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Interview with MGG North America

105th ABMA Convention Coverage

New Startup: BrushBoxx

BRUSH FILAMENT Yongli Filament & Bristles presents high-quality filament, synthetic & natural with our years of experience in painting tools & filaments industries.


We look at brushes differently.

We look at brushes differently, analyzing them from every perspective to insure optimum performance. From miniature brushes as small as 0.014” in diameter to large, wire wheel brushes that perform long after other brushes fail. Mill-Rose has set the standard for quality, performance, and innovation in brush technology for the past 100 years. We’re the largest U.S. manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes. Mill-Rose designs, engineers and manufactures standard and custom brushes in any quantity. Choose from thousands of standard and not-so-standard sizes and shapes. Call or visit MillRose.com.

A Century of Brushmaking Excellence


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Embrace the Challenge

I want to start off by echoing the sentiments that are repeated throughout the 105th ABMA Convention coverage (p. 20). It was absolutely fantastic to get back to a live in-person event. The opportunity to see everyone in person and get that face-to-face exchange truly drove home the advantages of traditional live events. Working on magazines throughout my career, it’s interesting how an issue comes together. Sometimes you plan out a theme and line up the articles and it all goes according to plan. Other times, a theme develops by coincidence. When we mapped our strategy for this May/June issue last fall, I had a vastly different approach in mind. Along the way though, Interbrush became the ongoing story. It became clear at the ABMA Convention that the community wanted coverage on the future of the event. While the topic certainly seems to have quite a bit of emotion around it, I was happy to set our senior correspondent Bob Lawrence on the task of collecting opinions across the industry. From reading the resulting feedback (p. 36), the passion for the event is clear, which in my opinion seems to clarify the future path. With some perspective now since the December announcement, I would suggest that this is a time of opportunity for Interbrush and the industry as a whole. I am certainly planning on being somewhere in late 2024 for Interbrush and I look forward to hearing new plans for 2024. Speaking of new opportunities, I had the pleasure to sit with four of the top MGG leaders at the ABMA Convention for a full interview on their North American strategy (p. 16). It was an engaging hour and what impressed me the most was their passion and commitment to innovation as well as the strategy to bring that opportunity to North American brush makers. Additionally, our European correspondent Katharina Goldbeck-Hörz, recently interviewed new German startup BrushBoxx (p. 32). Brush manufacturing startups are rare and this is a wonderful piece that delves into their launch strategy and company mission. Taking that all in, the pandemic accelerated an in-evitable change in how business is done. Combined with the changing workforce perspective and consumer buying habits, the world of business is rapidly moving from theoretical concepts, like IoT, machine learning/AI, localization, microfactories, etc., to the implementation and realization of a new model. I admire the boldness of MGG launching into North America, of the BrushBoxx startup and I see a new opportunity for Interbrush to grow and become something even better than the event the community has known. It’s an exciting time of opportunity for the bold. Cheers to those that are embracing the challenge. We hope you enjoy this edition and as always we welcome your feedback and support!

Dylan Goodwin | Publisher


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may / june 2022

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14 Thriving During Inflation and Volatility By Lisa Anderson 16 PROFILE: MGG North America 20 105th ABMA Convention Coverage 26 Face 2 Face Sessions Photo Gallery 32 BrushBoxx Launches with Experience By Katharina Goldbeck-Hörz 36 The Future of Interbrush By Bob Lawrence

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industry NEWS

Perlon Takes Over NOWO Products Sp.z.o.o.

Deco Products Receives Iowa Innovation Grant

Perlon® – The Filament Company – headquartered in Munderkingen, Germany, which specializes in the manufacture of synthetic filaments for the paper, brush, cosmetics and dental industries, has acquired NOWO Products Sp.z.o.o. in Kluczbork, Poland. NOWO is a leading European producer of twisted monofilaments for the global paper industry. The new acquisition allows Perlon® to expand its market leadership in the paper machine clothing segment and is regarded as a vertically integrated investment.

The Iowa Economic Development Commission has awarded Deco Products a Manufacturing 4.0 Workforce Innovation grant of $500,000. Deco is one of 46 companies in the state of Iowa to receive this grant. These grants are issued to Iowa manufacturers with 76-250 employees across the state investing in industry 4.0 technologies to address workforce issues in manufacturing caused by the negative impacts of COVID19. The purpose of these grants is to allow companies like Deco Products to remain globally competitive while addressing workforce shortages that are limiting growth or sales.

“With the merger of the Perlon® Group and NOWO, we are reinforcing a company that is geared towards the global paper industry of the future and we are expanding our market leadership in this segment. NOWO is a perfect fit for the Perlon® Group with its long-term experience and special knowledge in the production of twisted monofilaments and this complements our existing product portfolio well,” says Florian Kisling, CEO of Perlon®. With the acquisition, the Perlon® Group will take over NOWO Products with all 40 employees and production lines located at the NOWO factory in Kluczbork, Poland.

Deco Products CEO Chris Storlie is looking forward to using this grant to expand automation and real-time data collection systems and analysis. Storlie says, “This grant will be used on projects over the next three years and will refocus human capital from manual, labor-intensive positions into highly skilled occupations.” Some areas of focus in Deco’s expansion include robotic systems, new software integrations, and adding more Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining centers. Storlie is optimistic for the future, saying, “We believe these grants will be good for the local community and for Iowa.”

For more information on Perlon®, visit www.perlon.com.

For more information on Deco Products, visit www.decoprod.com.

Inside The Factory Brushes Up On Hillbrush Hillbrush, the UK’s longest established manufacturer of traditional brushes and specialist cleaning tools, has had a “brush” with TV stardom after the company was featured on an episode of BBC TV’s Inside the Factory about vacuum cleaner manufacturer and Hillbrush customer, Numatic. Inside the Factory, gives presenters Greg Wallace and Cherry Healey exclusive access to some of the largest factories in Britain to reveal the secrets behind production on an epic scale.

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In the Numatic episode, Healy visits Hillbrush, where Chairman Philip Coward showed her how the 40,000 brushes a week Hillbrush supplies to Numatic are manufactured. Healey also sees firsthand how brushes are made and the types of material used for different kinds of brushes – from the stiff cocoa fiber used for hard brushes to the softer materials used to brush a horse’s face. To see the full episode, visit: https://bbc.in/3xMlbgv.

Mill-Rose Introduces Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize, a premium-grade lubricant designed for use where incidental food contact is possible, is now available from Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Company. The new compound is a nondrying lubricant that maintains its anti-seize capabilities at high and low temperatures, protects against rust and corrosion, water and steam, and allows for easy disassembly. Due to its outstanding lubricity characteristics with PTFE, Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant prevents seizing and galling, reduces torque required to loosen joints and is effective to 1800° F. Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant is made of ingredients meeting FDA requirements and is NSF/U.S.D.A (H-1) registered and Kosher

approved. This premium compound does not contain any solvents, metal, lead, graphite or clay fillers. Applications include food processing machinery to lubricate stainless steel fittings, bushings, flanges, headers, nuts, screws, studs, threaded surfaces, pipes, plugs and manifolds to prevent seizing and galling of surfaces. The product is not for use on oxygen. Avoid direct contact with food during application. Blue Monster® Food-grade Anti-Seize Lubricant is available in 9-ounce and 18-ounce cans with an applicator designed into the container’s lid, and sold at leading PHC supply houses. Blue Monster products are offered exclusively by Clean-Fit Products, a division of The Mill-Rose Company. Mill-Rose is the world’s leading supplier of PTFE thread sealants and the largest manufacturer of twisted-in-wire brushes in the US. For further information contact Clean-Fit Products, 7310 Corporate Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060. Telephone 1-800-3213598, fax 1-440-255-1072, e-mail info@cleanfit.com or visit https://bit.ly/3OnGVVU.

Interbrush Clarifies No Over 1,000 Exhibitors for The Inspired Home Show Affiliation With Ukranian Show The Inspired Home Show 2022 wrapped up on March 7, 2022, at McCormick Place Organizers of Interbrush have released a statement offering clarification related to a competing show based in the Ukraine that is also utilizing the name “Interbrush.” The statement says, “there is no connection between our own Interbrush event in Freiburg and the new Interbrush event taking place in Ukraine. Both trade fairs are organized entirely separately of one another.” While the show in Freiburg, Germany has used the “Interbrush” name since 1977 and the brand is protected by law in many countries, the Ukraine is an exception and the Freiburg organization has no legal rights over the use of the name in that country. To learn more about Interbrush, visit www.interbrush.de.

in Chicago, Ill., after three highly successful days. It was the first time that the event, formerly known as the International Home + Housewares Show, has taken place since 2019. Twenty thousand attendees and more than 1,000 exhibiting companies signed-up to discover new products, reconnect with colleagues and advance the home + housewares industry. The Show featured multiple new and returning attractions, including products, retailers and students honored at the gia Global Innovation Awards; four keynote presentations on consumer trends, retail thought leadership and industry statistics; three days of educational sessions in the Innovation Theater; multiple networking events including a social media influencer meet and greet and New Exhibitor and Trending Today Previews; and a full slate of celebrity chef demonstrations in the Cooking Theater, headlined by Martha Stewart. Most importantly though, there was strong support for the Show demonstrated by the industry, with the presence of 1,016 exhibitors from 40 countries and retailers from 49 of 50 U.S. states and 84 countries. The Inspired Home Show 2023 will take place March 4-7, 2023, at McCormick Place in Chicago.

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YOUR BRUSH DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS DUPONT FILAMENTS CONTINUES TO LEAD THE WAY IN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS For more than 80 years, DuPont Filaments has been recognized as a leader in innovative synthetic filaments that enable brush manufacturers to address emerging trends and meet evolving consumer expectations.

HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS - TOOTHBRUSH FILAMENTS The most important component of a toothbrush lies in the bristle. With outstanding industry expertise accumulated over the years, coupled with our proven technologies, DuPont Filaments is dedicated to the oral care brush industry with our nylon solutions under the brand names of DuPont™ Tynex®(nylon 612) and DuPont™ Herox®(nylon 610) . Leading toothbrush brands and manufacturers are able to produce very high quality brushes with a balance of consistent quality, wear performance and unmatched productivities in tufting and end-rounding by using DuPont filaments. As consumer trends in toothbrush are increasingly focused on the six major areas of 1) Visual Attractiveness, 2) Interdental Cleaning, 3) Plaque Removal, 4) Gum Comfort, 5) Gingival Cleaning and 6) Anti-microbial within the filaments, DuPont Filaments has been working closely with the leading global brands in oral care as well as toothbrush manufacturers by fulfilling these needs with our broad range of innovative products in the portfolio BEAUTY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS - FINE FILAMENTS DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments, a pioneering filament from DuPont’s unique polyester based material, contain proprietary texturizing additives that create a structured surface that mimics animal hair. Natrafil® filaments offer a synthetic alternative to animal hair in premium cosmetic powder brushes with more consistency in the bristle while maintaining the touch-and-feel of premium animal hair. Studies have shown that brushes made with Natrafil® filaments have equal to superior pickup and release performance versus brushes made with animal hair. EFFICIENCY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS – ABRASIVE FILAMENTS Like most industries, steel manufacturers are always looking for

ways to increase productivity. The emphasis is on getting more square feet of metal through the mill, cleaned and coated faster than ever before. To accomplish this, steel mills are using more aggressive cleaning solutions. The problem is that the cleaning brushes typically used were quickly degrading because many plastics used in the brush filaments can’t handle the solutions of the extremes of the PH scale. The technical resources at DuPont Filaments were able to help solve the problem by adding stabilizers to one of our nylon polymer formulations, effectively extending the pH range that these filaments can be used in. Brushes made with these filaments deliver cleaning performance over an improved service life, helping steel manufactures to achieve higher productivity. Another need voiced by customers is higher aggressiveness in metal finishing applications. DuPont™ Tynex® A filaments, a family of ceramic grit-containing filaments, was developed to meet this need. CREATIVITY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS – PAINTBRUSH FILAMENTS When manufacturers began changing their paints to water-based formulations, more people began using paintbrushes made with synthetic bristles because the hog bristles traditionally used in paintbrushes lost stiffness in water-based paints. Synthetics such as DuPont™ Tynex®, DuPont™ Chinex® and DuPont™ Orel® brand filaments quickly became popular choices. As paint manufacturers continue to improve their water-based formulations by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) content, increasing solid loadings and decreasing drying times, there is an ongoing need for increasingly higher performing brushes. To meet this need, DuPont Filaments continues to innovate and help customize solutions. For example, we developed filaments with stiffer cross-section that can push higher viscosity paints more efficiently. We also changed the shapes of the filaments so that they not only pick up more paint from the can for faster application, but are easier to clean.


Recognition for being the global leader in filaments comes from our customers. You inspire us to make a difference in the world. We will continue to advance our innovations because we believe your BRUSH deserves the best FILAMENTS. 1-833-338-7668 | www.dupont.com

industry NEWS

Global Shop Solutions Goes Green With New Solar Panels Global Shop Solutions, a leading producer of ERP software for manufacturers around the globe, has a reputation for doing the right thing for its employees and clients. Now they’re doing the right thing for the planet by switching to solar power for the company’s electricity needs. Meeting Global Shop Solutions’ energy needs required enough solar panels to cover the rooftops on all three buildings at their headquarters in The Woodlands, Texas. The project took six months to complete and will generate more than enough electricity to power the entire campus for 30 years while providing significant cost savings. “Based on the energy we use at headquarters, it will take about seven years for the solar panels to pay for themselves,” says Erika Klein, VP of R&D for Global Shop Solutions. “After that they will generate ‘free’ electricity for the next 23 years, so it ends up being a good investment for us and the planet. The system will produce more electricity than we need, so we’re considering installing charging stations for employees to charge their electric vehicles at work.” HELPING CUSTOMERS GO GREEN: Global Shop Solutions

builds features into their ERP software that actively encourage green processes in customers’ manufacturing plants.

Erika Klein and Jayland Keeney of Global Shop Solutions

The software enables manufacturers to operate in a paperless or near-paperless environment by putting information at everyone’s fingertips via digital dashboards rather than printed reports. The cloud offering gives customers’ employees the flexibility of working from home, reducing the impact of traveling to and from work five days a week. Global Shop Solutions also helps customers cut down on travel by offering training and consulting online. “We care about our employees, our customers and the world around us,” adds Klein. “Lowering our carbon footprint is definitely the right thing to do.”

PEOPLE Gale From Michigan Brush Volunteers at Crossroads Shelter In January, Bruce M. Gale President and CEO of Michigan Brush and Dorden Squeegee Co., Inc. worked food preparation in a volunteer role at the Crossroads Shelter in Detroit, Michigan. Crossroads was founded in 1971 and is a social service outreach agency with two locations in Detroit. Its mission is to support the Detroit community at large by providing emergency assistance, advocacy, and counseling to anyone in need. Acting in partnership with many other agencies, parishes, hospitals, companies and organizations in the metro area, Crossroads offers assistance in the form of a handup. The organization works with clients to meet their immediate needs and help them assess their situations to lessen the likelihood of future problems.

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Sabatino Joins Lanoco Specialty Wire Lanoco Specialty Wire Products, a leading provider of stainless-steel power brush wire, has appointed Jason Sabatino as Sr. Director of Business Operations to strengthen its front office operations. Sabatino has spent over 25 years under the brightest lights of intercollegiate and professional sports in various roles developing best practices and creating efficiencies to produce record sales and revenue. “Jason’s strong performance in key areas ranging from sales and marketing, finance, human resources and all areas of business operations will be a welcome addition to our team,” says Kevin Lannon, President of Lanoco. “I’ve known him to be a charismatic leader with a strong work ethic, positive attitude and an open mind. He’s a natural problem solver and brings a fresh perspective to our operations. I’m thrilled to announce that he’s part of the Lanoco family.”

FAST FEED PERLON® SET TO EXHIBIT AT BOTH TECHTEXTIL 2022 SHOWS Perlon® – The Filament Company will exhibit at this year’s Techtextil North America 2022 show and Techtextil 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. Techtextil North America is the only trade show in North America for technical textiles and nonwovens. The show will take place from May 17–19, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia. More than 560 exhibitors will present the latest textile technologies at the event. More innovative solutions await you at the show – visit Perlon® at Techtextil North America in Hall B3, Booth 2747. Shifting over to Europe, Perlon® will showcase its three-brand range QualiFil – monofilaments, Hahl – synthetic brush and abrasive filaments and Pedex – filaments for dental and personal care applications at Techtextil in Frankfurt, Germany, from June 21-24, 2022. For the first time, the trade fair will take place as a “hybrid” and combine the best of two worlds: Face-to-face exchanges and virtual presentations and networking opportunities with digital features such as matchmaking offers, chat function or 1-to-1 video calls. The focus of the Perlon® Group is on sustainability and more innovative solutions await visitors at the trade fair. Visit Perlon® at Techtextil in Hall 9.1, Booth C51. To learn more about Perlon®, visit www.perlon.com. WISCONSIN ALUMINUM FOUNDRY ACQUIRES MINNESOTA MANUFACTURER Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry (WAF), a leader in aluminum and copper-based alloy castings, has acquired the assets of castings manufacturer DEE, Inc. in Crookston, Minnesota. The acquisition will expand WAF’s current operations while creating new opportunities with the increased capacity. “We are thrilled to welcome DEE into the WAF family,” says WAF CEO Sachin Shivaram. “DEE has a dedicated and skilled workforce that operates much of the same equipment as our Manitowoc plant, making it a natural extension of our business as we look to meet the growth in our customers’ demand for aluminum castings. It also creates new opportunities as manufacturing continues to evolve, so we envision significant growth at DEE as well as Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry.” Shivaram added that WAF will seek to add 30 new positions at DEE as production grows. Founded in 1909, WAF is a family-owned company, serving a wide variety of industries by providing high-quality aluminum and copper-based alloy castings. Its Manitowoc facilities, including its foundry and machine shop divisions, employ more than 450 team members, with Wabash Castings, LLC employing nearly 150 team members.

industry NEWS

PEOPLE CONT'D Global Shop Solutions Director Achieves 15-Year Milestone Global Shop Solutions is proud to celebrate 15 years of dedicated service from Daniel Carranco, Director of Continuous Improvement. As director of continuous improvement, Carranco oversees existing customer services including consulting, custom projects, and continuous improvements that enable manufacturers to make incremental improvements in their dayto-day operations. He has risen through the ranks at Global Shop Solutions, holding several roles including operations consultant, project manager and Latin American operations consultant and consulting team lead, At every position he has earned the respect and admiration of direct reports, co-workers and customers alike. “Daniel is a game-changer for our company and our customers,” says Global Shop Solutions President and CEO Dusty

12 | www.brushwaremag.com

Alexander. “Daniel makes everyone around him better. Global Shop Solutions would not be where we are today without his efforts and initiatives.” Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Carranco’s academic training and hands-on manufacturing experience give him a unique perspective on the challenges facing global manufacturers. He holds an MBA in International Business and previously worked with Latin America’s largest consulting group, the London Consulting Group. He has been involved in more than 250 Global Shop Solutions implementations and has a large role in making the company’s ERP software their customers’ most valuable asset. “Daniel is a great leader willing to take on the complex projects,” says Mike Melzer, VP of Operations and Service for Global Shop Solutions. “When others look the other way, he sees the ‘impossible’ jobs as an opportunity to learn and make Global Shop Solutions and others better.”

Synthetic filaments brought to you by DKSH Switzerland Ltd. US Distributor: Brush Fibers Arcola Please contact us for further information, specifications and offers: Reinhold Hoerz Senior Sales Manager, Brush Industry Phone +41 44 386 7901 Mobile +41 79 785 4657 reinhold.hoerz@dksh.com www.dksh.ch/brush

Think Asia. Think DKSH.

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supply CHAIN

Resiliency to Thrive During Inflationary and Volatile Times By Lisa Anderson According to the Wall Street Journal, consumer prices are the highest in 40 years. It certainly doesn’t seem to be letting up. In fact, with the Russia-Ukraine war, there will be continued inflationary pressure on products related to oil, gas, commodities and food at a minimum. Clients and colleagues are seeing record increases in the costs of raw materials, components and supplies. Strong companies are prepared to thrive during these inflationary times. They are resilient and willing to take action as conditions change. There are several strategies to create resiliency to thrive during inflationary times. Several of these strategies are better supported with a SIOP/S&OP (sales, inventory and operations planning) process to stay on top of the information required to keep your demand and supply plans aligned. For example, a building products manufacturing client was concerned about inflation and so they initiated a deep dive into their customers’ forecasts. Their objective was to answer the question: If prices continue to rise, would their customers’ demand continue to be robust, or would escalating prices curb their demand? They found that their customers expected continued increases in purchases. Thus, they made slight adjustments to their forecast based on customer input and re-ran their capacity figures across their network to determine where to prioritize resources. They also reassessed their materials requirement plans and got in touch with key suppliers to secure the appropriate level of supplier capacity and transportation resource commitments. No client has been able to procure the optimum number of raw materials or hire the desired number of people to fully ramp up production and support resources to keep up with customer demand and in preparation for the future during these inflationary times. Thus, the most successful clients have utilized their SIOP process to quickly reassess customers and products, both from a strategic point of view as well as from a profitability standpoint. As has been commonplace across the board, the smart clients are taking the opportunity to set pricing in alignment with their objectives, and they are rationalizing SKUs and pivoting to a product portfolio that will weather

14 | www.brushwaremag.com

inflationary times. Additionally, the strong are choosing which customers to prioritize and serve based on their business objectives. Similarly, they are taking the opportunity to ensure financial strength and strong operating cash flow. For example, a consumer products client couldn’t serve all customers with high service levels/on-time-in-full (OTIF) and margins. Because they couldn’t hire enough resources for production, they had to increase overtime, utilize highercost resources and ramp up more expensive outside suppliers to supplement their business. Before taking these actions across the board, they completed a profitability analysis and discovered that they were losing money on their bottomend customers. Thus, they quickly pivoted to prioritize their most profitable customers and implemented extended lead times and price increases for the bottom-end customers. Additionally, they utilized their SIOP to reevaluate inventory targets and align inventory priorities with customer and product priorities. During inflationary and volatile times, it is essential to have the capabilities, capacities and cash flow to pivot quickly with changing conditions and to respond rapidly to key customer needs. Creating resiliency in decision-making abilities with a solid S&OP process will allow you to take advantage of opportunities that arise while giving you the heads up required to take a sharp left turn as needed to shed the strategies that aren’t working. During these volatile times, the strong and resilient will get stronger, and the weak and stodgy will get weaker. Opportunities will abound for the resilient. Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth. She recently released a new “Thriving in 2022” eBook download that offers insights from 22 experts in manufacturing, supply chain and technology to thrive amid the current challenges facing businesses. To download the ebook, visit: www.lma-consultinggroup.com/thriving-in-2022.

Let me ask you? With stock deliveries in 24-48 hours, custom orders in 2-4 weeks all delivered with friendly service and at competitive prices; Why use anyone else?

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company We Manufacture & Distribute Material Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Manufacturing

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Brush Filament Wire

Single, double plane, or pin crimped in hanks or specific strand counts on spools/cores. Straight in single/multiple ends. Materials include galvanized, high carbon steel, stainless, brass, bronze, and other exotic alloys.

Retaining Wire/Twisting Wire

Stocking standard gauges in SS galvanized, and brass wire in differing tempers for these applications.

Flat or Shaped Wires

We make custom designed wire. Rolling from 0.0020"-0.250" thickness. Materials include stainless, galvanized, carbon steel, oil tempered, brass and more.

561 Acorn Street, Suite T Deer Park, NY 11729



We offer stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, more. Thicknesses of 0.0010" - 0.125"annealed/tempered Oscillate Wound or Pancake Coils. Ask about our stocking programs!

Straightened and Cut Wires

Diameters 0.0050"-0.37500" for various brush applications. Blanket orders Welcomed!

Staple Wires

We sell various gauges and alloy wire. Spools sizes can range from 10lbs-1,000 lbs. Materials include galvanized, stainless, nickel silver, and more.



company profile


With a solid footprint of more than 50 single machines already sold into the North American market, MGG has taken the next step by launching MGG North America as a new company this past year. Based in Charlotte, N.C., the new company has a targeted strategy for serving the continent. At the 2022 ABMA Convention, Brushware was fortunate to be offered the opportunity to sit with four of the company’s top leaders to learn more about the North American plan. MGG President Gianfranco Marcon, Loris Maestrutti, CEO of MGG Group, Veronica Marcon, Sales Director, and new MGG North America CEO Alberto Voltolina all took part in the in-depth interview session and we are pleased to present that conversation.

16 | www.brushwaremag.com

President Gianfranco Marcon, MGG North America CEO Alberto Voltolina and Loris Maestrutti, CEO of MGG Group (Left to Right)

Can you tell our readers a little bit about your strategic move to North America with the new office in Charlotte?

assure an increase in quality to the end-user as all of the brushes produced have the same quality.

LORIS MAESTRUTTI: We are participating in the ABMA Convention for the first time, and what is important is that MGG North America is now part of ABMA, along with the parent MGG company in Italy.

We have sold to DPC the first machine in the world that can automatically manufacture brushes that are orthogonal or have an angle. The machine has a tiltable cradle and the feeding line is always in the middle. The machine spreads around the glue homogeneously on the head, which means a big saving and consistency. Otherwise, the risk is that you have more glue in the center of the brush and less on the ends.

In the paintbrush segment, I think we are the most advanced technology company. We have a one plant, one line solution for complete paintbrush production that is composed of 15 to 18 machines, automatic control in cascade, 4.0 connection, ERP connection, database on the product and more than 10 touch screens. At this point, I think we are the only company able to produce flat, angular paintbrushes and rollers in fully automated lines. ALBERTO VOLTOLINA: First, to be clear, it is a company, not a branch office. We are going to take all the projects in the region through MGG North America and the customer is going to deal with the team in Charlotte, specifically with me and our service contact. The overall concept is to provide a dedicated team that can help our customers in advisory service maintenance with 24/7 service. If the customer has a problem, they have somebody here in North America. With the push of a button, we are there for our customers. Secondly, the idea is to have a sort of consignment stock for spare parts, which means that all of our customers can identify through MGG North America any spare parts needed — strategic ones we can inventory in Charlotte. As soon as the customer needs a spare part, they push the button and we ship in three to five days to any location in North America. This avoids waiting for a couple of months and is a key benefit during this time when the supply chain is struggling.

The strategy seems to be paying off as MGG North America has already produced a new agreement with the Delaware Paint Company (DPC), correct? LORIS: They do paintbrushes that are produced by hand. When we met Pete Newton, president of DPC, this past summer, he said that it is sometimes difficult to find people. So now, he has the vision to make this step to have less human intervention, while increasing production and more repeatability. When you do the paintbrushes by hand, the repeatability is not always guaranteed! With our lines, our customers can

That’s a great innovation and quite helpful to paintbrush manufacturers. LORIS: Let me say that MGG has always had a fixed point in mind thanks to the vision of the president, Gianfranco. There are not many companies that keep their focus through the years. We have a concrete vision for a total production plant inside the company. So we designed the machine line. Our machines have been designed with a high percentage of aluminum for the frame. Because it’s flexible with our equipment in the paintbrush line, but also paintbrushes don’t have dynamic loads. There is no big inertia in the machine, so it’s very important to use flexible raw material, while maintaining structural strength. So we use extruded beams to create the frame. And the upper frame is mounted on a lower frame in steel — just to give the rigidity. When you lift up the frame with the crane, it has a rigid base. So all these things, were considered when building the MGG machine line.

What gives MGG the edge in designing paintbrush machines? The brother of Gianfranco, Maurizio, is our senior expert and is a key resource for the development department. Because he’s still working in the paintbrush company he’s still producing. So, he knows where the problems are for the brush producer that engineers may not understand. But those who put their hands on the brush know how to modify, how to make and improve the characteristics and the performance. For us, Maurizio is a big asset in that regard. ALBERTO: And because we are now touring all around the United States, you can have a big customer which produces high volume. And, you can have another customer who produces niche and quality. So, let’s be clear, our machines

www.brushwaremag.com | 17

MGG NORTH AMERICA are not only for the customer looking to produce volume. Our machines are also customized for customers that want to maintain a primarily manual workflow. We can solve certain headaches that they can have, by putting in specific automation capabilities without investing in an entire line. We also produce lines for rollers. This is important because the market is moving in that direction as well. And there are plenty of producers. So MGG can also supply those kinds of lines.

good job. So it’s just a matter to maintain and improve. We’re not starting from zero, there is already a solid base.

You mentioned earlier the emphasis on speed for delivery of spare parts and service support overall. Can you tell our readers more about the MGG approach in this area? LORIS: We have just bought three big storage systems, automatically controlled by computer. You can recall practically every part for our machines by code. Everything is in the cloud, and so you can call the cassette and all the pieces commercial or internal to produce the machine will be automatically gathered. Thanks to that, even during the COVID situation, we were able to supply four complete plants this year. We have, thanks to the storage system, maintained our contract commitments despite the challenges with the supply chain. VERONICA MARCON: I think one of the strongest points is the service for our company. We try to give the service in no time for our customers. Because we are working with international customers, we have different times in different countries. We want to avoid downtime in production for our customers, so we’ve been working on a new project now for two years called Service On-Site. It’s an application that customers can have on a tablet or phone. When you log in as a customer, you will find your list of machines and you will find video tutorials and training support as well.

Gianfranco Marcon and Veronica Marcon

That’s quite a bit of coverage. Are you solely focused on the paintbrush and paint products market? ALBERTO: Even tomorrow we will have certain meetings not only with paintbrush manufacturers, but we are open to promote these products to all brush companies. If a manufacturer wants to verticalize, then it can be a good idea for somebody that has additional ferrules or other materials to put in new machines. That doesn’t mean the entire line, but you can put an assembly machine, epoxy resin machine, and manually produce certain products. In North America, we have a good connection with customers because we have more than 50 machines already placed. Not full lines, but single machines. That means the customers are recognizing that in the past that we did a very

18 | www.brushwaremag.com

We’ve been studying the most common errors that our customers normally face with the machines and we inserted that research into the app solutions and tutorials in different languages. If a customer can’t solve the problem independently with the step-by-step video tutorials, then of course our technical team will intervene. LORIS: During the COVID period, when nobody was able to travel, Veronica maintained contact with the customers. Of course, we worked more on the spare parts during this time. Because she’s in charge of the organization of service, she has requested to work in the same office as production. Because when you stay in the same office, with sales, plus the service manager and so on. You speak one time, and update everyone. So, she was in the position to maintain close contact with customers to sustain and develop the sales network.

COMPANY PROFILE Today with Alberto it is easier to go to the customers because we can travel again. But if this connection was not maintained during COVID, it would be more difficult now.

Are there additional capabilities for MGG that you would like to highlight? LORIS: One important thing that is also a key component of the business plan for MGG North America ... we have two companies in reality – MGG, the mother company that creates the equipment for the paintbrush sector. And this equipment, these lines, are guided and controlled by robotics and automation. So for that reason, Gianfranco created in Loris Maestrutti and Alberto Voltolina parallel in 2011, MGG Robotics, a sister company in Italy that spends 50 percent Speaking of events, there is some uncertainty around of its time developing and designing, and Interbrush 2024. Do you plan to exhibit in 2024 and will managing robotic automation in the MGG produced lines. you bring machines? And then they also invest 50 percent of their time on their own product in the automation industry – for food and GIANFRANCO: We believe that Interbrush is a very important beverage packaging, automotive, wood, veneer, aerospace event for the whole industry, and MGG looks forward to and waste materials. This is a benefit because we have the exhibiting at the next edition together with all the people knowledge inside. belonging to this sector. It is a world-class showcase and So this is also a focus for MGG North America. We would like to extend our relationship, perhaps with startup companies here in the US, or with engineers, because we can support the production completely. All of the designs and ideas can be developed, we would also like to develop them here in the United States. And that is the reason that we have taken this first step.

So from the ABMA Convention perspective, we have one more day with the Face 2 Face meetings. What are your impressions so far of the event? ALBERTO: This is an event where you have to be. Absolutely, this is the right way to make connections and network – this is something that we will want to do in the next years and we will keep promoting and sponsoring the event because it’s very, very important for us.

MGG has always been present and I seize the opportunity to renew MGG’s utmost interest in participating. Our idea is to bring the latest news in terms of technology at the fair, so machines will be present thus allowing people to touch with hands the quality they are made of, but also I think we will bring some interesting digital content.

Thank you for your time today. As we close, are there any final thoughts you have for our readers? LORIS: This is a family company. In our region in Italy, the heart of the industry is done by the family companies. It started small, then grew and grew and grew and became an industry. We are a company and we are a team. The steps we are taking are very important to maintain the equilibrium to growing without making one step backward, always stepping forward. –This interview has been edited for length and grammar www.brushwaremag.com | 19


Manufacturing Engagement ABMA’s Return to a Live Convention Welcomed By Attendees

Meet the Pros Session

The ABMA welcomed back in-person attendees to the 105th ABMA Convention on March 2-5, 2022, as the event visited the Hyatt Regency Coconut Resort in Bonita Springs, Fla. The atmosphere of the event could best be described as a combination of enthusiasm and gratitude along with a note of concern regarding the future of Interbrush. The enthusiasm exuded by the majority of attendees centered around being able to once again meet in person and network with old friends and colleagues. “I thought it was great to get back to an in-person event, and I hope the industry never goes back to virtual-only,” says Brian Cassady, CEO and President of Osborn. “Communicating strictly by teleconference limits the opportunity for exchanges of information to narrow topics and soundbites. It does not foster a free flow discussion nearly as well as communications in person. And for me, the opportunity to meet with so many industry participants personally was the highlight of the event. I am really looking forward to next year.” Miguel Medrano, Director of Marketing at Borghi USA, reflected the same sentiment saying, “The convention this year was excellent. It was great to finally be able to see everyone in person once again. I think we all needed it as it showed we are all moving forward and progressing from the past two years. You could see everyone smiling

20 | www.brushwaremag.com

at one another and participating in that comradery that we all have with each other in the industry.”

While everyone at the event was clearly pleased to be back together as a community, there was an underlying concern as attendees pondered the implications of the December announcement that ZAHORANSKY would not attend Interbrush in 2024 or beyond. Interbrush organizer Daniel Strowitzki’s update on the situation was probably the most anticipated segment of the convention. In his address to the convention, he indicated that the departure of the top exhibitor certainly presented a challenging scenario, but he planned to utilize time at the convention to gather feedback and consider ideas for Interbrush 2024 with key stakeholders. He noted in his statement that it is a setback for the event to lose such a big exhibitor, but he emphasized that it is only one exhibitor and events lose key exhibitors on occasion. In that context, he was clear that Interbrush should be able to move forward and he was working toward that goal.

The convention this year was excellent. It was great to finally be able to see everyone in person once again. I think we all needed it as it showed we are all moving forward and progressing from the past two years. – Miguel Medrano Paolo Malavasi for Unimac and Miguel Medrano of Borghi USA

Feedback from several attendees indicated that some of the key machine makers might be reluctant to support an event in ZAHORANSKY’s backyard. On the other hand, Germany offers a strong base of brush manufacturing companies which some consider vital to strong attendance for Interbrush.

“I really enjoyed the Meet the Pros sessions,” says first-time attendee Kim Johnstun of Easy Reach Supply. “It gave many of us an opportunity to discuss issues that relate to our businesses. We were able to both give advice and share information with others in areas of our strengths; as well as learn from others in areas in which we could improve. I’m looking forward to the Meet the Pros sessions next year.”

FEIBP Statement FEIBP President Andrew McIlroy (Perlon) gave his address as well and noted that the full impact of the war in Ukraine and the resulting sanctions were still unknown but there would surely be an impact on trade. Conversely, despite some COVID-19 restrictions still being in place for certain European countries, he was hopeful that by Easter much of the region could be back to normal. From a business perspective, he said the majority of FEIBP manufacturers could look back on a strong but challenging 2021 – based on extreme demand contrasted against ongoing supply chain issues. That of course is related to a new concern as he said that inflation was tracking above five percent for the region. While emphasizing the challenges ahead for the industry, he stressed the importance of in-person events like the ABMA Convention and the FEIBP Congress. He said, “We have many things in common and our goal should be to strive towards a worldwide brush industry and not just a localized one.” After missing two years of in-person events, he indicated that the FEIBP hopes to confirm in early April that the 2022 FEIBP Congress will be able to go ahead as scheduled in Prague, Czech Republic in September.

Meet The Pros Sessions The Meet the Pros sessions were held on Wednesday afternoon and featured five pros leading varying topics for brief open discussions. Attendees were able to shift from session to session and attend all five. The segment lasted approximately two hours and was well attended with all five tables active and engaged throughout the event.

www.brushwaremag.com | 21

INSIDE A PRO SESSION Miguel Medrano, Director of Marketing for Borghi USA, led the Managing Communication Mediums in an Organization session during the Meet the Pros segment. He offered the following summary on the session: Managing communication mediums is simply “how” your message is sent to the receiver. It is often referred to as the communication channel. There are four main types of communication we use on a daily basis: verbal, nonverbal, written and visual. Communication dictates how well people throughout a manufacturing company coordinate their efforts to create a product. As a result, effective communication can benefit a manufacturing business in several ways, including: REDUCED RISK IN THE WORKPLACE: Effective communication plays an important role in preventing injury on the job, which becomes particularly important when employees are operating hazardous machinery. When people communicate clearly and quickly, accidents can be avoided.

ABMA Emerging Leaders chair Kevin White

Borghi USA’s Miguel Medrano leads his Meet the Pros Session

GREATER EFFICIENCY IN PRODUCTION: Clear, frequent communication helps people perform their jobs efficiently. For example, when a machine breaks down or materials run low, effective communication helps staff address the problem without confusion or repetitive action, so the company can get back to work quickly. IMPROVED COHESION AND ENGAGEMENT: One of the biggest benefits of effective communication is cohesion among multiple levels of the business. When communication flows easily in each direction, employees feel more engaged with their work, leading to better worker retention and higher overall productivity. The feedback from the session indicated that all apps and tools are great and useful to use for various methods. Some are preferred more than others, but all are accepted. At times it can be overwhelming with too many video meetings. Face to face will always be better for communication. Phone calls and emails are still a valid way of communicating and sometimes faster to get a quick clear response instead of spending too much time creating a meeting. Keep in mind the reason for your communication which will allow you to pick the appropriate channel. Some tips to help you decide are urgency, formality, purpose, accessibility and information type. Keeping these in mind will help decide if a meeting is necessary or if a phone call, email or in-person visit will be necessary instead.

22 | www.brushwaremag.com

Outgoing Executive Director Dave Parr

ABMA President Greg Miller





When asked about the most impactful session from her perspective, she cited the discussion on hiring and maintaining employees. “We are always looking for ways to keep our employees happy in their jobs, as well as hiring new employees that will help our business to become even more successful. Everyone in the discussion had great tips on what has worked for them. I think we all walked away from that session having learned something from one another.” Cassady from Osborn also highlighted the same topic saying, “The session on employee relations/retention was the most timely and pertinent to me and Osborn, and also generated the most engagement by other industry leaders. Osborn is only as strong as the workers who bring their A-game and tirelessly make our products every day. Without their satisfaction, dedication and engagement, we could never properly serve our customers. There were several takeaways from that session that we will implement at Osborn, such as concentrating on broader and more frequent communications with our entire team about strategy, our successes in the market, their key position in the industry supply chain, etc.”

Engaged Attendees The event marked a key transition for the ABMA with new Executive Director Donna Frendt working alongside outgoing Executive Director David Parr. All reports indicate that the handoff and execution was virtually seamless and Frendt reported that there were no major issues. In particular, she says the Hyatt

Keynote speaker Paul Long

Coconut Point Resort staff was accommodating and pleasant to work alongside. Greg Miller, ABMA President, had the same perspective saying, “I think I can speak for the entire board and fellow ABMA members that this year’s convention in Bonita Springs was a huge success. Dave Parr and his staff along with our new director Donna Frendt and her staff ran a great convention. A lot of time and effort went into the hiring of our new director, and this convention was further proof that all of the people involved in the process made the correct choice for the continued success and growth of our association.” www.brushwaremag.com | 23

THANK YOU FROM DAVE PARR Over the previous 20 years, it has been a great pleasure and my distinct honor to have been entrusted with serving ABMA and its members. There is genuine passion in and for this industry, especially present when industry members collect in person. The future of the association is bright. You have a talented Executive Director in Donna Frendt and a strong brand and vision for the future, along with an excellent collection of leaders on the Board of Directors. ABMA serves as the leading industry association and with that comes responsibility and opportunity. I look forward to watching the future developments of the industry and to follow the work of ABMA and its fellow associations as they work to build a better industry for all. On behalf of my family, thank you ABMA family for everything you have given us over the years. We will certainly Dave Parr is honored during the enjoy the parting gift general session of signed Adirondack chairs which we have already added to our back deck. The chairs serve as a reminder of the things which make ABMA so very special; its people and the shared memories we make along the way.

FEIBP President Andrew McIlroy addresses the general session

ABMA is truly a gift. Kay and I wish you continued success and look forward to seeing you down the road. Best regards,

David Parr

Brush Fibers Chris Monahan

Daniel Strowitzki updates on Interbrush 2024

Additionally, Frendt was pleased with the attendee interaction at the event and the feedback as well. She says, “I was very impressed with the level of active engagement during the educational segments as well as the social/networking events. All programs and activities were well-attended and the members generated excellent dialogue during the “Meet The Pros” roundtable, and during the keynote presentation by Paul Long. The committee meetings were also very well-attended, which really shows how much the members care about the success of ABMA and appreciate the interaction of the collective group.” Medrano also noted the engagement in the committee meetings saying, “The committee meetings were very productive as we really got back to focusing our objectives as an organization with the same commitment and effort we all had before the pandemic.” Greg Miller presents a commemorative award to Dave Parr

24 | www.brushwaremag.com

Rachel Ciullo leads a session on managing employees from different generations

Scott Enchelmaier with the stage props

Brush Community An often-cited strength of the brushware industry is the overall sense of community and the collaborative nature amongst colleagues across the world. Getting back to an in-person event for the ABMA Convention refreshed that perspective for attendees. Johnstun says, “I really loved the willingness of the leaders of each company to share information with others who would normally be considered their competitors in business. ABMA gives us

a place where we can all come together as friends to help one another as much as possible, since we truly want to see each of our friends succeed. Since the convention, I have spoken with several other leaders in brush manufacturing that I met at the ABMA Convention. I’ve asked them for advice or help, and they have reached out to me for the same. I’ve never seen anything like it in my 28 years in the business world. It’s wonderful how everyone works together.”




brush and broom manufacuturer

in the world (in our humble opinion)

visit our newly designed website

stnickbrush.com ®

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Face 2 Face Sessions Photo Gallery

Jamie Haseltine and Joe Menner of Ascend Performance Materials check out the industry’s leading resource

Stainless Steel Products Ralph Rosenbaum with Ken Rakusin of Gordon Brush

Borghi’s Paolo Roversi and Carlos Petzold with Joe Arnold and Tim Diebold of S.M. Arnold Inc.

Dave Parr and new ABMA Executive Director Donna Frendt monitor the Face 2 Face session

26 | www.brushwaremag.com

Boucherie’s Kris Geldof, Bart Boucherie Jr. and John Williams

CONVENTION NOTES The reported attendance was relatively strong for a comeback event with 173 attendees. 26 exhibitors participated in the Face 2 Face event. During the convention, Connor Tiegs was announced as the winner of the 2022 Kathy K. Parr scholarship for $2,500. Tiegs is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee studying business administration and finance and will use the money to defray tuition expenses Three new member organizations were announced at the event – Ascend Performance Materials, MGG North America and Norshel Industries

Chris Monahan (Brush Fibers) delivered the Convention Committee report and noted that the 2021 surveys indicated the ABMA membership has a strong preference for in-person events versus virtual events. His report also indicated the convention meeting industry is currently under price pressure due to the surging tourist industry. He said those upward costs would be considered for future convention planning. Monahan also announced the location for the 2024 ABMA Convention: The Omni at Amelia Island, Fla., with a Tuesday through Friday schedule. There was no Innovation Award winner selected for 2022, but there are three nominees for the 2023 award.

Paul J. Long gave the keynote speech on Thursday morning and engaged the attendees with his philosophy of “Fundamism” and how it can used in the workplace to inspire employees and build a more enjoyable and productive culture.

Marty Swanson and Kathy Swanson receive an award from Greg Miller

Loris Maestrutti, Alberto Voltolina, Gianfranco Marcon and Veronica Marcon of MGG

www.brushwaremag.com | 27

Eric Smedsrud and Dave Magner of Deco Products

Ron Cherryholmes, Bart Pelton, Chris Monahan and Ian Moss from Brush Fibers and PelRay International

Jim Benjamin of Precision Brush catches a break during the Face 2 Face sessions

28 | www.brushwaremag.com

Matt Monahan and Jon Monahan of Monahan Filaments

Terry Hogan (Perlon), Larry Mell, Chris Krape from Weiler Abrasives and Andrew McIlroy from Perlon

Kim Johnstun of Easy Reach Supply between Face 2 Face sessions

Mike Frederickson and Jerry Smolenski of Jewel Wire

Lance Cheney and Max Cheney of Braun Brush

Gonzola Martinez and Alan Lee of Schaefer Brush

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Industrial Brush Corporation’s John Cottam with Ben Zoufan of Dupont Filaments

Greg Miller of Mill-Rose and Kevin Monahan of Monahan Partners during the Face 2 Face Session

AST Filaments Dustin Maninfior with Sofia Teles from Filkemp

Chip Preston of Spiral Brushes visits Kevin Lannon of Lanoco Specialty Wire

America’s Premier Artist Brush Manufacturer

Maker of handcrafted quality brushes since 1929 Producer of private label and branded brushes Two custom manufacturing facilities Family owned and operated FM Brush Company, Inc.

70-02 72nd Place . Glendale . New York . 11385 Ph: 718.821.5939 Fax: 718-821-2385 www.fmbrush.com . email: info@fmbrush.com

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Proud Member for 70+ Years.


EXPERIE German Brush Start-Up Brush Company Focuses On Innovative Solutions In Growth Market

By Katharina Goldbeck Hörz

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While BrushBoxx GmbH has only just launched with an official start-up date of January 3, 2022, the new brush manufacturer boasts an experienced leadership team and is targeting some of the hottest business sectors. Mechanical engineers Andreas Fuchs and Henning Teutsch founded BrushBoxx near Stuttgart, Germany, and both have many years of technical and management experience in purchasing, sales and the development of technical products. The mission for BrushBoxx is to offer consulting, development, production and distribution of technical brushes and components targeted at industrial customers in the data center, agricultural technology, wind power and customized, complex brush solutions sectors. Looking at the leadership team, Fuchs, 45, was most recently sales manager and later managing director at a well-known manufacturer of brushes for over 10 years. Teutsch, 39, worked as head of development for over six years in the brush industry. Leading the agricultural technology and wind power business units, Peter Halm is a technical business economist with more than 16 years of experience in the brush industry, from production to sales. Rounding out the team, André Fischer is a commercial business economist and he leads the data center business. He has industry experience of 13 years in the brush sector. Highly motivated, BrushBoxx enters an industry where startups have become extremely rare. Today, growth in this traditionsteeped industry is more likely to come from acquisitions or Europe-wide mergers of long-standing family businesses.


ENCE BrushBoxx CEO Andreas Fuchs

BrushBoxx CEO Henning Teutsch

www.brushwaremag.com | 33

“It was a long and intensive process of developing a business model,” says Fuchs. “We acted very deliberately and looked for niches where our knowledge is in demand. We are not interested in copying large manufacturers. We thought about how we can scale business areas and what could be interesting for companies in the future. How can we bring all our combined know-how and experience to bear, to the benefit of future customers?” The two founders and CEOs of BrushBoxx anticipate high growth potential. They have taken their time in designing a

We acted very deliberately and looked for niches where our knowledge is in demand … How can we bring all our combined knowhow and experience to bear, to the benefit of future customers? – BrushBoxx CEO Andreas Fuchs working concept and promising business model that invests in future technology of growth markets. And they have the backing they need – moral support from their families, appreciation from their first customers and suppliers and the financing required to be successful. “For us, added value comes with customer interaction,” Fuchs adds. “So we have embarked on a journey of discovery, coming from the industries to provide solutions for the industries. This step into independence, starting with consulting, finding solutions together with customers and realizable results in a short time, leads to a very positive response from our first customers, but also in discussions with future suppliers and in cooperations. We are encouraged by this motivating result.” The founders granted an interview with Brushware and the result of that conversation follows:

André Fischer

Peter Halm

What made you decide to start a new company? FUCHS: The desire for another professional challenge was strong for both of us. At the same time, it was also a desire for personal development outside the comfort zone of an employee job. In joint discussions, we kept realizing that: Actually, you would have to do it yourself. We wanted a change and this eventually led to the idea: We’re doing it. TEUTSCH: We both have a lot of experience with customer needs and we are all doers who like to implement something in the interest of the customer. Our motivation is to solve problems.

Why did you choose the specific markets of agriculture, wind/renewable energy and data center technology? FUCHS: We chose these industries because we have experience in this area and we can identify with the products. They are also industries with a promising future. Focusing with our knowhow offers the opportunity to make a name for ourselves as a start-up in a competitive environment.


TUNGSTEN OR HSS. FOR USE ON HIGH PERFORMANCE CNC MACHINES Leistner Werkzeug GmbH Auerbacher Str. 15 D-08328 Stuetzengruen/Germany www.leistner-gmbh.de info@leistner-gmbh.de Ph: +49-(0)37462-288 150 Fx: +49-(0)37462-288 159 Proud

34 | www.brushwaremag.com

Member of

Are there other markets for BrushBoxx in the future? Can you give examples of how this helps customers? FUCHS: We have identified other interesting areas, but we want to work on them at a later date ‒ just step by step.

What are your short-, medium- and long-term goals? FUCHS: Of course, the most important thing is to get orders. Acquisition takes priority over everything. Setting up production is also one of our short-term goals. This also involves setting up test rigs and recruiting personnel. In the medium term, we are aiming for ISO certifications for BrushBoxx, and we want to invest in development projects with customers. And in the long term, of course, we hope to succeed as a company in the market.

What advantages do you offer over established manufacturers? TEUTSCH: Our focus is on the specific development of solutions, primarily based on injection molding and extrusion technology. We have a lot of technical industry knowledge, are well positioned in engineering and are fortunate to have a sound global network. Personally, I also see advantages in the fact that we think in an absolutely solution-oriented way and meet our customers at eye level when faced with problems. Understanding the specific customer language and being close to issues is a priority and could be a multiplier for other manufacturers. Customer proximity allows us to pay attention and provide extremely short turn-times for inquiries, calculations and offers. Speed and deep understanding are our start-up characteristics.

FUCHS: With first-hand expertise, fast response and industry know-how, we pick up our customers when problems arise. At the same time, we never forget that our suppliers are the source of the innovations we want to find. We have enough courage to set up a larger hall with state-of-the-art machinery, which may also quickly become too small if we are successful. We are flexible even with growth.

What is the size and location of the production facility? FUCHS: With four people and a lot of potential, we are at the start. Our location is close to Stuttgart, with an excellent infrastructure. This means we are directly and quickly at the customer’s site, even across Europe when it matters. We have rented a generous area of 300 square meters for production, for the start of our company, and equipped it with state-ofthe-art technology. In doing so, we hope that this capacity will not be sufficient for too long.


How do you see the future for the production of technical brushes? TEUTSCH: We are in a positive mindset with realistic expectations for the future. Hence the step into our own company.

How important is the experience of the team you have assembled? FUCHS: We benefit from the experience of each individual. The willingness to learn and tackle new tasks is important for all of us to succeed as a start-up. In addition, we are a well-positioned and highly motivated team, and we cover a large field professionally. It is also a question of attitude and our young, just growing corporate culture. It is based on a hands-on mentality, which means we get stuck in. We want to strengthen our individuality as a company and grow. That is also our motivation. There are always encounters with people from whom I can learn something. The willingness to learn, to retain curiosity and push boundaries means to me that other things are possible. And we only win by doing things together.

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The next edition of the tradeshow is scheduled for April 2024 in Freiburg, Germany, the host and origin city of the show since its inception in 1977. Such an announcement might otherwise have little consequence except for the fact that ZAHORANSKY is widely considered to be the world’s largest brush machine maker (excluding paintbrush machines) and has been a major draw to the exhibition attended by more than 7,500 potential buyers and more than 150 exhibitors every four years. The timing of the exit is troubling for the industry in that there has not been an exhibition since 2016. With the 2000 show canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, expectations have been high for Interbrush now as it is just two years away. However, the absence of the German machine maker has raised questions about the future of Interbrush given that it has machines covering a wide spectrum that go beyond traditional brush manufacturing. In fact, some industry sources speculate the company’s growth in other areas has simply made Interbrush less essential for the company. The fact that ZAHORANSKY has cut ties with Interbrush, of which it was an original co-founder 45 years ago, potentially supports that claim.

“Here are described in detail our motives and the facts,” he said, adding, “In this respect, we do not consider further interviews or questionnaires to be necessary.”

The Industry Perspective Now, the looming question is without ZAHORANSKY exhibiting at Interbrush, can the show go on? While some in the industry believe the exhibition may be in jeopardy, others say, not so fast because, as it stands now, other key machine manufacturers plan to exhibit, and potential machine buyers, suppliers and product makers have initial plans to be there because of the value derived. “Meeting new potential customers, especially from further afield remains a big benefit for us,” says Andrew McIlroy, Perlon, sales and marketing director Hahl range. McIlroy, who is also president of the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP), adds that “having the vast majority of our industry gathering together for a few days in the same location is something we value highly.” Matthias Peveling, WOHLER general manager, says, “The value for our company was to meet customers, friends and new potential customers from all over the world in one place. We had the chance of presenting some of the latest developments and discussing with customers their requirements and needs.” Chris Monahan, president, Brush Fibers, says, “We have derived tremendous value from Interbrush throughout the years. We’ve made many connections throughout the world there and some of these turned into valuable business relationships in addition to life-long friends. There really isn’t anything else like it in our industry – and also in many other industries – a truly global gathering of like-minded companies from around the world.”

Chris Monahan

Paolo Roversi

When Robert Dous of ZAHORANSKY was asked to respond to questions on the exit from Interbrush, his response was cordial but brief as he referred Brushware to the original December press release, where the company cited the intervals of the show versus the pace of new machine innovations, the costs of exhibiting versus the short three-day timeframe and ultimately a poor benefit/effort ratio.

“Interbrush has always been THE SHOW for our Industry,” says Paolo Roversi, president, Borghi SpA. “For Borghi, it was the moment to meet all our customers, friends and co-suppliers in the Industry from all over the world. It was a very important social moment, more than a simple exhibition.” Alessandro Acquaderni, sales and marketing director for SITBRUSH, and FEIBP vice president says, “Attending an Interbrush does not ‘only’ represent the largest opportunity to meet all the main suppliers in the brush industry in a very effective and efficient way (all of them in the same location for four days!), but it also represents a huge networking opportunity.” www.brushwaremag.com | 37

Greg Miller, president of The Mill-Rose Company, calls Interbrush a “great show where you can see all of the available brush making equipment.”

We have attended every show since its inception and being able to see all of the new technology, in one location is priceless. – Jeff Malish, president and CEO, The Malish Corporation

Marco Bizzotto, general manager Bizzotto Automation, says his company has exhibited at the Freiburg show since its inception, and “each presence has been positive for our business as it allowed us to meet and count new customers. In addition, Interbrush always presents a pleasant opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.” Jeff Malish, president and CEO, The Malish Corporation, says, “We have attended every show since its inception and being able to see all of the new technology, in one location is priceless.” “Our company has exhibited at Interbrush since the beginning. It is a unique occasion to introduce our new machines to customers coming from all over the world,” says Stefano Paggin, owner of Paggin.

Decision Reaction Industry-wide initial reaction to ZAHORANSKY’s decision ranges from understanding and disappointment to dismay and shock. As Paggin puts it, the company “has been one of the main promoters of the fair, and the location of Freiburg, close to the ZAHORANSKY factory, was chosen because

From right to left: Stefano Paggin at Torrington Brush in Sarasota, Fla., with company owners Stephanie Grimaldi, Michael Grimaldi and Paggin’s programming engineer Mauro Bettiol

38 | www.brushwaremag.com

their company is a historical brand in the field of the brush making equipment. I don’t know why they decided not to exhibit in 2024. I was surprised and now I don’t know exactly what is going to happen.” ABMA Executive Director Donna Frendt says, “ZAHORANSKY has the right to determine their strategic business decisions. This decision, however, Matthias Peveling will most likely lead to the demise, or shrinkage of Interbrush as we know it today.” Malish is, “extremely disappointed in the decision. I do not believe they understand the benefits derived from their customers or the negative repercussions it will have on them.” Bizzotto says, “This announcement did not surprise us, but probably the real reasons behind this decision have not been fully disclosed.” “We were shocked and didn’t like it,” Peveling says. “In fact, we are concerned that this will make the fair less attractive for visitors to travel from all over the world with the reason to meet all major suppliers of the brush industry in just one place.”

Alessandro Acquaderni

Jeff Malish

Interbrush “has been discussed amongst our FEIBP Board and all parties are keen for the show to continue.” Malish says, “I would attend the new show regardless of ZAHORANSKY’s decision, and others in my company will also attend.” Peveling says, “Their decision has no impact on our decision to attend the IB 2024. However, we have to wait and see how the overall costs will develop if alternative locations are chosen.”

“It was a surprise,” says McIlroy, “but after speaking to them I understand many of the reasons why they have taken this decision.” “I do not understand the real reasons of such a decision,” says Roversi. “Mainly because it is coming from the company who founded and supported in any possible way that event for more than 40 years. For sure I personally do not believe the reasons that were published in the press release.” It was a “large exhibitor at the show,” says Miller. “It is unfortunate that they will not be in attendance.” Acquaderni’s reaction: “Even if I strongly believe in the freedom of choice, for sure it’s disappointing that a player of reference like ZAHORANSKY took this decision, but it has an impact, without involving the main ambassadors of the industry, represented by FEIBP and ABMA. It shows ... a lack of a sense of responsibility or a lack of attention to the impact on the territory and on the entrepreneurial network and industry.”

To Be There Or Not? As to whether ZAHORANSKY’s absence will have any impact on industry leaders’ plans to exhibit or attend the 2024 Interbrush, the range is from adamant about being there, to we shall wait and see. For McIlroy, “We continue to support the industry in full and will attend the next show.” He adds that the future of www.brushwaremag.com | 39

Bizzotto says, “We have the intention of participating, but let’s see the development of the situation.” “I think that still it must be defined what kind of brush event will take place in 2024, but of course, I’ll be part of it,” says Acquaderni. “The main players in the brush-making industry such as Borghi, Boucherie, Woehler, etc., might decide another location for the next edition of the fair. I look forward to learn what they will decide,” Paggin says. From Roversi comes this: “I don’t think ZAHORANSKY’s announcement can have an impact on any Borghi decision. Anyhow, I strongly believe ZAHORANSKY simply killed the show.”

Interbrush: Looking Ahead Roversi thus joins Ken Rakusin, President and CEO of Gordon Brush, who said in his January 19, 2022, letter to Ulrich Zahoransky and Robert Dous of ZAHORANSKY that their decision “will effectively end Interbrush.”

Andrew McIlroy

Marco Bizzotto

“If the remaining brush industry machine manufacturers will no longer exhibit in Freiburg the show shrinks dramatically,” says Frendt.

What do others say? “We don’t think so, but ultimately the number of visitors and the success of the exhibitors will decide if the fair continues or not, or maybe it will continue in a different format,” says Peveling.

“Yes, losing a large exhibitor to any show is a blow, for both visitors and organizers, but this has happened in shows in other industries before and the show still carried on,” says McIlroy, adding that the industry “has evolved over time whereas Interbrush has not necessarily and this gives all parties the chance to reconsider what can be done differently to keep the event relevant for the industry.”

“I would say that it is too early to comment on this as I don’t believe any official announcement (from Interbrush) has been made,” says Miller.

Malish says, “I agree that it could effectively end Interbrush, but it remains to be seen what the other large equipment manufacturers do.”

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SAFETY INSPECTIONS: 4 TIPS Marketing During A Pandemic Supply Chain: Efficiency vs Resiliency

Asked to elaborate on his comment, Rakusin says, “They (ZAHORANSKY) are the biggest supplier of machines to the industry, excluding the paintbrush portion. Having only two major brush machine manufacturers might also mean that some will find it not worth their time and not go.” Paggin says, “Maybe Mr. Rakusin is right, but our industry needs an event like the Interbrush to be held in Europe.” Acquaderni says, “I think that ZAHORANSKY’s decision represents the end of Interbrush as we have known it in Freiburg, with the size and features it had. But a brush supply chain event will exist because brush manufacturers, brushing machine engineers and brush-components suppliers have a very strong bond forged in many centuries of coexistence in the industry. Luckily the departure of a player, doesn’t matter how large it is, doesn’t represent a threat for this bond, even if it can have a strong impact.” Bizzotto says, “Considering the important contribution of ZAHORANSKY in the birth and in the growth of this exhibition over the years, given their notable and incisive presence, their absence will certainly have significant consequences and will be noticed.” Asked if Interbrush can continue without ZAHORANSKY, Strowitzki says, “We are in discussions with exhibitors as well as the associations ... because the exhibitors are keen to have a show and to present their products!”

If Not Freiburg, Then Where? There is widespread agreement that a brush exhibition should be held if Interbrush 2024 is canceled, but location is an issue. “I believe our industry deserves such a moment,” says Roversi. “No matter if it is named Interbrush or any other way.” Rakusin’s “opinion, and hope is that we hold the show with or without the name Interbrush in 2024 at a location that is a long distance from Freiburg to make it hard for people to go to the ZAHORANSKY factory.” Peveling says, “If the Interbrush 2024 will not be held in Freiburg it might be held in another attractive place for visitors. It should be logistically well connected for easy traveling and should also offer interesting sightseeing options.” McIlroy says the when and where of it is the current dilemma. “We all want to maximize the quality of the event and give all exhibitors a fair chance to meet existing and new customers. Germany remains the largest country in terms of brush manufacturers, and I would personally like it to stay in Germany. There are many major cities with suitable locations and good flight connections which could accommodate an event for our industry.”

THE ABMA INTERBROSSA SPLIT by Bob Lawrence The last time ZAHORANSKY made such big headlines around an industry show was in the aftermath of the 1996 exhibition then known as Interbrossa. The company bussed visitors away from the show to its nearby factory in Todtnau, about 40 minutes from Freiburg. There, they were wined and dined, shown the company’s full line of brush-making machines, and given a sales pitch. That was a tremendous disadvantage to other machine manufacturers who could not afford to ship in their full lines. And while ZAHORANSKY did exhibit some of its machines at Interbrossa, the company saved “tremendous amounts of money by having local shipping of their machines to the show as well as having their staff staying at their homes rather than hotels,” says Ken Rakusin, president and CEO, Gordon Brush, and former ABMA president. In an effort to stop the practice of taking visitors away from the exhibition hall, ABMA on behalf of its members began planning its own show that premiered in 2000 in Luxembourg several days before Interbrossa. That move was the catalyst leading to an agreement that would take effect in 2004. As Rakusin recalls, “ZAHORANSKY realized that a show could go on without it, and that a split show wasn’t as good for all the attendees. As part of the new agreement, Messe Freiburg agreed to collect funds from ZAHORANSKY and pay money to Borghi and Boucherie to compensate them for the travel and shipping expenses.” Additionally, all future shows would be called Interbrush. In the aftermath of that reorganization, some in the brush industry believe ZAHORANSKY became part owner of Interbrush. Strowitzki says, the “owner of Interbrush is the FWTM GmbH & Co KG, formerly known as Freiburg Messe. ZAHORANSKY is not a part-owner of Messe Freiburg — we are 100% owned by the City of Freiburg.”

Bizzotto’s opinion: “I would exclude an exhibition like Interbrush taking place again in Germany.”

www.brushwaremag.com | 41

Paggin adds that there are “many locations that could hold a fair like the Interbrush. I think it’s a decision that could be taken up by the FEIBP. As an Italian manufacturer, I would prefer Italy.” No matter the location, Miller says he would “more than likely attend any show related to our brush industry.”

Tradeshow Intervals Too Long Or Not? In ZAHORANSKY’s press release, the company said, “Trade show intervals are too long: Interbrush is only held every four years. This means that it no longer meets the shorter innovation cycles required today for the development and market launch of new products.” In Rakusin’s opinion, that reasoning isn’t valid. “As I stated in my letter to the company, Tesla introduces new features as soon as they become available while the other companies have only introduced new innovations at a model year change. Both methods work well.” Roversi says, “Every four years would be fine for Borghi.” Peveling believes that in the current Interbrush format, “four years is fine. In a different format the interval could probably be shorter.” “I do not believe that technology changes that rapidly in our industry,” Malish says. “If it does, I’m sure ZAHORANSKY could come up with another way to show it in between Interbrush shows.” Bizzotto believes a four-year interval between each exhibition is not too long. “Innovations are developed continuously and you are not obliged to wait for a show date to present them. When ready, innovations can be presented at any time to anyone who may be interested in them. Nowadays we have at our disposal so many means of communication that we can reach every potential customer very quickly in order to introduce our innovations.”

42 | www.brushwaremag.com

Ken Rakusin

Daniel Strowitzki

McIlroy says, “Keep it at every four years as it was.” Paggin agrees, adding that, “Four years are needed to introduce new technologies and to amortize the high costs that such an exhibition involves.” In Strowitzki’s December 9, 2021, response to ZAHORANSKY’s decision to no longer exhibit at Interbrush, he stated the decision has “prompted us to initiate an in-depth dialog with associations and exhibitors to determine the future content strategy of Interbrush.” Asked to characterize the response thus far, he says, “The overall responses either by phone or during the ABMA conference were very positive to have events like Interbrush back on the calendar after the long period of time off during the pandemic. The need to present themselves and their products to the industry is big.” Asked if efforts were underway to persuade ZAHORANSKY to reverse its decision, he says, “We never stopped talking with each other.” Does he hold out hope the company will reverse its decision? “Never say no,” Strowitzki says.

economic DASHBOARD

US Manufacturing Still Strong Despite Challenges Global Tensions and Supply Chain Issues Impact World Manufacturers The March PMI for US Manufacturers was reported at 57.1 percent in ISM’s® March Report On Business®. The figure was down 1.5 percentage points from the February reading of 58.6 percent and the lowest reading for the index since September of 2020. However, the figure still indicates a 22nd straight month of expansion for the overall US economy. “The US manufacturing sector remains in a demand-driven, supply chain-constrained environment,” says Timothy R. Fiore, Chair of the ISM® Manufacturing Business Survey Committee. “In March, progress was made to solve the labor shortage problems at all tiers of the supply chain, which will result in improved factory throughput and supplier deliveries. Panelists reported lower rates of quits and early retirements compared to previous months, as well as improving internal and supplier labor positions.”

point change to the Manufacturing PMI® calculation. The Employment Index expanded for a seventh straight month with panelists indicating their ability to hire continues to improve. Panel sentiment remained strongly optimistic regarding demand, with six positive growth comments for every cautious comment, but that ratio was still down from February’s ratio of 12-to-1.


Additionally, the ISM report says demand expanded in March, with the (1) New Orders Index remaining in growth territory, supported by weaker growth of new export orders, (2) Customers’ Inventories Index remaining at a very low level and (3) Backlog of Orders Index continuing in strong growth territory. Consumption (measured by the Production and Employment indexes) grew during the period, though at a slower rate, with a combined minus 0.6-percentage

• “Prices are increasing on steel and steel products after a slight decrease from highs last month. Transportation costs are going up significantly with the increase in fuel prices.” Machinery • “The supply situation is getting worse, with lead times extending over 12 months, material not available, and suppliers not quoting or taking orders. Prices on the rise daily.” Miscellaneous Manufacturing • “Customer orders are brisk in the face of significant price increases, while we continue to struggle with inbound supplier service and raw material availability issues.” Chemical Products

ISM® MANUFACTURING AT A GLANCE (US) MARCH 2022 Index Manufacturing PMI® New Orders Production Employment Supplier Deliveries Inventories Customers’ Inventories Prices Backlog of Orders New Export Orders Imports

Series Index MAR

Series Index FEB

57.1 53.8 54.5 56.3 65.4 55.5 34.1 87.1 60.0 53.2 51.8

58.6 61.7 58.5 52.9 66.1 53.6 31.8 75.6 65.0 57.1 55.4

PCT PT Change Direction -1.5 -7.9 -4.0 +3.4 -0.7 +1.9 +2.3 +11.5 -5.0 -3.9 -3.6

OVERALL ECONOMY Manufacturing Sector

Rate of Change

Trend* (Months)

Growing Growing Growing Growing Slowing Growing Too Low Increasing Growing Growing Growing

Slower Slower Slower Faster Slower Faster Slower Faster Slower Slower Slower

22 22 22 7 73 8 66 22 21 21 5

Growing Growing

Slower Slower

22 22

*Number of months moving in current direction. Source: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®.

www.brushwaremag.com | 43

economic DASHBOARD • “Generally speaking, the business environment is slowly improving for aerospace component manufacturers. Supply chain disruptions and stillextending lead times continue to keep purchasing busy. This further causes reevaluation of the current year’s business plan and cost assumptions.” Transportation Equipment • “Overall business conditions are challenging in both domestic and international transportation. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created uncertainty in the grain markets, causing upward pricing pressure. In addition, inflationary pressures across all categories have made it challenging to manage cost and profitability.” Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products • No letup yet in supply chain challenges, especially electronic components. Relying more and more on the broker market.” Computer and Electronic Products • “Backlog continues to be strong as we ship delinquent orders resulting from COVID-19 slowdowns.” Fabricated Metal Products • “Demand continues to be strong. Backlog is still increasing — currently at about three months of production. Availability of purchased material continues to constrain production, causing the increased backlog.” Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components • “Business continues to be strong, with incoming sales higher but still combating labor and material issues like availability and inflation. Still determining impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.” Furniture and Related Products • “Supply chain is still unstable. While we have seen improvements, there are still a lot of issues that have yet to be resolved.” Primary Metals

GLOBAL MANUFACTURING GERMANY: S&P Global/BME reported a PMI of 56.9 percent for German manufacturers, which was off the March reading of 58.4 percent. The War in Ukraine impacted Germany as exports decreased and new supply chain issues developed. The increase in COVID cases also affected the supply chain and raw materials availability. Price increases for oil, gas and other commodities pushed up the rate of inflation. Manufacturers had a negative outlook for business for the first time since 2020. EUROZONE: The S&P Global reported a Eurozone Manufacturing PMI of 56.5 percent for March, down from the February figure of 58.2 percent. It was the lowest reported figure since January 2021 and the decrease is attributed to the wide-ranging impact of the War in Ukraine. Business confidence was reported to be at the weakest level since May of 2020, just a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic. Of note, employment for European manufacturers grew in March. ITALY: S&P Global reported a 2.5 percent PMI index drop for Italian manufacturers in March with a reading of 55.8 percent. Continuing supply-chain issues coupled with concerns over the War in Ukraine slowed demand and costs increased. While supply chain issues pressured manufacturing capacity, backlogs continued to increase, pushing up employment. Despite the challenges, business outlook remained positive. UNITED KINGDOM: S&P Global/CIPS reported a UK Manufacturing PMI of 55.2 percent for March. That reading represented a drop of 2.8 percent from February as new orders and exports both saw decreased activity due to supply shortages and a more cautious approach from buyers. Inflationary pressures continued and business confidence reached a 14-month low for the UK.

ISM® GROWTH SECTORS (14): Apparel, Leather

INDIA: S&P Global reported a 54.0 percent PMI index reading for Indian manufacturers, just off the February figure of 54.9 percent. Despite the dip, the figure still represented a ninth straight month above the 50 percent line. Additionally, backlogs remained relatively unchanged from March, and employment stabilized following three straight months of decreases. Price pressure caused business outlook optimism to be at its lowest level in 24 months.


CHINA: The Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI registered 48.1 percent for Chinese manufacturers in March, reaching the lowest level since February of 2020. The surprising decrease followed an uptick in February that saw the Chinese index at 50.4. COVID-19 outbreaks and the resulting restrictions impacted the fall as output and new orders decreased sharply along with exports. Delivery times extended due to the challenges with global transportation. The one positive was an increase in employment, the first since July of 2021.

US SECTOR REPORT and Allied Products; Furniture and Related Products; Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products; Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components; Miscellaneous Manufacturing; Machinery; Textile Mills; Transportation Equipment; Fabricated Metal Products; Paper Products; Chemical Products; Computer and Electronic Products; Nonmetallic Mineral Products; Primary Metals; and Plastics and Rubber Products. and Petroleum and Coal Products.

Credit: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®. For more information, visit the ISM® website at www.ismworld.org.

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Source data: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®.

www.brushwaremag.com | 45










Source data: S&P Global















































Source data: S&P Global




65 60















Source data: S&P Global

Source data: S&P Global





























30 Jun-19







60 55

55 50


45 45

40 35


30 Feb-22


































46 | www.brushwaremag.com

Source data: S&P Global




Source data: Caixin Manufacturing PMI



FOR SALE 15 Gauge Wire for Street Brooms

India Brush Expo | Mumbai, India

Wright-Bernet Brush Company is offering a brand new drum of 15 gauge wire for street brooms. The asking price is $500 plus shipping and Wright-Bernet is based in Hamilton, Ohio.


CONTACT: James Cox PHONE: 513-889-0500 EMAIL: Jimnwestern1@aol.com

May 25-27, 2022

India’s first B2B exhibition for brush making machinery and finished brushes. The first edition of this show will held at the CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre in Mumbai. June 7-8, 2022

Wire Expo | Dallas, Texas

The WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo is organized by WAI and is held biennially in a different industry hub within the U.S. for the wire and cable manufacturing industry.



June 20-22, 2022

CIBRUSH | Shanghai, China

The China International Brush Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is a professional brush industry exhibition platform covering both brush making and finished brushes.


September 12-17, 2022


International Manufacturing Technology Show Chicago, Illinois

Used Planer for the Production of Broom and Implement Handles


• Preferably Fa. Weinig or similar. • Ideally sharpeners (cone + round head) and grinders for round sticks are also included.

The premier manufacturing technology show in North America, IMTS 2022 will raise expectations of what challenges manufacturing can address. Experience the power of new equipment, software and products to move your business forward. September 21-24, 2022

62nd FEIBP Annual Congress | Prague, Czech Republic

The Annual Congress of the European Brushware Federation is a great opportunity to meet fellow manufacturers, contact suppliers and receive up-to-date information on the brush industry in Europe.


October 11-13, 2022

ISSA Show North America | Chicago, Illinois

Our 2022 show will offer opportunities for networking, education, and product discovery at a time when collaboration and learning are essential. Staying up to date on the latest trends and solutions for cleaning, disinfection, and infection prevention and pursuing accreditation, training and certification helps us further evolve the industry and change the way the world views cleaning.

Please send offer with photos and details (including performance data) to: p.eiben@n-p-b.de or dnoelle@n-h-c.de



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November 22-23, 2022

National Painting/Decorating Show | Coventry, UK

The National Painting and Decorating Show is the industry’s biggest annual UK event held at Ricoh Arena. If you use, sell, stock or specify P&D products, the exhibition is one you can’t afford to miss.

March 4-7, 2023

The Inspired Home Show | Chicago, Illinois

We connect not only buyer to seller, but also product to lifestyle and the industry to the consumer mindset. More than 52,000 home and housewares professionals from more than 130 countries converge upon Chicago for the Show.

www.theinspiredhomeshow.com March 22-25, 2023

ABMA Annual Convention |San Diego, California

The American Brush Manufacturer Association’s 2023 Annual Convention is planned for San Diego, California.

CONTACT: Susan Goodwin EMAIL: info.brushware@goodwinworldmedia.com



2024 April 24-26, 2024

Interbrush 2024 | Freiburg, Germany

The world’s leading trade fair for machines, materials and accessories for the broom, brush, paint roller and mop industry. The 2016 trade fair drew in 7,500 visitors from 90 countries with more than 200 exhibitors.


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