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APRIL 2022



Easter Open Morning At Glenfield Millennium Green 10.30am- 12pm ON SATURDAY 16th APRIL ON APRIL 16TH we would like to invite everyone to come along to the Glenfield Millennium Green and share your views and ideas on how you would like to see the Green used along with any suggestions you may have for improvements.

We will be holding a Easter Word Hunt for children. Entry will be £1.00 and all entrants will receive a small chocolate egg as well as being entered into a raffle for a Easter Hamper. There will also be a Easter Bonnet Parade at 11.30am so we’d love to see as many of you as possible supporting a fabulous Easter Hat! As well as the above we have lots of information to share, a quiz for you to enter and much more. If it’s a sunny day, why not bring a picnic? We look forward to seeing you there.

APOLOGY TO THE U3A Last month, the Gazette used a photo from the Glenfield U3A website to accompany an article promoting the health benefits of joining your local walking group. It has been pointed out to us that we should have obtained approval to use the photograph in the village magazine before doing so, and we hereby apologise unreservedly for any problems caused to members of the U3A by this error.

Glenfield Community Hub Glenfield Community Hub will be operating every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month starting May 2022 from 9am – 12 noon

Whither Shall We Wander BY ROY DENNEY WITH SUMMER round the corner it is time to get those walking boots on. Walking is incredibly good for us on many levels especially with the stresses and strains of life today. Stress is a killer and probably accounts for more premature deaths than anything else. Problems at home and in the workplace are frequently causes of stress, but it is not easy to change jobs. Fortunately there are remedies. Pills from the doctor are short term and masking the problem but some lifestyle changes should sort it out. Gentle exercise is known to work and walking is easy and cheap. Going outside into green spaces also helps. You can see a wide sky which uplifts the spirit and it is now known that plants give off chemicals which are positively helpful in calming us. It is not just stress where walking helps. There is increasingly strong evidence of the health-benefits e.g. the fact that brisk walking

improves circulation and the performance of the heart and lungs. Walking can lower bloodpressure and can reduce risk of stroke and of heart disease. It can improve control of blood sugar in type-two diabetes and it has an important role in cardiac rehabilitation. Walking also promotes mental health and general well-being, and has the potential to be as effective as anti-depressants or psychotherapy in treating depression. Widespread takeup of walking generally could massively lighten the economic burden on the NHS caused by physical inactivity and provide a

boost for rural economies. One thing that COVID did show us was that people have an appetite for walking but that to those who did not do much in the past there seemed a number of obstacles. Not least not knowing where to go or how to get back..Leicestershire is well served by yellow marker posts and footpath signs but even here those signs don’t say where the paths go or what the degree of difficulty is. There are numerous websites which suggest walks and the sites vary greatly as to how helpful they are so you would be well advised at least

to begin with to walk with a recognised group. The eight Ramblers Association groups in Leicestershire between them organise about 1000 walks each year for all levels of fitness. I am Chairman of the Leicestershire Footpaths Association founded in 1887 and they also organise several hundreds. Both organisations are Charities and also campaign to protect the footpath network. Walking with groups has a social benefit as well in that you meet like minded people and can make new friends. TURN TO PAGE 3 ...>


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Council Tax update from the Leader of the Blaby District Council AS YOU CAN SEE from the chart above, we take just 9p from every £1 in Council Tax collected. This money, combined with the small amount of Business Rates we are able to retain and our other income, ensures that all of our services stay operational to benefit our communities.

Wandering From page 1

During COVID with help from two colleagues in the Ramblers I organised 20 guide-yourself walks round Charnwood Forest giving people from every community round the Forest somewhere to walk out of their front doors. These were sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund and promoted by the Charnwood Forest Regional Park. They can be found on several websites including that of the Parish Council where there are other sets of local walks, well over 30 in all to choose from. You can actually do a four mile walk largely off road, never backtracking and entirely with Glenfield given that we have green spaces around three sides of the village

Last month we chose to increase our Council Tax charge and this decision is never easy. However, funding cuts continue to affect us and our expected deficit, even with

There are threats of major developments all round us so I would suggest you explore the countryside around us before we lose it.

Roy Denney

the maximum increase, was set at £398,000. We’ve worked hard to minimise this deficit, but forecast larger financial gaps in future years and are working to close those gaps by taking a structured approach to how we become more efficient and effective in our service delivery. You can find more detailed information about our decision on the website. We will continue to deliver key services to you, including Planning, Environmental Health, Economic Development and our Domestic Abuse Service. I think we do a fantastic job for the funding we have to work with, and the recent Residents’ Survey said you agreed with more than 60% of you satisfied with our performance. Feedback is always welcome and I want to hear from you, so please email me any thoughts you have.


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News about the Desford Bowls Club BOUNDARY A COMMISSION FTER A HIGHLY successful season last year, the club are looking for new recruits. For the upcoming season, we have an expanded fixture list. We again have teams entered in the Hinckley and District and Coalville triples leagues. These matches take place on a Monday and Thursday evening respectively. This year we have entered the Coalville and District over 60’s league, playing on a Tuesday afternoon. This is a new venture and is very much aimed at the less experienced bowlers. Along with internal competitions, which are open to all members, and a full Weekend friendly fixture list, which runs from Mid April to early October, there should be plenty of bowling for everyone. With this amount of bowling available we are looking for new members, bowlers of any age or experience who would like to join our club. Bowls is truly an enjoyable sport very much available to everybody, irrespective of age,gender or ability. If you are interested in joining our small, friendly Club then please contact Gill Whatsize at You will also receive the added benefits of being an associate member of our umbrella group Sport in Desford, with all the benefits this brings.


• Becoming a grandmother is wonderful. One moment you’re just a mother. The next you are all-wise and prehistoric. - Pam Brown • You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother. - Proverb • Grandchildren don’t stay young forever, which is good because grandfathers have only so many horsy rides in them. - Gene Perret



HE BOUNDARY COMMISSION’S proposals are that the Charnwood Constituency will be dissolved and bits go all over the place.

A good slice is transferred into Melton but a far bigger change as regards population is that Glenfield will go into a constituency with West Leicester. There is however a lot of resistance to the concept of this West Leicester seat. It is created not only by lumping us in with part of the city despite being the home of the County Council but it also involves taking half of the golden mile which has gone down like a lead balloon with that community as you can imagine. Their MP spoke against it very strongly. There are also lots of objections filed from residents of Glenfield many of which comment that it is the thin end of the wedge and fear that the City will try and absorb Glenfield. A public hearing on the issue was arranged by the Boundary Commission and took place in Leicester City Hall on March 10th and 11th and we can now only wait to see whether they are prepared to rethink this. At the hearing MP Ed Argar and District Councillor Roy Denney together with a representative from Charnwood took the opportunity to speak officially and made what they think a strong case for a rethink. They all made much the same points but three presentations hopefully will carry more weight. Points made included that the demographics of the people of Glenfield are very different than those in the suburbs of Leicester and in particular Belgrave. Any MP would have to deal with the City Council and Blaby District Council on very different matters and concerns which would dilute their efforts for either community. Our Children are not schooled there so they would have to deal with the County Council as well Glenfield, Kirby Muxloe and LFE share a County Council seat and all are parts of Blaby District Council so should be together at parliamentary level Out of a probable working population of 5000 Glenfield has a lot of home working and about 2500 employment possibilities so is not a dormitory for people working primarily in the City Most shopping is done at Beaumont Leys or Fosse Park and we have our own supermarket so few shop in the City Glenfield has a rural aspect, many green spaces and thousands of trees again totally dissimilar to the Leicester suburbs With The National Forest and Charnwood Forest on our doorstep we look outwards for recreation and apart from younger members of the community whom seeks clubs and nightlife most social activity is in the village and neighbouring villages By and large we don’t work there, socialise there, shop there or go to school there so see no reason at all why we should be represented by an MP based there. Cllr. Denney commented to the enquiry that “The proposed new Mid Leicestershire constituency was, all bar a mile or so, cut into two halves and looked like it was where they had dumped all the left over bits to make other seats work”.

My wife hired a fact checker for when we argue.

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Railway Stories BY TED COOK

WHILE I WAS working as a Box Boy at Haywards Heath Signal Box on the Brighton Main Line one day I was late turn and the early turn Signalman was Herbie. Now due to shortage of staff they had asked Herbie to stay on for a 12 hour shift but Herbie told them he could not stay as he had an urgent hospital appointment. So at 2pm Herbie rang the Station Master to come and take over until someone could be found to cover. Now what this meant was the SM would be there drinking tea or coffee while I the Box Boy worked the box plus doing my usual booking phones etc.

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Of course making the tea as well! This was not really allowed but in theory I was working under the SM’s instructions. However, he did not know much about Signalling so it was a good job I was there! After about an hour there was a major fire in London which meant the SM had to go back to the station so I just carried on working and sorting out the train services. This carried on until 9pm when things calmed down. The Control rang to see who had come to work the box when I said no one had come but I had done it all! I went home thinking if I might get Signalman’s wage for the day! Actually I got called to HQ at Croydon on a charge of breaking Rule 71a: Signal Lads must not touch the signal frame! Mr Roberts, the Head Man, was a bit different than I was expecting. He said what if something had gone wrong? Everyone would be for the high jump! However, he did say being as it seemed I did a good job but I still should not have done it! What did he expect me to do? The charge sheet was dropped and as I was going out Mr Roberts said “I have not told you this but if it happens again please do the same!” Because of this I got my first Signal Box at a young age of 17! (Ted does slide shows on his life on the railway contact Ted on email:

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When I said I was afraid of the dentist, I meant the bill.


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Garden eyesores However much effort you make with your garden, you can be sure that there will still be a few things that look awful. You may have made (or hope to make) beautiful borders, sensational shrubbery and lots more besides, but how do you cope with those things you just cannot seem to hide? A washing line may be essential but rarely adds to the appeal of the garden. If yours consists of two large poles with a line in between, try growing a pretty climber up the poles. If you use a self-clinging plant such as variegated ivy it won’t need any additional support. Alternatively, use chicken wire or a trellis ‘box’ or frame around the posts and then allow the climber to scramble up, using plant ties if necessary. Summer flowering clematis or sweet pea will look great too. If you do use a more vigorous climber then be prepared to do some intermittent pruning. Decrepit sheds or moth-eaten garages can be a real eyesore. Consider erecting a trellis on one or more of the vertical surfaces and grow a selection of favourite climbers up it to make an attractive feature. If the garden can be a little gloomy then it helps if you paint any surfaces such as garage or shed walls with a paler colour. If your heating is fuelled by gas from an unattractive and enormous cylinder, or oil from a large green tank, you will know that they have to be sited in an accessible position. You can use hazel wattle hurdles to hide them, perfect if they also match with the adjacent boundary fence. Try using standard fence panels in the same way; again, planting them with climbers or scramblers will help. Whatever you do, make sure that you check on it from time to time and remove excessive climber growth, so that the tank remains accessible. Is it the neighbouring garden that harbours the eyesore that makes you want to retreat back

National Pet Month 1st April – 2nd May 2022

HERE IS AN educational campaign that is unique in bringing together animal welfare charities, professional bodies, pet business, schools, youth groups and pet lovers.

into your house? Something nasty next door is, of course, even harder to conceal, but you could add a layer of trellis to the top of your existing fence and then use climbers once it is in position. Hold the trellis in position using batons of wood attached to the existing fence posts, or special post-joining metal sleeves that you can buy from your fencing supplier or garden centre. Trellis is available in a range of shapes and need not be straight-edged, so you can create a range of different looks to suit your gardening style.

The Campaign is coordinated by the National Office of Animal Health (NOAH) and the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA). The aim this month is to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership across the UK. For more details, please visit:

Another option is to erect a pergola or arch to obscure or break up an unsightly view or the eyesore in the neighbour’s garden. Adding plants will help to add a bit more height and soften the outline. If you combine some of your favourite flowering climbers with some evergreen planting too, you should even achieve good effects during the seasons when the leaves have fallen from many plants.

Apparently, three and a half out of seven people overcomplicate things.

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Glenfield gets its Post Office back THE POST OFFICE service will open in a new location in Glenfield on Monday, March 7th.

Previously based at the Co-Op supermarket in Glenfield, the new service is located at the newsagents and off-licence at 9 Dominion Road. The Post Office counter in the shop opened for the first time at 1pm on Monday, March 7, and its opening hours will be from 9am until 6pm every day. (Editor’s Note: We previewed this good news, albeit in a small way, in last month’s Gazette. Some readers didn’t spot the item, so we’re happy to re-include it.)

Martin Page Martin Page MartinNLFPage SLD’S ’ E I D E local Tree Surgeon FLIEPage Martin N G E L local Tree Surgeon G

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Glenfield Primary School News World Book Day at Glenfield Primary WE HAD A great day celebrating a shared love of reading for 25 years of World Book Day on Thursday, with children across the school dressing up as their favourite story characters. Just look at some of the amazing efforts that our pupils went to! As well as this, every class has been taking part in our ‘Masked Reader’ competition, trying to work out who our secret readers are, the books that they are reading from and the book’s author. This has been great fun! We’ve also already begun a brilliant display of book-inspired potatoes in our reception area for our book Potato Challenge: come along and see if you can guess the characters and stories! Thank you to all the children for their brilliant efforts in sharing the special day this year. Winners of the Potato Challenge will be announced at the end of next week.

Year 6 Class Assembly PHILOSOPHERS CLASS in Year 6 took to the stage for our Class Assembly, sharing important messages about refugees – based on our learning around our class book, ‘Boy at the Back of the Class.’ We delivered our learning to others through our writing, poetry, role-play and music and we were really excited to share a topic that we really care about. We worked really hard to learn our lines and the song lyrics to ‘Sing’ and ‘Refuge’ off by heart and we were really proud with how our performances were received by others as the topic is very current, considering the recent events in Russia and Ukraine.

‘A Child of Books’ – Whole-School Writing EVERY CLASS in the school has been exploring the picturebook, ‘A Child of Books’ by Oliver Jeffers. The book tells the story of a young girl who takes a little boy on a journey of discovery: the discovery of his imagination. The children journey over mountains of make-believe and through forests of fairytales, where they learn that imagination can set you free! Children across the school have been letting their own imaginations loose by retelling the story in their own unique and creative way. Look at the fantastic examples of retelling from different year groups…

Police Visit THE ADVENTURERS and Explorers have been learning about People Who Help Us this term. On World Book Day we got a visit from the police. Liam and Sam brought their police car to show us. They talked about their job and we looked at the different equipment they used to help them carry out their job. We were then allowed to go into the police car and turn on the blue lights and set the sirens off! We all had lots of fun and learnt about being in the Police. A big Thank You to Liam and Sam for helping us.

Glenfield Age Concern Update WE RE-OPENED on 21st May and celebrated with High Tea being delivered by The Nook Corner Coffee Shop. In November, we had a Coach trip to Gloucester Quays which was enjoyed by all. In December, we held our Christmas Party which included a Music Game. Doggy bags ensured that no food was left behind!

April Coach Trip

We are now planning a Coach Trip to Stamford on Friday 22nd April 2022. A few seats are still available at £15 each. To reserve your seat, phone Doreen on 0116 287 0135.


1950s STYLE PARTY WITH A PRIZE FOR THE BEST PERIOD COSTUME 1950s Party food and silly party games £10 PER PERSON (BYO drinks) Any surplus to charity Please contact Carol on 0770 929 4872 for tickets

I’m not properly awake until I’ve had two cups of coffee and a nap.

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Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli by Mark Seal

THE BEHIND-THE-SCENES story of the making of The Godfather, fifty years after the classic film’s original release. The story of how The Godfather was made is as dramatic, operatic, and entertaining as the film itself. Over the years, many versions of various aspects of the movie’s fiery creation have been told—sometimes conflicting, but always compelling. Mark Seal sifts through the evidence, has extensive new conversations with director Francis Ford Coppola and several heretofore silent sources, and complements them with colorful interviews with key players including actors Al Pacino, James Caan, Talia Shire, and others for irresistible insights into how the movie whose success some initially doubted roared to glory. On top of the usual complications of filmmaking, the creators of The Godfather had to contend with the real-life members of its subject matter: the Mob. During production of the movie, location permits were inexplicably revoked, author Mario Puzo got into a public brawl with an irate Frank Sinatra, producer Al Ruddy’s car was found riddled with bullets, men with “connections” vied to be in the cast, and some were given film roles. As Seal notes, this is the tale of “a classic movie that revolutionized filmmaking, saved Paramount Pictures, minted a new generation of movie stars, made its struggling author Mario Puzo rich and famous, and sparked a war between two of the mightiest powers in America: the sharks of Hollywood and the highest echelons of the Mob.” ​ Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli is the lively and complete story of how a masterpiece was made, perfect for anyone who loves the movies.

My son asked me what it’s like to be a parent so I woke him up at 3 a.m. to let him know that I couldn’t sleep.



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Re-launch of Parish Liaison events

CLIMATE EMERGENCY set to get much worse in 30 years

THE LATEST UN climate report says the world needs to cut its emissions by 45% in ten years to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, but they estimate emissions will rise by 14% in the next 10 years increasing global warming to 2 degrees by 2050. The world is at 1.1 degrees above pre-industrial levels, which may not sound a lot, but it’s caused wildfires, famine, heat exhaustion, landslides, and floods. The report says that half the world’s population is already affected by global warming.

AN IMPORTANT meeting for Parish Councils to give their thoughts to Blaby District Council about interests and concerns for the area has been revamped. Parish Liaison meetings are important sessions that have taken place for a number of years and ensured that open communication has always been in place between Parish Councils and the District Council. Following the postponement of these meetings in person due to Covid-19, work has taken place between Blaby District Council and the Leicestershire and Rutland Association of Local Councils (LRALC). Working together, a new meeting format has been designed to further improve the collaboration between these layers of local authority. Four meetings will take place a year. Two Parish Liaison Meetings will be held in March and September and two Clerk Operational Meetings are expected in May and November, designed specifically for Clerks. These virtual meetings will be dedicated to discussing operational matters and will be available to stream on demand.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused more carbon emissions and pushed up the price of oil, gas, wheat, and nickel. To avoid dependency on Russian oil and gas we need to switch to using wind, solar, biogas and biofuels. Wind farms are the quickest and cheapest way to make clean energy. Any drop in wind can be covered by using stored energy sources like biofuel, biogas, hydrogen and battery backup, as well as relying on solar, tidal and hydro energy. Nuclear power plants take over 10 years to build and exploiting more offshore oil and gas exploration will only add to global warming. The oil and gas industry are making huge profits recently, while some people can’t afford to pay their energy bills. Introducing a “dirty fuel tax” on the oil and gas industry would enable the government to help people out of fuel poverty. One way to reduce our dependency on vulnerable gas and oil imports is for us to reduce our personal usage if we can. Hopefully, the government will introduce a more effective grants system for home efficiency improvements this year. Green Party Member of Parliament, Caroline Lucas, as well as fighting tirelessly for greener policies, has successfully led a campaign to sell off all Russian investments from MPs pensions funds. If you are lucky enough to have savings or a pension fund that you control, consider ethical investments that don’t fund fossil fuels. www.Green.Bank lists ethical banks.

From blaby Green Party

The first Open Parish Liaison Meeting will took place on Wednesday 2nd March, from 5.00-6.30pm in Blaby District’s Council Chamber.

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A Walk in the Park


Enrich Your Child’s Learning Experiences

By Paul Tuff

Walk along the shady paths Where squirrels leap through trees To pastures by the riverside That embrace the summer breeze. Where ducks play on lily pads As the river flows gently by Willows cascade over embankments Underneath the cotton wool sky. Graceful swans glide by bulrushes On the picturesque boating lake Beside the many beautiful gardens That complete this perfect landscape. Walk over the colourful dragon bridge To see nature’s mysteries at play In the shimmering Chinese gardens Before you journey on your way.


Rest awhile in Abbey Park Before you journey on your way Leave troubles far behind you Enjoy the freedom of today.

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Stricter laws regarding mobile phone use when driving STRICTER LAWS for using a mobile phone while driving come into force in March. What are the changes and what does this mean for you?

BACK IN 2014 the Daily Mail reported that one in four households in the UK had a pet dog. The 9 million pet dogs were estimated to produce 1,000 tonnes of poo a day.

Introduced on Friday 25th March, the new stricter laws will mean drivers cannot use a hand-held device while behind the wheel for any reason. This could be to scroll through music playlists, call somebody or even just picking it up to unlock it or check the time. The only exemptions to this law will be in an emergency situation or making a contactless payment at a terminal such as at a drive-thru. National law firm Stephensons has welcomed the changes and warned that new drivers if caught and prosecuted could have their licence revoked and be forced to re-sit their driving test. What was the law previously? Previously, it was an offence to use a hand-held mobile phone or similar device for ‘interactive communication’ when driving. That includes making and receiving phone calls, texting, or accessing the internet. Those laws first came into force in 2003 and, whilst the penalties have been increased during that time, the ingredients of the offence and the definitions and interpretations of those ingredients have not substantially changed. Given the developments in mobile technology over the years, with ever more sophisticated features and functionality, the government has been keen to ensure that the law reflects those changes. So, what are the new laws? From 25th March onwards, anyone found to be using a hand-held device whilst behind the wheel, for any reason, will be committing an offence. This means that anyone picking up their mobile phone device to film or watch videos, play games or scroll through their music playlists whilst driving will be breaking the law.

Read this if you’ve ever thought of dropping a doggie poo bag into someone else’s refuse bin

Significantly, this also extends to picking up your phone to unlock the device, illuminate the screen, check the time Wor even rejecting an inbound telephone call. Will there be any exemptions? Other than in emergency situations, the only other permitted use of a hand-held device will be while driving to make a contactless payment at a payment terminal for goods or services – such as a drive-through takeaway. You must ensure that the vehicle is stationary whilst using your phone to make the payment, however. What are the penalties? Anyone found to be breaking the law will be subject to a £200 fine and 6 points on their driving licence. Commenting on the changes, solicitor and motoring law specialist at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, Paul Loughlin said: “While this legislation will certainly act as a greater deterrent, it is important that we now see a sustained effort to educate drivers of this change as well as tough enforcement from the police. The reality is that these changes mean that, aside from the exemption allowing the use of the phone to make contactless payments when your vehicle is stationary, holding your phone and interacting with it whilst driving, whether in stationary traffic or not, will see you prosecuted if caught. “For a driver who has been driving for less than two years, this would mean that you would have your licence revoked and would have to re-sit your driving test.”

Three years later this figure is found again in a Parliamentary debate, but by 2021 the dog population was thought to have grown to 12.5 million, so 1300 tonnes of poo is perhaps a reasonable guess about the amount now produced. The Mail said that a survey showed that only 3% would not make any effort to pick it up. Increased public awareness of the Sacks from a number health risks associated with canine poo, of bins may be and a greater sense of responsibility consolidated into exercised by dog owners, has meant one bin by the bin there has not been a proportionate operatives, leaving the increase of the nuisance that it can doggie poo bag behind. create on streets and parks. It is probably true to say that, despite the higher volumes being produced, the problem is less than it was in 2014. Most owners pick up after their dogs and make use of the bins provided by local councils. Most Parish Councils have a network of bins throughout the village on popular dog walking routes. There are areas, however, where the Council does not own land on which to place bins and, if there are also no District Council litter bins nearby, dog owners either have to walk to the nearest bin or take the doggie bag home for disposal in their refuse bin. Everyone knows that a minority of owners will choose not to do this and will drop the bag on the pavement or into nearby undergrowth. Another option that some owners take advantage of is to drop the bag in a black refuse bin, awaiting collection or after collection, at non domestic premises or even outside someone’s home. It may not seem an unreasonable course of action, but it makes assumptions about the way in which refuse collections work. It assumes that dropping it in a bin will mean that the truck will come along and the bin will be emptied automatically. No-one will see or need to handle the doggie bag. If this were the case there would probably not be a problem. Refuse bins are large, but the amount of refuse collected for landfill is nowadays reduced by the huge increase in recycling. Recycling bins are often filled to the top, but black bins from smaller households may only have one or two black sacks in them. In some parts of the village not all bins are taken to the truck – sacks from a number of bins may be consolidated into one bin by the operatives. But the doggie bag lurks unseen at the bottom of the bin. And there it will stay, perhaps for months or even longer. This is not what is intended when it is dropped in by the dog owner, but it can be the outcome. So, if you have ever dropped a doggie bag into someone else’s bin, please stop and think before you do it again and take the bag to an appropriate bin or take it home with you. Clearly, by picking up after your dog, your wish is to help keep the streets and parks clean, and not to unintentionally create a problem for another resident.

Norman Griffiths

My girlfriend said she wants a fairy-tale life. So I’ve trapped her in her gran’s bedroom with a wolf.

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By Hannah Bourne-Taylor READ THE powerful account of one woman’s fight to reshape her identity through connection with nature when all normality has fallen away. When lifelong bird-lover Hannah BourneTaylor moved with her husband to Ghana seven years ago she couldn’t have anticipated how her life would be forever changed by her unexpected encounters with nature and the subsequent bonds she formed. Plucked from the comfort and predictability of her life before, Hannah struggled to establish herself in her new environment, striving to belong in the rural grasslands far away from home. In this challenging situation, she was forced to turn inwards and interrogate her own sense of identity, however in the animal life around her, and in two wild birds in particular, Hannah found a source of solace and a way to reconnect with the world in which she was living. Fledgling is a portrayal of adaptability, resilience and selfdiscovery in the face of isolation and change, fuelled by the quiet power of nature and the unexpected bonds with animals she encounters. Hannah encourages us to reconsider the conventional boundaries of the relationships people have with animals through her inspiring and very beautiful glimpse of what is possible when we allow ourselves to connect to the natural world.

“GAZETTE” readers A professionally written Will discounted to just £75 A Lasting Power of Attorney discounted to just £100* Probate assistance service from just £395 Property Protection Trusts for reducing potential care home fees from just £400

Full of determination and compassion, Fledgling is apowerful meditation on our instinctive connection to nature. It shows that even the tiniest of birds can teach us what is important in life and how to embrace every day.


Craft Fair Saturday 30th April 2022 10am – 4pm Groby Village Hall LE6 0DQ Featuring many local crafters



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If things get better with age, I’m approaching magnificent.



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UNNING FIVE marathons in 5 days is a mean feat for most, let alone with the addition of 7 flights to travel between 5 cities, across four continents … but that’s exactly what Leicestershire’s, Nick Hodges, Founder of The Bodie Hodges Foundation and Ian Stringer, who is well known for his time dedicated to BBC Radio Leicester, are set to do. This extraordinary challenge is being endured to raise significant funds for two Leicestershire charities; The Bodie Hodges Foundation and The Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha Foundation. The challenge is one which Nick and Ian have been training incredibly hard for over the last 20 months, committing to 6+ training sessions per week for many months and as the training ramps up as we head closer to the challenge, running in excess of 60 miles per week. The Global Marathon Challenge will commence from the Khun Vichai statue in Bangkok on Monday 18th April at approximately 14.30 (UK time). It will finish at the Khun Vichai statue in Leicester on Saturday 23rd April … and they have just 120 hours to complete the challenge in. The five marathons will be run in the following order: •

Leg 1 - Bangkok -Thailand (Asia)

Leg 2 - Honolulu - Hawaii (Oceania)

Leg 3 - Anchorage - Alaska (North America)

Leg 4 - New York - USA (North America)

Leg 5 - Leicester - UK (Europe)

Nick and Ian confess to being ordinary runners, having never attempted anything like this before. In June 2020, the pair decided they wanted to take on a major challenge

MARTIN TIBBLES MARATHON MEN: Ian Stringer and Ian Hodges for the two charities, a challenge that would test them both physically and mentally to raise, hopefully, an impressive amount of money for the charities. Nick and Ian will be travelling as a team of 4, with Dave Orton, physio, and Lewis Moses, coach. Both Dave and Lewis have been instrumental in getting Nick and Ian ready for this challenge of a lifetime and will be supporting them in person for the whole journey. To add to the challenge, all flights will be on standard scheduled airline flying, economy class; this is where the team will also sleep for 3 of the nights (and 3 of the team members are over 6ft tall!). There will be one opportunity to sleep in a hotel bed whilst travelling, by which point, the pair will have ran 104.8 miles, ahead of leg 5. As a team, Nick, Ian, Dave and Lewis will be planting 24 trees to offset the carbon footprint of the flights, making the challenge as carbon neutral as possible. The challenge could not be undertaken without the sponsors of The Global Marathon Challenge. All costs including all flights and accommodation have been covered by the following corporate partners; Bakers Waste, E&H Drylining (SW), Industrial Marine Supplies, SV Timber, Freeths, PPL PRS and Premier Logistics. This means that all donations will go directly to helping fund those that need support. Nick and Ian give their heartfelt thanks to the sponsors. To follow the challenge, follow The Bodie Hodges Foundation page on Facebook, where the team will be taking to social media live, as often as they can. To make a donation, please visit: campaign/globalmarathonchallenge

Dem Bones, dem bones

IT HAS BEEN said that the body of any organisation is made up of four types of bones…. There are the Wishbones – who spend their time wishing someone else would do something about the problem under discussion…. There are the Jawbones – who spend their time talking about the problem. There are the Knucklebones – who spend their time knocking everything that everyone has already done or would like to do. Finally, there are the Backbones who quietly come along, get under the load, and carry it! Which type of bone are you?

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I measure my fitness level by whether or not my bath towel still fits around me.

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gun and live ammunition. The mentally disturbed teenager fired six blank shots at the Queen as she rode in the Trooping of the Colour ceremony on 13 June 1981. Fortunate not to have been shot on the spot, Sarjeant escaped with five years’ imprisonment.

The Platinum Jubilee In 2022, Her Majesty The Queen will become the first British monarch to celebrate a platinum jubilee, marking 70 years of service.

As much as anything, an event celebrating good news is very much welcome right now and even non-royalists will be caught up in the pageantry of the celebrations this year. Although 2022 is the 70th anniversary of the Queen’s ascension to the throne, the first street party was held in 1953. King George VI had died on 6 February 1952, but it was considered respectful to allow a longer period of mourning before forging ahead with a formal coronation which was held on the 2 June 1953. The coronation spawned the first of the street parties held during Her Majesty’s reign. Residential streets were closed to traffic – not that there was much in those days

– so that local communities could hold street parties. Bunting and Union flags hung from lines strung from upstairs windows on either side of the streets. Makeshift tables sagged under the weight of sandwiches, jelly and custard and bottles of Tizer. BBC coverage of the coronation was a breakthrough for the history of broadcasting. It was the first service to be televised and for most people, it was the first time they had watched an event on television. It is estimated that 27 million people in the UK (out of the 36 million population) watched the ceremony on television and 11 million listened on the radio. Times changed. Britain changed – in some cases beyond recognition. But there has been one constant: a tower of strength whose influence will not be fully appreciated until she is no longer with us. In a speech made in Cape Town on her 21st birthday on 21 April

Most notable however, was Elizabeth II’s majestic reaction to the incident. As her horse panicked and reared she calmly brought him under control and continued with the scheduled ride to Horseguards Parade, comforting him with a few pats on the neck while turning to smile at the cheering crowd.

1947, the then Princess Elizabeth declared “… my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service…” Well, we all know now that it was to be long. How differently history would have read had her would-be assassin, Marcus Sarjeant, succeeded in acquiring a real

It was HRH Prince Philip who pointed out that sometimes a position is more important than the person who occupies that position. With typical clarity he had put the concept in a nutshell: if a nation chooses to have a figurehead then there must be a human to give that position substance, but the human is secondary to the position, not vice versa. For the past 70 years we have been fortunate in having a person worthy of that position.

Why call someone when you can just decide where you and your friend want to meet by exchanging 76 text messages.


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Spring Physical Activity Campaign To Boost Carers’ Health

Local Children’s safety charity needs more volunteers! WARNING ZONE wouldn’t function without the generosity of their volunteers guides who deliver sessions during school term times. Some stay for the day, while others come for a morning or afternoon session. The minimum guiding requirement is just 5 hours (2 sessions) per month. In a “normal” year they will deliver lifesaving messages to around 10,500 primary school children in year 6 year 6 from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (and beyond!) at their state-of-the-art Life Skills Centre, based on Frog Island in Leicester.

“I like being able to use my existing skills and love the enthusiasm and interest of the children. Volunteering at Warning Zone is very flexible and allows me to give my time while still being able to engage in other activities” A Warning Zone Volunteer explains why they got involved with the charity.

Children at age 10/11years old are at a key transition period of their lives as they prepare to venture into secondary schools, where they will meet new friends and share new experiences. They are likely to have more independence and will be responsible for their own safety, actions and behaviours. Warning Zone’s aim is to educate young people on understanding risks, peer pressure, anti-social behaviour and consequences, presenting the real risks of life for children, delivered in an honest, compassionate and understandable way in order to encourage responsible behaviour and sound decision making while living full and active lives. At Warning Zone children hear real life stories and experience learning through interactive Zones guided by our volunteer guides. The centre is split into 2. There is a general safety – think arson, railways, water, electricity, road safety to name a few! And E-Safety - topics include online phishing, cyber bullying, sharing and use of inappropriate images, online grooming and more. Both areas explore themes such as peer pressure, criminal responsibility and consequences, the importance of talking to a trusted adult, being a good friend, and mental health and wellbeing. Volunteers range from 16 to 80+ years old, from all walks of life. The day at Warning Zone is ideal for parents with children at school, fitting in with school drop off and pickups! It’s also great for people that have retired and are looking for a way to use their extensive, valuable skills and experience. It really is a rewarding volunteering opportunity and a great way to give back to the community. Warning Zone appreciates and celebrates their volunteer team. There is a dedicated volunteer room where experiences are shared over biscuits and certificates are awarded to mark significant steps and contributions. Days out area also arranged to thank and celebrate volunteers. Do you have a spare 5 hours a month (although more is also fine!). If you would like more information please email volunteer@ visit or call 0116 2629739. They would love for you to join their team.

THE FIRST EVER ‘Carers Active April’ is coming soon, backed by community groups throughout the UK including Ministry of Nordic Walks Community Group who lead a group at Glenfield. Ministry of Nordic Walks Community Group will be holding a morning of free Nordic walking taster sessions on April 18th 2022 at Ellis Park. Please contact the group via their email or by phone 07502 576764 to book your place as places are limited. The month will support unpaid carers in every community who want to get more physically active or find out how they might be able to in a way that is fun, affordable, accessible, and achievable. Carers Active April will build on many local events towards a UK-wide Carers Active Healthathon on Saturday 30 April – a day of enjoyable, inclusive online sessions that carers and those they care for can also sign up to attend. Carers will also receive an exclusive free Carers Active April Starter Pack. Three quarters of carers (76%) are not able to do as much physical activity as they like because of the pressures of their role. At the same time 73% say that being physically active makes them feel good about themselves. One carer said: “I really enjoy activities because they give me a sense of wellbeing and physical achievement. They also contribute to my feelings of independence and happiness.” Carers have had an extremely challenging time during the pandemic, and many have seen their own health impacted by their caring responsibilities. Now more than ever, finding ways to improve carers’ health and wellbeing is crucial. Penny Fielden of Ministry of Nordic Walks Community Group said: “Having unexpectedly become a carer last year, I really welcome the time spent exercising outdoors in the company of others. There are difficult and worrying days when you become a carer and I think my mental health as well as my physical health might have deteriorated had it not been for the enormous support members of the group have given me as well as the pleasure derived from Nordic walking as an exercise.” The campaign is funded by Sport England through the National Lottery and run by Carer’s UK. It is part of the ongoing Carers Active project which aims to make it easier for more of the UK’s 6.5 million unpaid carers to be more physically active and feel the benefits of moving more. Carers can sign up to the Carers Active mailing list to receive updates about Carers Active April and the Healthathon event. Whether you’re a carer or a carers organisation, you can also visit the Carers Active Hub , full of ideas and tips to keep active and stories from other carers sharing their own experiences.

Before marriage, men would wander car parks aimlessly because they had no-one to point out the open spots.

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Glenfield Country Market is on the up! AS YOU MAY have read previously, the Glenfield Country Market is part of a not-for-profit organisation which enables producers to sell handmade goods for sale, paying a commission to cover running costs for this weekly event.

Producers cook, craft and grow and display their wares at our popular market held each Friday in St Peter’s Church Centre, Glenfield (LE3 8DP) from 9am-11am. We have been delighted to welcome new customers on account of us featuring in the Glenfield Gazette and we hope they will continue to support us regularly. It has been difficult for all of us for longer than we can think but we are gradually getting used to this new normal! On Friday 25th February we held our Annual Shareholders Meeting and learned that other Country Markets had folded due to reduced footfall and interest so we are heartened by the fact that Glenfield is on the up! Why don’t you give us a try? It’s a friendly and informal event and we will be very happy to see you. There are refreshments available as well as a wide range of hand-crafted goods to buy. All of our crafts, bakes and plants are specially displayed each week so you will be spoiled for choice! We take card payments to make your shopping experience even better! Please don’t forget to put our Craft Fair to be held at the Groby Village Hall on Saturday 30th April, 10am-4pm into your diaries. Many local crafters have booked tables – there are very few left as I type - and it looks to be a delightful event where you can browse and buy a variety of locally handmade and crafted goods.

Ruth Lane

Secretary for Glenfield Country Market

Did you know that Glenfield has a weekly Country Market? A wide range of homemade cakes and preserves, quality crafts, plants and home-grown produce are on sale.

Refreshments are served Free admission. Card payments now available Come along to see us and to support this local event.

Where? St Peter’s Church Centre, LE3 8DP with parking! When? Each Friday morning 9am-11am For more details contact:

Oh please. If I took the time to be embarrassed by my mistakes I’d never get anything else done.



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Cheese, bacon and onion pie Perfect for a simple lunch or for an early summer picnic, this savoury pie has a really rich and buttery crisp pastry and a tasty smoked bacon and onion filling. It tastes just as delicious warm or cold. Look for packs of smoked bacon pieces near the bacon rashers in the supermarket or use flavoursome Italian diced pancetta instead.

NEARLY HALF of all dog owners would not continue to date somebody if their dog did not like that person. And two in five dog owners prefer to date someone who also has a dog.

1. To make the pastry, sift the flour into a large bowl and stir in the mustard powder and salt. Add the diced butter and rub into the flour between your fingertips until the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.

For those people who go online to look for dates, one in ten dog owners choose potential partners by looking to see if a dog is present in their profile picture. Two thirds of dog owners say that their dog is their best friend, and three in five dog owners admit they prefer to spend the evening at home with their pet than to go out on a date.

2. Stir in enough of the iced water with a roundbladed knife to mix to a crumbly dough. Knead very lightly until just smooth then flatten into a disc and wrap in cling film. Chill for 20-25 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Dry-fry the bacon pieces in a large non-stick frying pan for 4-5 minutes until just golden. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add the oil and sliced onions to the pan and fry gently, stirring occasionally, for about 15 minutes until the onions are very tender and pale golden. Leave to cool. Preheat the oven to 190C / 170C fan / gas mark 5. Place a baking sheet in the oven to heat up. 4. Roll out just over half the pastry on a lightly floured surface and use to line a 20x30cm loosebased fluted flan tin. Layer the bacon, onions and grated cheese in the pastry case, and season between the layers with freshly ground black pepper. 5. Roll out the rest of the pastry and use to cover the filling. Seal the edges of the pastry with water then pinch them tightly together with your fingertips. Trim off any excess pastry. 6. Brush the pastry with the beaten egg and pierce 3-4 holes in the top of the pie to allow the steam to escape. Bake on the hot baking sheet for 2530 minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden. Serve warm or cold with tomato salad, if liked.

If my dog doesn’t love you, I won’t either

Makes: 8 Ready in: 1½ hours, plus chilling FOR THE PASTRY • 225g plain flour • 1 tsp mustard powder • Pinch of salt • 115g butter, chilled and diced • 4-5 tbsp iced water FOR THE FILLING • 175g smoked bacon pieces • 4 onions, peeled and thinly sliced • 1 tbsp sunflower oil • 200g mature Cheddar cheese, grated • Beaten egg, to glaze • Tomato salad, to serve (see Tip)

TIP Serve simply with a fresh tomato salad made by thickly slicing ripe vine tomatoes and layering with finely chopped spring onions and a few fresh basil leaves. Drizzle with a little olive oil and season with freshly ground black pepper.

The study was carried out by the Kennel Club, who said that it is not surprising that owners rely on their pet’s instincts when it comes to selecting a partner. Still, Kennel Club adds that owning a dog should not be seen as an obstacle in finding your soulmate, but a real help. Kennel Club suggested that dog owners might socialise more at doggie events like Crufts, where there are lots of fellow dog lovers.

Did you know ... that recent back issues* of the Glenfield Gazette are available to read online at *from November 2020 to present.

Glenfield Library Opening Hours

Last month’s Library Hours listing missed off the third column. Apologies for that!

My life is an open book. But it’s very poorly written and I die in the end.

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Wellbeing at the weekend!

SHUTTLEWOOD Clarke Foundation is expanding its supportive and inclusive ethos from Saturday 2ndApril as the Foundation launches weekend opening at Ulverscroft Grange Community Support and Wellbeing Centre. Helen Baxter of Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation said ‘we wish to convey a very warm weekend welcome to our visitors, supporters, service users and volunteers! Our Saturday opening will allow us to build on our supportive services and provide new opportunities for people to enjoy all that the Foundation has to offer’. She added ‘You are invited to explore our accessible Yew Trail, discover the natural environment of our woodland pathways and drop in to the tearooms for refreshments or lunch overlooking the Charnwood Forest’. To find out more, drop in to Ulverscroft Grange, Whitwick Road, Ulverscroft, Leicestershire, LE67 9QB – open Monday – Friday 10.00am – 4.00pm – and Saturday’s 10.00am – 4.00pm from 2nd April 2022. Children’s Easter trail available from Monday 11th April – Friday 22nd April 2022! For more information regarding the supportive services and activities provided at Shuttlewood Clarke Foundation, contact Helen Baxter on 01530 244914 or visit www.

Call the team you can Trust!!! Testimonials on Trustatrader

“The whole experience was professionally & efficiently managed, courteous & friendly. I am completely satisfied with the work done.” Mr T J Norris “Incredibly tidy, friendly and professional. A pleasure to have around, extremely honest and considerate. Superby service all round.” Mr McVeigh





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The Glenfield Gardeners’ Association WE MET FOR our A.G.M in February and it was fantastic to see so many members attend who were still keen to support the GGA and interested in how it is run. Our committee members were all happy to continue for another year so we kept our reports nice and short! Our speaker for the evening was Sharon Maher from the National Garden Scheme. Most of our members enjoy visiting open gardens for ideas and inspiration and often they are NGS gardens. Sharon was hugely entertaining and informative and we were all very surprised to learn that the NGS was started by nurses who wanted to fund raise for money to start hospices and train nurses properly in the 1800’s in Liverpool. NGS is still a fundraising charity but no one was aware of the connection to nursing. The little yellow book is being slowly phased out but is still available now. Look out in places like the library for this year’s Leicestershire booklet. Our next meetings coming up are very varied in topic so there should be something to interest all gardeners.

Garden Themed Bunting Needed To Celebrate 150 Years Of Horticultural Shows In Glenfield

‘Landscape or seascape’ or ‘Reflection’- your subject matter reflected in glass of water. We had some wonderful poems last year, hopefully the theme of ‘Holidays’ will be equally inspiring. This year it will also be 150 years since the very first horticultural show in Glenfield. To celebrate this, we’d like some commemorative bunting that we could put up at our show and possibly for the next 150 years! So any crafters, if you have spare fabric, we’re

looking for some gardening themed bunting 1.5m- 2metres long. Get sewing, painting and writing and will see your wonderful creations in August. All are welcome to come along to our monthly meetings. You don’t have to be a member. We meet at 7.30pm on the fourth Tuesday of the month in St Peter’s Church Hall. Yearly membership is just £14 or you can come for the evening for £2.50, an absolute gardening bargain and there is always tea and biscuits. Check out our facebook page for more details:

or ring us on 07791 488784 or 0116 231 3732 or 0116 232 1120.


FOR YOUR DIARY Tuesday April 26: Rutland Willow Tuesday May 24: Nick Turrell Tuesday June 28: Neil Timms Saturday August 20: GARDEN SHOW

Liz Douglas

Spot the Spot TheDifferences Difference

In April, Rutland Willow will be demonstrating how willow is grown and made into baskets; obelisks etc. and then we have Nick Turrell in May giving us his many years of experience about good garden design. As we all have an awkward shady spot, in June Neil Timms will bring some of his ferns to help us plant out those difficult spaces. We are looking ahead too with much excitement to our annual Garden Show on Saturday August 20th. So if you are an early planner and would like to get ahead of the competition, here are some of the decided categories. We’d like to see in the craft section a ‘Vase of crafty flowers’ and ‘Decorate a tin can’. For the artists, your title this year is ‘Skyline’ and the photographers, it is

Can YOU spot the 10 differences in the cartoons above? Answers are on page 26. Good luck!

My friend Ena is very giddy. Whenever we meet and I say: ‘Hi, Ena’, she laughs her head off.


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St Peter’s Church News AS I WRITE THIS in mid-March, Kyiv is under curfew and under siege. Several cities in the south-east of Ukraine have fallen, mayors have been taken away blindfolded, maternity units have been bombed. Scenes we haven’t seen for a generation in Europe, and a type of war, caused by external aggression rather than internal strife, of the sort we perhaps believed, certainly hoped, had disappeared. With the way things have progressed in the past few weeks, I don’t know what the situation will be by the time this is in your hands, but I do know that the Ukrainian people whose homes, lives and livelihoods have been devastated by this will still need our active help and support. Three ways we can give it:

Glenfield Bathrooms 20 Devonshire Road, Leicester, LE4 0BF

Tel: 0116 287 11 99

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DONATE – giving to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal – – is probably the best way to ensure the right help is available in the right place at the right time. OFFER HELP – the government’s ‘Home for Ukraine’ scheme is one way, but if you’re not in a position to offer a home to someone as will be the case for many, you can register as an individual with the Sanctuary Foundation (www. to show your willingness to help in a variety of other ways. PRAY – there is a sense of individual powerlessness which comes from watching violent combat. Yet I do not believe it is an empty gesture to offer prayer. This month we celebrate Easter: the proof that despite the worst injustice and violence the world can muster, Jesus the Prince of Peace is powerful over even hatred and death. When the situation is darkest, he can bring light and life and hope.

MANAGERS SPECIAL 800mm x 800mm quadrant shower enclosure package

Vivid 50 x 70 LED dimmable mirror with demister pad

RRP £575

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NOW £299

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* Also Available in 900 x 900

God of peace and justice, we pray for the people of Ukraine today. We pray for peace and the laying down of weapons. We pray for all those who fear for tomorrow, that your Spirit of comfort would draw near to them. We pray for those with power over war or peace, for wisdom, discernment and compassion to guide their decisions. Above all, we pray for all your precious children, at risk and in fear, that you would hold and protect them. We pray in the name of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Amen. (A prayer written by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York)

Richard Trethewey

Rector of St Peter’s, Glenfield and All Saints, Newtown Linford.

Tel: 0116 287 1604

COMMUNITY GRANTS - Apply for one! BLABY DISTRICT COUNCIL have funding available for charities, community groups and sports clubs that make a difference in Blaby District. Grants are available from £500 up to £4,000.

Email: or tel: 0116 272 7566 or visit: I like to start my day by having a nice cup of coffee and then scrolling through the internet for 12-14 hours.


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Oddfellows reach out to help Leicestershire newcomers forge new friendships 4. Predict your outcomes – write a list of what you are worried about. Putting pen to paper will help you look at what’s really concerning you and help test whether or not your worries come true. Science shows us that 88% of our worries never happen.

THE LEICESTER and Leicestershire Oddfellows has been organising social events and activities since it was established in the city 200 years ago. Now they are they are turning their attention to newcomers to the area and reaching out to people who may need a little help settling in. Mike Harris, Branch Secretary of the Leicester and Leicestershire District Branch, said: “Moving to a new town or city is daunting at any age, but when you relocate your entire life in later years, it can be even more difficult to find your feet. Gone are the streets and shops you knew like the back of your hand, the reassurance of friendly and supportive neighbours, and the reliable network of friends you’ve built up through the years. The good news is that you’re not alone, says the Oddfellows. “We’re a ready-made caring friendship group who can help you to feel more at home, explore the area and get to know your new neighbourhood,” added Mike. Upcoming events organised by the Oddfellows include a Visit to the Leicester Guildhall followed by afternoon tea at the Almeida Cafe at 2pm on Thursday 5th May 2022, a Day out on the Peter Le Marchant Trust boat at 10am on Thursday14th July 2022 and a visit to Whitemoors Antique Centre and a trip on the Battlefield line at 10am on Thursday 1st June 2022.

5. Choose your own path – if a group isn’t for you, or you struggle to find a connection, try something else. There are no expectations from anyone but yourself! Dr Jennifer Wild The Oddfellows has also teamed up with Clinical Psychologist Dr Jennifer Wild to create a list of hints and tips to help anyone who might feel nervous about meeting new people: 1. Choose a group that is linked to your own interests – don’t sign up for a rock climbing class if you’re not into heights. Perhaps enjoying a coffee with an organised friendship group is a good place to start? 2. Call ahead – a telephone call with the organiser or an existing member will help alleviate your concerns, answer any questions you have and ensure someone can greet you as soon as you arrive. 3. Give yourself permission to leave after five minutes – concentrating on a short period of time is much less daunting than thinking you have to stay for an hour. By focusing on a short time limit you are putting less pressure on yourself.

Mike added: “We know that walking into a room full of people you don’t know can be daunting, but a warm Leicestershire welcome awaits to anyone wanting to give our friendly group a go.” The Leicester and Leicestershire Oddfellows is a non-profit organisation with approximately 850 local members. In addition to attending regular social events, members can access financial benefits and welfare support, with a dedicated care helpline and citizens advice team, and a travel club. To read more about Dr Wild’s clinical advice about trying something new, go to To register an interest in the group, or to receive a free local events diary, call Jo Brown on 0116 254 3106 or email

The new rules of dating DATING IS NOT what it used to be. Instead of making an effort to dress up and meet somewhere special for the first time, nowadays singletons are increasingly staying at home, and vetting potential partners on Zoom first. What started during the pandemic seems to be having a lasting impact, with various dating apps reporting that their clients now prefer to have video dates before actually meeting in person. As one relationship dating expert explained: “Single people like having a way to check that their potential date is ‘normal’ before meeting them in real life.” Another relationship dating expert points out some of the basic benefits of a video call. “Do you like the sound of their voice? Do you feel attracted to them? Can you banter?” All in all, it seems that preliminary video dates are a good idea – an important stage of the dating journey.

RECENT GLENFIELD PLANNING APPS Single storey rear extension and porch canopy to front - at 3 Main Street, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8DG Erection of front boundary wall and detached garage to front - at Sunny Villa, 17 Groby Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8GN Change of use from Retail (Class E) to Hot food takeaway (sui generis) - at 91 Dominion Road Glenfield Leicestershire LE3 8JB The erection of a single storey rear extension - at 6 Glen Park Avenue, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8GG Single storey side and front extension - at 18 Victor Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8AS Single storey front extension and alterations to front elevation - at 44 Liberty Road, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8JF Single storey side extension, conversion of garage and dormer windows to side elevations - at 30 Overdale Avenue, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8GP Erection of a single storey rear extension - at 54 Wheatfield Close, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8SD Erection of single storey outbuilding to form granny annexe - at 20 Valiant Close, Glenfield, Leicester LE3 8JH


If so, please send details of what you do, when & where you meet, etc. and we’ll give you a free mention in the Gazette.

Everyone in the village will get to know about your group, and you may attract new members. TREMENDOUS!

Someone should tell scientists they don’t need to keep finding reasons for us to drink a glass of wine at night.


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Glenfield Park WI

The best laid plans ... WELL, WHAT DO you do when both plan A and Plan and B are scuppered. Well Being WI we keep calm and carry on.. What do you do when Plan C, which seemed fool proof, also goes by the wayside? The answer is forget the slogan about keeping calm and panic instead! In spite of this inauspicious start we had a vey pleasant meeting. Improvisation rules! The evening ranged from members’ memories, including the worst hotel they had stayed in. Great Yarmouth and the Isle of Skye were the winners - or should that be losers here. These were interspersed with some short quizzes to make everyone use their brains. There was a varied range with topics from old money, (£.s.d) to geography. All members contributed to these so there was an excellent atmosphere.



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• April 7th: Peter le Marchant Trust - Speaker: Tim Marren • April 8th: Meal at The Stamford Arms in Groby

Pamela Wilson



We are pleased to announce that we are now agents for A.W.E Kitchens and Bedrooms Who specialise in Bespoke made to measure kitchen & bedroom furniture

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A topical question for you. What is the cost of 1 or 2 hot cross buns?

15 Programmes



What could have been a disaster turned into a lively evening. Hint: I suggest you don’t invite any of us to take part in a quiz if the subject is geography. We were pretty poor. But old money is right up our street.


0116 236 4221

Family Run Business for 4 Decades Showroom: 71 Church Lane Anstey, Leicester LE7 7AF

It may not look like it, but I’m actually very handsome.


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Blaby & District Lions Club news


MIKE NEAL 27th July 1943-1st March 2022 THE FOLLOWING tribute was paid at the recent funeral of Mike Neal, who was a well-known resident and business owner in Glenfield. Mike passed away on 1st March 2022. Mike Neal was born on 27th July 1943, the only child of Herbert and Peg.

ON 27TH FEBRUARY our club held a ‘Winter Blues luncheon’ at the Blaby Drop-In Centre, inviting 50 local pensioners for a roast dinner, prepared by club members Leonie and Stuart. One lady reported “the food was very tasty, loved the custard - not had custard in months! Thank you so much for doing this, it is so nice to see everyone again.” Special thanks go to Drop-In Centre volunteers Angie Miller, Sandra Tugby, Carol Holt, Janet Stanley and Mary Brown, who helped make the afternoon a great success. Thanks to everyone who joined us for our winter movie nights (the last one this season was held on 1st April) at the Countesthorpe Village Hall. We will be looking for other venues to hold our social film showings over the summer months, and we will be returning to Countesthorpe in October. We are restarting our charity Quiz Nights later in the year – our next one is on Saturday 8th October. Let us know if you want to come along (bring a team!). We need to know numbers and your food choices (from the Fish’n’Chip shop) in advance. Bring your own booze. Cost is £12 pp (which includes supper). All profits will be donated to “Read Easy Leicester & District group” which provides free, confidential one-to-one reading coaching for adults. Their vision is for all adults in the Leicester & District area to have the literacy skills necessary to fulfill their potential and live life to the full. Lions Clubs International is the largest service club organisation in the world. Its 1.4 million members in more than 46,000 clubs are serving communities in 207 countries and geographical areas around the globe. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired, championed youth initiatives, and strengthened local communities through handson service and humanitarian projects. Anyone wishing to find out more about the Blaby Lions can look at our website We are looking for volunteers to help with local charity fundraising events and community projects. Email or leave a message at 07376 260 736. You can follow us on Facebook at

Why is everything now ‘robust’? HAVE YOU NOTICED that whenever Government ministers, officials and similar spokespersons are speaking on TV or radio they manage to include the word ‘robust’ at least once? Everything is now robust. Clark Hays has written an interesting online article about this Corporate Buzzword Dictionary: Rejecting “Robust” visit:

Mike’s childhood was happy, but he was not a great fan of school. On leaving school, he had a year at Loughborough University, but he did not find this an altogether positive experience, and was much happier when he began work at Dunlop as a rubber technician. He enjoyed working in this field for many years, including working for a time in Calcutta - though the climate in India did take a toll on his health. He also spent time in Montreal - and here it was the extreme cold that was memorable. In later years he worked in various jobs as a handyman, decorator, gardener and kitchen fitter, in a newsagent’s, eventually becoming proprietor of Glenfield Video on Faire Road, from which he retired in 2012. Around that time, Mike used to drive a distinctive Toyota Spacecruiser and villagers would often spot the car and give him a wave. While Mike worked hard in his various jobs, his strongest commitment and greatest love was his family. He first met Lorna in the “Merry Monarch” in 1971 and they were married on 29th June 1974 at St Denis’ Church, Evington. He took great pride in their sons Robert and John, taking a major role in their care and upbringing, as well as supporting Lorna in her teaching career. In 2021 he was overjoyed to become a grandfather to granddaughter Thea. Outside work, Mike was active in his local community, serving for many years as a Parish Councillor, and being active in the twinning between Glenfield, and Stelle in Germany. Though a reserved man, Mike held strong views, and a strong sense of justice. He was not afraid to speak his mind when justice, truth and right required it. While Mike worked hard both in paid work and as a Parish Councillor, he also had a wide range of other interests and gifts. He loved his garden, and was keen to impart his knowledge particularly to Robert and daughter-in-law Nung. He had a particular passion for sailing, and enjoyed weekends away with his friends and later with the family. He loved Norfolk (the Broads being one of his favourite places for sailing) and his dream was to retire there, though sadly, that was not to be. Mike also enjoyed Long Alley Skittles, and was the Secretary of the Leicester City and County Long Alley Skittles League for over 30 years. He enjoyed seeing new places, and especially family visits to America. He became Head Chef at home and latterly thoroughly enjoyed doing crosswords. Mike had considerable knowledge about a broad range of topics, a lot of common sense, and his dry humour was appreciated by all his friends. Despite the difficulties experienced by everyone over the past couple of years, Mike was able to enjoy some precious time with his family. He will be much missed by all who knew him.

When a man says ‘fine’ he means the battle is over. When a woman says ‘fine’ the war is just beginning.


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A Sizzling


including songs from

and other travelling hits

Rehearsals at Groby Club Wednesday afternoon choir: 1.30pm - 3pm Wednesday evening choir: 7.30pm - 9.00pm for more information Registered Charity no. 1180490




WEDNESDAY 27th -SATURDAY 30th April at 7.30 nightly (Doors open at 7.00 p.m.) AVAILABLE ON 07983669689 OR

- Long locks look lovely if they’re bouncy, thick and full of life, but if that’s not the case then they really aren’t worth holding on to. Chopping long hair into a flattering, blunt, midicut is a quick way to create more youthful-looking hair. - Ridding your tresses of dead split ends improves condition and a blunt cutting technique will create the look of fullness.

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• A professional opinion is best Although it’s normal for your hair to show signs of change such as thinning over the years, it’s worth seeing your GP if you notice any sudden changes. Hair loss can be caused by hormone deficiencies – low thyroid levels, for example – a deficiency in nutrients, stress and the side-effects of various medications. So if you’re in doubt, ask your doctor’s advice.

I like a woman that makes me feel alive, but also lets me know that it might not be for long.


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Autism Awareness By Lindzi Mayann

APRIL is dedicated to increasing our understanding of autism.

Autistic traits can often go misdiagnosed as a host of mental health issues such as social anxiety, OCD, mood disorders and depression. Plus there is a stigma around the term autism and a lot of misunderstanding, so association is often shunned for many reasons from shame to fear. The spectrum includes many ways an individual can be impacted and also in varied extremities. For example one person with autism might never lead a fully independent life whereas another excels - plus there’s everyone in between. One thing I know is, if you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism. Everyone is as individual as the next, regardless. So how can we be proactive in creating a more inclusive future? Firstly by increasing our awareness and recognising that operating from an autistic perspective is a totally different experience of the world to a “typical” counterpart. How might it differ? Irregular eye contact - from minimal to intense. It’s outdated to think a person with autism can’t make eye contact.

Oh this year we’re off to Sunny Spain y viva España! DO THOSE WORDS bring back memories of happy holidays in the sun? Well, pack your suitcases, stock up on the suntan lotion, (forget Spanish tummy!), because MTTG invites you to take a package holiday with us!

After studying over 7 million young people, Cambridge University recently concluded that 1 in 57 were on the spectrum plus incidences have increased 787% in 20 years. But, autism isn’t a “new” thing since it exists within every generation alive today. Research suggests genetic links so grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles to kids on the spectrum, could be ASD too.

Markfield & Thornton Theatre Group

Speech differences - ever feel like you’re on a separate page? The way we process language can impact communication. Taking sarcasm and rhetorical questions literally or being very “black and white” about situations. Social anxiety - the most common assumption for changes in behaviour with age. Highly sensitive - from textures to noise to touch to pain senses can be hyper or hypo. Anger - a turn-to reaction for overwhelm which looks like an almighty temper but feels nothing of the sort. Repetitive behaviour routines provide comfort and change can cause severe reactions/ distress. Defiance or defensive behaviours. Missing signs and cues might not engage or react in expected ways or pick up on another’s feelings. Autism has profound impacts for the person and the world they operate within - these impacts can be both negative and positive but getting the right support is vital. Together, by developing our understanding of autism and sharing our experiences, we can foster future acceptance and appreciation for this spectrum.

From Wednesday 27th to Saturday 30th April , at 7.30 nightly at Thornton Community Centre, the Group is presenting “Surprise Package” - a popular farce written by Duncan Greenwood and Derek Parkes . Farce is defined as a comedy that seeks to entertain an audience through situations that are highly exaggerated, extravagant, ridiculous, absurd, and improbable, and this one doesn’t disappoint! There is no shortage of comical misunderstandings, accidental compromising positions and mislaid trousers as the Tinsley family’s package holiday in Spain proves to be an even greater change from Blackpool than expected as their holiday turns into mayhem. The play was written at the end of the 1970’s when it seemed that Britain had become crazy for the Costas! Alicante airport opened in 1967, and 100 hotels were built in Benidorm in a decade! MTTG ( then MTG) staged a production of “Surprise Package “ in 1992… so back we go to the Pension Maria thirty years on! Two of the original cast step on to the boards again – Andy Dobrolwski and Julie Marlow. Andy now finds himself cast as the father of the family whilst Julie’s daughter , Emily, will be on stage with her in the teenage role that was once Julie’s. Charlotte Parish recreates the role played in our original production by her Mother, Muriel Walker! Anne Dobrowolska has climbed out of the prompt box to direct the play this time round! Notable is the fact that, thirty years on, we are laughing a lot and having fun at rehearsals as we summon up the picture postcard energy that the play transmits! We were absolutely thrilled that so many of you came to see our Murder Mystery in December – out first attempt at getting back onstage after the pandemic struck. Tickets sold out on the first week. PLEASE COME AND SEE “SURPRISE PACKAGE” in April and bring your friends. A warm welcome awaits you. Tickets (£5) are AVAILABLE ON 07983669689 OR EMAIL:Emilyg. We advise that the play is not suitable for young children. If you are unsure how this affects your booking, please talk to Emily.

Muriel Walker for MTTG



For those who need a little extra help at this difficult time

PLEASE NOTE: Glenfield Community Hub will be operating every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month starting May 2022 from 9am – 12 noon Glenfield Parish Council ANNEXE (the old library next to Morrrison’s new car park) off Station Road, GLENFIELD, LEICESTER, LE3 8BQ If you know of ANYONE IN GLENFIELD who needs help, telephone 07710 174 005 - we’ll do our best to help, no explanations needed or questions asked


Picking up Shopping • Posting Mail • Collecting Prescriptions Transport for vaccinations • Urgent Supplies • A friendly phone call

Did you spot all 10 differences? 1. Pan on wall, 2. Knife disappeared, 3. Steak and beet swapped places, 4. Utensils turned around, 5. Moustache, 6. One parsnip missing, 7. Top buttons missing, 8. Bottle tops, 9. Pepper shaker, 10. Crease in hat.

No, I can’t tonight. I already have plans to look at my phone somewhere else.

26/03/2022, 10:23

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ISLANDS This is your Word Search WordSearch

Gazette Small Ads

• Brown antique leather 3 SEATER SETTEE AND ARMCHAIR, excellent condition. Price: £90 o.n.o. Buyer must collect. Tel: 07919 423610 (Glenfield)

• PANASONIC TV 37 inch Flat screen (model TX-L37D25B) Price: £40. Tel: 07885 808207 (Glenfield) • PROJECTOR - Hanimex Loadmatic 924 - 8 & Super 8mm Auto Threading, new drive belt fitted - £25. Tel: 07743 610 173 (Leicester) • Valor GAS FIRE - as new. Price: £35.00. • Aynsley Pembroke POTTERY - assorted. Offers invited. Tel: 0116 287 5818 (Glenfield) • Black ELECTRIC FOLDING BIKE (Viking) - as new. Small wheels, includes quality lock. Cost £850. Sell for £550. Tel: 0116 233 0145 (Glenfield)

• BABY CARDIGANS AND JUMPERS - hand knitted, 0-4 months. Price: £4 each • Also hand knitted BONNETS & CAPS. Price: £3 each. Money raised will go to Ukraine Appeal. Tel: 0116 287 5449 (Glenfield) IF YOU HAVE any unwanted items which you’d like to advertise FREE in the Gazette, please SEND DETAILS by post or email sorry, we can’t take them over the phone. This is a service for private individuals, not businesses. Maximum 8 items please. Post to: Gazette Small Ads, PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT or you can email details to: PLEASE ENSURE that you put ‘SMALL ADS’ in the subject line, and INCLUDE YOUR FULL POSTAL ADDRESS (not for publication, just to let buyers know where you are).

IF YOU can find 20 LARGEST ISLANDS IN THE WORLD in the Wordsearch grid above, you could win yourself a meal for two and a bottle of house wine at The Stamford Arms in BAFFINISLAND Groby. All you have to do to go into the draw is find - and mark a line ELLESMEREISLAND through - THE LARGEST 20 ISLANDS IN THE WORLD. These can run vertically, horizontally or diagonally (and backwards!). Send HONSHU your marked entry forms to: NO MAN IS AN ISLAND, Glenfield Gazette, JAVA PO Box 8, Markfield, Leics. LE67 9ZT to arrive by FRIDAY 22ND APRIL 2022. Please remember to fill in your name MINDANAO and address. (Some people don’t!) The sender of the first correct entry drawn out of the hat SULAWESI will win the voucher for a Meal for Two and a Bottle of House Wine at The Stamford Arms, Groby. TEWAIPOUNAMU Here are the 20 islands you have to find:

GREENLAND • NEW GUINEA • BORNEO • MADAGASCAR BAFFIN ISLAND • SUMATRAin • HONSHU VICTORIA ISLAND Find the word the •puzzle. GREAT BRITAIN • ELLESMERE ISLAND • SULAWESI • TE WAIPOUNAMU Words can go in any direction. JAVA • share TE IKA A MAUI • LUZON NEWFOUNDLAND Words can letters as •they cross over each o CUBA • ICELAND • MINDANAO• IRELAND Name: .............................................................................................................. 20 of 20 words placed. Address: ............................................................................................................. .............................................................................Postcode: .............................

LAST MONTH’S WINNER WAS MRS PATEL of Triumph Road, Glenfield. Congratulations! Your prize voucher will be sent to you soon!

The woman selling sea shells by the sea shore must have had a strong personal brand to overcome such a poor business model. Copyrigh

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