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New OSHA Standards Profile: Paolo Roversi Manufacturing Resurgence

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about the way we do it.

We’re the largest manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes that makes the world’s smallest brushes. Mill-Rose miniature brushes are available in a variety of styles and configurations as small as 0.014” in diameter to deburr, clean and slightly ream very small holes and cavities.

A Century of Brushmaking Excellence

We design, engineer, manufacture and deliver standard and custom brushes in any quantity. Mill-Rose has set the standard for quality, performance, and innovation in brush technology for the past years. Choose from thousands of standard and not so standard sizes and shapes. Call or visit MillRose.com.

440-255-9171 Fax: 440-255-5039 info@MillRose.com MillRose.com

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Cheers to Progress As we enter the final months of 2021, I’d like to say happy holidays to all of our loyal readers and supporters. As predicted the challenges continued in 2021, but as we all look toward a progressively improving outlook, I’d like to highlight a key accomplishment for the year that I think illustrates the innovative power and ability that always leads us through every challenge. For 2021, how quickly vaccines were developed for COVID-19 and how quickly those vaccinations were readily available to vast populations is an achievement that has been undersold. While some areas are still struggling and we’re all ready to be beyond the pandemic, stepping back a bit to look at it from a big picture perspective, the vaccine development and on-going rollout is an amazing accomplishment. To endeavor to invent something not invented and to put an 18-month timeline on that – well, that was a bold but necessary goal. And here is a rare case where expectations were exceeded. I know many people that were fully vaccinated before the end of March and although I personally was somewhat casual about the process, I was able to walk in and get a Johnson & Johnson single shot in early May (well under 18 months in my mind) here in Kansas City. We tend to focus on what’s not working, but that kind of accomplishment is something to marvel at in my opinion. The success of that global project is top of mind for me as I’ve just attended a tradeshow for another industry. With the help of the CLEAR app, all attendees were able to safely walk the show floor without masks knowing all other attendees were vaccinated. It was the first time for me that I could really see that yes, there is an end to this pandemic. Sure our mindset, daily lives and business will be changed, but it is clear there is a way back to something much like the culture we have always known. So cheers to one of the great research, innovation and manufacturing successes in history. From my perspective, it’s a testament to all manufacturers that a success like this can be possible. Keeping that positivity in mind, we are pleased to offer our 2021 Machinery Showcase and Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight issue. This annual issue really is two special editions all rolled into one and that makes for a wonderful industry resource. It’s packed full, but you’ll find most of our usual departments along with a fascinating profile from Borghi SpA’s Paolo Roversi. In addition, our feature from Phillip M. Perry takes an in-depth look at the impact of Biden era OSHA updates for US manufacturers. We hope you enjoy the issue and we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Dylan Goodwin | Publisher


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Borghi USA, Inc. – 903 Cirelli Court – Aberdeen, MD 21001 – USA Phone +1-410-272-9797 – info@borghiusa.com

MGG CLOSER TO THE USMCA MARKET WITH THE NEW NORTH AMERICA CORP IN USA MGG was founded near Venice in 1989 by the president Gianfranco Marcon, MGG is a typical example of an Italian SME with high technological specialization in market niches.

Loris Maestrutti

Alberto Voltolina

Gianfranco Marcon

The excellence of MGG in the industrial automation for paintbrush production lands in the American continent. MGG North America Inc. has been working since September 2021, headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). Fast-delivery of strategic spare parts and technical support directly from the USA for the entire North American market USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada) countries. The CEO of MGG Italy Mr. Loris Maestrutti declares: “we believe that the North American market is strategic, considering high-value technologies required by local manufacturers of paintbrushes, who need to satisfy the large demand of professional and hobby tools, first of all in the sector of wooden construction and boating”. In addition, he points out: “We have chosen to settle in North Carolina for its barycentric position in the East Coast between Florida and New Jersey - where the American paintbrush production is concentrated - and also taking into account the distance with Canada & Mexico. In Charlotte, apart from the commercial activities, the stock of strategic spare parts will be located and inaugurated in October. Therefore, North American customers can take advantage not only connecting with the Italian office as usual but also through the 24h MGG Service on site app, with the main goal of providing direct assistance of local technical experts starting from the second semester of 2022.

Additionally, in October MGG North America will finalize the contract of the first fully automated line in USA for the production of flat paintbrushes. It is a line composed by machines capable of producing angular paintbrushes as well. The CEO explains: “This is a new technology specifically engineered for the American market. Therefore, it allows to manufacture the angular paintbrushes without requiring expensive manual activities that was necessary up to now” explains Mr. Voltolina. To ensure products highest quality standards and efficiency in the production of large amounts of structural paintbrushes, MGG has gradually specialized in the development of solutions for the industrial automation: vision systems, robotics, algorithms, and 4.0 solutions. Thus, the robotic division of MGG has developed an highly specialized know-how not only in technologies applied to the paintbrush industry but also thanks to hands-on experience in other sectors such as: wood sorting, handling and packaging, waste recycling. “Since MGG North America Inc. project is committed to reply the format of the Italian headquarter, we also propose ourselves to the North American market as a technological partner in different applicative sectors of the industrial automation” concludes Mr. Maestrutti.

Mr. Alberto Voltolina, CEO of MGG NA, clarifies: “thanks to the investment in the USA, we are able to guarantee all our North American customers the utmost quality of our Italian production technology with a dedicated after-sales service”.

8050 Corporate Center Drive Suite 100 A - Charlotte, NC 28226

Ph. +1 724 713 2224

info@mggnacorp.com www.mggmeccanica.com

november /december 2021

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2021 Machinery Showcase



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Manufacturing Resurgence By Lisa Anderson Brushware Profile: Paolo Roversi Prepping for New OSHA Standards By Phillip M. Perry 2021 Machinery Showcase 2021 Supplier/Manufacturer Spotlight

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industry NEWS

Perlon’s Pedex GmbH Wins Großer Preis des Mittelstandes Award Pedex GmbH in Affolterbach has been nominated for the 2021 ‘Großen Preis des Mittelstandes’ — a business award for small and medium-sized companies in Germany. The ‘Großen Preis des Mittelstandes‘ award has been the single most popular business award in Germany since 1994. The award is focused on evaluating businesses as a whole, not just on numbers, jobs or innovation. Every November, the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation invites nominations of medium-sized companies for the competition from communities, associations, organizations and companies. The nomination can be for medium-sized companies from the industrial, commercial, service and trade sectors.

• Modernization and innovation • Involvement in the region • Service and customer focus, marketing The winner and the finalists are decided by twelve regional juries and a final jury. In each competition region, there can be three prize winners selected from five finalists.

• Overall development of the business

The announcement was made on September 18, 2021, at a gala evening in Würzburg, Germany. Jakob Jonsson (CCO) received the prize on behalf of Pedex GmbH, a prize winner for Hesse. Pedex GmbH is proud to have won the award and is looking forward to the announcement of the national winner which will place in Dresden on October 30, 2021.

• Creation and safeguarding of jobs and apprenticeships

To learn more about Perlon, visit www.perlon.com.

The businesses are evaluated according to five competition criteria:

StaticFaction: New State of the Art Website StaticFaction has launched a new website that is your onestop-shop for static control solutions. The website features Thunderon®, a conductive fiber, with unmatched static control in any electronic environment and over 300 ESD, anti-static and conductive brushes in addition to Thunderon® fiber. StaticFaction, LLC, was founded in 1994 as the exclusive authorized North American distributor of Thunderon®, a conductive fiber that has an excellent corona discharge effect and is used to eliminate static electricity, antistatic products, including Corona Cord®, Filament/Tow, Tape, and Yarn. StaticFaction also sells finished ESD, anti-static and conductive brushes manufactured by Gordon Brush® and other brush manufacturers. Invented in 1980, Thunderon® is manufactured by the Nihon Sanmo Dyeing Co. in Kyoto, Japan. Thunderon® is a patented organic fiber of copper sulfide chemically bonded to acrylic and

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wave shielding effects.

nylon fibers. Thunderon® performs better than conventional carbon, stainless steel, or metalplated fibers in removing static electricity. Thunderon® provides proven, unmatched static control and corona discharge, superb conductivity, enhanced abrasion resistance and superior bend recovery, and antibacterial and odor-elimination properties. In addition to its conductive properties, Thunderon® has also been shown to have other significant properties such as antibacterial and deodorant effects, far-infrared radiation effects and electromagnetic

Thunderon® is ideal for use in printing, office machines, business machines, photo finishing, paper converting, plastic converting and textile machinery. It also has bacteriostatic applications in hospitals and cleanroom environments. Visit the new StaticFaction website at www.staticfaction.com.

Deco Products on Zinc Energy Efficiency At Deco Products, less fuel and electricity are needed to process parts in their proprietary zinc die-cast centers. Zinc alloy has a relatively low melting temperature when compared to other metals (approximately 790 degrees Fahrenheit). This along with its high pressure and rapid shot profile results in less energy consumed when processed. This provides for cost savings and lower environmental impacts. Due to the fluidity in the metal zinc, it does not require additional expensive machining and/ or additional operations when manufacturing zinc. Deco Products has committed to zinc die casting for many years and has been adding technology and expertise within its facility. With these core principles in place, Deco will continue to find more efficient ways to die-cast zinc to promote better global competitiveness and environmental sustainability. To learn more about zinc energy efficiency and the other advantages of zinc, visit https://decoprod.com/zinc-advantages-in-die-casting/.

Vivelle Acquires Bonette AB Vivelle of Hambrücken, Germany, has announced the acquisition of all of the assets of Bonette AB, located in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Bonette AB is a leading manufacturer of electrostatic cleaning products servicing the cleaning and hygiene industry throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. “For the past number of years our corporate mission at Vivelle has been to become the leading manufacturer in the dry mop electrostatic cleaning space and with the acquisition of the Bonette AB assets, it brings us one step closer to accomplishing this goal,” says Timothy MacGregor, managing director of Vivelle. All of the acquired assets will be moved from Bonette AB’s, Kungsbacka facility and set up at the Vivelle manufacturing and converting facility in Hambrücken, Germany. The management and staff at Vivelle are extremely excited to be able to continue to support all of our present customers while also welcoming all of the new Bonette AB clients. “On behalf of Vivelle and its parent company Atlas Graham Furgale, located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I would like to take the time to thank Mr. Bo Apler, President at Bonette AB for the privilege of working with him in such an open and transparent manner,” says Timothy MacGregor. “The Bonette AB brand has long since been a name that has been associated with quality and innovation and we intend to carry on this tradition at Vivelle.”

WÖHLER BC 810 Bundle Cutter Update WÖHLER has announced a new generation update for their BC 810 Bundle Cutter that includes an option for automated bundle length sorting into two containers. The WÖHLER BC 810 is the high-end cutting solution in WÖHLER bundle cutters for synthetic, abrasive and natural filaments. The bundle cutter is fitted with a cutting plate with seven individual cutting bushings from 1.6" to 3.5" (40 to 90 mm). The WÖHLER BC 810 features a clean-cut function with waste sorting as well as a remaining bundle sorting function. Settings are made easily and intuitively by means of the setup wizard via touch screen. Two different cut lengths can be selected simultaneously for optimal use of the material hanks. Entry of the remaining bundle length is likewise possible. The bundle cutter calculates the optimal cutting positions from the values entered in order to minimize the cut waste. Remaining bundle lengths which can still be economically used are sorted separately and ejected. The new manual operation function allows the operator to cut materials that are not automatically cuttable both quickly and safely. The optional module for cutting natural materials allows efficient cutting of natural materials wound with cord or tape. The remaining bundle length processing turns leftovers into saleable products, which is of particular interest in the case of more costly materials. With the optional second ejection chute, the WÖHLER BC 810 sorts different jobs into two bins and saves the operator work.

HIGHLIGHTS • Up to 70 cuts/min • Precision cut tolerances +/- 0.008" (0.2 mm) • Short bundle lengths • Extremely long blade service time • Natural filament cutting (optional) • Automatic remaining length processing (optional) • Fast manual operation for flexible materials (optional) • Fully automatic bundle length sorting into two containers (optional) Learn more about the WÖHLER BC 810 at bt.woehler.com/en/machine/bc-810/. www.brushwaremag.com | 7

YOUR BRUSH DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS DUPONT FILAMENTS CONTINUES TO LEAD THE WAY IN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS For more than 70 years, DuPont Filaments has been recognized as a leader in innovative synthetic filaments that enable brush manufacturers to address emerging trends and meet evolving consumer expectations.

HEALTH DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS - TOOTHBRUSH FILAMENTS The most important component of a toothbrush lies in the bristle. With outstanding industry expertise accumulated over the years, coupled with our proven technologies, DuPont Filaments is dedicated to the oral care brush industry with our nylon solutions under the brand names of DuPont™ Tynex®(nylon 612) and DuPont™ Herox®(nylon 610) . Leading toothbrush brands and manufacturers are able to produce very high quality brushes with a balance of consistent quality, wear performance and unmatched productivities in tufting and end-rounding by using DuPont filaments. As consumer trends in toothbrush are increasingly focused on the six major areas of 1) Visual Attractiveness, 2) Interdental Cleaning, 3) Plaque Removal, 4) Gum Comfort, 5) Gingival Cleaning and 6) Anti-microbial within the filaments, DuPont Filaments has been working closely with the leading global brands in oral care as well as toothbrush manufacturers by fulfilling these needs with our broad range of innovative products in the portfolio BEAUTY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS - FINE FILAMENTS DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments, a pioneering filament from DuPont’s unique polyester based material, contain proprietary texturizing additives that create a structured surface that mimics animal hair. Natrafil® filaments offer a synthetic alternative to animal hair in premium cosmetic powder brushes with more consistency in the bristle while maintaining the touch-and-feel of premium animal hair. Studies have shown that brushes made with Natrafil® filaments have equal to superior pickup and release performance versus brushes made with animal hair. EFFICIENCY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS – ABRASIVE FILAMENTS Like most industries, steel manufacturers are always looking for

ways to increase productivity. The emphasis is on getting more square feet of metal through the mill, cleaned and coated faster than ever before. To accomplish this, steel mills are using more aggressive cleaning solutions. The problem is that the cleaning brushes typically used were quickly degrading because many plastics used in the brush filaments can’t handle the solutions of the extremes of the PH scale. The technical resources at DuPont Filaments were able to help solve the problem by adding stabilizers to one of our nylon polymer formulations, effectively extending the pH range that these filaments can be used in. Brushes made with these filaments deliver cleaning performance over an improved service life, helping steel manufactures to achieve higher productivity. Another need voiced by customers is higher aggressiveness in metal finishing applications. DuPont™ Tynex® A filaments, a family of ceramic grit-containing filaments, was developed to meet this need. CREATIVITY DESERVES THE BEST FILAMENTS – PAINTBRUSH FILAMENTS When manufacturers began changing their paints to water-based formulations, more people began using paintbrushes made with synthetic bristles because the hog bristles traditionally used in paintbrushes lost stiffness in water-based paints. Synthetics such as DuPont™ Tynex®, DuPont™ Chinex® and DuPont™ Orel® brand filaments quickly became popular choices. As paint manufacturers continue to improve their water-based formulations by reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) content, increasing solid loadings and decreasing drying times, there is an ongoing need for increasingly higher performing brushes. To meet this need, DuPont Filaments continues to innovate and help customize solutions. For example, we developed filaments with stiffer cross-section that can push higher viscosity paints more efficiently. We also changed the shapes of the filaments so that they not only pick up more paint from the can for faster application, but are easier to clean.


Recognition for being the global leader in filaments comes from our customers. You inspire us to make a difference in the world. We will continue to advance our innovations because we believe your BRUSH deserves the best FILAMENTS. filaments.dupont.com

industry NEWS

PEOPLE Deco Products Adds Two New Employees Deco Products Company recently announced the hiring of Jordan Thompson as a quote specialist and Eric Smedsrud as HR Recruiter. Thompson previously was a marketing and sales intern at Deco before taking the job as the new quote specialist. He grew up in New Market, Alabama, with his parents and six siblings. He moved Jordan Thompson to Decorah, Iowa, four years ago when Quote Specialist he started college at Luther College. In the spring of 2021, he graduated from Luther with a bachelor’s degree in management. His marketing and sales internship began in May 2021 and lasted until the quote specialist position opened in the middle of June. He interviewed for the position and accepted it at the end of June. Thompson will be in charge of determining Deco’s costs to produce specific parts. He will also assist in developing prices to offer to customers related to requests for all parts, both commonmade and very specific, specialized parts.

Eric Smedsrud HR Recruiter

Smedsrud was previously working as the marketing and sales intern at Deco before being promoted to the human resources position. He started his career at Deco in 2018 when he worked in production. He worked at Deco for three months during the summer in-between his freshman and sophomore year at college. He came back in August of 2020 and held the marketing and sales intern position for ten months until he was offered the position of HR Recruiter.

Smedsrud grew up in Decorah, Iowa. He graduated from Luther College this past spring with a major in biology and a minor in management. He will be responsible for recruiting people to apply and hire at Deco. He will also continue to work with creating advertisements for recruitment, be a part of various committees to promote Deco to the community and “on board” new Deco employees. To learn more about Deco Products, visit www.decoprod.com.

StoreBound’s Glenn DeStefano Elected to IHA Board Of Directors Glenn DeStefano, president of StoreBound LLC, has been elected to the board of directors of the International Housewares Association (IHA), the full-service trade association for the housewares industry. His three-year term begins October 1, 2021, and ends September 30, 2024. In addition, Yvette Laugier, managing director, Peugeot Saveurs North America, LLC joins the board of directors as chairman and Steve Greenspon, CEO, Honey-Can-Do International LLC will serve as vice chairman/chairman-elect. Neal Asbury, president and CEO, The Legacy Companies is the new treasurer. Howard “Chip”

10 | www.brushwaremag.com

Steidle, Jr., president, John Ritzenthaler Co. will retire from the board, while Lisa Knierim, CEO, Creative Tops Inc. was re-appointed for a second threeyear term. De Stefano, who has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, joined StoreBound in 2016. Before joining StoreBound, De Stefano was with Lenox Corporation from 2000-2016, serving in various roles before being named president in 2010. He also worked for Macy’s from 1988-2000, serving in various roles including corporate buyer.



By Meg Cooper

The ABMA Emerging Leaders group held a “Back to School” Zoom meeting on September 16, 2021, with eight members participating. From the prior meeting in June, the Emerging Leaders (EL) group asked all members to read “Discover Your CliftonStrengths” and then proceed to take the CliftonStrengths™ test to identify which five strengths were the most dominant in our personalities. The strengths test was a way for EL members to get more in tune with their strongest personality traits and assets with the hope of being able to build upon those strengths in order to progress on career goals. The catalyst for the strengths test concept evolved from the following questions raised during the June meeting: • How do you retain Millennial and Gen Z workers? • What skills do Millennial and Gen Z workers need to be able to succeed within a company? • Why is it so hard for companies to find and fill positions with Millennial and Gen Z employees? The CliftonStrengths™ test is the result of a 40-year study by Gallup scientists (led by Don Clifton) that helps people discover their top five strengths of over 34 of the most common talents. This test was born out of the idea that people who were unable to focus on their strengths in their work were not as emotionally engaged on the job as they could be. Engaging in your job on a deeper level means more long-term success as well as more happiness in your chosen career field. From an employers’ perspective, this also means that retention increases due to having happier, more engaged employees and you have now helped to create an environment that is equally inviting to acquiring employees. Why would you want your employees to take CliftonStrengths™? Why would applying this method help you or your business? With employee acquisition and retention reaching new lows during the pandemic, it may be worth considering adding some new managerial tools to your toolkit.

industry NEWS In the post-pandemic era, there is a shift underway regarding the unmet needs of the current workforce. Managers and employers can find more success if every angle is considered regarding employee hiring and retention – even if that means taking a more dedicated and individualized approach to connecting with employees. For members of the EL, taking the CliftonStrengths™ test was an eye-opening experience as the discussion ranged from initial skepticism to eventual acceptance of one’s test results. A recurring topic during the EL discussion was that every person acknowledged and appreciated how they ended up in their current career path in their unique way. When asked about his impressions on the CliftonStrengths™ results, Kevin White says, “The insights regarding the strengths are what I found to be interesting because I was then able to extract specific ideas from the analysis which, in turn, led me to reflect on past decisions and interactions. The theme of StrengthFinders is, as the name implies, to find your strengths and focus on using them to better yourself and your team. The program does so in divergent paths, describing to the user what the good parts about their strengths are as well as what ‘blind spots’ may occur as a result of said strengths. The same thing that makes athletes, politicians or business leaders great may also be the thing that leads to disaster. StrengthFinders does not give you information that couldn’t be found through other means but it does frame the information in a way that makes you reflect and ask the question ‘why do I do a certain thing and what does doing that thing cause?’ a lot. The biggest

takeaways I had from this evaluation were the tools I can use to continue to bolster my strengths and become more conscious of how to be a good teammate. We must surround ourselves with a team that complements our strengths to succeed in our endeavors.” With the upcoming ABMA convention in March 2022, the EL group has a roundtable discussion planned that may include some discussion on using the CliftonStrengths™ test. If you’re a current member of the Emerging Leaders group and received your book in the mail, it may be worth taking the time to read the introduction and take the CliftonStrengths™ test online. When asked about additional takeaways from the September meeting, White says, “We also discussed what the ABMA EL group can do better to serve its members. What we are noticing is that it will be hard to maintain any kind of large group when meeting at a specific time during the day, so we must provide benefits that can be accessible to the members as they see fit. Ideas included a Facebook group forum, mini-lessons and presentations, public speaking groups and other activities that will help the members grow as individuals, employees and leaders. We will be rolling out an implementation plan, and these timeindependent features will become available to our members in the coming weeks and months. Things like the Facebook group will be implemented by the end of the week once we have our board meeting so we can decide on the specifics of management.” If you’d like more information about the ABMA Emerging Leaders group, upcoming events, or other ways to connect, visit www.abma.org/abmaemergingleaders.

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Let me ask you? With stock deliveries in 24-48 hours, custom orders in 2-4 weeks all delivered with friendly service and at competitive prices; Why use anyone else?

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company We Manufacture & Distribute Material Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Manufacturing

888.767.3040 www.stainlesswires.com

Brush Filament Wire

Single, double plane, or pin crimped in hanks or specific strand counts on spools/cores. Straight in single/multiple ends. Materials include galvanized, high carbon steel, stainless, brass, bronze, and other exotic alloys.

Retaining Wire/Twisting Wire

Stocking standard gauges in SS galvanized, and brass wire in differing tempers for these applications.

Flat or Shaped Wires

We make custom designed wire. Rolling from 0.0020"-0.250" thickness. Materials include stainless, galvanized, carbon steel, oil tempered, brass and more.

561 Acorn Street, Suite T Deer Park, NY 11729



We offer stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, more. Thicknesses of 0.0010" - 0.125"annealed/tempered Oscillate Wound or Pancake Coils. Ask about our stocking programs!

Straightened and Cut Wires

Diameters 0.0050"-0.37500" for various brush applications. Blanket orders Welcomed!

Staple Wires

We sell various gauges and alloy wire. Spools sizes can range from 10lbs-1,000 lbs. Materials include galvanized, stainless, nickel silver, and more.



supply CHAIN

Manufacturing Resurgence By Lisa Anderson There will be a resounding resurgence of manufacturing near-term. According to a new report from The Reshoring Initiative®, reshoring broke records in the US in 2020 and exceeded foreign direct investment (FDI) for the first time since 2013. Not only did it beat FDI, but it beat it by nearly 100 percent! Also, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the vast majority of US manufacturers (88 percent) expect sales, production, and prices to increase next year despite the supply challenges. Clients across the board are experiencing these same trends. Thus, there will be organic growth as well as reshoring growth. Why has this resurgence taken off by leaps and bounds? During COVID, clients and colleagues realized there was far too much risk in their supply chain. For example, a client in Europe thought they had a backup source of supply to their China supplier because they had a secondary source in India; however, when COVID hit, neither supplier could deliver the requested materials. Another client had identified a backup source; however, they did not utilize the backup source on an ongoing basis. Thus, when COVID created disruption in the supply chain, the backup source was busy and had to prioritize current clients. Additionally, even those with backup sources realized the length, complexity and critical risk (IP, political, etc.) of their end-to-end supply chain. Thus, clients are reevaluating their supply chain and reshoring/near-shoring at least a portion of their supply chain. On the other hand, US companies already manufacturing incountry gained an advantage. Not only were the majority considered essential and allowed to continue producing during lockdown, they were also able to take advantage of opportunities to support companies that couldn’t get enough supply to satisfy their customers. Customers realized the importance of suppliers that were able to meet their needs and those that used creativity, innovation and unique partnerships to meet changing needs, and they rewarded them with increased sales. Additionally, as is occurring with a plastic injection molding client, volumes are increasing even further as companies decide they prefer a regional source of supply and want to make the transition rapidly. This

14 | www.brushwaremag.com

plastic injection molder has more business than it can handle even though the company has continued to expand capacity. Last but not least, the pandemic is separating the weak from the strong. The businesses with minimal cash reserves are going out of business or struggling mightily. Customers still want product and are shopping elsewhere. Additionally, COVID has spurred the early retirement and/or change of career and lifestyle of countless leaders. This is especially true with familyowned businesses. Multiple clients have sold and/or are in the process of selling so that they can enjoy retirement and slow down. Unfortunately, the personalized service is often not as robust with the company that takes over, transitioning additional volume to the proactive manufacturers willing to treat customers as they have become accustomed. The business will be there if you jump into action, prepare to scale and look for opportunities. You don’t have time to take the continuous improvement path if you want to leverage the opportunity. Instead, you must take on risk and pursue an aggressive path to grow and scale. Start with a rapid assessment of your market and differentiators, reconfigure your manufacturing footprint and extended supply chain to best support your future customer and market needs, and prioritize what’s essential to scale rapidly. Beyond these strategic priorities, the most successful clients are focusing attention on supply chain resilience, talent and digitization/data. Those that focus on these priorities will gain ground rapidly and will pull quickly ahead of the competition. There will not be another opportunity of this magnitude during our lifetime, similar to the period immediately following the Great Depression. Are you prepared to thrive? Lisa Anderson is the founder and president of LMA Consulting Group Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation that maximizes the customer experience and enables profitable, scalable, dramatic business growth. She recently released a new “Emerging Above & Beyond” eBook download that offers 21 insights for 2021 from experts in manufacturing, supply chain and technology. To download the new ebook, visit: www.lmaconsultinggroup.com/emerging-above-and-beyond/.



COMPANY: Borghi S.p.A. LOCATION: Castelfranco Emilia, Italy JOB TITLE: President

16 | www.brushwaremag.com

What year did you start in the industry and how did you get started? I started in the brush industry in 1989 working in the parts warehouse of Osmas. After two years of working in the warehouse, I asked for an opportunity to travel the world and work in machinery sales which was my dream. In 1991 I went to the U.S. for a few weeks and worked on selling and installing Osmas machinery, and I learned English. In 1997, I left Osmas and continued in the brush industry, working in sales for MOPS, a synthetic monofilament supplier company. In 1999, I embarked upon a new job, still in the brush industry, working for OSKAR, a metal handle supplier. In 2003, I returned back to my passion for the machinery business and started working with Borghi, which at the time was when Borghi and Osmas were merging together. I’ve been with Borghi ever since and love what I do.

Favorite part of working in the brushware industry? I love all of it. I really do love being in this industry. It is a small, niche business that has allowed me to live and grow as a person which has truly fulfilled my dreams personally and professionally. This industry has treated me very well.

What is your proudest career or company accomplishment? All of them. I genuinely appreciate all the moments I have had in my career because each moment of accomplishment good or bad, taught me something about myself and the business. All the companies and customers I have worked for gave me something in return and built the skills and personality that I have today. It allowed me to develop close relationships that I hold dear.

What are the key challenges presented by the pandemic and how is Borghi solving those challenges? COVID dramatically changed how business is performed worldwide. It reduced our freedom and limited us physically. We all felt the impact and it was a pivotal moment in society on how to operate all our

businesses. However, it created an opportunity as well. An opportunity to do something out of our comfort zone. It expanded our vision and communication channels. Was it a challenge? Yes, it was but it gave us a great chance to grow in many areas. Borghi provided video presentations as well as video acceptance testing of machinery to reach customers virtually, showcase our machinery in the B-room and various “new” methods to reach our customers and communicate with them. It changed the way we work and allowed us to do things differently.

Based on the impact of the pandemic, what do you see as permanent changes ahead for Borghi and the brush industry in general? I believe we will continue to use the virtual methods to communicate with customers as well as have an open mind about finding new ways to do business. Personally, I really miss the direct contact with customers, but I know that will come in due time.

Recruiting skilled workers overall and also young workers has been stated as a concern in the industry. How do you think that is best addressed? I think the best way to address this challenge is to start to recruit and create interest early. Start to plant the seed so to speak. Businesses should connect with their local educational systems. They should partner with schools to create opportunities for upcoming talent in the marketplace. Borghi S.p.A. connects with the universities near us to create a partnership program for students. Borghi also has internships they provide for young students to start to get a sense of what the industry and job market is like. Keeping them motivated is also a key part of retaining talent in our industry. The area around Borghi is in a highly competitive region, we are in the middle of the Motor-Valley and we compete for skilled workers with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati,

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Ducati, etc. We have great talent here at Borghi considering our competitive region, so we believe we do well with recruiting and retaining skilled young talent.

Are there any new products or initiatives Borghi has in the works that you would like to share? Check out the B-room to find the latest news from the Borghi Innovation platform. Discover the latest interactive virtual stage, do not miss out! Join us and request your access. Our initiative is to plan and prepare for the next five to ten years. Selecting and growing the right type of people for Borghi’s future is key for our future.

Do you have any key business/leadership tips out there for younger people in the industry looking to ascend to a leadership role? Work hard and be patient. Opportunities present themselves when you least expect them to. Stay openminded and always look for ways to grow and expand your knowledge.

Do you have any go-to metrics, reports, or other resources that you find useful for both tracking the Brushware industry and/or managing your business? We are in a very small industry that has a far reach. It’s paramount to listen and understand the market and the customer’s need to stay up to date on trends and where technology is headed towards. The key resources are our customers and their needs.

What do you like to do outside of work? I love to enjoy my free time with my family and enjoy doing something with my friends such as skiing or playing tennis. Doing something with my kids is always a gift. However, I’ve been lucky in the sense that work and business is part of my life that I also enjoy. I’m lucky to have a passion for what I do, and my work is also a great part of my life that I enjoy very much.

Do you have any pop-culture favorites? I enjoy music and going to concerts. 80’s music is my favorite genre. I’m a social person so anything that

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involves a social event to share with my friends and colleagues I appreciate and enjoy tremendously.

Are there sports and/or teams that you follow? I played futbol when I was younger, and I continue to love the sport. I support my team A.C. Milan as a fan, and I follow all the teams that Borghi sponsors. Borghi sponsors local youth sports teams in the area such as futbol, basketball, and volleyball in 3-4 towns around Borghi. We are great supporters for development of youth in sports.

Do you have a business travel tip? Sleep when you fly. It’s a great time to rest and refresh yourself so when you land you are ready to work on anything that comes up. The other is to be always yourself.

What is one thing about you that people might find surprising? I work with my own traditional artisan production of Balsamic Vinegar. It is a hobby and passion of mine.

What have you learned – in life or in the industry? Family values are good drivers. Loyalty, Honesty, and Respect help you go far in life. Don’t drag your feet on decision-making. When presented with a decision, good, bad, or indifferent, choose wisely and go with it.

Is there any other topic you would like to comment on that we have not asked? As you may know now, the Boucherie Borghi Group split earlier this year. After seven years the decisions and reasoning that originally made us merge, changed. It was a great decision to merge, and I don’t regret what we have done as a group as well as it was also the right decision to de-merge. We will continue to be the Borghi that our customers know and rely on.


OSHA More Inspections, Greater Citations Ahead

By Phillip M. Perry

The Biden administration is issuing new OSHA guidelines and stepping up enforcement in a move to ensure workplace safety. Businesses are retooling operations and sanitation procedures to protect personnel from accidents and COVID-19 infections. OSHA has recently updated its recommendations for the mitigation of such infections in the workplace among unvaccinated or at-risk workers.

mployers trying to avoid costly OSHA citations are facing new challenges in the form of heightened enforcement activity and greater liability for workplace COVID-19 infections. To lessen their exposure, businesses are retooling their operating environments to ensure compliance with state and federal standards. In September, the Biden administration asked OSHA to issue vaccine mandates at employers with more than 100 workers. The proposal is likely to spark some litigation at the state level. Earlier this year OSHA updated its guidance for the mitigation of the spread of COVID-19 in all workplaces. The new guidelines are intended to reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19 by employees who are unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk of infection because of conditions such as a prior transplant, or prolonged use of corticosteroids or other immune-weakening medications.

20 | www.brushwaremag.com

As a general rule, OSHA no longer suggests employers take steps to protect fully vaccinated people unless other Federal or local laws apply. For unvaccinated or at-risk workers, OSHA recommendations released June 10 include the following: • Separating from the workplace all infected people, all people experiencing COVID symptoms, and any unvaccinated people who have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 • Implementing physical distancing • Maintaining ventilation systems • Properly using face coverings or personal protective equipment (PPE) On August 13, OSHA added the following two recommendations: • Fully vaccinated people should wear masks to protect the unvaccinated in areas of high community transmission

New OSHA Workplace Guidelines The June 10 guidance from OSHA suggests a multi-layered approach to the protection of workers who are either unvaccinated or otherwise at risk of COVID-19 infection. Here are highlights: Grant paid time off for employees to get vaccinated Instruct any workers who are infected, unvaccinated workers who have had close contact with someone who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, and all workers with COVID-19 symptoms to stay home from work Implement physical distancing for unvaccinated and otherwise at-risk workers in all communal work areas Provide unvaccinated and otherwise atrisk workers with face coverings or surgical masks, unless their work task requires a respirator or other PPE Educate and train workers on your COVID-19 policies and procedures using accessible formats and in language they understand Suggest that unvaccinated customers, visitors, or guests wear face coverings

• Fully vaccinated people who have close contact with people with the coronavirus should wear masks for up to 14 days unless they have a negative coronavirus test at least 3-5 days after such contact While OSHA observers had long expected the agency to issue regulations for workplace disease mitigation in the form of a so-called “Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS),” the above guidance is only advisory in nature and, in the words of the agency, “creates no new legal obligations.” (On June 10 the agency did release an ETS mandating protective procedures for workers in healthcare facilities. And employers in all industries must continue to comply with pre-existing mandatory OSHA standards. Additionally, the proposed vaccine mandate for large employers may take the form of an ETS). Observers see the recent OSHA activity as indicative of a more robust regulatory fervor in general. “I think you’re going to see much more aggressive OSHA enforcement under the Biden

Maintain ventilation systems Perform routine cleaning and disinfection. Record and report COVID-19 infections and deaths Implement protections from retaliation and set up an anonymous process for workers to voice concerns about COVID19-related hazards OSHA has provided additional guidance for unvaccinated or at-risk workers who are likely to be in prolonged, close contact with other workers or the public. Employers may access the complete June 10 guidelines in the document, “Protecting Workers: Guidance on Mitigating and Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace,” accessible at www.osha.gov/coronavirus/safework. www.brushwaremag.com | 21

administration,” says former OSHA head Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., now a partner in the Atlanta office of Fisher & Phillips (www.fisherphillips.com). The new federal posture may also include a larger OSHA oversight staff. “The Biden administration says it wants to double the number of inspectors,” says William K. Principe, partner in the Atlanta office of Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete (www.constangy.com). “While we don’t know if they will hire that many, it’s reasonable to assume there will be some increase. During the last administration vacancies weren’t always filled, so OSHA ended up being below the number of federal inspectors that had existed for a very long time.”

face shields and maintain appropriate distances from others in locations with unvaccinated or at-risk workers. That can be difficult in restricted environments where people are working in close quarters. Any resulting laxity in safety considerations can spark illnesses and OSHA citations.

OSHA MANDATES Most employers want their workers to be safe and healthy. And given the higher OSHA profile, businesses will be making a special effort to meet state and federal standards. That means conforming to the “General Duty Clause” of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, requiring workplaces “free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees.”

“Many businesses believe that every interaction with OSHA is negative. They don’t realize that OSHA also provides consultative services at both the federal and state level.” – Mark D. Norton, Director of Norton Safety Services, Tucson, AZ

CONSTRUCTION TARGETED More inspectors mean more boots on the ground. OSHA observers expect an increase in the rate of inspections, along with more citations and higher penalties. OSHA is expected to pay increasing attention to building sites. “Construction falls are among the most frequent causes of workplace injuries or fatalities,” says Mark D. Norton, Director of Norton Safety Services, Tucson, AZ. “Because of that, OSHA tends to focus inspection activity on that area.” Observers cite an influx of new workers as a key reason for the spike in accidents. “In the economic downturn of 2007 and 2008, many employees left the construction industry,” says Norton. “When the economy rebounded, people were hired without the same level of experience and knowledge. Less trained workers and an increasing demand for construction is a recipe for more accidents.” OSHA is also taking a greater interest in machine shops, another environment with high accident rates, according to Gary Heppner, a California-based independent OSHA safety advisor (www.riskmanagementaudits.com). Here COVID-19 is having an effect: Workers, long required to wear safety glasses while using drill presses or hand drills, are now expected to add

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While the imprecise nature of the general duty clause allows leeway for employers to account for varying local conditions, it also leaves plenty of room for inspectors to find unexpected violations. “One thing I think you’re going to see during the Biden administration is a focus on musculoskeletal disorders (ergonomics, repetitive motions, lifting) and combustible dust,” adds Foulke. “Also, I think sometime this year OSHA will go back to requiring that 250-plus employers in certain industries file not only 300A Summaries but also the 300 logs and the First Report of Injury forms.”

Employer organizations will likely litigate onerous OSHA rules. “Trade associations have been successful in the past in getting injunctions against OSHA regulations deemed outside the agency’s jurisdiction or overly burdensome,” notes Douglas E. Witte, who represents businesses in labor and employment law matters at Boardman & Clark (www.boardmanclark.com), based in Madison, Wisc. “Sometimes the regulations are modified, or simply delayed for a year or longer.”

WORK-RELATED ILLNESS If an employee comes down with COVID-19 and misses work time or goes to the hospital, is the illness recordable as workrelated? The answer is often less than clear. “Up until now, OSHA has not been pushing too hard on employers who claim COVID-19 infections occurred outside the workplace,” says Witte. Employers have been operating under fairly liberal standards, thanks to OSHA guidance issued in the spring of 2020 that allowed COVID-19 illnesses to be categorized as not work-related if an “alternative explanation” could account for the infections. Unfortunately, the term “alternative explanation” is vague, and OSHA does not provide examples. “The guidance is being interpreted, by some, as indicating that if the employer can

point to some exposure away from the workplace, then the case can be deemed not work-related,” says Principe. Others are even taking the position that because COVID-19 is being spread everywhere an infection is not work-related unless the employee has continually commuted in their own car, stayed in their own house, and not gone to a grocery store or interacted with the public in any way. That kind of liberal interpretation, though, skirts the edge of justice. “I think you need more concrete evidence that the employee was exposed to an infected person away from work,” cautions Principe. “Perhaps their spouse, children or people they socialized with have COVID-19, or perhaps they attended a super-spreader event.” Faulty categorizations can be costly. “OSHA issues citations to employers who fail to properly record or report cases,” says Principe. “The agency is often tipped off by whistleblowers, or they get word of infections through hospitals or public health departments.” Penalties for serious violations start at $13,653, although the amount is sometimes reduced in the event of a good faith history. Citations for willful or repeated issues start at $136,532. Certainly, there is no need to record cases that are clearly not work-related. While an employer may do so out of fear of a citation, being too inclusive can backfire. “Over-reporting can spark an OSHA inspection when the entries from an employer’s logs are entered on their 300A Summaries,” says Foulke. “Those are available for review not only to OSHA but also to plaintiff’s lawyers and community activists like Common Cause. Skewed numbers can impact a business’s ability to get future work from clients.” So how about those cases that fall into a gray area? “My advice to employers would be that in the case of doubt, record or report the event,” says Principe. “You can always explain the facts, saying that you don’t believe it is work-related for the following reasons, but that you are including the case out of an abundance of caution. This will protect you from a citation.” Many OSHA observers believe the Biden administration will tighten criteria, determining that more infections occurred in the business environment. There may be a return to earlier CDC guidance which mandated that an illness be designated work-related if the employee had been within six feet of another COVID-19-infected worker for a total of at least 15 minutes. “The agency may start tracking infections down to employer facilities if they can do so and support the change by claiming they are trying to halt the spread of COVID-19,” says Principe.

FINDING HELP While the prospect of an OSHA inspection and citations can disturb any business owner, the federal agency can also be helpful. “Many businesses believe that every interaction with OSHA is negative,” says Norton. “They don’t realize that OSHA also provides consultative services at both the federal and state level.” At the employer’s request, says Norton, OSHA will inspect

Determine Your OSHA Readiness How well have you secured your workplace against the risk of accidents and COVID-19 infections? Find out by taking this quiz. Score 10 points for each step taken. Then total your score and check your rating at the bottom of the chart. 1. Conducted a workplace risk assessment 2. Implemented measures to control risks 3. Developed a written accident and infection prevention plan 4. Assigned a COVID-19 mitigation plan coordinator 5. Trained employees on the plan and on preventive measures 6. Enforced the use of face coverings 7. Implemented temperatures/symptoms screening 8. Implemented cleaning protocols 9. Coordinated use of breaks and lunchrooms 10. Ensured the enforcement of sick leave policies What’s your score? 80 or more: Congratulations. You have gone a long way toward making your business environment safer for your employees. Between 60 and 80: It’s time to fine-tune your prevention procedures. Below 60: Your business is at risk. Take action on the suggestions in the accompanying story. Source: Constangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete.

the workplace for problem areas. While there is no charge for the service, the employer has to agree to fix whatever OSHA finds. “It’s all confidential, so nothing uncovered by the inspectors gets shared with the compliance side.” That proactive approach can prevent costly citations down the road. “It’s very important to take the right steps to reduce the risk of infection in the workplace,” says Principe. “This will keep employees from getting sick and the employer out of trouble. I encourage businesses to track the OSHA and CDC websites on a regular basis. Know what the recommendations are. Then if OSHA shows up at the door everything will be in order.” www.brushwaremag.com | 23


MACHINERY SHOWCASE Bizzotto Giovanni Automation SRL..............26 Bodam International LTD...........................28 Borghi USA.................................................29 Borghi SpA.................................................30 Boucherie..................................................36 Carnevali Dino...........................................42

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Leistner Drills............................................43 MGG North America, Inc............................44 Paggin.......................................................45 UNIMAC.....................................................46 WOMA........................................................48 WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH.................48

the World of BrushmakingMachines

JOIN THE POSSIBILITIES www.woehlerbrushtech.com

Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH | Wöhler-Platz 2 | 33181 Bad Wünnenberg | GERMANY | Tel: +49 2953 73 300 | bt@woehler.com


Bizzotto Giovanni Automation SRL Via M. Buonarroti, 67 35010 PAVIOLA DI SAN GIORGIO IN BOSCO (PD) - ITALY

Woodworking Machinery Sector:

Tel: +39 049 9451067 Fax: +39 049 9451068 Contact: Marco Bizzotto, General Manager

Handle Machinery Sector: Sanders, chucking machinery (i.e. doming, tapering, tenoning, threading, end boring, cross boring, etc.), painting machinery (lacquering), labeling systems and packing machinery for the production of wooden handles; Complete machinery lines for the production of metal handles, starting from the flat steel or aluminum band coil and including painting lines, machines for assembling various plastic inserts (hanger tips, thread inserts, mop nserts, tapered inserts, etc.), boring, deforming and cutting equipment, as well as labeling systems and machines for packaging with the use of different systems including robotized.

Profiling and shaping machines, boring and tapping machines, sanders for the production of broom and brush blocks, paintbrush handles and similar items.

Industrial Automation Sector: Customized machinery for the preparation, positioning and assembly of particular products and accessories for the cleaning industry (mops, floor scrubbers, detergent dispensers, velvet lint brushes and adhesive lint brushes for clothes cleaning, toothbrush/accessories, etc.), automotive industry and kitchen appliance industry.

Company Philosophy: Understanding customers specific needs and providing state-of-the art solutions.

From left to right: Giovanni Bizzotto Jr, Marco Bizzotto, Giovanni Bizzotto Sr, Mauro Bizzotto

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Bodam International Ltd. 903 Cirelli Court Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA Tel. +1-410-272-9797 Fax +1-410-272-0799 E-mail: cp@bodam.com Website: www.bodam.com Contact: Carlos Petzold

BODAM, Delivering Advanced Machinery to the Broom, Brush and Mop Industry! Bodam has been providing manufacturing solutions to the Broom, Brush & Mop Industry for over 35 years. Founded by Carlos Petzold in 1986, Bodam represents the very best machinery and technology suppliers, representing them for the following countries: USA, Canada, Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand.

Key Products: Borghi s.p.a., broom, brush and mop manufacturing equipment: Staple-set brush, Anchor-set brush, Twistedin-wire brush, Strip Brush and Mop manufacturing MACHINERY to produce almost any kind of broom or brush imaginable. Also injection molds for producing your own plastic parts (one component or two component injection). For more information, visit: www.borghi.com

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Unimac Power Brush manufacturing equipment and Metal Handle production machinery and more: Twisted-Knot Brush, Segment Brush, End Brush and many other Power Brush manufacturing and testing machines, wire bundling and wire crimping technology, all made by Unimac. Also produced by Unimac, they offer metal handle manufacturing machinery such as tube mills, assemblers, telescopic handle production machines, and many specialty assembly machines as well as custom automation equipment. For more information, visit: www.unimac.it Sima monofilament extrusion lines and strapping band extrusion lines: All equipment and know-how to produce broom and brush monofilament made of a variety of polymers, such as: PET, PP, PS, PBT, SAN. Also available are extrusion lines and manufacturing systems for concrete reinforcement fibers. For more information, visit: www.sima-ds.com Carnevali Dino trimming units: Motorized clipper heads, monofilament hank cutters, steel wire hank cutters, rotary mill trimmer heads and many types of trimming devices for the Brush Industry. Carnevali Dino is especially known for their cutting heads for abrasive monofilaments (grit hanks or grit brushes). For more information, visit: www.carnevalidino.com

Borghi USA, Inc. 903 Cirelli Court Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA Tel. +1-410-272-9797 Fax +1-410-272-0799 Spare Parts E-mail: USAparts@borghiusa.com Technical Support E-mail: USAtec@borghiusa.com Website: www.borghiusa.com Borghi USA provides technical support and spare parts support for Borghi machinery and Unimac machines, in the USA, Canada and Caribbean. With over 20,000 spare parts in stock in Aberdeen, Maryland – USA, Borghi USA is able to provide prompt and reliable service. Another service offered is in-house rebuilding of Borghi machinery. Borghi USA supports their customers by being able to provide in-house training as well as onsite technical support and repairs when required, or help with moving Borghi machinery.

Borghi USA also carries a stock of spare parts and provides technical support for Dal Maschio brand broomcorn broom manufacturing machinery. Also, Borghi USA has a huge stock of carbide drill bits (spoon bits, single-point/2 flute bits, spur-point bits) ready for immediate shipment and available in a large variety of sizes. With very competitive prices and a significant inventory, Borghi USA is able to help their customers reduce costs with quality drill bits for all brands of drilling/filling machines.

Borghi USA - More than just a service company! www.brushwaremag.com | 29


Don’t settle for something ordinary. Choose Excellence! You deserve MORE!

Household Brush Manufacturing

Borghi Spa provides you with the best machinery solutions for the broom and brush industry, with a widely different service approach. Flexibility and Versatility, combined with Quality and Reliability at your disposal for more than 70 years.

One-Hand Fiber Loading System

The new technologies that were presented in 2020 have been established and appreciated in the market thus far. Here is a small sampling of some of these developments.

The One-Hand Fiber Loading System was presented for the 2021 American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) William A Cordes Innovation Excellence Award. This innovation from Borghi takes a historically twohanded operation and improves it, increasing operator safety, performance, and productivity. Previously, the operator needed to press a button when loading the fiber bundles – a job that required the use of both hands. Now, with this new system, there is a NEW way

The STAR R32 (Horizontal tufting machine with 2 filling tools, 2 drills, continuous work-cycle, 5 axes) is the top of the range for performance and flexibility. The STAR R32 can cover a wide range of products from banister brushes to 24” long push brooms, from tank brushes to toilet brushes, and at the same time delivers a very high production output at the maximum level in versatility. The STAR R32 2020 has been greatly improved and is offered in a new, high-speed version “FLASH”.

30 | www.brushwaremag.com

to operate and the operator uses only one hand to load the fiber into position. Once the added tab is pressed by the fiber bundle being loaded, it automatically cycles the air cylinder to retract then extend, pressing into place the new bundle of fiber that was loaded.

JUPITER integrated trimming unit for cylinder brushes

JUPITER can be automatically fed with fiber by a robot that picks the bundles of fiber from a large capacity double-hopper, one for each fiber color for double-stock boxes. This automatic system increases fiber loading 22 times more in capacity! The SMART V2 PLUS and STAR R32 have been redesigned and the new versions will feature improved performance and wider range of options. These machines will run at higher speed, thanks to the new electronics architecture. The range of filling tools has now a new anchor set filling tool with mobile jaws that will allow greater flare angles of the tufts when anchor setting. Operating and maintenance aspects have been simplified: for example, all vertical filling machine models will be equipped with pneumatic lifting system for the fiber stock boxes, and all new machines will include air conditioning for the electrical panel, and include a router for remote assistance. In the reengineering of vertical tufting machines, we have also paid particular attention to safety, developing a specific system to improve the safety of the operator.

Furthermore, the machine can be equipped with a trimming unit for cylinder brushes that can operate simultaneously during the filling process, delivering complete finished brushes at the end of the cycle. More time for the machine operator: the automatic fiber feeding system reduces the operator’s tasks. All-in-one: the incorporated trimmer allows JUPITER to deliver finished brushes. High efficiency: the e-STROKE filling head ensures high-speed production and quick set-up for different fiber lengths.

Technical & Industrial Brushes JUPITER - The flagship of industrial brush manufacturing machines. In order to strengthen the fiber stock autonomy and reduce tasks for the machine operator, JUPITER has been enhanced with an automatic fiber loading system.

JUPITER 2 color fiber hoppers giving 22-times more capacity

www.brushwaremag.com | 31

ARCHIMEDE e-STROKE has 2 stroke lengths: 70 mm & 135 mm providing greater flexibility and keeping high-speed production for both stroke lengths.

ARCHIMEDE e-STROKE ARCHIMEDE - The most versatile solution for industrial and technical brush manufacturing. ARCHIMEDE makes versatility its main strength. The high degree of flexibility of filling and the variety of accessory equipment available allows it to produce a wide range of brushes.

minimizing change-over time (drill first; fill second). Both capabilities are available on the same machine. GEMINI is yet another new machine offering Borghi’s e-STROKE technology (H version for larger fiber) that provides huge productivity and flexibility advantages. The e-STROKE allows to adjust the filling tool stroke, maximizing production speed (RPM) based upon fiber length in the brush.

ARCHIMEDE is now available with Borghi’s e-STROKE filling head (H version for larger fiber). The e-STROKE version allows it to adjust the filling tool stroke, maximizing production speed (RPM) based upon fiber length in the brush. Extreme versatility: it can process most kinds of brushes. Quick change-over time: best choice for short runs. High efficiency: the e-STROKE filling head ensures highspeed production and quick set-up for different fiber lengths.

GEMINI – 1 Machine, 2 Ways of Making Brushes. GEMINI is the best value regarding versatility, productivity, and price for the manufacturing of technical and industrial brush brushes. GEMINI is equipped with a double brush clamping system for simultaneous drilling and filling. As an added option, the machine can be setup with a single brush holder for manufacturing larger products and

32 | www.brushwaremag.com

GEMINI is yet another new machine offering e-STROKE technology (H version for larger fiber)

RAFFAELLO can produce up to 300 brushes per minute

High Output: the double-brush clamp set-up allows for simultaneous drilling and filling.

Quick change-over: the self-centering clamps allow to switch from one setup to another in almost no time.

High Efficiency: the e-STROKE filling head ensures highspeed production and quick set-up for different fiber lengths.

Highly automated: the automatic feeding of the stems by bowl feeder and fiber by spools ensures the machine to be highly independent.

Large Brushes: the single-brush setup allows for manufacturing 1 large brush, using the same equipment.

Twisting machines

Personal Care Brushes RAFFAELLO - The nail polish brush solution Automatic filling machine with 1 filling tool to produce nail polish brushes. High productivity: 300 brushes per minute! Superior quality: 3 different trimmers and the sanding station ensure a perfect finishing of the brush.

U TWIST The U TWIST is the ultimate solution for the production of twisted brushes with loop-end or closed-end. The machine consists of 2 working stations: one station carries out the first twist while the other one performs the final twisting and finishing of the brush. Working simultaneously on 2 brushes at the same time, the 2 stations ensure a high output of finished brushes. www.brushwaremag.com | 33

U TWIST can manufacture an extremely wide range of brushes with different materials

The U TWIST can manufacture an extremely wide range of brushes with different materials: synthetic fibers, metal fibers, and natural fibers. Regarding stem wires, the U TWIST can produce brushes with plastic-coated stem wire, galvanized, stainless steel, etc.

Mop Machines OCTOPUS PACK The OCTOPUS PACK is a fully automatic machine for manufacturing mops for the household industry. The machine carries out automatically all the steps for manufacturing a finished and packed mop, feeding the material, assembling the mop and packing the final product. OCTOPUS PACK can process cotton yarns, spun lace and non-woven material spools and use them to assemble mops with plastic sockets and staples, which are fed by vibrating feeders. The mops manufactured by the OCTOPUS PACK offer superior quality thanks to the even distribution of the material, placed in a radial 360° pattern. Visit our website for more information www.borghi.com

34 | www.brushwaremag.com

The OCTOPUS PACK can produce mops with all kinds of materials

In USA and Canada, contact:

Bodam International Ltd. 903 Cirelli Court, Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA Phone: +1-410-272-9797. Email: cp@bodam.com Websites: www.bodam.com

More than a Team Don’t’ settle for something ordinary: Choose Excellence. You deserve MORE! Borghi Spa provides you with the best machine solutions for the broom and brush industry, with a widely different service approach. Flexibility and Versatility, combined with Quality and Reliability at your disposal since more than 70 years.



Boucherie 8748 Gleason Rd. Knoxville, TN 37923, United States Phone: +1-865-247-6091 Fax: +1-865-247-6117 E-mail: john@boucherie.com Website: www.boucherie.com Contact: John Williams

toothbrush technology. There is no housing and there is no sliding of the tool, because the main movements are bolted directly to sturdy levers, eliminating any need for lubrication. The extremely rigid construction and smart design of the drive systems allows very high tufting speeds.


Eliminating the start/stop cycles of the main motor, and equipped with the newest generation of electronics and handling systems, Aeola is also very energy efficient.

With the Aeola, Boucherie has developed a totally different machine concept for household and personal care brush manufacturing : compact, simple and extremely efficient. Traditional double header machines of today take up lots of floor space, and often run at less than their full potential because operators can’t keep up. An extremely fast running single tool machine is more compact, will run at a higher efficiency and will be much simpler to maintain.

The Aeola is available in different degrees of automation: from a drill and fill machine with manual loading up to a fully automatic brush manufacturing cell with automatic loading and integrated trimming.


This machine uses Boucherie’s most innovative technology, which allows the combination of a very high tufting speed with a maximum of trimming/flagging time. This is possible because the independent brush holders only spend as much time as required in each station, and the time savings can be used to obtain a better product finish. Aeola is laid out as a compact carrousel with very good accessibility for maintenance and change-over. There is one filling tool that runs at a very high speed, without stopping between consecutive brushes. Drilling is done by means of several drill units to have an extended drill life. Optional electronic trimming, flagging and beating are arranged around the same carrousel, so that brush always stay in the same clamp throughout the whole process. The brush holders have 5 axes of movement, all controlled by servomotors. With the full 180° of tuft flare possible in both directions, this machine is extremely versatile and quick to change over with a minimum of mechanical changes. Special brush holder fixtures for full round toilet brushes, full round hair brushes and Scandinavian style dish brushes are available. The filling tool is of a completely new and simple design, with extremely few parts, derived from the most recent

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AEOLA: one filling tool tufts the brushes one after the other without stopping


1200 tufts per minute COMPACT AUTOMATIC TOOTHBRUSH PRODUCTION LINE Compact : only 8 square meters for up to 1200 tufts per minute Flexible : up to 12 work stations for trimming and end-rounding Revolutionary Hepta filling tool with few parts and no lubrication required Excellent tufting quality when processing tapered filaments Integrated drill head available for wooden toothbrushes




The HEPTA is a basic, high-speed tufting machine for the production of toothbrushes. The filling tool is a completely new design, different from any other filling tool type, and it is extremely simple with a minimum of parts and adjustment. It requires no lubrication, maintenance is minimized and setup is quick and easy. All movements of the machine are controlled by servomotors. This new HEPTA filling machine has now also been integrated in the HEPTA-FM machine, which features a high-performance handle feeder and a versatile finishing machine all integrated in one automatic production line that will produce up to 35 brushes per minute with a tufting speed of up to 1200 tufts per minute. The HEPTAFM is very compact for its output, and can be equipped with a wide range of automation options. The brand new user interface features a large touch-screen and easy controls with clear messages in the user’s native language as well as helpful graphics. With universal clamping units and clamping fingers used throughout, and servomotor controls on all the handling devices, this machine is extremely quick to change-over. For larger quantities, the HEPTA-2-FM machine has been built : two reciprocating filling tools give an output of up to 2400 tufts per minute or up to 4.200 brushes per hour. Even though the machine is of a very compact

design, the accessibility was one of the focus points during the design of the layout. 18 work stations in the finishing machine will allow a flawless trim- and endrounding quality. All these machines are equipped with controllers that can be connected to the user’s computer network, and remotely accessed for assistance, saving time and costs.

HIGH PRODUCTION FLEXI LINES For the highest versatility combined with output, the FLEXI machines have been designed as a modular concept, where several modules are connected by means of a pallet-style transport system. Handle feeders, tufting units and finishing machines can be arranged in any desired sequence along this transport system depending on the product and the output that is required. The HEPTA tufting machines that are integrated will run at up to 1.200 tufts per minute each, and FLEXI lines with up to 5 tufting machines have been built. The modular concept of the FLEXI lines provides many advantages : first, the tufting units can have several axes of movement, such as a CNC-controlled tuft pickereye opening, CNC-controlled depth movement, CNCcontrolled anchor insertion angle, etc. This makes it possible to tuft the most exotic designs. However, the machine remains perfectly accessible and simple to maintain. On top of that, the side-by-side placement of tufting units allows for a single fibre loading system to keep the fibreboxes topped up, which means there is a substantial savings – both in investment as well as floor space. Furthermore, the transport system can be shaped in such a way that the layout of the machine can fit available space on the factory floor, and that the throughput of raw materials and finished products is optimal.


HEPTA-FM 1200 tufts toothbrushes at up to 1200 tufts per minute

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For wooden toothbrushes, there are the DR-A drilling machine and the Hepta-DR drill and fill machine. The DR-A is a lowcost solution for toothbrush makers who wish to drill on one machine, and then tuft the brushes on an existing machine. A high productivity is part of the deal with the speed of up to 900 holes per minute. The Hepta-DR will drill and fill the brushes without re-clamping, so that any


HEPTA-DR drills and fills wooden toothbrushes without re-clamping

inaccuracies in the shape of the wooden handles are less important. The same drill head can be integrated into a Hepta-FM toothbrush machine. Of course, product hygiene is kept at the highest level by means of a powerful exhaust system and instant removal of the wood debris that is inevitably generated during the drilling process.

PTt TECHNOLOGY The new anchorless PTt technology provides the new way to produce anchorless toothbrushes, offering extremely important benefits pertaining to manufacturing, design and quality. The new technology simplifies the manufacturing process, allowing the use of conventional standard toothbrush handles with pre-cored holes. This means only the mold and only one handle component to process. There is no welding, no clicking and no assembly. The output can reach up to 32 brushes per minute. Furthermore, PTt enables entirely new toothbrush designs to be made, due to the very narrow space

PTt technology allows for very elegant toothbrush designs

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between the tufts and the edge of the head, allowing the possibility to use TPE ( rubber) cleaning elements and a wide range of handle materials, including transparent materials. Product quality advantages are convincing. This includes excellent and consistent tuft retention, and no voids in the head. Also, all bristles of the same type are end-rounded in the same condition, so that all bristle tips will later show an identical end-rounding quality, no matter where they are inserted in the brush.


Facial brushes are quickly gaining popularity, and are now a substantial part of the personal brush market segment. The AMR-facial is a high speed, spool-fed tufting machine for anchorless face cleaning brushes. Spool-fed filling tools, which allow the use of very small diameter filaments, tuft the fine material directly into the head plate AMR-Facial: a high speed machine for the high output of anchorless face cleaning of the brush, brushes. eliminating any issues related to handling and picking of fine filaments. After tufting, the filaments are melted together and the head plates can subsequently be assembled with the rest of the brush, or over-molded. The AMR-facial is available as a manually loaded machine to make the tufted head plates only, or with optional automation, including assembly of the brush to reduce operator labor to a minimum.

The DMU: Efficient, Simple & Flexible The DMU-1 machine is aimed at the manufacture of smaller quantities of high-quality brushes and “fine brushware,” such as hairbrushes and other personal brushes. This machine has a short-stroke filling tool and a high-precision picking system. High quality small brushware, of various configurations, can be manufactured with high efficiency. This includes round, half-round and flat hairbrushes; rubber pads;

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DMU: delivers high accuracy when producing high-quality brushes and fine brushware

HMU assembles up to 90 interdental brushes into its handles

AEOLA: compact and highly efficient with a variety of automation options available

bath brushes; and single- or double-sided nailbrushes. In its basic configuration, this is the most versatile and practical machine possible for this segment of the market, while additional automation is available for longer runs.

AEOLA: Compact and highly efficient The brand new AEOLA machine is available in a short-stroke version that is capable of the production of hairbrushes and other personal care brushes. The filling tool runs continuously, and drilling and filling happen at the same time for increased productivity. A variety of automation is available, such as automatic block loading and an integrated trimmer can be part of the machine.. AEOLA filling tools are available for staple filling and for anchor filling.

IDM WITH HANDLE ASSEMBLY IDM is a compact, high output machine to produce small twisted-in-wire brushes, such as mascara brushes and interdental brushes. A newly developed handle assembly machine is now available to put the handle automatically on the brush in a positive and reliable way. The HMU machine works with premolded handles so that a handle color change is instantaneous, and the same handle can be used with a big variety of brush wire diameters without any changes or adjustments to the machine. Retention of the brush in the handle is consistently high, and output of the machine is up to 90 finished brushes per minute.

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Carnevali Dino S.A.S. Via Federici, 120 26040 Casalbellotto (CR) ITALY Tel. +39-0375-59527 Fax +39-0375-59650 Contact: Wilma Carnevali E-mail: info@carnevalidino.com


In North America, contact our sales agent:

Carnevali Dino manufactures a variety of Quality Brush Trimming Tools and Equipment for the Broom, Brush and Paintbrush Industry:

Bodam International Ltd. • 903 Cirelli Court

• Rotary Mill trimmers for all types of fibers (including silicone carbide!)

Aberdeen, MD 21001 USA Tel. +1.410.272.9797 • Fax +1.410.272.0799 E-mail: cp@bodam.com • Contact: Mr. Carlos Petzold

• Rotary Drum trimmers

MULTIFILAMENT: Abrasive or Non-Abrasive

• Paint Brush Clipper units

DENTAL CARE: Toothbrush bristle and Cosmetic bristle

• Clippers of all types


• Hank cutters for synthetic or metal fibers

MONOFILAMENT: Advanced Technical Textiles segment and PMC segments / Poylpropylene, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, Nylon 612, Nylon 610, Nylon 12, Polyester-PET & PBT, PPS, HDPE, LDPE

• Custom made knives and blades • Custom made trimming devices

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Leistner Werkzeug GmbH Auerbacher Straße 15 Stützengrün/Erzg. Germany Phone: +49-(0)37462-288 150 Fax: +49-(0)37462-288 159 Website: www.leistner-werkzeugtechnik.de/ Email: info@leistner-gmbh.de Contact: Joerg Pauls


TUNGSTEN OR HSS. FOR USE ON HIGH PERFORMANCE CNC MACHINES Leistner Werkzeug GmbH Auerbacher Str. 15 D-08328 Stuetzengruen/Germany www.leistner-gmbh.de info@leistner-gmbh.de Ph: +49-(0)37462-288 150 Fx: +49-(0)37462-288 159 Proud Member of

leistmapjul08.indd 1

6/9/08 11:01

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Mgg North America, Inc. MGG Paintbrush innovation 8050 Corporate Center Drive

Via Martiri Suite 100delle A foibe 5/A 31015 Z.I. Prealpi Trevigiane Conegliano (TV) - ITALY Charlotte, NC 28226 Tel: USA+39 0438 200180 Mobile: +39 3296322116 Tel: +1 724 713 2224 www.mggmeccanica.com info@mggnacorp.com Contacts: Gianfranco Marcon, President www.mggmeccanica.com Loris Maestrutti, CEO Contacts: Gianfranco Marcon, President MGG Srl

Key Products & Services: Loris Maestrutti, CEO MGG Srl

MGG is your company for the production technology of Alberto Voltolina, CEO Mgg NA Inc. paint brush industry. Our knowledge covers the entire production value chain, from basic design and detail Key Products & Services: engineering, in- house manufacturing and testing and MGGsale is your company for the production technology of after services. paint brush industry. knowledge covers the Our customers benefitOur from our organization by entire production value fromfast basic design making and detail competence, lean chain, processes, decision and engineering, in-house manufacturing and testing and reliable service. after sale services. Our customers benefit from our organization by competence, lean processes, fast decision making and reliable service.

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Paintbrushes Machinery Sector: A complete range ready to satisfy all your needs in the field of brush production (Flat, Round and Paintrollers). From the formation, with our assembly, vulcanizing and nailing machines, to the finishing process with cleaners, trimming and packaging machines, you will have all the Paintbrushes Machinery Sector: support you need. AOur complete readywith to satisfy all your needs the lines arerange completed all the material feedersinneeded field of brush production (Flat, Round and Paintrollers). for the production: ferrules, handles, bristle and glue. From the formation, with our assembly, vulcanizing and nailing Futuremachines, plans: to the finishing process with cleaners, trimming and packaging machines, you will have all the With theyou newly opened US branch, the goal is to support need. guarantee our North American customers the utmost Our lines are completed with all the material feeders quality of our Italian production technology and a needed for the production: ferrules, handles, bristle dedicated after-sales service. and glue.

Company Philosophy: New products:

Constant to the quality and to The serviceinnovation on site 24haddressed will allow SERVICE and TRAINING customer satisfaction. activities to be carried out in complete autonomy by the client/operator thanks to the use of our app installed on Newdevices products: your (smartphone - tablet). The service on site, 24h will allow SERVICE and Company TRAINING Philosophy: activities to be carried out in complete autonomy by the client/operator to theand usetoof our Constant innovation addressed tothanks the quality app installed on your devices (smartphone - tablet). customer satisfaction.

Paggin P.G. Progettazioni Generali S.r.l. wedges. These machines can be served by robotic equipment for ferrule and filament loading.

Via G. Matteotti 60 I-30035 Mirano (VE) – Italy

The TPB can be combined with the resin dispensing line TPPH, with automatic handle assembling and curing oven, and then proceeding with the cleaning/flirting machine PAT250.

tel. +39 041 430770 fax +39 041 430545 e-mail: info@paggin.it www.paggin.it A complete line of new machines for the production of paint-brushes is manufactured by the company PAGGIN, established 1951 in Venice (Mirano), Italy. The range of head making machines of the TPB series is suitable for assembling straight or angled flat brush heads, sizing from 1/2” up to 5” with up to 3 insertion

A nailing/trimming machine named CAT4 is also available, as well as the packaging machine with shrinkable film CO300. Furthermore PAGGIN has recently renewed his line of mixing and bundling machines with the introduction of new models and solutions for a wide range of materials ranging from short filaments of 1” up to 9” fibers, used in the brush industry.





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Unimac KNOT A machine innovations

UNIMAC s.r.l. offers technology to produce Power Brushes and continues to modernize their innovations in the Twisted Knot machine family, especially as for the KNOT A machine. KNOT-A is a fully automatic machine. Thanks to its flexibility, it is ideal for start-up production needs of twisted knot segment brushes and ideal for frequent model changes. This machine is capable to run all sizes of the twisted knot segments, typically found in the market. The machine automatically loads the discs in two ways: •blank discs that need to be punched •pre-punched discs KNOT-A inserts the wires to be knotted from multi-wire spools or single-wire spools. After the knotting cycle is complete, the machine automatically ejects the knotted segment outside of the machine into a container. The machine is CNC controlled and can be programmed to produce a wide variety of knotted segments. The machine includes in the software the control of the knot with rose end or straight end. KNOT A can produce knotted segments with a minimum outside diameter of 75mm up to a maximum outside diameter of 180mm. From today on, Unimac KNOT A has an important innovation: the possibility of obtaining knotted segments with a diameter bigger than 180mm, thus expanding the production range and improving the machine overall efficiency and versatility. Please contact UNIMAC sales department for further information and details: Unimac srl Via Cristoforo Colombo, 9 41013 – Castelfranco Emilia (Mo), Italy Tel: +39 059 93 26 64 Sales: paolo@unimac.it sales@unimac.it www.unimac.it

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Located in the heart of Italy’s technology and manufacturing region, Unimac leads the Industry in manufacturing machines and automation to produce Power Brushes as well as complete lines and automation for the production and assembling of handles. UNIMAC s.r.l. via Colombo, 9 41013 Castelfranco Emilia, Modena · Italy Phone +39 059 93 26 64


Bavarian craftmanship meets Thuringian technology WOMA revives an old sweetheart for company Bürsten-Baumgartner The family-based business Bürsten-Baumgartner, located in Plattling, Bavaria, relies on genuine quality work. Unique skills and craftmanship are essential to produce special cleaning brushes but as manager and co-owner Norbert Jocham explains “This can’t be done without any use of technology.” The brushes, which are produced in small batches are mainly used for industrial purposes and must be quite often newly refurbished at Bürsten-Baumgartner. In order to achieve this, all worn bristle bundles are removed hole by hole and then the body brush cleaned. Waltraud Baumgartner-Jocham pays special attention on enviromentally friendly solutions at her company. A special basin is used to clean the brushes where by means of a bacteria and heat-treatment the dirt is gently and effectively removed. “We are proud to do it so without using chemicals and with a very low water consumption!” explains the owner. That helps us to protect the environment and our employees. With that in mind, a considered decision was made and it was opted to purchase a second hand tufting machine as core system of a specialized production solution. Norbert Jocham justifies: “In this context, we have no doubts and we knew the company WOMA was the right place to start. Used machines not only are a simbol for proven and solid technology but also stand for a true sustainability.“ He visited the WOMA warehouse situated in Bad Salzungen, Thuringia and found a suitable Zahoransky tufting machine. A mechanical revision was conducted by the WOMA team and it was required to design and install a special 3-axis adjustable table which breathed new life into the “old sweetheart.“ The intuitive and experienced technicians made sure this machine will provide a long-term good service to the new owners. WOMA General Manager Daniel Köhler is proud to admit that his work takes care of the environment: “Not every company plan necessarily demands the use of hightech machinery. Sometimes equipment which has been proved and tested for years is the right option and we can appropiately adapt it.” In contrast to new machinery, a previously owned one has got a more quickly

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Josefa Murr ensures that brushes are properly fed. She is proud to know her boss cares about sustainability and the environmental protection.

availability with a considerably lower cost, and hence protecting valuable resources. This concept not only convinced the Bürsten-Baumgartner top managament but also impressed its personnel. They are now happy with their “like new” used machine. Thanks to the new movable table, finds operator Josefa Murr that functions such as brush placement and drilling to be easier and quicker to perform. “It was definitely lucrative to rely on not only well proven technology but also on the expertise of Mr. Köhler and his team,” as the owner-couple state. Further discussions on how to work together on developing customized machines are well underway. The company Bürsten-Baumgartner is run by the second generation and manufactures industrial and special brushes .The business was founded in 1949 by Ludwig und Rosa Baumgartner in Schöllnach and is a familyrun medium-sized enterprise. A continuous growth, innovative strength and sustainability have become a part of the Bürsten-Baumgartner family and their 30 employees.


Am langen Streif 8 Bad Salzungen / OT Langenfeld 36433 Germany Phone: +49 3695 858450-0 Fax: +49 3695 858450-9 Website: www.woma-brush.com Email: info@woma-brush.com Contact: Maria Koehler

Hand over at WOMA following safety guidelines: Norbert Jocham, Josefa Murr, Daniel Köhler, Markus Weinberger and Waltraud Baumgartner-Jocham (from left).

The company WOMA was founded in 2008 by Daniel Köhler. Originally dedicated to trading second-hand woodworking machinery, Mr. Köhler got in contact with the brush industry during his 2008 visit to the international trade fair Interbrush. The internationaloriented company WOMA has got 25 employees who are trained in the field machine-overhaul and since 2015 they are committed to machine developing and construction.

WOMAtec Maschinenbau GmbH Am langen Streif 8 Bad Salzungen, 36433 Germany

Phone: +49 3695 858450-0 Fax: +49 3695 858450-9 Website: www.WOMAtec.com Email: info@WOMAtec.com Contact: Maria Koehler

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SUPPLIER/MANUFACTURER SPOTLIGHT Arroworthy.................................................50 Brush Fibers..............................................51 Deco Products...........................................51 DKSH.........................................................52 DuPont......................................................54 FM Brush...................................................55 Filkemp.....................................................57 Gordon Brush.............................................56

Gornell Brush.............................................58 Hahl/Perlon...............................................59 MFC LTD....................................................60 Mill-Rose...................................................61 Monahan Filaments...................................62 Precision Brush..........................................63 Proveedora Mexicana.................................64 Royal Paint Roller.......................................65


248 WYANDANCH AVE WEST BABYLON, NY 11704 Tel: 888-444-4949 Fax: 631-253-9428 Email: rolandk@arroworthy.com Website: www.arroworthy.com Contact: Roland Kolilias, Vice-President

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: Brushes, Rollers

New Materials, Machines, Products: Microfiber roller covers, Rembrandt paint brushes

Company Philosophy:

Always use the very best materials to make a quality product.

Future Plans or Goals for Company:

Continue to expand, improve, service and provide the best line of professional tools

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Schaefer Brush..........................................66 St. Nick Brush............................................67 Stainless Steel Products............................68 Yongli Filiment & Bristle.............................69 Young & Swartz..........................................70 Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc....................70

ranging from 14 tons to 500 tons, and a 150,000 square foot facility. This allows us to partner with leading companies who are looking for excellent capacity and versatility while maintaining competitive pricing. In addition to casting production, we provide our partners many value-added operations, including machining, powder-coating, an assembly. These attributes, in addition to our exceptional financial stability, put us among the leaders in the zinc die-casting industry.

Brush Fibers, Inc.

202 North Oak Street Arcola, IL 61910, United States Phone: 217-268-3012 Fax: 217-268-3245 Website: www.brushfibers.com Email: chris@brushfibers.com Contact: Chris Monahan


Distributors and manufacturers of a full range of vegetable fibers, horse hair, hog hair, plastic blocks, wire, and fiber mixtures. Including the following: Tampico, Palmyra, Horse Hair and Horse Hair mixtures, Foam and Solid Plastic Brush Blocks, and Brush Staple Wire.

New Materials, Machines, Products: We are also current on all new alloys such as EZAC and HFHigh Fluidity alloys. Ezac gives you better strength/Impact and HF alloy allows you to cast .020” wall thicknesses.

Company Philosophy: Our commitment to excellence has made us a supplier of precision zinc die-castings to customers all over the world. With about 60 years of experience, we have the ability to design and produce the most challenging components. Deco has been casting tips for mops, brooms and brushes longer and more continuously than any other manufacturer in the industry. The majority of our tips are custom made to the customers design and requirements. Our engineering team works diligently with the customer to provide the best product at the most competitive price. We not only cast tips, but also cast custom designed zinc parts for virtually every fortune 500 company in the USA. We are proud that we manufacture in the United States and employ over 230 people in the scenic Decorah Iowa area.

Future Plans or Goals for Company:

Deco Products

506 Sanford Street Decorah, Iowa 52101, United States Phone: 800-327-9751 Fax: 563-382-9845 Website: www.decoprod.com Email: sales@decoprod.com Contact: Dave Magner

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: Deco Products uses the highest quality certified alloys. Our production alloys include the entire range of hot chamber zinc alloys (No. 2, No. 3, No.5, No. 7, and ZA8). Let our highly experienced team of engineers guide you in selecting your alloy choice. We can also use proprietary alloys designed by our suppliers which may meet your needs. Deco has 86 die-casting machines, with locking forces

Deco Products is privately owned and financially strong. Therefore, our ongoing capital investments and commitment to continuous improvement reflect our longterm perspective and our promising future. As we continue to enhance our processes, we welcome opportunities to create partnerships with companies equally committed to excellence and a long-term perspective of success.

We’ve Got Connections

Deco’s quality tips, extensions and adaptions are die cast from certified zinc alloy, one of nature’s most impact resistant metals. Standard ACME or your own custom threading is available in wide range of tapers, shapes and styles. Deco Products Company•506 Sanford Street•Decorah, Iowa 52101


1-800-327-9751 or 1-563-382-4264•FAX: 1-563-382-9845

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DKSH Switzerland LTD. Wiesenstrasse 8 CH-8034 Zurich

Phone: +41 44 3867901 Mobile: +41 79 7854657 Email: Reinhold.hoerz@dksh.com Website: www.dksh.ch/brush Contact Name: Reinhold Hoerz Brush Fibers, Inc. has been partners with DKSH in the sale of Hog Bristle in the North American market since 2012, and during that time the business has grown steadily. DKSH are the most important Bristle traders in the world. They are headquartered in Switzerland, but maintain a dedicated staff in China, who are constantly monitoring the supply situation in the ever changing landscape of Chinese bristle processors. Reinhold Hoerz, the Bristle trading manager for DKSH, visits China regularly. This requires experience, expertise and energy, as China really is no country for old menRegular visits are essential as the much stricter enforcement of Environmental laws in China has led to factory closures and defaults as the cost of compliance can be high and beyond the means of some of the processors.

52 | www.brushwaremag.com

The tightening of the “Shadow Banking” system has also led to more difficult credit conditions. The underlying imperative is that frequent visits by a team on the spot is essential, and all our shipments receive a pre-shipment QC inspection. Brush Fibers, Inc. maintains a substantial inventory of Bristle from all origins in a full range of White, Bleached white, Black and grey in all popular lengths. We are always looking at least 6 months ahead to anticipate customer needs, as lead times in China are an ongoing problem. We also offer many of the other animal hairs, such as Ox-Ear, Goat, Horse hair and Horse hair Mixtures. Our plan is to continue to grow the business, and offer the best customer service in the industry. We promise a culture of integrity, reliability and unmatched quality control.

Synthetic filaments brought to you by DKSH Switzerland Ltd. US Distributor: Brush Fibers Arcola Please contact us for further information, specifications and offers: Reinhold Hoerz Senior Sales Manager, Brush Industry Phone +41 44 386 7901 Mobile +41 79 785 4657 reinhold.hoerz@dksh.com www.dksh.ch/brush

Think Asia. Think DKSH.


DuPont Filaments- Americas, LLC Washington Works Plant 8480 DuPont Rd., Building 158 Washington, WV 26161 Phone: 800-635-9695

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: DuPont Filaments is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of brush manufacturers and others around the world for high-quality, application-tailored polymerbased filaments. Production plants in Asia, the United States,Europe and India turn out an extensive range of filaments based on nylon 610, nylon 612, and polyester resins. Each global region has locally based technical support and sales service capabilities to serve customers making various kinds of brushes and industrial products.

The Company’s Filament Brands Include:

DuPont™ Tynex® filaments and Tynex® A abrasive filaments, both based on long-wearing nylon 612 polymer; DuPont™ Herox® filaments made of nylon 610; DuPont™ Orel® tapered filaments, based on polyester; and DuPont™ Chinex® modified nylon filaments.

New Materials, Machines, Products:

Newly developed Tynex® A filaments with ceramic and Herox® A filaments with diamond grits can sharply improve finishing or polishing efficiency and reduce costs with extended brush life and/or faster production rates. Another recent innovation is proving its value in cleaning glass panels for LCDs (liquid crystal displays)

and other delicate items. Asian manufacturers are using brushes made with Tynex® fine filaments for gentle, effective removal of foreign particles from LCD panels without damaging their sensitive surfaces. Filaments developed for this application measure only 0.05 to 0.10 mm in diameter and range from 17 to 20 mm in length. Industrial applications outside the brush field are also opening up for DuPont filaments.

Company Philosophy: For more than 80 years, DuPont Filaments has proven its ability to supply premium-quality products and first-class service to brush manufacturers around the globe. The ultimate validation of their success comes from customers: their supplier decisions have made DuPont Filaments the global leader in the field. DuPont Filaments is uniquely positioned to deliver locally based technical support, sales service and products from its locally based resources in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Manufacturing plants are located in Wuxi, China; Madurai, India; Landgraaf, Netherlands; and Parkersburg, West Virginia, U.S.A. Each location is third-party-certified as meeting requirements of IS0 ISO9001:2015.

You aren’t like everyone else in your industry YOUR GRAPHICS SHOULDN’T BE EITHER. You need custom web and graphic design services that boost your business and tell a story. Logos & Branding | Business Cards | Website Design | Flyers Brochures | Print & Digital Promotions | And More


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70-02 72nd Place Glendale, New York 11385 Phone: 718-821-5939 Fax: 718-821-2385 Email: info@fmbrush.com Website: www.fmbrush.com Contact: Jeff Mink, President

Key Products:

FM Brush manufacturers thousands of brushes in our house brands, as well as for private-label and customorder clients.Our main industries include: artist, cosmetic, theatrical, medical, industrial, and craft.


FM Brush holds 19 US and International patents for brush performance and design innovation. FM Brush specializes in the development of the highest quality synthetic fibers. We are leveraging our expertise,

along with new technological innovations, to expand and grow our presence.


The FM Brush Company is celebrating almost 100 years in business. We are particularly proud of this accomplishment because the company remains under private family ownership. The factory and office headquarters are still located in Glendale, N.Y., where they were established in 1929. Our commitment to American manufacturing is without equal in this industry. We are proud to share our heritage and expertise as we celebrate nine decades of American brushmaking.


Our goal is to continue to make the highest-quality brushes possible.

America’s Premier Artist Brush Manufacturer

Maker of handcrafted quality brushes since 1929 Producer of private label and branded brushes Two custom manufacturing facilities Family owned and operated FM Brush Company, Inc.

70-02 72nd Place . Glendale . New York . 11385 Ph: 718.821.5939 Fax: 718-821-2385 www.fmbrush.com . email: info@fmbrush.com

Proud Member for 70+ Years.

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Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc. 3737 Capitol Avenue City of Industry, CA 90601-1732

Phone: (323) 450-2748 Email: ASchechter@gordonbrush.com Website: www.gordonbrush.com Contact: Alan Schechter, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc., has a rich history as an American brush manufacturer. Founded in 1951, Gordon Brush® includes two brands whose origin dates to 1855 and 1897.The Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and a leading manufacturer of specialty, custom and standard brushes for industrial and consumer uses. Gordon Brush® manufactures the very popular FootMate® System, as well as over 17,000 standard and custom brushes at its stateof-the-art 183,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in City

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of Industry, California. Gordon Brush® stocks over 3,500 different brushes for same day shipment, selling to a variety of industries including medical, electronics, manufacturing, military, aerospace, janitorial, automotive, bakery, restaurant, and pharmaceutical. Gordon Brush’s recently acquired: Spectrum Pait Applicators; Kirschner Brush; J.B. Ward & Sons; StaticFaction; Easy Reach, Inc.; and Spectrum Brush. Gordon Brush® has been featured on the ION Network, Discovery Channel, Bloomberg News, The Real Talk Show, The Today Show, and in the Los Angeles Times. The Company has received numerous awards and accolades including being the recipient of the 2018 Made: In America award. This award was presented to the Company at a ceremony in that was held in the rotunda of the United States Capitol. Gordon Brush is an ardent supporter of organizations

promoting American made manufacturing and American made products. In 2016, Gordon Brush® hosted Democratic Congressman and House Whip Steny Hoyer and local Congresswoman, Grace Napolitano. Gordon Brush® served as the “poster child” for the “Make It In America” platform sponsored in Congress by Democratic House Majority Leader Hoyer. Gordon Brush® is a Gold sponsor of the 2019, inaugural Made in America Convention.

New Materials, Machines, Products: The patents pending Seat SweepR broom is a unique janitorial cleaning tool that allows the user to easily get underneath seats and maneuver down aisles in movie theaters, stadiums, arenas, grocery stores, and other venues. The product comes in 21 different configurations: 2-different trim lengths; 3-different overall lengths; straight or curved; and a choice of either a fixed socket or our unique, patented, Flip-Flop socket.This product is current in use in major movie chains across the country and several major league baseball parks. We have added a Rejuvenating CreamT to our FootMate® System line. This product has the same ingredients as our Rejuvenating Gel™ which comes in every FootMate® box. Specially formulated for feet, The FootMate® System’s unique Rejuvenating Cream™ is a natural antiseptic, moisturizer, and conditioner all in one. The Rejuvenating Cream™ will leave your feet soft and supple. Your Feet Will Love You!...® The product has NO: Parabens, SLS, Petrolatum, Synthetic Fragrances, EDTA, Artificial Colors or Phthalates.

Company Philosophy: Gordon Brush’s philosophy is to improve the quality of your products through excellence in design, functionality, and customer service. Because we are based in the United States, we can offer same-day shipping on over 2,000 standard brushes and quick turnaround on custom or specialty brushes. Whatever your application, our engineering team can design and manufacture a custom brush to do the job or can modify any standard brush to your exact specifications: If a brush exists, we have it... if it doesn’t, we’ll make it. Gordon Brush – Bigger Better Brush Ideas.

Future Plans or Goals for Company:

The Company’s continued growth will occur via both acquisition and organic. By investing in plant expansion, state-of-the-art machinery, and marketing services, Gordon Brush aims to be at the forefront of brush technology and the customer experience.

Filkemp S.A.

Rua Francisco Lyon de Castro 28 Mem Martins Portugal Phone: +351 21 922 94 10 Website: www.filkemp.com Email: info@filkemp.com Contact: Sofia Teles

ABRASI VE MONOFI LAMENTS Your custom-made filament: •

Round or flat profiles

Grit sizes from grit 36 up to 3500

0.01” to 0.12” diameters

Cut to 1.73” up to 55.3” or on spools

Level or crimped finishing

In a broad variety of colors

With or without wax coaang

depending on grit type

single or mullple ends

We also provide our experrse and lab resources to help with your individual needs and applicaaons.


Gordon Brush’s goal is to help its customers improve their productivity and profitability by providing them with high quality brushes which suit their exact requirements. Gordon Brush and its family of companies pride ourselves in being partners to your success. www.brushwaremag.com | 57


Gornell Brush

2241 N. Knox Avenue Chicago, IL 60639 USA Phone: 773-489-2330 Fax: 773-489-1102 Email: sales@gornellbrush.com Website: www.gornellbrush.com Gornell Brush manufactures staple-set and wire-drawn brushes using all types of wire, synthetic and natural materials. Gornell Brushes are manufactured from the highest quality materials available on state-of-the-art equipment or experienced and highly skilled craftsmen. We continually strive to improve our products through engineering developments and new and improved manufacturing methods and procedures. Gornell Brush offers a wide selection of standard brushes for industry and maintenance, including specialized brushes for the welding and printing industries.

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The design and manufacture of customized brushes has been an integral part of our business since the beginning. Using our modern equipment, we have the ability to manufacture almost any brush for special applications. Special services include imprinting, private labeling, and special packaging. CAD/CAM design available. We have engineers on staff ready to assist you. For fast and friendly service contact Gornell Brush.

Hahl inc./Perlon The Filament Company 126 Glassmaster Rd. Lexington, S.C. 29072

Phone: 803-359-0079 Fax: 803-359-0554 Website: www.perlon.com E-mail: terry.hogan@perlon.com Contact: Terry P. Hogan, Sales Director, North America

Company Key Material, Machines, Products: SYNTHETIC FILAMENT: Polypropylene, PA 6, PA 66, PA 612, PA 610, Polyester-PBT, PE, Technical fibers > Antistatic PA 6, Conductive PA 6, HT Polyamide, PEEK, PPS, UL94V0 PA 6, Metal Detectable Polyester-PBT ABRASIVE FILAMENT: Abrafil 612®, Abrafil 610®, Hahlbrasif® 6 > with Grit (Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, Diamond) MULTIFILAMENT: Abrasive or Non-Abrasive DENTAL CARE: Toothbrush Filament and Cosmetic Filament

Advertise in


INNOVATIVE PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS MONOFILAMENT: Advanced Technical Textiles segment and PMC segments / Polypropylene, PA 6, PA 66, PA 612, PA 610, PA 12, Polyester-PET & PBT, PPS, HDPE, LDPE

New Materials, Machines, Products: Hahl Inc is planning to add additional extrusion capacity for non abrasive filament production. New products recently added to our range include BioniFil H® (horsehair replacement) and BioniFil P® (boar bristle replacement) and Perlon Green Line (100% biobased polymer) for technical brush applications.

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the voice of our ind ustry | established 1898

july / august 2020

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9 Brushware is the #1 trade magazine devoted to the brush, broom and mop industries 9 Worldwide circulation of 1,800 industry leaders promotes your brand recognition 9 A consistently professional showcase for your products

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The Future of Manufacturing?

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(pg. 24)

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9 COVID-1Gordon Brush’s Acqu orts ports/Exp Im Profile : st Half: US 2020 Fir

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Suppliers and Manufacturers Director




9 Flexible ad packages for any budget with deep discounts for combo print/digital packages


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1904 Freight St. Laredo Texas 78041 Toll Free: 800 TAMPICO (8267426) Phone 956 724 5191 Fax 956 725 8080 Email: info@mfc-usa.com Website: www.mfc-usa.com Contacts: David Kalisz, dkalisz@mfc-usa.com Paty Cavazos, paty@mfc-usa.com

Key Products & Services: MFC, with roots in the brush making industry that span for over 150 years, is happy to continue to provide the brush manufacturer with consistently high quality fill fibers and fill fiber mixtures including but not limited to the following: TAMPICO: White (natural), Black, Two Color, Three Color, Bleached, Patent (polished), Semi Patent UNIONS: Mixtures of Palmyra and/or Bassine (dyed Palmyra) & Tampico in many combinations PALMYRA: Oiled or Unoiled, Medium Stiff or Prime Stiff PALMYRA STALKS: Fine, Extra Fine, dyed or undyed HORSEHAIR AND HORSEHAIR MIXTURES: Dressed Black, Mixed, Silver Grey, or white horsehair or Processed (Sterilized, combed & mixed) to attain our customers performance and quality needs. The mixtures can be pure hair or mixed with other synthetic fibers(plastics, wire, etc.) and/or natural fibers (Tampico). BRISTLE: boar bristle Processed or unprocessed BROOM HAIR: Cattle hair mixtures PAINT BRUSH FILAMENT PROCESSING: Dyeing, tipping, flagging and Mixing or Tapered filaments

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SYNTHETIC FIBERS: Nylon, Polystyrene, Polyethelene, Polypropylene, PET CUSTOM MIXTURES: With more mixing machines in one location than any company in the world, MFC will work with the brush manufacturer to develop a mixture that will attain their price, quality and performance aims.

Philosophy: MFC ‘s, its staff, processor and suppliers aim is to consistently provide our customer with good service and high quality material at a fair price. We listen to our customer and work with them to provide them on each and every order a product that will run well on their equipment, giving them high throughput, less waste, less rejects and a brush that will meet their specifications.

Goal: MFC ‘s main goal is to continue to work with our customers so that both will have continued success.

...about f ing nd m anufactur


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Mentor, Ohio

illua dq Ros a e e corporate h

We’ve been setting the standard for quality, performance, and innovation in brush technology for the past 100 years. Mill-Rose brushes are used in virtually every industry around the world, including, but not limited to, aerospace, agriculture, automotive, defense, energy, manufacturing, medical, technology, and telecommunications.


Mentor, Ohio Clean


tion fa



s uct -Fit Prod

Mill-Rose is the largest U.S. manufacturer of twisted-wire brushes and the undisputed world market leader for brushes of all uses. Brushes are what we know; big ones, little ones, produced in large or small volumes. We design, engineer, manufacture and deliver brushes in any quantity, catering to customer’s specific needs.


Choose from thousands of “standard” and “not-so-standard” sizes and shapes of brushes that deburr, polish, finish, sort, auger, conduct, dissipate, collect, move and protect materials. Mill-Rose brushes are often used in non-brushing applications to solve engineering, design, and production problems. If you require a special or unique brush, we can design it and make it from any material the job calls for. Mill-Rose has designed more than 100,000 special brushes with unique configurations for unique applications.

...about Clean-Fit Products Strong demand for Mill-Rose brushes by the plumbing, heating and cooling industry led to the formation of Clean-Fit Products, our fast-growing division serving professional contractors, hardware wholesalers and Do-It-Yourself home centers. Clean-Fit Products offers contractors a complete line of brushes, abrasives, PTFE sealants and specialty tools, including our new line of Blue Monster® professional-grade products. Clean-Fit Products has experienced explosive growth with its Blue Monster product line, demonstrating the need for high quality brushes and accessories with a unique and trusted brand name. A Century of Brushmaking Excellence

...about Mill-Rose Laboratories Mill-Rose Laboratories manufactures a complete line of disposable and reusable brushes used throughout the medical industry. We’re the leading source for laboratory and scientific brushes, biopsy and micro brushes, and stainless steel wire forms used in a broad range of applications. Our commitment to cutting edge technology, product quality and customer satisfaction is second to none. 7995 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060

| Toll-free 800.321.3533


Fax: 440.255.5039






Monahan Filaments 215 Egyptian Trail Arcola, IL 61910

Tel: 217-268-4957 Fax: 217-268-4965 Website: www.monahanfilaments.com Email: info@monahanfilaments.com Contact Name & Title: Jon Monahan, President

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: Located in Arcola, Illinois USA, Monahan Filaments manufactures a wide selection of synthetic filaments for the brush and monofilament industry. Markets served include Oral Care and Cosmetic, Paintbrush, Industrial, Janitorial, Automotive, Construction and Agricultural. A wide range of diameters can be supplied in hanks, cut lengths, and on spools to meet customer requirements. Known as a developer of synthetic thermoplastic filaments to meet demanding end uses, we are ready to assist in meeting your filament needs.

U.S. manufacturing in America's Heartland!

Company Philosophy:

ask about our

Nylon Stocking Program!

Along with our sister company Brush Fibers, Inc. we can provide you with almost every raw material to make a quality brush at competitive pricing and short lead time. We are here to do everything we can to support brushes being Made in the USA!

call 888.833.1097



Brushware Magazine



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Precision Brush

6700 Parkland Boulevard Solon, Ohio 44139 Contact: Jim Benjamin Phone: 800-252-4747 Fax: 800-252-0834

A World-Class American Manufacturer of Industrial Brushes: Precision Brush has been providing our customers with custom brush products for many years. From our humble beginnings in a two-car garage in downtown Cleveland Ohio, to our state of the art facility in the manufacturing district of Solon, Ohio—we have carefully and skillfully produced custom-designed brushes that have touched nearly every aspect of our society, both public and private. Our highly trained engineers, friendly custom service representatives and dedicated and loyal manufacturing staff are all committed to providing you with the best tools to help design and create your own custom brush.

Over time, some things have changed—there have been advancements with our facilities, our automated equipment and even the bristle materials we use. But one thing hasn’t changed: Our commitment to making you the best custom industrial brushes possible. Each day Precision Brush receives requests for custom brushes. From engineers designing new products or processes to brush users who are looking for custom brushes to help where standard brushes do not work as effectively. We also hear from inventors who require uniquely designed brushes and universities that are experimenting with state-of-the-art brush applications. We have assisted customers in dozens of countries in designing custom brushes and have garnered a reputation throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of custom designed brushes.

High quality custom metal channel brushes since 1951.

www.precisionbrush.com • brushinfo@precisionbrush.com 6700 Parkland Boulevard • Solon, OH 44139 • 1-800-252-4747 www.brushwaremag.com | 63


Proveedora Mexicana de Monofilamentos, S.A. de C.V. (PMM) Oriente 217 No. 190 Agrícola Oriental 08500 Mexico City

Phone: (52 55) 5763 86 63 Fax: (52 55) 5700 57 69 Email: pmm@pmm-mex.com Web: www.pmmbrightline.com Contact: Dennise Silva, Sales Manager PMM is a Mexican company located in the heart of Mexico City that specializes in the production of synthetic-engineered plastic monofilaments. These are made of Nylons (Nylon 6.12, Nylon 6.6, Nylon 6 Plus, and Nylon 6), Polyester PBT, Polyethylene and Polypropylene, and are available in a wide range of calipers, profiles and colors.

Dennise Silva Sales Manager

Mariana Zacate, R&D Engineer

Ixchel Rosas, Laboratory Leader

Diana Gutierrez, Laboratory Technician

PMM’s materials are mainly used for toothbrushes, interdental and cosmetic brushes and industrial brush applications. Dennise Silva, PMM Sales Manager, explained how the product line has grown and developed, mainly because of the flexibility to adapt to the customer’s specifications. Added to high quality filaments, PMM has a sales policy that enhances its operation. Punctual deliveries and service are key factors to success. PMM’s Sales Account Executives are instructed to provide a 24-hour service guarantee. All customer inquiries will be answered / serviced the same day PMM receive them. Even though PMM was founded in 1976, the company is full of young people who bring new ideas and have made PMM evolve into an innovation and creativity center, with an impeccable sense of quality and an international perspective. A key element in PMM’s corporate culture is the drive for joint achievement, which is the “secret ingredient” which transforms good into outstanding. This is the main reason why, despite an uncertain business scenario, Dennise feels confident about PMM’s future.

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Brenda Uribe, Laboratory Technician

Itzel Sosa, IT Engineer

Royal Paint Roller Mfg. Corp. phone: 631-643-8012 • fax: 631-253-9428 email: randyb@linzerproducts.com contact: Randy Boritz, President

cover which is made with a high capacity polyamide fabric and is shed free. It has the capacity to hold and release more paint for interior and exterior application. This year, we also announced the acquisition of Allway Tools by our parent company, Linzer Products. Allway Tools is known in the industry for their innovative product line including scrapers, utility knives, blades and floor scrapers.

Key Materials and Products:

Company Philosophy:

248 Wyandanch Ave West Babylon, NY 11704

We carry a complete line of paintbrushes, roller covers (in all sizes and variety of fabrics, including lambskin, kodel, lambswool, synthetic blends, microfiber and our “lint free”line), painter pads, frames, trays and accessories for the professional and do-it-yourself markets.

New Materials, Machines and Products: For the past several years, we have been featuring our new blue dolphin tape and abrasive products. New to our roller cover line is the europa polymicro roller

We take pride in the reputation we have established over the years for being more than simply a supplier, but rather a business”partner” to our customers. It is our goal to help our customers compete in today’s marketplace. Our customer’s success means our success. We look forward to our continued growth built on this philosophy, and to providing our customers the top quality products, competitive pricing, and excellent service they have come to expect from Royal Paint Roller.

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Schaefer Brush

1101 S Prairie Avenue Waukesha, Wisconsin 53186 United States Phone: 800-347-3501 Fax: 262-547-3927 Website: www.schaeferbrush.com Schaefer Brush is a leader in the manufacture of twisted in wire brushes. In business since 1905, Schaefer Brush has extensive experience in brush applications, bolstered by engineering expertise. Schaefer Brushes are industrial quality, long-lasting, efficient cleaning tools designed to perform under heavy use by tradesmen, manufacturers, and maintenance professionals. Our in-house design and engineering teams, manufacturing capabilities and extensive inventory makes us the right choice for both your most common

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and custom brush needs. One of a kind, state of the art equipment technology which delivers precision and quality, combined with the talent, knowledge, and dedication of our team, enables Schaefer Brush to deliver the utmost quality brushes. With over 100 years of experience, we have the engineering skills and manufacturing capacity to create custom brushes for any application. We can consult with you on your needs, then design and manufacture the appropriate brush, or we can manufacture based on your design. Special services include imprinting, private labeling, and special packaging. CAD/CAM design is available. We have engineers on staff ready to assist you. For fast and friendly service contact Schaefer Brush.



brush and broom manufacuturer

in the world (in our humble opinion)

visit our newly designed website

stnickbrush.com ®

St. Nick Brush Company 13813 Station Rd P.O.Box 15 Burton, OH 44021 United States

Phone: 800-798-1269 Fax: 440-834-0243 Website: www.stnickbrush.com Email: info@stnickbrush.com Contact: Stephen Trudic Jr.


brushware d | establishe our industry the voice of


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since 1978


ONS: 4 TIPS SAFETY INSPECTI ting During A Pandemic

Marke vs Resiliency Supply Chain: Efficiency

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Stainless Steel Products 561-T Acorn Street, Suite T Deer Park, NY 11729 Tel: 888-767-3040 Fax: 631-243-4064 Email: sales@stainlesswires.com Website: www.stainlesswires.com Contact: Ralph Rosenbaum, President

About Us Since 1995, STAINLESS STEEL PRODUCTS has distinguished itself with a wide variety of applications, gaining experience and capability in round and flat wire usage and production. We pride ourselves on supplying manufacturers of all sizes, including industry leaders and global manufacturers across various industries. We differentiate ourselves with application engineering assistance, attention to detail on all aspects of supply management, and a culture of bringing added value to our customers experience where possible. We custom manufacture materials to demanding specifications. In addition, we stock materials for quick shipments, just-in-time delivery, and/or use a kan-ban inventory system when appropriate. We serve metal consuming manufacturers of all kinds, including: Brushes / Dental Products / Filtration Products / Flexible Metal Hoses / Heating Elements / Jewelry / Medical Products / Reinforcements / Specialty Products /Springs / Staple Products / Wire Braids / Wire Cloth & Mesh /Wire Forms / Wire Inserted Threads / Wire Inserted Yarns

Draw Round Wire Stainless Steel Products has several single and multiple die wire drawing machines. Our in-house capabilities include drawing wire from 0.3125” to as small as 0.0080” in both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. We can draw wire to standard tolerances or tight tolerances, if specified. We can package wire on spools ranging from ¼ lb to over 1,000 lbs in various configurations. Our current coil weight capacity is 250 lbs for larger diameter coils and 60 lbs for smaller diameter wires. Our specialty is making bright wire. Our testing equipment includes laser micrometers, tensile testers, hardness testers, and microscopes with photo capability for surface evaluations.

Flat Wire Rolling

Stainless Steel Products has several rolling mills and various spooling or coiling equipment to service all of your packaging requirements. These can be as small as 1/4 lb or as large as 1,000 lb reels. Our in-house capabilities include rolling wire with rounded edges between 0.0060” to as wide as 0.250”. Rolling mill thickness capability is from 0.0043” to 0.250”. Testing facilities include laser micrometers, tensile testers, hardness testers, and microscopes with photo capability

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for surface evaluations. We also are capable of cleaning flat wire in-house through our new cleaning line, fabricated and installed in 2019.

Material Warehousing Stainless Steel Products houses ample quantities of round wire and strip to meet existing customer demands. We can stock round wire in sizes ranging from 0.0010” – 0.375. This can be in hardness ranging from dead soft annealed to spring temper and anything in between. Strip warehousing is for existing blanket orders only at present. We offer stocking services of finished materials for just-intime delivery and blanket orders. When customers have tight on going delivery demands, we use a Kan-Ban system which generates internal replacement orders as we ship processed materials from stock. We can also generate reports on existing open orders and inventory for product planning managers and material buyers. We also maintain adequate raw materials for our further processing. Our processing capabilities include drawing to specific sizes and hardness, wire cut to length, straightened, coiled, spooled, crimped, and/or on specialty packaging. We also offer basic wire forming and assembly services.

Let me ask you?

With stock deliveries in custom orders in 2-4 w We crimp wire from prototyping to volume quantities. We can stranded wire to your specifications and even assist with and at friendly service creating specifications. Our capabilities include being able to Why use anyone else? crimp from ultra fine diameters to tire chord in most ferrous

Wire Crimping

and non ferrous alloys. Crimped Wire increases wire column strength and support of adjacent wires. The wire is typically full hard or spring temper. Sizes can range from 0.0030” to 0.035” or larger. This wire can be packaged as multi-stranded ends onto spools or cardboard cores from 10 lbs to 300 lbs or is available in hanks or in cut to length bundles.

Wire Straightening

Straight wire is used to make many types of brushes such as power brushes, scratch brushes, twisted-in brushes, and more. Wire is can be high fatigue resistant or standard quality. We can tailor wire to your fatigue resistance Brush Filament W requirements. Round, flat, or shaped wire in anySingle, size ordouble plane, or pin c strand counts on sp dimension. We can package crimped brush wirespecific on spools ends. Materia single end or multiple ends in rope form, hanks,single/multiple or cut to high carbon steel, stainless, b length bundles. Our inventory is tailored to meet industry other exotic alloys. requirements. We can offer high temperature resistant alloys and/or high strength alloys to meet the most demanding applications. We are sure to be ableRetaining to meet Wire/T standard gauges in your requirements. Our extensive inventory not Stocking only covers brass wire in differing tempe standard industry sizes, but also those hard to find sizes. We can custom draw wire diameters to high precision if specialty sizes are needed.

Value Added Services

Flat or Shaped W

We make custom designed We offer custom made solutions to your hard to figure out 0.0020"-0.250" thickness. Ma material needs. Some examples of what we havegalvanized, successfully carbon steel, oil t resolved include small quantities of simply formed parts, extra large holes on spooling requirements, magnetic wire,T 561 non Acorn Street, Suite 6 above average fatigue resistance, and much Deer Park,more. NY 11729

Yongli Filament & Bristle Co., LTD Room A1A2, Floor 23, Huangpu Manion, No. 2 Huangpu Road, Nanjing China Phone: +86 18061731285 Website: www.yfilament.com Email: eric@yfilament.com Contact: Eric Zhao

PAINTMATE Popular in the market for more than 10 years, still very big demand due to the very good painting performance and very soft tips and flexible fibre which others cannot achieve.

Napoly The best filament mixture in the market, appearance of natural bristle, painting performance even better than natural bristle.

Ynext Nylon filament, creative generation products. This time we don’t copy bristle, we overtake bristle.

www.brushwaremag.com | 69

Young & Swartz, Inc.

Zelazoski Wood Products, Inc.

Phone: (716) 852-2171 / (800) 466-7682 Fax: (716) 852-5652 Website: www.youngandswartz.com Email: info@youngandswartz.com Contact: Raphael E. Winzig

Phone: 800-240-0974 Fax: 715-627-2347 Website: www.zwpi.com Contact: Brett Zelazoski Email: brett@zwpi.com

39 Cherry St. Buffalo, NY 14204 United States

P O Box 506 835 Ninth Avenue Antigo, WI 54409-0506

Company Key Materials, Machines, Products: Brush Backs & Blocks - Wood, Handles - Paint Brush, Wood, Handles - Personal, Wood. Finishing, pad printing, laser engraving and branding available

New Materials, Machines, Products: Provide quality parts, manufactured according to the customer’s specifications, delivered on time, for the best price possible.

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economic DASHBOARD

US Manufacturing Pushes Up in September India and China also register upward PMI figures for the month The global trend is relentlessly familiar as supply chain issues continue to plague manufacturers while demand remains strong. For September, progress diverged as European countries saw lower PMI readings, while the US, China and India registered improvement. For China and India, the positive readings were welcome as both have endured long downward trends with China’s slide dating back to November 2020. UNITED STATES: ISM® reported an improved PMI of 61.1 percent for US manufacturing in September, which ended a three-month downward trend. In fact, the September reading represented the second-highest reading in the past 36 months and is the 16 straight month above the 50 percent line.

However the strong performance masks underlying issues as Timothy R. Fiore, Chair of the ISM® Manufacturing Business Survey Committee says, “Business Survey Committee panelists reported that their companies and suppliers continue to deal

with an unprecedented number of hurdles to meet increasing demand. All segments of the manufacturing economy are impacted by record-long raw materials lead times, continued shortages of critical materials, rising commodities prices and difficulties in transporting products. Global pandemicrelated issues — worker absenteeism, short-term shutdowns due to parts shortages, difficulties in filling open positions and overseas supply chain problems — continue to limit manufacturing growth potential. However, optimistic panel sentiment remains strong, with three positive growth comments for every cautious comment.” ITALY: IHS Markit reported a 1.2 percent drop for Italian

manufacturing in September with a reading of 59.7 percent for the month. Production and new orders showed increases, but supply chain issues pushed up the average lead times. Backlogs increased at faster rate pushing up employment figures. Input cost inflation was high pushing up prices.

ISM® MANUFACTURING AT A GLANCE (US) SEPTEMBER 2021 Index Manufacturing PMI® New Orders Production Employment Supplier Deliveries Inventories Customers’ Inventories Prices Backlog of Orders New Export Orders Imports

Series Index SEP

Series Index AUG

PCT PT Change Direction

Rate of Change

Trend* (Months)

61.1 59.9 +1.2 Growing Faster 66.7 66.7 0.0 Growing Unchanged 59.4 60.0 -0.6 Growing Slower 50.2 49.0 +1.2 Growing From Contracting 73.4 69.5 +3.9 Slowing Faster 55.6 54.2 +1.4 Growing Faster 31.7 30.2 +1.5 Too Low Slower 81.2 79.4 +1.8 Increasing Faster 64.8 68.2 -3.4 Growing Slower 53.4 56.6 -3.2 Growing Slower 54.9 54.3 +0.6 Growing Faster OVERALL ECONOMY Manufacturing Sector

Growing Growing

Faster Faster

16 16 16 1 67 2 60 16 15 15 15 16 16

*Number of months moving in current direction. Source: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®.

www.brushwaremag.com | 71

economic DASHBOARD EUROZONE: IHS Markit reported Eurozone Manufacturing PMI of 58.6 percent in September as the region saw a steep drop from the 61.4 figure for August and a third straight month of decline. Additionally, it was the lowest reading since February, but the figure still indicates strong operating conditions for the region. GERMANY: The IHS Markit/BME Germany Manufacturing

PMI dropped 4.2 percent from August to register a September figure of 58.4 percent. In fact, PMI from the region has dropped 7.5 percent since July and the reading indicated the slowest growth in factory activity in eight months. Supply chain issues are to blame as output levels are under stress and new orders are showing signs of weakness. UNITED KINGDOM: IHS Markit/CIPS reported a UK

Manufacturing PMI of 57.1 percent for September falling well short of the August figure of 60.3 percent. Following the Eurozone trend, the figure was the lowest reading for UK manufacturers since February. On the other hand, manufacturers were positive on business outlook, citing the potential for recoveries in the domestic and global markets as supply chain issues start to resolve and expected improvement on Brexit issues and the COVID-19 situation.

INDIA: IHS Markit reported growth for Indian manufacturers

with a September PMI of 53.7 percent, up 1.4 percent from August. Output and new orders increased as the COVID-19 restrictions were relaxed. Export orders also increased but employment saw no improvement.

CHINA: The Caixin China General Manufacturing PMI was reported as 50.0 percent for September 2021 to move up from a 49.2 reading in August. The upward movement stopped a four-month slide and business optimism improved based on the promise of an end to the pandemic, company expansions, rising customer demand and new product launches.

ISM® REPORT COMMENTS (U.S.) “Delivery and availability of raw materials, primarily carbon steel, are becoming more and more difficult to source. This has resulted in delaying order deliveries. Computer numerical control (CNC) machining services are at a premium; it’s difficult to get the deliveries needed to complete jobs. Traditional inhouse machining now has to be outsourced due to a lack of experienced machinists. All this has had a negative impact on production throughput.” Fabricated Metal Products “Our company’s entire supply chain continues to have significant challenges getting manpower, which is impacting production of parts and ability to meet daily build schedules. Additionally, the logistics problems — especially port delays and a shortage of shipping containers — are significantly impacting inbound and outbound shipments. Raw materials costs still are at record highs, and we have raised customer pricing, with additional increases in the near future due to labor costs going up. Huge customer orders are nine months out (due to) backorders. Seeing this domestically and internationally.” Machinery

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“Many electronic components and assemblies shortages showing up (due to) port issues, lack of containers and other issues. Problematic, but nothing completely shut down yet. Watching COVID-19 restrictions country by country.” Computer and Electronic Products “The impacts from Hurricane Ida on the petrochemical industry has put additional stress on an already fragile supply chain. Logistics with intermodal containers and motor carriers continues to be a challenge for planning deliveries of materials.” Chemical Products “In the U.S., labor availability is the most significant supply challenge for our company, with raw materials just behind. Plastic resin, polyurethanes, small-volume steel purchases and electronics are the biggest material challenges.” Transportation Equipment “Lack of labor and escalating costs from every direction are very concerning.” Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products “Ocean freight delays creating disruptions in many areas. Southeast Asia supply continues to be challenged due to COVID-19 outbreaks.” Furniture and Related Products “Customer demand continues to swell as we prepare for the fourth quarter, and overall growth has been extremely good for the year. Supply chain concerns are growing beyond electronics and chips into most other commodities. Lead times are extending, shipping lanes are slowing, and we will not see an end to this in 2021.” Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components Credit: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®. For more information, visit the ISM® website at www.ismworld.org.

US SECTOR REPORT ISM GROWTH SECTORS (17): Furniture and Related Products; Petroleum and Coal Products; Machinery; Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components; Computer and Electronic Products; Chemical Products; Apparel, Leather and Allied Products; Textile Mills; Paper Products; Printing and Related Support Activities; Miscellaneous Manufacturing; Food, Beverage and Tobacco Products; Fabricated Metal Products; Transportation Equipment; Primary Metals; Nonmetallic Mineral Products; and Plastics and Rubber Products. ISM CONTRACTION SECTORS (1): Wood Products.



Source data: Markit Economics.



























































































Source data: Institute for Supply Management®, ISM®, PMI®, Report On Business®.










Source data: Markit Economics.

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economic DASHBOARD




















Source data: Markit Economics.



Source data: Markit Economics.













































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Source data: Markit Economics.


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Source data: Caixin Manufacturing PMI

industry EVENTS

2021 November 15-18, 2021

ISSA Show North America | Las Vegas, Nevada

Join us in 2021 as we continue to change the way the world views cleaning in the newly expanded Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall.


November 23-24, 2021

National Painting/Decorating Show | Coventry, UK

The National Painting and Decorating Show is the industry’s biggest annual UK event held at Ricoh Arena. If you use, sell, stock or specify P&D products, the exhibition is one you can’t afford to miss.


December 22-24, 2021

CIBRUSH 2021 | Shanghai, China

2021 China (Shanghai) International Brush Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is a professional brush industry exhibition platform covering both brush making and finished brushes. CIBRUSH keeps up with the times, focuses on specialization, market orientation, global perspective, providing the global brush industry with the opportunities to meet, network, do business, share ideas and shape the future of the Chinese brush market.


2022 March 5-8, 2022

The Inspired Home Show | Chicago, Illinois

The world’s leading home + housewares show formerly known as the international home + housewares show.

June 7-8, 2022

Wire Expo | Dallas, Texas

The WAI Operations Summit & Wire Expo is organized by WAI and is held biennially in a different industry hub within the U.S. for the wire and cable manufacturing industry. The event incorporates technical paper presentations, a comprehensive exhibit, on-floor production solutions demonstrations, networking activities, and more.


September 12-17, 2022

International Manufacturing Technology Show Chicago, Illinois

The premier manufacturing technology show in North America, IMTS 2022 will raise expectations of what challenges manufacturing can address. Experience the power of new equipment, software, and products to move your business forward. Discover the effectiveness of transformative technologies. Connect with industry experts and peers to partner on new initiatives.


September 21-24, 2022

62nd FEIBP Annual Congress | Prague, Czech Republic

The Annual Congress of the European Brushware Federation is a great opportunity to meet fellow manufacturers, contact suppliers and receive up-to-date information on the brush industry in Europe.


FOR SALE: BFK3/B4 TK Schlesinger Transfermachine

www.theinspiredhomeshow.com March 2-4, 2022

ABMA Annual Convention | Bonita Springs, Florida

for toilettbrushes and dishbrushes

The American Brush Manufacturer Association’s 2022 Annual Convention.


YOM 1991

April 10-12, 2022

Art Materials World & Creativation+ | Orlando, Florida

Namta® is The International Art Materials Association. Namta members are retail sellers, supplier manufacturers, distributors and importers, and independent representatives of art materials products.


3 tools

• 4 axis • CNC steering • Carousel • Automatic bodyfeed Integrated cutting machine • Double material storage Changing frame for dish brushes

24.500,-€ Ex works, Germany

May 25-27, 2022 (NEW DATES)

India Brush Expo | Mumbai, India

India’s first B2B exhibition for brush making machinery and finished brushes. The first edition of this show will held at the CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre in Mumbai.


Contact: +49 202 429690 | dnoelle@n-h-c.de

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