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Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Clowning to reduce cultural boundaries

« The whole fight against corruption is in danger of being corrupted »

Political & Economic Risk Consultancy, Hong Kong Indonesia was rated the most

« I always said that if people laugh at you because they think you made a mistake, that’s a good start. » Dan Roberts, a circus performer turned educator and activist, created the Red Nose Circus to help keep underprivileged kids in school (read more page 12).

Indonesian Government to Start Selling...Tigers? In what is being billed as an effort to protect the endangered species, the government of Indonesia is allowing those with expendable income to purchase tigers to keep as pets. Source: In order to own one of these majestic cats you

must have one billion rupiah, or £67,000 just lying around, as well five square kilometers of land upon which to house the animal.

Source: Reuters

Fauzi insists monorail project will happen Governor Fauzi Bowo said Friday his administration would resume the construction of the long-stalled monorail, despite the uncertainty around the project. ”It’s not certain we can continue

Despite opposition from several environmen-

tal groups who feel this is nothing more than an attempt by the Indonesian government to make money, government officials have stated that all of the tigers will be monitored regularly to ensure they are being treated properly. If they catch any mistreatment, the owners will be severely punished in the forms of fines or jail time.

corrupt of 16 major Asia-Pacific investment destinations in a business survey released by the Hong Kong-based Political & Economic Risk Consultancy. Cambodia was ranked second most corrupt, followed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, India, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Macao, Japan, the United States, Hong Kong, Australia and – rated as the least corrupt in the survey – Singapore.

tions taking over. This move will just encourage poaching among locals at a time when poaching is on the rise because of the Year of the Tiger.”

the project as the funding remains unclear, but at least I want to carry out the construction of the central line,” he said. The central line is expected to stretch from Kuningan in South Jakarta, past the central business district of Jl. Sudirman and on to Jl. Asia Afrika in Central Jakarta. Source:

Bustar Maitar, a forest campaigner by Green-

peace, stated, “It is an irresponsible move by the Indonesian government. Selling tigers is not the solution. The government must protect the animal’s habitat and stop palm oil planta-

A member of the Indonesian forest ministry said

that the decision to sell tigers was prompted by several inquiries from wealthy individuals who sought to purchase one. Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  1

BuGils bi Weekly Life in Indonesia, it’s always getting better!

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2  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

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Editorial THE SEARCH FOR THE OLDEST MAP OF JAVA The kids in the kampong peeked from

behind broken windows. It was a poor kampong and a lot of the houses were made of just rotan and bamboo. I was lucky to have a 4x4 car, the road up the hill was steep, full of potholes and a slight rain made it slippery and even more dangerous. I brought Aaltje, my 18 year old niece and her friend Nynke, who were in Indonesia for a Holiday. I explained to them that the treasure I was looking for was probably worth half a million dollars. They both stared motionless and empty eyed to the slippery road in front of them. My niece Aaltje had not seen much of me in her young life, and vice versa (obviously?), and I am sure she viewed the “mystery” uncle Bartele in the far east, even weirder now. “What is it?”, she asked, “Gold?” “No”, I replied. “It is the oldest map of Indonesia. It is probably over 400 years old and made by the Sundanese. But as it is a pusaka, or sacred relic, nobody has been able to ever buy it, because they simply don’t know where it is”. They still looked motionless. “In China a similar map was sold recently for one million dollars”. I hoped to get more response, but they were still not impressed. “And you are going to buy this map?”, they asked. “I will try...”, I replied with a deep sigh, still not sure if the map was even there. I knew of its existence from the respected Dr. David Parry, who has studied maps from the region for a long time and even made a book about it (which is for sale in Bartele Gallery). Dr. David Parry had never made the location of the map public, fearing the map would end up in the ends of rogue traders. I knew I had to respect this, even though somewhere in my mind I was visualizing the map on display in Bartele Gallery. After a long drive I finally had arrived in

the kampong where the map had been treasured for many centuries by the locals. My heart started beating faster. The Kuncen (a hereditary officeholder in the village who commands great respect) did not see over enthusiastic when he saw these 3 bules (westerners) on his doorstep. He quickly changed his sarong for something more official Before saying anything, he pointed at a

sign on the door of an old shed across the path from his house. It was a police order, warning visitors that anybody who would enter the house would be confined to 10 years in jail. The date indicated that the public order was established only one year earlier. Good news was that the old map was probably still here, bad news was that an easy buy would be out of the question. “You need to have permission from the district police commander”, the Kuncen said. “Do you have the letter? If not, I cannot let you in”. I had been driving for many hours, asked a hundred people for directions and my initial euphoria of finding the kampong now suddenly turned sour. I tried to explain I had just opened a shop

in antique maps and that I was really interested in seeing the old map. “We only take it down for viewing in a yearly ceremony that involves the whole kampong”, he said. He looked at the faces of the still tired and sad looking travel companions, thought for a moment, and then started making a phone call. He tried to call the police commander. No. We did not get permission, but we could come to the man’s’ office on Monday to apply for special permission. And here I am, in a far away kampong, meters away from a million dollar treasure and I cannot see it? I decided to call the police commander myself. I managed with some smooth talking and the promise of a good word with people in Jakarta that I would only be in the room for 10 minutes and then go out again. He agreed. The Kuncen seemed to be relieved as well. We entered the old house. There were only some old sofas and one sewing machine.

of a tree. As he did this in the room, a thin smoke slowly crawled up along the rotan walls to the ceiling. The two 18 year old blondes started coughing. “It is to get rid of empty spirits”, I explained. Now they started to look frightened. “There is a lot of mystique here. The previous Kuncen had suddenly disappeared and then later they found that he was already in the cemetery, neatly buried and nobody, including his wife, had any idea who had done this”. The fire burned more aggressively, sounding like a huge kretek cigarette, while the Kuncen started muttering Arabic prayers. The girls were getting afraid. A man, probably the RT, or, head of the kampong, silently entered the room. He sat down opposite us, not saying anything, but silently offering us a kretek. I figured there was enough smoke already in the little dark room. Suddenly he spoke. “Bahasa Indonesia?” I nodded a yes. Another silence followed. “Kasian...” he suddenly said. Kasian means pity, or feeling sad for somebody. Why kasian?, I asked. He explained himself. “The government wants the Kuncen to guard the holy relics day and night. They decide who can come in and out. They act like it is their possession. Kasian the Kuncen...” he repeated. “For centuries his family has guarded our kampong’s treasure and now they are taking possession”. The Kuncen had finished his rituals. He still looked unhappy. He started speaking. “I used to work in Bandung, had a good job. But because of this police order, I have to stay here day and night. I have no income anymore”. Now I understood his mood. “Well”, I said, “the government should pay you a fee then, shouldn’t they?” “NAAAHH!!”, both men instantly reacted. “Mister mengerti!“ (Mister understands). “I will pay you for letting us in. Thank you”, I said. The RT nodded in agreement. The Kuncen slowly went up a bamboo ladder, carrying a coconut filled with water. Half up the ladder to the small hole in the roof he stopped and without turning his head in my direction, he said: ‘bikin photo boleh’ (you are allowed to take pictures). He had a sly? grin on his face.

On every one of the four walls there

First he brought down an old wooden

were police warnings. “You are NOT photograph”, a sign warned us, foreign visitors. I got the message. The Kuncen started making a fire from dry branches

box. Then a few big rotan bowls. He slowly opened the linen packages that were in it. TO BE CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  3

News 90% of Indonesian museums not fit to visit

The Result of Cleanness Competition in South Jakarta

Indonesia’s Minister of Culture and Tourism, Jero Wacik, says that 90% of Indonesian museums are not fit for tourist to visit. “The condition of our museums is concerning. 90% are not well managed and are unfit to visit,” says Wacik. Because of this, Wacik is calling for more attention to be paid to how the country’s museums are managed and operated. Source:

South Jakarta administration has held Cleaning of room office competition as the way to motivate working in the healthy environment. The result of the competition, South Jakarta National Land Agency (BPN) sit at the first stage as the cleanest office, while South Jakarta Sub – dept. of Sport and Youth sit at the first stage as the dirtiest office.



focus greater attention on the museum sector, Wacik has declared 2010 as “Visit Museum Year,” adding: “At this point in time, 90% of (our) museums are unfit to visit, so I have named this “Visit Museum Year. That is how we work.” The Minister hopes that persuading more

people to visit museums will automatically cause the management of museums to improve. “Let’s see what happens next year after this program is completed. I hope that in five year’s time all (our)

museums will be fit to visit,” explained the Culture and Tourism Minister. Minister Wacik contends that museums

must begin to be operated as places to seek inspiration and study, becoming permanent records of the nation’s development. The Ministry has established a program

cess has taken place for two weeks. The judge team should visit and monitor the room office to determine the winner. South Jakarta abang 2009, Rhein Valle-

Simultaneously with “Visit Museum Year”

said that the competition is hoped can maintain south Jakarta as the winner of Adipura award for the six times.

the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has also launched a national movement of “Love Museums” to enhance the appreciation of museums among the Indonesian general public.


asked protection from Denpasar Police following protests and violence by drivers from other groups, which are united in the Bali Tourism Service Association (PJWB). “Our drivers are afraid of those who violently sweep our taxis on the streets. The protesters urge our passengers to get off the taxi,” Bali Blue Bird spokesman Nyoman Mertadi told Antara news agency on Tuesday.

Hararap added that the assessment pro-

running through 2014 that is intended to improve both the image and the collections of the country’s museums. Wacik also concedes that museums are a popular destination for foreign tourists visiting any nation.

Drivers Blue Bird taxi seek police protection on Bali Drivers of Bali Blue Bird taxis have


tor and take action against violations on the streets, he added. Previously, hundreds of local taxi drivers were reported staging a demonstration Monday, demanding the closure of the Blue Bird taxi company in Bali for allegedly operating on the island without a permit.

Denpasar Police chief Sr. Comr. Gde

Alit Widana said that the police had sent squads of police officers to safeguard the Blue Bird offices in Jimbaran and Sesetan. The police will also moni-

4  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

no explained that the assessment system of the competition used 5K concept that is; orderliness, cleanness, beauty, convenience and discipline. South Jakarta Mayor, Syahrul Effendi

Indonesian villages cashing in on ‘hobbit’ craze Source: The Associated Press/MICHAEL CASEY RAMPASASA, Indonesia — I started hear-

ing the offers soon after arriving at the Liang Bua cave in the mountains of Flores island. “You want to see a living hobbit?” a guard at the cave whispered. “I can take you there but it will cost 500,000 rupiah ($55).” Kornelis Jaman was referring to the dwarf cave-dwellers, whose skeletal remains were discovered in the cave. Scientists believe they went extinct 17,000 years ago, but villagers with an eye for profit insist the hobbits hung around until at least 300 years ago and their descendants are still living in nearby villages. Suddenly, a steady stream of fossil enthusiasts was turning up, and hobbit tours began. Rampasasa, a tiny farming village just a few miles (kilometers) from the cave, became a popular stop. Scientists at the dig site laughed at the mention of Rampasasa and said there were no hobbits there.

News Making Sense of the Indonesian Legal System SECOND IN A TWO-PART SERIES ON INVESTING IN BALI By Daniel O’Leary In terms of the legal system in Indonesia, the three most commonly used services in the legal profession are provided by notaries (notaris), lawyers (pengacara) and legal consultants (konsultan hukum). Source: The most common mistake I see inves-

A notary is required to hold a bachelor’s

degree in law (SH), a Masters Degree in Notarial Law followed by Ethics and Company incorporation courses and one year of practical training with a licensed notaris. Licenses to practice are issued by the Ministry of Justice. Notaris typically provide legal advice, handle civil and commercial agreements/contracts, leases, deeds and company incorporation. Many notaris also hold PPAT licenses issued by the Ministry of Lands which qualifies them to process transfers of ownership of land titles. A lawyer is required to hold a bach-

elor’s degree in law “SH” followed by an Advocacy training course and a period of practical training in a registered lawyer’s office. Licenses to practice “SK” are issued by the regional High Court. Lawyers typically provide general legal advice, handle criminal cases, breach of contract, immigration problems, litigation and representation at court.

tors making when seeking professional legal advice is they often go to a lawyer when they should be hiring a notaris, and visa versa. This is especially common with those of us from an Anglo-Saxon system where the function of a public notary is to witness signatures and they are not required to have any legal knowledge, often being the local postman, hotel manager or publican. In the Indonesian system, a notaris is the most qualified legal professional and the only one who can execute commercial contracts on behalf of clients. Making an incorrect choice won’t be fatal as you will probably end up in the correct office eventually but could waste precious time and money in the process.

to show off their qualifications as both titles are considered to be high positions in Indonesian society, where only a few percent get third-level education. If they are reluctant or hesitant to present you their credentials, then think again before hiring them. Try to find a lawyer or notaris who

speaks your language to a level you can understand. Going through your local friend whose English is “not so good” can be costly when dealing with legal documents. Leaving your notary’s office “thinking” you know what you agreed to/signed is a recipe for disaster. Get all documents officially translated before signing. The third category you are likely to

Another misunderstanding occurs

when foreigners are led to believe a person with an SH is a qualified lawyer or notaris. SH means the person has a bachelor’s degree in law and this does not qualify them to practice law, no more than it would do so in Western countries. To compound this confusion, there are many dodgy institutions handing out SH qualifications in Indonesia, just as there are dubious over-the-counter qualifications available in Western countries or online these days.

encounter in the legal profession is legal consultant/advisors (Konsultan Hukum). These businesses are commonly owned by professionals with connections to well-qualified lawyers, notaris and government officials. They usually provide a suite of services such as arranging notaries and lawyers as required, translations, licenses, permits, visas, etc. They can be useful if you are not confident in dealing with the various offices yourself and want to save time as they usually have a network of professionals in place to cater for common transactions.

Before employing the services of a

lawyer or notaris, it is good practice to ask them to show you their SK licence. I guarantee you they will be delighted

It is common to find legal consultants

combining their services with business and investment advisory

Muslim leader issues anti-terror fatwa The leader of a global Muslim movement has issued a fatwa, or religious edict, that he calls an absolute condemnation of terrorism. Source: The Associated Press Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, a former

Pakistani lawmaker, says the 600-page fatwa bans suicide bombing “without any excuses, any pretexts, or exceptions”. Tahir-ul-Qadri has issued similar, shorter

decrees, but Tuesday’s event in London is being hosted by the Quilliam Foundation, a government-funded, anti-extremism think tank. The religious scholar is the founder of Minhaj-ul-Quran, a worldwide

movement that promotes a nonpolitical, tolerant Islam. The group has hundreds of thousands of followers around the world, most of them in Pakistan or Pakistanis living in other countries.

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  5

News services. For example, they may act as advisors for investment or development projects and also manage relations with government departments and local community leaders. Finding a consultant that you feel comfortable with should involve visiting a few companies who already provide the range of services you require and negotiating a fixed price for the service before signing up. Again, find a consultant that speaks your language to a competent level and remember that consultants are only as good as the connections and professionals they employ; so don’t be afraid to enquire as to the qualifications of the experts they use. Overall, relocating to or doing busi-

ness in another country is never an easy process, even when dealing with similar cultures, languages and legal systems. However, when you add different languages, laws and traditions it becomes

much more challenging. Therefore, one has to be disciplined and methodical and exercise careful judgment at every step of the way. Some useful general guidelines to keep in mind:

erty from to arrange your legal affairs and permits may be convenient at the time but may also leave you very vulnerable later on if you have made a bad choice to begin with.

Professional advice is relatively inexpensive in Indonesia; verify qualifications and background and hire the best. If you are buying a property, have professional due diligence carried out; for example, you don’t want a 30-year lease on your house with only a 15-year lease on access. Be discerning: don’t always take things at face value and get a second opinion. Start by opening your own bank account; get your own safety box in the bank; and keep all your own important documents. Hire a professional or consultant that offers independent advice. Using the same broker you are buying the prop-

Doing things the legal way in Indonesia

is not as difficult as many would have you believe. Basically, by employing a similar level of caution as you would at home and avoiding some of the main pitfalls discussed above, you can ensure the transition to your new home, business or life is as smooth as possible. Then you can settle down to the real

business – enjoying life in Bali. Daniel O’Leary has lived and worked in Indonesia for 25 years, holds Indonesian citizenship and is the director of IndoAdvisors, a business and legal advisory service based in Bali.

Kawin Campur Bride Prices Foreign men marrying Indonesian women and a $50,000 security guarantee. Source:

The initial draft of a bill on religious mar-

riage law to be put forward to the parliament this year is said by some to contain a clause that would require foreign (Muslim) men wishing to marry Indonesian (Muslim) women to make a deposit of 500 million rupiah (about $50,000) into a sharia bank account as a guarantee, in case they later desert their wives and any resultant children and return to their home countries. The draft bill, which is called in its full

glory Rancangan Undang-undang (RUU) Hukum Materiil Peradilan Agama Bidang Perkawinan, but is sometimes mentioned in the media as RUU Nikah Siri, RUU Peradilan Agama, or RUU Perkawinan, is meant to be a clarification and strengthening of the original Marriage Act of 1974. The bill, in general terms, says men,

foreign or Indonesian, are required to provide monetary support to estranged wives until divorce papers are finalised, and to any children under the age of 21. The $50,000 dollar guarantee is an attempt to prevent foreign men from

avoiding these obligations by leaving the country.

out foreign men to woo, in order to have access to the money later.

Foreign women wishing to marry Indo-

Meanwhile Julia Perez, who was once

nesian men will not be required to make similar arrangements, however like men they are expected to get permission from their countries of origin to marry.

married to Spaniard Damian Perez but now gets around with Argentinian Gaston Castano, is vociferously opposed, imploring the government to reconsider the plan.

Minister of Religion Suryadharma Ali,

Another actress, the gorgeous Feby

whose office is responsible for having prepared the draft, says the Department of Religion had heard of a number of cases in Jepara, Central Java, where foreign furniture businessmen had arranged to acquire Indonesian brides, and once their dealings in the town were done deserted their local wives.

Febiola, who is married to somebody called Bruce Deltail from France, says the impression given is that the government is selling Indonesian women, at the right price, and further that not all bules in Indonesia have that sort of money lying around. Another controversial proposal in the

Opinions: Actress Ratu Felisha, married to Dutch-

man Jules Korsten, is one who is supportive of the idea, saying that Indonesian women will thereby be protected in mixed marriages, although she worries that some jobless women might deliberately seek

6  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

bill includes sanctions of up to six months imprisonment for Muslims carrying out nikah siri informal marriages, which are not later registered with the Department of Religion. This aspect of the bill has excited the most controversy, which has caused Minister of Religion Suryadharma Ali to state that it is only a draft, and will likely be revised before being put to parliament.

EDITO (continue) First he unloaded a number of old daggers and a barrel of small brass cannon. Aaltje wanted to lift a kris (Javanese dagger), when the RT and Kuncen suddenly panicked. “Don’t touch the blade!!” In shock, she quickly put it back. The Javanese know the dangers of touching the blade. Apparently some daggers have a poison on the sharp edges. Next were 17 stones, one of them with some ancient text on it. Then he unfolded a long banner, made partly of the earliest batik. It had a symbol on it, obviously old, but I didn’t recognize it (maybe one of the readers does?). And finally, the long awaited map.

“Don’t touch the blade!!” In shock, she quickly put it back.

made a copy that is at the Jakarta City Museum, but in the museum they do not know where the original is). It shows the names of 78 kampungs and over a 100 rivers. Two large squares near the northwest corner of the map have been identified by Holle as Sunda Kelapa (an old name for Jakarta) and Bantam (Banten). They showed some holes in the linen map. The RT explained that every time they unfold the map, the holes will be at another spot, while the old holes have disappeared. I felt sad for the Kuncen, who was expected to never leave his kampong again for the rest of the life, just to protect the sacred relics. “Why not work for me?”, I said. “We will display the map on the walls of the gallery, and you protect it there! Nicely airconditioned, good food and a salary! Win-win!” While I said it, I realized there was an underlayer of greed from my side involved. I wanted to correct myself and wipe it off as a bad joke, when the Kuncen showed his biggest smile so far. “Really?” he said hopefully. He asked for my namecard. Maybe one day he will turn up at the gallery with the map under his arm. But then for sure the next visitor will be the Police, looking for me.

Dos Hermanos Royal Collection

So for now, not much else to do then The map was drawn in ink on linen and

covered almost all of Western Java. The Kuncen slowly rolled it out. I couldn’t believe it. This priceless piece of Indonesian history was stuffed away in a dark and dusty far away corner of a kampong. He rolled further and further. The cloth map was at least 2 meters long and showed in extreme detail the former chiefdom of Timbanganten. The map was discovered in 1858 by a Dutch official, Lammers van Toorenburg, but it was not until 1862 that K.F.Holle, a philologist, studied the map at length. (He

just let the Oldest Map of Indonesia rot away in that far away kampong…. But is it really rotting away? Apparently the map can repair itself and to be honest, the map is in a remarkable condition for something stuffed away that long. Lets hope that at least a little bit of the famous Indonesian magic works for that beautiful sacred relic... BARTELE More pictures of the map are avail-

able on request. Send an email at

Each masterfully hand-rolled cigar is wrapped with the rare deli tobacco leaf, a fine ingredient that can be harvested on the northern region of Sumatra. Better known as the famous Sumatra wrapper, this fine tobacco will show off Its silky color and texture while delivering a mild, medium - bodied smoke with a tender mix sweet, spicy notes. This is an excellent choice for all cigar lovers Type and Size: Churchill “50X7.5”, Toro “50X6”, and Robusto “50X5.5”

Dos Hermanos Premium Collection You will discover the well-balanced flavor that is complemented by its famous Besuki wrapper, found solely on the eastern coast of the island java. It will deliver satisfaction for any occasion. Type and Size: Churchill “50X7.5”, Toro “50X6”, and Robusto “50X5.5”

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  7

What’s going on in Jakarta Exhibition Landing Soon @ ERASMUS HUIS Opening hours: Monday-Thursday, 09.00-16.00, Friday, 09.00-14.00, Saturday,10.00-13.00 Location: ERASMUS HUIS, JL.H.R.RASUNA SAID KAV S-3, KUNINGAN Website:

Balai Kesehatan Hewan dan Ikan, Pasar Minggu At the Animal & Fish Center (Balai Kesehatan Hewan dan Ikan, Pasar Minggu) there are many helpless dogs, puppies as well as adults, with no owners. They are due to be eliminated on Monday, 01 March 2010. If you want to adopt a dog or dogs, for Rp. 50.000,- (fifty thousand rupiahs only) per dog, please call the Center (Balai Kesehatan Hewan dan Ikan, Pasar Minggu) immediately at (021) 78842364/78878054

8  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Sun, 23 May 2010 The Scottish Highland Gathering Is Back! Location: TBA E-mail:

EASTERN PROMISE Regular Events Monday Monday Profile Free beer 6 to 8 pm 1st week : Baldy 2nd week : Moustache 3rd week : Lipstick 4th week : Spectacles 5th week : No beer belly

Tuesday Acoustic with Epi and Suleh (9 pm to midnight) Quiz Night Start 8 pm Every last Tuesday of the month

Wednesday Jazz Night 9 pm onwards

Friday Pressure Hour (5 ‘till 6 pm) Free beer will be served until anybody, man or woman, visits the toilet or leaves the bar!

Live Music 9 pm onwards

Saturday Live Music 9 pm onwards

Sunday Live String Trio 4 ‘till 7 pm (front bar)

EP Live Music in our Beer Garden! All live Music Starts at 21.00

Fri 12

Red Nose in Concert! A special charity music night for the Sirkus Hidung Merah (Red Nose Circus) featuring Opi Andaresta, Ride the Sky, D’dy Sokker and other surprise bands + raffles! Tickets cost 100,000,- with all proceeds going to the Red Nose. (See interview page 12)

Sat 13

The Bottles play semi acoustic pop and rock classics like you’ve never heard them before! Our most popular band with the ladies!

Fri 19

CenterStage! One of our most popular bands and a must see!

Sat 20

A special performance by Mike Tramp (White Lion) and lots of Gugun and the Blues Shelter!

Eastern Promise Caricature Our caricature this week is a

global player with a Lion’s heart. Can you guess who he is?

The artist: Armen If you’d like to order your own caricature from Armen call him on: 0856 972 932 45

Last week’s caricature

(see Bugils bi-weekly #1) was of course ‘ladiesman’ Marco and 1st to reply the correct answer was (of course a woman) Meilani. Well done Mei!

He’s a lady killer... :)

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  9

EASTERN PROMISE Walker’s World of Wit

1981 & 2005 - Two Interesting Years

Irish virginity test

Interesting Year 1981 1. Prince Charles got married. 2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe. 3. Australia lost the Ashes. 4. The pope died.

A man is Paddy was planning to get married and asked his doctor how he could tell if his bride was a virgin. The doctor said, “Well, you need three things from a DIY shop. A can of red paint, a can of blue paint... And a shovel.”

Interesting Year 2005 1. Prince Charles got married. 2. Liverpool crowned soccer Champions of Europe. 3. Australia lost the Ashes. 4. The pope died.

Paddy asked, “And what do I do with these, doc?” The doc replied, ‘Before the wedding night, you paint one of your testicles red and the other blue.

Lesson to be learned: The next time Charles gets married, someone warn the Pope.

If she says, “That’s the strangest pair of testicles I ever saw”, you hit her with the shovel.

Eastern Promise Food Don’t miss our delicious weekend roasts! Every Friday from 11.30 – 14.30 we

put on an Indian buffet! Please note that we offer: Free Wireless Internet Connec-

tion (password epromise) and The Guardian Newspaper daily + Sunday Times!!

Roast Pork with apple sauce and lots of


10  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Roast Chicken with onion gravy!

EASTERN PROMISE Eastern Promise Quiz

Bad Album Cover The absolute worst... the nastiest, the funniest, and the wackiest album art of all time. Episode 71.

Our monthly Pub Quiz (every last Tues-

day of the month!) was won by the Dark Stallions (left to right Tom, Jim, Lens and Anthony). Sarah Howe’s SoNo team (middle) came in 3rd place just before Neil Maclean’s Suntan Oil (2nd from right) who were clearly missing there captain John Elliot… :)

The next Pub Quiz will be on Tuesday 30 March!

The Dark Stallions

Gus Merzi and his Orchestra Smilin’ Gus (1976)


Suntan Oil

‘Beyond Batik’ Exhibition We are entering the last month of the

batik exhibition in our restaurant so get there quick if you have your eyes on one of these beautiful pieces of Yogyakarta! They are discounted by 50%!!

FREE BEER (if you fit our Monday profile) Every Monday between 5pm and 6pm we give away free beer in all our bars... if you fit our Monday profile.

They are discounted

by 50%

Becky’s Window Cazbar regular Jos Vegter will not

take ojeks (motorcycle taxies) for a while after experiencing severe head injuries when his ojek driver drove his bike and Jos into a 2 meter!? ditch on Jalan Bangka… Jos decided not to go the doctor and instead came to EP first for a few cold beers… For this he fully deserves our window model of the week award… Well done Jos!

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  11

EASTERN PROMISE (interview) decided to use the Red Nose as our name.

What is the role of the Red Nose Circus? We work at creating better opportunities for children from underprivileged communities. I teach them circus skills, and help them to organize performance events for fundraising. Recently, we’ve also been teaching the children English, and we also work on giving them the support they need to stay in school, or go back to school as the case may be.

schedule, but also in terms of the way they treat their own lives. I am trying hard to keep them focused on getting what they want. That’s the hardest part.

In the end, of all the things you could have done with your skill, did you decide to do this project here? I feel like this country has given me a lot, so I feel like I need to give it back. It’s always good to give something good to people. Source: Time Out Jakarta Magazine

Is it more about art or charity?

Tell us a little bit about yourself I was a student of acting in Roosevelt University, and I also learned Russian circus techniques informally during my study. I am American, and I actually went to high school here at the Jakarta International School for 6 years.

What brought you back here? In 2007, I applied to a project called Clowns Without Borders. It’s an NGO that works to help underprivileged children, and I choose Cilincing in North Jakarta as my territory. I did clown performances there, and I also taught them clowning skills as well as other important skills. It was only meant to be a three month project, but during that time, the kids kept asking me to teach them more and more and they wanted to know when I would be coming back. I promise them I would come back, and starting in February 2008 I established my own project under the name Red Nose Circus.

Why ‘Red Nose’? When I first came to Cilincing, everybody seemed cynical and a little bit rude, treating me as just another clueless ‘bule’. They yelled things at me like, ‘what do you want here, bule?’ all the time. The next day, I came back wearing a red ballshape nose. Amazingly, they all started laughing! All of them, children and the parents, they laughed at me like crazy. It made me realize that clowning and laughter is a good medium to reduce cultural boundaries. That is when I

Definitely about charity. I don’t care if my students become professional performers. In America, when I was working for CircEsteem, a group with a similar mission to Red Nose Circus, there were some kids who eventually became professional clown. They even ended up making more money than I do. But that is not the goal there or here. The goal is to make sure these kids get the education they need to succeed.

But why clowning? Why teach underprivileged kids circus skills? Well, because it’s a universal language. Somebody could just teach them singing, but it’s hard for kids to judge their own singing skills. With clowning and circus skills, they know exactly if they’ve done something wrong, but they don’t need to worry, because it’s half acrobatics and half comedy. I always told them not to be afraid if they make mistakes. I always say that if people laugh at you because they think you make mistake, that’s a good start. It means that you succeeded in making them laugh.

Don’t you think the circus is a little far removed from the reality of their day to day lives? Yes, but it is also the easiest way to recruit everyone. There’s something for everybody to excel at. I overweight kid could be a great tumbler, and a tiny kid could be a good juggler. There is always something for everyone in circus.

What’s the hardest part of running the program? Many of them are naturally talented, but a lot of them have big issues with discipline. Not just in terms of time and

12  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Red Nose Circus will be holding several performance events in November. For further info, check out Dan’s blog,

or email him at

De hooi Regular Events

De Hooi in pics

Monday Monday Profile Free beer 6 to 8 pm 1st week : Baldy 2nd week : Moustache 3rd week : Lipstick 4th week : Spectacles 5th week : No beer belly

Quiz Night Winners: Bebe, Fitri, David & Dan.

You might be seeing more of this guy on the left.

Furry creatures.

Can someone help me get this thing off my back?

All Day Happy Hour for draught beer

Tuesday Get Brainwashed! 75/glass 375/pitcher

Wednesday Quiz Night Start 8 pm Free draught from 7 to 8 pm for all participants

Thursday Ladies Night (5 pm ‘till close) 50% all drinks for ladies

Chicken Wings (6 pm to midnight) 1000/piece Hot & BBQ

Friday Live Music 9 pm onwards

Sunday Bloody Mary Bar (9 am ‘till 3 pm) Free flow of bloody mary with purchase of breakfast. Open Mic (8 ‘till 9 pm) A free beer for each person who plays or sings a song.

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  13

De hooi (interview) Bar customer of the week


a regular customer & develop



Andy Harry: So Andy, I noticed you’re here almost every day. Mind

if I interview you for our new newsletter? Andy: What for? Harry: They want me to interview someone for our new newsletter. You seem pretty colorful so I figured I’d interview you first. Andy: Who’s that guy at Eastern Promise? Harry: Oh, you mean Lens? Andy: I guess that’s his name. He kicked me out when I got too drunk the other night. Harry: I asked him about that but he said it wasn’t him. So why do like coming to De Hooi? Andy: Because I don’t get kicked out and for the free peanuts. Harry: Now what should I ask you about? Where can we go

from here? Andy: (Andy started going on about everything and I couldn’t get it all down in time. Something about free tickets to Bart’s gallery and 2 pressure hours at De Hooi) Harry: You said you wanted to change the direction of questioning. What would you like to ask? Andy: So Harry, how come you drink for nothing? Harry: Because the customers always buy me drinks. I pay cost for the ones I buy myself. Andy: Is that a company moped you ride? Harry: I bought that years ago. Only crashed it 2 or 3 times since I’ve been working here. Andy: I’ve never seen you work, hope you get money for your gas. Harry: How much have we got here? Think that’s enough? Andy: On the whole the reason me and my friends come here is good company, good landlord, good beer, good atmosphere, excellent staff and good food. Harry: What makes you think people who read this are going to believe you said that without me paying you? Andy: Brown envelope, US dollars, no Euros. Leave in the trash next to Citibank so I can pay my bill at De Hooi. Harry: Will do. Thanks for your time.

Bar staff of the week

Meet our bar

Harry: Tell us something interesting about you. I don’t know

what to ask. Iyus: I have the ability of English communications, I love to read books of good quality, and if you have any good books Harry lend them to me. Harry: Sure, I think I have a Dean Koontz book I stole from the Cazbar you can have. Thanks for your time.


of the



Harry: Hi. You want a beer? Iyus: No I’ll get a coffee later. Harry: How long you been working at De Hooi now? Iyus: Eight months. Andy: What do you think of your boss? He’s a wanker? Iyus: (laughing) I think so. Harry: How do you like working at De Hooi? Iyus: Sure I like it. Get to meet lots of people, lots of cute girls. Harry: You told me you had a girlfriend. Iyus: Yeah. I’ll be careful. Harry: Careful how... It’s OK I’ll change the subject. Iyus: Careful by not letting you steal her from me. How’s it

feel to be a wanker? Harry: I don’t know I guess I was just born this way. I need another beer. You sure you don’t want one? Iyus: Yeah. 14  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Order your freshly baked stroopwafels for home delivery (Min 3 pack)

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717 901 51

Cazbar Regular Events

Name the Movie Remade in LEGO

Monday Monday Profile Free beer 6 to 8 pm 1st week : Baldy 2nd week : Moustache 3rd week : Lipstick 4th week : Spectacles 5th week : No beer belly





Ladies Night 50% all drinks for ladies (except wine) (5 pm ‘till close)





Bizz Buzz (5 to 8 pm) 99/heineken pitcher 40/house spirits mixers

Thursday Quiz Night (first 3 weeks of the month) categories: 1st week General Knowledge 2nd week Music 3rd week Sports

Friday Blues Jam Session 9 pm onwards

Saturday Pressure Hour (‘till 8 pm) Free beer will be served until anybody, man or woman, visits the toilet or leaves the bar!

Live Acoustic Duo 9.30 pm onwards

Getting Deep...

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  15



Team name a Unclogged f Shreek! e ATO c Fantastic b Ismaji d Planters

Can you answer those 10 questions taken out from our last quiz? Check correct answers on last page.

1. NATO-led ISAF forces in Afghanistan launch Operation Moshtarak, the largest offensive against the Taliban insurgency since 2001. What does ISAF stand for? 2. Who is meeting up with Obama this week, much to the displeasure of the Chinese Government? 3. Which car maker has recalled more than 8.1 million vehicles worldwide for issues including sticking accelerator pedals?

R1 R2 R3 9.5 10.0 7.5 3.5 7.0 7.5 6.5 5.0 7.0 5.0 5.0 7.5 4.0 6.0 6.5 ret

R4 8.5 8.0 5.0 5.5 ret

4. Which former USA president had emergency heart surgery last week?

R5 8.0 6.0 4.0

Total 43.5 32.0 27.5 23.0 16.5 0.0

joker points TOTAL 2 10.0 53.5 4 8.0 40.0 5 4.0 31.5 4 5.5 28.5 1 4.0 20.5 3 0.0 0.0

8. What is the name of the anti whaling conservationist group frequently clashing with the Japanese whaling fleet?

5. Who got married to Nicole Richie this week?

9. Extensive DNA and tissue testing revealed that Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, King 6. Singapore expects a large Tutankhamun was a frail boy influx of the Indonesian rich who suffered from a cleft paland famous because of what? ate and club foot and that his father and mother were brother and sister. What did he die 7. Italian state TV has suspend- of? ed a cooking show host who shocked the nation by saying that which Tuscan delicacy he 10. Which famous fashion deswears he has enjoyed many signer died this week by hangtimes? ing himself in a wardrobe?

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Advertise with us Brad is out, who is in? Name this Cazbar regular! 16  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Contact Lauren at

Bugils bali Regular Events Monday Monday Profile Free beer 6 to 8 pm week : Baldy week : Moustache week : Lipstick week : Spectacles week : No beer belly

Tuesday Wings and Beer. Happy Hour! 25% off Bintang Draught and Chicken wings fro 1000/pc (dine in only)

Wednesday Quiz Night Start 7 pm Winner gets their bill paid for.

Thursday Ladies Night (6 pm ‘till close) Buy one drink and get one free (except wine)

Friday Pressure Hour (6 ‘till 7 pm) Free beer will be served until anybody, man or woman, visits the toilet or leaves the bar!

Bar staff of the week

Meet our bar


of the


Interview of Widi, the hottest bar ops manager serving the coldest beer in Indonesia « I was born on the 11th of October 1978 in Jakarta in Java but raised in Solo. One

of four siblings with an older brother and sister and a baby sister to play with. At the age of 18 I started my hospitality career in a café called Balemang where I remained employed for 3 years. On one evening we held a farewell party at the cafe for a Dutchman, during the party

I was called over by one of the guests who asked “why are you still working and your work mates are all sitting down?”Well I told him, because they are senior to me and they are tired from working during the party. Well, this man introduced himself as Bart and said that he had a bar and wondered if I would like to join the team and work there? I asked him which bar is it and where, he said the bar is called BuGils and it is in Senayan so I agreed to visit the bar for an interview and the rest is BuGils all the way!!!! I have been part of the BuGils team since June first 2000 an still going strong, starting off

as a waitress and moving into a bartenders position which was easy with my cocktails knowledge and worked my way to assistant bar manager along with the nickname (Speedy Widi) if you want to know why, come and sit at my bar!! Four years have past and it was a bitter/sweet time, my manager had to leave us and return to Paris with her husband. As sad as it was losing a team member and good friend, it gave me the opportunity to become bar manager which is the position I hold to this day. BuGils Jakarta remained until the 13th of December 2008 although several other

bars of the BuGils group were busy in Jakarta the decision was made to open BuGils Bali where I was asked to run and here I am, Speedy Widi BuGils Bali!!!”

Dj Paddy (starts at 8 pm) Every first and third Friday of the month

Saturday BBQ Night On The Terrace (6 ‘till 9 pm)

Sunday Paste Day all day long with Chef Teguh’s Pasta Special

Nyepi Day

Bugils Bali will be closed on March 15 and March 16 for Nyepi, Saka New Year. Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  17

DRAIN YOUR BRAIN PUZZLE OF THE WEEK Albert is a keen dog admirer and over

the years has had a number of dogs. He has had an Alsatian, a Dalmatian, a Poodle and a Great Dane, but not necessarily in that order. Albert had Jamie first. The Dalmatian was an adored pet before the Great Dane. Sammy, the Alsatian, was the second dog Albert loved. Whitney was housed before the Poodle and Jimmy was not a Great Dane.

Can you tell each of the dogs’ name and the order in which Albert had them?

10 RIDDLES TO HAVE FUN WITH YOUR KIDS What is as big as an elephant, but weighs nothing at all? - The shadow of an elephant. What fur do we get from a Tiger? - As fur away as possible! Why do dragons sleep all day? - They like to hunt Knights. What can honk without a horn? - A goose. What has a horn but does not honk? - A rhinoceros. A boy fell off a 100 foot ladder. But he did not get hurt. Why not? - He fell off the bottom step.


What has a ring, but no finger? - A telephone.

Sudoku, known as well as südoku or su doku is a logical kind of Japanese puzzle.

What bank never has any money? - The riverbank.

Rules are simple, it consists of a 9×9 grid, divided in 9 blocks of 3×3,

that have to be filled up so all rows, columns and blocks (3×3) contain numbers 1 to 9 without repeating. You obviously start out with some spaces already filled in. There’s

What wears a jacket, but no pants? - A book. What can clap without any hands? - Thunder.

only one possible solution for each sudoku, so be careful!

Easy Sudoku

18  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Difficult Sudoku

Sports Schedule Cricket Super 14s Super 14s Cricket Cycling Cricket IPL

Bangladesh - England, 1st test day 1 Chiefs - Crusadors Waratahs - Lions West Indies - Zimbabwe 4th ODI Paris - Nice stage 6 Deccan Chargers - Kolkata Knight Riders

Saturday 13 March 07.50 - 14.30 09.00 - 11.30 10.30 - 17.30 15.40 - 17.55 16.50 - 19.45 19.00 - 20.00 19.35 - 21.00 19.45 - 21.45 21.15 - 00.45 21.30 - 23.30 22.00 - 00.00 22.00 - 00.00 22.05 - 00.30 00.00 - 02.00 (sun) 00.10 - 02.30 (sun) 00.30 - 02.30 (sun)

Cricket NBA Cricket Super 14s Cricket IPL F1 Hockey EPL Cricket IPL 6 Nations EPL EPL Super 14s 6 Nations Super 14s EPL

New Zealand - Australia 5th ODI LA Lakers - Phoenix Suns Bangladesh - England, 1st test day 2 Brumbies - Sharks Mumbai Indians - Rajasthan Royals Bahrain GP Qualifying WC Final Tottenham - Blackburn Rovers Kings XI Punjab - Delhi Daredevils Ireland - Wales Chelsea - West Ham Birmingham - Everton Bulls - Highlanders Scotland - England Stormers - Hurricanes Hull City - Arsenal

Sunday 14 March 10.30 - 17.30 13.30 - 15.45 17.15 - 20.45 19.00 - 21.00 20.15 - close 20.30 - 22.30 20.30 - 22.30 21.15 - 00.45 21.30 - 23.30 22.30 - 00.30 23.00 - 01.00

Cricket Super 14s Cricket IPL F1 Cricket Eredivisie EPL Cricket IPL 6 nations Eredivisie EPL

Bangladesh - England, 1st test day 3 Reds - Western Force Kolkata Knight Riders - Bangalore Royal Challengers Bahrain Grand Prix West Indies - Zimbabwe 5th ODI Feyenoord - Heracles Manchester United - Fulham Chennai Super Kings - Deccan Chargers France - Italy Ajax - PSV Sunderland - Manchester City

Monday 15 March 10.30 - 17.30 21.15 - 00.45

Cricket Cricket IPL

Bangladesh - England, 1st test day 4 Rajasthan Royals - Delhi Daredevils

Tuesday 16 March 17.30 - 21.30 21.30 - close

Cricket IPL Cricket IPL

Bangalore Royal Challengers - Kings XI Punjab Kolkata Knight Riders - Chennai Super Kings

Wednedsay 17 March 21.30 - close Cricket IPL

Delhi Daredevils - Mumbai Indians

Thursday 18 March 21.30 - close

Cricket IPL

Bangalore Royal Challengers - Rajasthan Royals

Friday 19 March 07.00 - 13.00 08.30 - 11.00 17.30 - 21.30 13.35 - 15.40 21.30 - close 00.10 - 02.30 (sat)

Cricket NBA Cricket IPL Super 14s Cricket IPL Super 14s

Australia - New Zealand New Orleans Hornets - Denver Nuggets Delhi Daredevils - Chennai Super Kings Blues - Brumbies Deccan Chargers - Kings XI Punjab Bulls - Hurricanes

Saturday 20 March 07.00 - 09.30 10.30 - 17.30 11.30 - 13.35 13.35 - 15.40 18.10 - 20.45 17.30 - 21.30 19.45 - 21.45 21.30 - 23.30 21.30 - close 22.00 - 00.00 22.00 - 00.00 22.05 - 00.30 00.00 - 02.00 (sun) 00.30 - 02.30 (sun) 00.10 - 02.30 (sun) 00.30 - 02.30 (sun)

NBA Cricket Super 14s Super 14s Super 14s Cricket IPL EPL 6 Nations Cricket IPL EPL EPL Super 14s 6 Nations EPL Super 14s EPL

Cleveland Cavaliers - Chicago Bulls Bangladesh - England Cusadors - Lions Highlanders - Sharks Western Force - Waratahs Rajasthan Royals - Kolkata Knight Riders Aston Villa - Wolverhampton Wanderers Wales - Italy Mumbai Indians - Bangalore Royal Challengers Fulham - Manchester City Stoke City - Tottenham Hotspurs Stormers - Cheetahs Ireland - Scotland Arsenal - West Ham Stormers - Hurricanes Hull City - Arsenal

Sunday 21 March 17.30 - 21.30 18.30 - 20.30 20.30 - 22.30 21.30 - close 23.00 - 01.00

Cricket IPL Erediviesie EPL Cricket IPL EPL

Deccan Chargers - Delhi Daredevils RKC - Ajax Manchester United - Liverpool Chennai Super Kings - Kings XI Punjab Blackburn Rovers - Chelsea

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Quiz & Games Answers

Rendez-vous in our next BuGils bi-Weekly issue for more Quiz & Games

PAGE 15 - LEGO QUIZ 1 - Titanic 2 - Bride of Frankenstein 3 - The Matrix 4 - Men in Black 5 - The Ring 6 - Star Wars

Friday 12 March 10.30 - 17.30 13.35 - 15.30 15.40 - 17.55 20.15 - close 21.00 - 23.30 21.15 - 01.00

PAGE 16 - QUIZ 1 - International Security Assistance Force 2 - Dalai Lama 3 - Toyota 4 - Bill Clinton 5 - Joel Madden 6 - Opening of the first casino 7 - Cat stew 8 - Sea Sheppard 9 - Complications from a broken leg exacerbated by malaria 10 - Alexander McQueen

New Zealand - Australia 4th ODI Paris - Nice stage 4

PAGE 16 - GAMES David Yates

Cricket Cycling

PAGE 18 - PUZZLE Albert had Jamie the Dalmatian first, then Sammy the Alsatian, Whitney the Great Dane and finally, Jimmy the Poodle.

Thursday 11 March 07.30 - 14.30 21.00 - 23.30

Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010 - BuGils bi-Weekly  19

20  BuGils bi-Weekly - Issue #02 - 10th March - 2010

Bugils Bi-Weekly Issue #2  

Bugils Bi-Weekly Issue #2

Bugils Bi-Weekly Issue #2  

Bugils Bi-Weekly Issue #2