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Class List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

DUKE, Peter N EL ARABY, Ibrahim EL MENAGHM, Lina EL SAMIN, Yassein GADIN (HASSAN), Mohamed 6. HAMISA, Yasmine 7. HUSSEIN (FARAJ), Retaj 8. HUSSEIN, Mohamed 9. MABROUK, Youssef 10. MAREI (AHMED), Ahmed 11. NASSAR, Ahmed 12. TAWFIK, Abdul Rahman 13. WESEYA, Dana 14. YASSIN, Menatallah

Staff Mr Stevie Abbott Ms Shaymaa Abd El Fattah

Year 7 Red

hts g i l h Hig bs to further their l tour to the Catacom ica tor his a to d ate e to Year 7 Red were tre in Alexandria to be abl really fortunate to live It’s rk. wo of it un l mp y and Po ey’s Roman historica such as the Odium Tin nce ica nif sig al ric to his of visit real monuments rrefour. This has Pillar. d shopping habits in Ca un aro ed bas iry qu en ! pleted an Humanities and in life raphy the students com ss to the next step in gre Furthermore, in Geog pro to le ab be to lls unding in fieldwork ski given them a great gro

Class List

1. ABDEL AZIZ (HUSSEIN), Mohamed 2. ABDOU, Nour El-Din 3. ANDREU AUBARELL, Ares 4. ASHMAWY, Zakaria 5. EL CHIWY, Hamza 6. EL MENSHAWY, Mohamed 7. FARES, Marina 8. FOUAD (MOHAMED), Ziad 9. MOHAMED (IBRAHIM), Habiba 10. MUSBAH (ALI), Abdallah 11. NASSAR, Judy 12. SAMAHA (WALID), Yassin 13. SCHITO, Ilyas 14. SOLIMAN, Hosn

Staff Ms Mala Nagulendran Ms Gehad Abdelreheem

Year 8 Blue

ts h g i hl g i H

to organize. t the school was happy tha s trip and nts eve e year, full of fun Year 8 had an incredibl e in the School d as their representativ Zia ate ss-m cla ed vot the Year 8’s had In only the first week, Council.

trip outstanding overnight and Year 8 went on an 7 ar Ye th bo r, yea tt, of the h Mr. Abbo and At only the beginning measure the beach, wit to ys wa the ut abo y learnt loads to Iberotel, where the h Mr. Germain. about sea creatures, wit Power Points dor X-Factor inspired Tu s ou nd me tre ir the lots of merit with rning, with Mr. Morris. The class also received in History Coffee mo and l oo sch ole wh front of the that they presented in had a Computing one, to prepare. They also had y the ng rni Mo ly Coffee a magnificent Math History was not the on coding and binary, and ut abo s ent par ght where they tau with Ms. Nagulendran, and Mr. Ali. one, with Ms. Bhayat lloween, Christmas and l events, such as the Ha hoo -sc ole wh ul erf nd wo gland, where some Year 8 enjoyed all of the e the terrific trip to En lik es, on t an ort imp ver. well as more prize for best kart-dri Valentines Discos, as le, they gave Hamza the mp exa r Fo . ies ivit act of them did fabulous fun the class! Formula One pilot in There might be a future 2-toilet-stops s time 1-McDonald’s and thi , one ght They boiled under rni ove r was anothe ramid or the Giza ones. Py ara Sah the The last trip they had like ge, herita ir exhilarating Egyptian eat Pyramid… away. Year 8 visited the t Abdullah inside the Gr los and , ow Sh ht Lig the Saharan sun, went to nk Ms. N for being the and fun events. We tha s trip rific ter h wit e, an astonishing on Over all, this year was is! rell awesomest tutor there Ares Andreu Auba

Y8 Blue

Class List

1. ANISS, Wessam 2. DARRAT, Shahed 3. EL HADDAR, Mohamed 4. EL MAGHAWRY, Karim 5. EL MAGHRABY, Omar 6. EL SAADANY, Ahmed 7. HABIB, Adham 8. HUSSEIN (FARAJ), Eman 9. NOUR EL-DIN, Farida 10. OMAR, Mahinour 11. OSMAN (OSMAN), Farah 12. SAMAHA, Yehia 13. TORKY, Omar 14. ZAKI, Maya

Staff Mr Junaid Rawoot Ms Nadeen Melouk Ms Nada Aly

Year 8 Red

ts h g i hl g i H

t of so many opportunity to be a par the d ha e W ar! ye ing really excit year was to the This has been another e of the first trips of the On es. on new ce en eri e. We had different events and exp d our beautiful coast lin hin be y ph gra geo the learnt about . We had another North Coast where we each other and teachers th wi ps shi on ati rel onger d. On that day, the so much fun building str Rosetta Stone in Rashi the g itin vis ed lud inc ne that held the key to amazing trip which about the fascinating sto ng rni lea ed joy en lly But we rea weather was terrible! roglyphics. understanding the hie the 30th Anniversary the International Day, as h suc r, yea the in ughly enjoyed events occurred later ia Stadium. We thoro dr xan Ale e Several whole school th at y Da st, Sports and finally but not lea a lot, ate a lot and we Football Competition lot, danced a lot, ran at d rne lea we , nts ool eve taking part in these sch even got a tan! ever remember! We trip. A trip we will for on nd Lo the s wa ar s ye ssauds and the The biggest highlight thi Dungeons, Madame Tu on nd Lo the m, diu e, Wembley Sta Packed full of visited the London Ey ute of it. What a year! min ry eve ed lov we t s hectic bu Sea Life Centre. It wa adventure. learning, excitement and

Year 9 Blue Class List 1. ABDEL AZIZ (IBRAHIM), Judy 2. ANANI, Abdel Rahman 3. EL KERM, Karim 4. EL MENSHAWY, Omar 5. HAMED (MOHAMED), Kareem 6. HASSOUNA, Youssef 7. ISMAIL, Nour El-Hoda 8. OSMAN (OSMAN), Dina 9. SAHAGIAN, Kevin 10. URSO, Sara

Staff Ms Elizabeth Hamblin Ms Teresa Attia

hts g i t one, but two l h in size by welcoming no wn gro ve ha e g W e. blu i s nderful for Year 9 H fantastic events of thi 2014-2015 has been wo e shared many of the hav and 9B of rt pa ch the y mu

and now ver tion of “Montana Jones new Kareems who are r with our tutor produc yea the off vin’s ked Ke d kic e an W ing talents academic year with us. us to show off our act for y nit rtu ir po op at gre ”. It was a Mr Morris to fulfill the Gymnasium of Doom rmain, Mr Schito and Ge Mr ng wi allo as ll the lighting, as we technical expertise on sses on stage! a passion for us, dreams of dancing in dre of Year 9. Football is s ent em iev ach g rtin spo tball and friends; a for us as has been the lliant day with fun, foo bri a s wa It One of the highlights r. yea s Both the boys’ ament thi House Football Tourn er school competitions. int the at the d gh ye ou pla thr dis s ted wa lec as r been further ref the bar high for next yea Our football success has xandria. We have set Ale in ls oo perfect combination! sch er oth the ed playing and taking on and girls’ teams have lov eaks! str g nin maintaining our win d many of us going and have every hope of for the debating trip an rain Bah to ing go us of nity to ar 9, with some giving us the opportu s been a feature of Ye to new experiences and us ing International travel ha pos ex ht hlig l hig The UK trip was a rea to the UK trip as well. ll last a life time. at the start of the year make memories that wi ns. We did an assembly ize cit bal glo ter bet e ss Hamblin said and becom help others this year unethical businesses. Mi to of n act kee n imp bee the e and hav e ts W fair trade produc of us volunteered and importance of buying ! Later in the year five eer car ng raising awareness of the chi tea her in all of rs and their disabled proud of a tutor group help the single mothe d an en ildr ch the h she had never been so ge to play wit day. It was a real privile helped at the Bambi fun t year is a ences and we hope nex children. eri exp ng azi am of r yea r r has been yet anothe blue agree that this yea Overall, all of Year 9 en. great this one has be

Year 9 Red Class List 1. 2. 3. 4.

ABOU REFAI, Mohamed BADR, Youssef BITAR, Nadia DAVIDSON-SEWELL, Andrew J 5. EL SAYED, Mariam 6. KHATIB, Mona 7. MAHER (DIAB), Youssef 8. OBEID, Mohamed 9. OSMAN (OSMAN), Donia 10. RADY, Ahmed

Staff Mr Arnaud Germain Mr Haytham El Tonsy Ms Nada Oshalla

on i t c du o r P

he Tragic together as a class. “T ion uct od pr t las ir the t on e. It is a hilarious the Year 9 students pu evening for the last tim On 11th March 2015, the in ts en par the to s. r” was presented artans and the Trojan Tales of the Trojan Wa rivalry between the Sp the of ry sto t hate each the ls tha s tel nightclub oy”, which ’, and ‘Club Troy’ are rta parody of “Helen of Tr Spa e ‘Th , ies arm Zeus along with Instead of warriors and Apollo, Poseidon and ra, He na, he However, with a twist. At e. lov . nceal their appearances from Mr lovers who need to co eat War. With surprise Gr the other, except for two to up g din ir lea ry on the role as they tell the sto out of their seats and tes, the audience was other gods play a large ret me Ho the both and n r ee ak betw Ms. Terry as Home hments during the bre res ref d de Schito, Ms. Hamblin and ovi pr l oo ends of Sch . We would just like to t that’s not all; the Fri present it professionally us d feet dancing along. Bu lpe he re, mo d an ts ps, Mr. Ford for s, makeup, sound effec building most of our pro for sa ere Th . productions. Costume Ms , ing with the act cial and unforgettable. of his help and advice final performance spe r ou g kin thank Mr. Larter for all ma for e nc audie and finally our amazing the help with the music

Year 10 Class List 1. ABOUL SAAD, Abd E 2. ANIS, Hussein 3. DOWIDAR-JACKSON, Felix 4. FOUAD (AMR), Lina 5. NASIR ULAH, Menatulah 6. SALAH EL DIN, Farida 7. SAMAHA, Youssef 8. WESEYA, Hend 9. ABDEL AZIZ, Rodayna 10. ABO GABL, Mohamed 11. ALI (FARHAT), M Sheharyar 12. DESSOUKY, Hanna 13. EL KAFRAWI, Yehia 14. EL RAYESS, Seif 15. KOPTAN (MAHMOUD), Hana 16. MOUSELHY, Youssef 17. POOLE, Anastasia 18. SAMAHA (WALID), Rina

Staff Ms Zakera Bhayat Mr Nicholas Rudd

rk E o W

ce n e i r xpe been challenged al year at school, having on ati pir ins and g itin has mendously exc ivities. The year group Year 10 has had a tre and extra-curricular act es urs co n tio ted ina efit am of ex challenges and have ben by both the beginning able to deal with these be to ers rity tu ma ng wi l, as well as with teach demonstrated a gro le outside of the schoo op pe h wit rk wo to ility from the increased ab with every s a success all round, wa and their peers. is Th ce. ien per ex recent week of work le week for all r group has been the t only was it an enjoyab No nt. me ce pla The highlight for the yea of the Hilton n choice of placements included school well at their ow ge the ran ing e ent Th . res red rep tte nt stude ld not have been be xandria. The rning experience, it cou at the University of Ale te titu Ins h arc se concerned but as a lea Re al y await them d the Medic a glimpse into what ma ds, the Bibliotheca an had nal ve Do ha Mc ts , ain den ch stu tel Ho experience and the deal of effort into the employers put a great ing l journey finishes. dership in school by act after their educationa of responsibility and lea el lev ed on ten s igh ive he tat ir sen the nts and as school repre have also demonstrated d School sporting eve The Year 10 students an e us Ho oughout the y, thr Da s al hip ion ir close friends during Internat s the d del ue mo tin le con ro t ve len ha d cel as ex the Nile Cruise an ently, they all enjoyed this success. the UK trip. More rec and the continuation of 11 ar Ye to rd wa for year. Let’s look

Year 11 Class List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

ABOUD, Amir DESSOUKY, Farha EL DAMATY, Saad EL HADDAR, Halima EL MAGHAWRY, Ahmed EL TAYEBY, Bilal EL TAYEBY, Nour MANSOUR, Khadiga SAAD (MAHMOUD), Youssef 10. TAHIO, Fouad 11. WARDA, Jaylan

Staff Mr Auday Ali

ise u r C Nile 11 group of Nile Cruise. The Year the in ir the n bee s ha e. ght of Year 11 the famous Nile Cruis The most recent highli re in Year 9 to go on we ey th en wh m fro tly students waited patien visit and aim of the trip was to e Th tt. bo Ab . Mr d an d by Mrs. Jackson nity for them to The trip was organise Egypt. It was an opportu nt cie an of y tor his lorful learn the varied and co of a lifetime. trip a on ous ‘Nile’ enjoy each other tertainment with the fam en of s bit tra ex ny 11 students led ma ability to play basic ns and tours, the Year skills in song writing and eir Th e. uis Cr the Along with the excursio on students and performed by the song that was created and clapping. sin nderful night of ging wo a for de ma nts d every student. instrume the potential of each an wn sho e hav t tha r ghout the yea other highlights throu There have been many

Sixth Form Class List Year 12 1. ABDALLA, Menat-Allah 2. ABDEL AZIZ, Ahmed 3. ABOUD, Germaine 4. EL CHIWY, Abdel-Moneim 5. GHALY, Karma 6. HELMY, Salma 7. ISHAG, Isshag 8. KHATIB, Joanna 9. NANIS, Orfeas 10. SABET, Ahmed 11. SID AHMED (MOUSTAFA), Nidya 12. URSO, Youssef 13. ZAKI, Mariam

Year 13 1. ALI (FARHAT), M Umar 2. BADR, Omar

Staff Ms Nichelle Jackson Mr Niall Morris


ear y t grea cademic an academic and non-a th bo m fro ul ssf cce s been very su Lower School This academic year ha was the success of the ar ye the of t gh hli hig dents build perspective. The first ned to help primary stu sig de s wa ct oje pr is veloped the p. Th learning support grou successful and also de ry ve s wa It . age gu lan glish confidence with the En leaders. skills of our language being , the highlights of these its vis al on ati uc ed s attended variou . Both of these Year 12 students also uncil summit in Cairo co nt de stu e th d an p lp them in the the Bahrain debating tri perience which will he ex of ce experience of an nd abu an with ing students firsthand giv le, ab alu inv provided the students re we ain and the Nile cruise future. The trips to Sp tries. of the respective coun cultural backgrounds e our Year 13 obal UK visit. This gav Gl s wa r yea e th of ts dents perspective. significant aspec m an international stu fro ts en Lastly one of the most tem sta l na hallah Sixth how to write perso AS, results pending. Ins UC m fro s ce pla students a full brief on d ere students have been off cellent. The result being both re their results are ex su en to d har rk wo to e Form students continu

Activities and School Trips

El A

la m ei n 25


C o ct m ob e

Councillors ool choir and Student sch the m fro en ildr dit to their tober 2014, ch r students were a cre Ou ce. On Saturday 25th Oc rvi Se on ati or thanks to the mein Commem y well indeed and also ver oir took part in the El Ala ch the g sin ear school and by the Tunks for reh so the support for the school. Thanks to Ms ed end att also ts en . Many par teachers who attended Jarmin with thank you. s; em El Alamein by John po the school was tremendou d rea im ne Mo t Ambassadors Head Boy nor and many differen ver Go Head Girl Germaine and the ing lud inc e nc very distinguished audie great confidence to a d other countries. an alth we from Common ĂŠs ach att ce r memorial on fen de and Moneim laid on the wa and e ain rm Ge ich h wh orts with the dents in making a wreat atib Year 12 for her eff Kh a nn Joa to d an rd Ms Lord organised stu Lo a special thank you Ms behalf of the school. So making of the wreath. jesty's Consul in Simon Brand, Her Ma pta Ca n, sso Ca n Joh . itish Ambassador Mr ol, Alexandria choir The photo below: Br ers of The British Scho mb Me d an ck Alo line General Ms Caro



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or at io n

H a 30 llo O we ct ob er en 20 1

y s, zombies and spook parade of ghosts, pirate a th wi s ces suc at ou gre was a ir spunky tfits. In Pre-Prep, Halloween children showed off the the and e rad pa ual stared with the ann pieces, everyone made dead brides. The day y creative homemade ver e som ing lud inc ge to be seen There was a wide ran rs prepared some a great effort. Wilson where teache and Ela l ou Ab of s sse ceeded to visit the cla pencils, while Mr. Khalid The children then pro joyed making ghost on en y the y aw Eis El s ss ivities. With Mr e against time with Mi spooky Halloween act the spider’s web in a rac ter en to d ha ey Th potions. the hard court!! brewed up some magic ates could be heard in mm tea for s eer ch the usly. Thank you to the Esraa on the roof and e contributed genero on ery ev d an ty par h up with a dis The day was rounded rt and support. . Children parents for all your effo ky Halloween activities oo sp , ing cit ex of s lot ts participated in es and also created In Prep School, studen played Halloween gam es, cak spy cri ost gh song, made they paraded lloween costumes as danced to the Thriller Ha ir the in tic tas fan s. All children looked masks and scary glove g the morning. on the hard court durin


In te rn at 13 N ov io em

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na lD 20 14

School. This day has t make up The British tha res ltu cu of y iet dents in Prep and Prerichness and var oven no exception. Stu pr has ar Students celebrated the ye s thi ivities in the and cess in the past, ernationally related act proven to be a great suc ional costumes before doing all sorts of int ns, origami sio ses language ir nat ional activities such as nat er prep paraded with the int on d organised us foo al foc a ion s ool there wa ed the internat joy en ff sta and ts en morning. In Senior Sch , par the afternoon, students and gaellic football. In l. by Friends of the Schoo s wonderful event. se who supported thi Many thanks to all tho


Py ja 18 m F


eb ru ar y2 01 5

as ednesday 18th February nt to take place on W eve e abl rit cha a ar’s for ye as ir pyjam planned this ited to dress up in the The Student Council inv re we nts de stu l , Prep and Senior Schoo Pyjama Day. Pre-Prep . s in Alexandria. small donation of 20 LE to selected orphanage nt we s ion nat do the show off their decided all The Student Council had the opportunity to o als y the d an ns so ldren had normal les During the day the chi the school. raise 1,980LE for local pyjamas to the rest of d children managed to an l oo Sch p Pre in ss ’. at succe the website ‘Storyonline Pyjama Day was a gre Bedtime stories using to ed en list en ldr chi orphanages. In Year 3,



Se ni or S 20

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ua ry 20 15

t included had a fantastic time tha nts de stu all e liev be I s and s on and on. s a resounding succes Sea Life Centre, list goe The trip to London wa the er, rill Th ot, Elli ly carting, archery, Bil ed and the cultural and skiing, snowboarding, students were develop and ff sta n ee tw be ips relationsh Ms Nada, Ms Bhayat them. We must thank Friendships were built, to fit ne be ge hu of the students will be per day but it was all educational benefits to re working 18 hours we we es tim at as ays carting and ing up their holid of the climbing wall, the top and Mr Morris for giv the ng chi rea nts de hlights were to see stu nual event . Enjoy the worth it. One of the hig for the trip to be an an d en int e W . use Ho debating at Radnor of course winning the photos!


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sar March r e 17 niv

ting Club was one all Tournament at Spor otb Fo use ho erInt ersary ents in a wonderful The brilliant 30 Anniv students, staff and par her get to t ugh bro it year; of the best events of the to mark the occasion. rit spi e tiv eti display of comp ly spirit and d teams gathered to ral an nt, me iting and positive rna tou the the start of event and led to an exc the d ise ter rac cha Beautiful sun heralded p ff for all their help smanshi This typical good sport ark yet again, and to sta . hm on nc her be ot the ch g ea sin er rai che tment for anks go to the PE depar experience for all. Th nt to take place. eve owed such a superb all ich wh rt po sup and th

Pr ePr ep 17 th

St M ar

be observe St. t-heart across the glo h-a Iris the d an sh Iri 17th, the land has become an Every year on March the patron saint of Ire for ole day st fea a as gan special foods and a wh Patrick’s Day. What be with parades, dancing, e were tur as cul e, h rat Iris leb ing ce rat leb for 3 days to en gre in up international festival ce lit re we the Pyramids in Giza lot of green! Last year world. monuments across the many other historical d? wearing of blem of Irelan k's day is marked by the ric Pat What is the national em St ck. ro am Sh and the Republic of of Ireland is the both Northern Ireland of m The national emblem ble em nal tio na e plant), the shamrocks (a clover-lik k part in a multitude of trick’s Day. They all too Ireland. Pa St. ock ed rat leb ce ep , Pre-pr oothie-making, shamr ture. Irish dancing, sm On Tuesday 17th March cul sy but h bu Iris e e Th th . to ed d joy ate en were rel sessions we the of e som t jus creative activities that re we ing together to nt and Gaelic football students and staff com ep -pr Pre all painting, a treasure hu of oto with a grand group ph fulfilling day climaxed on our Zahran Field. form a giant shamrock

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ior n e S

il N l oo h c S rch a 23 M 9 1

uise trip; the largest took part in the Nile Cr ts den stu 4 KS and 3 bott, Mr Ali, Mr nearly all KS At the end of March, accompanied by Mr Ab re we ts den stu e Th n. On t we have ever taken. a five-day trip to Aswa group of students tha cruise boat Magic II for r ou ed ard bo to d uk an r so xor flew to Luxo evening we went to Lu Eslam and myself. We and Luxor and in the k rna Ka of s ple the second day of tem d the On the morning . rty pa eya the first day, we visite ab gal ise the cru in the afternoon ngs, our galabeyas for Colossi of Memnon and the buy, amongst other thi d an le mp Te ’s sut and then we the Kings, Hatchep took us to Edfu temple rt sta ly we visited the Valley of ear An k. loc Esna Edfu, passing through situated right on the we started cruising to the Temple of Sobek, , ce pla e rit ou fav my the evening. where we visited Aswan, arriving late in to d ise sailed to Kom Ombo cru and ht ilig tw we wandered round left Kom Ombo in the to Philae Island where at bo a ok to n bank of the Nile. We the d and Dam an s spent in the peace to visit the Aswan High sser. The afternoon wa Na ke We had an early start La of ces on spi ati and cre y herbs relocated following the nt to Aswan souk to bu we we ng eni ev the temples that were the In ’s Island. . Gardens on Kitchener end of a wonderful trip quiet of the Botanical flew back to Cairo, the we day t nex e Th . e for ndria itish School. It was a tim to bring back to Alexa s of our time at The Br ght hli hig our the as of ypt e Eg on ritage of ff and students alike, having the fantastic he ile wh y, wa This was, for both sta al orm inf more know each other in a relaxing and getting to backdrop.



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ok W M ee ar ch 20 k

in lots of g. Children took part din rea and s ok bo ed books they know and ldren celebrat ideas and opinions on ir During Book Week, chi the are sh to e anc rs they have not read them the ch ries and discover autho fun activities that gave sto w ne ar he to y nit opportu love. They also had the On this day, th a special assembly. wi rch Ma th 26 previously. day ek of reading on Thurs We celebrated our we aracter. l dressed as a story ch children came to schoo ed ‘Reading Week’ in ccably as they celebrat pe im l oo Sch r nio Se Prep School. Firstly, the resented the young students of Miss Terry’s Year 9s rep for le s and rab mo me lly rea make it th outrageous costume Mystery (complete wi English - and plotted to er rd red Mu we rs’ ans t cte tha ara Ch ion Book sentat sly hammily-acted pre class devised a Famous car-tickets) and a hilariou dle p School with their Os rid n Pre lde of go en a’s ldr nk chi ed nn Willy Wo stu and the , g tes me?’. Upon deliverin ir reading habits and tas ‘Why is Reading Aweso veyed each class on the s. A sur sm n sia the thu 9s en r ar ula Ye rtic the , each class’s pa for er cat Worthy performances to s their rie d sto rea d were Easter perfecting nk milk, ate cookies, an dra y spent the weeks up to the as ole ol ho wh Sc p the to thank d by all of Pre Miss Terry would like 9s. great afternoon was ha ar Ye d nte tale y ries by the ver personally-crafted sto up-for-anything! king, enthusiastic, and or d-w har so ing be class for


Sp or 2 nd

n course, bearing our ow etitive event – but of mp -co hly hig l flair, with ul, ssf rea h cce r su event wit Sports Day was anothe ceremony started the ng eni op lar acu ect sp niversary logo ool twist. The ol, Alexandria 30th An ho Sc h recognisable British Sch tis Bri e Th ng mi ts all taking part in for nts partook in many xandria Stadium. Stude students, staff and paren Ale of ld fie l tra cen , we massive scale over the 0 metres. Additionally in human form - on a ce to Senior School 80 Ra k Sac s ou ari hil ’s Re Jump and lay, from Pre-Prep such as Shotput, Long nts varied events, ranging eve ic let ath pic to be able to hold Olym g really lent the were fortunate enough wds. The famous settin cro the w wo d an ds to break recor Sports Day again! in which students strove next year to celebrate til un it wa ’t can we ndeur, and occasion a sense of gra

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ho Ap ol ril Ea 20 r 1 5

ed to wear day. Students were ask rth Ea e rat eb cel to for amazing day 20 LE that will be used Lower School had an t, they had to donate y raised tha ne of mo On the 23rd of April, ide the ngs t Alo tha . ed rit ey have decid ironmental spi Th env b). the Clu l ead nta spr me to on en gre ed to build a n as Envir day, each class was ask -Warriors (also know Eco the of the end by ns the pla e rds ur wa fut sets. To dents realized how g proper recycle bins E’, by doing so the stu CL CY ‘RE t ou ell sp will go towards fundin to ttles that this will tirely out of water bo nearest bin. We hope the in m the ing ow specific letter made en thr d of recycle bottles instea fun and easy it was to e. ycl continue to rec encourage students to

ew Nadia Bitar & Andr

Davidson-Sewell Year 9 Red


D ay

Sc n participating in ool, Alexandria have bee Sch h itis Br e Th at dents and Pre-Prep): This week all of the stu sive. They include (Prep en ext en be s ha ies range of activit g water and flight. “Science Week�. The rachutes, robots, movin pa ng, ati flo elephant’s and g kin ly, sin val, rockets, invisibility, mo re in sta the senses, making jel , ets agn School; electrom In the Lower and Upper of the students for me batteries. toothpaste and aweso the level of enthusiasm ay rtr po to t en rtm pa the science de It has been the aim of . the wider community science to parents and investigations part completed these st mo the in e hav ol ing overwhelmed with r and Upper Scho the science teachers be of all h The students in Lowe wit tic, tas fan sults have been independently. The re of the students. mmitment and insight the high standards, co w. the whole school to vie played in the Hall for dis re we e som s, trie en Such was the quality of support during this parents for their great the nk tha to y nit rtu this oppo We would like to take and staff. work of the students d har the th wi ng alo week

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went to Marsa Hamblin and Ms Morris Ms r , ain rm Ge Mr h the PADI Open Wate students wit d Sea coast, to train for Re the At the end of May, 17 all the ted on m ple Ala com s, rsa north of Ma and Mr Morri lin mb Ha Ms h wit ll Shagra Diving Village, er pool as we as nts, togeth successful as 16 stude ter dives in a swimming ry wa ve d s wa fine p con tri e rt, Th pa e. y cours ugh theor This included a thoro modules of the course. certificate. sea, and so gained the ns d some in-water sessio open water dives in the ing as late as 11pm, an sh d fini an ns sk sio ma ses ir m the oo oving e with some classr under water such as rem lls on ski ng r rki ste wo ma The trip was very intens in, to d aga ha on . The students putting it back urs d ho an k o tw tan n ir tha the re ng mo ovi ry lasting mouths, rem re very patient, but ve regulator out of their e three instructors we Th s. gain to ure clearing it, taking the ed ced ne pro w cy no ey gen ng on emer ter divers. Th rki wa wo en lly op fina nt d ete an y mp rld at anc co wo buoy in the are now y can do this anywhere time, and the students e the sam and es the tur at gh ven ad rou r tho derwate nt to continue their un experience if they wa centre. , a PADI approved diving as sea turtles, angel fish le sea creatures such rab mo the me of me ght so e hli se hig t the ts were able to up saw a barracuda bu Underwater, the studen and lion fish. One gro ays ngr sti as family. ll h we dfis as of the swor clown fish (Nemo), h which is a member lfis sai a of ng hti sig e y rar all involved. We week was an incredibl building experience for m tea at gre a s wa it as the parents for joyed the trip and p and support, as well hel ir the The students greatly en for s rri Mo Hamblin and Mr would like to thank Ms al and fun trip. on such an education sending their children

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SA B I C NCBIS. rnament at BISC and tou A BS CI ll tba foo ir ed the sm and had otball teams have enjoy wed so much enthusia sho en ildr Ch ge! The British School Fo llen cha his best to win. Such a Every team has done hard. g yin pla ms, as well as fun supporting their tea showcasing their an engineering CIBSA for iro Ca to led vel ve way possible, d Senior school tra loon in the most creati bal a p po to Students from Prep an ed ng alle sed both each other chine. They were ch oss Years 5-8 impres acr en ildr talents to create a ma from different ch 9 s! ion tat ate with other children entive interpre nic inv mu us ro com me to nu lity to abi g leadin task, their ir commitment to the ’t working. and staff thanks to the even when things weren , ng goi ep ke to n tio ina schools and their determ

A A A IS l (SAS), IBSA, Schutz American Schoo the a, dri xan Ale l, oo have come together to The British Sch d the German School an n, llio po am Ch S, ASA ,AIA , RA sports activities. used on school based foc ion iat oc ass an m for nal School Activities is called the ‘Internatio on iati oc ass sports events d me for The newly cater for interschool l wil It ). AA ISA (or ’ ria a drive to raise Association of Alexand e association is part of Th ls. oo sch the s os and sports leagues acr ity. ty within the commun events next year. participating in more awareness and collegiali to rd wa for g kin loo are s new experience and We really enjoyed thi

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ns o s s g Le a ria Sporting Club, after sons back to Alexand les ing imm sw t ugh W ment. e have bro dents with great enjoy We were delighted to stu r ou by d me lco we rs - which have been oyable learning and hiatus of almost 5 yea filled with fantastic, enj , ule ed sch ed ess pr her ed, tightly-com ub to offer an even hig worked to a jam-pack n to run in Sporting Cl ose ch s wa um cul rri the cu uld like to thank the PE support. This area of ce for the students. I wo en eri exp ng mi im sw g of this endeavour, the standard of facility and assistance in the runnin and rt po to the school sup ir the chers for o really were a credit wh , nts de stu tic department and all tea tas and all our fan it is a skill for life, not lp and encouragement, continue swimming to all u yo parents for all their he ed pir ins this has im! and behaviour. I hope rtunities for a great sw in their effort, attitude iful region, full of oppo aut be st mo a in live we do just for summer - and

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t display for assessmen GCSE Art and Design her ing let mp co on /or adiga Mansour n question 'Apart and Congratulations to Kh answer the examinatio to ng aki ntm pri urse co lino r ose to use ruction. He this week. Khadiga ch that are used in const ts jec ob and s aw jigs pired by magnets, Together'. She was ins theme 'Identity'. rsonal response to the pe r he ed lor exp rk wo nt and collage. p composition using pai elo dev to d har ry ve to evolve working m direct observation fro Also, Year 9 have been d rke wo nts de stu vement Cubism, the Influenced by the art mo sponse to the theme. to show mutiple their own personal re wider range of tone and a w sho to ills sk ing colour mix They have developed olved. life they studied and ev viewpoints of the still achieved, and thanks rk and successful work wo rd ha the on nts to all stude th the display. A big congratulations for help and support wi m tea his and er nag Ma again to Mina, Campus

Ms Carolyn Lord Art Teacher

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Fr ie nd active parents wanting ard new members of bo on ve ha to ed cit ex and dition. The FOS are so proud rk. It is really a great ad wo ty ari ch and nts eve ipate in our to help out and partic school community. year for the FOS and sy bu ry ner was held at ve a s wa ar This ye tish School, a Gala Din Bri e Th for ary ers niv and organisation of the 30th year an ped out in the set up hel S FO In honor of celebrating e, lat nsu Co h r in the Britis chers and parents. the beginning of the yea y to our students, tea da ul ssf ce suc le rab memo ld and profit the dinner making it a ee pizza days were he thr r yea is Th ys. da za k forward to FOS Piz As always, children loo ies. g this year and went to chosen charit children was so thrillin r ou by ed rat co de shoe boxes made and Our yearly tradition of faces. derprivileged children e mother said that her placed a big smile on un dicapped children. On han and ms mu on t and teachers to these a lovely impac shown by our children e The Bambi Picnic left lov the of se au bec every year girl waits for this day day, playing , dancing kids. time with a nice BBQ g rin sp of rt sta e rat kids to celeb It was great fun for the al. had a blast and enjoying a nice me at success. The children gre a s wa ich wh aar Tombala, face r events is the Baz chers and winning the tea the ing Last but not least of ou ash spl lls, organising game sta bidding in the auction, enjoying the band. d at the end of the day and henna painting an



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inning ool community. ner was held at the beg r for the FOS and sch yea sy bu ry ve a s itish School, Gala Din wa Br g it the kin ma for This year ner ary din ers niv 30th year an ganisation of the the or ing and rat up leb set ce of the r in no In ho helped out h consulate, FOS has of the year in the Britis , teachers and parents. nts de l day to our stu sfu ces suc le rab mo a me ank you th ersary celebrations. Th niv An 30 r ou rt sta way to members and of great fun and a super roline Alcock, Board Ca Ms ral ne Ge l The Gala Dinner was nsu Co l success. special thanks to HM d making this day a rea everyone involved and lpe he o wh nts de stu d ts an course our lovely paren


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Sh oe 11 British School for the students of the ars ye few t pas the er ion ov the whole school It has become a tradit ed children. This year, tag an adv dis for s’ gift x of themselves. to prepare a ‘shoe bo less fortunate children se tho g lpin he in ted participa for autism and hia Ibrahim, Abu Qir Za , ge ana ph Or an dw generosity by to Bambi Clinic, Ra decorated with love and d an d A group of FOS went fille re we ich titude in their shoe boxes wh ile on their faces and gra sm big a El Orman to distribute th wi left re ts. Children we our students and paren nerosity. ur contribution and ge yo for s eyes. Again, thank

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her girl waits One mother said that . en ildr ch ped ap dic han ers to this kids. th ely impact on mums and our children and teach Bambi picnic left a lov by rch en giv live the if on Monday 30 Ma because i Special Needs Centre for this day every year mb Ba the for nic pic a hosted Just like last year, we hran Field . Za tion that supports 10:00 – 13:30 at is a voluntary organisa us, kko Ba in ed bas is Centre which Bambi Special Needs of the community. m disadvantaged parts fro s ilie fam picnic for 100 ir the and children outreach we hosted the y nit n mu com nt rta po have secured a donatio d build on this im on the field. The FoS es gam To further develop an and ies ivit act face painting, art gifts for mothers. visitors. Students led ff contributed towards sta and r rne Co ’s nk m Ya of 100 burger meals fro


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Su m ding in the auction, children had a blast bid the s, ces nna painting suc at gre a s Tombola , face and he the ng nni The Summer Bazaar wa wi and rs splashing the teache organising game stalls, day enjoying the band. and at the end of the ( serving street uted equally on Caritas trib dis en be s ha it 0, midi ( underprivileged ar was LE 30,70 ed children) , Repas de app Amount raised this ye dic han & d nge lle mentally cha children), Fairhaven ( apped children ). ha ( day care for handic dit Ha children) Misr el

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now please ool, Alexandria. We are Sch h itis Br e Th at p ntinued to develo labus and teaching in the The Arabic team has co ength in the Arabic syl str and op vel de to r the and driven to push fur and in the best way. e tim of shortest space


n native), and Prep, Pre-Prep for Arabic (native & no n pla nt me op vel de of the the beginning of development from letion of the first stage ge mp sta co d ul 2n ssf ce the suc on us the foc With rted to possible results. standards, we have sta ogression for the best pr d as a result of the high nue nti co e iev ach of us is for students to provide a full coverage of 2015/2016. The foc ted books that aim to ge tar of ng shi bli pu . and Pre-Prep is the British system of study The initial stage in Prep e in that we follow the iqu un are e W . on cti m with a bank of se of satisfa the syllabus and a sen dents needs; provide the stu r ou to ed lor tai ial suitable bespoke mater strength. • Reading: choosing to build their linguistic der or in s rism nne ma and n ions with a progression words, connectio new meaning and definit on ent nd pe de g itin tackle all aspects of the uous practice of wr attain the best tools to nt de • Writing: a contin stu the let to ng. The aim to higher order learni re graduated way. language. liver this topic in a mo de ll wi d an ar mm gra of access to the ve split the foundations e aim is to allow easier Th . ge led ow • Grammar: we ha kn st po t link to prior and This is with a constan . e the tools to succeed ir multiple skills in student in order to hav end and reinforce the ext ts den stu lp he d tend an activities: a book to ex ation and presentation. • Plenary Extension ge correct use, applic ura co en to is aim e iety of genres that the Arabic language. Th rary that includes a var lib ic ab Ar an ld bui to rekindle the friendship year we have started school. The aim is to the t ou gh ou • Library: from this thr ng rni ent stages of lea coincide with the differ and the book! Mrs Maissa Wassef between the student

Head of Arabic

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Youssef Saad who nour to congratulate ho the has nt me art He The Arabic language dep amination June 2014. Cambridge IGCSE ex in pt Egy in rk ma st ur those who achieved the highe British Council to hono the by d ise an org ion celebrat nalities including: received a prize in the by distinguished perso end att s wa It pt. Egy in obtained best results ernor of Alexandria 1) Hany El Messiry, gov Exams manager-Egypt 2) Tim Hood, Country Caroline Alcock 3) HM Consul General ional Examinations. ive, Cambridge Internat cut Exe ief Ch , an lliv Su 4) Michael O’ ment of education, and the continuous develop ut abo h eec sp us llo dees gave a marve tional results. Every one of the atten achieving the best educa in nts de stu the and ool, teacher role of the home, sch through a lot of effort s which were achieved ult res t len cel ex se e t is very happy with the ve on these remarkabl The Arabic departmen st to repeat and impro be r ou do ays alw ll wi and teacher. We between the student our students. motivation to us and to nt rta po im an e cam results which be nour! ment of victory and ho What a marvellous mo

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phy a r g Geo nderful to be told that raphy course. It was wo og Ge E CS IG r yea o to the tw is a prestigious award tirelessly throughout session of exams. This Orfeas Nanis worked 14 20 e Jun the in pt . the highest mark in Egy work and commitment he has been awarded you can get with hard at wh of te tas a s her all students are achieve and gives ot dedication to ensure and rk wo ss ele tir bott for his d congratulate Mr Ab We must also thank an to both! successful. Well done


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team consisting happen. Our support s ng thi g kin ma nes d the sce big group; 13 on a team of people behin our busy faculty. It’s a are to re rt the po l sup oo e sch vid ry pro In eve lessly to is year has been maintenance men. Th Campus staff work tire d the an n and tio ity tra ur nis sec , mi ers Ad of clean Campus staff including the Admin team and 38 and changes. me ber of develop nts num a th wi e on y bus another Ramadan and the high students. Even during 2 & 1 ar Ye r ou use The classrooms d to ho ject ran on schedule. building was renovate n pro ilso the e W sur the g r, kin me ma sum rk, Over the ff were at wo yptian summer, the sta temperatures of the Eg for Key Stage dicated learning space de a w no are d an e opened on tim late in the beautiful Consu the Gala dinner, held th wi ents on d ev rte the sta is ally th Th eci . esp well attended r 30 Anniversary en ou s be o wa r als e yea hav the nts of mbi Picnic. Other eve The main focus dance at the Annual Ba en danced the night away. att in and o d als de re en we att ff ey sta dancing. The Sports rt team. Th gardens. Many to support games and pported by the suppo e su d cam ff an d sta ise us gan mp or Ca all Zahran field; and a number of ked for the morning tea Administration staff ba rt team out in force. occasion with the suppo at gre r the ano s wa y Da ning, installing, wiring, garde aning, filing, plumbing, cle e thank , W ng chi ff. sta run us r-c be mp tion and Ca , typing, num tra ing nis int mi pa , Ad ng lifti the g, of t vin en tm All of this building, mo hard work and commi re was achieved by the mo d an ard gu ing nd sta you.

Ms Carol Walter Bursar

Admin Staff Mohamed el-Eisawy Lydia Makram Rana Guirguis Lama Saber Manal Saber Maram Rayan Heba Selim Karim El-Masry Miray Edwar Dr Mona Fakhry Dr Ayat Saber Dr Omar Al Haggag Yosra Sheir Maha Negm Nourhan Nassar Farah El Kady

Campus Staff Mina Messiha Bassam George Ahmed Abd El Raouf Hassan Eweis Tarek Ghazy Mustafa Khamil Kyrellos Fazwy Ramadan Mahmoud Gomaa Mabrook Moustafa Enawi Ahmed Mossalem Abdel Fattah Moustafa Mahmoud Ibrahim Mohamed Morsy Mamoud Saber Mohamed Taha Magdi Roushdy Alaa Dowidar Moustafa Balah Ahmed Taha Abdullah Sadaka Moatassem Roushdy Mohamed Abdel Moniem Amira Saaed Hanaa Ebrahim Mona Rizk Amal Abou Zied Khareya Sanad Zeinab Hamid Amira Esmael Nesma El-Ghandour Ragaa Hassan Naglaa Azab Fatheya Abdel Aziz Huda Younis Wafaa El-Sayed

Thanks to all our students, staff and community for their support and encouragement . It has been a great year !

Yearbook 2014 2015 part 2  
Yearbook 2014 2015 part 2