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BUCKETS Magazine is... The local expert on timber despite never studying carpentry. The 94 feet between grate and great. The A-grade on the Dunkistry exam. The model Kicksology student. The relentless optimism of next. The belief that office workers should always clock in for 48 minutes. The annual report where net prophets are calculated. The signature found on one's sole. The nickname which says it all. The Franchise that ego built. The prays to messiah's named Michael and Magic. The crush on celebrity. The great distances travelled up to ten feet. The empty gym that's never lonely. The dream of being hung from the rafters. The 10,000 interpretations of one language. The towel where sweat and tears share their stories. The kid capable of carrying an entire state. The agent of change. The $80,000,000 responsibility. The exploits of five artists sharing a singular brush... The conclusion that all this serves as motivation for this kind of publication to exist.