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1930s: HOW IT ALL BEGAN A handful of students

1940s: A SECO 0 - 26 students

1931 The school was founded in 1931 by Gwen Brunton-Jones, a New Zealander living in The Hague. It was initially a kindergarten for the children of English-speaking diplomats and businessmen but soon other nationalities started to join.

1939 By 1939 it was clear that the school was under threat as the war took hold and many families left.


1940 1935 The numbers grew and it was formalised with a committee, a treasurer and the backing of the British and American ambassadors. It was named The English School at The Hague.

In May 1940, with the invasion of the Netherlands, the school ceased to exist.

Van Diepenburchstraat 1, The Dutch school where we started in two rented rooms.

The last pre-war photo, proba the left is Margaret Davies, th

Early in 1932. The little dark-haired girl third from the left is Clare Macgillivray, the daughter of the Canadian Government Commissioner.

A cultural celebration; student national dress.