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P&D Network and Sustainability New Year Reception Pension & Development Network January 26, 2011

P&D Network and Sustainability

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What is sustainability P&D Network and sustainability P&DN strategy Recommendations as result of paper

1. What is sustainability? Brundtlandt People Planet Profit

Corporate Social Responsibility

Five capitals model

The natural step model

If something is sustainable, it means we can go on doing it indefinitely. If it isn't, we can't. Jonathon Porritt

2. P&D Network and sustainability Five poverty dimensions 1.Economic (consumption, income, assets) 2. Protective (security vulnerability) 3.Political (rights, influence, freedom) 4.Socio-cultural (status, dignity) 5.Human (health, education, nutrition)

Outcomes in terms of capabilities stakeholders

Economic Short term

Institutions (NGO, Bank, MFI) Pension payers family and next generation Dutch pension organisations

Long term

Human Short term

Long term

Political Short term

Long term

Social Cultural Short term

Long term

Protective Security Short term

Long term

3. Strategy of P&D Network 1) Concept development concept micropensions, seminars, artikles, feasibility & impact studies 2) Programme development 1 million people access to micropensioen. Another million awareness raising. 2) Network development Expand partnerships in Netherlands.

4. Recommendations to P&D Network  Get clarity in the societal case….  Make business case stronger  CSR, relation to sustainability  Export Dutch pension knowledge (key area innovation platform)  Capacity building pension in emerging economies.

Presentation: P&D Network and sustainability  

Powerpoint presentation regarding the level of sustainability of the P&D Network

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