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st. paul paint investigation of paint color on both sides of st. paul street in baltimore in relation to census data

hand washing a practical how-to guide

mica sticker design contest 2008 contest coordination and design of posters, flyers, and entry forms

everything was closed at coney island series of photos taken at coney island

the stale taste of recycled air oil paint color study of riding in an airplane

johns hopkins holiday card design for johns hopkins institute of policy studies

mica t-shirt design contest 2008 contest coordination and design of posters, flyers, and entry forms

investigation of whites painting I final project

i don’t believe in coincidences series of photos taken in traverse city, michigan

i don’t believe in coincidences series of photos taken in traverse city, michigan

state leadership conference design of student padfolios for michigan association of honor societies and student councils 2008 state leadership conference

brain shopping poster design for ellen lupton’s “brain shopping: 40 tips and tricks for getting in the mood to get ideas”


a neighborhood called baltimore creation of community arts program aiming to blur the boundaries of baltimore neighborhoods

things have to fall apart before they can get better installation using detroit news papers from former mayor kwame kilpatrick’s text message scandal and yellow helvetica vinyl stickers

mica gd mfa poster design for mica’s graphic design mfa program

glass half full product and package design playing on the classic “glass half empty or half full?� dilemma

studio baltimore planning and implementation of three part art & design think tank for mica students

mica reaccreditation poster design for visit of reaccreditation team

ballots republican and democrat voting ballots with hand embroidered quotes

connect a concept magazine about connecting the dots

i don’t believe in coincidences series of photos taken in traverse city, michigan

mica raw art sale event coordination and advertising campaign

reflection room poster design for mica’s new reflection room

paper source poster design for trip to paper source constructed from scrap strips of patterened paper

maryland office of film identity system with interchangeable logos

vacancy concrete cast with plywood form

connect wall relief constructed of pvc pipes and wooden dowels

new york times illustration in response to editorial: “coming to a plate near you� about genetically modified animals


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Collect all 30! This is one of 30 brochures being exhibited in and around Baltimore for one week in May 2009. Each brochure examines an institution, social policy, or physical object that is in one way or another complicit in the spacial segregation of Baltimore’s residents along race, class, or age lines. This map shows the locations of all 30 brochures, each located in a place relevant to the institution, social policy, or physical object depicted. For more information, please visit:

Arsenal of Exclusion 1 Anti-Annexation (Anneslie Shopping Center) 2 Blockbusting (Edmondson and N. Rosedale) 3 Business Improvement District (S. Charles and E. Pratt) 4 Campus Shuttle (Towson Town Center Shuttle Stop) 5 Classical Music (The Avenue at Whitemarsh) 6 Concierge (700 Aliceanna Street) 7 Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (St. Paul and Stratford) 8 Displacement (Washington and S. Poppleton) 9 Exclusionary Amenity (E. Cross and Key Highway) 10 Gated Community (Reisterstown and Grey Rock, Pikesville)

11 Guidebook (Barnes & Noble in Power Plant) 12 Historic Preservation (Eastern and S. Broadway) 13 Homeowner’s Association Roland and Deepdene 14 Interrupted Street (35th and Greenmount) 15 Live Entertainment Bill (N. Charles and E. Lafayette) 16 Minimum Lot Size/House Size/House Price 17 Mortgage Insurance (N. Chester and E Preston) 18 Neighborhood Association (N. Fulton and Riggs) 19 No Loitering Sign (Park and Dolphin Lane) 20 No Skateboarding (Mt. Royal and Cathedral)

21 No-Cruising Zone (Lexington Market) 22 One-way Street (Underhill and Greenmount) 23 Public Housing (Druid Hill and Dolphin) 24 Racial Zoning (Eutaw and McMechen) 25 Regional Contribution Agreement 26 Residential Parking Permit (Edmondson and Arlington) 27 Riot (Pennsylvania and McMechen) 28 Skyway (South and E. Pratt) 29 Streetlight (Key Highway and Battery) 30 Urban Renewal (Exeter Hall and Mathews)

arsenal of exclusion map designed for a class exhibition around baltimore about the idea of an “open city” to be shown at the international architecture biennial in rotterdam

self portrait graphite on tracing paper with helvetica, garamond, and handwritten layer

open/closed aluminum and vinyl open and closed signs placed around baltimore to examine commercial spaces that de facto include or exclude certain groups


compilation of work from my first two years at mica

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