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BSN Becomes Founding School for New Environmental Award The British School in The Netherlands’ (BSN) Senior School has over 45 active student members in its ‘Ecological (ECO) Committee’ and they generate numerous proactive ideas to address various challenges within the context of the school’s resources and environment. The ECO Committee has implemented numerous worthwhile projects including the implementation of an eco-garden and an allotment, plastic waste and recycling initiatives, and an energy conservation programme. In October 2015, a volunteer parent, Chris Hart, engaged with students in the ECO Committee to advise the group and school on how new opportunities were identified, practical problem-solving techniques, implementation of long term solutions, and most importantly, how to celebrate success through student-lead initiatives. Mr Hart has two children that attend the BSN so it was easy for him to facilitate and support taking the school to the next level of environmental awareness, whilst developing


Insight Summer 2016  
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