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Studies William Seward Bonnie

1. Â trying to write for the rest of your life sounds easier then staying alive

2. it’s about fam... not fame. & not necessarily blood; but strength. it’s about love… not pay. that doesn't mean they cant be one and the same.

3. I wish I had enough beauty in my being to write you a novel every evening... you see in me what I wish to see in myself‌ that in and of itself is heaven.

4. I wish you could see behind these eyes to the universe that is my mind.

98. skull grown poems filled with hope that tomorrow wont be like most & that this nose can know no bounds hold no rope to the noose it found how ever this sounds it’s just a lost story‌a desire to run which bubbles up from the heat of the summer sun & the love thats undone‌unbecoming to most.

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5. & I remember her smell. it was on everything I had to sell.

6. the wait in these words holds the weight of the world. be gentle with how you speak the words you say their intentions & meaning. leading is following when need be.

7. subtleties like you & me. that’s all I need. Â

94. warm & fuzzy numbness. encompass my soul.

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8. If I could only keep one memory it would be you & I… the rest is arbitrary as long as there’s a vision of your eyes... your smile…

9. I speak freely about the way I teach,believe,trust and speak to those a part of a collective conscience my pandora’s box is that of love and misguided proof; truth. ...there is a reality...fiction...I can ruin that.

10 we all have our faith. which can be misconstrued as truth…through time    

11. If I could have one wish would be to live this life one million times I could fall in love & die with you each and every time Â

12. I want to see the solution to everything  but these days have rattled my brain  it’s hard to stay sane…in a spiritual sense  when morals drain…& like cattle some sift  but rifts,alarming as they may be,are gifts to be seen   like plots for a movie screen…or screams from an alley way myths display just how sin can have a hand to lay but beyond these conscience waves are our constant states of being…a system worth meeting (halfway) from my side of things…such is the analytical brain but my heart…well that may apply directly to what I’m saying a compass for a natural course laid.

13.   write as if you’ve lost everything. live as if there was nothing to lose. be true to truth follow the clues & use what dances inside of you.

14. I wanna breathe life into those eyes if you’ll lay truth into mine… say what’s on that delicate mind. like land mines I find each conversation is prompt to detonate to have you within reach is my only expectation…a final destination: if I may; I’m elated by these moral constraints that you’ve made me display for any other girl…it would’ve been just for a lay. like some whos words are just for the pay to afriad to let the pain come out and play where as fear is the heart of love & you my dear are the eye of this hurricane. I feel your waves from days away basking in the ambiance of these warm summer rays. I could write plays books & pull universes into two…if only you knew.

like a loose cannon I see the abandoned hope on this face every time I look to the deep blue wakes…it shakes my bones… I know I can do it alone… I just know it.    

15. losing myself in hopes I’m found again.  

16. she spoke on the gravity of all this. I told her she evoked a feeling of weightlessness‌ Â

17. without you by my side… this all feels like a waste of time. the miles: smiles. universal similies; are nothing but symmetry…a soliliquy in a manner of speaking. I wish to be the reason you smile….every morning,afternoon & night.  

18. strained eyes see the sight of angelic thighs this bed is heaven I’ve surmised.  

19. you to me are the personification of everything beautiful in which I truly need,happiness & a friend who sees things as I see.   

20. I told the woman I love how I feel… now,I sit here high in a field… dreaming in movie reels.  

21. distance is like suicide when I can feel your smile. Â

22. travel to paris with me,  darling. let’s show them all we have nothing left to lose. travel to Peru with me,  lover ...let me see this as truth. ruthless spirits my angel lost in heaven for the rest of our adult youth.                                                       

23. my past is a friendly ghost who asks for advice sometimes at night… when the mile high city burns purple & orange and the world tippy toes through the universe I learn how to be whole… in the quiet still of my home hmm a long time since that word’s been injected into a poem unknown reasons for this sudden change of heart & how the words come so slow…so dark. I think Im starting to understand this heart.    

24. the floor board is warmed with you in my arms. we could die right now & the world would know our story        

25. I wrote 1000 words for you on a napkin I threw away It has been strange to have never seen you since that very third day. her natural body oder drives me wild you could say I’m in denial I could also say Ive never closed these eyelids the ferris wheel that is my head seems so idle rusted over bolts unbridled  

26 run away with me to places you’ve never seen trust me,it’ll be hard but it will be exactly what you need. sleep with me as the earth orbits the sun & my eyes orbit your lungs as we breathe out symphonies. you mean the world to me & there are so many dimensions we’ve already found the love we need.    

27. as above so below. I love you more than you'll ever know. as is trust; such is gold. someone to hold ...someone to grow old with... a person who makes you whole. to be bold is to write love in the sky to be molded by the sun in her smile. sink with me, darling. let us sleep in

the horizon.… cast these dreams out to sea… for these are now open eyelids.  

28. People keep disappearing not that it hurts me it’s just weird. lesions keep appearing not that I’d intentionally hurt me things just get intense. she keeps texting me not that we’re in love we’re just seeing. but then you end up in random beds, on a uneventful Wednesday and life just makes that much more sense. and sometimes it’s just as innocent as it gets.

29. in the sun the sum of all fears die... in my eyes her love is all I desire. "you can do whatever you want too just as I can too" & the flowers blossomed bringing the bees back to life her love a flutter of scenes in my mind.    

30. she was a moving portrait of perfection... at least in my estimation.    

31. I don’t care about the world; I just want  your attention. I don’t care about other girls not in the way I dream about you. I don’t care about  money I only hope it leads to more truth.    

32. & when I turn 70 I'll look at you the same as  I always have.    

33. our days are numbered like these studies. thats why it’s imperative to find ‘a buddy’’s safer then going alone.    

34. soft white everything. sunlight sneaks through slits in the blinds & deep into crevices her eyes….my smile… birds foxtrot outside our window… singing & urging the world to wake up. not us, little birdies. we’re too far into our dreams to not touch.  

35. she could’ve been a model I should’ve been a doctor instead I write her poetry as she sleeps ever so softly    

36. I wish to see you every morning until I die… thats heaven in my mind.  

37. blowing smoke  as we juxtapose….coast to coast she wonders what I think of the world… I think of what else there is to wonder about her. pearls dance upon her  bare collar bones. often times,this more than anything defines the world.    

38.  for the rest of my life I have one desire & that alone is to see you smile.  

39  life is not hinged on another though kane is still measured up to his brother.   Caine?

40. she called to ask if I was ever coming back… I pulled the flask "my next check” I said with regret.  

41.  the girl with holographic skulls in her eyes led me down the road of life she said: "dont think twice"  

42. I’ll talk until my face turns blue as long as I dont lose you to those little blue pills too.  

43. I think you’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Like the manifestation of a dream a subject which would take reems of paper to encompass.  

44. her body oder got the best of me pheromones,ringing home a desire to breed & create clones…oh,no.    

45. I’m gonna have 50 books of poems in a few years filled with only words that are meant for us. Â

46. I remember having a desire to be seen that if everyone knew my name everything would be pristine. I then realized I wanted to be remembered and enjoy life & every fruit of each tree I was calm no worries rushed over me… I feel like I’ll see everything.  

47. stick to the side roads, honey. the best things are often the ones you shine  light into. don’t forget me, baby. Ive loved you for so long…  

48. she asked me to treat her like a dog the city was encased in fog I spoke to her as softly as I thought possible.    

49. see me as I see you in skewed colors & views. play your blues if you choose but never forget all I’ve never done for you. attached to a dream those feelings fade away when reality has its parts to play.  

50. the rain drops tripled in size nosed dived onto the window as I filled the room with smoke watching the world shake outside. had I never seen the signs the subtle thoughts in her eyes or was I too stoned to care probably a fair assumption….  

51.  I wanna be the reason you smile lying on the banks of barton springs. I want to be in denial that everything about you is just as perfect as it seems.  

52.  lying half naked on the couch drenched in the summer heat falling asleep to her heartbeat listening intently to the rhythm like it was the pace in which I breathe.  

53. I think this trip will say a lot maybe nothing at all but hell its worth a shot. fire water burns these questions… the lot wanders aimlessly into the burial plot the lay down to rot becomes a must I feel like it’s all I’ve got… so no reasons to rush. Lush with an unkempt attitude hushed with a head rush of aptitude gratitude… like splattered brains on a side walk a comment on how we love. these are my studies of "us" a brush with death a tussle with life.  

54. I’d fall in love with you if this was a dream Spend my whole waking life trying to meet In a lot of ways you embody what I speak  That perfect sliver of mind in which I sleep That perfect moment in time when I get to see you, how ever brief  Means everything. You are a cool drink on a warm summer’s day A hot fire on a long winters eve The only desire I have is to never miss a heart beat and write to you everyday…without remorse,without recourse & without retort…  my soul has waited an eternity.  

55. I wish to run away with you escape this astral plane exist as pure energy dancing throughout space I wish to know nothing but truth wake up next to you in a softly lit room brush the hair from your eyes & recite what my heart needs too. I hope to waste decades with you plant roots & seeds to cultivate this muse lose it all to the wind only to hear stories of its beauty. you’re the thought in which I reside overwhelming calm on a canvass of endless white I hope to see you later tonight but alas,I have a few miles left I must ride.  

56. you’re the poem of a city my darling, & a rainbow inside of this hurricane. for that, I am gratefully dedicated to the way things play I wish to know you,in time as for now you sleep silently; sweetly  in my mind’s eye. I reside in these snow covered mountains with a fountain of knowledge in boast but to really understand this love I have had to meditate alone… you’re the dream in which I reside.  

57. I’ve been high for a few weeks alone on the high-ways listening to myself breathe I think it was something you said once: "we’re all meant to be free"  

58. I cant wait to play with you get lost in the slums on dates with truth strung out from the drugs/the stories we run into as we hold hands the entire subway ride through & you can smell the rain as you snuggle up into these arms meant for you as I lay back through the tunnel dreaming up piles of sentences… so the rest of the world can remember this too. I write because I’m scared of letting go so many moments hold water & I feel like a ship wrecked submarine with enough life support to die in another thousand tomorrows    

59. I wanna listen to your heart beat have it knock against the temples of this head trace my finger down your left side slowly back up the right again inside,I run rugged like a war drum beat to all hell/burned by the sun the sum of all fears has my peers in review I never thought I’d love someone in the ways I love you.    

60. lucid dreams so bold as if I was talking directly to you but I wake up in the front room alone…as I often do.  

61. riot words ignite like a pilot light plight of the overworked/asleep the whole flight a desire to lie to (with) the only ones who love you a need to raise the words above in hopes it casts like the sun would endless funds would only lead to guns paranoia over the entire chess board/fuck her until she cums then in the morning we will write truth across the earth she’ll be draped in fine gowns & pearls/I’ll be half drunk still writing words in other worlds we’ve never left each others side the only reason I’m here is to make sure I love myself enough to love her…in the way she deserves to be lost in the fields of austin  

62. I have a knack for driving people away never really bringing them close either way its just one of those things. It doesn’t hurt all that much I can’t see into the future but with the way you treat people… you’ll see it even sooner. ruiner,a common name bequeathed to me I’d kill myself but that’d be so cliche…& far too easy I learned to appreciate every involuntary smile it shows that life has its symmetry a simile to the symphonies I breathe loving ones self is the most important need…

63. I wanted to hug her kiss her…tell her it was alright instead…the only warmth was computer light.  

64. I hope to see you some day a few years down the road after everything in this moment is broken & remolded maybe we can meet in an open house with a few sticks of furniture fake portraits of fires & composted families to give you the visions of a brave new world there we will talk about all that has been done how many miles have been traveled,how many hearts have been loved & as we sit indian style on a persian rug I will tell you since the moment I met you I knew you and I were one. I wish to be with you at all times but these uncertainties have allowed me to pretend to be blind every night when I close my mind the only thing I visualize is your smile…those glittering eyes… denial is a constant companion and it will be until I can hold your hand…speak to you the dreams I’ve lived the centuries I’d give to have just a days time span with nothing but you & the ocean…the mountains…the great wind you are my soulmate I just don’t know if this is the life WE live and to type those words sends shivers to my lips…a poet at a loss of wits…  

65. wandering philosopher with outdated concepts for this modern world like ‘try and be a good person’ & don’t always do what your told. If I was to fold,grow old regret the things I had never done then would I be any different then a child still born? a life unfulfilled is most certainly no life  at all. a stride given by the flow a check list of universal undertones a poem that I scribbled for you as I realized I was still so in love… meet me in mexico.  

66. I’ve been to a few cities & I must say your vibe is pretty. If you fall in love with a writer then you live forever in infamy intently I’d watch the sun-rise only to gobble the skyline up as smoke poured out of these humble lungs what luck it was to have such a love. but all things must end & what a beautiful perspective it is even as the lights flicker… and the record stops spinning.  

67. storms rolling in another night of just me  & a pen.   there was a story I wrote of a boy with no hope who lost his soul to the flow… broke out of that pen he was born in.   its the very same one I wake up every morning too ….cold floors and a miasma of smoke to boot.   in it there is a heroine some heroin and nights where we spared with the moon.   it felt so good to give in to be wrong to feel these guts get stabbed and punched …a feeling of life as my muse.   the give and the get is again the most damming part of it all… it’s the gloom and how it gets life is but a pursuit.

oh I fuck & I fight but I never fall all the while having two eyes burned out by the sun… being chastised for not wearing a suit to my own funeral. but I breathe fumes I breed truths   I fiend for nights where I’ll loose everything…just to see you. because you  are the endless white my mind wishes to reside in wants the moment this body dies….I’ll be so excited… to get lost in the thoughts of you.  

68. I realized today,that at some point I’ll realize I will have watched the world go by. and with fragile bones,poems  I will still write…for you. Truth is, when I’m toothless I’ll recite every line meant for you until we drown in the manuscripts… and books dedicated to truth a love-sick old man with the most beautiful habit of telling the world he inhabits exactly how it is.  

69. Â I wish I was a bit more elegant with this one.

70. disconnected from this body my mind is a kite soaring above the power lines lost to the night. I found myself in the canned food aisle the only desire I wanted to feel was: ” love “ but she was a few states away so I strolled,constructing this poem thinking about how strange this has all become. I spend most of these nights wide awake trying my very best to smoke this brain all up I read the poetry I write like I had a collapsed lung live the poetry that is life like it was the most beautiful song grown by the sun I’m hung up on the thoughts of US these studies and the red,white and blues I hum as the planes & trains bring me an inch  closer to youth….you are the song of this country,my love.  

71. I hope you’re as crazy as you claim to be I need a wildfire to keep up with me I have one desire and that is simply to be free. come meet me at the lip of the river share your smile,let me smell your sweet scent make me remember this moment  so I can live it again and again.   

72. she said she created me in a dream I said I created here threw several reams really it means just the same thing we’ve been manifesting each other since death  

73.  I felt like opening my heart she felt like opening her legs we dove into each others heads in the most literal sense  

74. dames get placed at the fore front of my brain it’s a blessing and a curse in many ways I’ll travel the states simply to say: “hey” make sure my memory is steadfast someday. but theres only a few instances that get to me like being in austin with a grip of weed down on sixth street always wandering…but never lost….a reoccurring theme. common beliefs lead to broken orbital bones why even look anymore when you can feel the world sort the source and reprogram it for what your worth Growing up in Ft.Worth I understood why the boneless scored and the heartfelt run worn more and more this juggling act of good & evil has bubbled over for both….leaving me torn rugged from the months before nuggets of home call me forth. north/west whichever suits me best. its hard not being a common muggle anymore    

75.  remaining patient can leave you a mental patient. I just wonder which way her eyes are facing.  

76.  there was a time in my life that I thought was poetic in retrospect it made me respect each & every debt  

77. she never used drugs like a tool as I did to escape she used them as a way to  soothe the pain I’ve always thrived on that the feelings of death that unmistakeable short breath the thoughts of never getting up again. I used to think junkies were glamorous then I spent a week on the floor of a hotel with no parameters to guide Thor’s hammer atop my brow… so I can bow out of this. I have done damage every muscle aches as I dance in this grave I dug myself in the midst of a trance. fancy that there were times where I would have given good money to feel the warmth of a baseball bat. traps laid set by the very man I wanted to see as myself. years later,

countless favors and burned down rolling papers I think I’m ready to return to this fable, a table with all the cards set down. she was left out of the rest of this I’m surprised she’s still alive and festering she needs the needle now like I need the sunlight… I stay awake,because Im ready to say goodbye.  

78. I write because I am alone I am a phone call away from 1000 homes why do I get comfortable and have an overwhelming desire to fly I’ve seen her eyes in my dreams in reality the only thing it means is she’s thought about me but I’d like to believe in the philosophy of attraction drastic measures breed sadistic pleasures and I’ve been a house guest and a lover.   Feels like this one is missing a beat at the end. A final line perhaps?

79. almost morning I’m awoken by the golden furnishings worshiping the grout, my bath water splashes upon…prisms in the midst of steam, I mourn for GOD. reflections turn to stories I wanted to live to see forty but after all these 40s it seems like I may not be worthy. I used to be afraid of my dreams the manifestations I was courting then I saw my tribe of many colors  & how bad they were hurting… no more,no more my brothers & sisters will not feel the storms of the shrill sirens who come without warning by morning…the fog will have rolled in off the bay and the whole city will be laid to waste I draw maps along the curves of her waist breakfast is the new heroin  & she’s always been the heroine of my play…  

80. reoccurring themes like LOVE &  poetry. Planes full of teens hoping to fulfill their dreams while us crazy writers are dreaming up reams wishing to escape from this sobering reality praying the plane doesn’t crash so the last thing I hear wont be a dance team’s screams. Robert Frost &  Tycho how wonderful the 21st century can be. oh but the turbulence brings me back to this  pressurized cabin an hour away from my precious cabin where my world sleeps. Ill meet you at the highest point of Athens,Country.    

81.  the moment I met you I understood all those "alanis morrissette songs" all at once. the moment I felt true I understood everything I could ever want.  

82. six senses splintered/snot nosed-to dentures: an adventure of the mind…L I F E (a game of RISK) as the sun loves the moon…I loved her in a space where there’s no space & time….no other options exists to this third eye. I used to think she was blind to the countless lines I would write then I saw her eyes at the highest point of the country & it gave me the courage to fly by night. her soul is a gift of sight for an unguided hand who needs a muse to write. I find my mind is a labyrinth in the center a life with a wife & child…but as stubborn as I am… It’s you or no one…a wager on strife/ ( a bullet to the head of multidimensional fantasies) a bell to the light & an undertone that causes tears to each “I” or “you”…but mostly “we’s”…but who am I to write these letters to you? I guess these studies will get the best of me afterall…    

83. I woke up today on the floor the sun flooding the room like the first time I saw you I had no desire to run...for once. I *laid there motionless focused on manifesting a life of truth but sewer gators have dreams too… even if just for a night, I’ve been dying to write something that to me would be undying  truth because I search desperately  for the meaning to these lines too. these studies hint to the years to come the year of the michael jordan is almost done …and I still have a few retirements to go through.   **edited from, I dreamed of laying there motionless *** cut the red **** last lines are cool, but rang out in a different pitch than the rest. Wanna rework this one a lil bit?

84. your memories are epiphanies for any number of these studies  …I only manifest more  

19. I would write better if the weather wasn’t warm & there wasn’t love in my soul. I could turn down any road and face it with a smile & a hug such a child in love. I never speak words because actions move the earth. I only write blurbs in hopes it sparks a thirst. They quench mine keeping my soul perched/ purged of words not meant for purchase. I wish to gain focus re light the fire that sent me on this open road…so alone…but so hopeful. that her opal eyes will see the diamonds in mine and the shine of the sun will be eclipsed by the moon…and night will be but a poem…  

**gonna cut this one.

85.  I need an island so I can sleep on the beach and paint portraits of the forest and the mountain to which all paths lead. on my side a beautiful bride sun-kissed skin,hair UV-ray bleached. and when the moon reaches its peak I will look at my sweet, slowly recite every poem she drew from my make believe then sleep in the sand with these stars as a sheet this is where my soul breathes a thousand miles away from the closest anything.  

86. this cadaver is reminiscent of rational thought blotter acid taught me a lot but it never helped me find trust. scarred up,lethargic artist with no supplies except a mind & a scale to help with purchases. LOST & I use this term with endearment in a 21st century quest of fearlessness. & her breath reeks of spearmint in a minute I might regale her with a tale of past violence but instead I whisper goodnight to a pair of delicately tucked in eyelids similes bring smiles where as these similarities breed vile truths…like she’s the one for you. good god, what if its

true. Would it replace the memories of airplanes & bus fare working odd jobs just for food. the miles I traveled with rocks digging into each foot. could this be the out from the fire of that car we watched burn as we sat around the camp site reminiscing of gettysberg. each poem I write is a titanic to your iceberg. you are but sandscript… somthing I could only dream of being able to translate… or write word for word pearl.   **Love this one. Love the mention of Pearl. Giving the girl a name, will draw everybody into this more. That a possibility?

87.  distance means nothing because you mean everything. you are the sun to my moon which is why my desires are only to rise & fall with you.  


the city hangs like stalagmites as I look into her eyes.  “take a walk in my shoes,  then you’ll see why it is I cry..”  I lie motionless  lying the entire time…  “…life gets easier…  with time…”  her breasts hung delicate  as she stared out & into the rainy burrough… “maybe…maybe I’ll just…  die.”  the lines of cocaine  were the only thing between our naked  & sweating bodies…  “well then I’d be the one crying”  she smiled,  laying right back into my hands  “but then you’ll leave me…  …everyone has”  …& I said  nothing.  & never  turned back.    

89. baby,  you’re all I can dream about. I just wanna bottle you up & chug.  

15. thought about her wrote this found out love stories only exists in theory….in theory Ive never loved someone like her.   

** suggested cut

90. I had heard laughter like this before not in a long time but it struck a chord like a sword would strike a throat I slowly rose from my grave to see blessings bestowed warm hollow light skipping upon the road through out the trees which shook with ghosts from the breeze which led me to sleep near a babbling brook where animals would drink. I could feel my soul sinking into the moment of which I’m speaking it could have been anywhere…on any day but the moon was in leo retrograde…& my soul had sun rays. her face was in the foliage her tears were in the waves her smile was on the snow covered mountains the reflection brought heat waves this valley was no destination rather a place you discovered while being lost in the slow lane.   * maybe not hollow

91. people keep saying: “you’ve got a thing for words” truth is,I’ve got a thing for girls swirls of marijuana smoke & stars hung above skyscrapers like Audrey Hepburn’s pearls. people think I’ve got a ring for her truth is I’ve got rings around the world intellectual sparring matches like I was never absent from an arsenal of words. fine furs & california king size pillows where she twirls my beard hair in her fingers all profits go directly to the chopping board so from the king to the pawns we break bread ‘til we’re scholars.  

92.  I saw the most beautiful woman turn into the devil and weep silently at the foot of my bed. I asked her what went on in that head she looked at me and said: "I wish to know myself"  

93. the girl with deer hooves wept silently at the lip of the creek…for weeks she could be heard. I finally returned from a semester abroad I asked her why her heart hurt so much she smiled… “I’ve never seen the dark… let alone GOD”    

10. I see the great squid in my dreams it dances beneath frantic waves my vessel tries to lay waste to. I show my face to the moon the tides:methodical the whole setting is blue… love,is in bloom,beaut. I feel like Ive been waiting for you since kindergarden when I first understood what actions could prove. so I’ve taken my time manifesting an opus with tones & colors only meant for you. and if I had a hand full of teeth with bloodshot eyes from the depths I’ve reached then I’d thank you for the lessons I’ve seen. I hope you’d slay me for the damage Ive reeked for the things you couldn't dream & the things I’ll never speak I am such a weak man sometimes,love. but from the view above the cosmos and the settling dirt on this coffin I will be a prop in the play you call

life…or a main character…which ever you desire. for my chapters are one continuous book where at times you embody the muse lose…win…its all the same in the end…not really to much to prove I’m just as human as you. so follow me to places out of view to understand our roots & people’s instinctive travels & routes. our tribe of many colors will keep us youthful even if its all we have left to lose.

**suggested cut

9.  I saw a mermaid in the clouds I said to myself this is the here & now I must go to the place where I was found.   **suggested cut

94. if I could write a moment to you this would be it all of my heart at the tip of this pen. I’ve looked for you since inception I see everything I love about the world in your smile. I was like a child delicate & forgotten inept in winters grip your moon rays warmed my skin. If everything had finished in that instant your presence cemented  on my very existence. in the rawest…thoughtlessness I’ve proceeded on since then…guided only by the spirit & the wind. These sentences mean everything it is me in my natural state. so please forgive me for the way my voice shakes

I am a simple man Im reminded of that day to day. in the strangest of ways it tames me even through this lion mane there is little shame babe. I pray your soul hears what mine is saying because my days are numbered here in the states & you not coming‌ would be my only mistake. so Ill wait patience is the virtue I claim. & life without you just wouldn't be the same Â

7. my soul mate lives in a different state & we’re both ok with the state of things because it has to be this way. lately,Ive been feeling strange like what I ate didn't sit well & that private hells were a thing for lesser brains. I have to tame this lion heart which feels desperate from the sever but clever me my thoughts chain me to these streets & out here,we ride & eat speak slowly & never cheat on the provisions given so abundantly.  

**suggested cut

95. a girl told me she gave up on her dreams I asked her what she meant I could never dream of such a thing. she said she was spent she had never dreamed this was how life would be. I can still smell her scent like the rain water of yesterday that dull look in her soulless eyes such sadness. I smile as the troops left looted in her pillages & raids just continue to do the same… & I’m just waiting on my goddess to remember my name.   **a reference to any other sense would be more powerful here. ++feel her scent ++I still carry her scent ++taste her scent ++etc.

96.  losing my mind for a myriad of reasons I continue to write through all the seasons lesions appear when I clear my throat float on your endless campaign of hope.  

97. Â your lips sink ships every delicate whisper so crisp like brisk winter winds morning light overwhelms the limbs which blur in such a beautiful way it singes.

98. I’m just gonna write until you love me or until the sun & moonbeams become one thing. I’m just gonna die if the love dreams and these reams of paper never encompass what I need them to be.  

2. run away with me to places you’ve never seen trust me,it’ll be hard but it will be exactly what you need. sleep with me as the earth orbits the sun & my eyes orbit your lungs as we breathe out symphonies. you mean the world to me & THERE ARE SO MANY DIMENSIONS we’ve already found the love we need.  

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99. be still my lover & just hover with me. under these covers is where we can be free.  & like roots, we’ll sprout & we can cultivate a tree…  atop it we can sleep… in peace for all eternity.

100.  I go to seek a great perhaps but poetry is dead so I dance until I collapse.  

09 studies  
09 studies