The Bullfrog Buzz - 2021

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“We’re trying to be stewards of our little corner of the planet. We invest in energy alternatives like solar and heat capture, and our farm has been certified organic for 25 years. Perhaps most importantly, we actively support local, provincial, and federal initiatives to save forests, protect farmland, and engage with consumers and other producers to think about how we can improve.” Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.

“We recognize the opportunity to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, where many supply chains begin. We prioritize projects that reduce our energyrelated emissions, including lighting retrofits and building Canada’s largest solar-powered egg-laying farm. We have a responsibility to enrich natural spaces rather than deplete them; as part of that commitment, we’re conserving and managing 400 hectares of wooded areas in Eastern Ontario.”

“In today’s world, true business resilience is only reached through sustainability, including greening supply chains. Several hundred new products go through 3M’s commercialization process every year, and all of them have to demonstrate impact for the greater good. The choices we make for our material and service providers must also reflect these values – companies need to collaborate to meet our collective environmental goals.” 3M Canada

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Burnbrae Farms

Recyclers “Our high regard for sustainability is our organization’s key differentiator, and we believe companies can always do more. Focus on the positive outcomes of implementing sustainability practices, look for ways to improve your existing green projects, and think outside the box. In our case, the exponential reuse of technology through our rental program raises the bar in our industry for creative sustainability initiatives.” DCR Systems the bullfrog buzz•6

“By recycling, companies benefit in three ways: they can be paid for their scrap metal, they lower the cost of supplies because recycling reduces the cost of supplies over mining for metals, and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These benefits ripple across the supply chain and can, with enough participation, create a circular and sustainable economy.” Peel Scrap Metal Recycling