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Buffalo Prep Impact Report Table of Contents 04 Letter from Buffalo Prep President and Board President 05 New Mission and Vision 06 Pipeline of Programs 08 Pedagogy 09 Admissions Data 10 Prep Scholars Academy 12 Middle School Prep 15 Prep Bridge 18 High School Prep 21 College Prep 29 Alumni Prep 31 READI & YEA! 32 Financial Statement 33 Supporters 38 Staff 39 Board

Letter from the President and Board President

As Buffalo Prep continues to grow and welcome scholars from Western New York into our highly personalized academic and enrichment programs, we understand that long-term effective capacity management is vital to the success of our organization. Over the past year, Buffalo Prep’s board of directors and leadership staff participated in an intensive Impact Capacity Assessment Program (iCAP) through the Western New York Foundation.

A vital component of this process was to create a mission statement that underscores our academic programming, illuminates our scholars’ brilliance and agency, and reflects Buffalo Prep’s evolution as a social justice organization that promotes educational access and racial justice. After months of discussion and input from a wide variety of stakeholders, our board of directors adopted the following mission statement: With a focus on racially and culturally affirming practices, Buffalo Prep advocates for educational access and equity and provides programming to academically ambitious scholars of color. We strive to nurture our scholars’ brilliance while empowering them to engage civically as their authentic selves.

With this new mission statement as our guiding star, our iCAP plan will dovetail into our strategic planning process as we develop the organization’s roadmap, imperatives, and growth strategy for the next three-to-five years. We are committed to ensuring our work is data-driven, scholar-centered, and mission-focused while adhering to our core pillars of academic excellence, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.

At Buffalo Prep, we envision a future where our scholars have the opportunity to pursue excellence and success in a community that nurtures their individual talents, goals, and authentic selves. Systemic and historic inequities are prominent in our community, placing marginalized youth at a disadvantage. We understand that educational access leads to more opportunities for professional success, and our collective work supporting our scholars has had an incredible impact. Data from the last nine years shows that 85% of High School Prep graduates have obtained a bachelor’s degree or are currently on track to do so*. This level of achievement far outpaces the national average for low-income scholars, as well as the national average for scholars of all demographics. This demonstrates that our work to provide access and opportunities for marginalized communities can and does successfully mitigate barriers to higher education.

Our scholars are exceptionally talented and have a wealth of cultural capital. They are incredibly motivated, possessing an impeccable work ethic and unparalleled resilience. In short, our scholars are superheroes who will change the world. Thank you for your important role as ambassadors of our mission, helping to create the equity from which future leaders, community advocates, and agents of change will grow. It’s all in the Prep!

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
*86% of High School Prep graduates reporting Patti L. Stephen Buffalo Prep President Luis Rodriguez, Jr. '97 Board President


With a focus on racially and culturally affirming practices, Buffalo Prep advocates for educational access and equity and provides programming to academically ambitious scholars of color. We strive to nurture our scholars’ brilliance while empowering them to engage civically as their authentic selves.


We envision a future where all scholars have the opportunity to pursue excellence and success in a community that nurtures their individual talents, goals, and selves.

Grades 5 and 6

Grades 5 and 6

Grade 7

Buffalo Prep

Prep Scholars Academy Middle School Prep

A neighborhood-based culturally relevant academic program designed to help scholars excel throughout middle school and prepare them for high school.

An accelerated enrichment program offered the summers after 5th and 6th grades that prepares scholars for success in college preparatory high schools.

A program for eligible Prep Scholars Academy and Middle School Prep scholars who have completed post-6th grade summer programming and would like to continue in a challenging program throughout their 7th grade year.

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
Prep Bridge

Grade 8

Grades 9 - 12

Pipeline of Programs

High School Prep

An intensive, 14-month program that prepares students for acceptance to and success at top independent, Catholic, charter and criteria-based public schools and higher education.

Beyond Prep

College Prep Alumni Prep

A comprehensive program designed to assist eligible 9th-12th grade scholars to thrive academically and socially-emotionally as they navigate high school and prepare for their post-secondary journey.

Support, networking, and connection during post-secondary education and beyond.



Buffalo Prep’s academic programming aligns with the organization’s strategic plan, utilizing research-based best practices that include a culturally relevant-sustaining teaching and learning model that celebrates every scholar’s inherent gifts and experiences. This model nurtures innovative teaching methods, motivating teachers to affirm scholars’ cultural, racial, and ethnic literacies, evaluating their cultural positions and knowledge to determine how they can best impact scholar achievement. Culturally relevant and sustaining curricula seek to encourage and incorporate a breadth of heritages, languages, practices, and literacies in the classroom so that scholars see themselves in the material and are empowered.

Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant-sustaining philosophy has three pillars at its core:

Academic Excellence Cultural Competence

Mediocrity is unacceptable.

We believe in the inherent excellence of all members of our community. Our job is to challenge each other collectively and continuously strive to be our best and most authentic selves.

Our scholars have superpowers.

We believe that our scholars have incredible resilience and resourcefulness. They come to us with vast amounts of community cultural wealth and given access, they have the power to do anything they put their minds to.

Critical Consciousness

Our scholars can make a positive impact in our community and in our world.

We believe that each one of us has the capability to be a leader for positive growth and change in our community. As an organization, our members pride themselves in sustainable civic action.

Prep Impact


The 2022 admissions season saw the largest amount of nominations in Buffalo Prep’s history. Buffalo Prep recruits scholars between grades 5-7 for Prep Scholars Academy, Middle School Prep, and High School Prep.

Anyone can nominate a scholar for a Buffalo Prep program at www.buffaloprep.com. The admissions team does ongoing community outreach and hosts information tables at different events throughout the year. If you are interested in having Buffalo Prep attend an event, please contact Christina Petit, Director of Admissions and Recruitment, at cpetit@buffaloprep.org.

265 Scholars applied to Middle School Prep, Prep Scholars Academy and High School Prep

189 Scholars accepted into programs in the Summer of 2022

19 Information sessions and community events attended by the admissions and recruitment team

1,467 Scholars Nominated

63 Schools represented in the applicant pool

71% Applicants who attend schools in Buffalo

27 Zip codes represented in the applicant pool

“The application process was smooth! Everyone has been kind and warm in transitioning my daughter into the program!”

Prep Scholars Academy

“I enjoyed the great variety and contrast between classes. We worked hard on interesting activities, followed by a fun trip or experience. I also loved the teachers and environment.”

Buffalo Prep Impact Report

PrepScholars Academy (PSA) is a neighborhood-based, culturally relevant academic program designed to help scholars excel throughout middle school and prepare them for high school. This exciting, engaging, and active learning program strives to help scholars transition into and complete high school by providing academic preparation and scholar and family support. PSA takes place in the heart of the West Side at D’Youville University; it gives preference to Hispanic/Latino scholars and offers bilingual instruction.

21 scholars participated

100% retention rate

Cohort model with scholars returning each summer

Scholars attend nine different schools

Spanish and English bilingual program


Scholars explored the history of racism, identity, anti-racist ideals, and racial undertones by studying books written by black and brown authors Jason Reynolds and Elizabeth Acevedo.

Scholars learned real-life applications of math. They discussed currency, budgets, and generational wealth.

Scholars studied the economic structures of the United States Government. They learned to interpret information and historical facts on the economic structures of the United States and across the world.

Scholars studied the cellular level, organ function, and the skeletal system of the human body.



Middle School Prep

“The best thing about Middle School Prep was learning new things, then showing my mom up on things she didn’t know.”

Buffalo Prep Impact Report

Middle School Prep (MSP) supports post-5th and 6th-grade academically motivated scholars across Western New York with accelerated educational enrichment. MSP is an engaging, five-week summer program during the crucial middle school years that keeps scholars engaged through a culturally relevant, fun, and stimulating learning environment. This program nurtures a love of learning, cultivates peer-to-peer connections, and prepares scholars for success in their educational aspirations.

117 scholars completed the MSP program

97% retention rate

21% of scholars also participated in MSP in 2021


Rising sixth-grade scholars studied issues of economic injustice, classism, racism, microaggressions, and cultural competence and identity.

Rising seventh-grade scholars read Look Both Ways by Jason Reynolds and reflected on identity, their lived experiences, and the environments that form identity.

Scholars attend

44 different schools

Rising sixth-grade scholars explored census data/statistics from Buffalo and reflected on whether the city budget reflects the needs of its citizens.

Rising seventh-grade scholars explored math’s involvement in their local communities and addressed the disproportionate opportunities that people of color face to succeed at math-related areas.

Scholars created a magazine by researching how to design advertisements, make headlines, and write editorials on essential issues.


Six different languages were spoken in students’ homes


Rising sixth-grade scholars focused on developing historical literacy and appreciation for diverse cultural perspectives.

Rising seventh-grade scholars created a “Game of Life,” in which they designed a game based on historical inequities for people of color in the United States after examining the Civil War era.

Scholars participated in daily hands-on science activities to understand that the scientific method is the foundation for problem-solving and that most scientific developments occur in response to problems or conflicts.



What do you like best about Buffalo Prep?

I think the classes are the best part. The teachers at Prep are really fun, and they help me a lot. At my school, the teachers don’t help me like they do here.

What has been your greatest challeng , and how did you overcome it?

COVID was the hardest challenge for me because we had to stay in the house, and we couldn’t go to school. Talking to my friends on the phone and being positive about the pandemic ending and seeing them again is what got me through.

Was there anything you learned in Middle School Prep that you found useful in the 7thgrade?

We started learning algebra over the summer which has helped me out a lot in math in school this year.

We believe that our scholars have superpowerswhat do you consider your real-life superpower, and why?

I would say my superpower is being a fast learner. I think that’s a superpower because I can easily pick up on things which allows me to succeed.

In ten years, where do you hope to be in life?

I hope to be an artist. I would like to open my own gallery.

After reflecting on the lessons you learned, what advice would you give to a future Middle School Prep scholar?

I would tell them that this is a good program, so they should take advantage of this opportunity. I would also say that it is a lot of word; you have to make sure that you stay on top of everything and don’t wait until the last minute to get things done.

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
An interview with Taylor, a scholar who participated in Middle School Prep in 2021 and 2022

Prep Bridge

“The best part of participating in Buffalo Prep was how the curriculum was connected to the outside world.”


Prep Bridge is designed for scholars who wish to stay connected to their peers in a fun and accelerated learning environment throughout their 7th-grade school year. This culturally relevant academic enrichment program helps scholars to excel during middle school as they consider applying for the competitive High School Prep program. Scholars who completed a Buffalo Prep post-6th grade summer program can apply to Prep Bridge, which takes place on Saturdays at the University at Buffalo South Campus.

29 scholars completed the Prep Bridge program


ratio Scholars attended 20 different schools

24 sessions held over the academic year

100% 100% 95%

100% of Prep Bridge scholars felt the teachers at Buffalo Prep cared about them

100% of Prep Bridge scholars would recommend Buffalo Prep to another scholar


Scholars explored literature that directly reflects past and present cultures in urban society.

Scholars focused on critical thinking and creative problem-solving by using the order of operations to solve complex equations.

95% of Prep Bridge scholars felt valued at Buffalo Prep


Scholars studied DNA, learned about protein synthesis, and investigated various genetics-related topics.

Scholars learned skills that helped them to find pertinent information and use it to create their own original work.


Scholars studied historical events, past and present-day United States, Reconstruction, and Civil Rights.


Buffalo Prep Impact Report
retention rate 8:1 student

High School Prep

“The best part about participating in Buffalo Prep is meeting new people and having a valuable education that has and will forever take me through life.”

Buffalo Prep Impact Report

High School Prep (HSP) is an intensive, 14-month program that prepares scholars for acceptance and success at top independent, Catholic, charter, and criteria-based public high schools and higher education. This nationally recognized, culturally relevant program takes place at the University at Buffalo South Campus the summers before and after 8th-grade, and two nights per week and on Saturdays during the 8th-grade academic year.

2021 (35 scholars)

2022 (37 scholars)

2023 (45 scholars)

High School Prep consists of two classes of scholars that overlap during the summers.

35% male 65% female HSP Class of 2022 had an 80% retention rate


Students attended 40 different schools

Approximately 50% of the Class of 2023 participated in MSP


Six different languages were spoken in students’ homes

Rising 8th-graders studied climate change and how it affects different races and socioeconomic groups. Rising 9th-graders investigated power, energy, and circuits.

Scholars explored the origins of geometry and learned some foundational concepts of geometry, including Euclid’s Five Axioms.

Scholars participated in a course called “Racism X” in which they chose a song and conducted a technical and critical analysis of the lyrics. They created their own poetry and paintings based on their selected song.


Scholars explored connections between historical circumstances and current events. In addition, scholars brainstormed how to maintain or restore its significance in a cultural and educational system that devalues these expressions.


High School Prep Class of: Summer 2021 Academic Year 2021-2022 Summer 2022
• • •

An interview with Rafiath, a scholar in the High School Prep Class of 2023

How did you get connected with Buffalo Prep?

A letter came in the mail in an envelope that said Buffalo Prep, and my mom was interested. My 6th grade teacher encouraged me to do it because a lot of her scholars did Buffalo Prep.

What made you join?

Seeing that I could get a scholarship made me want to do it, and I had nothing to do in the summer.

What is your view of Buffalo Prep? What is it to you?

It’s a second family because you’re with kids your age and can be with them during the summer and during the school year, and it helps you with academics too.

How has Buffalo Prep helped you?

Buffalo Prep has helped me socialize. Middle School Prep helped me talk more and be myself more around people, and I didn’t have to hide myself from others.

We believe that our scholars have superpowerswhat do you consider your real-life superpower, and why?

Being able to do math easily. Before I had a lot of trouble with math, and after I got extra help, I became better at math and am now in an advanced math class.

Why do you continue to be a part of Buffalo Prep?

Because it’s a good community to be in and it’s better to socialize outside of school. I want the opportunity to receive a scholarship for high school and teachers understand their scholars better here.

What would you say to a scholar who is thinking about joining Buffalo Prep? They should join, but getting through the work MSP and HSP can get difficult. All that effort results in making new friends, learning how to socialize, and having an opportunity to get a scholarship!


89% of scholars felt that their teachers at Prep really cared about them


80% would recommend Buffalo Prep to other scholars


86% felt Prep helped them feel more confident in their abilities as a scholar

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
The Class of 2022 was surveyed regarding their experience with Buffalo Prep. Most of the scholars responded that their favorite thing about Prep was meeting other scholars.

College Prep

“College Prep allows me to have an outlet, especially since I go to a predominantly white school. The resources and care they provide are also so helpful and makes me feel appreciated as a person of color.”


College Prep is a comprehensive program designed to assist eligible 9th -12th grade scholars to thrive academically and socially-emotionally as they navigate high school and prepare for their post-secondary journey. Through this culturally relevant program, scholars have access to tutorial services, academic skills coaching, college and financial aid advisement, enrichment activities, and social emotional support throughout high school.

There are three entry points into the College Prep Program:

• Scholars who have successfully completed the High School Prep program are automatically enrolled

• Scholars who participate in one of Buffalo Prep’s partner scholarship programs are automatically enrolled

• Scholars who meet all of the requirements below may apply to College Prep at any time throughout 9th-12th grade (formerly known as the Rising to Distinction program)

•attend a Buffalo Prep partner school,

•are seeking additional academic or social-emotional support,

•and meet Buffalo Prep’s income eligibility guidelines


93% of College Prep scholars felt more comfortable being around people from different cultures or backgrounds


96% of College Prep scholars felt valued by Buffalo Prep


Tutorial Services

Academic Advisement

SAT Prep

College Essay and Financial Aid Workshops

College Admissions Guidance

College Fairs & Visits



94% of College Prep scholars feel Buffalo Prep made them more prepared for their post-secondary journey


Career Exploration After School Clubs Workshops

Mentor Me Program Prep Chat

Monthly Visits to Schools

Student and Parent Empowerment


Buffalo Prep Impact Report

99% of scholars from the class of 2022 graduated from high school

The average GPA of College Prep scholars was 87.7

237 scholars were served in the College Prep program in the 2021-2022 academic year

College Prep provides a multitude of activities and clubs for scholars

Tutors held 1,140 sessions during the 2021-2022 academic year


Buffalo Prep partners with the consortium of high schools in the Education Collaborative of WNY and criteria-based public and charter high schools. Buffalo Prep partners with these schools to provide the opportunity to embrace a more diverse student body, which helps all students, families, and staff members forge relationships that transcend racial, ethnic, and economic boundaries. The collective work of Buffalo Prep and the partner high schools focuses on four priorities to support scholars’ aspirations and mental well-being: academic success, social emotional wellness, DEI, and financial equity.

Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School

• Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart • Buffalo Seminary

• Canisius High School

• Cardinal O’Hara High School

• City Honors School

• Frederick Law Olmsted School

• Hutchinson Central Technical High School

• Leonardo da Vinci High School

• Nichols School

• Mount Mercy Academy

• The Park School of Buffalo


• Mount Saint Mary Academy

• St. Francis High School

• St. Mary’s High School

• Nardin Academy

• St. Joseph’s Collegiate

• Tapestry Charter School


College Acceptances

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Alfred State College

Alfred University

American University

Bennett College

Buffalo State University

Canisius College

Carlow University

Clarkson University

Cornell University

Daemen University

DePaul University

Drexel University

D’Youville University

Emerson University

Fisk University

Fordham University

Georgia State University

Hamilton College

Hampton University

Hilbert College

Houghton College

Howard University

Indiana Tech

Kent State University

Keuka College

Lawrence Tech

LeMoyne College

Lincoln University (PA)

Loyola Chicago

Loyola Marymount

Medaille University

Mercyhurst University

Middle Tennessee State University

Milwaukee School of Engineering

Morehouse College

Morgan State University

Nazareth College

New York University

Niagara University

Norfolk State University

North Carolina A&T

Nova Southeastern University

Ohio State University

Ohio University

Pacific Oregon

Penn State University

Pratt Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rochester Institute of Technology

St. Bonaventure University

St. John Fisher College

St. John’s University

Stony Brook University

State University of New York at Albany

State University of New York at Albany- Honors College

State University of New York at Buffalo

State University of New York at Erie

State University of New York at Fredonia

State University of New York at Geneseo

State University of New York at Oneonta

State University of New York at Oswego

State University of New York at Plattsburgh

State University of New

York at Polytechnic Institute

State University of New York at Potsdam

Temple University

University of Kentucky

University of Massachusetts Amherst

University of Michigan

University of Pittsburgh

University of Rochester

University of Virginia

Wellesley College

Wells College

West Virginia University

Wilkes University

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
class of 2022 received a total of 3.5 million dollars in scholarships!


In2021, Buffalo Prep announced the college partnership initiative to support College Prep scholars with access, financial support, networking, mentorship, and dual enrollment. Prep is partnered with Canisius College, Daemen University, D’Youville University, Niagara University, and Villa Maria College. Buffalo Prep is working on adding other local colleges and universities. A special thank you to the University at Buffalo for their continued support; Buffalo Prep is proud to be an affiliate of the University at Buffalo.

The support from these college partners is life-changing for Prep scholars. In addition to the financial support, the leadership team is working with each college’s leadership team to ensure that Buffalo Prep graduates enter a welcoming and inclusive environment. The college partners have committed to allowing access to meet with Prep alumni on campus for check-in meetings and social and emotional support. Buffalo Prep is excited about the work done so far and looks forward to what’s to come.


Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Corryn South Park High School Adrianna Mount Mercy Academy Amira Nardin Academy Fina Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Damion Hutchinson Central Technical High School Elizabeth Sweet Home High School Timothy Canisius High School Benjamin Nichols School Rebecca Mount St. Mary Academy Darnell St. Francis High School Layah Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Cecile Nardin Academy Hugues Canisius High School Akon Nardin Academy Aaron St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute Eman Hutchinson Central Technical High School Janasia Cardinal O’Hara High School Alijah City Honors School Diamond Hutchinson Central Technical High School Makhi Nichols School Shaniece Hutchinson Central Technical High School Riya Health Sciences Charter School Na’Mia Buffalo Seminary Maha Nardin Academy Xavier Tapestry Charter High School Peyton Nardin Academy Michael Canisius High School Heaven Mount Mercy Academy Ja’Onni The Park School of Buffalo Omar Charter School for Applied Technologies

Congratulations to the Class of 2022!

Evelyn Maritime Charter School Kaleah Burgard High School Lars Williamsville East High School Angelina Buffalo Seminary Sydney Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Abdi Hutchinson Central Technical High School Daniella Buffalo Seminary Dominic Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School Semira Buffalo Seminary Tajmim Frederick Law Olmsted High School Emeka The Park School of Buffalo Leah Hutchinson Central Technical High School Jayden St. Mary’s High School Jahleel Amherst Central High School Shamirra The Gow School Christopher The Park School of Buffalo Anyiang City Honors School Aleyah Nardin Academy Glaw St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute Kee St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute Plu St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute Jade Cardinal O’Hara High School Curtis Maritime Charter School Dakari Canisius High School Onvida Buffalo Seminary Zoya Buffalo Seminary Rebecca Leonardo da Vinci High School Erin Health Sciences Charter School Treycee Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School Stephanie Mount St. Mary Academy Kevin Bishop Timon-St. Jude High School Monet Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Tess Nardin Academy

Experiential Learning

Buffalo Prep’s culturally relevant-sustaining pedagogy is designed to promote and shape real-life learners, utilizing the Western New York region as its greatest tool to achieve increased visibility and understanding for students of different neighborhoods and cultures. During programming, scholars participate in educational and culturally enriching excursions to broaden their learning experiences and connect them to the world outside the classroom. These experiential learning activities expose scholars to community resources and various career and educational paths.

Moog invited Buffalo Prep for a tour of their facility. Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center welcomed scholars to get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the top cancer centers in the country. A team from Alkegen brought in a robot for the High School Prep scholars to see in action. Buffalo Prep has partnered with M&T’s Tech Hub for the last two years to teach a coding course. The Buffalo Bills invited Buffalo Prep to their training camp in August. Bank of America presented to Prep Scholars Academy about financial literacy. Rich Products gave a presentation to expose students to the organization and spoke about personal finances.

Alumni Prep


Alumni Prep supports Buffalo Prep graduates as they navigate their post-secondary journey and career placement. It provides access to career exploration and development services, leadership and enrichment workshops, scholarship assistance, social-emotional support, and networking and mentoring opportunities.

Buffalo Prep Alumni Council

The Buffalo Prep Alumni Council (BPAC) is an advisory council comprised of alumni from throughout Buffalo Prep’s history. The BPAC oversees and provides non-binding, strategic advice to the Board of Directors on matters relating to alumni relations and the networking and mentoring activities among alumni of Buffalo Prep. The purpose of the BPAC is to strengthen intergenerational relationships between Buffalo Prep alumni, provide a resource for networking, engage and leverage the capital from Buffalo Prep alumni, and lift the voices and experiences of Buffalo Prep alumni to help inform programming. From this work, Prep hopes to generate a tactical understanding of how to strengthen the connection between alumni and local young professionals of color to Buffalo’s business community. All alumni are welcome to join; please visit buffaloprep.com/alumni or reach out to alumniprep@buffaloprep.org for more information

2022-2023 Alumni Council Advisory Board

Matthew Becton ‘01 Chair

Eishawn Camp ‘96 Vice Chair

Sarah Washington ‘04 Recording Secretary

Monique Cooper ‘04 Corresponding Secretary

Francisco Guzman II ‘11 Treasurer

Deidre Batson-Griggs ‘99

Lysette Vazquez-Moore ‘13

“I choose to be a leader of the Alumni Council because I wanted to help bring alums together so that we can connect and network with one another as we embark and push forward in our professional careers. For me, it was also very important that we create an official alumni body so that current Prep scholars and recent graduates know and can see the vast alumni network of Buffalo Prep. I am looking forward to connecting with alumni who came before me and those who came after me. I am also looking forward to being a resource for current Prep scholars.”

Sarah Washington ‘04 Senior Attorney National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation

Buffalo Prep Impact Report

Buffalo Prep’s READI program is a series of workshops, trainings, and presentations to promote educational and racial equity throughout our community. Companies, schools, organizations, and peer and networking groups can work with Buffalo Prep to customize sessions to further their understanding of these issues and topics. If you are interested in attending a community READI or would like to set up a session for your organization, please contact Ashley Middleton at amiddleton@buffaloprep.org or visit buffaloprep.com/readi for more information.

READI Module Examples

• Changing vs. Fixing Systems

• Understanding White Privilege

• Economic Implications of Racial and Educational Inequity

“I really appreciate that you are doing this work and providing safe spaces for these important conversations!”

• Culture of White Supremacy

• Historical Aspects of Systemic Racism

• Challenging Implicit Biases

Since READI’s inception in 2020, over 1,000 individuals have participated in the workshops.

Youth Equity Academy (YEA!) is a civic engagement program for high school students who want to transcend racism and inequity. YEA! provides the opportunity for individual and collective reflection and potential action plans to strengthen and maintain an inclusive and equitable climate through a seven-month series of workshops.

Although any Buffalo Prep partner school student has the opportunity to participate in YEA!, the model encourages Prep scholars to invite a white ally to participate, who will then ask another white friend –expanding the dialogue to new spheres of influence. YEA! addresses critical topics at an age-appropriate level, with students completing a public awareness campaign at the end of the program.

• Having Critical Conversations

• Building Equitable Policies That Foster All Voices

• Microaggressions

“Even for someone who considered herself educated on this subject, my knowledge is woefully inadequate.”


“This program is necessary because many schools do not cover these topics in such depth. This program helps students learn more about themselves and others and how these ideas can be implemented into our local community.”

youth equity academy

Buffalo Prep, Inc. Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for the Year End - June 30, 2021

Buffalo Prep Impact Report
Without Donor Restrictions With Donor Restrictions Total Support and Revenue Contributions $1,486,553 $96,509 $1,583,062 Capital Project Contributions 80,175 - 80,175 Service Revenue 10,015 - 10,015 Donated space 118,471 - 118,471 Total support and revenue other than investment income 1,695,214 96,5091 1,781,723 Interest and dividend income 15,198 - 15,198 Net unrealized gain on beneficial interest in assets held by others 603,664 - 603,664 Gain on debt forgiveness 192,292 192,292 Total support and revenue, investment income and other revenue 2,506,368 96,509 2,602,877 Net Assets Released from Restrictions 308,996 (308,996)Expenses Program services 1,306,115 - 1,306,115 Supporting services 432,972 - 423,972 Total expenses 1,739,087 - 1,739,087 Increase (decrease) in net assets 1,148,277 (284,487) 863,790 Net assets, beginning of year 4,123,888 570,996 4,694,884 Net assets, end of year $5,272,165 $286,509 $5,558,674
Financial Statement


Buffalo Prep is pleased to recognize financial contributions between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022. On behalf of the scholars we serve, we thank you for your generosity and support. Gifts listed do not include all in-kind donations. We regret any errors or omissions.

Please call the Buffalo Prep office at 716.829.3605 with corrections.


($100,000 or more)

Alkegen Cullen Foundation

First Niagara Foundation

M&T Bank Charitable Foundation

The John R. Oishei Foundation

Rich Family Foundation, Inc.


($50,000 -$99,999)

Bank of America

Buffalo Bills Social Justice Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

James H. Cummings Foundation

National Fuel Leader


Paul and Else Blum Private Foundation

Brady Corporation

Buffalo Bills

Peter C. Cornell Trust

Delta Sonic Car Wash Systems, Inc.

Douglas Development Corporation

Education Collaborative of WNY, Inc.

Highmark BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York

Hodgson Russ LLP

The Seymour H. Knox Foundation

Moog, Inc.

PwC Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Vogt Family Foundation at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo



The Cameron and Jane Baird Foundation

Children’s Foundation of Erie County

James and Judith Collord Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Delaware North General Mills Foundation

Homegrown Grantmaking Program

Hoskins Foundation

Mr. and Dr. Albert and Muriel Howard

The Marks Family Foundation

Mr. Jeff Pappalardo

Red Top Foundation

The Stenclik Family Charitable Fund

The Watson Billings Family Foundation at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Mrs. Martha G. Welte

The Western New York Foundation




Mr. and Mrs. Allan A. and Melissa Baumgart

Mr. and Mrs. EJ and Karen Butler

The D-B Trust

Deloitte & Touche LLP

Jeffrey T. and Jeanne R. Dorn Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Mr. Donald Dudley and Ms. Janet Curie

Josephine Goodyear Foundation

Mr. Thomas Hunt and Ms. Laurie Dann

Johnston Family Foundation

Ms. Kathie A. Keller

Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. and Marilee Keller

Keller Technology Corporation

Dr. and Mr. Shelley and David Kimelberg

Mr. Todd Levin and Ms. Karen Baker

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Chris Miner

Morgan Stanley

Mr. and Mrs. Norman and Thuy Murray

The O’Neil-White Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Mr. and Mrs. Luis ‘97 and Jessica Rodriguez, Jr. SelectOne Search LLC

Ms. Amy L. Clifton and Mr. Theodore B.K. Walsh

World Wide Bonding



Arc Building Partners

Baillie Lumber Co.

Mr. and Mrs. John and Julie Baldo

The Bell Fund Trust #1 at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Marjorie and John Buyers Foundation, Inc.

D’Youville University

EBC HR and Payroll Solutions

Gisel Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Globalquest Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. William L. and Anne Joyce

KeyBank Foundation

Lamparelli Construction Co., Inc.

Mrs. Betsy Mitchell and Mr. Jock Mitchell

Nardin Academy

Niagara Metals LLC Northwest Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Pegula Sports and Entertainment LLC

Phillips Lytle LLP

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Roswell Park

Comprehensive Cancer Center University at Buffalo

Mr. Samuel Walsh



Mr. Thomas R. Alcamo American Advertising Federation Buffalo

Amherst Chamber of Commerce

Mr. and Mrs. David and Kristin Bauer

Brown Security Solutions

Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart Buffalo Sabres Foundation

Buffalo Seminary

Joanne Champion Granger Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo

Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner

Mrs. Mary Ann Coulson and Mr. David Coulson

Crowley Webb

Mr. Patrick DeNisco

Families of FANA, WNY Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Joy Feldman

Ms. Jodyann Galvin and Mr. Robert J. Lane Jr.

Dr. Joseph Goodly and Mrs. Rachelle


Hon. and Mrs. Craig and Angela Hannah

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Lori Harrington

Harvard Business School

Club of Buffalo

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Karen Healy

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and Hadley Horrigan

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Katie Hu

Ingram Micro Inc.

Charles P. and Jill J. Jacobs

Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Dean and Ann Jewett

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce and Gail


Mr. and Mrs. Kevin and Kelly Kerl

The Patrick P. Lee Foundation

Mader Construction Company, Inc.

Mrs. Sally Marks

Merchants Insurance Group

Dr. and Mrs. Herman S. and Patricia Mogavero

Mr. Michael J. Montesano

Nichols School

Nixon Peabody LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. and Candace O’Mara

Mr. and Mrs. Alphonso and Marcia O’Neil-White

Mr. and Mrs. Everett and Tarinee Pefley

Rich Products Corporation

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Susan Roney

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sadler Jr.

Mrs. Dorothy Schoeneman

Mr. and Mrs. George and Michelle Schoeneman

Mr. and Mrs. Buford and Suzanne Sears

Sheibley Philanthropic Fund

Ms. Jessica Silverstein

SNCW Charitable Fund

St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute

Mr. Paul Suozzi and Ms. Karen Spencer

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco and Debbie Surace

Szymkowiak & Associates


Uniland Development Company

Mr. and Mrs. Scott and JoAnn Weber

Mr. Michael Wisler

Mrs. Tracy Woodrow and Mr. Thomas Woodrow

Mr. David Zebro


($1 - $999 )

Mr. Richard B. Adams

Mr. Tony Addison


Ms. Rosa Alavé

Ms. Linda Alegria

Dr. Ramone Alexander

Mr. and Mrs. Rory and Lyn Allen

AlphaSights Ltd.

Drs. Julio and Amy


Mr. Jeremy Amar-Dolan

Ms. Julie Anain

Kenneth R. & Linda Angert Kahn Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo Anonymous

Ms. Emily Ast

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and Mary Bacon

Dr. Maritza Baez ‘93

Ms. Gwen Baggs Ito

Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Nancy Bailey

Mr. and Mrs. John and Amy Bair

Mr. Charles Balbach

Ms. Karen Baldwin

Ms. Allison Bannister

Ms. Janice Barrett

Ms. Patricia Barrett

Mr. Sean Basil

Mr. Frank Batres-Landaeta

Ms. Deidre

Batson-Griggs ‘99

Ms. Catherine Baugh

Mr. Doug Bean and Ms. Elisa M. Kreiner

Ms. Stacy Beauford

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew ‘01 and Asia Becton ‘03

Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffrey and Susan Beich

Mr. Steve Bell and Mrs. Liz Kahn

Ms. Tammy Bell

Mr. and Mrs. Keith and Jill Belote

Mr. and Mrs. John and Mary Beltrami

Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. and Lana Benatovich

Mr. and Mrs. George and Anne Bergantz

Mr. Jay Billings

Mr. David Bird

Mr. and Mrs. Brad and Kristen Birmingham

Bishop Timon - St. Jude High School

Ms. Christina Bleckinger

Ms. Marie Bonnici

Dr. and Mrs. Martin and Molly Boscarino

Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Karina Brim

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph and Kimberly Brown

Ms. Karen Brown

Mrs. Shannon Bryant and Mr. Rickey Bryant ‘01

Ms. Christine Bub

Mr. and Mrs. David L. and Michele G. Buck

Ms. Evelyn Burgess

Mr. Christopher Burke and Ms. Amy Rowland

Ms. Kaitlyn Burow

Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Lisa Burruano

Mr. and Mrs. James and Dolores Byron

Mr. and Mrs. Steven and Denise Calvaneso

Mr. and Mrs. Eishawn Camp ‘96

Ms. Christine Candino

Canisius College

Canisius High School

Cardinal O’Hara High School

Ms. Rosalind Cardone

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard and Eileen Casserly

CBRE Buffalo

Mr. Vincent Celestino and Ms. Sienie Kelly

Philip & Joyce Celniker

Family Fund at the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

Mrs. Holly Cercone

Mr. Robert W. Chapman

Mr. Jimmy Chebat

Mr. and Mrs. George and Mary Ann Chernowski

Ms. Heather Chudzik

Ms. Molly Chvala

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Moira Ciechoski

Ms. Faith Cocasio

Mr. and Mrs. James and Judith Coder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Ashley Coder

Ms. Betsy Constantine

Ms. Monique Cooper ‘01

Mr. Douglas Coppola and Ms. Mimi Barnes-Coppola

Ms. Pionne Corbin

Ms. Peggy Cordero

Dr. Brianna Cornelius Corr Distributors, Inc.

Ms. Andalyn Courtney

Mr. and Mrs. Joe and Chavuanne Cousins ‘99

Ms. Caitlin Crowell

Mrs. Patricia Crowley

Ms. Julie Curtin

Daemen College

Ms. Elizabeth Danahy

Mr. and Mrs. Derek and Jennifer Daniels

Ms. Susan Daniels

Ms. Carrie Dealtry

Ms. Molly Dean

Mrs. Clotilde Perez-Bode

Dedecker and Mr. Adrian

Dedecker III

Mr. Ryan Delmar

Ms. R. Scott DeLuca

Mr. Matt Dentinger

Mr. and Mrs. Marcus and Christina Deveso

Mr. Matthew DeVincentis

Mr. Brennan DiChiara

Mr. Robert F. Dickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Dan and Diana Dinardo

Ms. Laura Dolan

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Valerie Domagala

Ms. Marylou Domino

Mr. Brian Donovan

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Dawn Dorn

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew and Teresa Dorn, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Duwand and Rashida Dowell ‘98

Mrs. Shelley Drake

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. and Jillian Driscoll

Mr. Brian Duff

Ms. Maura Duggan

Mr. Joseph Dunlop

Mr. Brian Duquette

Mr. Rey Durante

Mr. Benjamin Dwyer

Ms. Grace East

Eaton Office Supply

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Mary Eberl

Ms. Lysa Elis

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff and Tracy


Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael and Jill Ervin

Ms. Elisabeth Etopio

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry and Gail Ettaro

Ms. Tiffany Fanning


Mr. Ronald Faso

Mr. and Mrs. Bruno and Barbara Federico, Jr.

Mr. Eric Feldstein

Ms. Karen Fenzl

Ms. Laura Ferrino

Mr. Ryan Fishback

Dr. Hope Fisher

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Fitch

Mr. and Mrs. John and Lisa Fletcher

Ms. Kristen Flick

Mr. Christopher Fulco

Ms. Mary Ganey

Ms. Michelle-Marie Gant

Ms. Alaina Garvey

Warren and Patricia C. Gelman Philanthropic Fund at the Foundation for Jewish Philanthropies

Gernatt Asphalt Products, Inc

Ms. Madelaine Glab

Ms. Vanessa Glushefski

Mr. David Gonzalez

Mr. Mark Graczyk

Mr. Ben Grant

Mr. Gary Greco

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Susan Green

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Cameron Greene

Ms. Esterphine Greene

Ms. Janeen Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Molly Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Alex and Jennifer Gress

Mr. Anthony Grisanti

Mr. Joshua Gumulak

Mr. Francisco Guzmán II ‘11

Mrs. Amy Habib and the Habib Family

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher and Vikki Hamill

Ms. Maureen Hanagan

Mr. Edward Hand

Ms. Margaret Harris

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Anna Hartog

Ms. Michele O. Heffernan and Mr. John J. Cordes

Ms. Mercury Helen

Dr. and Mrs. Leon and Cecelia Henderson

Ms. Lauren Hennings

Mr. Myles Hervey ‘13

Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Lesli Herzog

Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Mary Catherine Hesse

Ms. Laura Hettrick

Ms. Jennifer Hickok

Ms. Kevin Hogan and Ms. Katherine Roach

Ms. Nia Holmes

Mr. Timothy W. Hoover and Hon. Amy Martoche


Ms. Red Huber

Mr. and Mrs. William N. and Frances Hudson

Ms. Carolyn Human

Hunt Charitable Foundation

Ms. Courtney Hunter

Dr. Juanita K. Hunter

Mr. and Mrs. John J. and Maureen Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. John L. and Diane Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and Martha Hyde

Independent Health

Mr. and Mrs. Sean and Colleen Insalaco

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk and Sarah Jensen

John W. Danforth Co.

Ms. Darby Johnson

Mr. Christopher Johnston

Mr. Charles G. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. David and Melissa Jorgenson

Ms. Christie Joseph

Drs. Jurasek

Ms. Olga Kasparova

Ms. Eliza Kaye

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Paola Keller

Mr. Scott Keller

Kelley Bros. LLC

Ms. Leah Kimmet

Ms. Susan Kirkpatrick

Faruk M. Koreishi and Aziza

Karimi Philanthropic Fund

Mr. William Kresse

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Samantha Kuberka

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Andrea Kuettel

Mr. Brian Kulpa

Mr. and Mrs. David and Anita Ladori

Mr. and Mrs. Francesco and Marianne Lagutaine

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Martha Lamparelli

Mr. and Mrs. Rocco and Paige Lamparelli

Mr. DaRand Land

Mr. Jason Lang

Ms. Nancy Langer

LeChase Construction

Services, LLC

Ms. Jamila Lee ‘02

Ms. Dawnette Leftwich

Mr. Ryan Lema and Ms. Meghan Leydecker

Mr. Alexander Lent

Ms. Bridget Lett

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Levy

Ms. Lauren Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Gustavo and Raquel Lima

Ms. Catherine Lincoln

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Patricia Lipka

Ms. Carlisle Lipke

Ms. Londa

Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Jen Low

Ms. Ellen Lowrey

Mr. Thomas Muraca

Ms. Marina Murray

Mr. Edgar Muth

Mr. and Mrs. Quincy and Angela Myles

NCAComp, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Bosco and Olive Ndayishimiye

Mr. Peter Neal and Mrs. Bobbie Billings Neal Newman Fund

Niagara University

Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Lowrey

Dr. Keli Koran Luchey

Mr. Raman Luthra

Ms. Heather Maclin

Mr. David Macro

Mr. James L. Magavern

Mr. Andrew Malcolm

Mr. Evan Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Helen Marlette

Ms. Kathleen Masiello

Ms. Karen L. Mathews

Mr. and Mrs. William E. and Jane Mathias

Mr. Joseph McMahon

Ms. Aileen McNamara

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Cynthia Meckler

Ms. Emily Melendez

Ms. Maya Meredith ‘07

Ms. Holly Mergenhagen

Ms. Blythe Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Rod and Ashley Middleton

Mr. Alfred Miesemer

Ms. Catharine Miles-Kania

Dr. Maureen Millane

Ms. Morgan Miller

Mr. John Mineo and Ms. Vicki Feine

Modern Disposal Services Inc.

Mr. Justin Moffatt

Ms. Katherine Mohney

Molly + Kate

Mr. Roger Montague

Ms. Morgan Morris ‘13

Mount Mercy Academy

Mount St. Mary Academy

Mr. and Mrs. David and Grace Munschauer

Dr. Richard W. Munschauer

Mr. and Mrs. Philip and Nicole Nobel

Mr. and Mrs. Randall and Rita Odza

Mr. Aaron Olejniczak

Ms. Anne O’Neil-White

Mr. Thomas O’Neil-White

Ms. Michelle Ostrander

Mr. Erkin Ozay

Mr. Jeffery Panza

The Park School of Buffalo

Dr. Margaret Paroski

Ms. Pat Patillo

Ms. Ally Pawarski

Ms. Norvella

Pendergrass ‘03

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. and Karen E. Penfold

Ms. Adina Pera

Ms. Stephanie Perez

Ms. Kelly Peters

Mr. and Mrs. Rob and Hannah Piscatelli

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew and Patricia Pitts

Ms. Rosa Pizzi

Ms. Penelope Porebski

Dr. Lester Powell ‘93

Rev. and Hon. Craig and JaHarr Pridgen ‘94

Dr. Winford Quick and Mrs. Joyce Ford Quick

The William and Barbara Regan Philanthropic Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Justin and Julianne Reich

Ms. Nicole Reinard

Ms. Mollie Ross

Ms. Kim Ruppel

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh and Linda Russ

Mr. and Mrs. David and Jennifer Rust

Mrs. Eileen M. Ryan

Mr. Brian Sabedra

Mr. Todd C. Sadeghian

Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso C. and Nancy Saia

Dr. Anne Saldanha

Mr. Andre Salz

Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott and Kristin Saperston

Mr. Dillan Sayers

Ms. Sherry Schlenker

Mr. and Mrs. Ken and Mary Schoetz

Ms. Pamela Schreck

Mr. Joshua Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. and Michele Scott

Mrs. Valencia Sease

Mr. and Mrs. William G. and Helen Secen

Ms. Ashley Shear

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Macia Sheibley

Ms. Janiece Sims

Ms. Gellenia Smallwood

Ms. Alivia Smeltzer-Darling

Dr. Jamie Smith

Ms. Leonie Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Caitlin Snyder

Mrs. Meghan Socko

Ms. Ashley Soderlund

Mr. and Mrs. James and Katherine Spillman

St. Francis High School

St. Joseph Collegiate Institute’s Swing Choir StaffBuffalo

Mrs. Carol-Sue Stapleton

Mr. Richard Star

Mr. Becker Steinemann

Dr. and Mrs. James and Patti Stephen

Mrs. Patricia Stephen

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Liza Stephens

Mr. and Mrs. R. William and Nancy Stephens

Mrs. Joan Strachan

Sunshine Vegan Eats

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon and Larcenia Sweat

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Nicole Swift

Mr. Jared Syms

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis and Linda Szymkowiak

Mr. and Mrs. David W. and Anne Taylor

Dr. Maria Testa

Mr. Kareem Thompson

Mr. Vihout Thongchanh

Mr. and Mrs. John and Katie Thurber

Mr. Bernie Tolbert

Mr. and Mrs. John and Maureen Tomczak

Turner Construction Company

United Rentals

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Jennifer Vallis

Dr. Lawrence Van Heusen and Mr. Robert A. Scharf

Dr. and Mrs. Francisco and Renee Vaquero

Mr. Kenneth Vargas

Ms. Betsy Vazquez-Aradio

Verizon Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Karen Vogelsang

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher and Natalie Vukelic

Mr. Lucas Walsh and Ms. Kelli Massey

Mr. John Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. and Deborah Walsh

Ms. Deschana Washington

Ms. Sarah Washington ‘04

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey and Susan Wellington

Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Claire White

Mrs. Christine Wiktor

Ms. Kristy Wilensky

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene and Debra Willard

Mr. Thomas Williams

Mr. and Dr. Gregory and Emily Williams

Mr. Gary Wilson ‘94

Become a member of the Prep Honors Circle

Mrs. Janet K. Wisbaum

Mr. Royce Woods

Mr. and Mrs. Eric and Sandra Yarwood

Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Barbara Yellen

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Holly Yoshida

Ms. Colleen Young

ZIZO Technologies, Inc.


Premier In-Kind Donors

Crowley Webb

The Flower Stand


The Prep Honors Circle was created to sustain the organization and meet its long-term goal of impacting the lives of talented Buffalo Prep scholars, their families, and the community at large. We invite you to become a member of The Prep Honors Circle.

Thank you to the Prep Honors Circle Founding Members: Gwen Baggs Ito • Barbara W. Billings • Richard and Judith Bryan • Mary Ann Coulson

Sally Marks • Jock and Betsy Mitchell • Eleanor Murray

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Prep Honors Circle, please contact Ashley Coder at acoder@buffaloprep.org.

Staff and Administration

Management and Administration

Patti Stephen President

Chaniqua Bailey Assistant Director of Academic Programming

Moira Ciechoski Senior Director of Operations

Ashley Coder Director of Development

Marcus Deveso Chief Program Officer

Alex Dzadur Director of IT Operations

Gina Gonzalez Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth Guzmán Admissions and Recruitment Manager

Myles Hervey ‘13 Alumni Coordinator

Emily Jimenez ‘13 Program Coordinator

David Johnson

Senior Director of College Prep

Ashley Middleton Development and Event Coordinator

Grace O’Connor Director of Community Relations, Development Manager

Christina Petit Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Stephanie Rivera Director of Scholar Success Programming

Alexys Swygert Director of College Prep Services


Vazquez-Moore ‘13 High School Prep Program Manager, Admissions Coordinator

Brenda Weber-Miller Program Coordinator

Middle School Prep

Vanessa Boyd

Middle School Prep Program Manager


Amanda D’Angio

Jason Dormann

Eve Everette

Clara Fonda

Elizabeth Herle

Lucas Potter ‘13

Ericka Rivera

Jean-Jacques Sibomana’ 06

Carol-Sue Stapleton

Katie Swanson

Aaron Swenson

Jack Wall

Teacher Assistants

Unique Allen ‘19

Mahkhi Armstead ‘20

Yayla Blodgett-White ‘16

Tim Callahan ‘18

Ben Cordero ‘18

Reza Karim ‘20

Shafay Shahzad ‘19

Arsema Tedros ‘19

Prep Scholars Academy Lourdes Machuca-James Program Manager


Linda Cruz Velasquez

Wilmarie Fernández

Ericka Rivera

Teacher Assistants

Diego Guzmán ‘19

Mirakle Rodgers ‘20

High School Prep

Ta’Ria Adamou ‘08 Program Manager


Linda Alegria

Hannah Fay

Jessica Lattanzio

Elizabeth Novoa

Michelle Wing

Teacher Assistants

Aaron Hall ‘18

Anika Khanam

Nicole Ndayishimiye ‘19

Dakari Sawyers ’18

Loom Soe ‘20

Adrienne Steele’19

College Prep

Chelsea Allen College Prep College Counselor

Kazi Mahmud College Prep Coordinator

Prep Chat Mentors

Leiah Renford’ 07

Kenny Vargas


Joe Bieron

Nicia Bottini Morales

Rebecca Cefaratti

Wendy DaCosta

James Ferrantini

Clara Fonda

Angelica Gonzalez

Bailey Kinn

Sulaiman Meriles Demry

Nafisa Shamim

Kristina Sisyukin

Anika Ullah

*Includes staff that were employed from September 2021 - August 2022

Board of Directors

Officers and Executive Committee

Luis A. Rodriguez, Jr. ’97 President

Chief Executive Officer Rodriguez Construction Group

Mary Ann Coulson

Immediate Past President Senior Vice President and Branch Manager

Morgan Stanley

Dr. Shelley M. Kimelberg Vice President

Director of Interdisciplinary Degree Programs University at Buffalo

Betsy Mitchell Treasurer Community Volunteer

Honorable JaHarr Pridgen ‘94 Secretary Buffalo City Court Chief Judge

Jodyann Galvin Governance Chair Partner

Hodgson Russ LLP

Matthew Becton ‘01

Senior Manager


Stephen W. Bell Managing Director Steve Bell Communications LLC

Dina Benderson Community Volunteer

Shannon Bryant Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Kaledia Health

John Dandolph* President & Chief Executive Officer


Francisco Guzmán Deputy Commissioner, Department of Public Works, Parks, & Streets City of Buffalo

Honorable Craig D. Hannah New York State Supreme Court Justice

Scott Horrigan** Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Alkegen

Kathie Keller Treasurer Keller Technology Corporation

Alexandra Montante Community Volunteer

Jeff Pappalardo Partner/Chief Creative Officer Crowley Webb

Everett Pefley Senior Finance Manager M&T Bank Corporation

Vivian Quinn* Partner Nixon Peabody

Dr. Suzanne Rosenblith Dean and Professor Graduate School of Education University at Buffalo

George Schoeneman Senior Vice President - Finance Citigroup

Gellenia Smallwood** Director of Family & Parent Programs at Buffalo Public Community Schools Parent Centers Say Yes Buffalo

Tracy Woodrow Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer M&T Bank Corporation

Eric Yarwood Executive Director Education Collaborative of WNY

*Finished term in June 2022

**Began term in July 2022

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