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THE School of Health Sciences

 hysician Assistant Program Program: In December, 100 P percent of the Physician Assistant Class of 2012 passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE).  octor of Physical Therapy Program: In March 2013, the D University will begin reviewing applications for a full-time director of the proposed Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Program.

Engage. Enrich. Empower.

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 resident Hancock announced a “Count Up to 100 P Partnerships,” with the goal of identifying and recognizing 100 partnerships in a one-year period, and illustrating how these partnerships play a pivotal role in meeting strategic priorities. Read more in the President’s Blog at


I n line with the needs of an ever-evolving global marketplace, in summer 2012, MU held its first Science-TechnologyEducation-Mathematics (STEM) camp for middle school students. The camp will be offered again this summer.

The center for community Engagement

949 ■ 555 ■

2,359 ■

1,908 ■

1,787 ■

1,074 ■

1,093 ■

977 ■

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556 ■


Total Enrollment



Residential Enrollment

■ New Undergraduate Day Full-time *Includes first-time freshmen, first-time transfers, first-time other. Enrollment Day Enrollment* Does not include evening to day, as students are not new ■

Military friendly Methodist University was named by G.I. Jobs magazine as a Military Friendly Freshman-to-Sophomore School® for 2012 and 2013. The Military Retention Friendly Schools® list honors the top 15 65% of colleges, universities, and trade percent 62% 62%are doing the schools in the country that most60% to embrace America’s military service 59% 59% 57% spouses as students, members, veterans, and and ensure their success on campus. 55% 55%




Graduate Enrollment

2009 182 2010 199 2011 196 2012 202

Overall Enrollment

2009 2,183 2010 2,416 2011 2,476 2012 2,359 ENROLLMENT IN HISTORY 50




Residential Enrollment 36


2009 952 30 27 24 2010 1,078 20 2011 1,093 13 12 2012 977 10 2009

Stop Hunger Now Assisting the Bicycle Man Program ◆ A regional salary comparison survey project ◆ A logo design project for Fayetteville Urban Ministry ◆ A rebranding project for the Fayetteville Regional Chamber ◆ The Peace One Day Project with the Rotaract Club ◆ The Voter Registration Project ◆ The “Take a SWIPE Out of Hunger” Project with Operation Inasmuch, Sodexo, and the AMA chapter at Methodist ◆ The Pine Forest High School (PFHS) Mentoring Project, which brought 150 PFHS upperclassmen to campus Nov. 30 as part of the year-long collaborative mentoring program



2011 ■










160 4,649



2010 3,800

Target Alumni Gicing Participation

Actual Student-Faculty Projects

Actual Alumni Gicing Participation


60 2011




20 3,621


0 2009




In fall 2012, 32 percent of the enrolled freshman class were presidential scholars with an average GPA of 3.90 and an average SAT score of 1126. This represents the highest GPA and SAT average of MU’s enrolled Presidential Scholars in the University’s history. The overall enrolled freshman class GPA of 3.34 was the highest in MU’s history.




Actual Enrollment

School of Health Sciences Enrollment Excellence 140 120 100 80 60

CONTINUED RECRUITING INITIATIVES The University takes seriously its role to engage prospective students in the Methodist University Journey. Alongside University-wide recruiting initiatives, the Admissions Office completes annual visits with students and counselors in over 700 high schools in North Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida, among other locations.

MU received an investment-grade bond rating of BBB from both Fitch and Standard & Poor’s, allowing the University to sell $16.8 million in bonds in August. When the bonds were offered for sale, over $88,000,000 in purchase requests were received.

40 20 0


Create a Culture of Excellence


Health Sciences Excellence: The new $3.2 million Nursing Building (pictured on the cover and second panel) opened for classes last fall and can accommodate enrollment of 200 pre-nursing and nursing students. Almost half of the 10,000-square-foot building houses the MU General Simulation Hospital, complete with an admitting/discharge area, pharmacy, triage, two Nurses Stations, four critical care rooms, a pediatric ward, and a triage suite.

Upgrade technology

The bond issue will finance part of the Master Plan improvements, as well as refinance $7 million of existing debt.

MU launched the Exclusive Internship Program, empowering MU students via existing and new partnerships with local businesses and organizations.

Academic Excellence: As part of the University’s commitment to creating spaces that are more conducive to supporting students academically, major library renovations and upgrades are currently underway (pictured above).






enhanced Academic profile

President Hancock announced at fall 4 convocation in September 2012 that the University seeks to double its endowment in 2 the next five years.

Target Student-Faculty Projects


140 120




MASTER PLAN: In 2012, a 25-year Master Plan was approved for the University campus by the Board of Trustees. The first phase of the plan started with the new Nursing Building and North Hall. Five other parts of the phase started last fall. Pictured below is the front sign, currently in progress, that is a part of the Ramsey Street streetscape.

Target Enrollment

“BBB” Bond Rating



Improve and add physical facilities

Professional Nursing Studies Program Enrollment


Increased Applications for Admission



Enrollment in the Professional Nursing Studies Program has exceeded projected enrollment for three consecutive years. Plans are underway to add new programs to the School of Health Sciences.







14 2009 $15.32m 12% XX% 12% 12 2010 $12.88m 10% 2011 $17.37m 10 9.43% 2012 $17.48m 8


GROWING interest in emerging programs




Alumni Giving Year Endowment Participation




Last 40 fall, the University 25 received a legacy donation from the estate of Richard and Etta 20 Aiken0Butler.0The $1 million gift from the Richard Perry Butler Trust 2011 will endow 2009 2010 2012two scholarships, one for undergraduates and one ■ Target Pre-Nursing Enrollment for graduate students enrolled in the Physician Actual Pre-Nursing Enrollment Assistant ■Program.


A consistent increase in applications received despite ongoing economic issues and the changing landscape of higher education is evidence of the continued interest in Methodist University, and a Increased Applicationsdedication to providing its students with testament to the institution’s for Admission a quality education.



45% 2009



Growing endowment

Number of Student-Faculty THIRD HIGHEST CollaborativeRESIDENTIAL Projects



$1 80 million LEGACY



President Hancock delivered at his Professional Nursingnews Studies Inauguration of progress, expansion, and a Program Enrollment $5 million scholarship commitment made by 160 146 Harvey T. Wright II ’70, past chair137 of the Board 140 of Trustees, and his wife, Mary Fermanides 120 Wright ’68. 100


1,594 ■

2009 ■

1,816 ■

2,476 ■


Ongoing or completed student projects housed in the newly-formed Center for Community Engagement include:

 e Lura S. Tally Center for Leadership Development Th presented many guest lectures, including a presentation by Marc Leepson, who discussed his book, “Lafayette: Lessons in Leadership from an Idealist General.” The event was part of Fayetteville’s Lafayette Society’s Birthday Celebration for the Marquis de Lafayette. The Center continues to proudly represent its namesake, former N.C. Senator Lura Cowles Self Tally, who died Aug. 28, 2012.

 o better serve the military community, MU now offers T courses in business, leadership, and environmental and occupational management at Fort Bragg.


100 Partnerships

 is semester, freshmen and sophomores who are interested Th in the Leadership Development pathway are submitting applications to be Leadership Fellow candidates.

fort bragg course offerings


Excellence in community ENGAGEMENT

 irty-three students participated in the first annual MU Th Undergraduate Research Symposium in March 2012. The next symposium is set for April 17, 2013.

 ethodist welcomed Lt. Gen. Helmick (Ret.) and Maj. M Gen. Rodney Anderson as the first Experts in Residence. In January, the Reeves School of Business and Tally Leadership Center presented Ms. Lorraine Peoples, vice president of IT performance management for The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.


Pictured above: The PA Program Class of 2012 earned a 100 percent pass rate on the national certifying exam

 very Monarch has a Journey, one that encompasses E opportunities for leadership development, community engagement, global education, and undergraduate research and creativity. In 2012, the University opened the MU Journey Office, which is a one-stop, student-centered office upstairs in Berns. A grand opening will be held Feb. 25.

Distinguished speakers

2,183 ■


The Methodist University Journey ◆

2,416 ■


$5 million scholarship commitment

lie dE x Sc ercis ien e ce Ath let ic Tra ini ng He Ad al t mi h C nis a tra re Ph tio ysi n cia nA ssi s Tra tan ini t ng N Pre urs -N ing urs & ing

MU Enrollment 2009–2012


Ap p


Excellence in curriculum

Increase enrollment

Increase revenue and resources

Create a culture of excellence

Academic Excellence: By updating existing equipment and implementing new technologies, Methodist University remains focused on keeping students and faculty connected to education by keeping them connected to one another. In the past year, the University achieved following technological advancements:

Increase revenue and resources


Increase enrollment through undergraduate recruitment and retention


Improve and add physical facilities


◆W  ireless

Residential Excellence: A 27,000-square-foot residence structure, North Hall, opened last fall on the perimeter of Sink Field. The hall, pictured above and at left, embraces a modern living/learning model and boasts 50 two-person rooms, each with its own bathroom, a lobby area on each floor, functional classroom, and snack bar.

internet coverage in over 90 percent of indoor facilities and 70 percent of outdoor portions of the developed part of campus ◆ I ntegration of the Jenzabar campus-wide database system, which went live in late summer 2012 ◆ I ntegration of the Jenzabar campus-wide database system, which went live in late summer 2012 ◆ Faculty are integrating iPads, Camtasia software, classroom response systems, SMART Boards, shock impact sensors, launch monitors, and video cameras, among other technologies, to enrich the blended and hybrid learning experience.

Upgrade technology


Strategic Plan 2010-2015


Overarching goal

Methodist University will be a top-choice, comprehensive University that attracts and retains a capable and diverse student body by providing relevant traditional and professional academic programs and an overall Culture of Excellence through highly qualified faculty and staff in an engaging, enriching, and empowering environment.

Office of the President 5400 Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC 28311-1498

Starting in the fall 2012 semester, all freshmen began to experience the concept known as the Methodist University Journey. It begins with placement in communities within residence halls designated as Engage, Enrich, or Empower Living Learning Communities (LLC). The designation is based on each student’s choice of one of the four MU Journey pathways, which include Leadership Development, Community Engagement, Global Education, or Undergraduate Research and Creativity. By formalizing their personal MU Journey, students will be actively immersed in experiences outside of the classroom that distinguish a Methodist University education from any other. This initiative is one of many efforts being implemented to engage students, enhance the overall MU experience, and positively influence the University’s retention rate.

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The implementation of the Master Goals

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Pictured at right: Jennifer Perez, a senior at MU, was the winner of the 2012 Wesley Heritage Contest, part of the Wesley Heritage Seminar and Celebration. Jennifer earned $500 for her video celebrating the tradition of John and Charles Wesley. Pictured below: Senior Anja Sakotic carries the flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina while participating in the Presidential Inauguration.

2012 Fast Facts 2,359 | 202 | 977 | 1,697 | 119 | 92 | Third highest enrollment

Increase global awareness While there is no place like the home we have built here at Methodist University, in a globally-connected world, it is vital for students to be engaged in experiences that lie beyond our campus. During the 2011-2012 academic year, 24 Monarchs took their MU Journeys beyond the Methodist campus by participating in the Study Abroad Program, which brought them to countries such as Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Guatemala, Mexico, as well as the Semester-at-Sea program. The University was honored to welcome students visiting from Northern Ireland, France, Korea, and Mexico. This semester, students are students studying in Argentina, Australia, Canada, England, and France, with others planning to study internationally or participate in one of many faculty-led trips during Spring Break. Since 2009, 69 students have participated in service abroad trips with Campus Ministry, traveling to Belize and the Bahamas with an excursion to Haiti completed this winter.

Highest graduate enrollment Residential enrollment

North Carolina enrollment

International student enrollment  ercentage of students who receive P financial aid

Increase global awareness

Year Two Progress Report

The Methodist University Strategic Plan

Business Administration

2010-2015 identifies seventeen different goals and sub goals with clearly stated

 usiness Administration with concentration B in PGA Golf Management

outcome measures that likewise require the

3 | Biology

University’s commitment, the community’s engagement, and intentionality on behalf of all areas on campus to achieve and sustain a

4 | Justice Studies

culture of excellence.

5 | Pre-Nursing/Nursing 6 | Physician Assistant Studies 8 | Athletic Training 9 | Accounting

Engage. Enrich. Empower.

800.488.7110 |

10 | Elementary Education

Plan is the physical manifestation of the commitment of the Board of Trustees and the entire University community to take Methodist to the next level. Methodist University is known for its gracious people and signature hospitality. Nationally-recognized programs have emerged, fueling the University’s near record enrollment. Complementing our third highest enrollment year ever are multiple construction and renovation projects currently underway on campus, all of which are included in the 25year Master Plan that was approved by the Board of Trustees in 2012. It has often been said, “Show me a campus under construction and I’ll show you a campus that is growing.” This certainly applies to Methodist University, as the implementation of the Master Plan is the physical manifestation of the commitment of the Board of Trustees and the entire University community to take Methodist to the next level. The Methodist University Strategic Plan 2010-2015 identifies seventeen different goals and sub goals with clearly stated outcome measures that likewise require the University’s commitment, the community’s engagement, and intentionality on behalf of all areas on campus to achieve and sustain a culture of excellence. I am pleased to present this progress report as we embark on Year Three of the Strategic Plan. This report highlights but a few of many accomplishments from the past year that are worth noting. I hope you will join me in celebrating the remarkable successes achieved at MU. Indeed, the best is yet to be as we collectively embrace the Methodist University Journey while collaborating to make 2013 the best year yet.

7 | Social Work

Since 2009, 69 students have participated in service abroad trips with Campus Ministry, traveling to Belize and the Bahamas with an excursion to Haiti completed this winter.


Top Ten Academic Programs 1| 2|

The Strategic Planning Committee identified the following six University-wide goals. ◆ Create and nurture a Culture of Excellence among faculty, staff, and students ◆ Increase revenue and resources for the University ◆ Increase the enrollment in the undergraduate population by 15% through recruitment and retention ◆ Improve and add campus physical facilities ◆ Upgrade administrative and academic technology ◆ Increase global awareness and global citizenship

My best wishes, Pictured at left: The Nursing Building

Ben E. Hancock, Jr.

Strategic Plan Update  

2013 Strategic Plan Update

Strategic Plan Update  

2013 Strategic Plan Update