking content courses taught in Spanish. Located in the ocean-side city of Valparaiso, this semester program at PUCV gives students the chance to meet Chilean students and also take history courses if they have enough Spanish language experience. Their history classes offered include “Modern History of Chile” and “Latin America History in the 20th century”

OCEANIA MURDOCH UNIVERSITY (BU) Located in the largest city on the western coast of Australia, Murdoch University in Perth provides students ample opportunities to become integrated into the Australian way of life. Students live and take classes alongside their Australian peers, and the university offers several activities for their study abroad students including a trip into the outback during the winter. Examples of history courses available include “Soldiers and Civilians: War in the Pacific 1941-1945” and “Vision Splendid: An Alternative History of Australia”


UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY THROUGH BROCKPORT (SUNY) Located in Australia’s largest city, the University of Sydney is Australia’s oldest university and considered one of its best. Students are fully integrated into the university, taking classes and living with their Australian peers. With a well-respected History department, students have the chance to not only study Australian history but also other aspects of world and American history from an Australian viewpoint. Examples of courses include “Australia: Conflict and Transformation” and “Frontier Violence in Modern Memory” UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA THROUGH NEW PALTZ (SUNY) New Zealand is an ideal location for any student looking for a mix of cities, towns and outdoor adventures. While made famous in recent memory by the many movies filmed there, New Zealand has a rich cultural history all its own. Students on this program take classes alongside their Kiwi classmates. The University of Victoria, located in Wellington, the largest city on the South Island, has history classes related to New Zealand and other areas of the world. Examples of classes include “Islands and Peoples: Aotearoa New Zealand in World History” and “Pacific Histories: Environments, Peoples and Empires”


Education Abroad For History Majors  

This is a study abroad guide for history majors

Education Abroad For History Majors  

This is a study abroad guide for history majors