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Miss Predictable Kelly Ethan

Paranormal Heat Rating: 4

What’s the next step when a girl is forced to tell the truth and deal with crazy Greek gods? Have mind-blowing sex with a hunky god, of course. Cassandra Troy comes from a long line of fortune-tellers and her mother is no exception. But having sworn off the business when her mother goes missing, Cassandra’s not impressed. She has to track her mother down before the family business drives her round the bend. But with strange accidents, an inability to tell a lie, a hunky hotel manager named Hermes and a host of people who swear they’re gods of mythology, the task might be harder than she thought. It’s time for a girl to lay down the law. Review: Weird things have been happening to Cassandra, starting with an aggressive black cloud that has been following her as she searches for her missing mother. Her search takes her to a luxury hotel run by a sexy man named Hermes. Thrown into a world that she never knew existed, Cassandra learns that she isn’t the ordinary woman she thought she was. A highly entertaining read, Cassandra is a very relatable character, and who doesn’t love a sexy man. Reviewed by Brittany Hale

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